The Great Reset


A little over four months ago,Celtic fans were perhaps a little perturbed. We had just witnessed-albeit by proxy in front of our laptops and TVs,rather than from the stands-possibly our worst season since the dark days of the early 90s,and seen our first choice managerial pick string us along for months before ditching us at the altar. We had finally seen the back of our long-term CEO only to discover that he wasn’t actually leaving the club after all,and even at that,his replacement didn’t even get time to wear an indent on the seat in his new office.

Worse,we knew that a huge chunk of our playing staff were leaving in the summer,and that many of those left behind were simply not up to the task. It was,after all,a large part of the reason that we had just had such a shocker of a season. And that the major rebuild required was going to be undertaken by a manager whom few of us had even heard of.

The clincher then was surely that our foes had their tails up,with a settled side and a confident managerial team. That they were surviving on equity confetti didn’t seem to matter as long as they were winning. And based on the above,how many of us were confident of AP changing things in his first season?

Three league defeats in our first six matches,plus an ignominious disaster in the Champions League qualifiers seemed,if anything,simply to reinforce the view that season 2021-22 would be about putting in place a structure which might see us successful next season,that this one would have to be written off due to all that had come before it.

Since then though,the revolution seems to have been quietly unfolding before our eyes. We have looked once more like a team with belief,with players who have a confidence in themselves and their team-mates. Most of those many new signings have taken to the place like a duck to water,others have simply improved as time goes on. And this with a team which fields only ONE player who was a regular starter a year ago.

Aye,I’m talking about a revolution. Not just a change of manager,not even just a change in personnel,but a change from the bottom up,where there is very little to recognise from the darkness of a year ago. Celtic fans now have a hope and a confidence that simply didn’t exist then,and the players and the manager deserve every credit for it. We have every right to believe that we can bring our trophies back to their rightful resting place,having gifted them to others last season through our own ineptitude.

All of the above would be true,would hold water,even before Steven Gerrard took the high road down the M6 to Birmingham yesterday. I presume it was a peepil-carrier,as he also took his motley crew of back-team staff with him. Given his repeated whining about how he wasn’t allowed to spend anything this year-conveniently overlooking a number of Bosman signings-their board can hardly be shocked at his decision to go to the EPL when they came to him with an open cheque book and promises a-plenty. I pondered in yesterday’s article the wisdom of joining that particular club,but he has made his bed,etc.

So too,of course,have the huns. They may not have spent the money that he demanded-clue:it was ALREADY spent!-but they backed him every step by refusing to sell his players to release funds too. Now,this is a remarkable show of faith in a manager from a cash-strapped board,which largely went unappreciated by him. But I think it was also unappreciated too by the players in question. They will doubtless be wondering why it is that their wangling for a move was deemed as disloyalty by the very manager who had the good trainers on the minute an offer came up,why it should be that the same media who were quick to remind them of how lucky they were to be playing in front of the hordes at Ibrox should be full of gushing praise for that manager who was off at the snap of a finger.

Four or five months ago,Celtic were in disarray. There is little doubt about that. We got lucky with AP,the man has a mental strength which he can transmit to the players,and they have over the piece come up to scratch,stood up to be counted. He had his back to the wall from the beginning,and while he could count on us,the fans,even we were wary as we took a step into the unknown. We have all been rewarded for that leap of faith,we can see clear progress on a path which many of us assumed would be a long and arduous one.

The performances so far from TRIFCo have been underwhelming,although the usual helping hands have aided them as and when required. That was with a settled team on the pitch,and a settled management team pulling the strings. Celtic need to be ready,willing and able to push on from our strong foundations,capable of applying the pressure to an opponent which is starting to creak,happy to apply the coup-de-grace whenever we get the opportunity. At Ibrox,they know that they have disaffected,overpaid and overvalued players. They also know that they need to get their managerial appointment just right,and that might just be a hard sell given the financial problems as well.

As I’ve said before,strap yourselves in for a bumpy ride.The next six months might be even more defining than I thought.


Above article by BMCUWP

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Saltires en Sevilla


Said it before, there is a part of me hoped StevieGee would stay and lose the league – chased down the M74 by a horde of the mad Hun… put some manners on him.

“Do I look happy? …then. stop asking stupid questions”

Arrogant bassa!!

As you say, his replacement is facing a group of players almost certainly unsettled and some expecting a move to Villa … almost certainly a reset of finances there and cash in, or at least cut some losses on a few of them in January window.

Can’t see a ‘name’ the Teddies would be happy with agreeing to join that toxic mix.

Slippy well and truly shafted thems.


Ange and fans expecting a few Winter signings to bolster squad. Strongly suspect that window will reveal the true intentions of our Bòrd.

The ball is bouncing along the line – begging to be converted

will our Executives bang it into the roof of the net….or ‘sky it’ over the bar…Dixie Style

Noel Skytrot

I doubt many of us could have envisaged just how well Ange had done when we consider what had occurred the season before.

Players angling for departure.
A dilapidated squad.
The support at odds with the board and each other.
Loan signings returning to their parent clubs.
The Eddie Howe saga.
Incessant attacks by the media.

I’m sure there’s more others could add but Ange has came in and has settled the ship. He’s not won anything yet but we’re in a far better place than we thought we might be.

As for Rangers* where next for them?

Saltires en Sevilla


Good morning buddy – hope the recovery is continuing apace?

That’s a comprehensive list of factors … all valid.

Ange has handled all of that well – honestly thought he wobbled in that spell where everyone and their dug was on his back – the doubters were on him and questions required to be answered.

He hasn’t answered them all .. a way to go

Tho’ 3 crucial factors give hope:

1. He seems to be able to learn from mistakes- calling on his experience
2. His personal integrity,honesty and humility comes across as a huge positive; players and finds are warming to him.. almost
3. He can handle the odious press – has them taped and back into their box…

they know it

The Gombeen Man

Thanks everyone for the replies yesterday.

It’s pleasing to note that there was no attempt to link Celtic with any Cause.

Just folk searching for Pleasure. The external search for pleasure only guarantees one thing – Unnecessary Suffering.


Philosophise/Don’t really understand?

In both your hearts you both understand. What’s more you both know…It’s the truth.

Any justification of financial support for the toxic Old Firm such as ‘follow the Team and not the Board.’ Is simply denial.
It’s the same as the poor soul switching drinks from the hard stuff to beer to wine.
The problem is a alcohol.

You all know exactly what you’re buying into. Whining about the Board, Refs, Huns, Media etc. Doesn’t cut it. Neither does, “it’s a social thing.’ ‘or it’s about family.’

It’s selfishness, plain and simple.

“I’ll do what I want.”…

…Is the most dangerous sentence in the English language.

My sincere wish is that Ange continues to improve the team and introduce decency and honesty to the Club.
If the Board abuse his gifts, hopefully he’ll get
out of there sooner rather than later.

Everyone who comes in contact with the Old Firm suffers.

Even the subject of the backdrop, Tommy Burns suffered terribly during his tenure as Manager.

Have a good day everyone.

Portugal could have done with Jota last night.

Noel Skytrot

Saltires en Sevilla,

Postecoglu was battered from pillar to post by our oafish media and other sports commentators along with some of the support who were also questioning his credibility and managerial capacity due to managing in Australasia. He had a bit of a wobble at the start, the meeja, no problem for big Ange, I guess he listened to the supporter at the presser who warned him about their belligerent attitude towards us and the dodgy officials skullduggery. As for the players, it appears he’s got them onside, Ralston, Jota, and Kyogo are good examples of this. I get O’Neill vibes from this guy when it comes to managing the players and the way he handles himself. We’re defo on the up but trophies are what count and we’ll find out what he’s made of soon.

Noel Skytrot

Is it not an individuals choice on what they elect to do and that no one should be judging them on their actions? Particularly surrounding going to a football match.I like your informative posts on the blog and you express your opinions really well but personally I think you’ve hit the post with yesterday’s remark not in a bad way might I add. I know loads of folk who attend matches who don’t care about the board, the politics,, officials etc only a winning team on the pitch.


With this week’s machination’s in Scottish fitba I’m going with Auldheids We will see?
Huns may be weaker without coaches but refs will up their game.
A lot depends on how many hun players are affected and want to leave and how many are genuine salable assets?
Gattuso or Van Bronkhurst though failed coaches would get the hun fans onside.
DR did a puff piece on Van B lavishly praising his exploits as a coach in the Dutch league while mentioning he coached in China but not mentioning his team finished 14th.
Gattuso will bring his roughhouse tactics so referee’s will be vital to his strategy.
The next few games after international break should give an inkling how the season transpires.
Gerrard will be found out quickly in EPL and with his team reliant on refs due to little creativity other than free kicks and penalties i think he will be in a relegation dogfight.
Our parsimonious board will act accordingly and knowing their history of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory we should be cautious.
Ange staying more than a season are 50/50 depending on board’s forward strategy.
They have a history of broken promises so unless something has changed i think Ange will be let down and he seems like a strong enough character to tell them where to go.

Jobo Baldie

Good morning friends and a Big Happy Friday to you all.
My very brief thoughts – I too used to think I had a decent argument in saying that I buy my season ticket to support the Team but not the Board. But a couple of years ago I realised the hypocrisy in arguing with Sevcoites claiming that ‘the company died but the club continued’. We all know that the Clumpany is one body – company, team and all in between. So I no longer try to split the 2 when it comes to Celtic. Yes, of course I still support the team and want them to win every game, going out of my way to catch every game on TV or online. But my direct financial support stopped in summer 2021 when I took the very difficult decision not to renew.
I don’t think we will ever get enough of the support to withhold season ticket money. But I DO wish we could at least try a more targeted approach – whether that’s not visiting the food kiosks or whatever but at least try and take the first step.
FInally, whilst I’m on a roll, I think there’s just been another major booboo from our custodians regarding the January Glasgow Derby. Having taken the understandable decision not to give any tickets to the away fans, I see that the Board still insist on charging our own fans £49 to take up those seats!! Surely there was an opportunity here to charge, say, £35 – the 800 x £14 shortfall would be more than offset by the lack of any damage to our premises?
Morning rant over, away for a lie down….

Saltires en Sevilla

TGM – agreed on deep down knowledge …aye… the pull is strong and I’ve convinced or reconciled myself, with the belief/hope that fans will definitely get active at some point ..but, things aregoing to have to get a lot worse.


Agree buddy – Ange will tell them the truth and where to shove it. We need some stability and a good few seasons of the development squads .. developing

The GvB or Gattuso options would excite them … no doubt feed their sense of worth.. but I’d be willing to bet both those guys realise how toxic that place was and glad to see the back of them. Just a hunch

Saltires en Sevilla

Jobo – good morning and hope you enjoying the retirement mode..

I tried your no payment for a while but relented to paying for games… as and when … I wouldn’t ‘front load’ the funds. Not against those that do tho’ as I feel you agree too. The friends and family part is huge and risk of losing seats together etc., it’s complicated.

On the Sevco tickets -heard the other day they are now £53?? Would have thought with no Sevvies the policing costs would be substantially reduced. Saving money and passing back to fans .. canny see these money grabbing bassas ever going for that when demand is huge.

We can absolutely bin them this Winter window – let’s see what happens…



MAHE and I both contribute our own opinions on here,rather than a consensus one decided between us. In the same way,we realise that contributors can hardly be expected to sing from the same hymn sheet either. MAHE has always been in favour of mass boycott by the fans,everything from season tickets down,while I have only gone as far as advocating a merchandise and/or sponsors boycott.

However,that doesn’t mean that I don’t recognise the strength of feeling that commits some fans to taking the ultimate step of refusing to renew their ticket. Even as I recognise this to be the only way to get the board to sit up and take notice-and then only if done in sufficient numbers-it would be hypocritical of me to support such a boycott. I know I would be first in line for a ticket if I still stayed back home.

It is a commonly held belief that most of the match-going fans are unaware of events at Ibrox,and our club’s hand in The Survival Myth. I don’t believe that to be true,as most people have access to this information. I do though think that a large number who attend do so in spite of the board,and very few indeed do so because of the board.

So unless we can figure out a way to get rid of them,and some serious minds have worked on that very conundrum for some time,we are stuck with them. Sadly,football isn’t like going for the weekly shop. I can decide that I’m not going back to Tesco if I receive bad service,there is always Asda or Sainsbury as an alternative. Supporting Celtic offers no such alternative. I salute people like yourself and many others who have taken this hard decision,and I support your stance and your motivation.

But I’m honest enough to admit that it is not something that I could do,which is why I doubt that I would sign up to it.



Can you sign up to a boycott,or is that an oxymoron?



They could only punch the fans harder by charging £55,robbing basterts.


Morning all,

Had a fantastic night at the Springsteen Sessions and met two fine gentleman in Gordon64 and Voguepunter.

Hope to meet up again sometime in The Vogue to talk all things Celtic.

Chalmersbhoy, sorry didn’t meet but don’t know if you were there or not ?

Anyway, everyone have a great day and “ Come on yee Scots”. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Maestro Fan

Could still easily go their way. We need to give it everything.


A thing of beauty @ 7:51 PM,


Not really sure what your post is about though you’re probably right that ignorance is not bliss. I do though think it’s ignorant for people to come on to blog with all sorts of differing reasons about why others should do as they want them to do. I will go and watch the team for as long as I’m able which is just as well because if I didn’t what else are certain posters going to philosophise about?

Very good point and I see TGM has replied.

Now at the end of the day there are ultimately truths and rights and wrongs but in each and every case!? In this regard I take the view of one of my favourite Saints.

St. Thomas More, as you may well know was a Lawyer (Yes MiT, Lawyer and Saint:) who refused to sign off on the lawfulllness of Henry IIIV’s marriage, his friend Norfolk tried to save his life by persuading him to sign…

The Duke of Norfolk:
Oh confound all this. I’m not a scholar, I don’t know whether the marriage was lawful or not but dammit, Thomas, look at these names! Why can’t you do as I did and come with us, for fellowship!

Sir Thomas More:
And when we die, and you are sent to heaven for doing your conscience, and I am sent to hell for not doing mine, will you come with me, for fellowship?

If a person’s conscience dictates their actions, then that’s what it is.

Some have stopped going to Celtic Park & /or “supporting” the Club/PLC, others have carried on supporting “the Club” but have called out the Board, others yet have carried on regardless.

You didn’t understand the earlier comment fine, I won’t labour the point, suffice to say you seem very content with your actions in this regard so – Enjoy The Angeball!!

Hail Hail


The Gombeen Man @ 11:24 am,


That shift in consciousness beyond the constarints of rationality and the Ego often takes a bit of work.

The conditioning of that monkey mind is all we often know.

It’s not easy, there’s a whole lifetime/generations of conditioning, protected by the System.

Well, the impression from my earlier comment does seem to suggest it was an easy process – agree, far from the case.

However, awakening each of us to the existence of this consciousness and that it can be strived for and attained should not be so difficult – it should be incumbent on elders to cultivate this in their communities.

Of course a blissed out populace cannot be exploited to the extent our populace are now.

During the Covid lockdown an opportunity arose for me to check out and study certain practices, among them Yogic and Zen traditions that talk of the monkey mind and have techniques to “quieten” it down.

Enhancing my practice of chanting, it has been very powerful. So why are these known and proven techniques not promoted?

As you state … there’s a whole lifetime/generations of conditioning, protected by the System.

It occurred to me that there was a “sweet spot” in the conditioning.

The Romans were supreme, from bread and circuses to religion. Our current masters learned from the best.

If the temporal and spiritual authorities can come together to agree the sweet spot for their subjects and flock they’ve got it made. Sheep are easier to control than monkeys. And the monkey mind is malleable.

The Roman Catholic Church being a prime example.

The fear of God

The fear of hell

The law of the commandments

Obedience to the Church

Etc etc etc

Very powerful tools.

Take the enlightenment of the sermon of the mount and frame it in the Credo and Emperor Constantine hit the “sweet spot”, no coincidence – a very impressive system by some very smart operators.

Hail Hail


Very concise summary of where we’re at Bobby! The Huns have gambled their remaining kidney. If they lose they die like their predecessors. Remember though that our board are complicit in this.
I said to my Bro’s earlier this season that if AP could stay on the Huns coattails until January, then I think we could take off. It looks as if we’re hurtling along the runway now!
One thing I’ve missed out on. The Sports Direct thing. What happened with that? Last I read the Judge had ruled in favour of Ashley. Any update?



As far as I know,the case is still live. However,as yet no date has been set for the finale.

As an aside,there is no mention in hun accounts of a contingency set against any potential ruling. That is a puzzle,as it would have made sense to include it in what were bloody awful results anyway.


Agree with the sentiments of your article but by no stretch of my imagination was it a revolution. We could have begun the process and gone for an, okay I’ll say it, Ajax model. Better than it was but it was such a low bar. We still have the same first team coaches and Tommy McIntyre et al. Can you honestly say you have confidence in the ‘board’ should we win the league to support Ange in the group stage ?

Margaret McGill

Any news on the Lawwell arsonist?

St tams

Bobby, don’t think an awful lot has changed at the club.
Yes we brought in Ange and new players that were needed.
Coaching staff and Lennoxtown staff are all the same.
So I don’t see any evidence of restructuring or modernising ,as we still have no head of recruitment

The Gombeen Man


Thanks for the replies.


This notion has troubled the Roman Catholic Church for Centuries.

Even today neuroscientists don’t appear to be fully in agreement about the extent we are consciously able to control our actions.

That’s where St Augustine came up with his idea of Original Sin. It’s a created notion that we have carried for over 1,500 years.

Augustine had a famous row with the Celtic Monk, Pelagius in the early 1400s…

Pelagius had gone to Rome on a Pilgrimage and had been appalled by the decadence he saw there. He called it out and Augustine maintained, “They cannae help themselves. It’s down to Original Sin.”

The theory being that due to our inability to control ourselves we need God’s Grace and a coercive programme of religion to tame us.

As we all know, Religion (in the West) grew to be a a huge business. It interfered in everyone’s lives. It justified murder, war, slavery and misery.

The roots of the manipulation of Old Firmisim can be traced way back to those early days and the spread of organised religion to Scotland and Ireland.

Fortunately the Old Firm is like everything else. It’s a temporary passing phenomenon and will die off.


Can an individual control his/her self indulgent tendencies without an external programme of the carrot and stick?

Some believe the answer to that is that we are already Enlightened. That’s an awful word in many ways.

I think of it as dropping/examining absolutely everything I’ve been programmed to believe.

When that happens reality begins to dawn.

Instead of going out looking for pleasure and happiness, you are content to be what you are.

Nothing needs to be done…

Including this post…

Gerald May said, “To be alive is to be addicted and to be addicted means to be in need of Grace.”

Unfortunately the Old Firm is a aggressive form of addiction. The actions or inactions of Dermot and Co have a hugely disproportionate effect on people’s everyday lives.

(Even if we don’t go or contribute, it’s very difficult to cut it out.
Try it for a year, or six months. Even a month or week…We’re surrounded by it. It’s very difficult to escape).

It’s a continual spiral of false highs, guilt, misery and suffering.

Is there any point in pointing that out?

Who knows?

Can folk stop themselves buying SBs, even if they know the implications of this Self-Indulgence?

Who knows?

Maybe someone will think twice and pull back?

It’s entangled in notions of family, traditions, religion, culture and causes. Those notions go back centuries and are programmed into the hardwiring.

This is pollution of the individual and collective consciousness. Much like the pollution of the global ecology.

Identifying and letting go of that junk, often through a contemplative practice, is a step towards realising what we are.

When it’s let go…

Where’s that infamous Original Sin?


Apologies if you think I went too far. It’s frustrating at times watching this cycle play out.

It only plays out one way.

Till Later.

The Gombeen Man


Higgins is confident of early arrest.
So he said at the Interview.

Duty Calls.

A thing of beauty

I see that you think that Portugal could have done with Jota last night. Have you seen Jota playing for Celtic? If you have, that’s because I help to pay for his wages and enable him to be at our club. If Celtic are so bad, even as you say a bigger cause of socioeconomic problems in Scotland than illegal drugs then stop watching. If something is bad, it’s bad. Not just bad when it suits you. Is that not what you’re telling me?

Margaret McGill

I think anyone who contributes financially to Celtic PLC should quit fuckin bitchin about refs

Margaret McGill

I like your synopsis on religion.😄
Your conclusions don’t go far enough.
Of course I’m in the “all religion is drivel” corner.


The MSM makes for good entertainment today. The Govanites are clearly panicking at Slippy’s super speedy departure and have overdosed on their Deludamol medication 💊 Sleekit Sally (the man who took £750,000 to improve his gardening skills) criticising Gerard for the way he left 😜 the imaginary ‘shortleet’ of prospective candidates who will be offered the job next week 😂 or SKY Sports wondering what to rename ‘StevenGerardsRangers’ 🤔

bada bing1

Jimmy Bell taking training?

Margaret McGill

I heard Slippy is writing a book.
It’s in the non-friction category


‘Replacing an entire management team midseason is a business interruption even an Ulster medical testing lab cannot whitewash’. CQN


Good Article BMCUWPS…

Knew I’d get around to reading it;)

It really boils down to ambition for me. The ambition of the Celtic Board is to play in a higher level league and in the mean time best Rangers most of the time.

So what of Rangers ambition – well, they want to be a European force, to take their place in the pantheon of greatness that is their birth right.

The only thing that restrains them are their resources and as things stand it’s quite a restraint.

The last decade in Scottish football, English football and World football has proven how key coaches and managers are.

Look at Man Utd, look at Kilmarnock of course we only need to look at Brendan Rodgers squad in Lenny’s hands to show how important these roles are.

So we have interesting times, Ange could be truly great, he has his own philosophy on football and he will stick to it through thick and thin – he could become a great success without upsetting our businessmen too much.

Also who will Rangers get? They had the best team in Scotland last season and have done OK under a middle of the road manager.

Sure SG may go on to great things or flip, who knows, but he wasn’t improving Rangers that’s for sure.

If Rangers get people in that improve them then we have a very close league. The unpredictablity of both old firm Clubs make for interesting times.

Hail Hail


The Gombeen Man @ 11:43 AM,

Another very interesting post.

My son is very intuitive and we have great discussions on such matters.

When describing a long, deep samedhi, (as well as I could, quite frankly if you haven’t experienced it, it can’t be adequately described.) He asked if there were techniques as he wanted to try it.

He has a fine life and has numerous responsibilities – knowing the power of a shift in conscientiousness and the elimination of the ego it occurred to me he must know exactly, or as much as practically possible what he was getting into.

Of course if you can “end suffering” for your child and assist him in obtaining “indestructible happiness” why wouldn’t you?

Yet it’s not that easy, nothing is in this realm.

So we chatted over some self will, mind over matter techniques.

Stocism is becoming popular again and of course there is all the mindfulness techniques.

So he found an Indian meditation that works for him and he already practices a lot of wellness techniques, from diet to cold showers in the morning etc…

However to destroy the ego and see the reality of our “world” and control the “will” and desires. Its an incredible and wonderful experience, yet to mentor someone through that, I’ve a long way to go.

Hail Hail


Got into the vogue just after 6.30
Went into lisbon lounge then into bar.
Enjoyed the gig hope you did also.

Mike in Toronto

Some interesting and thought provoking posts the last few days.


Mike, is that me & Packy you are referring to?

big packy

naw jim he is talking about me😎

Most fans believe what they read in the papers.


I thought so too Packy. I’m just holding on to your coat-tails.

big packy


Mike in Toronto


Seamus says you are his favourite poster. And he likes JtT’s musical choices.


Just a quick hello to the finest Sentinels out there.
Have a wonderful day everyone. Good manners cost nothing and it’s nice to be nice.
Speak your mind though, always. Whoever said if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say it was wrong. Speak up, everyday if needed.

Hail Hail

big packy

as we are getting heavy on here, and you all know i like a joke😎 if i was still living in glenboig which is 10 miles from parkhead, i would have a season ticket, but i would not be renewing it until the charlatans on the board were chased down london road, my sister on the other hand lives in the west midlands ,she makes an 800 mile round trip to see celtic, would she give up her season ticket no chance,its all about choice, but she is after all an ex st patricks coatbridge high school pupil, so maybe that explains it😎😎

big packy

MIKE,seamus has good taste,,except in music,😎😎,only joking jim 😎

Prestonpans bhoys

It’s 3 pm and I close my laptop for the final time and join Jobo as a retired civil servant 👍👏🍺🍷🍸

Noel Skytrot

Prestonpans bhoy, get those feet up fella before you run again. Enjoy man.

big packy

PRESTONPANS BHOYS enjoy your retirement, join the retirement club on here, myself, jimthetim jobo ccb anyone else add your name😎


Prestonpans Bhoys
Well done Sir, time to really enjoy yourself.

Hi Ho time. Play nice y’all.

Hail Hail

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