I was fortunate to be around when Bertie was playing,with my first match being in late 1967. As was mentioned earlier,his last appearance was when we beat Clyde 6-1,when all The Lions played-although actually Ronnie stripped for the game but didn’t play. I was at that one,and I was also at the Scottish Cup Final in 1972 when I saw him in the flesh for the last time as a late substitute for the already thrashed Hibs side that day.

It was hardly a fitting send off for a wonderful player,and though he went on to have a decent career in management,even that hardly did him justice. Where he absolutely DID do himself justice though was as an ambassador for our club,and I think we are all aware of his legendary status in that regard.

I only met him once,briefly,when he asked me to take a photograph of him and two girls with their camera. I told him it had a blue button,and I wisnae for touching it! A few years later though,I was fortunate enough to have a good few conversations with him by phone as we tried to organise a trip for him to visit a terminally ill Celtic supporter in the USA.

Get me,eh? Well,actually I was merely the go-between for this. A right good Celt-who has since become a very good friend,I am glad to say-had posted on CQN that his youngest son,barely 30yo,had been diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease. This is fatal in all cases,and usually within two or three years. Worse,it destroys the motor functions of the body while leaving the brain largely untouched. The victim can only watch as his entire body-bar the brain-closes down,leaving him helpless. It is truly a most awful way to go.

He wondered if anyone knew if any of The Lisbon Lions might be willing to come over for a few days and simply cheer his son up with a few tales of yore. Even as I was reading it,I knew the answer-but I didn’t know Bertie at all! I should add,of course,that Bertie and Jinky were inseparable,and Jinky himself had not long left us as a result of this particular disease. Bertie had watched as his pal withered away,so would he be more likely to visit a fellow victim because of this,or less likely because of the memories it might bring back?

That was when my great pal THEBARCAMOLE phoned me,all the way from The Philippines. I miss him greatly,but I don’t miss the phone bills! Would Bertie be up for this,I asked. Of course he will,have you got RWE’s mail address? Well,TBM,Franny,phoned Bertie and then followed through with calls and mails to RWE,John. It was arranged that Bertie would travel with his pal Evan Williams and spend two or three weeks with everyone. With everyone in different time zones,I was nominated as the go-between due to working nights-which made me available for all parties concerned.

Sadly,the trip itself didn’t materialise as Bertie’s wife Liz fell ill,which meant that he couldn’t travel,but that actually worked out very well for everyone. Instead of a very costly and exhausting trip,Bertie just made regular phone calls! And if you’ve ever had a phone call from Bertie Auld,you will know that it’s just the very thing for keeping your spirits up,no matter how bad things are for you.

He truly was a legend on the park,but it might even be true that he was a bigger one off it. That’s not a bad epitaph to have,is it?

I can’t finish this without finally telling a story that the great man told me himself,about a time when he and Jinky were flying back home after a visit to see Alfredo di Stefano,I think. Jimmy was well into the later stages of MND by this time,but still fairly mobile,and during the flight asked Bertie if he could get past to go to the toilet.

“Nae bother,wee man.” “Erm,Bertie,you’ll need to come wi me,this bastert disease,my hands are shaking that much I need yer help.”

“Wotcha f…..g talking aboot?!!!” “I canny haud it,Bertie.” “Aw fuxake,awright!”

Well,for a mate,what do you do? Bertie did as requested,as I think we all would under the circumstances. Which is exactly what he tried to explain to the stewardess who unlocked the toilet door,having seen two people head in there moments earlier.

“Sorry,my mate has this disease,and his hands shake that bad that he needs help sometimes.”

“Naw,Bertie,I’m fine. It’s not that bad yet!”

I think Bertie will be surprised to see Jimmy upstairs,because he should be roasting in hell just for that,apparently! But I think Heaven might just be a livelier place for a while,and I think we all wish him well on his journey.

R I P Bertie Auld. A legend as a footballer and as a man.

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My grateful thanks as ever to ASWGL for a wonderful background.



Just had a long readback to last night and earlier today. Brilliant comments, clips and tributes to Bertie…a true legend for Celtic and an incredible wee guy! I’m not embarrassed to say I’ve shed a few tears for him…particularly the clip of him in his house earlier this year with Charlie and the Bhoys – just beautiful and so Bertie!!
From Saturday night…TRM and Puff if you’re lurking…the JAMC Darklands gig was superb! Jim Reid’s voice was absolutely on it and William’s hair was just incredible!! The only downside was no encore, very disappointing in such an intimate gig. Highlight though was taking my wee girl to experience a band I’ve grown up with and loved all my adult life – and her loving them as much as I did.
TRM…Medicine Head was brilliant, never heard of them before, cheers! The Moody Blues’ Singer in a Rock’n’Roll Band…magic! But the piece de resistance was Boo Hewerdine’s Patience of Angels, what a tune – performed with Difford and Currie looking on in awe! Absolutely fantastic videos!!
Hail Hail all Sentinel Celts!!


A Poignant Day To Be A Celt…

What a huge and sad loss to the Celtic family.

Thoughts and prayers are with Bertie’s family and friends.

May he R. I. P.


Noel Skytrot

05.45 and I’m getting ready to set off up to Celtic Park to lay some flowers in remembrance of one of Celtics most revered sons. I can’t make it over any other day this week due to working commitments and my missus thinks I’m mad going at this time but I explain its Bertie Auld, still looks at me as though I’m insane. Flowers and card will left from everyone at Sentinel Celts.



A touching tribute to a larger than life character and a man who afforded his time,wit and passion to the Celtic family.As you intimated earlier some players get Celtic regardless of their background.We have lost a great player,an ambassador and a tremendous human being and the loss to his family will be devastating.

Thanks for the memories Bertie.


I was privileged to see Bertie play on many occasions and my abiding memory is the older guys round about me being in raptures when he made a beautiful pass or a crunching tackle. “That’s the gemme, Bertie. Let the ba’ dae the work.” These grown men identified with this gallus Glasgow man, and he with them.
For me, his best game was versus Leeds at Hampden in 1970, when our midfield of Murdoch, Auld and Hay totally dominated a top drawer Leeds side. I’ll never forget the feeling of euphoria that night. Only the Barcelona night in 2012 comes close.
When he gee’d up Jinky in the tunnel at Lisbon with, “Aye, wee man, but can they PLAY!” he summed up the Lions’ attitude. He brought a swagger to our Glasgow and District Select as Hugh McIlvanney liked to call us.
Sad to see him passing, but he lived a great life and left us with amazing memories.
Gaun yersel’, Bertie!!

RIP Bertie Auld.
Mr Celtic

Andy Pandy 2

Went to bed last night, and missed your post. Thank you, it brought back quite a few memories.

Not easy to summarise what Bertie meant to so many people, and what kind of person he was, but you’ve nailed it.

Hail Hail


Morning all,

Lovely memories of Bertie 👏👏👏
A true Ambassador for Celtic FC.
ASWGL, Terrific background. Well done 👏👏👏

Bertie Auld RIP 🙏🙏🙏💚💚💚

Saltires en Sevilla

Great memories Bobby


At Celtic Park paying my respects.

Then a few down the Gallowgate methinks !!!!



A fine tribute. I was laughing my head off at the story on the flight. Big Jock will be tearing his hair out in Paradise, now that Bertie, Jinky, and Big Tam have been reunited…Jim Baxter will also be having a ball, with his old pals.

Andy Pandy 2

Thanks. Greatly appreciated.


Morning folks on this somber day of the Moon.

I’ve really nothing to add having never seen him play. But it’s clear he lived a life less ordinary, he and his friends deeds are immortal.
I thought Keano was the perfect tough guy in midfield who could play a bit, but I’ve read Bertie was the original and best in that position, some praise. One look at him then tells you he was a wee tough bassa, to have that Leeds team scared is no simple task.

We all know the Lions shall depart, but still it’s very hard.

Rest in eternal peace Bertie Auld.
You conquered earth, now conquer heaven with Jinky and Garry.
You’ll Never Walk Alone Bertie.

Hail Hail

Noel, thanks for adding our name to the flowers. I feel a bit better knowing our small group is represented in a way.



Tough? Clydebuilt,was Bertie. I think it was his debut for Birmingham City,certainly very early in his time there,that he came up against the legendary Johnny Haynes of Fulham-and England,all round hero and the highest paid player in the land.

Mr H didn’t take too kindly to Bertie’s style of play and let him know it. So Bertie knocked him out!

As he was walking off the pitch,their big bruiser centre half decided to have a pop too.

Wrong move,he was floored anaw.

The semi at Hampden against the dirty Leeds? Wait till their keeper hoofs it up the pitch,the ball lost in the floodlights,and deck Norman Hunter-and then tell him that there’s plenty more where that came from!

Suffice to say,I wouldn’t fancy my chances if I spilt his pint.

St tams

That picture of Bertie with the bucket hat on dancing around Hampden Park will live with me forever.
God bless Bertie

There’s a cracking story about Bertie from today’s CQN.

Bertie was signing tops and the like, for a group of young supporters. Bertie turns to one lad and asks:
“Do you want me to sign something son?” The young lad replies:
“No thanks. I’m a Rangers fan.” Bertie turns to him and says:
“It’s alright son. I’ll no dae it in joined-up writing.”

Whit a man.

Hail Hail.


Nice afternoon,

Celtic Park
Bar 67
Traders Tavern
Grant Arms

Shortly heading for train.

RIP Bertie 💚💚

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, yes we have lost a superstar and celtic legend, im so proud to have seen him in the flesh, couple of games stand out both at hampden, first one in 1967 against the great spurs team that had one everything in england, he ran the show, next was the game against the other english champions leeds, they could not get near him,BTW John greig took great delight in knocking wee Jimmy onto the running track when we played them at parkhead, especially in front of the jungle,,funnily enough he never ever tried doing that with bertie,cant think why, rest in peace bertie,,YWNWA,

bada bing1

I believe Ange spent over an hour with Celtic Fans media today, hopefully links to it soon


Ahh wee Bertie.

My da and uncles used to play fitbaw wae him on a Sunday, when they were all nippers, in the big back in Garscube Rd / Hopehill Rd, it was a big fitbaw pitch that they made in the back courts situated behind a square of sandstone tenements, they still swear that Bertie’s brother was the more skillful player, maybe he was, but he couldn’t have been a greater character, than Bertie, that’s for sure. God bless him 🙏

A nice tribute Bobby.

bada bing1

Nice tribute by Ally Begg

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Another brilliant tribute from Bernard Ponsonby on STV news to Bertie

bada bing1

Indeed. A fine tribute.
To anyone who missed it, check out freeview channel 34 at 7pm.

Hail Hail.



I managed to get the prices in Grant Arms increased about 20 years ago. Not particularly proud of that,but the alternative wasn’t worth thinking about.


“I miss all my friends.”

How much must those words hurt,the truth behind them even more.



In Grants I spotted a menu,

Soup £1.25
Steak Pie £3.35

Not quite Star Bar, but for a pub right in the middle of town. 👍

Might be salmonella city, but who cares !!!! 😜😜



I arranged to meet my Dad in the pub and head off to the semi final against the huns. 2001,I think,and penalties and red cards a-plenty.

Prices reduced to £1.55 a pint,which is some going for the centre of Glasgow. Problem is,they had a big screen print out of money into the till,and change in return.

So you offer a £20 note for two pints,and the big screen comes up with 1690!


Brilliant Photo….


bada bing1

AP presser with Celtic Fan media

Jobo Baldie

Good evening, friends.
A fine article, Bobby and many fine follow up posts too.
Looking like some atmosphere at Hampden. I’d take a draw right now.

Prestonpans bhoys

Well deserved led by Scotland, Denmark haven’t even had a shot on target😱


Didn’t notice Bada had already posted the fan media press conference so deleted the 1 I put up



bada bing1

Just seen an advert for a hun group smokers night, guest speakers, Duffield Smith and…….Mike McCurry…..this needs highlighted

Mike in Toronto


Why would you highlight that? If you remind them, they will likely reinstate him!



Tony Ralston didn’t look out of place at left back…jist saying like 🤔

He made 3 good headed interceptions plus a decent block in his 5 minute cameo. Congratulations to him on a well deserved cap.



Well done Scotland.That said if we met Denmark in Quatar it would be a different result but let’s not detract from the performance and the win.

Craig Gordon achieved his 63rd cap tonight surpassing Daniel Fergus McGrains 62.Apples and pears I know

Lisbon Lions International caps

Simpson 5 Craig 1 Gemmill 18 Auld 3 McNeil 29 Clark 4 Jinky 23 Murdoch 12 Wallace 7 Chamers 5 and Lennox 10.

I appreciate it’s different nowadays with more games and tournaments but the standard of player plying their trade in the last decade for Scotland has been a hard watch.I also appreciate the modern game is big on athleticism pace and physicality for the most part and in Robertson KT Calmac and McGinn there is a bit of class there that has improved the national team.

It would be great for the country if Scotland progress and are on a great unbeaten run but I cant see it happening.Will be glad to be proven wrong.

Listened to Anges media interview and as usual he came across as focussed and passionate on what lies ahead for our club in the here and now and in the future.

Continually improve and progress was what I had taken out of it.


bada bing1

Big Bad John on Bertie, brilliant…

bada bing1
bada bing1

Just seen AP’s presser with Celtic fans media, the more i listen to him,the more i like,very impressive, intelligent guy,

bada bing1

CELTIC will swoop for Shamrock Rovers ace Danny Mandroiu in the January transfer window.

The Hoops have been tracking the 23-year-old since the summer and want him to bolster Ange Postecoglou’s squad for the title run-in.

A fee has yet to be agreed, but the Parkhead club are confident a deal can be struck for the Irishman, who has one year to run on his contract.

Celtic signed Liam Scales from Rovers in August with the priority at the time the arrival of a defender though Mandroiu was also on their radar at the time.

The midfielder moved to Tallaght from Bohemians at the start of the season and his sensational form helped Rovers retain their League of Ireland title.

He has hit 15 goals and was called into Stephen Kenny’s Ireland squad for the summer friendlies with Andorra and Hungary.


15 goals from midfield? Get that lad signed up!

Margaret McGill

Proud to be Scottish tonight
A minutes silence for Walter smith and Bertie Auld. I honestly thought Scotland were sensational tonight against a good team.
The delay in getting into hampden due to random covid checks was out of order. Many punters missed the start.