If you know your history – 24th November

130 years ago…. on this day (Tuesday) the Bhoys are preparing for the opening round of The 1891/92 Scottish Cup.

15 First round ties are scheduled to be completed on Saturday 28th November. Two ties will be played in Paisley where Celtic meet St. Mirren at Westmarch Stadium*, and “Scotland’s premier club” Queen’s Park (The Herald 30/11/1891) would be entertained by Abercorn at Underwood Park**. ( The Spiders won 3-2 in a tough game in front of 3,000)

1891-11-28: St Mirren 2-4 Celtic, Scottish Cup

“Considering the circumstances ” (The Scotsman 30/11/1891 clearly surprised Queen’s Park hadn’t drawn the bigger crowd…) there was a larger attendance of spectators (4,000) watching the Celts score four (4) first half goals to ensure they would progress to the 2nd Round. Willie Maley, returning from injury, added a fine goal.

The Celtic team has a familiar look, but goalkeeper Tom Duff is still out with rheumatics and Mick Dolan proves, once again, he is a very reliable deputy. He kept a resurgent Saints at bay in the second period. Limiting them to only one additional goal.

St Mirren:-
Fleming, J McFarlane, R McFarlane, McCartney, Brown, R McBain, Kinloch, Wylie, Douglas, Dunlop, Hamilton

Goals:- Kinloch 15, Douglas


Dolan, Reynolds, Doyle, Maley, Kelly, Dowds, Brady, McCallum, Madden, McMahon, Campbell.

Goals:- Madden, McFarlane og 30, Maley, McMahon.

Ref:- not recorded.
Att:- 4,000.

Paisley would not be the last town to host Scotland’s “premier club” and Celtic on the same day in 1891/92 Scottish Cup…stay tuned…

Queen’s Park had elected not to join the League Championship competition as they felt that so many scheduled ties in a season had a feeling of “professionalism” and they preferred not to follow that path. Their next game would be a challenge match against Linfield Athletic of Belfast at Hampden Park.

“The leading Irish side Linfield Athletic of Belfast visited Hampden Park on Saturday 5 December. Miserable weather kept the attendance down to around 3,000. Former Clyde player Bob McFarlane made his debut for Queen’s Park. Walter Arnott played for Linfield. Queen’s took the lead in 10 minutes through Jimmy Hamilton but Hill equalised for the Irishmen. Goals from Willie Lambie and Bill Sellar then put the Spiders 3-1ahead at the interval. William Gulliland and Tommy Waddell then increased the lead to 5-1. McGaffikin pulled a goal back for the visitors but further goals from Lambie and Hamilton took the final score to 7-2. “Ireland’s Pride” ( oh aye?!) had been thoroughly outplayed. While Queen’s Park were hosting Linfield, Glasgow met Aberdeen (the city select rather than the club) at Chanonry in the Granite City. David Stewart played for the Glasgow side that won 6-0.”

Source: http://www.qphistory.com/p/season-189192.html

In other news….

*Westmarch, Greenhill Road, Paisley was the ground of St Mirren from 1883 to 1894 the largest attendance was against Celtic in a league match in 1892. ( now the site of Direct Parking see map below)

Ex Wikipedia.com

** Underwood Park, Paisley (blue icon below) was the home ground of Abercorn FC from 1889 until 1899. Their highest ever attendance was in a league tie was against Celtic (2-5) in September 1891

Anyone that knows Paisley, will note the proximity of both St Mirren’ and Abercorn’ grounds at the time of the above Scottish Cup ties in 1891.

Maybe someone knows if these two stadiums are the ‘closest’ (sp?)senior grounds before Dundee & Dundee United or Queen’s Park & Third Lanark??

We will re-visit this theme at a later date.

90 years ago … 1931 season and on this day (Tuesday) Celts are preparing to play at Central Park, Cowdenbeath in a league game. Celts are currently sixth (6th) in the league.

1931-11-28: Cowdenbeath 1-2 Celtic, League Division 1

Fully seventy minutes of the game had gone when Irish outside-left Peter Kavanagh swung in his corner kick for Bertie Thompson to give Celtic the lead. Three minutes later Alex Hamill (later Blackburn Rovers) and Stewart combined for the latter to equalise, and with only three minutes remaining fan’s favourite Bertie got the winner for the bhoys.

Edwards, Frame, Russell, Glancy, Menzies, Campbell, Hamill, A. Venters, Paterson, Alton, Stewart.

Kennaway, Cook, Morrison, Wilson, McStay, Geatons, R. Thomson, Scarff, McGrory, Napier, Kavanagh.
R. Thomson, (2).

Referee: W. Webb (Glasgow).
Attendance: 6,000

In other news…

Australian cricket master batsman Don Bradman scores 226 in his first Test appearance v South Africa in 1st Test in Brisbane

Don Bradman AOH…

40 years ago …..1981 on this day (Tuesday) Celts prepare to visit City rivals Patrick Thistle with a Wembley Wizards’ style victory…

Celtic won the Daily Express 5 a side tornament at Wembley in midweek.They beat Watford 3-0, Ipswich 3-1, Man Utd 2-0 and Southampton 1-0 in the final.

Celtic squad was Latchford, Garner, W McStay, Crainie, Nicholas and Weir.

1981-11-28: Partick Thistle 0-2 Celtic, League

On a bitterly cold winter’s day George McCluskey scored one of the goals of his career.

He dummied Whittaker, strolled forward and hammered a magnificent 30 yard shot past Alan Rough.

Partick Thistle –

Rough, Murray, Whittaker, Anderson, Dunlop, Watson, Park, McDonald, Johnston, Doyle, Clark

Subs – Lapsley, McDowell

Bonner, Moyes, Reid, Aitken, McAdam, MacLeod, Provan, Sullivan, McGarvey, Conroy, McCluskey

Subs – Nicholas (Sullivan), Weir

Goalscorers – McCluskey 24 Provan 59

Referee: n/a

Attendance: 12,000

In other news ….

1981 1st air-launched cruise missile tested

General stuff…

496 Anastasius II succeeds Gelasius I as Catholic Pope

1434 River Thames in London freezes over

1542 Battle of Solway Moss: English beat Scottish King James V

1639 1st observation of transit of Venus by Jeremiah Horrocks and William Crabtree – helped establish size of the Solar System

1642 Dutch explorer Abel Tasman discovers Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania)

1655 English Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell bans Anglicans

1688 General strategist John Churchill meets William III

1715 London’s Thames River freezes over

1832 South Carolina passes Ordinance of Nullification, declaring the tariffs of 1828 and 1832 unconstitutional in and unenforceable in South Carolina, precipitating the Nullification Crisis which presaged the American Civil War

1874 American inventor Joseph Glidden patents barbed wire

1877English author Anna Sewell sells her manuscript “Black Beauty” to Norwich publisher for £40, the novel is published soon after

1979 Senate report proves US troops in Vietnam were exposed to the toxic chemical defoliant Agent Orange

1995 Ireland votes to end 58-year-old amendment on divorce (50.28% to 49.72%)

2020 Scotland’s parliament votes to become the first country to make period products free

1981 No 1 Album Queen’s Greatest Hits (4weeks)

Seven Seas of Rhye

Note: The excellent Celtic Wiki site is the font of all knowledge on things Celtic. Most of the Celtic stuff above is from that site. The guys who set it up and painstakingly keep it updated, deserve no end of credit, praise and thanks. A treasure trove for Celtic fans young and old – and new- and free to view.

Respect Bhoys!


Guest article by Saltires en Sevilla.

Change the record by sending an article to sentinelcelts@gmail.com

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Good morning all from Govanhill. Enjoyed my afternoon with Leggy yesterday. Good company and Guinness, ye cannae whack it.😂🍺. Now to read the article. 😁


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Whilst looking for closest stadiums I came across this, you might find it interesting


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Great article. I love reading this. Mr ATOB who is 60 today is particularly interested in van diemans land only being the discovery of Tasmania. He thought all of Australia was known as this. I told him everyday is a school day, even for an auld bugger like you 😂😂

Saltires en Sevilla

Craig76 cheers buddy you are digging up some real gems – there is a lot of specialist stuff out there but unfortunately the guys that completed game by game research from local newspapers for their local team whether senior, junior or amateur/juvenile/schools tend to be in lever-arch folders and shoeboxes. There is a guy in Paisley who has published the history of The Renfrewshire Cup in a fanzine format no it goes back to 1870 – why a guy!!

Wonder how much good stuff is lying in attics – just waiting to be digitised/online??

The Celticwiki is the best anywhere for any team… naturally…but other clubs like Queen’s Park have active enthusiastic researchers who take time to get into some wonderful details. Some might find it boring but others are fascinated.

I’ve got a specific interest in the growth of Canals and Railways and population migration in late 18th and into 19th Century – and how this helped to accelerate the appeal of football and other sports. I can appreciate (and empathise) with the vision, investment and definitely most of all the human effort ( and misery). Note: I’m not at all interested in the choo choos although others might love that and I wouldn’t knock it – just couldn’t find an anorak to fit … kiddin’…

That Abercorn FC item is a great find buddy, and I’ll be into that shortly thanks.


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Friesdorfer – thanks and jealous as hell, Germany is such a wonderful place to travel to and watch fitba love the German ‘matter of a fact style…’. Plus, you have a great squad of Bhoys there and hope we get at least a point on Thursday. Cheer loud for us all!

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Magua – thanks for info. Yer man Liam is doing a grand job. I’ll be getting the e-versions if possible.
You and Craig76 are sharing some really interesting stuff. Can hardly keep up as busy on projects ATM

Apologies if I’m missing anything etc. But I’ll have my feet up soonish and diving into everything you guys are Sharing

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Tens of thousands of Celtic fans not happy with potential Bernard Higgins appointment.


North Curve Celtic
Following the open letter published this afternoon, over 100 new signatories have asked to be added to the letter and the requests keep coming.

There will be further actions to come that all fans can support.



Wow another 100 additional supporters clubs plus some more fan media added now.

Thousands upon thousands more fans added now.


North Curve Celtic
We are aware that many Clubs/Platforms are not represented on this letter but would like to be.

If your Club/Platform would like to endorse this letter, please DM us or email northcurveceltic@gmail.com



Good afternoon gents, hope your both well.

There must be many of us on Sentinel Celts who were at the Fans Against Criminalisation rally in George Square some years ago.

Hopefully Sentinel Celts can endorse this letter and also be included.

Hail Hail.



It is endorsed unreservedly by both of us,and also I would think by all of our readers and contributors.

I mailed our thoughts and gratitude to the organisers earlier.

Mike in Toronto

Liverpool have already clinched top spot in their CL group, with two games to spare. Does Klopp give his first team stars a rest, and risk the 4.6 million pounds (2.3 million per game) they would get for winning the two group games?

First tier problems.

A thing of beauty

Thank you for the good wishes for Mr ATOB. Unfortunately for his birthday he is having to get a new central heating system. Ours was condemned today and the house will need to be ripped apart to put in new pipes and radiators. It’ll be slim pickings for the birthday dinner for sure. I am crapping myself thinking about how much it’ll cost!!
Is this middle tier problems MIT?!!

bada bing1

ATOB- Try Home Energy Scotland, the least you will get is an interest free loan.

A thing of beauty

Thanks. Much appreciated


I’ve requested our esteemed name be added to that list.

bada bing1

SES, great stuff as always.
Good to see the old Ireland’s Pride getting stuffed. They are still getting a helping hand from the authorities would you believe, an ex Rangers striker for manager and all.

The Thames freezing is interesting. I never knew it froze over on account of it being so big. Twice it’s freezing is mentioned, that’s quite a feat. Has the Clyde froze over? I dont ever recall seeing or reading of the rivers Lagan, Liffey or Shannon freezing over, so why the Thames?

Love seeing Kennaway and Scarff playing for some reason.

Thanks as usual pal.

Hail Hail

Happy birthday Mr ATOB, welcome to Club 60. 🍺🍺🎂


I also enjoyed the running updates from our two professional imbibers yesterday, though no mention of a three quid meal anywhere.
The mini hoot sounded a great day out, look what we did Bobby!

ATOB, 60 is over hill so I recommend you trade the old man in? Think of the fights we could have 😉

Jobo Baldie

Mahe – not only did The Thames apparently freeze over twice, around 300 years apart but for it to happen “on this day” is quite remarkable! Or do I take SES’s weekly wonderful articles too literally? 😉


The Higgins appointment certainly has motivated a certain section of the support, and has the potential to unite the different sections.

The club have backed themselves into a corner here in that they gave the support a reason to come together, but can’t be seen submitting to fan power.
Hiring him will hurt the team and bottom line, not hiring him boosts the support and makes them think we have power.
Lose/Lose for the PLC, idiots.

Look for Higgins to publicly announce he’s not interested in the position, so he saves face and the board do also.

What’s notable is how many groups were onboard in such a short time. I don’t know how they pulled it off but we as a support need to keep those connections open.

Was reading Brogan opine the club are afraid of cops so they tend to give the security position to one. It’s backwards thinking and he isn’t the best man/woman for the job.

This one is very interesting,,the club accidentally brought the fans together on an issue were before it was considered nigh impossible.

Maybe there is hope.

Thanksgiving weekend in the USA, it’s turkey dinner time folks.
Hail Hail


Jobo, quite a coincidence indeed. Pity there were no camera phones, I’d love to see some footage.
Hail Hail

Prestonpans bhoys


Enjoyed that so much watched it twice👍👏

In December 1995 Mrs Kitts and I were travelling from Edinburgh to Saltcoats, a journey which would normally take around 1-2 hours. On this occasion it took around 6. There had been significant snowfall in the days before our journey and the temperature during the day never got close to zero, generally around -5°C. Every time a car or lorry passed us on the M8, the spray immediately froze on our windscreen, and the wipers would only smear it. Our windscreen washer was also frozen solid. I had loaded up with tins of de-icer and washing up liquid bottles full of soapy water, as I expected problems. Still meant having to stop continually to spray the screen, though.
As we went over the Kingston Bridge, there was ice on the Clyde and it didn’t appear to be flowing.
That night we went to a party at the Seamill Hydro, and it was so cold (reports at the time said it reached -26°C) that the sea froze for several yards at the water’s edge.
The return journey to Edinburgh took almost as long. We had snow outside my workplace which had been shovelled and compacted against a 5 foot high wall, and the last of it finally melted near the end of February.
That was the coldest I’ve ever known in Scotland, but my Canadian cousin from Alberta ofter regales me with tales of having to plug his truck into the electrical system to stop the oil and diesel freezing overnight.
Amazing to think of this when I’m sitting in 30°C sunshine.😎😎


Frank Terry, Gscbhoy and wee BGFC still to put in picks for tonight’s Ross vs Hibs match on Superbru.


Heading out to work (last shift for five days) but will reply late tonight. Thanks for the response.
Have a great day.
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How are you enjoying being back in the cooking game? You were out for a few years, no?

Maybe time for you to do a Tony Bourdain Kitchen Confidential style Celtic blog/Cooking tell all book… the seemy underbelly of Celtic, football blogging and food …I would buy that!

of course, a world tour and TV series would follow …

and if you need an agent ….

big packy

SALTIRES, sorry pal so much going on, just seen your wonderful article, absolutely brilliant,, thanks for that, cheers pal👍

Good grief, how many wrong calls did this mib make? No contact on the attacker, clearly at least 2 yards outside the area, attempted to play the ball. By giving a penalty the ref then should not be sending the keeper off (double jeopardy) as Hazard tried to play the ball but missed everything, including the diving forward). If he was going to send him off, should have been a free kick. Another mib about to get promoted 😡😡


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Check out the cheating here in the B Team game,totally ridiculous

Just beat you to that one, Bada….😎😎

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SOL, hope you are enjoying your holiday,👍

Big Packy
Having a cracking time, mate. Went all inclusive, so can eat and drink all day. Now relying on Mr Euromillions to come up with the goods on Friday, after which all my future posts will be sun-kissed. 😎😎

Mike in Toronto

Toronto FC hired their new GM and coach today … former US coach Bob Bradley.

Rumors that TFC in negotiations with both Giovinco (who wants to return to TO) and Insigne.

Would like TFC to look at the Asian market… obviously some good players and value there. Maybe steal one or two away before Celtic can get them!

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