Hampdens Green & White

t was one for the purists, that is to say not a very good spectacle. Some loathe a deep sitting team out to frustrate, others enjoy the tactical puzzle of outsmarting determined defenders,,beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
I enjoyed the game, had a feeling we would make the breakthrough at some stage, and feel this particular hard fought victory away from home shall serve us well in future tests.
However we weren’t very good, there’s no getting away from it. The middle of the park was lacklustre, main striker slightly jaded, right wing quieter than we would like, plus Joe had maybe his worst game in the jersey so far.
It’s great to win whilst out of sorts,often the mark of a good team, but the biggest worry is no apparent Plan B for the middle of the park.
Tam was sorely missed, Calmac initially forgot he had Nir to sit deep and licence to roam, while DT had an off day.
Some magic needs worked there, and probably some player trading as it’s a huge worry we haven’t got a solid reliable trio to trust.
Given that we never conceded it could be claimed the tactic of keeping the full backs in defense worked, his tactic of wide men hitting the box supporting the attack worked again and has served us well.
Ange will know we can play much better, but has reached his first final and will be satisfied.
But it’s obvious we need tweaked more, tinkered with, as we are far from the finished product.
We are fortunate it’s a weak league that won’t take advantage of our weaknesses often, but the transfer window can’t come soon enough. There’s a lot of football to be played before it opens, primary objective must be to stay close to league leaders, don’t let that gap widen.
They have big issues of their own, must be stung by yesterday’s defeat, plus their Captain made the terrible mistake of admitting ‘the desire and hunger isn’t there like it was last season’.
Music to Ange’s ears.
The final will take care of itself, but George Square will be the biggest winner on the day. It’s so refreshing to have escaped an OF final and all that entails. Many can genuinely look forward to a celebratory day, and some actual football could break out, some fantastic songs too.
McCoist and MacInnes shall squirm at Hampden bedecked in green and white.
Which brings me to the whistlers, not just ours, all of them. While Walsh made a fool of himself at the national stadium, over at Tannadice a certain Bobby Madden became the talk of the town with his second yellow card and subsequent marching orders to Ojo.
If you haven’t seen the incident you should find it below,,,

I have never witnessed anything like that at a ground, and fully understand the player returning to look in the face of the supporter who laid hands on him. The latter should have been ejected from the game imo, but Bobby felt otherwise.
At Hampden young master Welsh was clearly ‘done’, no marching orders. It says a lot the thug targeted our youngest player with his elbow, a kid-on hard man and on Bertie weekend too. Our players would have seen red had they went looking for retribution have little doubt.
I think it’s clear that while the whistlers are biased against the wearers of green, they are also simply not very good at their jobs and on any given weekend could cost anyone players or points.
They are rash, aloof, and inconsistent.
The entire league is a victim to them and the power they wield over events.
This isn’t just a Celtic issue, it’s much wider which is a positive. It can’t simply be filed under ‘moaning Tims’, when it’s moaning everyone it’s a little harder to ignore. But ignored it will be.
Let’s face it, Scottish football’s top flight has more important items on the agenda.
It’s second largest club is a going concern, having been a financial basket case since inception.
Lose out on this seasons spoils and at best it’s another period of second fiddle, at worst that’s all she wrote.
Given the depth of feeling out there, foisting another iteration upon the national sport would be a very risky move for a few parties,,our own club would get heavily dragged into the affair while our fans would split on the issue.
I suspect Hampden is holding its breath at the moment, the future very uncertain so major decisions shall be placed fully on the back burner until it’s favourite club’s future is known.
And of course the whistlers can help on that front, another fine reason not to move a finger against them.
We can’t count on football’s headquarters to act, nor the media, nor the two biggest clubs, and the refs certainly aren’t going to fix themselves.
VAR isn’t a magic wand, and given the Ibrox situation major decisions like that are on hold.
The average supporter finds themselves caught in a trap, you never hear people saying I’m walking away because of the refs, and failed by the system.
Handwringing is the usual response, our club claimed they made behind the scenes inquiries. Should a run of the mill club speak out publicly, chances are they shall soon find themselves assigned the worst of the lot with a chip on his shoulder and the malarkey gets worse. Marker laid down to the entire league.
This despite the fact the clubs are supposed to control the referee, by way of paying for them.
Unable to implement FFP, still ‘enjoying’ plastic pitches, beriddled with defensive coaches and wannabe hardmen, and victim to whistlers with their own agenda, the national sport asks a lot of it’s lifeblood while giving the bare minimum in return.
An umbrella group of concerned supporters would have an open goal with the refs, it’s the clear topic that would unite nearly everyone who walks through turnstiles across the land.
That’s where the fightback should start.

By Mahe

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I see an immediate problem if you are looking for some sort of supporter groups consensus.
Fans of other clubs see us and the Huns as one ugly entity, both major beneficiaries, when it comes to referees’ decision making.

They see themselves as the constant victim, screwed over when they play “The Old Firm”.
They see no differentiation when it comes to referees’ malign influence, much as we would like them to.

I doubt there will be much widespread sympathy for our viewpoint.

Noel Skytrot

Good weekend for Celtic securing another league Cup final appearance. I can’t wait to get into my work this morning….the huns will be hiding from me.

Scottish football has no random drug tests either, which I think is another significant failing.

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends. I thought that we played well enough on Saturday. Perhaps my view is different as I knew the result and then watched the full game later.
But, overall, what a fine weekend that was, culminating in you know who failing, for the 19th consecutive attempt, to win their first ever domestic cup.


I have a friend in Fife who is an Aberdeen season ticket holder who is furious that Scottish football is run for the benefit of one team.
He says the refs and authorities are there for huns benefit only.
It’s clear that many say two cheeks of same arse but Scottish prejudice has a lot to do with that.
The idea of Celtic winning is less palatable than hun cheating by a large portion of the Scottish population.


Jobo Balde
I thought we were predictable and pedestrian.
St Johnstone had 5 and six in a straight line across the back and our slow build up and hopeful crosses created nothing.
Unlike Mahe i didn’t think Kyogo was slightly jaded he just suffered from dreadful service.
Interesting once again that Calmac gets excused yet was no better or worse than Turnbull or Bitton.
He is supposed to lead.
The sad truth is the midfield is not creating and Turnbull whose stats show is creative has suffered since McGregor has moved forward with Bitton having defensive role.
On Saturday Turnbull and McGregor often occupied each others space.
The balance is clearly not there.
Man city scored 2 great goals at weekend against a similar defensive set up to StJohnstone.
First goal was a brilliant defense splitting diagonal ball for Sterling to slot home.
Second was brilliant strike from about 25 yards after defensive clearance.
Both of these attributes we have seen from Turnbull but playing him out of that area nullifies such.
What’s the point of McGregor further forward when he rarely scores or assists?
We have to stop picking individuals and do what’s best for team.
Also in game tactical adjustment’s would not go amiss.



I guess Aberdeen would or should be our closest ally given their “history” with the establishment club. No love lost there.
Be interesting to see what their wider support think.
As for the rest I think we’d have a job convincing them of the genuine nature of our attempts at reform.


A fairer playing field for all would have to be the mantra. Ref declaration of allegiance inhibiting who they referee.
Could be a problem getting anyone to ref Hun games though, as your “Scottish prejudice” comment implies.

St tams

Predictable and pedestrian. Great description of Saturdays game.
Reminded me of the 2 Livingston games. We are going to come up against this more ,as the season goes on , as other teams will have seen how much we struggle against it.
I actually thought Mcgregor had a decent game especially first 20/30 mins.
But for him to be moved to accommodate mogadon Bitton, is a farcical situation to be in.
Just like playing the Croatian right back at left back.

We badly need signings in January

A thing of beauty

We discussed this yesterday. The way things are just now I can’t see any other midfield combination. What midfield would you play with the players that are fit just now? I’m genuinely interested in how you think Ange can go with anything different.


I don’t think that there can be much doubt about CalMac and DT underperforming in their current advanced roles.

The former likes to drive from the middle then cut to the left,coming onto his preferred foot. The latter prefers to come from the left-central position before cutting in to get onto his preferred foot.

As such,they are both doing their best work in the same area of the field-and might explain the clear problems we now have on our right-where the team is left naked at times.

Now,I agree with ATHINGOFBEAUTY that there are personnel problems,but it also points to a coaching difficulty too. AP has to TELL those two players where to play for the benefit of the team and each other,and not-as currently-to their detriment.

Prestonpans bhoys

From what I’ve seen this season if AP has a plan B then it’s not being well implemented.
As for the madhun refereeing not surprised they are simply not good at their job. Guy gets assaulted, stands up with hands by his side and gets sent off.

This is his place of work and deserves the same protection as any other industry. If you walk into an office and assault someone, you don’t expect the person you have assaulted to be put on probation😱

bada bing1

If you have the free sport channnel (sky422) Celtic league cup game on at 11.45 this morning.
Hibernian game on at 10.00 pm tonight.

Billy Bhoy

Good article Mahe. I agree with most of what you said

There’s just one point you made – and countless others have too – that puzzles me:

“The objective must be to stay close to league leaders, don’t let that gap widen”

We’re 4 points behind after quarter one. In those games we’ve played all the top teams away and Sevco have played them all at home. Quarter two is our big chance, with the fixtures reversed, to put clear blue water between us. I’m talking 6-10 points.
If we’re only level on Jan 2 I’d be very concerned as the fixtures flip again for quarter three – and it’s inevitable that the post split games are destined to favour them too. They will avoid playing ALL the top teams owing to the 3/2 split of home/away games.

I’m probably worrying needlessly. On current form we’ll be clinching the title on Jan 2! 🙂


Our midfield problem is of our own making.
As BMCUWP pointed out both McGregor and Turnbull are now getting in each others way.
I said so on Saturday and also stated Turnbull’s numbers dropping since change was made which is not coincidental.
If he is going to continue with these 3 then Turnbull should play at top of diamond with McGregor left and Bitton right. as deep duo.
Ange made too many hasty decisions in midfield when he allowed Connell and Robertson out on loan and poor Shaw has not been given a chance.
Ange seems like O’Neil and Lennon who stuck with small group of trusted players.


Unique angle footage
Celtic TV (@CelticTV) Tweeted: 𝘏𝘢𝘮𝘱𝘥𝘦𝘯 𝘜𝘯𝘪𝘲𝘶𝘦 𝘈𝘯𝘨𝘭𝘦 🚨

The Hampden View from our #CelticTV camera as Jamesy got us to the #PremierSports Cup Final!

Enjoy that Hampden roar, Celts! 🍀

#CELSTJ | #COYBIG https://t.co/ciPblbvHW6 https://twitter.com/CelticTV/status/1462705222900408320?s=20

Prestonpans bhoys

Thanks Bada watching the game minus Saturday’s five pints😂

Someone pointed out the comparison between our game and ManC v Everton, same style but with better players.

I would also add the other difference is the condemnation from the commentators on the negativity of Everton. Whereas the dross served up gets nothing but complements 😱

Prestonpans bhoys

From the twenty second minute until twenty seven, all the talk was about how Johnstone are effective at killing the game ffs!

You just knew this was coming….😁




Good afternoon all from Jamaica Street. Huns were brawling in Shawlands all the way to Mount Florida yesterday. Never any reports about their behaviour. The media are terrified of them.


Good afternoon fellow Celts,

Lots of glum faces in EK Town Centre. 😜😜😜😜


Thinking about a wee trip into Glasgow tomorrow.

Any recommendations for a jar or two ???

HH 🍀🍀

bada bing1

Leggy- 26 Hope St a decent wee bar,cheap for city centre, good selection of drinks, next to Central Station

Cosy Corner Bhoy

The first leg starts on the trip to leverkeusen !
Bus to Victoria.
Had a great day in Reading on Saturday and just as good a one in Swindon yesterday watching the Hun implosion on hesgoal in nice pub!


Cheers Bada,

Might start there 🍺🍺

Anyone else about is more than welcome 👍👍

big packy

HI ALL, just to let you know wee joans mum passed away this morning, joan is very distraught because the consultant phoned last night and said she was very very poorly and might not make it till morning, wee joan begged him to let her and her sister see her for the last time, but it fell on deaf ears, i know its because of the covid, but where is the compassion when someone is dying, anyway she is up in heaven now, evelyn marsh 1931–2021,rest in peace,


big Packy
Condolences to you and Joan on your loss.

bada bing1

Due to Celtic v Hibs in the Premier Sports Cup final on December 19…

Hibs v Aberdeen and St Mirren v Celtic in the Scottish Premiership have both been moved to Wednesday, December 22 at 7.45pm.

Why do they insist on cramming all these games into December, no care for the fans or the players.

Weet weet weet

BP sad news buddy,prayers said for Joan’s wee mammy

A thing of beauty

Condolences on the passing of Evelyn. Joan and yourself will miss her.


Leggy, I’ll be there about 11. Bring a spare liver.


BP, RIP Evelyn.

A thing of beauty

BRB 1.29


Big Packy
Condolences to Joan and yourself
RIP Evelyn 🙏


Big Packy
So sad to hear of Evelyn’s passing. Look after wee Joan for us all, mate, she needs you more than ever right now. Thoughts and prayers from me and Mrs Kitts are with you both right now, God bless you both.


Packy, so sorry to hear that. Evelyn and yourselves have had a tough time of it the past year or so, made worse by Covid. I’m shocked they didn’t allow the immediate family to be with her at the end.
But as you say, she is in Heaven now. God Bless.


Packy, my own mother’s anniversary is tomorrow. I’ll never forget that Christmas a month later. Very sad. God give you & wee Joan strength and comfort. Knowing my mother was at peace and free from suffering helped.

Prestonpans bhoys

Big Packy
Condolences and sorry for your loss.

Big Packy

May Evelyn find eternal peace and happiness. R.I.P

Mike in Toronto


Sad news, pal. Condolences to you and Joan.


Rest in Peace Evelyn.


If Sol is looking in could you breakdown what Madden should have done above pls?
That Tangerine was bang out of order me thinks.



I think an umbrella that covers Celtic supporters needs to be created first but there is already a group covering all supporters called The Scottish Football Supporters Association that has good governance as in its manifesto.

I am on good terms with them and this true story supports CFC’s point but also contains the solution. (but its not easy)

I attended a Zoom meeting with some of SFSA supporter representatives recently most if not all from other clubs. A comment was made that if a sum of money was offered to our game , Celtic supporters would want all of it spent on Celtic. I then said I was not one of those Celtic supporters and would prefer any extra income, for example an increase in the UEFA solidarity payment and reduction to the clubs should be spent on improving the game and restoring its integrity would be money well spent.

Now regardless of the challenge to selfish thinking my position is, my point is that many of those from other clubs probably heard for the first time that not all Celtic supporters think as they think we do. The other point is that the way to change perceptions is to put aside preconceived notions supporters have of supporters of other clubs, start talking to each other and in doing so find common ground.

My suggestion of sharing more had them thinking, Jackie McNamara seemed to be intrigued by it but this cartoon demonstrates the benefits


but for what I was suggesting to happen a change of mindset needs to happen within each individual.



The word for this week is

schadenfreude (shaa·duhn·froy·duh)

pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune.

Danke schon

bada bing1

big packy

Joan will need all your support just now. If she says “Jump” you say “How high?” My condolences.





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