If you know your history – 17th November

130 years ago … 1891 and our favourites are in the middle of an entire month of Cup Ties (plus a friendly match) … no league championship games played that November.

On Saturday 14th of November Celts played out a 2-2 ‘friendly’ draw with Kilmarnock before an “immense crowd” although the actual attendance and teams are not recorded.

We know Celtic had been sitting joint second in the league championship behind Hearts with Three (3) games ‘ in hand’ – it would have made more sense to catch up on missing games. Or so we think nowadays, given the primacy of the Championship.

However, there is a sense that Cup matches still took precedence in the period.

The following Saturday we are playing a Glasgow Cup Semi-Final at Celtic Park.

1891-11-21: Celtic 9-2 Linthouse, Glasgow Cup Semi-Final

An interesting fact from this game. The Scotsman match report has a significant error showing Duff playing in goals, but we already know that Duff has been recovering from a serious cold ‘soaking’ at a game in October, and had not returned to the team. With Kelly of Hibs deputising in league games . The ever vigilant Celticwiki has recorded that the goalkeeper in this game was actually Mick Dolan who holds the honour as Celts’ first ever goalkeeper ( Celtic v Rangers 5-2 friendly 28th May 1888)


“……,Of the three league games he played for Celtic, all were in April and May 1891, Celtic winning all three convincingly, 5-0 v Cowlairs, 9-1 v Vale of Leven and 2-0 v Abercorn. He played v Northern and v Linthouse the next season too, all sides now gone and off the senior football map.

His brother, Francis Dolan, also played for Celtic from 1890 until 1894.

Mick Dolan did not retain his first team place for long and for most of his time at Parkhead, Mick Dolan was a reserve, but together with his brother Frank Dolan, he was part of the reserves they were in the Celtic Crusaders side that beat St Mirren Strollers 13-1 in the final of the Reserve XI Cup on 21 Feb 1891.

Tom Maley spoke fondly of him:

“He was a goalkeeper of considerable ability, and though he never quite filled the official eye, he was always considered a very good man, and held in high esteem and much respected by all with whom he came in contact at the old enclosure. He was in those faraway days an enthusiastic Celt, and though the years come between, I am pretty certain that enthusiasm never waned.”

Mick Dolan – Celtic’s first goalkeeper.

The Scotsman – Monday, 23rd November 1891, page 5

Celtic v Linthouse – At Parkhead. The Celts were without Dowds and Maley. Twice in succession the Celts scored. McCallum scored a third after half an hour’s play. Linthouse made capital efforts to beat Duff ( error: it was Mick Dolan), and were ultimately successful, Steel and Hurry scoring in succession. McMahon scored a fourth for the Celts. Half-time result:- Celtic, seven goals; Linthouse, two goals. Continuing to play in great form, the Celts opened the second portion by scoring another point, McMahon being responsible. The Celts had all the game. Result :- Celtic, nine goals; Linthouse, two goals.

Celtic:- Dolan, Reynolds, Doyle, Gallagher (sic), Kelly, Kyle, McCallum, Brady, Madden, McMahon, Campbell.

Goals:- Madden, McMahon, McCallum, McMahon, Brady, McCallum, Madden, McMahon, Unknown

Leslie, Cameron, Bryson, H Smith, T Steele, Lang, J Steel, J Smith, Henderson, Hurry, Barker.

Goals:- Smith, Hurry.

Att:- 1,500.

In other news…

Linthouse FC (1881-1900) were founded near Govan and played at Langland’s Park before moving to Govandale Park, Govan.


Linthouse FC 1881 – 1900

The Linthouse Estate 1869-1915 was owned by Alexander Stephen and Sons Ltd. shipbuilders to The Royal Navy.

The Russian famine 1891/92 began along the Volga

On November 17, 1891, the government asked the people to form voluntary anti-famine organisations. Leo Tolstoy the most famous volunteer, blamed the Tsar and the Orthodox Church for the famine. As a result of this, the Orthodox Church excommunicated Tolstoy and forbade citizens from accepting help from his relief organisation.

Leo Tolstoy ( b.1828- d.1910) & Anton Chekov (b.1860 -d.1904)

70 years ago… 1951 on this day we are playing The Diamonds at Celtic Park,

1951-11-17: Celtic 3-1 Airdrieonians, League Division A

Bertie Peacock was back fit and McAlindon dropped out.
Game kick off time was 2:50 and entrance prices were 5/- for the stand, 2s 3d for the Enclosure and 1s 6 for the Ground and boys were 7d (all including tax!). These prices were similar for all clubs.
The death was announced of former Celt Alec McNair. Willie Maley said of him, “he was a treasure and a gentleman in every sense of the word. In 20 years of service I had never once to alter my first impression of him. Alec was the coolest and most thoughtful player I have seen.

Alec ‘The Icicle’

McNair d. 18th November 1951


Though a victory there was no glimpse of a consistent recovery. McPhail was noted as failing to spark and was out-played by Rodgers. Fallon was said to be ‘brutal’ in the tackle. In contrast Boden was “…. merely vehement without being intimidatory.”

Celtic: Bell, Fallon, Rolls; Evans, Bowden, Baillie; Collins, Walsh, McPhail, Peacock, Tully.
Scorers: Walsh (9), Peacok (10), McPhail (58)

Fraser; T Brown, Elliot; Cairns, Rodgers, Shankland; W Brown, McMillan, Quinn, Welsh, McCulloch.
Scorers: McMillan (67)

Referee: J Hosie (Johnstone)
Attendance: 20,000

In other news…

Birth: Jack Vettriano, Methil Scotland, Scottish painter (The Singing Butler)

40 years ago … 1981 and current high-flying West Ham manager was preparing for his Celtic debut… the 18 year old defender will line up against arch rivals Rangers in a league match on Saturday at Celtic Park. He will replace the injured Danny McGrain at Right Back … so no pressure then son…

1981-11-21: Celtic 3-3 Rangers, Celtic Park

Mike Conroy played in place of the injured Tommy Burns. Rangers gave a derby debut young striker Gordon Dalziel and both young men were to have a major influence on the proceedings.

Celtic started well and Peter McCloy made a great save from Dom Sullivan, low down at the right post. From the resultant corner Davie Moyes headed goalwards for Tom McAdam to glance a header into the net at the far post.

Two minutes later Gordon Dalziel equalised with a low header from six yards after Derek Johnstone had headed down a Cooper cross.

Celtic regained the lead in 10 minutes when Davie Provan sent Moyes keenly running down the right wing. From his deep cross Frank McGarvey rose to send a glorious header looping over McCloy.

To their credit Rangers fought back and sensationally took the lead with two goals in as many minutes.

Firstly, Dalziel took a pass from McDonald and jinked his way to the bye line before crossing for Bett to head home. Seconds later the Celtic defence got in a fankle and John McDonald’s effort barely crossed the line before Bonner, trying to scramble it clear, ended up in the net with the ball.

In 51 minutes MacLeod equalised with a glorious right foot volley, which went in off a post, after Moyes had headed on a Provan corner from the right.

Understandably both teams tired late in the game and there were no further goals allowing fans of both sides to draw breath.


Bonner Moyes Reid Aitken McAdam MacLeod Provan Sullivan McGarvey Conroy McCluskey Subs: Nicholas Weir

Goals: McAdam 3 McGarvey 10 MacLeod 51


McCloy Jardine Miller Stevens Jackson Bett Cooper Russell Johnstone Dalziel MacDonald Subs: Mackay Redford

Goals: Dalziel 5 Bett 20 MacDonald 21


Attendance 48,600

Debut Bhoy David Moyes had a hand in two of Celtic goals…. and probably one Old Rangers…

21/11/81 PREMIER DIVISIONCELTIC V RANGERS (3-3)CELTIC PARK – GLASGOWMurdo MacLeod drills home Celtic’s third goal of the match.

Murdo adopts his 4-2 game pose … how many times did he rattle them? Colin Jackson is nowhere near it – maybe trying to avoid yet another O.G.

In other news…

Sarah Harding, British pop singer (Girls Aloud – “Sound of the Underground,” “Love Machine), born in Ascot, England (d. 2021)

#1 record Under Pressure (2wks) Queen & David Bowie.

General stuff:

1292 John Balliol becomes King of Scotland.

1558 Queen Mary I of England dies and is succeeded by her half-sister Elizabeth I of England .

1869 In Egypt, the Suez Canal, linking Med with the Red Sea, is inaugurated.

1950 UN Security Council Resolution 89 relating to the Palestine Question is adopted.

1953 The remaining human inhabitants of the Blasket Islands, Kerry, Ireland, are evacuated to the mainland.

1989 Cold War: Velvet Revolution begins: In Czechoslovakia a student demonstration in Prague is quelled by riot police. This sparks an uprising aimed at overthrowing the communist government (it succeeds on December 29).

2003 Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger tenure as the Governor of California began.

Note: The excellent Celtic Wiki site is the font of all knowledge on things Celtic. Most of the Celtic stuff above is from that site. The guys who set it up and painstakingly keep it updated, deserve no end of credit, praise and thanks. A treasure trove for Celtic fans young and old – and new- and free to view.

Respect Bhoys!


Guest article by Saltires en Sevilla.

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Saltires en Sevilla


That post at 6:20

Epic stuff and explains a lot. Hadn’t really thought about why Championship became the prized trophy.

Makes sense and it definitely did for our old adversaries from that part of the city … not Linthouse btw!!

Your point about their performances in Europe being ‘under par’ – I remember when bad decisions were made in games some of the ‘men’ would mutter about payback in Europe…

When ye really think about it …eh?!

Saltires en Sevilla


Aye… cheers… alarm set for the rolls buddy … when do they open … are they left outside overnight? 😏

(I’ll pass on the pies tho’ 😇)




Kilwinning has both Brownings and The Kandy Bar.

Mouth watering just thinking about my fortnight back home over Christmas/New Year. Honestly,being in exile makes you realise how lucky you basterts are to have the option of nipping down to the shop for a few rolls,some skwerr,some plain breid.

I’ve spent about thirty years in England now,and I still canny believe that there isnae a baker who can make a decent bliddy roll.


And Shorts in Irvine made the best Scotch pies ever!


The glorious balance sheet
What a lot of weasel worded mealy mouthed claptrap the club has just come out with regard to Resolution 11.

“Done all we could, can take no further. We regularly engage with fans via the forum.”

That reminds me of a workplace where I used to work where the management used to continually try to introduce shady practices and erode their staff’s terms and conditions. The Trade Union regularly fought back and handed them their backside on a plate on many, many occasions.

Management’s response was to try to circumvent and disenfranchise the Union by creating a “Staff Forum” to which only their favoured lickspittles were invited. The lickspittles were rewarded for services rendered.

Divide and rule.
Indeed but who was on which side of the divide?

The Res11 that the CST Chair Tom Brannigan spoke to (poorly I heard) was that of himself and fellow Trustees, it was NOT the Resolution of Concern adopted by CST Members in August.

That was another reason I decided not to attend because I had no right to speak in support of the Res11 of the CST Trustees and if I had BMCWU is correct I would have been in smite mode.

Those CST members who adopted the original resolution are looking for answers and it will be of wider interest to compare both resolutions to establish if the changes made were justified.


Noel Skytrot
I’m surmising that those who lack in the corridors of Celtic Park are still allowed to engage in their gross incompetence under the guise of running a football club?

Auldheid, your action shows you have more dignity and integrity on the tip of your pinky than that whole motley crew have combined.

Big Packy, I hope your family are okay.
The decision came with sense of relief that told me it was right for me.

BMCUW. Nuclear.


Us bastards? You really are lowering the tone of our so far high-brow conversation on here tonight. 😀


Unfortunately, at the time we’re talking about-season 55-56-the Celts really were in the doldrums. After a brief flourish in season 1953-54, the Celtic support had to settle for many years of mediocrity, till January 1965. Meanwhile, teams like The Huns, Aberdeen, Hearts, Hibs, Dundee, Clyde and Kilmarnock we’re fighting for the league title, as Tims looked on enviously.

Didn’t turn out too badly in the end, to be fair.

Hail Hail



I’m only jealous!!!



I genuinely think you made the correct decision. You know when you are right,and to be simply brushed off again would have been like lighting the blue touchpaper. I hope that you still have your nose to the grindstone,of course,still intent on getting the basterts,getting them to admit their failings.

Nobody can win if we all admit defeat-except the bad guys. I don’t think that is your style,and it certainly isn’t mine. We have a very good community on here,more widely read than many people realise. I like to think that is because people are free to air their opinions without being attacked.

I also like to think it’s because we all know exactly what our board has done to us over the years.



1957 wasn’t too bad,I seem to recall…


Twas not a very good year for Bobby Shearer & co.

Interestingly enough, the Celtic support were the very first fitba supporters to sing “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, in October 1957, after a musical which I can never remember/spell, came out in that month. It never caught on.

Until that is, in 1966 when Big Jock’s Celtic faced Liverpool in the ECWC semi-final at Anfield. The Celts went down-unjustly-2-0 on the night, having held a 1-0 advantage from the first leg.

We did however, take home from that game, a club anthem which remains dear in our hearts till this very day.

“You’ll Never Walk Alone” by Gerry and the Pacemakers.

Hail Hail.