Ange Ball!

Giving everyone a break from my usual few forgettable paragraphs of a Tuesday morning,REBUS67 has kindly volunteered his thoughts on how we are doing in the first three months under our new manager,as well as some thoughts on the near future under the new regime


What is Ange Ball? Does it bring success? These are two important questions that will determine Celtic’s success or failure in both the immediate and medium term. Ange is our manager for this season, at least. He needs certain types of players to fit his system. With Kyogo, we have already committed to staffing his needs. In January, I fully expect the club will bring in others to play the Ange system. Consequently, we are making 3-5 year commitments to Ange’s style of player, whether he remains at the club or not.

Let’s examine the first question. What is Ange Ball? The question is straight forward but the answer is certainly not. The reason for this is that the system relies on fluidity or constant change. There are two main principles of Ange Ball….the high press and inverted FBs. Currently, Ange seems to favour a 433 formation but he has used 4231 in the past. In fact, the formation is not important….the positioning of each player is what matters in Ange Ball.

At times, when the team has the ball, the two FBs will move into the middle and the two CBs will advance up the park to block the opposition into their final third. When the team loses the ball, the additional support in the middle is used to win the ball back. However, fine judgement is needed by the FBs as to when they need to retreat to their usual positions to cover the wide areas.  The team has been caught out on this as it learns Ange’s system. The FBs are key to Ange Ball. Their duties are extremely demanding. They have four main duties to perform:

  • as normal defensive FBs, 
  • To move into the middle to support the midfield, 
  • To attempt to win the ball back in that area, and 
  • Finally, to attack down the wings when the wingers drop back or move inside

Physically, this is very demanding and this is why Ange constantly mentions that one RB is not enough for the season. It is also why he has said that Scales is not ready yet. Scales would be in a Celtic team that played a LB in a conventional or even a wingback role, but, it appears he is still in training as an Ange FB.

The other main aspect of Ange Ball is the high press, where any of the six forward players in a 433 can press the opposition. Usually, these positions are filled by Turnbull, Calmac, Rogic, Abada/Jota, Kyogo, and Mikey. IMHO, surprisingly this is where the weaknesses lie currently. Of these players, only Calmac and Kyogo can be relied on to win the ball back with some regularity. The rest are creative players who need to have the ball. However, it is a big ask to have Calmac as a ball winner because he is needed elsewhere. He is the pivot between defence and attack. Ange Ball works with the defence playing the ball out from the back. This is why Starfelt has struggled. He is not comfortable doing that but he is learning.

Calmac has to be available to receive the short pass from the defenders and transfer it up the park. If he is running around trying to win the ball back, there will be no effective pivot as neither of the wide players, nor Rogic can do it. Turnbull is learning and, as his fitness improves, may be able to spell Calmac. Kyogo could do it, but should not be that far back. He is the main striker.

I think Ange is doing the best he can with both Turnbull and Rogic in the team, but, ultimately, they will be playing for the one position. January may be the tipping point.

In summary, Ange Ball relies on each player understanding his role in the team, especially the FBs and the midfielders.

Has it been successful so far? IMHO, the jury is still out. The real test will be can it outfox Sevco? Rogic played well in the first half versus Hibs but picked up an injury. Is this the old Rogic back again? Most professional football players can play well for one or two games, but the really good ones have consistent performance to their game. However, my judgement can be iffy as I would never have believed that either of Ralston or Rogic would perform in Ange Ball.

The January transfer window will be crucial for success this year. Another couple of Kyogos would do the trick… more striker(Maeda?), and a midfielder with an engine to take the pressure off Calmac’s multi-tasking. McCarthy is a strange signing and I wonder if Ange had anything to do with it. I do not see how he could fit into Ange Ball. Does he have the engine to take on some of Calmac’s defensive duties? At best, he will be a better version of Biton, used to close out a game.

Similarly, I wonder about the signing of Giakoumakis…….is he an Ange Ball player? It is too early to observe his work rate but he seems to have limited functionality…scoring goals and as a target man. OK, these are important but is it enough for Ange Ball? Ultimately, he may end up as an impact sub, which is the role that Rogic should perform.

The second question that I raised was is Ange Ball successful? Again the answer is not straight forward. To summarise the answer appears to be No/Yes/No. Let me explain.

The following relies on data from the Footystats website. Postecoglu’s overall win percent is 48% from 330 matches, slightly worse than tossing a coin.  Compare this to say, David Moyes with a 56% win percent career wide. At Celtic, Rodgers had a 70% win ratio. Gerrard is sitting on 64% with Robbie Neilson at 45%. After 11 league games Ange has a 64% win percent and a 59% win rate across all competitions this season. Not a great performance but, judging what he inherited, not bad either.

Whether he and his system will succeed at Celtic is an open question. However, his history is not. A quick look at his managerial record at the club level reveals the following. Let’s start with Brisbane Roar in the A-League. He took over in the 2009/10 season when the club was a shambles. He massively changed the playing pool and recorded a 29% win percent. Next season, 2010/11 his new team swept through the league to win the title with a win percent of 58%. The following season, 2011/12 was an up and down one with a win percent of 57% and a second place finish. 

On the basis of these two seasons, it appears that Ange Ball either works completely or not at all. Over the above two seasons the Roar went on a record 36 games winning run, but this was followed by the clubs worst losing streak. Ange left the Roar in 2012 to move to the Melbourne Victory where his win percent slumped to 48%. The following season, 2013/14 he won one game out of three and departed to the Australian National team.

We next catch up with Ange in Yokohama when he joined the Marinos in 2018. He managed 34 J-league games with a win percent of 35%……presumably a transition year. The following season is arguably his finest yet, where he won the title with a 65% win rate. However, the following season followed the same as at the Roar, he failed to repeat the title triumph, returning a win percent of 41% as the Marinos tumbled down the league. The following season, the one where he joined Celtic, his win rate was 62.5% from 16 games but his team are unlikely to win the league.

So, what does it all mean? You can draw your own conclusion. However, there is evidence around that Ange Ball does not sustain title wins. Ange’s teams seem to scale the summit but, for some reason, they do not stay there. From Ange’s POV it may not matter but from a Celtic view it does. Ange’s career suggests…build in Year 1, Triumph in Year 2, Decline in Year 3, then leave for another position. If that is his intent, then it will not be good enough for Celtic.


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The Fenian Whaler

(From the previous article)

A long-time lurker who has been meaning to post for a wee while. A couple of posts today riled me enough to put my fingers to the keyboard and finally get around to posting.

TGM: ” The sacrifices of previous generations means there’s no need for the young in the ROI to learn Rebel songs. They’re free from the horror of sectarianism”

Disagree. Sinn Fein is the largest party in Ireland. In the main, its supporters are young educated individuals attracted by the ethos of Irish Republicanism and everything that entails – equality and opportunity for all. The Rebs are probably being belted out more in the Free state now than they have been for a long time. Not so long ago ‘Come out ye black’n’tans was number one in Ireland as a response to the West Brits in government trying to commemorate those Irishmen that had fought against the IRA during the war of independence – namely members of the RIC. The young of Ireland told Leo Varadkar where he could stick that idea. As an aside Irish songs of rebellion are not nor ever have been sectarian.

Mahe “The young shouldn’t know them to belt them out, and the home should teach them better.
Parents have a huge part to play here”

I have to say I haven’t seen or read such a blatantly West Brit sentiment since arch West Brit and former Irish Taoiseach John Burton said that the Easter Rising was ‘unnecessary’ as the British would have given Ireland home rule – eventually!!!!!!!
I’d say there will hopefully be a time in Scotland when a person of Irish descent singing Irish songs praising those who have given their all for Irish freedom will not be considered offensive or sectarian (The term sectarian being used in Scotland to the fullest extent as a catch-all for all those uppity Mick songs you obviously dislike so much)


I think we lacked on Saturday. We played a system that was not Angeball’ more Lennonball. Did Ange ask his underling to advise? If so lesson learnt. If Ange did change his style independently, then lesson learnt, either way firing high balls into the box to beat a defence such as Livy is a non tactic. Ange needs to teach his coaches.

The Fenian Whaler

Ange Ball

For what it is worth I believe that Ange Postecoglou was a rushed appointment made in desperation. An aging manager with at best an average CV gained in obscure legaues. Postecoglou’s appointment had little or no input from the recently departed CEO McKay. I believe that Postecoglou’s appointment was decided by the board (PL & DD) with input from the Man City mafia and that McKay only facilitated it as a fait accompli, as per his employer’s instructions. Ange himself said as much when questioned on how McKay’s departure would affect his own position. A similar situation to the majority of players signed since he became manager, did Postecoglou have any real input with players incoming other than Furuhashi? I very much doubt it but having said that if Koyogo is the type of player he can spot then hopefully he’ll be given free rein to sign a few of his own choices come Jan
Is he an improvement on Lenny? Undoubtedly but then again that isn’t really an accolade as most committed lower league managers would have been an improvement on Lenny’s last season in managment. Ange in common with Lenny lacks a plan B, a major tactical weakness in a manager. Marks out of 10 thus far 5/10.


Interesting and thought provoking article Rebus.

I would add that for all the options he has at his disposal in the front three area, he has virtually none mid to back.
Until this is rectified with two new mids( we lost three and replaced with the lesser spotted JMcC and a development player in LS) who actually fit the system and a first pick left back allowing JJ to compete with AR, we don’t have a “recognisable” system at all.

The much maligned central defence is doing ok in Scotland and will have to do for now, as priorities lie elsewhere.

So for me he is at least three, probably 4 ( a fourth striker) signings away from a settled functioning squad, responsive to his style of play.

Those who understood the scale of the transition have been prepared for the rollercoaster and are less knee jerk in their response to the inevitable setbacks along the way.
Criticism of Ange is premature til we see what he is allowed to do transfer wise in January to fix the defects in his system.

Some perspective please.

According to some Ange is effectively a dud.
Hero ( away wins at Aberdeen Motherwell Hibs) to zero in 96 mins.

The scale of the rebuild was always going to require more than one transfer window.
This has been generally accepted by the open minded, reasonable supporter.

Albeit entitled to their opinion, the overly vexed, quick to disparage Ange critics come across as fickle , knee jerk revisionists, who have a very unreasonable expectation.
Yes Livi should be beaten at home but we are not dealing in exact science, that’s the nature of sport.
An example – Man City fans will be even more disappointed I imagine, having lost to a much weaker, less valued squad at home. I wonder if Pep is being traduced on City blogs?
Unlikely, he is a trophy winning manager.

I’d like to see if ours is also. And Ange certainly deserves that punt at glory.

A thing of beauty

Interesting read Rebus. We are clearly in a transition period and need to give Ange time to put his ideas in place. The worrying thing the article pointed out was his win percentages, somewhere in the high 50s to low 60s at best. In Scotland I’m not sure that’s enough to win the league. I would be interested to see the patterns in winning games because I have felt we have lost games when I have thought we were on a roll, especially on Saturday. Does he over think things and change when he shouldn’t? Does he have a plan b? If you look at Saturday that was plan b but it seemed we just changed the personnel and not the system and the problem came from the front three not being as mobile as we needed. He also picked a player in Abada who is so far out of form it’s scary. Maybe if we have more options we’ll be able to change the system. Joe Miller is speaking this morning about changing the system and how he felt we just had possession and no cutting edge. He talks about how the centenary team mixed things up. We don’t do that. But is that because in the eighties teams didn’t sit in the way they do now. It doesn’t seem to bother the Huns. They play the same way every week and sheer force of pressure usually bursts the dam. More questions than answers from me I’m afraid.
The Fenian Whaler,
Welcome to the blog. It’s good to hear the other point of view. I must say I was surprised that both TGM and Mahe as proud Irishmen seemed to see something wrong in patriotic song. Don’t all cultures throughout the world remember their forebearers in music.

The Gombeen Man


A fine piece of analysis.
Let’s see what January brings…

The Fenian Whaler/ATOB,

I’ve lived in Ireland for just under 25 years. Most of that time about 30 miles from Dublin and for the last couple of years, in North County Dublin.

I don’t watch news, read newspapers. Just live my life day to day. I’ve spent much of my time here researching Irish History & Culture, I’m still a novice at it.

Ireland is a place of disparate parts. The last time I heard a Rebel song played publicly was on Paddy’s Day 2020.

There is a feeling of togetherness here. Despite a reluctance to discuss the past in any depth. That includes conflict with the British, Civil War and the impact of organised religion.

I don’t engage in splitting hairs. If something is offensive and likely to cause conflict or offence, I try not to do it. I’ve let go of forcing my conditioning on others.

It’s that simple.

That’s not meant as a lecture. Just the benefit of my experience. I’ve put my foot in it too many times. I’ve given up trying to hurt people.

My next door neigbours are of Rumanian descent. The daughter plays traditional Irish music. On the other side is an English guy, married to a Dublin girl. Next door is a Canadian woman married to a German.
Next door again are a family from Bangladesh. Further down is a guy from Vancouver married to an Irish woman and a Dutch guy married again to a Dubliner.

All are raising their kids as Irish, as far as I know.

I’ve no idea what their politics or religious affilations are.

It’s none of my business. Simple.

I could type stories about the past, many are particularly disturbing. There’s plenty of things that are best left alone.

What’s the point?

It’s in the past. It’s vanished.

Politicians and policies come and go.

I’d rather tell you about my pal, an ex-Loyalist prisoner down here, who carries a pair of Rosary Beads and sits quietly in the back of any empty church. When he was bothered by some young lads. It was the locals that sorted it out.

If truth be known I’ve more in common with him and his past than many of the locals. They’ve never known the curse of sectarian conditioning.

The 800 years of colonialism by Britain and organised religion left many scars, they are slowly healing.

It’s the profiteering and romanticisation of it, that bugs me. It was a tragedy.

There’s no winners with Old Firmisim. Even the wealthy seem to lead miserable lives.

Anyhow…I’m rambling…

Till Later.


The fly in the ointment being that McGregor can’t tackle.
We need someone who can win a midfield battle.
And a trio of McGregor ,Rogic and Turnbull is not the answer.
Agree with poster saying Saturday looked like Lennyball as did our previous game against Livi.
Lots of slow pointless possession followed by hopeful punts into a crowded penalty box.
Livi keeper could probably wear same jersey against us next time without it needing to be washed.
On Abada his early success was coming inside and attacking space.
Now he just hangs around wide area with little intent.
Have his instructions changed?
Not surprised Ange seems to build a winning team and then instantly stutters as his rigidity makes his team predictable.
With modern technology you need to constantly adapt.


Just past Big Joe and his umpteen motors and motorbikes on the M8, could he not of got the train 🤣


Superb as usual Rebus. Tony Ralston, whilst now far better than he was ( coached ?) gives everything every game, does everything you say he should as an IFB and keeps his place. He often has to get back quickly ( not one of his strengths) as the down side of him being in midfield means the wide opposition often have acres of space in which to attack. It’s a numbers thing but often fans only see him chasing back ( and when he scores). Against Livi, CCV came over and made good tackles . I feel ( saw) Juranovic much less comfortable on the left to the extent he played mostly as a conventional full back. I remember conversing with you on Josh Thompson and would very much welcome your insights into Starfelt.

I read your article with interest Rebus and I think that Ange’s record might look bad as the quality of league he’s been in isn’t conducive to his type of football. Now I’m not denigrating the Aus or Japanese leagues they are what they are and that’s not Ange’s fault. He won’t have had access to the quality of player it takes to make his system work either, that’s just my opinion though. At Celtic he’s always going to have a finite budget to work to but it’ll probably be more than he had elsewhere and to that end I think he’ll be able to find better quality players to play his system here. In my opinion we’re light in a few departments particularly midfield a couple there is a must. Even the goalkeeping although big Joe’s nailed that down any injury to him and we can’t trust the other three to do a job. If as we suspect he’s had players like Mccarthy foisted upon him then we’ve got bigger problems concerning who’s signings are Ange’s and who’s are the club’s. I don’t believe Ange will accept too many club signings as he’s got too much integrity for that. I think even the January transfer window won’t be enough to get the number of players in we need to make us a strong enough squad to cope with all four competitions we’re still currently in. At the moment we’re doing miles better than I expected as I’d written this season off and I suspect most Celtic supporters had too. Time will tell if Ange is the right man for the job and his system is the masterpiece he thinks it is but I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. It’s frustrating when we’re winning games easily and then struggle to break down Livingston to then question the system but the signs are there that it’s about to click and someone’s going to take a battering at our hands. If we close the gap on sevco or even dare I say manage to win the league this year it’ll be a remarkable achievement. Whether it’s this season or next season before we win the league I’m optimistic that Ange can bring success to the club. Everything about the man tells me he’s going to be a winner and I don’t think it’ll be up and down like his previous clubs, as he says himself he wants to build something special here, Celtic has given him the vehicle it’s up to him to steer it in the right direction.


Poor Ange! Already laden with self-titled football style that no manager could ever really live up to finds it being ripped apart before he has time to a) bring in his own players to suit his formation and demands and b) with only a quarter of the season played!
On his appointment the vast majority on here and elsewhere were prepared to write off this season as one for consolidation and learning but as always when the first ball is kicked in earnest and reality kicks in the demands for success and entertainment can be overwhelming!
Rebus…hat tip for an excellent analysis of where Postecoglou’s at with Ange Ball but after so few games I’d argue it’s difficult to compare 3 seasons’ work elsewhere with a quarter season. Tommy McQuillan makes some good points too about personnel but I have reservations about how much free reign will be afforded to Ange in this regard.
To summarise – who knows where we’ll be in a few months time but the No/Yes/No answer to possible success would probably be how every Celtic supporter sees it at the moment!!
Great stuff Rebus!

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.
Todays lead article and the follow up posts make really interesting reading. Personally I think it’s still far to early to properly judge anything. For me there’s the dilemma of (obviously!) wanting to win every game (therefore – play your strongest 11) against seeing the big picture and planning for the months ahead (therefore – resting certain players now and again whilst trying to get the ‘fringe’ players up to speed.
Ange talks about wanting good cover for every position. But I don’t think he just means bodies – they need to be match fit and able to go for the full 90 minutes. So was that one of the reasons that Big G got the nod over Kyogo on Saturday (even though it didn’t work as planned?). If we just play Kyogo every game and only give Giakoumakis the last 20 minutes of every game then by next spring we could have a knackered Kyogo and a still not match fit Giakoumakis?
As I said, a bit of a dilemma.


The Fenian Whaler…great points about the singing of the rebs! I didn’t grow up in a house that played any Irish music, the closest was the Celtic Football Club album, which every Catholic hoose seemed to have a copy of!! I’m not sure my old man even knew any rebel songs and if he did, he certainly never taught me them. I picked them up at Parkheid and in the pubs after games. I haven’t passed them on to my wee guy but he knows them and is fond of playing them on the way to games – nothing hardcore but it’s obvious he sees that as part of our Celtic culture and heritage. I also know for a fact that the rebs are sung by my nephew and his mates at wee hoose parties and amazingly the participants don’t always hail from the Irish diaspora you would expect – nor are they Catholic, although I understand it’s not a religious issue. For what it’s worth I think it’s an expression of rebellion against the UK Government, Brexit, Anti-Independence, Right Wing politics that has a wider hold on society than in the last 50 years.


Morning Jobo…G-Mac’s selection on Saturday is a strange one. My thoughts are that Ange deferred to Kennedy and Strachan who felt we needed a bustling target man in the box to mix it up. As has already been stated this is straight out of the Lennon book of match preparation. it could have worked, I’ve chance falling right would have likely settled the game but unfortunately it never came. And that brings us back to Rebus’ article…for Ange Ball to work effectively and consistently he needs to be supported on and off the park. If we are still being hampered by dinosaurs in the Boardroom and the dugout Ange Ball will never succeed.

Angel Gabriel

Rebus .
A fine article.
I’m not one that prefers managers with one particular system. Fitba matches are like life . We don’t know what’s coming next, adaptable will always help.
The one major worry about Ange’s career so far, is the lack of sustainable success or employment.

The Fenian Whaler . Welcome aboard.


Tommy McQuillan

” In my opinion we’re light in a few departments”

True but I think overall we are just too light.

A kilo per kilo comparison with our counterparts at Ibrox would be interesting.

In Gordon Strachan’s philosophy the team that runs fastest , tackles hardest and jumps highest wins (or similar words) .

I think I’m influenced by watching clips of the anniversary of the 4 3 Juve game where power played a big part although I recognise it needed Moravcic magic to turn it on.


The Fenian Whaler,
A big warm welcome and many thanks for taking the plunge. I sincerely hope you stick around.
Hail Hail


The Fenian Whaler,

Welcome aboard.

I like the cut of your jib. !!!! 🍀🍀🍀



Don’t really have time today but if we are relying on the Jan transfer window then we are done imo. It’s the toughest window, a second wave of quality is very unlikely.
Many thanks for your article though.
Hail Hail


Thank you everyone for your comments. It is always a concern when you send your child out into the world to face the whatever! So far, you have been gentle or too subtle for me to see my shins kicked.

Firstly, I wrote the article before the Livi game so it was not influenced by it. Would it have been a different article had I waited? Yep, I fear it would. Emotion would have influenced it. I agree Saturday was not Ange Ball….as was indicated it was nearer to Lennon Ball, and that is not good. On the other hand, was Ange trying to develop a Plan B? That would make sense but somehow I doubt it. Most of what I have read suggests that he is not for turning, under any circumstances.

I also agree that it is too early to judge Ange and I am not sure how long will be long enough. Try arguing this viewpoint with Espirto Santo!

For my sins I was trained as a Statistician and although I changed from a solution looking for a problem to a problem looking for a solution, my views are shaped by my experiences and my past. One of the basics of Statistical Theory is Probability. What is probability? Everyone agrees that it is a measure of chance. There are, however, different views of how it should be calculated. Ask punters for their views on that! One view is called the Bayesian view after its inventor, Rev Thomas Bayes. Crudely, the Bayesian view of chance can be summarised in this example. The chance of rain today is influenced by whether it rained yesterday. If you are still reading this, pat yourself on the back and breathe strongly through your nostrils. There, now you feel better!

In the last paragraph, I am covering my ass for my assessment of Ange. What he did in the past will determine what he does today and tomorrow etc. His record at club level from the past is a good indicator of what he will do for us. The logic of this explains why many teams go after previously successful managers rather than unknowns. Of course, selecting a successful manager is not an exact science. Previous failures can, against the odds, be successful in the future, see Moyes, for example.

I agree that it is early days for Ange and he needs time. However, if his trajectory from his past is the same for Celtic, it will not be good enough for the fanbase. Winning one league in three would take a bit of getting used to, don’t you think?



A thought provoking, and obviously well researched article. Thank you.

Personally, I would like to see Ange ditch the inverted full-backs idea. Football at heart, is an inherently simple game. Why complicate matters?

With the players at our disposal, I believe that if we played 3-5-2, we would tear up this league. Playing this formation, would have 4 advantages:

1. Five in mid-field, would offer more protection to the defence.

2. We would still have width, on both flanks.

3. We could now play two out-and-out strikers.

4. This formation, would make it easier to break down teams that come to Celtic Park and park the bus.

The Fenian Whaler

A big welcome to the blog. The regulars-and part-time contrinbtors-are a great bunch. It’s one big family on here, and as with all families, we can have our occasional arguments…and that’s just fine and dandy. We all have differing visions , as regards what’s best for Celtic Football Club. Speaking of which, why would Ange be taking advice from Strachan and Kennedy? These 2 planks of wood have contributed nothing to the club…and they never will. Get them Tae f**k.

As for the singing of the Rebs, I am in no position to criticise anyone. I was well known for singing a few wee songs of rebellion, back in the day, and was usually the first on the bus to cry out:

“Get that war music on driver…”

Rebel songs have been sung from the earliest days at Celtic Park. On the whole though, I believe, that during games, Celtic songs should predominate. On no circumstances, should add-ons to songs be sung…and the recent trend of singing ‘Roamin’ In The Gloamin’, by the less cerebral among us, must be stamped out, or preferably, drowned out., with immediate effect.

It also grinds my gears, that ‘The Soldier’s Song’ is sung at all. More respect must be shown ..and if the song is sung at all, it should be sung in Gaelic.

Hail Hail.

Margaret McGill

From what I can ascertain from your lead article, Ange Ball is based on probability. Statistical probability assumes total randomness in the measured variables. There is no randomness in Scottish football. The variables are pre determined, quantized even. Binary I would say. Nothing statistical about it.

Saltires en Sevilla



Great analysis supported by research and facts.

Thanks for explaining the role of FB in this system. It seems to me they are being asked to do a lot of work and probably more than 1/10th of the physical contribution.

Hope this means the other 8 get to show the same effort by pressing harder and faster or moving into space

Wonderful refreshing read.

The Fenian Whaler – welcome aboard shipmate…. careful where you stick yon harpoon tho’ 😅

The Gombeen Man- your experiences of living in Ireland remind me of my time there. The folk were focused on jobs, education, health and basically trying to make a life in a decent community.

Out in pubs and restaurants , in the office and going to games cannot recall hearing any Rebs. Or discussions about similar ( maybe because I was a Stranger/a Brit … hehehe)

Seriously tho’ the one time we heard Rebs was in Temple Bar and it was when folk were down visiting from Glasgow.


To those who indicated that we are light in some departments or for the whole squad. I agree that is the case and it is and should always be included as part of the PL legacy. Squad management was terrible over the last two years at least. Letting contracts run down should never happen. Further, the recruitment process for a manager was a shambles. Letting a candidate drive the process is never a good idea. All of this is at the door of PL, the CEO.

However, I think we have to triage. Some areas are more critical than others. Midfield and strikers are priorities, I think. As Fan and others have said, a midfield of Calmac, Turnbull and Rogic is both a poor mix and too thin. This creates a mystery concerning Henderson, Shaw and to a degree Scales who can also play midfield! Why do they not get a chance? I am hopeful that Ange’s knowledge of the Asian markets will provide bargain solutions in these positions.

Steve, you asked about Starfelt. Firstly, I think he is a good football player….not a dud. I am not sure he is the ideal for Ange Ball but he is adapting rapidly. He is vulnerable to balls over the top as he is slow on the turn and slow to control the ball. His game is to hold the line as a defender. So far, I see little to suggest he will initiate attacks, unlike CCV. Generally, I am biased favourably towards Swedes. My daughter in law is one!

I shall disappear for a time. Thanks for engaging.




I don’t think you mean binary, you mean Bernoulli!


bada bing1

Mahe- been linked with a couple from Japan, season ends soon,hopefully a couple of gems like Kyogo, we really need a couple of MFs…..


One final thought before I must exit.

Player churn is something most SPL clubs have to handle every season.

Dundee United seem to have handled it very well for both the squad and the manager.

The January window will reveal much about whether the Board backs Ange Ball. Yes, traditionally January is not a good time for recruitment, but that is not so for Japan where the opposite is true.


bada bing1

Huns bleating to the SFA/SPFL about not getting tickets for CP,have just told Ross County, they will now be getting no tickets for Poundland on Saturday…..

Margaret McGill

Maybe. I think that still requires randomness in only 2 possible outcomes. How about the cheating hun cnut delta function? 😄

Margaret McGill

So no escrow takers?


McCaff, excellent post 10.36. Very much my own experience. As a kid I had the album cover on my wall !
Thanks for replying are Rebus

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AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, REBUS great post and some great replies👍 THE FENIAN WHALER welcome aboard, I also sang the rebel songs as a kid, my first lp was the coatbridge accordian band, sean south, the merry ploughboy etc,👍

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CRAIG76, thanks pal for that video, i used to go trainspotting at summerlee, it is very close to my old school👍


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My experience of Ireland(Eire) was built on having a chair at a university that was devoted to the Celtic Tiger economy.

I held the chair for six years and visited the Republic many times but not nearly enough to understand fully the Celtic Tiger. During one visit, a taxi driver provided an insight that stuck with me. He said there are two Irelands…..those that benefited from the Celtic Tiger and the multinationals and those that did not. Those that benefited tended to be in and around Dublin and the larger urban centres. The others were in what can be summarised as the BMW regions(Borders, Midlands and the West). I never broached the topic of rebellion/uprising during any visit, but left it to emerge naturally after a few pints. My experience was that reb beliefs and strength of emotion tended to be stronger in the BMW than in Dublin, although it was never zero in the fair city. Economic realities were the priorities.

What Gombeen describes falls in with two of the economic factors that influenced Ireland during the Tiger years. Firstly, joining the EU made much of urban Ireland more cosmopolitan. Freedom of movement contributed to the arrival of Poles, Rumanians etc. Secondly, during the growth years, there was a labour shortage and large groups of workers from non EU countries were welcomed, initially, viz Nigerians. The new Irish would know little about Irish history but many would know about colonialism.

So, like other linked economies, Ireland is changing, not least in its population. The past is important but so is the future and the need to adjust to it. I don’t have a problem with singing reb songs but I hope that those that sing them understand their context and meaning, rather than singing them just because of the social gathering they are in.


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Anthony Ralston has this afternoon put pen to paper on a new contract that will keep the right back at Celtic until at least the summer of 2025.


Bada Bing So that’s what this was about

Mike in Toronto

Blatter and Platini indicted for fraud.

and yet, Scottish football continues….

Mike in Toronto

Margaret McGill @ 2:37

So no escrow takers?
We both know that this will die on the vine.

There is little point in trying to figure our HOW to solve the problems of Scottish football, unless one first figures out WHY no one seems to want to actually change anything.


Re our chat last night, about the difference between Protestants and Loyalists. I was reminded of a quote that Big Jock Stein gave, on being appointed to the Celtic job:

“25% of Celtic managers have been Protestant”. What a man.

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Do you recall a Celtic song, called ‘Thank You Very Much For Glasgow Celtic’ to the tune of ‘ The Aintree Iron’? Pretty dire stuff, as I recall. I also recall albums from the late 60s, that were a staple diet, in most Celtic supporting families:

The Holy Ground Of Glasgow Celtic.

Celtic And Proud Of It

Irish Rebel Songs and

Rifles Of The IRA. Beautiful album cover-
they don’t make ’em like that anymore-with the definitive version of ‘Foggy Dew’. We had all four, so I was well versed in the Rebs, by the age of 10, or thereabouts…and that wisnae yesterday. The Celts were my main passion however. 😀

Can anyone help me out with the lyrics to ‘The Paradise Way’ based, of course, on Frankie boy’s ‘My Way’?

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Dallas should be included on the indictment. That’s Hugh Dallas, that I mean. Swine that he is. I’m happy to report however, that young Master Dallas, has turned out very differently from his faither. A more fair-minded referee, would be hard to find. He is not, repeat not, a Celtic-hating, Sevco-supporting Masonic bastard…and I’ll be having words with anyone, suggesting otherwise. 😀

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FFS sake MAGUA almost knocked over my pint reading that last post 🍻


I’m glad to hear that you held your nerve, young Craig. No sense wasting the amber nectar, is there? 😀


I would have to sneak out if I knocked over my pint, the shame would be to much 😒 😪


Hugh Dallas’ father was the man who came to our door every week in the 60s to pickup the money & deliver/collect the football coupons – Littlewoods, Vernons etc. I don’t know if he was a Mason or not but his football passion was for a junior team. Shotts Bon Accord. True story. He was a very nice man.
His son Hugh Dallas was in the Daily Record as a school boy when he led a rebellion against a no smoking ban in the senior pupils common room. They were 16 yo and besides, the teachers enforcing the ban were allowed to smoke in their own common room.

That may have been young Hugh’s last act of equality for all!


I’m with you on that one Craig. 😀


Hugh Dallas’s father? Ah, well. There goes my long-held belief about Hugh being a real B.

Hail Hail.


Magua LOL 🙂

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MAGUA, I thought i knew most celtic songs, but you got me stumped there,i will do some research😎 quiz question what is famous about the coatbridge accordian band,,cyber pint for the answer,👍


Packy, they play at the Hibs Walk in Coatbridge every year?
They play at Parkhead whenever Celtic come back with the European Cup?