Work needed on the Park, and off it.

On the park we are still a work in progress, still an unsettled side, and are witnessing our squads imbalance.
Toothless without Tam,
Slowed by Bitton,
Shuffled for Tony,
A Star(felt) is gone,
We have many issues despite the good work accomplished by our Greek Australian.
The gaffer has shown some gumption before, now it’s needed again. We looked a different side without Kyogo and Tam, not to mention Bitton slows play.
Juranovich can offer more in his natural right back berth, would a proper left back, right back combo improve our shape and or attack?
Does Scales not deserve a try at left back?
G-Mac and Kyogo are very different, can the team simply switch styles for whoever is chosen?
Why can we not break down a deep lying compact Livvy, repeatedly?
I don’t envy Ange the task at hand, he has some big calls to make. He should be aware by now that fudging the issue, playing the same players and expecting different results, shall only gain detractors. The Tims prefer action, being brave when it’s called for.
And its called for.
Whether it’s bringing a peripheral body or two into the fray and placing some faith upon their shoulders, or a new formation to bamboozle opposition, Ange needs a plan B and C for days like Saturday.
October went well, he headed into it on thin ice but at it’s conclusion had almost though not quite reached the summit. But the inevitable injuries have appeared, and it’s exposing our weaknesses. Our first choice eleven will give most a game on their day, take a few key players out and we are noticeably weakened. January is a long way away, some players will not be for moving on, and it’s one tough window to pry away other teams diamonds for a bargain price. Should we bring in one or two midfielders the expectation to instantly settle and improve the side shall be huge, with zero guarantees.
It’s this squad that must deliver, we can’t pin hopes upon those we don’t own.
Yep, Ange has his work cut out for him, those broad shoulders carry a lot of expectations.

Off the park, its a sad state of affairs.
In the space of just a few days last week we had,,,
Non penalty of the century,
The Obituary gone wrong,
The Higgins appointment,
The GB silence,
The Celtic Trust strife,
And of course our own dodgy ref to contend with.
Off the park, things are getting worse, when the exact opposite was called for. It’s clear the last decade was very challenging for Scottish football, it only makes sense to present it’s long suffering faithful with a period of stability and some proper governance thrown in for good measure.
It would drown out the moans and moaners, and would help establish the liquidation event as an outlier.
Thats the least that should have been done. We deserve medals for putting up with some of the bullshit served up.
Domestically things aren’t changing for the better whilst the wider game watches the big two governing bodies circle each other before the inevitable scrap for dominance, the sacred World Cup now in danger of falling victim to politics, maybe fatally so.
Our rivals’ business methods are as unchecked as ever, so are the whistlers, BBC Scotland is far from impartial, Hampdens still a nest.
Then there’s our board, so detached from the average fans outlook, counting season ticket sales and profit as the key markers of success, and thus believing they are performing well.
When this was challenged by one of their own they ran him outta town.
As for supporters organizations, either the average fan isn’t concerned or the correct type of organization hasn’t fully emerged yet, perhaps a bit of both.
We as a support have barely even scratched the surface, numbers of around 1k look feeble when held against STs sold, or the estimated Time worldwide.
I could speculate the direction of the game shall drive more to organize, but can’t state it with confidence,,some calls to date (no sporting advantage) have truly taken the biscuit yet the stands are full and membership numbers remain low.
Of course, currently the whistlers are a huge talking point, but then again most accept it as t’was always thus.
T’was never 40 million quid riding on decisions though.
It’s different nowadays, where one failure could have cascading consequences for the entire footballing pyramid. The whistlers wield real power now, and aren’t afraid of anyone. Covered by BBC Sport scenes editors, the rags and fans with typewriters, Headquarters Hampdump, they are effectively strutting.
They look drunk on power at times.
Most sports give something to the involved, and few stray into negatives beyond your favourite contender not winning. Scottish football not only takes from the involved but it’s asks a lot from them, far too much at times.
It counts on addiction not growth to sustain itself, then treats the customer poorly which is no reasonable strategy at all. Sponsorship deals are now up in the air due to one jilted lover of a club, there’s very little money in the game for infrastructure improvements for instance no plastic pitches, real refs.
There’s no plan beyond get them 40 million to clear most debt and leave them reasonably healthy.
I can just imagine the next 40 being deemed necessary for a squad rebuild, the one after that to tool up for Europe, the one after that to sign a superstar that would break Scottish football, the one after that,,,,
The domestic game can thrive, most certainly should having the most through the turnstyles, but it needs new people at the helm. Yesterday’s men with their preconceptions litter the setup, the causes of the problems wishing a say in how to fix them.
As Celtic need fresh ideas on the park, theres many needed off it, and likewise a lot of work.

By Mahe

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Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.
Loads of legitimate questions Mahe, but this old man doesn’t have any answers. The chance to really do something was 10 years ago. Turnbull Hutton was about as brave as it got.

Saltires en Sevilla


Lots to think about in there – beginning to lean toward the bizarre notion that it’s just a game.

After all…

Not at all down about drawing with Livingstone. We just aren’t ready yet and there will be much more of this in coming weeks and months.

Saltires en Sevilla


Yep, that horse bolted.

Part of me thinks…ach fek it! .. the settled view is that the vast majority of Celtic fans are content with their lot.
A glance at the trophy haul etc.

Content to be the plucky underdogs, the ‘others’, The Heels, the permanently wronged with a just cause that can never quite be won…fighting the good fight only to be thwarted time and again by the ‘authorities’

It’s a tried and tested model. That model appears, to all intents and purposes, to be operating satisfactorily. For the vast majority.

To be honest, despite myself I’m signing up for the odd PPV game and in certain circumstances would pay game by game. Not absolving myself from association- far from it.

That pull is mighty.

Often wonder just how bad it would have to be before the ‘support’ finally had enough.

If we are seeking some kind of social justice… via fitba …forget about it.

A thing of beauty

Hard to disagree. The majority of the support are not interested in putting in the effort to get proper governance in the game. Lots of spouting on Twitter and blogs like these about referees and the advantages that the Huns get. I am as guilty as I am one of many who refuse to countenance giving up going to the games, unlike yourself who took a stand. I thought the trust maybe a vehicle for change but with the latest discrepancy in wording of the resolution I am confused as to what is going on. I will attend the AGM hopefully and listen to what is being said but everything is stacked against change through this vehicle. The internet age should have made it easier to rally against the board, far easier than the early nineties but for whatever reason this is not the case.
On other matters, I will give “midnight mass” a try this week and report back if I like it.
Right, duty calls. We’re not all lucky enough to be on the pension!!

The Gombeen Man


Thanks for the article. There reads like there’s a lot of pain there. Thanks for laying things out with how you see it.

Selfless Honesty…It’ll never catch on.


Thanks for the reply last night. Halloween is big deal here. No Guy Fawkes, for obvious reasons. So, I didn’t get the time to thank you.

Sometimes the best antidote is a bit of satire. Everyone is trying to support their version of Celtic, the best way they can.

The ST Holder, the CSA, the CT etcetera.

The problem arises when the commitment to the Club compromises integrity. The unconscious or conscious bias undermines everything.

It’s very hard to maintain integrity. Good people make genuine mistakes. That results in cover-ups and before you know it you’re living in fear.

That’s intensified in a hostile environment, with a biased media, police service and a demanding support.

No doubt the Board would rationalise and justify their behaviour as being in “Celtic’s interest.”

It’s the manipulation of a Cause or Culture, that concerns me.

The Struggle was never about Domination. It was a response to slavery.

The sacrifices of previous generations means there’s no need for the young in the ROI to learn Rebel songs. They’re free from the horror of sectarianism.

Hopefully the day will come when the young in Glasgow won’t feel the need to belt out the familiar songs.

It’s a cry to be heard really.

The commercialisation and manipulation of the marginalisation of the Diaspora is plain wrong.

Cultural conditioning can be a precious thing. It can also be a life wasted in slavery to an illusion.

The Old Firm exploits that illusion. It sustains the horror of sectarianism to survive.

It needs to be exposed and understood for the demon it is.

Paddy’s Maw,

Thank-you for the response. There was quite a bit of messing in there. I know how committed your family are to all of the many good things about Celtic.

It’s sometimes good to ramble away for an hour on a Sunday afternoon.

Tim Horton,

Thanks for the reply.

We all want the same thing. Simply an honest Celtic. Playing within their means, on a level playing field.

Why are Sevco possibly the better team? Why are we building from such a low base, given our advantages?

A) Is the level of incompetence in the Executive at Celtic, is at unprecedented levels?
At buffoon levels


B) There’s a gun being held to the Boards’ head.


C) We’ve got ourselves compromised by colluding with Rangers and the SFA and can’t get out of it.


D) We’re being taken for Mugs, just off the Cattle Boat.

The Old Firm is a joint enterprise. It’s Sevco’s turn to belt out, ‘Here we go. It’s Ten in a Row?’

Take your pick, Tim. Feel free to add to the list.

If only they’d had the courage to come clean in 2012.

There again, they’ve possibly been compromised for decades.

Till Later – in grateful “disillusionment.”

St tams

With regards to on the park. I said at the end of the transfer window that the squad was not good enough in quality or depth to win the league. If we hung on in until January and got 2/3 more signings then we could maybe do it.
I have seen nothing to change my opinion.
Something else that needs to stop us playing players out of position.

As for off field. I’m a bit like most . I know that our board are not fit for purpose. But how do we go about changing it?

The Gombeen Man

St Tam’s,

You give up all hope in things like Transfer Windows and let the Old Firm die to you.

It’s that simple.

Jobo Baldie

Bada, Hearts have released a decent statement today with an unreserved apology.

bada bing1

Jobo- we are always told it’s a West of Scotland problem? It isn’t….


I think we just need to put Saturday down to a bad day at the office,one of those days when nothing went right. We’ve all been at Celtic games and turned to our mates after about five minutes and said…

“We could play all day here and never score”

Saturday was another one.

Was AP right to rest Kyogo in favour of G-Mac? That’s pretty much the main talking point from the team selection. Against a notoriously physical side like Livi,I’d say yes. Unfortunately G-Mac picked Saturday to have one of those days. It happens.

We were four points behind a week ago,and we still are. We need to stop walking into open doors,and start walking through them.That will happen too.


Bizarre the way things work out nobody would have known last season who was supposed to be taking the penalties.

Rebuild refuses at the first hurdle and by the end of October, we’d taken just 1 point in six from lowly Livingston. Dropped over a third of all available league points and are headed for last in the Europa shirley.

I’ve never seen a team so defensively set up, Livi not only defended for the entire game they didn’t break either, they had one wave, all behind the ball. Too easily thwarted Celtic, were predictable and weak all over.

Why change a winning side from midweek who knows, an injured creative replaced by a DM didn’t help but overall it was AP’s players in a plan, who let him down, against the oldest tactic in the book.

Henderson, Robertson, Shaw, nope you get Nir Bitton who only really has ever played CB in the last umpteen years. It shouldn’t have been a problem, with the side AP put out but might continue to come back.

January signings were fine to give a boost when already winning the league, that push over the line, this season it’s much more than a push we’ll need.

Tony Ralston’s grip on the RB slot gets tighter, Juranovic is certain to be the next nominated penalty taker but as a left back he’s looks very temporary.



A very good article. Enjoyed that.


Maestro Fan

Drunk on power is right.

Saturday was on Ange. He arsed it up.

G-Mac looks a dud to me. Big, lumbering journeyman. Hope I’m wrong, but I doubt it.


G’day all & Packy.

I seem to remember there was a concept of having a Club Captain – and – an on the pitch Team Captain. The Club Captain would be an honourary post to a player with a longish service as a Celt, someone who does not bring shame to the club on or off the pitch. A role model. Someone to look up to.
A Team Captain on the other hand could be newish, with fire in his belly. Shouting & yelling & praising & encouraging. Can run over to a referee & have words (without getting a yellow).

I wont mention any names but I can think of several times we could have used such a system better.


Have you ever thought about just giving up Scottish football? Be honest! Well, I have and more frequently recently. All that emotional involvement, all that money spent on an activity that, at some points, is going to let you down badly. I bought Celtic shares just to leave to my three sons. I want them to feel the Celtic experience but I fear it is a lost cause. None of us live in Scotland anymore. They had, at the most, eight years and less of living in Scotland. None have felt the camaraderie of a game at Paradise and the post and pre match experiences. When I am gone, my boys may reflect on the shares and see them as some part of me that they cannot quite understand. They will know how important it was to me but they will not really get it. It will be the end of a tradition that never really became a family tradition. It is part of the price that immigrants pay…….an unanticipated one.

But enough of a lost legacy, what am I going to do in the immediate future? Frankly, I do not know. I have withdrawn to a degree from the club……no Celtic TV, instructions to the family not to buy me Celtic merchandise. I have also started actively supporting Liverpool. I enjoy their games very much but without the same emotional attachment that I once had. Then I stand back from these non Celtic actions and examine my emotions of the last few weeks. The delight at the upturn in results and performances, the crushing disappointment at the ineptitude of Saturday. It is all too real, too meaningful to dismiss. Why can I not look at that game and say plucky Livi earned their point and we did not deserve to win, despite the penalty? Would losing another league be so bad? As I look out the window to my backyard I see a shaft of sunlight spread across it and up the trunk of a hundred year old oak. Realisation dawns! It is not the losing of the league that really matters, it is who will win it and the methods that are used to do so.

Is that a win for the old firm model, or is it just the whispers of my values?

Have a great day. I intend to do the same!


Not for me a bad day at the office…….we were inept no idea how to break them down the same way of playing for 90+minutes.
I know a lot of fans on our boards don’t like the EPL for a number of reasons but foe excitement and good football it’s hard to beat(most times) Last Saturday was like watching paint dry,i’m usually over a poor game by now but i’m having a hard time with that performance.

St tams

I’m with you , team selection was poor to start with.
My heart sinks every time I see Bitton near the team.
Also, did we really need to replace Starfelt at the back when he went off. Why not play with 3 there and play 352.
I really don’t see any tactical changes during games. In my opinion, Ange needs to up his game.


Morning folks, happy day of the moon.

Loyalists burn a bus because they don’t like the protocol and the joker injured 17 on a Japan train. What else shall this day bring?

I would give it up. But it’s a connection to our previous lives and the diaspora.
I’m comfortable with not funding the enterprise, and perhaps could push that angle more. Despite knowing it’s a farce I do get the buzz now and again and can’t wait to sit down and watch our bhoys attack.

“Hopefully the day will come when the young in Glasgow won’t feel the need to belt out the familiar songs.”
The young shouldn’t know them to belt them out, and the home should teach them better.
Parents have a huge part to play here.

Happy November everyone, doesn’t time fly.

Hail Hail


Not a bad day at the office but a repeat of managerial failure from previous game against Livi.
Our management showed they had learned nothing.
Even with the advantage of a larger grass surface we rinsed and repeated.
Kyogo playing wide made no difference.
Our midfield set up ensured that no matter who was up front they would be starved of service.
Bitton is truly awful and McGregor offers no threat while Turnbull was their focal point to kick and stop his shooting and passing giving them trouble.
If their coach can see it why can’t ours?
We knew they would play to deep defensive lines yet trudged up the field with sideways and backward passing to allow them to set.
The two safe choices of Juranovic and Bitton left us two men down.
Their selection is a poor reflection on coaches mindset particularly when based on previous game we knew how they would set up and yet picked a defender who offers no threat from his unnatural position on left and a midfielder who slows everything to a crawl when we needed to attack with speed.

A thing of beauty

Anyone watching Giakoumakis and thinking Darryl Murphy or is it just me?!!

I can’t make a comment on GG or Ajeti as when the ball comes into them it’s to high or more times than not the cf is the only one in the box.Same old same old so i’m not sure on our cfs.


Post match, I was critical of Giakoumakis. Some of that criticism was an emotional reaction to the penalty miss and, a minute later, the open goal miss. However, GG now has a long hill to climb to be regarded positively by the fanbase. That miss and the manner of it has branded him. I hope he can move beyond it.

He is a curious purchase. Twenty six years of age and prior to his one year in the Dutch league with a poor team, Venlo, his career is the definition of a journeyman. He did end up at AEK but was loaned out for two years of his contract with them. His record with AEK was 1 goal in 30 matches. During the last year of his time with AEK he was loaned out to our very old friends Gornik Zabrze in Poland where he hit 3 goals in 12 games.

Without his outstanding year in the Netherlands, I doubt that he would have been considered by Celtic. Clearly, at Venlo something worked for him. Was it the fact that they played with two strikers in a 442? Will he get to play in that formation under Ange? Or is he seen as part of a Plan B by Ange where Kyogo will be rested? Where does another striker like Maeda fit into all of this?

Hopefully, a lot of thought was given to signing a player with his qualities and limitations because we gave him a 5 year contract. At 26 he is, ironically, the same age as Larsson when he signed!


big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, rebus hi pal, noticed you mention liverpool, well think you know my wife is from liverpool, she has dragged me kicking and screaming to anfield on a few european nights,,barcelona,real madrid,etc, ive sat in the kop with her ,no comparison to parkhead on a european night, dont get me wrong cracking atmosphere, on the other hand ive taken her to parkhead,to just an spfl game,against dunfermline if I remember, guess what atmosphere she enjoyed best, 6 letters👍😎,hope you are well,👍


Too early to judge yet but the Murphy comparison might be uncomfortably near the mark.
Saturday the service to him was shit so penalty aside he was not as bad as some have said.
Not sure he is a fit for the system we are trying to play either.

Big Packy JTT Saltires

Really enjoyed the craic last night lads. Apology if I’ve missed anyone out.


An outstanding forensic article. Thanks.

Maestro Fan

I’m inclined to give GMac some to settle in. He may come good, or he may not. If I remember correctly, Big Bad John didn’t really look a player, till about a dozen games in.

Bada Bing

I remember years back, being on some useless course at work, that was being run by Nil By Mouth, or some other despicable money-making racket. During the discussion afterwards, one of these types came out with the ‘It’s only a West of Scotland problem”.

My answer to this cretin was:

“Really? If that is the case, why is the most Fascist Organisation in Scotland, ubiquitous throughout Stirlingshire, Clackmannanshire, The Lothians, Fife, Perthshire and parts of Tayside?”

“And which organisation is that”, sez she, in the most patronising tone imaginable, but more importantly, taking the bait.

“Why the Orange Order of course”, sez I, before quickly adding “However Strathclyde Police and Glasgow Rangers, would also be in the running for that coveted title”

Cue bedlam, with some folk laughing, and the Huns in the room going purple with anger. Including the person that I was having the debate with. Sure, she was probably a member of the Eastern Star. 😀

All these years later, I still maintain that, the O/O remains the most Fascist Organisation in Scotland. The O/O is our very own KKK if you will. With one major difference…at least the KKK have the decency to cover their ugly mugs. If only the obese feckers that attend Orange marches, could show us the same courtesy. By the looks of most of them, you would imagine, that this is the only exercise that they get.

Hail Hail.


Magua, LOL. 🙂 Those sorry lookin ‘burds’ in their big hats marching along. Folk actually looking at them for one day in a year! If only they knew what people were thinking about them. Even good decent Protestants laugh at them or at best, have pity on them. I know that from experience.


Packy, an up to date report required on Joan’s dog grooming please!

As we all know, JTT, good, decent Protestants, vastly outnumber the clowns in Halloween costumes.

Hail Hail


Magua, The huns give Protestants a bad name nowadays. Easily, by far, most of the folk I have worked beside, drunk beside, been related to, neighbours, who would consider themselves Protestant, have been good, good, folk.
Maybe I have lived a sheltered life. But I don’t think so.

But I will join you & others who laugh & ridicule that lot who live in a delusion of supremacy.

The times they are a changing.

The Catholic Hierarchy and the Church of Scotland are best buddies.

Bada Bing

So the Jambos have procedures in place, “to make sure this sort of thing, never happens again”.

Translation: From now on, they’ll be playing Derry’s Walls instead. 😀


A lot going on in this clip, and I reckon the ref missed all of it ⬇️⬇️


Amen to that.

Hail Hail.

big packy

JIM.,MAGUA, joan does 2 dogs a day,9 till 1, thats why im out getting feckin soaked, because ive got to take our dogs out till she finishes, otherwise all hell would break loose,,another true story,👍😍 and im supposed to be retired😍


Packy, how are the girls getting on that Joan had to let go because of the lockdown? And what about the garage conversion?

big packy

JIM ,the girls have all got new jobs, and they keep in touch with wee joan on that facebook thingy, i havent a clue, and yes we had to spend a few bob converting the garage to a dog grooming pod, but it was well worth it, its soundproofed, so the horrible neighbour from across the way, cant complain about any noise,👍


Technical help required please

Does anyone know how to change the time clock on Sky, my box didn’t automatically go back the hour on Sunday cheers


Craig 76
Looks like they are still trying to fix it .


Packy, cheers for that update pal.

Craig I was talking to a barmaid this afternoon who had the same problem with Sky. She didn’t mention if she got it fixed it though. Sorry!


Voguepunter/ JTT53
Thank you 👍
Think I can hold out until Thursday b4 it really starts to annoy me 😀

Big Packy

Sure the exercise is good for you.

Walked into town today. Absolute carnage. Thousands of people in the area of the Hydro/SEC.

Can’t help wondering though, given that 2 of the countries most guilty of polluting the planet-Russia and China-have no delegates in attendance, what is the point of the whole exercise?

Hail Hail.


I think Russia and China do have Delegations attending COP26, but not their HiHeejins.


Cheers for the info.

Hail Hail.

big packy

MAGUA, yes the exercise helps my auld bones, ill be 49 in february, but dont tell jim, he thinks ill be 69, another not true story,😍😍


LOL, when do you ever hear of the Tsar of Russia or the Emperor of China going walkabout on world tours? Meeting the people. 🙂

I’m far from being a royalist but even the Queen had the gumption to do that.

Big Packy



Alex Rae moaning about Kyogo ‘diving’ to get Celtic’s penalty is like a Mafia boss complaining that his neighbour’s son was sold illegal drugs!

big packy

JIM, what time is the the high chaparral on ,cant find it here on my radio times,its a must watch for me, really fancy that victoria cannon. another true story.😍😍


Sorry Packy, can’t find it either! 🙂


I’ve been watching ‘Scotland From The Sky’ on BBC Scotland. But I’m pissed off with it. It’s just an advertisement for the Scottish Tourist Board. All mountains & lochs etc.
Have they never heard of Central Scotland where most of the folk live? The once industrial areas? Not so pretty. But with a million stories! 🙁