The Rocky Horror Show


It has been famously said that a week is a long time in politics. Well,I can assure you that it is the same too if you are a Celtic supporter! A week ago,we were wallowing in the sheer pleasure of a comfortable away win against Hibs,the culmination of a five game winning streak in October. Yet only a fews days later,the wheels had come off the wagon with a thoroughly unsatisfactory performance at home to Livingston,and the post-match reaction from many has apparently brought us to the brink of a crisis?!!

Blinkin’ flip,we are a fickle lot right enough…

Actually,when I was in my late teens and early twenties-when we had Billy McNeill then David Hay as manager-October was the month I hated more than any other. For some reason we frequently put together a bad run of results during that month-and they were often a damn sight worse than a scoreless draw with Livingston! Sometimes we could get some momentum going again,regain the initiative-more often though,we were now off the pace and remained so throughout the remainder of the season. Truly,we would suffer a month long Rocky Horror Show,culminating in a Hallowe’en Howler. And usually put out of Europe into the bargain.

So should we be panicking on the back of Saturday’s turgid borefest? Or should we simply shrug it off as a day that simply didn’t go well,just didn’t turn out as planned? Well,I think the answer might lie somewhere in between,and for that we also need to go back slightly further to the second half against Hibs. On that occasion,we got absolutely battered,but our much-maligned defence stood up to everything that the hosts could throw at us. In that respect,I was a happy man. In another,I certainly wasn’t-our midfield and forward line were completely incapable of providing any respite for the beleaguered backline,and that lack of guile from middle to front reared its ugly head with a vengeance on Saturday.

Let’s be honest-up against visitors who got a nosebleed in our half,every one of the six in the middle and up front had a howler. On top of that,we have an international right back being played as a left wing back-which is pointless,as he can hardly be expected to hit the line and cross it with his standing foot! These are issues which AP has to address with some urgency,as we are unlikely to get the result we need tonight,one which will keep alive our hopes of European football post-Christmas,if these faultlines continue.

We are all aware of the rebuild required over AP’s first three windows,and of continuing injury problems too. Many of us will cut him some slack based on that,and I don’t buy into the hysterical reactions heard from some quarters since the weekend. But we need to get back on track,and we need to do so tonight,with a victory and a confident display. Then we need the same on Sunday as we head into yet another international break.

The international break,of course,is also when  the AGM-Annual GerryMandering-is scheduled. The board have already tried to prevent some difficult questions being asked,and there is some doubt about the motives or direction that our fan representatives are displaying in this regard. I’m still stunned that Lawwell was allowed to get away with either lying to shareholders at an AGM-a striking off offence-or gross dereliction of duty with regard to whether he had seen the 5WA prior to the 2019 AGM. 

Quite frankly,I don’t hold out much hope for transparency at this one either. We,the fans and the lifeblood of the club,are simply outvoted and outmanoeuvred every time. Maybe it is time for a new approach,but to do that will mean pulling together all the disparate threads of the Celtic support,including those small shareholders who between them hold around a quarter of the stock in the Plc.

Aye,I know. That will be like herding cats. But unless this is done,we will simply be treated with contempt year in and year out. And no,I haven’t a bloody clue where to begin with this either.

But by God,I am open to suggestions!

Get us a result tonight,Celtic. Knock some smirks off a few coupons. That will be a start.


Above article by BMCUWP

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The Real McCoy

Seen this online. Guy does web-design, sound engineering and other techie stuff, so I reckon he knows more than most of us.
‘Always feels like a gamble when installing a new Windows update but Windows 11 is the first time since Windows 7 that Microsoft hasn’t taken a backward step with their software.
It is not a million miles away from what windows 10 was but they have got rid of the crappy bits and seem to have taken some ‘inspiration’ from Google’s Chrome operating system and Mac OS in the layout.‘
Good Luck 🤞

Saltires en Sevilla


Very positive, and agree no need to panic

“Annual Gerrymandering Meeting” – love it!

They are becoming quite adept at this farce.
Even Oscar, in his Wildest dreams, couldn’t conjure up the ludicrous posturing and charades of our Currant (sic) Bòrd.

Less inclined to listen to their blatant lies, and judge them on what they do to bolster Ange in January Window. They seem to have forgotten their primary function is to twist and bend every sinew towards achieving the best football team possible.

Someone was saying the best way to rid ourselves of major shareholder is to regularly lampoon and ridicule him … that maybe making it a bit too personal for some tastes.

Anyway let’s hope for some more moments of magic from our Bhoys tonite… wouldn’t it just be great to be in Budapest today?

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends from a crisp and fresh (icy windscreens!) EK and Happy European Matchday.
Am I right in thinking that a win tonight guarantees continued European football, albeit the new ‘Conference’ competition? We would be on 6 with Ferencvaros on 0, with 2 games to go and the ‘head to head’ won?



I believe that is correct,but the Conference play-off is apparently against a third-placed CL team. Which might be interesting.

Saltires en Sevilla


Aye! I’d expect that would be the case. Maybe also set us up with highly remote possibility of a 2nd slot.

Betis in a cold wet Glasgow… under floodlights… stuff happens..


Doesn’t the third placed CL team play a EL runner up ?
Third place EL plays a ECL second plac team.



Yes,that is correct. My mistake-but the new formats have a labyrinthine post-Christmas process. I think it is best explained as

Third place in CL drops you into a qualifier for EL with second placed teams from that. Third place in EL drops you into a qualifier with second placed teams from ECL.


Jobo Baldie

If we are thinking that we will beat Ferencvaros then it’s logical to expect that Betis and Leverkusen will also do the same, meaning they would both finish with a least 10 points, plus whatever points they gain against each other tonight. I can see Celtic finishing on 9 but not 10. I think that 3rd place is the best we can do, whether that’s with 6, 7 or 9 points. You will have deduced, I’m sure, that I’ve already written off our chances of taking anything from the Leverkusen (away) game.

Squire Danaher

FAO Jobo Baldie

Celtic win tonight guarantees 3rd place in group and eliminates Ferencvaros.

3rd place EL teams enter Conference League and play ConfL runners up in a knockout tie


Sitting in Tim Horton’s having breakfast after a night in the laughing called “Sleep” clinic. I did not think that that many wires could be attached to a human body! I look forward to an afternoon nap at home.

Anyway, it is all part of life’s rich experiences. To more important matters, critique of Celtic. I have noticed that after a disappointment like Saturday, that critiques can overload on venom. GG’s misses provide fodder for that type of response, together with a definition of insanity team performance….doing the same thing over and again, and expecting different results. I do not excuse myself from this…..hey, what is Celtic football without emotion? However, and a further However, we have the right to criticise team and individual performances as long as it stays focused on performances and does not become personal. This is all part of the fan experience.

The immediate past and future can be summed up in one word, “expectations”. Speaking personally, as I have no choice in the matter, since I am not someone else, my expectations at the beginning of the season were rock bottom. Initially, they went downhill from there after the appointment of an unknown manager and subsequent performances, especially vs Sevco. Then expectations rose….soared after the winning run, only to crash and burn on Saturday. Will I never learn?

Yes, I recognise that we are in transition and that results will be variable, but that variability should refer to playing much better teams than Livi. The manner of the ending also contributed to the noise level of criticism. Still, just as the team must pick itself up, so must fans.

Tonight? Not high expectations because of the performance on Saturday and the unknown effect of juggling the defence……Bitton or Welsh? Oh, horror!

Happy Sleep Apnea and restless legs to everyone,



Young Welsh (21) has had the trauma of being introduced into a NL team and performed admirably. He can consider himself unlucky to be ousted by a Liam signing and a £4m man.

No “horror” for me





I agree with you on that. Last season was not one that any of our players would have been proud to win POTY,but Welsh was IMO the clear front runner.



Welsh would not be the horror.

The Liam signing had me pondering.



I reckon Starfelt will improve and competition for his place should help this process. Hopefully a good showing from Welsh if chosen , though I suspect it will be Bitton, will cause future selection headaches.



Personally I would not let Bitton near a jersey again. Anywhere.



Sleep problems,pardon the pun,are a bloody nightmare. Good luck with yours.


Time for a new background pal. 🙂

Prestonpans bhoys

Ok I’ll put my hand up, I did say play Bitton in midfield and you would see a different player.
I was right, different from being bad to atrocious😱😕



I am not sure I would go as far as you on Bitton. His best position is midfield. He is a make shift CB that will be exposed in Europe, if not domestically. He can be OK in midfield if we wish to close a game out. On Saturday he was asked to do a job that does not suit him at all. He was a strange replacement for Rogic. I am not sure what his selection means. Is it a testament to Ange’s managerial decision making, or is it a sign of the thinness of the squad? What happened to Henderson as an option? He was not even on the bench. Is he out on loan?


Prestonpans bhoys

I also voiced quite profoundly that he would show his worth once in that area but I’m eating my words😕now.

However do agree with this point ‘He can be OK in midfield if we wish to close a game out.’


Afternoon all,

A wee Pre match jaunt for your roving reporter.

Just arrive in Heraghtys.

First time here since 17th March 1991.

Remember that day as I was at Celtic Park and we beat the Huns 2-0. Think Creaney and Wdowvcky scored.

By the time we arrived at Heraghtys a bloke outside the pub was selling “ St Patrick’s Day Massacre “. T shirts.

They sold out in seconds. !!!!!!!!!

Today the pub still looks good and barman tells me it will be mobbed tonight. 🍀🍀

Where is Big Railhouse for a guide on pubs nearby of a Celtic persuasion.

Keep you informed 👍👍


Hoping for a third place finish in Europa league group clearly illustrates how far down our international
standing and expectations were managed by Lawwell and his pet blog.
The meek acceptance of this is sad and disturbing.
Where has the legendary defiance of the Celtic support gone?
The divide and conquer strategy of the PLC and their enablers has worked to perfection.
We have now accepted our place as Euro minnows and whipping boys.
All 3 teams in our group are beatable when faced with a decent opponent.


No Henderson isn’t on loan. Ange’s constant overlooking of him and Shaw perplexes and irritates me. He does t think they are good enough, that’s fine, but can we not give them the chance to prove it?
I opined I hope he is brave, and giving either of the two a nod would be taking a chance, but we know the alternative.
We know what Bitton, McCarthy, Soro bring to the middle and aren’t happy with it.
Shaw and Euan may get added to that list, but we need to see the evidence.
Ange has nothing to lose and everything to gain by experimenting.

Players giving us jack shit include but are not limited to,,



I’m ever the optimist,and am hoping for 12 points in this group and a draw with BL v RB tonight.

Sadly you are right about expectation management. Even those of us who are absolutely desperate for things to change on the pitch know that it will not happen while things off the pitch remain the same. In that respect,I think there is actually a mix of resignation-that things will never change-and frustration/anger-that we can’t find a feasible means of forcing that change.

Few of us are happy with where we are,mate. But every approach gives us a dead end,and it is pissing me off.



Murray,Shaw,Uroghigde,Scales,Henderson and Dembele have barely figured in the side,if ever. We won’t know how good they are by them sitting on the bench.


Enjoy your day and the game everyone.
Happy birthday Dena, the Lurgan legend.

Play nice.
Hail Hail

Listened to Super Scoreboard Podcast last night.One of the Pundits (along with Halliday) was the asst.Coach of Livi.Bartley,he had Celtic down to a “T” also Turnbull what he does before he shoots etc.but as he says they had to execute the plan which they did..
That game still sticks with me i lost two hours of my day in which i was bored stiff watching my team and Scottish Football.Fast forward to the EPL and thoroughly entertained.
I don’t know where we go from here and did not expect come and attack but for Gods sake the poor punters who have paid 30 to 35 pound to watch i feel sorry for them.
I have said before at my age i have soon The good,Bad , and Ugly but at least during our bad days in General teams attacked us.
Scottish Football is looking more and more like a pub league.Another thing why Celtic fans phone in to SSB and ask Alex Rae or Halliday about our team blows my mind.
Rant over off to Longos.


Reply to Leggy

Since Kellys has now closed, your best bet is the Queens Park Cafe on Victoria Road- a 5 minute walk

St tams

My hope for tonight’s team.
Anyone at centre half other than Bitton.
Anyone in midfield other than Bitton.

Do that and we should get a win.



Cheers, but went to Heraghtys, Titwood, Sweeneys and The Granary. All spot on 👍

Team for tonight, got to agree with St Tams, No Bitton anywhere near that pitch. !!!!!


big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM ,just off the phone to sean fallon, some big changes tonight. fallon, young and cattenach, clark mcneil and kennedy,,macari, lennox ,mcbride gallagher and hughes,still think we will beat them👍

Margaret McGill

It’s not a rocky horror show. It’s paradise


So Livi focused on Turnbull as McGregor and Bitton offered no threat?

Margaret McGill

Then of course there is the Catholic paradise


Thanks for the Dena birthday reminder.HH

He said they kept CalMac beyond the box and also three tall centre backs as we cross high balls into the box and were more than willing to have ten men behind the ball the came fore a draw and he says plan worked to perfection.Was also asked how do you break it down…………of course no answer.We should be more concerned with our lack of cutting edge.
If Ange ball is supposed to be like Leeds, teams have sussed them out.

A thing of beauty

Fan/Tim Horton,
Livi had a plan and make no excuses for it. We played into their hands with the crosses into the box though. Giakoumakis was not putting them under pressure. He was very static. There are two ways to look at it.
Ange picked the wrong team and we would have been far better with kyogo’s movement to trouble them. The other side of that is if you can’t play your new number nine who cost a couple of million quid at home against Livingston when can you?
Also I would expect that Martindale and his coaches will put the same level of diligence into stopping the Huns in a couple of weeks. Certainly has done his homework on us and he should no more about them since they’re his favourites.

Squire Danaher


Heraghty’s a fine Celtic shop.

Haven’t been in since lockdown but intending to make a return soon. It’s some place when there’s a full house…..

Enjoy your night 😃

Mike in Toronto

Some random musings for today…

Former MP, and Secretary for the Six Counties, Owen Paerson resigns. In spite of being caught taking $100,000 by companies to lobby other ministers on their behalf, the Tories refused to implement a Commission recommendation that he be suspended for 30 days.

A jury has been selected in the murder trial of 3 white men, who chased Ahmaud Arbury, who was black, through a Georgia town in ttheir pick up trucks until they caught up to him and shot him in the street. Defence counsel used their challenges to the jury to ensure that all but 1 black person were excluded from the jury. The judge said that the didn’t believe that it was the intention of the Defence to purposely exclude blacks.

In the Wisconsin trial of Kyle Rittenour, who is accused of shooting and killing several BLM protestors, the judge ruled that the prosecutors cannot refer to the people Rittenout shot and killed as ‘victims’. but the Defence counsel may refer to the victims as ‘arsonists’ and ‘looters’ (if the Defence have evidence they were involved in the arson and looting) .

Jury selection in that case begins Monday …. wonder what that jury will look like? Not.

I think Dembele is still injured.


The answer to the main question being pondered in the leader, is the same as the name of the legendary Italian centre-forward…Fuctifano. 😀


Sweeney’s On The Park-further up the Shaw’s Road near Shawlands-is well worth a visit. Then of course there is the legendary Star Bar and near the toon, you have the Laurieston Bar. The latter 2 pubs would not necessarily be out and out Tim pubs, but are ‘Celtic friendly,’, if I can put it that way. Enjoy your wee swally, wherever ye end up.

Hail Hail.


Another 1 for you all
St Mirren v Celtic 1986 / Andy Murdoch


As for tonight’s game I’ll go 3 nil Celtic
Giakoumakis with a hat trick 🇬🇷 ⚽️⚽️⚽️


That’s some prediction Craig! Have you been following Leggy roon and finishing the dregs!! When was the last time a Celtic player scored a hat-trick in Europe never mind away from home in Europe!! Leggy…stop encouraging him!! 😂🤣😂

Por Cierto

“Michael Joseph Heragthys” or “The Golden Star” as it was above the door, was my local 37 years ago, stopped drinking 36 years ago :)), and the man himself was still on God’s earth, “Time please ladies & gentlemen, this is a Public House, not a boarding House” & “The big picture starts again at 5” Great days in there, we had a European bus before there was a supporters bus :))), had many a wonderful trip on it with “Biff” the main organiser, great, great memories! por cierto.


Always a 1st time McCaff 🙏


3 fine finishes by Celtic women against Hearts

Por Cierto

Here’s hoping the result, the “burds”, and the party after the game is as good as it was in Budapest 1972:

por cierto

Mike in Toronto

I’m behind the times …one juror in the Rittenhouse case has already been sent home after telling an inappropriate joke to court security about the shooting which prompted the protests

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