Happy Saint Andrew’s Day


And a Happy Saint Andrew’s Day to all of our Scottish readers. Some sites also have Saint Andrew as the Patron Saint of Greece amongst other countries,which ties in neatly with our new manager. See,you all think I throw these things together,and you are right-but I can sometimes remember to do a bit of googling just to check that my memory is correct.

It used to be called research,I think…

I wouldn’t go as far as to say that AP is a saint. After all,he hasn’t yet won anything-but he has certainly instilled some long lost belief among the fans and more importantly the players. He has us playing in a much more attacking style,and has largely discouraged the mantra of possession which saw us aimlessly passing the ball in front of packed rearguards.

It isn’t yet perfect-but then,even Saint Andrew’s mentor knew that miracles take time!

So AP hasn’t achieved beatification status yet,but he certainly has the patience of a saint. Anyone new to the strange ways of Scottish football,anyone who has seen the different methods of refereeing being applied to the opposing sides in the same game,or the paucity of yellow cards to our rivals while we are gathering them like confetti,most definitely has the patience of a saint. I’ll say no more about penalty awards,or timely red cards. I’m not telling you anything you don’t know.

It is clear by now that I’m not telling AP anything he doesn’t know either. Despite being brought in very late in the recruitment process,he was on the ball right away with his clear belief in pass and move. He was on the ball very early in his identification of where we needed strengthened,and many of his signings have slotted in to great effect. He has been clear -and vocal too-from the start that there is a rebuilding process in place,and that he wants new recruits again in January.

I’m not sure he will accept shilly-shallying or flim-flam from anyone regarding his plans,whether that be from players who don’t buy into his ethos or from a board unwilling to support him. Certainly,he has the players onside-and most of the fans too. The rigidity of the board and the continuing questions about the departure of DMcK should be a source of concern for him,and for the fans too. But it should above all be a concern for that board. I don’t think the fans will accept having a fourth-or fifth,depending on how you count it-manager in three years,and I don’t think it will be acceptable to the players either.

I suspect that AP knows that he is dealing from a position of strength with a board who normally CGAF,and if so he knows that his demands will be more carefully considered by our intransigent incumbents. He knows too that he has shown who holds the cards when dealing with our unique form of sports journalist in Scotland-usually a pish stained jakey with a hun scarf in his pocket,and the hunnishness and venom dripping out of him. Or her,as the case may be nowadays.

He has certainly learned very quickly who his friends are,but more importantly those who never will be!

So AP is no saint,and the Celtic job is not the right one for such. But he’s a hard-nosed operator who knows what he is doing,and is hell-bent on success at a relatively late stage in his career. Yet we in Scotland judge success here so parochially that we overlook his achievements elsewhere,whether it be in club or international football? Celtic Plc need this man to succeed,and should be pulling out all the stops to make it so. Our chances of attracting another manager of international standing will be sub-zero if we are seen to let him down. Our share price has slumped by 40% recently while analysts believe the price should be only around 10% below its peak. That’s gotta hurt the money-obsessed!

Money talks,and we have it. Time to get the biscuit tin open and support a man who has largely been left to do it all on his own for the last six months. And let’s face it,the only way we can ever get that board to do the right thing is when they realise the hit they might take on their wallets.

Although I will deal with my thoughts on referees in a later article,that might also be the only way to get the useless NeverCelts to do something about them as well. I’m sure that AP has the referees in his sights,and as I said at the beginning,has the patience of a saint.

But then,has he ever struck any one of us as the type to sit quietly and take it?

No. Me neither. And I canny wait for him to blow.


Above article by BMCUWP

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St Andrew is also the patron saint of Russia. Just thought I’d share that vital info with you all.
I absolutely love Ange. My biggest worry was how would he handle the media. He’s the best at it since Jock Stein. The churnalists’ tone has changed from casual contempt to careful circumspection. He has their measure and they know it.
Our new style of play is exciting, but risky. I’m buying into it. We’re woefully short of cover in certain positions and we need, IMO, three signings at least in January. I’m confident we’ll have a successful team if Ange gets the backing he’s asking for.
I reckon it won’t be too long before he comments on referees. That should be interesting.


A minimum of three signings- a left back, creative mid and centre forward are the key positions for me.
I suspect sales will have to be engineered to allow incoming. Particularly if permanent signings include the reputed £10m plus to secure Jota n CCV.

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends and a Big Happy St Andrew’s Day to you all.
Not only are signings required in January, but get the deals done in the first week. With the recent direction of travel on reintroducing quarantine restrictions from folk flying in from other countries we need to plan with that contingency in mind – getting someone signed by, say 7 January might mean he can actually train with us from perhaps the 15th?
We have our winter shutdown after the Sevco game. We start back on Jan 22/23 with a Scottish Cup tie away to Alloa. Hopefully any new players are signed at the start, not the end of that shutdown period.

Morning Phil 😉


Morning all,

I agree with CFC,

Left Back, Forward thinking Midfielder and Centre Forward needed.

Just remember those January Sales at the shops and The “Oddment Day”.

Perhaps we could have one on 1st Jan.

For me to include;

Plus a few more if necessary.

Perhaps a Buy 1 get 1 free offer thrown in !!!!!!

Let’s help Ange and not hinder him 👍

HH 🍀🍀🍀

Prestonpans bhoys


Your January sales I agree with except, being a tad controversial, keeping Boli.😵
I think he can do a job and the ole Spain trip is in the past.


A thing of beauty

Preston pans bhoy,
More forgiving than me but aside from that he’s really not a good player. The thought of him playing inverted fullback and receiving the ball with two men pressing is giving me the proper fear.
I am in Aviemore for a few days to escape my freezing house. I have always respected the travelling Celtic support but never more so when you drive up to these places. I would not live north of Stirling if the house was free (and had heating!!!). Isolation is not for me.
Quick update on the cup final ticket. I did not receive an email offering me a ticket. This was the second final in a row this has happened to me despite being a member of the HCTS since it’s inception and never missing a game. I fired off an email to JPT letting him know my feelings in no uncertain terms. I then checked my junk where lo and behold my ticket offer was lurking. Cue another email to JPT with my profuse apologies. Flyingoffthehandlecsc.


Prestonpans bhoys,

Boli not for me !!!!!

I actually think he is never a footballer in a million years.

Sorry, but the toe cap for me

Holdingagrudge CSC 🍀🍀🍀

bada bing1

Been in the HTCS since the start, i have only once not taken a ticket, the St Johnstone semi final, no access rights to get a ticket for the final…..

Mark Mc


I’ve had the junk thing before but only moaned on blogs not to JPT! If you use Outlook, click on Not Junk and it will send back to Inbox and the next time it should not be junked

as with the semi, my ticket will airmail to Ireland and then get airmailed back to my mate in Scotland. Not very environmentally friendly me


Prestonpans bhoys,

I would also throw Urhoghide and Shaw into the mix if Ange has no intentions of playing them.

Have a nice day 🍀

Weet weet weet

Reading back I was smiling about memories of grandads and dads being able to handle themselves,made me remember the most emotional song I’ve ever heard

James Blunt Monsters


A thing of beauty

That’s why I always take the ticket – just in case. BTW, no joy with the HES interest free loan. It’s only for boilers. I told them I was an old boiler but my one in the house wasn’t. They didn’t listen. Swines. Thanks for trying though Bada.
Thanks for the info about emails. I am not a tech savvy person I can tell you.
Right off to Inverness, haud me back.



I agree, it seems to be same people ( Sometimes not even fans) that get tickets for the finals.

I stopped going to away games a good few years back and would always decline a ticket even if I ever got offered one.

And no, I’ve not been offered a ticket this time !!!

Still hope all those looking for a ticket, get one. 🤞

Agree Celtic could handle allocations better.

A wee story from years back,
I was attending Physio from Brian Scott at Celtic Park as I had broken my leg. He did private sessions in the afternoon after all the players had left.
Anyway I didn’t have a ticket for a forthcoming Celtic v Huns game and asked Brian if he knew anyone. Well he pointed me in the direction of Jim Kennedy who dealt with Celtic tickets.
I approached him and asked him if he had any spare ??“ Son, they’re like gold dust, no chance “.

Ahh well I said, Brian just recommended me to you.

Next thing, he produces a “ Wad of tickets that could’ve chocked a Clydesdale “.

There’s 2 son, but keep shtumm was his last words to me.

Seems things haven’t changed at Celtic Park in 35 years !!!!!!!!!!

bada bing1

ATOB- i got it for a new boiler,i should have taken the ticket and passed it on…

Good article BMCUW.

Happy St. Andrew’s Day to you all.


By feck, you’re on form today, and no mistake. The whole away ticket thing has always been a bit of a racket. Wee confession. The supporters bus of which I was a member of, from the WTT years right through to the wee Chesney years, always managed to come up with a lot more tickets than we were officially allocated. Our convenor was, shall we say, a ‘bit of a character’, and had a couple of contacts at the ticket office. Looking back on it, I now recognise the unfairness of this situation.


From last night. ‘An evil genius’, is it?

Why thank you, good sir.😀 By the bye Brian, that was a brilliant post of your memories of Coatbridge in the days of yore. I could say ‘Bygone days of yore’, but I wont, for obvious reasons.


Leggy, re your broken leg story.
I remember you lying on our sofa with your leg in plaster on Hogmanay into New Years Day. That was just before we moved south so it was 1st January 1984.
Despite being immobile I think you had more swally than anybody else as everyone made sure you always had a drink at hand.🍻🍻🍻


Good afternoon all from morrisons car park.


Morning all on this last day of November.

There should be a new signing announced on the morning of the 1st January to put pressure on Sevco and wipe the smile off their fans faces. Said signing should take in the derby clash, then have three weeks training with the group to get ready for their debut.
It could turn out well.

Livingston 14 fouls
Yellow cards 3
Rangers 12 fouls
Yellow cards 1

The league game before,,,

Ross County 11 fouls
Yellow cards 2
Rangers 12 fouls
Yellow cards 1

Two games before that vs the Don’s
Aberdeen 14 fouls
Yellow cards 4
Rangers 11 fouls
Yellow cards 1

There’s some mental gymnastics going on here.
The stats actually prove the rest of the league is up against twelve men. This isn’t just a Sellic issue, but it’s clear they want that money come end of season.
Not sure Ange will be allowed to lift the title.

Clubs need some way to demonstrate beyond the usual routes.


This isn’t just a Sellic issue, but it’s clear they want that money come end of season.
Not sure Ange will be allowed to lift the title.

Clubs need some way to demonstrate beyond the usual routes.
What you describe as I have pointed to often is moral hazard and the case for an alternative was never the more obvious when the CST intervention caused this response to Trustees from CST members.

” Also, The Celtic Trusts revised version removed any reference to “moral hazard” which is of topical interest given The Rangers’ ever-increasing losses. The Rangers’ ‘win or go bust’ debt policy creates a moral hazard for Scottish football in general and Celtic in particular. A moral hazard is a risk one party takes knowing it is protected by another party. The basic premise is the protected party (The Rangers) has the incentive to take risks because someone else (Celtic) will pay for the mistakes they make.
Its exclusion has the same effect as dropping the Recital, i.e. Celtic do not have to explain their position on moral hazard to their shareholders.”

There can be no higher priority for the Celtic support as a whole than restoring integrity to our game via Board accountability. All in my view of course and I’m open to being persuaded otherwise , but it is demonstrably not a priority for The CST. I remember once saying to John Paul Taylor at a Res12 meeting when speaking of Rangers ” Celtic are dealing with a criminal organisation at Ibrox and will need to tool up accordingly”. Later I realised they are partners in crime but I had no idea there were accomplices in green and white who depend on division for meaning.

Higgins will go (probably) or stay but the lack of integrity will continue to bedevil Scottish football until something is done about it, and something will need to be completely different from the CST strategy.

The Membership Scheme, run professionally, full time, by supporters for supporters who are skilled in communication, using a communication structure that connects the silent majority in the Celtic support that will help achieve accountability/integrity aims using Company Law and Football Law to legally challenge Celtic and the SFA/SPFL/UEFA can be that something, if supporters who have experience of what it takes to run such an enterprise step up to the plate.

bada bing1


New restrictions for travel to The Republic from Friday

I see that Crown Bar regular, and loyal Son of William, John Beaton, has been appointed as ref for tomorrow’s game at Easter Road. That’ll be a guaranteed 3 points to the Huns then. And yet, the PLC ‘can do nothing about refs’.

Translation for those of you not au fait with PLC double-speak:

“We know fine well what is going on. We have no wish to change anything. We will continue to be a bunch of thieving, gutless, robber-barons, with no concern for anything but our own further enrichment. We are quite happy with the current situation…and if you ungrateful swines don’t like it, we will set Bernard Higgins on you.”

Only in Scotland, eh?

Hail Hail.

Mike in Toronto

Bavarian government now saying that Bayern’s upcoming CL game against Barca will likely have to be played in an empty stadium.

A thing of beauty

Oh well that didn’t take long. Inverness is just I expected, drab and dreich. It was brightened by meeting a fellow Celtic fan in the pub and having a good craic. He’d had a few as he was still celebrating his daughter’s wedding at the weekend so I didn’t catch his name. He was from Stornaway and had lived all over the uk but loved Celtic. Made it to his first game in 1976 and goes whenever he has the chance of a spare ticket. His last game was this season when we beat Ross county 3-0. I asked him why he supports Celtic and he said he just loves everything about them but it was really the hoops – “the most iconic strip in world football.”
That’s why I love Celtic. Everywhere we go…..

Puff Puff

TRM .. off on a few days break from the storms visiting Sooke on the island … Will give you an update incase you would like to visit on your upcoming travels .


You need to visit Inverness in summer, best time is June the 20th to June the 21st 😂☀️☀️

big packy

EVENING ALL and JIM, went to inverness once it was closed,JIM happy st davids day,,gobeithio eich bod yn dda, oh sorry happy st andrews day,,Tha mi an dòchas gu bheil a h-uile càil leat,i think that means hope you are well,👍😎


Happy St Andrew’s Day Packy. I see your Welsh spelling is better than your English! 🙂

big packy

JIM, got a true story when we played liverpool at anfield on the way to seville, you dont have to read it ,but my thousands of fellow posters on here might,😎😎

big packy

how dare you sir😎


Happy Alex- Salmond- invented Holiday to you all.

16 people still to make their Superbru midweek predictions. There are games tonight, on Wednesday and on Thursday. Deadline for tonight’s game is 7.45 pm

big packy

did not have a ticket that night and it was unbelievable how many celtic supporters wanted to go, I had family members from scotland pleading with me to get them a ticket,,FFS i could not get a ticket myself,,anyway as it happened i was delivering in liverpool that day, the amount of celtic supporters you would not believe,in fact i parked my truck up by the albert dock and walked into church st, the main shopping area and there was scousers selling celtic flags and scarves, you would have thought it was parkhead,,what made me laugh was there was a group of celtic supporters singing, we all live in a catholic housing estate a catholic housing estate,,they were all in their twenties and thirties,,another true story,👍


A Catholic housing estate? Are you sure they weren’t monks Packy?

A thing of beauty

Craig 76,
Seriously though how do people survive up here. I couldn’t do it, way too isolated.



One of our whisky syndicate is a right good Tim from Stornaway. A right good lad too.

Sorry that Inverness was disappointing for you,bit of a bummer. Hope the rest of the trip goes ok.

Mike in Toronto


What’s a monk’s favourite food? Chips (chipmunks, geddit?)… and who cooks them for them? The Friar

(okay, I have been hanging around BP too long … his bad jokes are starting to rub off on me)


big packy

JIM, i swear that is a true story,👍

big packy

JIM, on a sad note i used to listen to radio merseyside when i was driving in liverpool, the day after the game people were phoning in about the sad death of a celtic fan who got killed on leeds st while crossing the road, its only 5 minutes from anfield, a busy dual carriageway, the amount of people sending their condolences and laying flowers was truly humbling👍



Aye,not wrong. Best weather generally in Scotland always seemed to be just before we split up for the holidays.



You need to get out more!

Big Packy

I never made it down for that game, though I had been in Liverpool many times for testimonials and the like, both against the Reds and The Toffeemen.

I had to settle for a boozer up the toon. Everybody was well up for the game, and when BBJ hit that screamer, the pub errupted. It was total carnage. Beer everywhere. Luckily I had managed to change into full battle-dress before leaving work. Some of the Bhoys in collar and tie atire, were not so lucky. Everyone went home soaking in beer. Strangely, nobody seemed that bothered. 😀

Hail Hail

big packy

MIKE, how dare you sir😎


A whisky Syndicate? Are ye running bootleg booze? If so, I’ll have some of that. 😀

Hail Hail.

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Well, well, well! Would you bloody believe it! Been to ALL the games officially with PaddysMaw and ATOB and CCB never got a cup final ticket. Bloody raging. Just back from BMCUWP territory via Germany and hit with that! Not a happy Bhoy.
ATOB actually understates her heating needs! When Mr ATOB first came to Scotland to spend Christmas and New Year with us, BMCUWP being his flatmate, he thought he’d arrived at the North Pole and that was over 30 years ago😁!



Must be someone else. !!!!



Mike, LOL 🙂 Friar Tuck?
Packy, sad story!



Not sure, but had a few beers in Shawlands with my stepson this afternoon 👍

Are you RC. ?????

big packy

MAGUA ,you would not believe how many liverpool fans have celtic as there second team,,ok most of them have an irish background, but a lot of people think everton have more of a celtic connection not true, most evertonians ive come across love the team from govan ,and that includes my brother in law, hope he is not lurking😎



Aye,that was a real culture shock to the young fella! He loved London,but didn’t particularly enjoy the smoggy atmosphere,garbage opening hours,crap water quality and even worse beer.

So I introduced him to the sea air at Saltcoats,the finest water anywhere-believe me how important that is!-a decent pint of Tennents and 3am opening hours.

Short of dying and going to heaven…



A few of us have a share in a cask. Can’t remember which distillery,but probably Knockdhu. Hopefully bottled next year,when it turns 16yo. Not sure yet whether we should bottle at cask strength or go for an unusual 50% or whatever. Syndicate decision to be made!

Looking forward to it,just a tad…