Underpar, we overpower

I’m disappointed with the Don’s. They were the largest team I’ve witnessed in quite a while, big strong lads was clearly the call.
While Martin liked a physical specimen, he demanded they could play a bit and didn’t pack the entire team with them.
It’s sad what could be the nations third biggest footballing force has descended to such basic levels given their history, and I must wonder are their fans happy with that approach, turning up every week to see a battle?
I’ll add Glass to the list of names currently employed but doing the game a diservice with their approach. I recall one shot from distance, the penalty (more on that later), and a corner which they were always going to threaten from. It’s their primary weapon, how sad is that.
As for Scott Brown, how he can attach his name (via coaching) to that is beyond me?
We saw first hand why he is no longer in the Hoops,,much too deep so as to be ineffectual bar one good pass, and the body just can’t handle a full high tempo game anymore.
It’s hard to see how their American owners can be happy with their lowly right position, which is a clear reflection on those dinosaur tactics which would be at home in the second division. Surely their manager won’t last long, which might mean Scott given the nod. I think he should stop playing and focus more on that side of things. Unfortunately I don’t believe he’s a deep thinker, usually all action instinctive players don’t make great managers.
On the park thinkers can often make the transition.
Onto the Hoops,,
We were below average, maybe 7 outta 10 on the day. A team on a bad run would have tied that game, a decent team keep working and trying safe in the knowledge it can pay off. Once again it did.
We didn’t stop, didn’t panic, and didn’t settle for the draw. And once again it paid dividends.
That’s several different types of tests we’ve passed recently by hook or by crook. We weren’t getting bullied, or drawn into a battle to suit our opponent. As usual their penalty box was flooded with players when the chance arose, Ange’s tactic which usually pays off, and did again via Calmacs rump and Jota’s weaker peg.
Why weren’t we at our best?
To these eyes their centre backs had the smarts to nullify Kyogo, and their midfield was tasked with doubling Jota.
It was a game that would have suited G-Mac more I think, although Furuhashi worked his socks off.
Boy Wonder is good enough to evade being doubled up on occasion, and is developing a real taste for goals.
He’s a difference maker.
Better teams than Aberdeen have tried and failed to nullify our attacking threat for an entire game, it was always asking a lot of them on Bertie’s final home game.
However our tactics didn’t help.
The full backs only started to come forward when the game was tied. JJ’s first real foray ended up with two corners.
On the other side Tony doesnt beat a man or hit the byline then cross, although he has a beautiful cross field pass.
It’s clear they are instructed to stay back, having Abada and Jota ahead who aren’t workhorses it helps solidify up the back by not leaving us exposed down the flanks.
But we love attacking fullbacks, it’s in our DNA. Jura is said to be much better in his natural right back berth with license to attack, and we are heavily linked with a left back. I think it’s fair to say he will play left back, pushing JJ across the field.
That opens up the overlap to deliver with the most accurate foot.
We miss overlapping play and the extra options attacking fullbacks offer.
That can be fixed, and I hope the new left back is the start of the process.
Abada is off the boil, that berth should be given to James now. The other James can be content with his contribution and another game under the belt, didn’t look out of place and isn’t a talking point, just quietly skipped in and did his job, pat on the back.
The biggest pat on the back should go to whoever gave Boy Wonder the nod to join.
I wanted an Alan Thompson clone out left after Mo, who was a talent but inconsistent. Someone in their prime and solid so we could forget about that area for a few years,,a Pole or something.
When I first seen Jota I flinched.
He’s young, too young I thought for a position that needs stability and must help out the left back.
He’s a boy, a thin whip of a lad, which in my eyes wasn’t a good start. The local cloggers have a special plan for scrawny lads like him, boot him.
Then there’s the tan. He won’t be topping that up in his new home.
The diet and lifestyle aren’t as important as they used to be, but if long afternoons at the beach in the heat are how he relaxes it was going to be an unhappy stay.
There’s also family to consider, a young man would probably bring someone along and their happiness becomes shared, recall El Hamed had to depart due to an unhappy family.
I gave him 50/50 to simply settle, less to enjoy his footballing education in Scotland.
A berth was all we could offer him, the adulation of the support must be earned.
Earned it he has.
Our Japanese bhoy is a find, Jota has the potential to be a find and a goldmine one day.
When I saw it was Clancy I rolled my eyes, a poor referee if ever I saw one.
I counted five occasions he could have or should have produced the yellow card against the team in red, but decided not to.
The two poor tackles within the first eight minutes, two poor tackles by their sub Samuels, and the simulation for win the penalty.
My first impression was penalty but upon viewing the replay Liel pulls out of the tackle and plants a leg in the attackers way. The attacker runs into the leg then throws himself in the air.
His dive should have been a bookable offense. That’s how I see it.
However when you give these refs the option they will point to the spot, all I can say is at least Abada was backtracking attempting to help out but he could do with some sideline time to refund his mojo.
Having ignored five yellows by them, Clancy was more than happy to book Mikey for his first offense, a silly throwing the ball ten yards back.
As far as whistlers go, it doesn’t really matter the name, they are all substandard.
That’s two months undefeated now domestically, another first for Ange and you must admit a sign things are on the up. Next up is under the floodlights, a cold December night time match which brings out the best from the home crowd.
For a collection that thrives off fan energy, and with it being the dastardly Jambo’s thus raising the temperature a degree, I get the feeling the bhoys will enjoy the occasion.
It would be a great scalp to take, and a great start to Christmas.
Roll on Thursday.

By Mahe

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Good morning all from Govanhill. Good article Mahe. 👍


7/10 was an A pass back in my day. Much better than average.
I’d say the average performers on the day were Abada and Turnbull, with McCarthy having a solid if unspectacular day.
The rest performed admirably ( 7/10) given the opposition, the officiating and the draining mental/ physical Euro exploits 3 days before.

The Hearts game will be similar but extra prep time for us should make the difference.

Noel Skytrot

Watching Aberdeen reminded me of how Livingston set up, not to play football, but only to contain and hope they get a break which they did with the ridiculous penalty decision. Aberdeen supporters chants were a disgrace yesterday, no better that what the huns spout. As for Celtic, we huffed and puffed but I suspect Thursday nights exertions had taken there toll.

Kyogo was brilliant but we need someone who can play a ball to match his runs. I walked into someone yesterday by accident at the front of the stadium imagine my suprise when I apologised then noticed it was Lawwell in his expensive looking black wool coat, if looks could kill.


Martindale’s Livingston played a more open game yesterday- wonder why?

Kyogo has the speed to delay his runs fractionally.
Was called offside a few times yesterday, but agree the through ball quality has to be better.


Substandard is not the issue with refs.
It’s the environment they perform in for the most part.
Clancy has consistently erred to Celtics disadvantage in games with us.
This is the safe option as is tolerated by his bosses and glossed over by mssm.
Not all refs are biased but they know which way to err to remain on the gravy train.
A mistake in favor of Celtic see’s days of attack on ref by mssm and makes it easy for SFA to demote.
An error against Celtic see’s concerted effort to justify or ignore completely and ref continues with career in ascendancy.
For the real biased cheats like Beaton,Madden,Walsh and McLean they know their positions at the top table are guaranteed.
And the Best Wee Country stays placated.

PS, I think it will be one of the greatest feats by any Celtic coach if Ange wins the league.
The distress call has been sounded by Huns needing the Champions league loot and the referees have so far obliged with impunity.
I expect there will be worse decisions for the huns and against Celtic as the farce rolls on.

Prestonpans bhoys

What we got from Aberdeen yesterday was expected behaviour from their players game plan and supporters songbook.

Well and truly gone are the good competitive attempt to win a game, now ole Livingston style. As for their fans are they trying to prove a point that they are more vile than the Huns😕


Ставки на спортивные мероприятия всегда привлекают внимание многих со всей Земли. Большинство отлично на спортставках зарабатывают, причём регулярно. Нужно найти надёжного букмекера. Один из конкретных вариантов БК – 1 вин. Подробный обзор БК на сайте Бетонмобайл.



Noel Skytrot
I posted last night that our body positioning when receiving a pass is an issue.
We are often in a passive or negative mindset.
When we change this to a more positive stance then we will truly benefit from Kyogo’s movement and runs.
Aberdeen where just another SPL team who were allowed to play through the back of our players with impunity.
We have to stop allowing this to be a clear tactic by opponents.
A simple slight diagonal turn when receiving ball would nullify this for fear of over committing.
We have to play smarter and with a more forward mindset.

Noel Skytrot

I totally agree with the points made in your post.

Noel Skytrot

I thought that we lacked in midfield in terms of dig and pointed out to my father if we had someone who could ping diagonals we would get behind any team. Abada in particular had tons of space during the game though I thought he was rather subdued.


Noel Skytrot
I have consistently said our midfield balance is the real problem.
Does not create or defend enough.
But even with present personnel i think a more positive body stance would improve us.

St tams

Agree regarding body position and receiving a pass.
If these players don’t know how to do that now they never wil and wait until Starfelt is back, he is worse than any of them.

We have some very average players.

Another thing is why can’t any of the back 4 play a ball over the top. The amount of times that Kyogo and Jota are looking for that pass is unbelievable .


St tams
I think our players have developed some bad habits which could be rectified.
They are too willing to pass responsibility so easy pass is option taken.
This exposes how incomplete our coaching staff is.
We have the bigger picture with Ange but he doesn’t have the other coaches needed to fill in the details.
While this prevails we will always nearly be a good team.
Since the board’s priority is making profit on selling individual players i can’t see the team being a priority so nothing will change.
The length of time it’s taking to recruit vital technical staff says everything about where this board’s focus and priorities lie.


Good afternoon all from Shawlands.

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, well thats wee joans mums funeral sorted the 16th of december at walton lea crematorium near warrington, then the queen of hearts pub in runcorn, a stones throw away from her little bungalow,,your all welcome to come but its a bit far for you ghuys,,frodshambhoy if your lurking if you want to come ill buy your drinks all afternoon and put it on jimthetims credit card, i know he wont mind😎 ,BTW the coop are going to put pictures of evelyn on the big screen at the crematorium from her childhood to the present day,my god technology,👍


I didn’t see the highlights till later. I was a gibbering wreck listening to the radio. Re the penalty. My first thought was:

“WTF is Abada doing in our penalty box?”

My second thought was:

“Clancy…you feckin’ soup-taking Masonic bastard.” Or words to that effect.

As for our FBs. I too like to see overlapping FB. However, if one is charging forward, the other should stay in defence.

Even if Kyogo is not scoring, his workrate off the ball is phenomenal. Him and Jota are dragging opposition defences all over the place. This should be a perfect senario for Calmac and Turnbull to whack the ball from a distance…and by that, I obviously mean into the net. And not row z. When this team finally clicks, some team is gonna take an absolute doing.


Was Lawwell wearing his Rangers* scarf? It’s probably best that you did not recognise him immediately. I reckon that you would have lamped the fecker. Honestly. This man has some brass neck, turning up at a game after last season. He hasn’t gone away, you know.

Big Packy

I was out at the local shops earlier and had to queue to get into one of them. Standing next to me was a young lad, with the cutest wee terrier that you will ever see. Bear in mind that I stay in Ibrox. “What’s yer wee dog’s name?”, sez I.

“Kyogo”, replies the youngster. Not all in the queue were mightily impressed with this. I sometimes think that the Huns take this whole fitba business a bit too seriously. 😀

St tams

I think it’s easy to blame the coaching staff, but the buck stops at the manager as far as I’m concerned.

I don’t see one player who has improved since he came.
I’m talking about, Welsh, Turnbull, Abada or Johnston. Still all playing the same way and making the same mistakes.

I want Ange to succeed, but I just don’t see it I’m afraid.

Mike in Toronto

A few posters (fan being one) have pointed out for years that most Celtic players seem to play with their back to the goal … and not just strikers (who sometimes do so to hold up the ball)

when the keeper has it, everyone turns to face him… defenders get the ball, take a touch or two, pass it sideways, and then either blooter it forward, or pass it to someone who (by this time) has stopped his run, turned back and can take the ball … again, while facing his own goal … then take one or two touches, by which time, the forwards have stopped their runs (or they would be offside) … and the whole process breaks down …

and we, invariably, end up camped out around the 18 yard box passing it around, but without, really, much purpose (although, admittedly, in the SPL, this does tire most teams out by around the 75 minute mark ) … although, if Celtic’s better conditioned athletes upped the tempo, we would probably tire most teams out by half time).

watch most good teams (Man City, Chelsea), and the balls get forward so much quicker .. and not necessarily just route one lump it up stuff … but players receive the balls moving forward … or if stationary facing sideways not back. so they can see where their teams mates are/what runs they are making, and play the ‘killer pass’ quickly .. before the defences are set …

and teams in the lower half of the EPL set up to frustrate teams like City and Chelsea and Liverpool … but those teams – three of the best coached teams in the world – can break down massed defences … and usually do it by speed of thought and play …

I recognize that they are some of the best, most expensive teams in the world, but the ”weaker EPL teams’ are among the best, most expensive teams in the world …

the gap/ratio in talent is similar to what Celtic faces against teams in the SPL … so, no reason that Celtic cant better exploit the financial and talent gap that exists in the SPL…

Noel Skytrot

the thought of saying something did cross my mind but it happened so quick and with Glasgow’s most corrupt standing about as the crowds looked at the Bertie tributes I thought better of it. I would have probably got the nick if I did. They’re all in the same club if you get my drift.

Mike in Toronto

how do you fix it?

first week of training … you get 3 touches once… and 2 back passes per session .. any more than that, and you run 10 laps ..

next week, if you do it again, get fined a week’s wages….

next week, if you keep doing it, you get shot … bet they wont do it again…. nor will the rest of their team mates, I bet (just hope the guilty party is a reserve player, and not a key player like Kyogo)

no more of this mollycoddling players!


big packy

MAGUA, cheers pal, did not think there would be any west highland terriers in govan ,😎😎


ST tams
I myself am not convinced on Ange.
He is our coach for the foreseeable future.
But i have zero belief in Kennedy and Strachan so would like to see better assistants employed to see if it would improve our technical performance and coaching.
So far we seem to lack game sense ,technique and guile.

Mike in Toronto


the rumor is that Strachan is heading back to England.


Mike in Toronto
Sure there will be an abundance of willing drivers to take him there,
Having an iPad does not a coach make.


big packy

wee joan has just been round at her mums house, clearing up bits and pieces, 2 bottles of teachers whisky, she phoned me im going to give this whisky to the local charity shop as i know you dont like whisky, hey haud on a minute, i never mentioned teachers whisky, get it over here😎😎


Have you ever thought about the role played by the teeter-toter or see-saw in your life? In Economics it is known as a cost benefit analysis; in medicine it is called comorbidity. I pray none of you encounter the medical version as my mother did. In her eighties, she fell and fractured her hip. Normally an op is carried out swiftly to repair the fracture before other complications can set in. She was too weak to survive the op so the complications did set in and she went into hospice care. So, the see-saws of life can have profound effects.

At the moment I am facing one of these balancing decisions.w.r.t Celtic.

Every day on blogs such as this, outrage is expressed about bigotry, racialism, and poor/biased referees. Throw in the favouritism and/or cheating from Sevco and you have one side of the see-saw……..the toxic side. It is reported upon in some form every day on the Celtic blogs. It is a depressing stew and not a healthy one to digest, at least by me.

On the other side of our teeter toter, we have love of Celtic and the game. Our task, should we choose to accept it, is to find a balance or equilibrium between these two sides. How much of the crap will you tolerate before it overwhelms your love of the club and going to games? Alternately, is your love of the club and the social occasions enabling higher levels of corruption?

I face this dilemma every day when I decide whether to read this blog and others. Similarly, the match day see saw needs to be negotiated. Subscribe to Celtic TV or not, or use an alternative streaming service, with associated risks. Sometimes, I avoid the game, others I watch, with an ailing conscience.

Riding the various see saws is tough on the emotions. Rarely, is my balancing act influenced by the cerebral, almost always by the emotions.

If anything is clear to me at the moment, it is that this season is pivotal for me. If we had continued on with NL and PL in situ, I would be gone. This season it is exciting to see a team being built but all of the negatives still remain on the other side of the balance. Investing in players in January and winning the league would probably tip the balance. I see winning the league as evidence that good can triumph. If it was a level playing field, I would be disappointed to lose the league but sporting integrity would be maintained. So my decision making is not solely influenced by winning or losing. Losing to you know who, merely exemplifies the triumph of dark forces…..something that is bad for our game. Losing to AB Sevco would be tolerable, and a sign that Scottish football was more than two teams.

Do I think we shall win the league? It all depends on recruitment in January and whether these players bed in quickly. Even then, the negative factors are still present and have the potential to become harsher. Look at the trivial booking of MJ versus the scything tackle on Ralston as an example. If I was looking objectively at the situation, I’d conclude that the odds are stacked against it. We may win two cups.


A lot of coaches down south use an ipad.
Down through the years our defence was never our strong point,even Mcleish was able to work out MON 3-5-2 set up.
GS was quite a bit better but fans were fed up with the set up.
We have to sort out our defence when we give up the ball during an attack,you coud drive a couple of double decker buses down the wings especially our right side.Over to you Ange.



When I coached I stole an idea from the Stein era. In practise games, each player can have two touches. One to control the ball, one to pass. Three touches means a foul against the player. It improves the short game tremendously but not the long. When the players master that, you can blow for a foul if a player is just moving the ball on carelessly so it is uncontrollable.

My team moved from a basket case to finish second to the mighty Pouch Cove! PC employed professional hit men in their team!



Hate to disappoint but rumour is Strachan has turned move down to remain at Celtic

Mike in Toronto


LiT was in town this weekend, so we ended up watching more football than normal ….

one of the games … I think it may have been the Bayern Munich coach had his Ipad on this really fancy looking stand and was typing away madly… looked quite impressive.. and I thought ‘that stand!… that is what Celtic is missing!’



Rebus, It’s always been that way with the establishment club being favoured, I maintain it’s because they are so bad they need a helping hand. However it never stopped Jock winning the big cup, and 9 titles IAR.
I also like MIT’s idea of shooting a player for a third lapse in concentration, I’d buy the bullets if it was for Money laundering F.C. over at Govan.


I watched the MC vs West Ham game and was struck by the similarities between that and our game vs Aberdeen. Yes, really! MC dominated possession and penned WH inside their penalty area. Their two inverted FBs contributed to claiming the ball back when WH hoofed it up the centre of the park. Both FBs also used the overlap, especially the LB.

We are an inferior MC in terms of our style. But what was really interesting was how MC beat the two line defence. The first goal was a result of a pass from a bye line run and the cut back. The second was a placed shot from the edge of the box. Lessons to be learned.



No problems with coaches using technology.
But as i said technology does not make a coach.


One thing square passing and hopeful punts does not do is break defensive lines.
Man city often have midfielders breaking up thos defensive lines.
Our midfield need to do better at knowing how to disrupt and force opponents into positional change.
We don’t do such which is why it was easy for Livingston to take 4 out of 6 points.
Also since Bitton and now McCarthy have forced change in midfield Turnbulls shooting from outside box which is another way to bypass defensive lines . has disappeared.
Varying our pedestrian pace would also help.


Packy, remember tomorrow is Saint Andrew’s day. According to the Church of Scotland Bible you have to eat haggis. Now strictly speaking, as wooden Catholics, that doesn’t apply to us. But I think we should observe this as a sign of support to our brothers and sisters in faith.
It’s an ecumenical matter!

big packy

JIM, bliddy heck st andrews day did not have a clue, remember at school we used to have a wee green ribbon on st patricks day the 17th of march, but st andrews day, st georges day, st davids day, did not have a clue, i blame kafflic schools😎😎


Thought haggis was strictly for Burn’s Night Jim?

I have only attended one Burn’s supper I’m my life, when I worked as a mental health support worker. The main speaker, was the actor who played Mr MacLennan? in 80s comedy City Lights. He was also in The Celtic Story at the Pavillion Theatre during the Centenary Season. He was very funny, and everyone was pished oot of their nappers, to use the technical term.

With two exceptions. Myself and my colleague, who of course couldn’t drink on duty.

On the plus side, the haggis and peppercorn sauce was very nice. 😀


Superbru Update

Tremendous performance this week from Auldheid who got the exact score right for 4 games, Celtic, Sevco, Hearts and Hibs. He also predicted the Ross Co. vs United draw but had it down for 2:2 not 1:1. Only Dundee’s surprise 3:0 win agaisnt Motherwell surprised him ( only Paddy’s Maw and Tirconnel forecast a Dundee win but neither got the score exactly right).

Auldheid romped home withn14.5 points heding the 11.5 of Traveller Bhoy and the 10.5 of Jmccormick and Billy Bhoy. Bottom this round with 1 point each were Chalmersbhoy and Magnificentseven.

In the overall leaderboard, Auldheid has shot up 21 places to 12th. Our top 3 remain as:-
Call me Gerry- 88
Bateen Bhoy- 80.5
& Hpeful Hoops- 80

Propping up the table are the forgetful Wee BGFC (48 pts), TheLurkin Tim (49) and Chalmersbhoy (51). Jobo’s brother-in-law can escape from an ignominioid mention this week.

New predictions are due by Tuesday 30th November at 7.45 pmas Well are playing. There are also midwek games on Wed & Thursday.

big packy

JIM, remember singing on here a while ago, hail gloria st patrick hail queen of our isle, instead of king of our isle, and the late sorely missed garry delaney,,giving me down the banks,,for saying queen. rest in peace garry.HAIL HAIL.

big packy

MAGUA, im ashamed to say ive never tasted haggis in my life,,another true story,😎

I don’t know how good or bad our coaches are.I have said for a long time our big problem is recruitment.Two of the best players are on loan Vickers and Jota at least someone got that right.i can’t see a change anytime soon to the way we operate.


Magua, sounds like it was a great night!
Packy, As our Patron Saint, St Andrew’s day used to be a Holy Day of Obligation. Unlike St. Patrick’s day which nonetheless was celebrated more!

Packy, I don’t know where to begin with your mixing the words of hymns up!

Hail Glorious St. Patrick dear saint of our isle
Hail Queen of Heaven, the Ocean Star

Big Packy

Like myself and Guinness, it’s an acquired taste. 😀


Packy, I’m beginning to think your memory is even worse than mine. At least I’ve got the excuse of being 68, but you’re not even 50 yet!
I can remember the words to Hail Glorious St. Patrick because I have sung it 7,349 times!


7,349. That number sounds familiar Jim. Now let me think. Oh aye. Got it. It’s the number of penalties that Tavpen has scored in his few years with the Huns.

Hail Hail.

big packy


big packy

JIM, excuse me 39 and a few months😎 quite a lot of months mind you😎😎


Packy, Magua, LOL 🙂 🙂