10th November – If you know your history

This week a wee diversion from the usual structure, based on a ‘fitba speshul’ request from Magua:


How’s about:

1938 and for some strange reason, can’t think why, 1967? In the case of the latter, we all know what happened on the 25th of May…but I always find the dates 28th January and 31st May 1967, a right laugh.

Hail Hail.”

So here goes..

83 years ago… 1938. The club are current League Champions having secured their nineteenth (19) league title and The Empire Exhibition Cup at the end of 1937/38 season

The new season 1938/39, began in sparkling form and with huge promise. The free-scoring team are toting up some ridiculous score lines: with 9 against Kilmarnock, 8 against Albion Rovers and a 6-2 thrashing of the Old Rangers, another 6 against Third Lanark and Raith Rovers and 5 against Hearts and Queen of the South.

Unfortunately, those huge victories are peppered with some uninspiring draws.

‘On This Day’ its midweek, sandwiched between two hard fought league matches (both draws.)

On the previous Saturday 5th November, Celts fought out a 3-3 draw with a feisty Ayr United at Paradise. Three times a 15,000 crowd watched the Bhoys go into the lead, only to watch The Honest Men claw their way back to grab a well-earned point.

1938-11-05: Celtic 3-3 Ayr United, League Division 1

Kennaway, Hogg, Morrison, Geatons, Lyon, Paterson, Delaney, MacDonald, Crum, Divers, Murphy.
Murphy, Delaney, MacDonald.

Hall, Dyer, Strain, Ross, Currie, Mayes, McConnell, McKenzie,Yardley, Gemmell,Thow.
Thow, McConnell, Yardley.

Referee: M. C. Hutton (Glasgow).
Attendance: 15,000

The team would draw again on Saturday 12th November, with a disappointing 1-1 at Falkirk. Glenbuck’s Bob Shankly’s the brother of Bill, played for Falkirk.


McKie, Nesbit, Peat, Brown, Shankly, Duffy, Carruthers, Bolt, Keyes, Fleming, Dawson.

Kennaway, Hogg, Morrison, Geatons, Lyon, Paterson, Delaney, MacDonald, Crum, Divers, Murphy.
Nisbet, O.G.

Referee: J. Horseburgh (Midlothian).
Attendance: n/a

In other news…

9th & 10th of November 1938 notorious Kristallnacht.

How terrifying?!

Imagine being forced to wear an armband with a Star of David … or a Thistle…. or a Shamrock…

54 years ago … Monday 31st January, 1967 and in shops, factories and yards all over Scotland, folk are collapsing into fits of laughter when anyone mentions the town of Berwick. Or, to be more accurate Berwick Rangers. Because on Saturday 28th of January, 1967 The Wee Rangers papped the Big Rangers oot the Cup!!

Berwick Rangers players celebrate Sammy Reid’s winning goal before a prostrate Norrie Martin.

Despite their convincing victories in the preliminary rounds, Berwick were given little or no chance of beating Rangers. The Glasgow Herald said on the day of the match: “Anything other than a comfortable Rangers victory must be deemed a surprise.”

The Rangers team featured nine players with international caps, while Berwick Rangers were composed of part-timers. At the time of the match, Rangers were in second place in the Scottish League Division One and Berwick Rangers were 10th in Scottish League Division Two. ( The Herald…eh?!)

(Thankfully) Some 13,365 (witnesses) packed into Shielfield Park that Saturday, a record attendance at the ground.

In other news … 31,000 Celtic fans are in Paradise watching their team struggling to beat Arbroath 4-0 to the strains of …

“Eeeayady Oh! the Huns are oot the Cup… “


Celtic: Simpson, Craig, Gemmell, Murdoch, McNeill, Clark, Gallacher(sic), Wallace, Chalmers, Auld, Hughes. Substitute O’Neill

Scorers Murdoch (13), Gemmell (19), Chalmers (33), Auld (80)

Williamson, Cameron, Hughes, Cargill, Stirling, Pierson, Easton, Sellars, Jack, Cant, Finnie Sub: Donnelly

Referee: A. McKenzie (Larbert)
Attendance: 31,000

Later in the same year

31st May 1967 – Celtic fans are slowly drifting , or floatin’, back from Lisbon … The Old Rangers were determined to win their first European trophy …always playing catch up ….and never…. quite… making….it…

Caught in time: Rangers lose Cup Winners’ Cup final, May 31, 1967

Rangers faced a Bayern Munich side that included Franz Beckenbauer, Sepp Maier and Gerd Muller. They would claim the European Cup three times in the following decade. Roger Hynd, a lumbering centre-half, played in attack, and missed a sitter. The final was settled by Franz Roth in extra time. It was Rangers’ second defeat in a Cup Winners’ Cup final after losing to Fiorentina, over two legs, in the competition’s inaugural season of 1960-61, and chairman John Lawrence was heard to exclaim: “From here to there. If Roger Hynd had scored, I’d be Sir John today.” In 1972 Rangers won the cup, beating Dynamo Moscow 3-2 in Barcelona.

Magua …

He’s just a very naughty Bhoy …

General stuff.. ( we are back to 10th November )

1674 Dutch formally cede New Netherlands (New York) to the English

Dr. David Livingstone found by Henry Stanley

On this day in 1871, according to his journal, explorer Henry Stanley greeted David Livingston, the fellow explorer in search of the source of the Nile River, with the famous words “Dr. Livingstone, I presume?”

1885 German engineer Gottlieb Daimler unveils the world’s first motorcycle

1918 Western Union Cable Office in North Sydney, Nova Scotia receives a top-secret coded message from Europe stating on November 11, 1918 all fighting would cease on land, sea and in the air

1989 Germans begin demolishing the Berlin Wall

And finally folks … The Number #1 record on 28th January 1967

(You really couldn’t make this up.)

I’m A Believer – The Monkees (4wks)

Note: The excellent Celtic Wiki site is the font of all knowledge on things Celtic. Most of the Celtic stuff above is from that site. The guys who set it up and painstakingly keep it updated, deserve no end of credit, praise and thanks. A treasure trove for Celtic fans young and old – and new- and free to view.

Respect Bhoys!


Guest article by Saltires en Sevilla.

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Morning all,

Brilliant article SeS, 👏👏👏

Regarding this year’s title “ I’m a believer !!!!”.

Have a great day everyone 🍀🍀🍀

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends. Thanas as always for your ‘on this day’ SES. Good punchline 😉

big packy

MORNING ALL and JIM, saltires brilliant as usual, was at the arbroath game, remember walking down london road after the game and everyone singing,.theyll be jumping oot the windaes so they wull, theyll be jumping oot the windaes, jumping oot the windaes,jumping oot the windaes,,so they wull,😎 went to mass next morning, father o hare had a wry smile on his face,,cant think why,😎😎

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Old CCB, really old CCB, actually watched Hogg, Paterson, Delaney and McDonald of the 1938 Empire Exhibition Trophy in the mid to later forties!
Obviously it was a real,really young CCB that watched them, but you all know what I meant😁

Noel Skytrot

Love the If ‘You Know Your History’ articles, particularly for a young colt like myself.

Has the best manager in the world departed from Ibrox yet? I bet all the Rangers* fans and the meeja are weeping into their Weetabix this morning as the speculation gets ramped up. On a brighter note, if he goes, the compensation might help them with their financial difficulties, though I suspect it won’t be anywhere near the figure Celtic received when Rodgers departed.

Noel Skytrot

thanks for the wee message on yesterday’s thread.


I watched the clip of Berwick’s win. The quality of the football was pretty dire. Jock Wallace made some terrific saves in the Berwick goal. I vividly remember the paper headlines the following day.
One line from a song sticks in my memory.
“.. The biggest disaster since yon last stramash
When Hassan hopped off wi’ the Orange Lodge cash.”
How did that Rangers team manage to reach, and only narrowly lose, the Cup Winners’ Cup final only 4 months later? They must have had a bad day at the office, lol.
Btw, I was at the Arbroath game at CP the same day. My dad was on cloud nine. Yeeha!!

Margaret McGill

The Monkees died in a plane crash
My friend told me this the other day.
At first I didn’t believe her.
But then I saw her face.
Now I’m a bereaver.

Morning, excellent post… again. I too was at the Arbroath game and remember well the celebrations among fans as we headed up to the Gallowgate, everyone going mad, including me who went straight to Terry the Tattoo artist’s studio for my first Celtic tattoo. I’d just turned 17 too…. Had some great away games in Europe… My favourite amongst many was the game in Romania around six years aho, we landed Bucharest, great city and one of the safest in Europe, for three nights B&B. About 2,500 Celts travelled, anyone recall the Tim and his Girl dressed head to toe in Hoops top and Hoops kilts and hose (socks to you)?.
To the game itself, a little town of 3,000 people near the Bulgarian border pronounced something like Cjew Cjew an hours drive in hired mini busses, police escort too. The cops couldn’t let us invade the little town so a large social hall had been set up with well stocked bars, live music etc… to the game itself… a 1 – 1 draw though we had a good goal chalked off, was played in a freezing mist, shouldn’t have been played, as apart from the young Boys who climbed the 20 foot barrier fence blocking our view, we couldn’t see past the half way circle. After the game we were escorted back to the hall, a few more bevvies, then back to Bucharest, in our case to the London bar bedecked in hungry jack’s… just across the road from our hotel… where we had a great time with the locals. Closing memory around 5am was my nephew Gavin, a 6″3″ muscle man, trying to fend off this woman from New York. Mid 30’s around 5′ 8″, nice face, dark hair and full figure, I’d have gladly Tried to oblige, but he told her truthfully he liked slim (skinny to me) blondes only… we all laughed when she poured a full pint over his head… after that a haze.
Great time was had by all.
Hail Hail.


” In 1972 Rangers won the cup, beating Dynamo Moscow 3-2 in Barcelona. Famously,it was awarded to them in the lavvy before going on display in a Victorian lavvy”

Fixed that for you,SALTIRES…



Aye,Jock Wallace-later,manager of the huns. Just proves that not all Rangers fans lie down against their heroes.


The article has stirred another memory.
After the defeat at Berwick, Rangers dropped, and then sold, their two main strikers from that day, Jim Forrest and George McLean, at the insistence of chairman John Lawrence. This left them short up front and Roger Hynd, normally a centre back, played centre forward. It was a bit rich of Lawrence to moan about him missing the sitter when he was responsible for getting rid of the two strikers.
Jim Forrest in particular was a handy player who quite often gave Billy McNeill a hard game.
Roger Hynd was a nephew of the Shankleys mentioned in the article. He also hailed from Glenbuck, and scored for thems in the 2-2 draw at Ibrox when we won the league.



Sounds like he was a serious loss to the Diplomatic Corps!



The only thing you mention that I can actually remember is The Berlin Wall! Terrific read as always.

BTW,those persistent draws scattered among some wonderful performances in 38/39 remind me a bit of 95/96 when TB’s side only lost once all season and STILL couldn’t win the league. For once,it wasn’t the defence to blame as we scored about a dozen goals less than the huns.

History would have been different if we had had our shooting boots on properly that season.



Just glad yer up and about,mate.

Saltires en Sevilla


Yes, indeed we must strive for accuracy on these vital details – standards etc., etc. 😂

Guys some great stories and memories shared – we must capture and keep all the details and priceless gems. They are the true history of Celtic.

Hugely motivating

Magua – thanks for the nod yesterday, really appreciated buddy –


you are still a very naughty bhoy! 🤗

Saltires en Sevilla


Hadn’t realised you were unwell… great you are feeling better buddy.




Another brammer, thank you.

HH from another glorious sunny morning on the silvery Tay.

St tams

Just love these articles on Wednesday morning.
SeS 👍

Weet weet weet

I remember in 1967 the Huns getting beat three times in a fortnight to Leicester,Stoke and Berwick,the joke was they where under the influence of LSB


Morning all & Packy.

SeS, super dooper as usual. Don’t the Celtic players in the photo look quite old? LOL 🙂

James Burns, VG post! 🙂



There’s a quiz question-which Scottish team lost three times to different English opposition in quick succession?!!


Saltires en sevilla
Great article as always 👏 👍


The 95/96 season, what could of been

Celtic FC On Target / Vintage Celts

The 1st Celtic video I bought

Noel Skytrot

Saltires en Sevilla, on the mend and thanks for the kind words.


Good afternoon all from Jamaica Street.



Bit adventurous for you,innit?


Mick, always up for an adventure. Plenty beer and no fekn huns. 🍺😁


Absolutely brilliant, my good man…thanks for doing the article.

That 1938 team was my dad’s favourite team ever…until the Lions in 1967 that is.
My dad always claimed that Garngad Bhoy Malky MacDonald was the finest player ever, to wear a Celtic jersey.

As for the events of 28th January, my dad always took the view, that it was Berwick Rangers that had papped the Wee Rangers oot the cup. A very perceptive fella, my old man.

I always thought it appropriate that the Huns lost CWC in Nuremberg, of all places, given the make up of the Loyalist element of the Huns’ support.

Up The Judean People’s Front. Feck the People’s Front of Judea..
or is it the other way about?

Once again Saltires, cheers. You’re a top man.

Hail Hail



No huns,bonus!

bada bing1

Great to hear AP was at The Tommy Burns Story at CP last night, obviously trying to find out about our history, and understanding a bit of what we are about.

Big Packy and JTT

How about this for a compensation package from Villa to the Huns, if Stevie G takes over at Villa Park:

A slab of skwer sausage

A box of Tunnock’s Carmel Wafers

and give our conversations yesterday:

A case of fine wine from Buckfast Abbey.

I reckon that the chaps in the Blue Room, would be very happy with this extremely generous compo package.

Hail Hail.


Good .morning on this damp day of Woden folks and yes, I’m a believer 😉
SG is in London to sign contract for a measely two million compensation then it’s an idiot until end of season, Alex Neil or Derek Mc or even Defoe being mentioned.
Ange must be rubbing his hands.
Fredo might finally get his big move down south.
Just another day in the bent never boring land of Scottish football, stay tuned listeners!


Magua, ott young fella. Please retract the lorne sausage. Thanks.

Margaret McGill

Just saw odds of 50-1 that Walter Smith will be the next Rangers manager

Noel Skytrot


you wonder if Slippy would be willing to take a chance on half a haircut, Barisic or even the Goth boy?

Noel Skytrot

Mags, ooofttttt


I’m sitting here smiling about Ayr United being called The Honest Men !
Wonder did they vote for or against the Ibrox mob that time?
Thanks as usual. Great effort this week.

Hail Hail

bada bing1

It’s being reported on various Celtic blogs, that Ange has scrapped the winter ‘training camp’ in Dubai idea. If true, this is fantastic news. I’ve always thought that this Dubai trip was a bad idea…a lot of unnecessary time and expense, for what was basically a feckin’ Jolly. It’s being further reported that Ange will still be overseeing a winter training camp…but in a country much nearer to home, like Portugal. This seems a much better idea, if true. The very mention of Dubai, if truth be told, gives me the fear

Meanwhile, the Huns, given their current financial situation, will be heading to Butlins for a couple of days. The bill for this trip will of course, be paid on the ‘never, never’.

Hail Hail


You’re quite right good Sir. I’ll be on the blower to Villa to run your suggestion by them. Enjoy your wee swally.
P.S. Nobody has called me young fella for many a long day. Thanks for the compliment. 😀

Hail Hail.


I can’t see any half decent manager fancying that job and probably losing the league.
Ange “focused on my job mate” was the perfect response.


Magua. Wee swally? 😳🤣. And if Villa employ that dud, hell mend em. Even with the caramel wafers.

Bigrailroadblues 😀


What are these friggin’ dolts in the media like? Fortunately, we have a man in place, who can slap them down.

This whole Stevie G saga may well have a Dubai-like seismic effect on the Huns. I think this story will run and run.

Hail Hail.

big packy

MAGUA, true story for you and JIM, when i lived in glenboig early seventies there was not many rainjurs supporters in the village, so I applied to be a member, they held their meetings in the local red telephone box, wonder if its still there,😎anyway this guy comes along, hello my name is billy king but most people call me,king billy,oh is that right, pleased to meet you,bill 😎,whats your name, packy i said ,hey that sounds a bit timmy to me,nah dont worry bill, i spell mine with an IE at the end,not like them pesky fenians 😎,aye ok ,we just need to get your measurements for your sash,hey wait a minute, whats that tattoo on your left arm, oh its the holy father, and whats that in your right hand,ah its only my rosary beads,well ive never seen someone run out of a phonebox as fast in my life,,funnily enough never ever seen him again,cant think why😎😎

Big Packy 😀

big packy

BIG RAILROAD BLUES im in the louden if you fancy a swally,😎😎



What odds is Bill Struth? Smart money heading that way,I hear.


BP, I’m in the district bar waiting for you. 😂

big packy

BRRB, ill be there shortly, just waiting for jimthetim53 to pick me up, sod that drinking and driving,malarkey, 😎

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