Cream rises

It’s true, the sparrows knew it also and many a chilly morning the silver foil of the two glass pints of milk at the front door had been pierced by a hungry beast seeking easy pickings. Sounds like our team these days.
Feels like yesterday we were trapped in fourth, hoping those above do us a favour while finding our own bit of form. I opined fourth was the best place to be while regrouping and growing strong, in horse terms advancing up the outside.
And advanced we have, straight to second place which was always coming.
The cat and mouse title chase began in earnest on Tennis Ball Sunday, 7th November.
I had seen a couple Beach Ball Sundays but Tennis Ball Sunday took us all by surprise, more on that later.
Football and in particular Glasgow Celtic comes first here.
Ange is impressing me more by the week, so much so that it’s hard to find a huge flaw. That’s a massive compliment.
The spirit at the club looks very very strong, it’s been mentioned they as a group are mostly settled now, into life in Glasgow and into the daily workplace with each other. I get the feeling Ange is a human first, professional second, always nice for an employee. He looks every inch the patriarch would shall help and protect his brood, indeed probably cracks jokes about living in the place.
Football wise, here we are in the second week of November and yet to know our best starting eleven, yet still on a roll! There’s a dirty dozen or so deemed surplus to discard and reinvest plus reserves down the back of the sofa.
Some summer signings have yet to get a proper run.
We are the one team that should not be judged yet as we are not complete.
Across the city the opposite is true, and that settled unit is already feeling fire up it’s ass.
Before we move to third gear.
I know exactly which squad I would prefer right now.
The squad that’s about to get another fortnight of the master’s magic, well the fringe players at least but that’s a positive.
I must admit on this occasion it feels as if the Gods have granted us a favour,,light training hopefully getting Julien and Taylor in or around the first team again.
But more importantly Ange communicating how his system works and what’s expected of everyone involved. He looks a good communicator, has the fatherly aura with those broad shoulders and shirt/pullover combo my grandad uses in cold weather plus the grey tinged hair.
Ange reminds me of a likeable uncle, your friend and mentor not the cold boss judging you unworthy,,, no wonder the players are smiling.
Perhaps most importantly, we did all this not only through the CEOs abrupt departure but without a helping hand of any kind, the opposite infact.
We don’t need friendly refs or debt to challenge, a most satisfying fact.
“Every trick in the book” FC can only get one win ahead with the unofficial boost.
I say one win because given our goal difference it’s actually three points to the better they find themselves, that fourth point the potential spoiler.
Also the EPL manager merry-go-round isn’t taking our Greek Australians eyes off the ball, can the same be said across the city for a manager who is feeling fire on the back of his neck with little chance of spending while watching the neighbours tool up during a vital midway stage?
I know which manager I would rather be.
Cream slowly rises to the top, it’s visibly different, and only a small percent of milk becomes cream.
This special group have risen to the challenge, have risen past the two others in their way, and shall soon rise to the top, the cream of the crop.
Will Ange’s huge willpower plus their skill and togetherness keep us there versus the entire nation and all their tools?
Im starting to believe. You?
Okay so Tennis Ball Sunday.
Anyone hurt? Anyone offended? Good, because those two questions should be first and foremost at any protest regarding our club,,agree those are sacrosanct and we can all go from there.
You might not like the game getting delayed, players were probably itching to get under way, but a harmless statement was made. A couple years ago I suggested we storm the park, again innocent and harmless being a home game, but it was met with horrified silence from folk who realized the cops would just love that. Not long later, Man Utd fans did that exact thing in protest at their hated owners and not a baton was lifted plus the message went worldwide once that game was postponed.
We as the support and lifeblood of the club need to step it up a gear, as MIT says bitching on a blog might actually be counteractive leading one to believe they’re done their part. Tennis balls, for what it’s worth, was out of the box thinking.
It’s more of that out of the box thinking shall be needed IF we are to be heard.

Happy day of the Moon
By Mahe

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Saltires en Sevilla
November 8, 2021 7:22 am


Always like to see positivity on a Monday morning. That’s grand.

The gap is closing, and could be closer, with some folk a little less enthusiastic about our Ange and his performance to date.

Maybe that Q1 Report Card is hiding surreptitiously at the bottom of his satchel…in case parents disapprove of his progress…

When we consider everything he had to contend with. The late start to tenure and first competitive games were CL qualifiers with a load of holes in key positions and more than a few regulars wanting away etc. All against a backdrop of an underperforming season, fragmented squad and pissed off support, and as it turns out, serious disruption with the Bòrd and CEO feuding over signings. Delays,causing the manager to speak out publicly about his frustrations.

With all the above fresh in mind. Ange has done remarkably well so far, and there is a real opportunity to improve and consolidate in Q2. The Sevvies will be feeling the hot air on their neck ..

but will that hot air be enough?

When we peruse the runes and prod the entrails, there is an awfy whiff of a nagging doubt that he will not receive sufficient backing. The warning signs are stark! It seems the Previous CEO was Canned for committing to too much expenditure. We’ve all seen how that goes. Willo Flood Window etc., etc.nothing against Willo btw .. we just needed more than him at that juncture.

The justification for not spending on squad upgrades would be that there are already ‘enough players’. Yes, we all know and discuss regularly the ‘deadwood’ in the squad. Mahe you mention a “dirty dozen” and there may be more…but they take a wage and the total ‘cost of ownership’ hangs like a millstone around our neck.

I’m always uncomfortable about simply writing off squad players who don’t make the team. These guys signed in good faith and arrived with hope in their hearts. Someone at Celtic made a Decision to go out and entice them to come to the club. Pay money for them and offer them an agreed fixed-term contract. Sometimes the players don’t ‘cut it’ and act up, but even that would be on the club for not doing more homework via the selection process. Thee guys are entitled to respect and every effort made to find a suitable compromise. That it didn’t work out well for them is mainly on the lack of planning and developmental deficiencies at the club. They got great money, aye true, but they are still just normal lads with families and day to day worries, anxieties, hopes and fears.

With all this in mind my pressing fear, or expectation, is that the best Ange can hope for is a few fringe players are moved on to other clubs. As in sold, or ‘freed’ . Then, and only then, will we see a new player, or two, arrive. Doubt there will be a big transfer fee paid and the wages will need to be Net Neutral.

Classic must sell, before you can buy scenario.

Doubt there will be any ‘new’ money on offer, because that forthcoming CL pot of gold is already earmarked for elsewhere.

If I’m really honest, my real fear is that we may have to sell a star to balance the Signing ‘error(s)’ made by Woody Woodpecker that cost him his job.

So Still not convinced this Bòrd are fully backing their manager. It’s my firm belief that Ange is currently operating with one arm tied behind his back, he can’t move through the gears because he can’t reach the gear stick.

The club won’t sanction an automatic

As for a few jeering and tennis baws… just relieved that they finally saw some sense and ditched Roamin’ in the Gloamin’….we have far more pressing issues to worry about.

The Bòrd are still running roughshod and Blue Peter is still in the van.

Jobo Baldie
November 8, 2021 8:01 am

Good morning, friends and Happy International Break! 😉
Rally enjoyed today’s lead article, Mahe, so thank you for being so positive.
I don’t have any issue regarding the tennis ball protest for the reasons stated, Mahe – no real harm done, nobody injured, game still went ahead without much delay. The disruption during the earlier minute’s silence was disappointing and annoying, though.
Overall, yesterday was a good day.

November 8, 2021 8:01 am

Saltires en Sevilla
History has a nasty habit of repeating itself.
That elephant in the room is still there.
Everyone in Scottish football nows how necessary it is for huns to get the Champions league money.
So their supporters (SFA,Referees,MSSM and the Celtic board will do what’s needed.)
Blue Peter is hiding in plain sight ready to scupper the good ship Celtic.

November 8, 2021 8:17 am


Mr & Mrs SOLKITTS!!!!

(Where were you 35 years ago,Mick? Oh,being offered a girl’s cherry during dessert-but that’s a different story!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Sol Kitts
November 8, 2021 8:46 am

First time I ever saw you lost for words 😂😂😎

Saltires en Sevilla
November 8, 2021 8:54 am

Fan – aye buddy, the more things change

Mr & Mrs Sol Kitts – Hoopy 35th Anniversary – Emerald Day 💫

Noel Skytrot
November 8, 2021 8:58 am

I’ve not been on the site for a few months due to health issues and noticed a comment from a poster last night about the snooker and realised that Garry had sadly passed away. I never met Garry in person but had a few lively phone calls with him were we discussed many topics-music, politics, family, faith and of course Celtic. I can imagine him up in heaven skanking to a Bob Marley song with a big fat number on the go.

RIP Garry, the Sentinel Celts Soul Rebel.

Saltires en Sevilla
November 8, 2021 10:03 am

Fan – aye buddy, the more things change..

Mr & Mrs Sol Kitts a very Happy 35th Anniversary – Emerald Wedding, lovely!

November 8, 2021 10:13 am

Who do we want ……..Kyogo
When do we want him……..Now
OK if you all insist here you go happy Monday folks

A thing of beauty
November 8, 2021 10:40 am

Thanks for the article Mahe.
I am not as optimistic as you but we are getting better, of that there is no doubt.
It was a terrible shock about Garry and he is greatly missed. Hope you are on the mend and are able to continue with the invaluable work that you do.
Have to say I stuck with midnight mass till halfway through episode four and then it weirded me out!!

Noel Skytrot
November 8, 2021 10:48 am

I was absolutely stunned with regards to Garry. As for myself, thanks for the kind words. Sadly, its my work thats been the main contributor to me being out of sorts. On a positive note, I’ve lost a lot of weight that needed shifted and I’m back hard at it. Thanks again and I hope you are in good form along with everyone else.

November 8, 2021 10:57 am

Saltires in Seville

Swiss Rambler has posted on Twitter an excellent analysis of Celtic’s accounts with occasional references to Rangers.

I’ve posed a number of question on the topic at and you should be able to follow Swiss Ramblers analysis.

In short is the club who spend more regardless of the source of income on putting a strong experienced group of players on the park more likely to be successful in football terms than a club with more prudent spending policies that reduce the risk of insolvency but causes churn by selling it’s best.

Churn btw that reduces the chance of CL qualification if they have to play in qualifying rounds.

I just dont get why it is the Company”s interest to ignore the footballing and business outcome of the policies of our main rivals and the consequences for Celtic.

Especially of course when handed evidence of how crooked they are.

November 8, 2021 11:07 am

Re tennis ball protest.

In real life terms what did it hope to achieve and more importantly will it?

I’ve got a ” what works” mentality when it comes to trying to make something happen.

At present as matters stand nothing is working in terms of bringing about change, even Resolutions at AGMs that should get honest answers are sanitised before presented to Celtic so that the requirement to answer them fully and honestly is thwarted.

Something that works is what is needed.

November 8, 2021 11:12 am


All true but my hope is that more and more supporters are becoming aware of the elephant.

My tweet in the reply to SiS is a starfish into the sea one.

It’s all we can do.

Noel Skytrot
November 8, 2021 11:17 am

if the club were to be hit financially they would quickly sit up and take notice but sadly that won’t be happening anytime soon in my opinion. A lot of supporters I know simply want too watch the team and don’t care for what the “custodians” are doing in other parts of the club. Sad stuff.

As for the tennis ball stunt, I get the reasons, but thought it was quite a juvenile act. There must be other ways to get the message across. In saying that would the board really give a toss?

November 8, 2021 11:34 am

Morning all.

Packy, hope everything goes well today.

Noel, Welcome back.

Happy anniversary Sol Kitts.

Maestro Fan
November 8, 2021 11:36 am

Yup, I’m feeling it too.

November 8, 2021 11:42 am

A tennis ball walks into a bar,
The bartender says, “We don’t serve tennis balls here.” The ball throws a fit, calls over his friend, and the two make a scene expecting the bartender to give in. Instead, the bartender yells at the friend, “You get out too! I don’t want a racket in here.”

November 8, 2021 11:47 am

Noel Skytrot.

The same supporters moan like feck when Celtic lose points as result of refereeing decisions at Celtic games or at Rangers games where Rangers benefit from referee decisions.

Three things need to happen there.

1. Help them make the connection.
2. Change the self fulfilling belief nothing can be done to change anything.
3. Give them some thing that will result in change to believe in as result of achieving point1.

Hope your return to better health continues apace.

November 8, 2021 11:51 am

Noel Skytrot
Auldheid, if the club were to be hit financially they would quickly sit up and take notice

Can’t resist asking a question that’s been bugging me for ages.

If Noel’s view on the club is correct, why do we believe that they want to give £40m to that new Ibrox team rather than do their utmost to grab the loot for Celtic.
Also if the new team die (I know teams that play at Ibrox don’t really die) wouldn’t that pretty much guarantee Champions League money for Celtic for the foreseeable. We would also still have “Old Firm” games. Even if we all know the OF died years ago no one else seems to realise it.

November 8, 2021 12:20 pm

To clarify my bad wording.
I know why we believe the board are at it. Their actions and inaction on various issues lead us to that conclusion.

What I don’t get is their end game. We don’t need Sevco and they will be replaced by Huns mark 3 anyway so the OF will live on no matter what we think. Why do we want to pass on £40m

November 8, 2021 12:36 pm

Noel Skytrot
Auldheid, if the club were to be hit financially they would quickly sit up and take notice

Can’t resist asking a question that’s been bugging me for ages.

If Noel’s view on the club is correct, why do we believe that they want to give £40m to that new Ibrox team rather than do their utmost to grab the loot for Celtic.
Also if the new team die (I know teams that play at Ibrox don’t really die) wouldn’t that pretty much guarantee Champions League money for Celtic for the foreseeable. We would also still have “Old Firm” games. Even if we all know the OF died years ago no one else seems to realise it.
Mr Bankier is the one to answer those questions for it beats me why Celtic think co dependency on a dysfunctional rival is in the Company’s interest.

In the Boards response to the Note of Concern resolution put forward by the CST, not the one their members voted to adopt, as in previous years refers to steps taken to ensure fair governance but without ever saying what they are.

The elephant in the room is the moral hazard to Scottish football the dependency on CL cash to remain solvent creates.

It’s a pity that moral hazard was one of the reasons for concern that was stated in the original CST members resolution that got lost in the revision.

Its inclusion as a specific point of concern (along with a list of others) would have gone to all shareholders in the Notice of The AGM requiring the Board to address that concern.

Opportunity lost for puzzling reasons.

November 8, 2021 12:42 pm

Good afternoon all from the Scotia Bar.

November 8, 2021 1:09 pm

This will be of interest to a good few on here, a bit to much for my wee brain to digest 😀😀

Saltires en Sevilla
November 8, 2021 1:26 pm

Auldheid thanks for detailed reply, as alway … and link

Frodsham Bhoy 12:20 – it’s a good point on always being a Rang3rs of some description.

However, it seems it’s not enough for them simply to reincarnate every now and again, but they must be winning something to maintain the illusion of two ‘top teams’ in Scotland. Turns about as it were or sponsors and fans would run for the hills.

My own view is without a strong Sevco the other teams would emerge stronger and give Celts a right hard time of it.

Plus we would see much better grass root player development in Scotland. The Rangers or Sevco seem stuck on the idea of playing The Billy Big Baws role and forment a form of Arms Race and Dreadnought Diplomacy, buying in the biggest and best players on the ‘never never’ and forcing every other club to respond to their own fans asking for their ‘Jam today’ .. thereby, destroying the traditional development & succession plans of local clubs

How many aspiring young lads were lost to the game since then?

I’m really not picking on Morten Wieghorst ( i liked him) but always thought, “surely we have young lads who could do that job just as well?” but not seen as sexy enough because they are called Jimmy or Ian etc.

Murray started that crap and wrecked our game in the process

Our Currant (sic) Bòrd are wholly invested in the Old Firm model and it pours out of every statement and consequent action.

£££millions in the bank and we can’t qualify for CL and everyone can point to the team weaknesses..

Some bassa has a full handful of the reins and is holding back the Celtic steed… waiting for the Ibrox Donkey to catch up …

November 8, 2021 1:38 pm

Heard a little anecdote that show’s the level of planning Ange goes into even down to the sleeping patterns of the players.

On the away trip to Hungary he was having a group meeting with the forwards on the evening they arrived.

He asked Kyogo what time he wanted his wake up call placed for. Kyogo replied 8am.

He than asked Jota, who replied, Wake Me Up Before Kyogo.😁


November 8, 2021 1:52 pm

It’s always bewildered me how Charles Green was able to keep the name Rangers for the new outfit. The rules for ‘Phoenix’ companies are quite strict about this.

“New company name: this must not be the same or similar to the old company, as it could indicate an intention to mislead the public or any new creditors.”

That’s exactly what happened. A lot of anger & annoyance could have been avoided if the new club were called eg. Ibrox United.
At the time, 2012, the Ibrox support would have just had to accept it. They were more relieved that they still had a team to support playing in the same stadium, wearing blue & white. They will never admit that now of course. it’s become too much of an issue.

The establishment, the Media, the suits at Hampden, the Celtic Board etc just went along with it. I wonder why.
Even the Angels & Saints at UEFA have been strangely quiet about it.

November 8, 2021 2:35 pm

Noel, good to see you about. Garry’s passing hit us all very hard. You take care of yourself pal.

“they will be replaced by Huns mark 3”
No feckin way we can just let them die and respawn as they wish. This version dies that must be it. They need ten million a year in debt to exist, its not a viable business anyway.
This 40million clears the decks, pays the loans/bills, and leaves the OF alive and kicking again. They really need it, that’s why they are getting it.
Thems going bust would really throw a spanner in the works, many fans of all clubs wouldn’t accept it.
One liquidation ever can be filed under exceptional circumstances,,another means it’s a regular practice.
The next death must be permanent.

Good afternoon Big Railroads Blues from central California 😉

November 8, 2021 2:38 pm


Enjoy your afternoon 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺

big packy
November 8, 2021 3:13 pm

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, just came on to wish mr and mrs solkitts a happy anniversary 👍 BTW wee joan was scheduled for a CT scan this morning, but the hospital cancelled it, im taking that as good news, because if she was that bad they would have got her in there somehow,,they just said she would receive a letter in a few weeks,,take care all.👍

November 8, 2021 3:50 pm

Leggy, Mahe cheers. 🍺. I shall dedicate the next 6 pints to you both. 🤪

Saltires en Sevilla
November 8, 2021 3:51 pm

Big Packy

Good to see you here buddy – hope everything goes well with Wee Joan’ testing, when it happens. Will be rooting for both of ye


November 8, 2021 3:53 pm

Big Packy, all the best to you and wee Joan.

Saltires en Sevilla
November 8, 2021 4:01 pm


You out on the tear …again?

I’m just jealous buddy – it’s a day for the Tall Barstools

enjoy & Hail Hail

big packy
November 8, 2021 4:13 pm


November 8, 2021 4:15 pm

Saltires, aye mate. Retired gentleman needs a hobby. 😁

Cosy Corner Bhoy
November 8, 2021 4:42 pm

Happy Anniversary to Mr and Mrs Sol Kitts: Doesn’t feel like 35 years since myself and Mrs CCB went through to the East!
Good to see Noel Skyrocket back and health-improved.
Wee Joan must be doing alright also, so good news all round.
Wimped out of golf as knew heavy rain around 12-1 was coming…..
Only problem is no lagers😩

Awe Naw
November 8, 2021 5:01 pm

Squire Danaher RIP

always enjoyed his contributions

Saltires en Sevilla
November 8, 2021 5:17 pm

Awe Naw

Thoughts with his family and friends.

Squire Danaher RIP

November 8, 2021 5:18 pm

Awe Naw
Terrible news.
I also enjoyed his contribution to the blog.
Squire Danaher RIP

big packy
November 8, 2021 5:20 pm

terrible news, squire danaher,RIP.

November 8, 2021 5:27 pm


Great reading. Very positive.

On the Green Brigade: I cannot agree that the actions of these dolts is a bit of harmless fun. The antics of these bastards iis harming the club. A disrupted minute silence at the Hibs game. The singing of ‘Roamin’ In The Gloamin’. Their ill-thought out protest at the Livi game and yesterday, their most moronic act ever. Stopping the game FFS and a disrupted minutes silence. I repeat, once again, everything the they do, is about THEM. The club must act immediately, and boot these f**kers out of the safe-standing section and cancel their away ticket allocation. If this is not done Bhoys and Girls, this mob-for that is what they are-will become even more emboldened game by game. What stunt are they planning for the 2nd of January?

So those of us that care about the good name of the club, should bombard the PR office and ticket office with complaints. I’ve repeatedly contacted JPT on this matter and have not once received the courtesy of a reply. I’m now at the stage of despising these bastards, just as much as I despised the Casuals, back in the day. It’s probably just as well that I can no longer attend game for health reasons. If I was seated anywhere near these swines, I would last all of 30 seconds, before lamping some loudmouth hooligan…and I’m normally a quite laid-back kinda fella…of ye can believe that.

A final wee story about the Green Brigade. I have my own little back book, for those who have offended my delicate sensibilities. The Green Brigade now proudly sit in the No. 2 spot, having knocked Any and Dec off their lofty perch. I’ve always considered this duo, to be a complete pair of…well, lets just say, it rhymes with tankers. 😀

I wouldn’t ken how to post a cyber pint, so just for the craic, can any of ye guess who is in my No.1 spot?…and Craig76, it is not Charlie Nicholas. He’s well down the list.


That was a fine first post of the day. Bravo, Sir.


A post straight from the heart. As with Saltires, bravo Sir. Don’t be a stranger now.

November 8, 2021 5:31 pm

Big Packy

That is indeed terrible news. Both CQN and Sentinel Celts have lost a true friend.

Squire Danaher RIP.

big packy
November 8, 2021 5:38 pm

MAGUA, yes, you never know the minute, hope you are well.👍

Noel Skytrot
November 8, 2021 5:39 pm

To Mahe, Magua and Auldheid, thanks for the kind words regarding my wellbeing.

Sad to hear that another poster has passed.

RIP Squire Danaher.

November 8, 2021 5:44 pm


I had posted my rant re The Green Brigade, before learning about the sad passing of Squire Danaher. Under the circumstances, I would be immensely grateful if you could delete said post, as I do not know how to. Thank you.

Saltires en Sevilla
November 8, 2021 5:47 pm


Can I just say –

thought it was a special moment that you name-checked Squire Danaher as you weren’t aware of his passing. You were obviously typing your comment on his ‘list’ and his name when Awe Naw advised blog.

The essence of the blogging and your comment is all the more powerful for it.

Let’s keep it there

Noel Skytrot
November 8, 2021 5:53 pm

I’ve sat among GB company in the past outwith a football match and I found a lot of them are what you might term barstool Republicans who know very little about the history of Ireland nor the partitioned statelet. I got pissed right off at some of the add ons when they were singing songs about English people and those of the Protestant faith, particularly as I attend games with two people that are English and of that faith. It makes me cringe and I feel embarrassed that they should be subjected to this. They undo all their good deeds with their nonsense. Education is the requirement.

November 8, 2021 5:58 pm

Squire Danaher R I P 🙏

Charlie Nicholas wouldn’t even of come into my thoughts, but Cascarino may of

November 8, 2021 6:02 pm

Very sad news.

RIP Squire Danaher. 🙏🙏🙏