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AP has successfully negotiated a cup final at the first time of asking,and given the shitshow he inherited,I think it is fair to say that he is ahead of schedule.

After the famine years post-war,how many expected Jock to be such an instant success? Given the near-disaster of 78,how many thought Cesar could do the business? Much less repeat it in The Centenary Season?

Stop The Ten Wim The Tim,or Martin taking over a team who had been-let’s be honest-laughed out of town with a 21 point deficit? And many others in our storied history. Possibly only Dr Jo has been so widely ridiculed across the media as AP. Possibly too,none apart from Dr Jo have arrived on our shores with so little background knowledge of Scotland’s unacknowledged little problems.

Quite probably though,Tom Rogic will have been quick to advise. Certainly it didn’t take AP long to figure it out.

At the weekend,we had two semi finals. Both refereed by officials of what I can only describe as not the traditional Rangers fan types. Nick Walsh booked Bitton as soon as the whistle went and then allowed “The Saints”-like,really?-the indulge in MMA for ninety minutes. That assault on Welsh should be a ten match ban,as an example.

Clancy decided to better his pal though in The Uncle Tim Weekend Sweepstakes. Book two Hibs players within 200 seconds,ignore repeated assaults on their centre half and various others. Sadly the huns were so poor that they came in third in a two horse race,and even Clancy couldn’t bridge the gap.

My point? Well,a manager who knows his stuff can and will win. But as Martin said twenty years ago,for Rangers to win they only need to be close-for Celtic to win we need to be miles ahead.

Yet that useless prick of a chairman brushes off perhaps the biggest problem in the domestic campaign as ‘a concern,but we don’t run the SFA’?

And the needle goes back to the start of the song…

Above article by BMCUWP

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I don’t think we have been asked.


Now that we have reached another final, I trust that the 4 game a season crowd, will be guaranteed a ticket for the game. Nice work if ye can get it.

Hail Hail.

Prestonpans bhoys


I’ve been on the HTS since around 2007, the Hertz cup final was the first I missed out. I know someone who is corporate and pays £8k he told me that thousands of corporate ST’s took up their privileged option of getting extra final tickets.

Many of these guys use corporate for business reasons and those taking up these extra tickets have never been to a game in a month of Sunday’s😈😈😈

Prestonpans bhoys

I can well believe it. How many of these fellas sell their tickets on to dodgy sites?

This has been going on, since at least the ’89 cup final. Shocking really.

Meanwhile, the parasites and Ibrox-loving cowards on the PLC, who have never put a penny into Celtic in their lives, will be sitting in the best seats in the house, discussing how best to help out their Ibrox mates. F**k the whole damn lot of them. Bluenose bastards.

Hail Hail.

Big Peter will be greeting his eyes oot, that his team got beat at Hampden yesterday…and to think that he was screwing a wage from Celtic for a whole helluva number of years. Tis to be admired, after a fashion.

Hail Hail.