3rd November – If you know your history

130 years ago …. 1891 and the second season of The League Championship in Scotland. Our Bhoys are currently in a strong position 2 points behind leaders Hearts but with three (3) games ‘in hand’ ( Joint 2nd Dumbarton have played one game more than Celts )

However, the various Cup matches are still very important ( more?) and the entire month of November 1891 is devoted to Glasgow Cup & Scottish Cup matches including ‘Void’ and ‘Replays’. Celtic had no league games until early December and it’s likely that both Hearts & Dumbarton will have moved ahead in the League.

1891-10-31: Celtic 6-0 Northern, Glasgow Cup [Void]

The above tie was a played in dense fog and play was difficult to follow. The Northern had already ‘protested’ before the start. Therefore, the 6-0 game was Void!

With both teams scheduled to return to Celtic Park the following Saturday.

They played a ‘friendly’ and The Scotsman still provided a match report with the following teams. It’s interesting regular ‘keeper Duff is missing ( again) and Charles Kelly is back on loan from Hibs for the game – we also see Maley has taken the Right halfback slot from Pat Gallacher, yet again. Wondering if Gallacher is now on the way out, or just injured?


Celtic:- Charles Kelly, Reynolds, Doyle, Manley, James Kelly, Dowds, McCallm, Brady, Madden, Cunningham, Campbell.

Goals:- Brady 25, Greig og, Campbell, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown. (Maybe the above Scotsman’s report couldn’t see late scorers in the fog…)

Brady, Martin, Aitken, Greig, McKinnon, Gourley, Kyle, Fraser, McNab, Cunningham, Fraser.

From a newspaper report from the time.( title not recorded)

“The game started with the Celts kicking off, Madden getting the leather in motion. The game started with great dash on both sides, and it was early evident that the Northern players were well trained for the encounter. They kept the game very open, and displayed very fine passing on the run. “

It’s strange that this report gives Northern a ‘big lick’… considering they had lost 6 goals without reply… hmmmmmmmm-.

In other news…. Northern Football Club (1874-1897 were based at Hyde Park in Springburn, Glasgow. There may be some early links to Petershill & Cowlairs.


70 years ago … 1951 Tonite Charlie Tully gets his marching orders against Third Lanark Rifles (vol.)

1951-11-03: Celtic 2-2 Third Lanark, League Division A

After 6 games played in the League Celtic were at a paltry 14th position reflecting the lack of goals. East Fife were the early front runners on 14 points having played 9 games, closely followed by Hibernian and St Mirren.
Bertie Peacock was out injured allowing John McAlindon to start at centre forward with McPhail stepping out one to partner Tully.


This was the game that Charlie Tully was sent off for a foul on Aitken. He received a month long ban. The defence did not look too hot and Celtic opened the score against the odds with Walsh and McAlindon combining for the former to score. The own goal was a miskick the Thirds goalkeeper failed to deal with. Rollo was dispossessed for Thirds first goal. They then hit the bar and found the equaliser described as a “rip-snorter”. After Tully’s dismissal Celtic had to hold on till full time.


Celtic: Bell; Fallon, Rolls; Evans, Mallan, Baillie; Collins, Walsh, McAlindon, McPhail, Tully.

Scorers: Walsh (16), Harrower og (22)

Third Lanark:

Petrie; Balunas, Harrower; Mooney, Aitken, McCall; Smellie, Dick, Cuthbertson, Henderson, McLeod.

Scorers: Smellie (29), Dick (60)

Referee: G. Mitchell (Falkirk)

Evening Times 3rd November, 1951.

In other news….

1952 Clarence Birdseye first markets frozen peas

20 years ago …. 2001 Celts are at St John’s Town of Perth on league duty. Chris Sutton is drafted into central defence. Lovenkrands, Paul Hartley & Willie Falconer all playing for a Saints team managed by Billy Stark.

Great game with honest mistakes, own goals and a late, late belter of a Free Kick by Henke.

Watch how this team of Celts are looking out for one another .. refs .. bullies …come ahead!!

2001-11-03: St Johnstone 1-2 Celtic, SPL

A 30 minute BBC ‘speshul’ where you can also relish a wonderful Gordon Smith & Chuck Dung ‘misery-fest’ courtesy of YouTube:

Poise and elegance Henke style…Big Chris is just shifting some furniture…

General stuff:

1529 1st sitting of the Reformation Parliament in London

1534 English parliament passes the Act of Supremacy making Henry VIII and all subsequent monarchs the Head of the Church of England

1605 – Right! which one of you absolute tubes, said they would brings the matches…???

1762 Spain acquires Louisiana

1796 John Adams elected as 2nd president of the United States of Americ

1869 Canada’s Hamilton Football Club forms

1906 International Radiotelegraph Conference in Berlin selects “SOS” (· · · – – – · · ·) distress signal as the worldwide standard for help

1918 Thousands of revolutionary German sailors with the fleet at Kiel mutiny, seize the city, and set up councils of workers and sailors – (the First – EFF U-Boat…?)

1928 Turkey switches from Arabic to Roman alphabet

1930 Bank of Italy renamed Bank of America ( it’s just business.

1957 Soviet Union launches Sputnik 2 with space dog Laika aboard, a mostly-Siberian husky, the 1st animal in space

1983 Jesse Jackson launches his 1st campaign for presidency (D)

1992 Rock band Rage Against The Machine release their eponymous debut album featuring single “Killing in the Name”

Hope you like how Rick Beato unpacks some great songs from the original Master recordings, describing keys/scales with production techniques and technical trivia.

Note: The excellent Celtic Wiki site is the font of all knowledge on things Celtic. Most of the Celtic stuff above is from that site. The guys who set it up and painstakingly keep it updated, deserve no end of credit, praise and thanks. A treasure trove for Celtic fans young and old – and new- and free to view.

Respect Bhoys!


Guest article by Saltires en Sevilla.

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Just an observation on a timely example from 20 years ago.

Even the exceptional Celtic teams of the past needed a last minute goal to beat a bottom of the league team. And not for the first team that season according to “Chick”.

Our vexatious support wanting heads to roll- the hapless new scapegoat GG, the other useless incompetents , the intransigent manager- forget that the most stubborn and committed opponent can cause any team problems, see above.

Time to chill and grab some perspective?

Cosy Corner Bhoy

The joke at the time (though probably made up later) was that on being informed by Mr. Mitchell that ‘’ Mr Tully, I am sending you to the pavilion’’ that Charlie replied ‘’ Can you not make it the Empire? They’ve got a better show’’.
Don’t actualy remember being there but my Dad never missed a Glasgow game as we always visited relatives before or after the game…. sometimes both!

Saltires en Sevilla


That story about CPT sounds very believable based on some of the stories I was told.

My dad’s favourite player… and he saw a few …

I’ll give you a quick call after lunch today. Re. Thursday etc.



Great stuff as always,SALTIRES. And so good to see probably our best collection of players this century-plus of course our best manager since Jock.

Happy daze indeed…



We were well known for late late goals. And while we had a few in those days,we certainly peaked in that respect during The Centenary Season!


Late, late goals in cups and league.

Jota got a crucial one v Aberdeen( not quite last min but late) and we should have had one on Saturday. Not quite up to McAvennie &co in 87/88.
But them’s the breaks.


Morning all,

SeS, excellent as usual 👏👏👏

That Centenary Season was fantastic and the late goals at Hampden were the icing on the cake.

Oh happy days 💚💚💚💚

Squire Danaher

Blatantly partisan ‘Blue Peter’ Thomson.
The pseudo quasi-intellectual bar-room bore Macpherson.
Duffield and his wee whingey torn faced Hun pal in the above video.
The current nest of Hun vipers who in older times would have been forced to open a pub.

BBC Scotland never changes.


Morning all & Packy.
Talking about the Centenary season, I’ll never forget the day we won the League, I was in St. David’s Hall Cardiff. 🙁
The good news is I was there with some pals who were mostly Tims. We didn’t half party that night! 🙂


JTT 53,

When Celtic won the league we were at Celtic Park. We beat Dundee 3-0.

Probably biggest crowd I remember there.

Packed in like sardines and fans sitting on the track.

Crowd was officially 60,000 I think but I would say 70,000 plus !!!!!

The Boards magic bean counter in play 😜

Enjoy your day 👍👍👍 HH 🍀🍀


Leggy, I’ve still got a picture in my mind of when the announcement came over the tannoy, what a particular day’s attendance was. Big Jock looked up at the director’s box. What a look on his face! Told you everything. Directors going home with duffle bags. 🙂
They just do it in other ways now.


Was Charlie Tully worth more than the ‘Broighter Hoard’? Tom Campbell the Celtic author and historian certainly thought so. These Irish men and women are pure Celtic gold, a rich seam of gold just waiting to be uncovered and their voices added to truth, honesty and integrity into Scottish football. The Association Of Irish Celtic Supporters. (and Shareholders), which include E-Mail Addresses.

Banbridge Celtic Bhoy’s CSC – Bhoy’s Of Erne CSC – Carrickmacross CSC – Coalisland CSC – Jim Craig CSC – Jock Stein CSC –
Lurgan CSC – Naomh Padraig East Tyrone CSC – Rosses CSC – St. Patrick CSC – Tanzy Burns CSC – Tom Boyd CSC – East Tyrone – Tommy Burns CSC – Willie Maley CSC – Wolfe Tone CSC – Brian Hogan CSC – Cork Number 1 CSC – Cork City CSC –
Charlie Murray CSC – Dan Breen CSC, Tipperary. Irish Arms CSC – Lisdoonvarna CSC – Leeside CSC – Pairc Naoimh Eoin CSC –
Patrick Sarsfield CSC – Port Lairg Emerald CSC.

The point is that there are many, many silent Celtic voices, how great it would be if their voices and opinions were heard, for their voices and opinions matter just as much as ours. The North American voices, like ‘Brother Across The Sea’ CSC, Canadian Celtic supporters clubs, the Australian CSCs. They might not be able to access Celtic Park, their accents might be slightly different to ours, but just like us, Celtic FC is held close to their hearts, a lot of them are Celtic shareholders too. If only we could harvest all their voices and hear their opinions, surely in this tech savvy World, every Celtic voice should be heard.



Funny you should say that,as I’m planning an article for early next week which will cover the question of alternatives to the CST,as I have to say that I am none too impressed with their behaviour both while David Low was in charge,and since.

I will probably be using the clubs you mention as one means of getting a wider access. The problem really is that the support has yet to find a single entity to rally to,which can represent us with one voice,and has the balls to take on the board and everyone else.



I completely agree. All of what you say has been gnawing away inside my brain and I have come to exactly the same conclusion. 28,366 Celtic shareholders and an endless amount of Celtic supporters, both here and abroad, so I will look forward to reading your article when it appears. All the best and good luck with it.


am I the only one who had a snigger at this line?

‘Scorers: Smellie (29), Dick (60)’


Little amuses the innocent I see
Better than scorers Spotted & Dick 😉


SeS as usual we are in your debt but I must admit Henkes hands are perplexing me. Looks as if he’s almost dancing there, funny use of the limbs for balance probably.
Good ol Jess Jackson gets a mensch, now that’s a Tim even if he doesn’t know it yet.

Does anyone know if they asked Laika did he want to go into space? Seriously though, why a dog and not a monkey? Probably because a monkey would touch stuff. Poor hound had some ‘walkies’ that day.

Hail Hail





comment image


Thanks Jim 😉


oops sorry for the size of that. first time I’ve C&P a picture! I was only trying to post the link 🙂


You mentioned the Pools man, people coming to your house to provide goods.
That’s almost a thing of the past, everyone used to come to the home.
The coal man
The milkman
The Avon Lady
The lemonade man

Missing anyone? Any others please?


The Co-op Insurance man
The Provident Lady (the Provie wumin.)
The papers boy
The meter readers


Keep em coming!

Hi Ho time, play nice folks.
Hail Hail


Do you think Prince Charles could add anything to that list? LOL 🙂


in Ayrshire we had the tattie van on a Sunday morning. We made the mistake of making one purchase and then every week at 8am the van boy shouted ‘taaaaaaaattiiiees!’ through the letter box until he could hear my faither shouting’ naaaawwwww’

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, saltires brilliant stuff once again, remember my dad telling me a story of the celtic team in rome they went on a tour of the vatican, the pope comes along and starts talking to charlie tully, a press guy says whos that talking to charlie tully. a true story,😎

big packy

BTW ,JIM that photo craig76 posted last night, thanks for that craig, you said you still had the boots, ive still got the boots, you were the auld man taking me to parkhead.😎😎

big packy

IN glenboig we had the fruit and veg man on a tuesday, and wednesday and friday was the the fishmonger, now why would you want fish on a friday in the sixties,,answers on a postcard,😎


Packy, LOL, LOL, LOL, (3) 🙂

big packy

you been watching emmerdale farm again.😎


Naw, was out getting a haircut. Which involved getting hairs pulled out my nose and a flamethrower to my ears. I didn’t flinch.

big packy

JIM, wee joan usually cuts my hair, but she has put the price up from half a crown to five bob, im absolutely livid, im going to go to a proper barber,,bet they wont charge me five bob😎


Pensioner price today – £7. But I gave him a tip.
On the 16.45 at Kempton.
Arafi. The jockey’s wearing green.



Sod that flamethrower lark,I’ll stick to the gardening shears I reckon!


Should add that it is too late in the year for a haircut now. I’ll wait till nearer Spring.


Bobby you don’t know my big sisters, if I need a haircut when I meet them I get pelters.



Sounds spookily familiar!


Once again, absolutely brilliant. I loved the line about the machetes. Good old Guy Fawkes, and his band of Merry Pranksters. Quite possibly, the only people in history, who have entered Westminster with honourable intentions.

Squire Danaher

I would have to disagree with you, as regards the BBC never changing. The organisation at Pacific Quay is constantly evolving. Year on year, they become a bigger bunch of Bluenose bsstards, than they were the year before. 😀


Magua, my father loathed buying us fireworks. Told us about Guy Fawkes. He only ever did it, under protest, at the insistence of our mum who knew we just loved the fireworks for their own sake. 🙂 He made sure we were at a safe distance whilst he lit them. 🙂


I wouldn’t go back to your barber, your tip came in 7th 🤣

Jobo Baldie

Big Packy at 2.54
As a rule I still do my best to eat fish on a Friday. Probably about 45 weeks of the year. Generally nothing that fancy (I often resort to Lidls frozen crunchy haddock in batter) but still fish all the same.



big packy

JOBO,,im the same, must try lidls crunchy haddock, ive been eating haddock from aldi,which is not bad👍


Here’s 1 to stir the memories enjoy
Celtic v Dundee April 1988 / Andy Murdoch

big packy

BOBBY, you ok, noticed you havent been on much,ive had to put up with solkitts,😎😎

big packy

A true story, was out with the dogs about half an hour ago, was just walking past our local pub and a guy comes running over with his hand outstretched, now ive never seen this guy before in my life, i just hold my elbow out to say hello, he gives me some terrible abuse before he enters the pub,,did i do right or do wrong,


1988 Scottish Cup Final – Celtic v Dundee Utd / Barrhead Bhoy

Own label fish fingers. 😤☹️


Cheers Craig. 🙂

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