Squeaky Bum December

Should the famous Glasgow Celtic avoid defeat, November shall be the second consecutive month without losing in the league.
Since the beginning of October we have registered four clean sheets in the league, whilst conceding a meager four goals.
For contrast the current Champions failed to keep any clean sheets while shipping eight goals.


December’s fixture list clearly favours the team in the Hoops, our title rivals being drawn away to the Hibs, Hearts and the Dons during the month. We shall face all three teams at home during the same time, but before facing the Hibs have the opportunity to give their confidence a severe dent via a cup final. That same Hibs side can face the current Champions at home on the first of the month with a mountain of confidence having comprehensively dispatched them from the cup.


December is increasingly looking like a key month in this title race, we shall probably look back and claim it was the key to either victory or defeat.
If ever there was a time for this Celtic team to be absolutely ruthless, next month is the perfect time.


What’s called for is another month undefeated, with a confidence boosting cup, then a signing or two announced on the first to steal the headlines and pile on more pressure just before we get the Ibrox mob at home.
A strong December followed by a very positive start to the new year and I fully predict we lift the trophy come May.


Of course that’s best case scenario and wishful thinking,,our title rivals and current Champions will have zero intentions of meekly surrendering while their new manager won’t want to blow this title shot.
Should they overcome the best of the rest during the Christmas month, that would give them great confidence when travelling across the city on the 2nd January 2022.
December shall cement their title credentials, or expose them as there for the taking.
Should they beat the top four other teams away from home in a short period, we shall have to hold our hands up and admit that’s title winning form.
Call me naive but I just can’t see it.


The Holiday period should see the four point gap reduced, not widened. Across the city they would accept that same gap this time next month, most Tims wouldn’t.
They have done well to maintain it, but from this point that task gets much harder.
The upcoming derby game is already huge, if it offers the opportunity to go top for the first time with a victory, then it becomes colossal.


Households shall smell of sprouts, Saint Nicholas shall bring gifts, the weather shall bring cold and snow,
the refs shall bring dubious decisions, but will the festive period bring new league leaders?

By Mahe

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Margaret McGill

Something screwed up in the “SentinelCelts” title… a mistaken return key maybe?


Good morning all from a chilly Govanhill.

A thing of beauty

It’s definitely squeaky bum time. We’re paper thin as a squad and Thursday night cemented that. They are not. They’re used to playing their style and have players who are good enough to slot in. Van Bronkhurst has his team round about him and will reinvigorate their team. If we are still four points behind going into the game on 2nd January I’ll take that. I said at the time it was a blow to us when Gerrard left because I knew they had the structures in place to replace him quickly and they’ve done so with minimal fuss.
Paddys maw and I were at the Irvine csc to see Jackie McNamara last night. Brilliant night and Jackie is every bit the gentleman you’d expect but there is a streak of steel that runs through him. It got him to the top our game, made him a decent career in coaching but most important of all helped him survive a brain aneurysm and get back to full health. It was great to see him looking so well and he kept us entertained for over 2 hours. If you get the chance to see him it’s worth the
Money. Kudos to Gerry McDade as compère and promoter.


Around 16 participants still to make their pick on Superbru before 3pm today

Prestonpans bhoys

Yes December is basically the fixture list reversed from the opening season. They now have to crawl out of the bigotdome and play games.

On yesterday’s article I have to say about a group heading to the wrong Bowness:

Surely worthy of comment of the day 😂😂😂👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏


Anyone spot themselves



Well done to Bayern Munich fans at their AGM.



Sure looks that way! And nice one from JOBO in the comments.

bada bing1

Supporters who can’t be at this weekend’s league match v Aberdeen can still tune in to all the live action from the comfort of home, with StreamDigital offering Pay-per-view for Sunday’s match.

Goals in either half from Kyogo and Jota secured the points for the Celts at Pittodrie when the sides last met, and the Hoops will be looking to make home advantage count in front of a sold-out Celtic Park this weekend.

Sunday’s match will also be an emotional occasion as the club with current captain Callum McGregor and former captain Scott Brown, will pay tribute to Bertie pre-match on what is set to be a special day for the Celtic family, as we honour and remember the legendary Bertie Auld.

It’s a 3pm kick-off with pay-per-view available to supporters in the UK and Ireland only, priced £12.99.


Last Superbru call for BRTH, BFGC(and wee BGFC), Gscbhoy, McCaff and Knoxy

Corkhold Spanner

I should think the Famous Glasgow Celtic will avoid defeat today, Mahe, as they don’t play til tomorrow 🙂


Here’s hoping that December turns out to be a fine month for the good ould Celts.


Cheers for the wee tune last night. I too, cannot for the life of me, see what Kennedy and Strachan bring to the party. Ange should be allowed to bring in his own team.

Puff Puff

Have always been a bit of a romantic, if truth be told. Not so sure about being a New Romantic though. 😂



‘It’s also clear that the UK media is invariably found to be the least trusted in Europe by it’s domestic audience and, worse, research found that the print media is particularly distrusted in Scotland’. 🤔

The Gombeen Man

Ange Postecoglou would be better off changing his favoured black jumper for the suit of armour worn by Ned Kelly in the infamous shootout in 1880.

Without a confidant in the Lennoxtown Holiday Camp or the PLC’s home turf at Celtic Park. Ange cuts a lonely figure.

The Big Man is surrounded by a collection slíbhíns, mé féiners and bowsies. A gaggle of ‘little John Bulls.’ All too keen to cash in on the easy money of Old Firmisim.

As the 4 x4s snake their way out the guarded car parks. It’s the Big Man who faces the media and the supporters. It’s the Big Man who trains the team and sets up the tactics. He even stars in the PLC’s seasonal cash grab, the Christmas advert.

As the Shoneens tuck into their succulent lamb tomorrow . It’s the Big Man who will make his way to Celtic Park in Douglas Parks’ bus.

Knowing that whatever happens, The Old Firm is back. He’s Dermot’s current fall guy For the years of incompetence, downsizing and collusion.

Rangers went bust. Celtic’s suited Shoneen’s resurrected them and sold out the Scottish diaspora. Ned Kelly and generations before and after have felt that pain of treachery…

Five Way Agreements, Continuity Myths, doctored resolutions, downsizing, bent administrators and refs.

Treachery : the hallmark of the mean shoneen.

And still they cough up. Clamouring to find something in Celtic that’s not there. It’s like a rainbow. An illusion. You’re all seeing different rainbows.

With the inevitable feck ups, Ange’ll cop the blame. The Old Firm will trundle on and the Scottish Diaspora will stay rooted at the back of their Parks of Hamilton bus.

All thanks to the Gombeens’ precious Old Firm money printer.

As the famous old Irish rhyme goes…

“There is not in this wide world a creature so mean,
As that mongrel of mongrels, the Irish shoneen!”



Liverpool’s legendary manager Bill Shankly once said: “I believe the only way to live and to be truly successful is by collective effort, with everyone working for each other, everyone helping each other, and everyone having a share of the rewards at the end of the day.”

Though top-level football may be too far gone for the last part to be true, for any kind of sustained success it at least needs to be true on the pitch, regardless of the size of splashes a club are able to make in the transfer market or the quality of individuals in the squad.


Red Star, Paris St-Germain and the contrasting global brands of Parisian football


Afternoon all & Packy.
I remember there was a lot of gossip a few years ago that John Kennedy was almost definitely a Board appointment to the coaching staff. Peter Lawwell’s eyes and ears on the squad & managers. Brendan Rodgers of course insisted on his own choices but even then JK remained as a 1st team coach..
Before he was second in charge apparently he was ‘defence’ coach! With our defence, in the last couple of years, more often than not being unstable it was often asked what the hell was JK doing?
it is telling that when Brendan Rodgers left he took all his senior men with him but not John Kennedy.
Lenny accepted him as his 2nd I/C, but the least said about that appointment in the showers the better. I admit I am stumped as to why Ange has not started to build his own team and get rid of the Board appointments – Kennedy & Strachan.


I think Celtic done the right thing giving John Kennedy a junior coaching role when his playing career was terribly cut short. But I also think his promotions were more political than meritorious.

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, jim agree regarding john kennedy 👍 just spent 5 hours moving furniture from wee joans mums house,,by god that woman had some lovely stuff, but by god it was heavy to move,,dont forget im nearly fifty,,another not true story😎


JTT I’m sure BR wanted to take JK to Leicester but he decided to stay at Celtic 🤔


Think I’d need to get a removal firm in if it were me!

The Gombeen Man

Yes Jim, “stumped” is the appropriate word.

I was half hoping that something might happen in January, given Ange’s connections in Japan.

Is Ange, Brave? Naive? Ambitious?

Certainly he’s strong willed to walk in there every day with no support.

Maybe the lack of baggage in Scotland/UK is a help?


Have a great weekend.


The Gombeen Man

Big Packy,

My condolences to Joan on the loss of her Mam.

It’s been a difficult couple of years with the change in Joan’s business. You’ve stood with Joan all the way.

You’ve all been in my thoughts and prayers this week.

I’m trying to post less during the week. So I’ve waited until the weekend.

Posting is like smoking…Wan leads to another…

big packy

THE GOMBEEN MAN, what a lovely post,,thanks very much pal, you have been missed on here,,please keep posting👍


TGM Like your good self i tend not to post much midweek (or smoke, drink and gamble) but cometh the weekend …… HH 😜



Red Hot Chili Peppers – Love Rollercoaster [Official Music Video] / Green Pepper

The Gombeen Man


You’re more disciplined than me.

Fair play. Enjoy the 48 hours of playtime.


No bother. Take care.


Ward Thomas – No Filter (Official Video) / WardThomasVEVO

big packy

JIM, just been reading some of the sympathy cards, it does your heart good knowing people from near and far, and who probably havent seen evelyn in years, take time out to say their condolences👍


Packy, just looking at that picture of the Lisbon Lions there on the ASWGL’s background. I was thinking back to that day. After the match there were a couple of cars full of Tims driving around our scheme, Celtic scarves waving, singing their hearts out and beeping the horns! Believe it not they came to no trouble, not even an egg thrown at their cars 🙂

The next morning at school our registration teacher had us all singing Celtic songs! Bliddy Catholic schools! They wouldn’t do that nowadays! LOL 🙂


Packy, that’s nice to hear, hope it brings some comfort to Joan.

The Gombeen Man

I think that Ange will relish the challenge of having everything within the footballing department-i.e. Celtic FC-under his full control. Ange, in my opinion, is very much like Jock Stein in this respect. I doubt that anything gets by him. In his short time at the club, he has displayed an amazing grasp of everything the club stands for. I do believe that the board simply do not know how to handle the man. He seems to have an excellent working relationship with the CEO, so that is a plus point.

Speaking of CEOs, Big Pete was also a man who enjoyed loads of responsibility at Celtic Park. Unlike that incompetent fecker however, Ange knows what he is doing.

I still believe that Ange, will be allowed to bring in his own people eventually. It would be remiss of me not to point out-given my opinion of Mr Stein above-that the Big Man had an excellent deputy in the form of Sean Fallon, Celtic’s very own ‘Iron Man.’ Compare this to what Ange got lumbered with i.e. Kennedy and Strachan. Perhaps the PLC board members will come to their senses, an upgrade these two world-renowned, world-class coaches, to first-class seats on the never ending gravy train.


As I do not read the papers or listen to the news-too damn depressing-I greatly appreciate post like your posts today…keeps me in touch with world events.


I remember a while ago, you stated that you were hoping to go to Belfast for a short break. If you have not been yet, I would suggest that you consider the ‘Belfast Celtic Walking Tour’, which is highly recommended in an excellent book on Glasgow Celtic, which I am working my way through.

Hail Hail.

big packy

JIM,yes remember next morning as st augustines in coatbridge, every pupil had a celtic scarf on including the girls.👍

big packy

JIM yes it does bring comfort👍

Big Packy
I’m sitting with Mrs Kitts, waiting for the transfer to the airport for our return flight to Heathrow. I heard from BMCUWP that the weather in England is tropical, hot and humid. Is that right, or is he winding me up? If he’s right I’m going to travel back in shorts and.taps aff mode. I trust you on this, mate, don’t let me down, and that’s another true story. 😎😎

Margaret McGill

Love Dolly Parton. A wonderful women as well as a singer. 🙂

big packy

SOL, put it this way if you were your shorts back home here, your a better man than me,😎😎 another true story,😎

big packy

JIM, remember the great buddy rich on his deathbed, someone asked him buddy what dont you like in the world today, buddy replied,country and western music😎 another true story😎


Packy I like it, wouldn’t say I’m a fanatic though.

A thing of beauty

I never made it to Belfast but do plan to go next year so will get more info from you nearer the time. Much appreciated.

big packy

JIM, to be honest i could listen to jim reeves and patsy cline all night,👍


Agreed Packy, those two are brilliant.

big packy

lovely jubbly 🙂

big packy

they dont make singers like them anymore👍

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