Great Expectations


An interesting few days recently,as we saw our team shake off an unexpected poor result at home to Livingston with a hard-earned win away from home in Europe followed by another nearer home at Dundee. We now head into the final international break of the year,and the last until March.

Between now and Christmas,we have two more European ties plus a domestic semi-final,and a whopping NINE league matches before the winter shutdown gives us all a chance to draw breath. Yes,that’s twelve matches in 43 days. Footballers sure have it easy these days!

Of course,we have a fair sized squad,and can use that buffer as an opportunity to rotate players in and out as required. This strength is negated somewhat by continuing injury issues as well as the simple fact that many of that squad have been little more than uninvolved bystanders so far,as AP has stuck largely with the tried and tested. And trusted. Our manager has faith in his preferred eleven,and he makes no secret of it.

Not to the extent that he has no plans to add a couple of signings in the upcoming window,right enough. And it is certainly interesting that much of the speculation in this regard revolves around that Japanese market that he so recently left. That is a pleasing prospect IMO,as it suggests that the manager is having more of an input on new signings than was the case with previous incumbents. If even remotely as successful as Kyogo,I for one will be delighted.

Other news which has reached us since my last article is also relevant to forthcoming events,the AGM in particular. That our soo’side foes are continuing to max out the credit cards is no great surprise to anyone; that they are doing so to the tune of £23.5m pa is an eye-watering revelation. To put it into perspective,they are spending £1.50 for every £1 that they bring in,and losing 75p EVERY SECOND OF THE YEAR!

Even at my peak,I couldn’t down a pint of Guinness in four seconds,but at £3 a pint,the huns are doing so 24/7 every day of the year. All day,every day of the year. Which I also couldn’t manage even at my peak! But if I had tried,I’m sure it would have been noticed,and various authorities would have brought such ridiculous and dangerous behaviour to an end,even if only for my own good.

Sadly there is no-one around to prevent them from continuing down this damaging and potentially fatal route. Damaging not only to themselves,but also to the Scottish game in general. We have already seen them undermine sponsorship deals,damage the integrity of TV deals and destroy the once-proud reputation of Scottish sports journalism.

We can all remember the events either side of their liquidation nine years ago which saw various sections of Scottish society-including the law of the land!-tying themselves in knots to prevent or deny reality. Now we again watch as the latest version of the three wise monkeys tells us that £23.5m in losses in a single financial year means that happy days are here again,and the end of the rainbow is at hand.

And worryingly,they are correct. Because the only reason that they haven’t gone bust is because there is always that £40m pot of gold awaiting the winners of this year’s title. And every week,we are seeing just how important that is to them-and their lickspittle former season ticket holders with a whistle or a flag. Scottish football is being destroyed in a single-minded mission to keep one club afloat,and to hell with everyone else. What are you going to do about it,like?

Some of us will have a chance to ask just that question to our high and mighty board tomorrow* at the AGM. I know,I expect any such question to be brusquely dismissed too,but we only get this chance once a year. A simple question along the lines of why they are happy for their main competitor to survive on equity confetti,while ours has to sell its best players every year to remain in the black. Or,bearing in mind that the Ibrox mob mentioned a forthcoming payment for Business Interruption Insurance in last year’s accounts,where the hell is ours!!!!!!!!!

Another simple question would be-why can’t the Celtic supporters ever present a united front at these occasions? Sure,I understand that you will never get 100% unanimity behind any organisation-or even within it-but sometimes I think that Monty Python used us as a template for the various factions opposed to Roman rule in Life of Brian. About a year ago,many of us decided that the CST was the only show in town,and that with David Low at the helm,we might finally get somewhere with the board. That is not to denigrate previous efforts by the CST on our behalf,especially over such as OBaFA and the miscarriages of justice in Amsterdam,but they,like everyone else,were getting nowhere with the board. Transparency really is a closed book to that lot!

Sadky it seems that Low’s ascendancy was more of a coup,where he sidelined all others in a clear “my way or the highway” strategy. Which did not end well for either party,and led ultimately to a botched attempt at drafting a resolution for tomorrow. And subsequent bad blood between various parties.

Divided we fall,indeed…

However,united we CAN stand. And it is only by presenting that united front that we will ever achieve anything,including the ability to hold this board to account for past and continuing actions which are to the detriment of the club and the wider game-particularly on matters of governance-and an apparent willingness to throw our foes a lifebelt when any right-minded Celtic supporter would be throwing them an anchor.

The question is-just how do we do that? How do we enable a united front when there are so many contradictory factions amongst the support? That is a particularly difficult question,made no more easy by the simple fact that all of those factions actually have the same ultimate goal. I referred to it last week as being akin to herding cats,and have considered the situation over some considerable period of time. And yet,while I am hardly Brain of Britain,I have no idea how to line everything up in a way which will work with enough of those disparate factions,will persuade them to put aside petty jealousies or pet theories in order to work for the common good.

I wish I had the answers. I wish ANYONE had the answers. But unless and until someone can find a way of getting all of this to work,we are doomed to continue to roll that stone up the hill. With the same reward for our efforts as before. And the board will be sitting pretty,happy to pay lip service-at best-to us once a year,while treating us with complete contempt for the other 364 days of the year.

And quite frankly,it’s all we deserve.


Above article by BMCUWP

  • Ooops,AGM is a week tomorrow!
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everyone in bed.

AGM should be interesting.


Read this on 67hailhail,

. A deep dive into the club’s 2020/21 accounts by football finance expert ‘SwissRamble‘ today revealed to supporters that Celtic received a healthy £5m in additional operating income representing “a recovery derived from Business Interruption coverage”, helping the club mitigate the loss of income due to the global crisis.

Mike in Toronto


As John Stuart Mill once wrote, ““Let not any one pacify his conscience by the delusion that he can do no harm if he takes no part, and forms no opinion. Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing. He is not a good man who, without a protest, allows wrong to be committed in his name, and with the means which he helps to supply, because he will not trouble himself to use his mind on the subject.”

Or, more colloquially, “all it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to …keep renewing their seasons tickets.”



AGM is on the 17th November, which gives a bit of time in lead up to it to explore what did happen to a resolution of Concern CST members voted to adopt but was sanitised by Trustees without proper consultation with their members.

I reckon David Low felt uncomfortable with the CST approach to problem solving compared to his own and his business connection with Donald McIntyre, Financial Adviser to Rangers in March 2011 who was a key party to the negotiations with HMRC on the payment of the wee tax bill, as revealed on Sentinel Celts by The Gombeen man a while back, perhaps put him in a compromising position even if the subject was never something they spoke about. Bad optics.


Aye, the Wee Tax Case which was conveniently ‘ignored’ by Lord Nimmo Smith.
(upon the instructions of his paymasters?)


I’m not a big fan of Knighthoods. Lordships, Initials after peoples name with a reference to the British Empire etc.
Nimmo Smith just reinforces these beliefs.
There is only one Lord for me and He was not appointed by a British monarch.

The Fenian Whaler

“Sadly there is no one around to prevent them from continuing down this damaging and potentially fatal route. Damaging not only to themselves, but also to the Scottish game in general”

Au contraire, there is a vast number of individuals who can do, but refuse to do, something about it. Namely, those +50k who still continue to fund the PLC at Celtic. No excuses – no bullshite about supporting the team, not the board, no bullshite about harming the club by withholding funds to force change, BTW a massive lie perpetuated by those with ‘duplicitous motives’ – think about it. Now if your interest in Celtic is limited to attending games and having a few pints on a matchday with your friends then ok I get it you don’t really GAF about the ‘politics and cheating in Scottish football’, your day out with your mates out is worth more than the principles of honesty and sporting integrity and with it a club to be proud of, but please remember don’t you dare fuc*ing moan about dodgy refs or SFA bias towards one club as you have personally helped fund the charade.
Also, not that anyone will give a f*uck this will be my last post on the site. Took me quite a while to post after lurking for some considerable time and it took a totally West Brit sentiment from a supposed Irishman to get this old Fenian annoyed enough to post. But yesterday’s article just about had me ‘boaking’ with the sugar-coated b/s written about Ange, an old grandad/ uncle figure in a jumper with a supporting arm around a young aspiring sportsman! Get a grip FFS and write something not so Disney-like in the future about Celtic. That combined with a number of posts, including one from a blog host condemning Celtic supporters for protesting – or was it that a very few made a bit of noise during the minute’s silence for the Poppy appeal! Perhaps next year we’ll oblige and have the Brits in Celtic park firing artillery pieces. As a matter of interest, those of you who condemn the GB just who made you the arbiter of all things Celtic support-related? I am reliably informed they, the GB, and the young team thinks as highly of blogs like this and CQN as you do of them.

As for the CST, LOL you were warned, as someone pointed out a day or so ago, many on this site posted reservations about them and David Low in particular.

The very best to you all and HH, I’m away into the sunset with the Catalpa


Like you I lurked for a while and now only comment on matters football related that interest me. However, felt inclined to comment on this:

“I am reliably informed they, the GB, and the young team thinks as highly of blogs like this and CQN as you do of them.”

I have met a few of the aforementioned and they look upon CQN with absolute contempt.
They were not aware of SC’s existence.

SC is what it is- an enlarged family n friends WhatsApp group. You are either in or out.
The main constituency tend to speak with one voice and agree on most matters.

The chances of encouraging a younger demographic, or any for that matter, to engage in debate are virtually nil.
The divisive nature of the Celtic support in a nutshell.


Fenian Whaler,
Celtic is a Scottish football club with a strong Irish heritage. That does not mean that us supporters need to get involved in Irish politics, as your reference to “West Brits” implies.
Supporting Celtic is a leisure activity, not a political statement. The big majority of our fans want to pay their admission fee, attend games with their pals, and hopefully roar the team to success on the park. They want to argue about the merits of players and discuss transfers, referees and how we compare with our rivals.
I’ve followed Celtic since 1965, and my father and grandfathers have told me about the club’s history. Both of my grandas were born in the early 1890s so their first hand accounts date from about 1910.
The Celtic board has almost always been criticised by the support at large, and we have always had a problem with referees. Our support has, from the club’s formation, generated huge income for the club, enabling it to buy and pay superior players, resulting in our massive haul of trophies.
Our principal rival initially was Queens Park who regarded us as upstarts because we embraced professionalism and knocked them off their perch. Rangers took over the mantle of being the Establishment club, and cynically exploited the religious divide in Scotland to expand their support. This took place at a time of extreme tension when anti Irish sentiment was very much the norm across the whole of Britain, and used by the establishment to divide the working class and to distract from their failures in the political and economic spheres. Celtic we’re only too willing to play the victim card at this time to exploit their Irish heritage and milk the sizeable Irish community for all its worth. The old firm deal with the devil was done then and has continued to this day.
These are indisputable facts.
Celtic have been lucky throughout their history in that they had men at the helm who were able to put an entertaining team on the park capable of winning trophies, except for the inter war years and the dark 1950s and 1990s. We struck gold with Jock Stein, resulting in the fairy tale of Lisbon in 1967.
Throughout all these times, we had trouble with the football establishment and dodgy referees.
Today, the cheating to favour Rangers and their financial doping, is off the scale. Unprecedented. Our club’s custodians are complicit in keeping the old firm alive because it’s the model they have always followed. We cannot expect conservative minded businessmen (large and small c..s) to change their spots.
So do we ask the bulk of our support to abandon their main leisure activity (by not buying season tickets) to bring the board to heel? Most are not interested in the nitty gritty of the financial shenanigans or the politics involved. Most are blissfully unaware of the extent of the cheating going on.
Most of the population are economically illiterate; they get their politics through the mainstream media, and are more interested in what’s happening on Emmerdale or Coronation St than Climate Change. So what chance do we have to get enough supporters to become active to demand the changes required??
Of course these comments don’t apply to most on this and other fan sites, but we are very much a minority. And the uber Irish element who disrupted the minute’s silence are a smaller minority, even amongst the Celtic support.
You should bear this in mind when cricising your fellow Celtic fans.
For the record, I agree that withholding financial support is the only way to get our board to change, but it ain’t gonna happen any time soon, and calling fans idiots is certainly not the way to persuade them.



Bollox,I thought it was the tenth!


GER 57
Great Post 👏👏

The Gombeen Man

I’m very sorry to hear of the passing of Squire Danaher. A very able poster and decent man.

Thoughts and prayers with those who knew and loved him.

The Gombeen Man

Are the divisions and rancour that occurred onboard The Catapala and on arrival in the US symptomatic of the difficulties that we face?

Self-interest, lack of trust and a tendency to fragment have always undermined any notion of unity.

The men from the Catapala spent years in Fremantle because of the word of informers.

As an aside, the leader of the Catalpa expedition, John James Breslin, always intrigued me. He led the escape of James Stephens from Richmond Gaol, the Catapala expedition and later stole the Fenian Ram submarine during another internal conflict involving it’s inventor, John Holland.

The only Cause is the Truth.

No matter how uncomfortable.

(When Labels like West Brit/Huns,Taigs are used, any merit in the post is undermined.)

Anyway, in anticipation of the AGM I was perusing the PLC’s list of ‘Significant Shareholders’.

Did they just forget about Lindsell Train?
The last time I looked they were at 19%. Maybe something happened and passed me by.

This site shows at LT at 5%. Go into More and Company.

Line Nominees, a vehicle operated by DD

Paradise Papers on Line Nominees

Telsar is shown as a holder of Convertible Preference Shares. It’s a vehicle operated by Denis O’Brien, through Panama.

Panama, Gibraltar, the Isle of Man. These Corkmen get around.

Probably nothing but the listing caught my attention yesterday.

Written by an ‘Insignificant Shareholder.’



Nice one.

Saltires en Sevilla


Good post buddy.

It’s disappointing that some Celtic fans feel a need to resort to criticising the manager’s attire and appearance, plus using unhelpful and divisive ageist stuff etc. the latent anger was bubbling under in a few posts, which is a pity. Mainly because It seems wholly at odds with the otherwise reasonable all-inclusive vibe he was aiming at. Generally, I thought there were some very valid points in all of his/her posts and not a million miles away from what most could agree with.

There is still a significant number of Celts thinking the hills are full of gallant raparees in gabardine coats taking it to the ‘Brits’ when we all know the Brits were thoroughly chased away a long time ago.
The term West Brit and Soup-taker are just as odious and divisive as Plastic Paddy and the world would be a better place if we never heard them ever again.

However, As Bobby said put 10 Celts in a room , get 11 opinions…. someone else said 12..

We must stick together and learn to deal with our differences, wherever possible.

Hope he reconsiders and returns, leaving out the ad hominem stuff.


This 1 made me LOL
Tam sellic son (@TamsellicsonIII) Tweeted: Can’t stop watching Ralston’s challenge on Adam

The Gombeen Man

The problem occurs when the supporter fails to separate Celtic and it’s support from the contents of their individual psyche.

‘My beliefs, my experiences, my motivations, my politics, my religion…etc’.

That’s purely egocentric. Not, Open to All.

It makes for a life in perpetual conflict. The world doesn’t revolve around an individual’s psyche.

Instead of fighting the world.

Investigate all the junk you carry around and drop it.

Till later.


Just found out that my post from yesterday welcoming NOELSKYTROT back to the site disappeared into the ether! So,welcome back,and I hope your health improves.




No laughing matter. Adam went in on AR with intent to hurt,not to take the ball. Fortunately he is so slow that AR had time to ready himself for it.

A thing of beauty

Ger 57,
Great post.



I think it is possible to love Celtic and despise the board. I know that many people disagree with that opinion,but it is one that I’ve held virtually my entire life. I’m not likely to change that view anytime soon,no matter what other posters here might suggest.


Morning all,

Absolutely brilliant reading this morning.

Well done all those who have contributed.

This is why SC is such a great blog. Great points from both sides and hopefully this will continue.

When I first posted, after persuasion from a certain brother in law, I came clean and stated that I would be buying a Season ticket as I loved the “ The full Monty” day out with Pre and post match drinks, as well as the game itself,with my friends.

Celtic are my team and no Board or others would stop me supporting my team.

Well I was called a quisling by a fellow blogger on here, but I accepted that it’s a touchy subject and everyone has an opinion.

I stand by my decision but would never devalue any others. Opinions are what make blogs !!!

Enjoy this rollercoaster season and get behind the team. Still give the Board stick and especially you Auldheid at the forthcoming AGM.

I must admit I am a bit of a quisling, but prefer Pointless to the chase !!!!!

HH 🍀🍀🍀

The Gombeen Man

The Catapala??

Don’t know what happened there…


You’ve certainly stirred the nest this morning.

Celtic means different things to different folk. For some it’s a social thing. For others a way of life.

For some it’s a political or personal platform.
It’s about finding a way to accept all of these motivations I guess.

Love too has many different interpretations.
For some it’s about truth and integrity. For others attachment. For some it’s the energy at the core of our beings.

I guess it depends on what Celtic means to an individual and giving them the space to be that.
Everyone’s interpretation is valid so long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else.

Just a matter of seeing what it is we’re looking for in Celtic.


For me, it’s about putting the best team possible on the park and having the cajones to tell the truth.

Meek acceptance of skullduggery and being fed porkies by the PLC, isn’t my thing.

Neither of those two are happening at Celtic.

Good read this morning, M



“For me, it’s about putting the best team possible on the park and having the cajones to tell the truth.”

Spoken for all of us,I reckon!

A thing of beauty

I see McCoist is saying today that Gerrard should stay at ibrox because of he takes the Villa job and fails he won’t get the Liverpool job. When asked about the jump from the debt dome to Anfield being too big a jump, he said it had been done before with Souness.
And what a success that was!!
Paddys maw and I were discussing this very move last night. She thinks it will totally screw up their chances for the league whilst I think that any competent manager will keep them in it (as well as referees) so would prefer them not to get the compensation. If he loses the league this year his career is on the way down though so he may have to go now.

Margaret McGill

An outstanding narrative on SC today!
Hard to disagree with almost all of it.
It’s all about the money.
The UK news headlines since I arrived back in Scotland is Tory corruption. All of them. Always.
Tories will use any infrastructure to legally steal.
That’s what the beloved PLC are at too.
If you don’t control the money you are pissin in the wind. I’m still convinced the Escrow idea is a good one. If even 5% participate these Tory cnuts will come after it. IMHO That’s the publicity that’s needed.

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends. A fantastic morning read (whilst babysitting) with all arguments (mostly) civilised. I’m one who chose not to renew and also to stop buying official merchandise. My actions will make no difference at all to the plcs attitude. But personally I sleep a tiny wee bit better most nights.



For the record, I agree that withholding financial support is the only way to get our board to change, but it ain’t gonna happen any time soon, and calling fans idiots is certainly not the way to persuade them..
Is it the only way though? It has become almost a matter of faith but the underlying point is that the support have financial power but instead of asking them to stop paying, what if they were offered something they would consider paying a little bit more a month to keep this Board in check?

Why is the CST not seen as that something? Why are supporters not joining in big numbers after the debacle of last season?

One reason and it is something that is so obvious , it is missed.. The CST represent shareholders only and their strategy for getting accountability by amassing more than enough shares is questionable. Even the money subscribed monthly by members, at £5 a month buys shares in the CST name but does not give the non shareholding supporter a direct say in resolutions put forward by the CST. That as will become clear is solely in the hands of The Trustees not CST members..

So what would the support at large want from an organisation that covered all of the support that would persuade them to sign up in big numbers and represent their wishes as they form them to The Board?

A £5 a month if taken up by 50k supporters would fetch in around £3m a year according to my calculator.

How better could that money be spent to not only provide more immediate accountability but protect Celtic in the future from the worst of owners of the majority of shares that might change in time?

What the support want, really really want needs to be established first, then an organisation of supporters created with policies that will deliver what is wanted.

To bring about change the thinking that has driven us into a cul de sac needs changing, so what are folks thoughts on what they would like to see represent them?


The Fenian Whaler

Au contraire, there is a vast number of individuals who can do, but refuse to do, something about it.
I take a different approach. It’s not that they refuse but that the capacity to do something about the governance of Celtic does not exist. I say that as a former capacity builder.

See my response to Ger57.

I’ve been doing some memory refreshing on the genesis of Res 12 and for me it was definitely SFA reform and Celtic gave the impression they agreed.

However in the event that was a lie and the leverage for reform a UEFA investigation into Licencing affairs in 2011 would have provided was lost. An investigation would have led to the kind of SFA reforms that would have stopped much of what the support moan about now, referees, unchecked financial doping, moral hazard etc.

When the phrase Persistance Beats Res12stance was created little did we know then that the resistance was coming from Celtic Park and Celtic places you would have thought would be all for SFA reform but paid lip service at best and were hostile at worst.

That landscape needs changing.


Good morning all from the Saltmarket.



I’m off to see The Tommy Burns story tonight in the Kerrydale Suite.

Wonder if any other SC blogger has tickets and might be going tonight ??


Angel Gabriel

Ger57 . 8am .

Excellent post.


Morning folks,
Some great reading today, thanks everyone involved.

I’m going to focus on and eventually pen an article regarding supporter organizations, what I think they should offer us in this day and age.
I agree with whoever stated fans can’t be ridiculed into action.

Rest in peace Squire Danaher

Hail Hail from a rainy central California

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, the fenian whaler you make some good points which im sure,MIT will agree with😎 but dont come on here and start bad mouthing the hosts,,they give us this platform to either agree or disagree, hope you will backtrack on your statement making it your last post,H,H,.CFC, thats a few times you have mentioned this, SC is what it is- an enlarged family n friends WhatsApp group. You are either in or out.
The main constituency tend to speak with one voice and agree on most matters. utter bollox, why dont you come on and debate, with the exception of CCB and maybe a few others, ive forgotten more about celtic than you know, but feel free to come on, im in a good mood,dont ever come on when im in a bad mood😎😎 another true story,


Ooooft…Wee Joan took Big Bad Packy AFF the leash!! 🤣🤣🤣

big packy

MCAFF and thats me in a very good mood,😎😎😎

big packy

MCAFF, puff puff told me you were selling the wee dug to him for 300 dollars, ill give you 500 dollars cash on the nose,deal or no deal😎😎


Deal! But it’ll need to be done on the Nightshift when everyone’s in bed. If they find oot I’m selling the pooch they’ll kick me oot!! Let’s keep this between us for noo! 🤫

big packy

MCAFF, just as if you would sell her, she is part of the family,👍


Slippy to Villa it seems
Watch out for over the odds fees for a couple of the Huns

Sol Kitts

Slippy says he’ll only go to Villa if he can take some of his top performers with him. Beaton and Madden seem keen on the move.😂😂


An enjoyable read, as always.

To the poster who suggested that SC is a closed shop, I can only say that I have never felt that way. New posters, as a matter of courtesy, are always, without exception, welcomed to the blog by the moderators and other posters. Doesn’t sound like a closed shop to me.

I have posted often enough, that I consider SC to be an online supporters bus. Ok, barring a few youngsters like Craig76😀, I would hazard a guess that most posters on here are aged mid-50s and upwards, but sure in mind and heart, were all still in our teens. There are loads of differing opinions on here, with regards to Celtic and music in particular. Political discussion, unless it directly impacts on Celtic, is generally discouraged. One thing that we can all agree on-and I’m pretty sure that Big Packy and JTT will back me up on this-is that THE SFA, Scottish referees, The SMSM and the PLC are all a shower of Bluenose bastards. Hey ho, it’s all about opinions, after all.

On a personal note, this blog was a great source of support to me, during the first lockdown in particular…and that was well before I had started posting. With the libraries shut, that was me well fecked for books and computer access. Until, that is, I purchased one of them new-fangled Android devices, and I could now lurk/post from home. Which is how I first came upon SC.

BMCUW and Mahe

Stand by to get a big riddy. I’m sure that I can speak for all the Bhoys and Girls on here, when I say that we all appreciate the time and effort that you give freely, without looking for thanks, and all purely for love of the club. As most of us were in the depths of depression, for the whole of last season, I personally found it a struggle to post sometimes. That both of you managed to churn out quality articles, day after day, says a lot about you. I must include guest posters like Saltires in the above.

As regards to the club, were damned if we do and damned if we don’t. If supporters stop attending matches in large numbers, then there is the distinct possibility that 134 years of history, will go down the tubes. Does anyone seriously believe that The Scottish Govt, The SFA and the Scottish legal establishment, will pull out all the stops to save Celtic, as they did with The Huns? Of course not. Whilst it enrages me that the corrupt PLC parasites are living life high on the hog, the above scenario could come to pass. Just saying like.

The only way out of the impasse that I can see, is that some consortium of Celtic supporters buys out DD et al, and hand over enough shares to season ticket holders/members, to make a difference. Wishful thinking, I know.

Hail Hail.


Sol Kitts
I’d drive them to Villa myself and I can’t even drive 😃

I’d say I’m the only one below 50, although Big Packy keeps saying he’s only 21,38,40…….😃😃


It is noticeable, is it not, that Big Packy has never claimed to be 55. Why ever not?


Apologies for downgrading you to ‘Guest Poster’. I of course meant ‘Guest Lead-article Composer’. My bad.

Hail Hail.

big packy

MAGUA, its my 40th birthday next week, having a party, you are invited, but dont bring solkitts or jimthetim53,😎😎😎


Big Packy s costing me a fortune in birthday cards every other day its his birthday, so I’m now just gonna email him.
Big Packy is your email still 😀

Big Packy

I’ll be there, with bells on. A crate of Rossini Italian Lager would be much appreciated. Simply head to Aldi, pick up the amber-nectar, and I’ll join ye…once I’ve figured out how to hitch-hike to England. 😀

Hail Hail.


Just noticed that email addy. Funny as feck. 😀


Magua, great post @5.50pm.
btw I’ll gatecrash any party Packy’s having! 🙂

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