If you know your history – 1st December

130 years ago … 1891 and on this day ( Tuesday) the Bhoys are looking forward to being back in League Championship action on Saturday 4th December, with a trip to Auld Reekie against Leith Athletic .

By the end of October the team had been playing well and closing in on the early leaders Hearts. Already a few games behind ( 3 in hand), the various cup competitions and replays/void matches prevented Celts playing any league matches in November.

The other clubs were not hanging about…as the league table illustrates:

1891/92 League Championship Table

The Celts, having only managed to complete 9 matches, were to be further confounded when their match with Leith Athletic at Bank Park* in front of a 3,000 crowd on Saturday (5th December) was declared Void. Causing them to fall further behind in the League title race.

As Celts had turned up 20 minutes late for kick-off, and with the teams drawing 2-2, the referee declared the game could not be completed due to darkness setting in and poor light.

**The game was rescheduled

1891-12-05: Leith Athletic 2-2 Celtic, League [Void]


Leith Athletic:-
Burnside, McCartney, W Anderson, M McQueen, G Anderson, P Stevenson, McLeod, Blessington, Laing, Mathieson, H McQueen.

Goals:- Mathieson, Laing.

Celtic:- Dolan, Reynolds, Doyle, Dowds, Kelly, W Maley, Brady, McCallum, Madden, McMahon, Campbell.

Goals:- McMahon, Campbell.

Att:- 3,000.

Ref:- Mr Allison (St Mirren).

Linesmen:- Messrs Clements (Athletic) and Crossan (Celtic).

In other news…

*Bank Park, Leith

Courtesy: Wikipedia.com

Leith Athletic played at Bank Park (blue icon above) when they joined the SFL (renamed Beechwood Park in 1895) It was was opened in 1891 and was Leith’s home ground until 1899

The first ever Penalty Kick in Scottish Football League history was taken at this stadium by Renton’s Alex McColl on 22nd August, 1891. The biggest ever league attendance at the ground was on 18th April, 1892 when they beat Celtic 2-1 in front of 6,000 fans. (Scotsman has report of 8,000)

**This game was the rescheduled (void) league match from 5/12/1891 and there is a recurring theme in the incidence of ‘record’ attendances involving Celtic in this period.

20 years ago ….. 2001 and on this day Hibernian are the visitors to Celtic Park on League duty.

2001-12-01: Celtic 3-0 Hibernian, SPL

Glen Gibbons in Observer is scathing of Hibernian’s attempts to make a contest of this game and thought referee Willie Young should have declared this “no contest” as soon as John Hartson scored his first goal in the 11th minute.

Not everyone looks happy with Lenny’s goal ….

General stuff …

800 Charlemagne judges the accusations against Pope Leo III in the Vatican.

1167 Northern Italian towns form Lombardi League

1420 Henry V of England enters Paris

1783 Jacques Charles and Nicolas Roberts make first untethered ascension with gas hydrogen balloon in Paris

1822 Frank Liszt, aged 11, debuts as pianist in Vienna

1866 George Everest, Welsh surveyor and namesake of Mt. Everest, dies at 76

1878 1st White House telephone installed

1919 Lady Nancy Astor sworn-in as 1st female member of British Parliament

1929 Game of Bingo invented by Edwin S Lowe

1944 Eric Bloom, American rock vocalist/guitarist (Blue Öyster Cult)

(Singing my favourite ever single … apologies, no valid excuse.. )

1960 Paul McCartney and Pete Best arrested then deported from Hamburg, Germany for accusation of attempted arson.

1989 USSR President Gorbachev meets Pope John Paul II at the Vatican

Note: The excellent Celtic Wiki site is the font of all knowledge on things Celtic. Most of the Celtic stuff above is from that site. The guys who set it up and painstakingly keep it updated, deserve no end of credit, praise and thanks. A treasure trove for Celtic fans young and old – and new- and free to view.

Respect Bhoys!


Guest article by Saltires en Sevilla.

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Good morning all from Govanhill. Great stuff Saltires, seen BOC a few times way back. Their first 5 albums are classics.



Always excellent-as is your taste in music! Don’t Fear The Reaper is one of those turn it up to eleven tracks for me.

Prestonpans bhoys

That was some team that beat Hibs and the look on Willie Young’s face says it all!!

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends and welcome to December, featuring Hearts (H), Dundee Utd (A), Betis (H), Motherwell (H), Ross County (A), Hibs (N), St Mirren (A), St Johnstone (A), Hibs (H). 9 games in 28 days – at least the Betis game is relatively meaningless!


What odds on 8 domestic wins?

We’d be a cup win to the good ( this group of players will be inspired by a victory v Hibs )
and the Huns will know we are gunning for them on the 2nd Jan.



Superb as usual 👏👏👏

I see the papers today are saying that Celtic will have to fork out 10 Million to sign CCV permanently.

Who actually comes up with this ludicrous figure.

Not sure what others think but would 4/5 million not be the top price ??

Come on you Hibeeeeeees. 💚💚💚

St tams

SeS Excellent as always.

I would say £4/5m tops for CCV


Doesn’t really matter what we estimate CCV is worth.
If Tottenham can get more elsewhere and he can get a better financial deal he goes.
As long as CCV maintains focus whilst he is with us, and remains a solid playing asset we cannot expect much more.

The truth will out


Copy this link and check it out before Pravda deletes it.


8 Superbru participants still to pick for the midweek games (BGFC and wee BGFC, Gscbhoy, Knoxy, Mahe, Tirconnel. The Lurkin Tim and Call Me Gerry


It only takes seconds to check out the truth


Jobo Baldie

SFTB – but the problem might be that the funeral director’s claims have already been viewed more than 180,000 times.
That was an interesting site you provided a link to. Is there anything on there about false claims to league titles and such like? 😉


Good morning and happy day of Woden, or hump day of you prefer.
Just get it out of the way and the weekend isn’t far away at all.

SeS as usual many thanks. Some random thoughts on the information contained within,,
Look how young Lenny is, thats the man we should remember, the blonde haired midfield battler that left the biggest league in the world for his heroes.

As for Charlemagne judging the Pope, his holiness wasn’t having that and concocted a scheme. Unbeknown to him, when Charlemagne entered St Peters on Christmas day the Pope had a crown waiting and annointed him Emperor of Rome.
This was unwanted by the Frenchman, and with that stroke the Pope regained a lot of power and standing by being seen to still have the power to decide upon and then crown Emperor’s.
Coincidentally the Anti-pope later canonized him as a political favour but this was rejected by the actual church.

December is upon us at last. Get them trees up folks, front windows!

Up the High Bees

Hail Hail



I long ago learned that we were not living in Plato’s Republic and it was more like Pluto’s ( the big daft dug that was Mickey Mouse’s pet) Republic.

People prefer comforting lies to harsh truth. Everybody seeks the warm ground of victimhood today. Their slogan should be We area Offended/Victimised/Distresed and Sinned-Against Peepul! We demand underdog status so we can rule the roost again.


The Truth Will Out :

That’s an interesting interview, very controversial. Thanks for giving me an insight into the anti-vaccine arguments.
However, a funeral director has no medical qualifications, I mean he’s not a Doctor. My experiences as a non doctor are equally valid. Nah, obviously not, we should pay more attention to him, but with reservations.
It’s possible, only just, very remotely possible, that there has been a global policy of euthanasia based on this Milton Keynes scenario.
Certainly, reading the Private Eye special report, the vast amounts of money handed to Conservatives’ Cronies is sickening. But to allege vaccines are a another method of world-wide euthanasia? Completely secret, controlled presumably by an International Cartel?
As I say, thanks. It’s good to know. I’ll try to keep an open mind….

Mike in Toronto

Saw an article on Strange Xmas Traditions of the Royal Family … I had heard about some of them (like no garlic in food, as the Queen doesn’t like garlic). …but this one surprised me…

apparently, at formal Royal Family dinners, the menus are printed in French, and the Queen prefers for people to speak only in French during dinner. Did not know that.

And seems very ‘foreign’ and decidedly un-British. Cant imagine that going over well with the John Bull crowd.



When you keep an open mind, remember to apply filters. Otherwise, everything gets in regardless of validity and credentials.

Mike in Toronto

Watched some of the NYCFC play off game against the top seeded New England Revolution. Good game, with some fun attacking football by the underdog NYCFC, and a good goal by a Canadian. Ultimately, the game was won by Ronny Deila’s team in penalties. That Takes NYCFC to its first ever Conference Finals (effectively, the semi-finals). Pleased for Deila, Didn’t see if he did the Roar at the end.

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, jim im in the doghouse i forgot wee joans 70th birthday today ,she is not talking to me ,can you help me please😎

Mike in Toronto

Happy Birthday to Joan!

Maybe if everyone on SC writes a nice note to her, you can show them to her, and she will forgive you.

Otherwise, you are going to have to do what the rest of us do when we forget … flowers, chocolate and jewellery.

Mike in Toronto

and Seamus said that, if that doens’t work, and you need a couch to sleep on, you can share the couch with him.

big packy

SALTIRE forgive me pal that was another brilliant post cap doffed👍

big packy

MIKE, im only having a wee joke with jim, its not her birthday and she is not 70, she will kill me if she reads this,😎😎

Mike in Toronto

Joking about a lady’s age … you are a brave man!



On a football front.

I like David Turnbull and think he is harshly criticised. He has strengths in his shooting, his scoop pass, support play and his engine. He has weaknesses in his lack of pace and in failing to dominate many games since he came here.

There is one aspect of his game, with Celtic, that puzzles me and that is the David Turnbull 3 point turn. I know that it is applied by David to protect the ball from potential tackle and dispossession. When he uses it as he is hard pressed by defenders, I can applaud him for it. I don’t know if this was true of his time with Motherwell but i have rarely seen him turn on the full or make a half turn. This is a disadvantage to us when he does so in situations where he is not being pressed and does not need to fear immediate dispossession.

Does he overdo it because he is too one footed, too scared of losing possession or some other reason?

I am not one to criticise all back passes or sideways passes as, sometimes, they are exactly what is required. But David can slow down our attacks at times and I’d like to see him grow more into being a confident Celt.


big packy

MIKE, she has gone out, so wont read it thank god,😎😎

Wish Joan a Happy Birthday from Mississauga,Ontario.

Some good young Canadian players.Celtic could do worse than have a scout over here.
Nope………..wont happen.

big packy

TIM, its not her birthday pal, just having a wee joke with jimthetim53, they both share the same birthdate i was expecting jim to come on and berate me,thanks anyway pal👍


Packy, get in the car quick, down to the petrol station, you will find something there for her. A road atlas?
Give her my love & best wishes! 🙂


I was having a shower! I see I’ve been had!


I’ve put a Yankee on for tonight’s matches. Livi, Hibs, Dundee. & St. M all to win. £109 if I get it right 🙂

big packy

JIM, i was expecting you to come on and berate me you know when joans birthday is, and she is certainly not 70,75 maybe😎


I can hardly remember my own birthday!

big packy

ive put 200 quid on the ancient order of hibernians tonight, jim does not know it but ive used his credit card,😎😎

Mike in Toronto


I am really enjoying watch the Canadian team’s efforts at qualifying. I have been really impressed with Jonathan David, even more so than the more heralded Alphonso Davies (who, I feel, is a great player, but is maybe trying to hard, and over elaborating… think he would be better if he kept is simpler). Been really impressed with Cyle Larin, who has developed so much since his move to Turkey.

And really like Eustaqio (spelling?) in midfield

And, I have to admit that I wasnt sure about the appointment of John Herdman as coach. He had done pretty well with the women’s team, but (i) there are only a handful of teams which are competitive in the women’s game, and (ii) the men’s and women’s games are quite different, and wasn’t sure that his style would translate over. But more than happy that he has, so far, proved me wrong.

As you can probably tell, I am not really feeling like working this am.



That’s OK Packy I got my £200 winter heating allowance last week. 🙂

You do realise the winnings get paid into my account?

big packy


big packy

BIGRAILROADBLUES are you still in the louden ill be over shortly😎😎

big packy

JIM think ive told you before, there used to be a hibs walk in coatbridge every year, my late uncle packy took me to it a few times


Aye it’s Coatbridge’s claim to fame!

Prestonpans bhoys


David Turnbull, for an attacking midfielder he’s too slow, has no stamina and tends to blow out his arse in the last 20.

As for the crab like passes don’t know if that’s natural, can’t recall his Motherwell performances, or been drilled into him at CP. We still have two existing coaches who had a particular penchant for that practice😱

A thing of beauty

I am with you on Turnbull. I am desperate to like him but I can’t see past that pirouette he does. As you correctly point out it is often at times when it seems unnecessary and takes momentum out our attack. He is very one footed and needs to improve his left to have any chance of developing into a top player. I think he is a level below McGregor for example. I did also think his stamina would also have improved by now but I’m not seeing that either. I’m prepared to admit to confirmation bias but it is not that I dont like the boy, I do. I just see too many flaws in his game that makes me think we need better.
I fear for him up gain at the muscle of the ibrox midfield and that is the kind of game he needs to be bossing if he wants to be centre mid for Celtic.

A thing of beauty

So Ange says there is no time frame on Christopher Julienne returning to the first team. I think we can safely write this guy off and take any money we can get, be that in January or the summer. A disaster of a signing when you consider what we spent on him.


A brilliant read as always. Thank you from your biggest fanbhoy. 😀


I would imagine that the royal family speaking French at dinner, goes all the way back to the Norman Conquest in 1066. There was also a fad for all things French after the revolution in 1789, among the English Upper-Classes. Those aristos lucky enough not to have their heads lopped off, managed to escape to England, with the help of the Scarlet Pimpernel a.k.a Dermot Desmond. French cafe culture in London took off big time. It may well be, that I am basing this history on the classic Carry On Film ‘Don’t Lose Your Head’ starring Sid James and Barbara Windsor, rather than on actual historical fact. Either way, I am well fecked for an invite to dinner at the Palace, as I cannot speak French.

Prestonpans Bhoys

Speaking of classic referee photos, do you remember the photo taken after the 3rd goal in the 6-2 game? In the photo, Martin O’Neill has jumped high off the ground, and Tommy Burns is going mental. Also in the photo looking a tad glum, was 4th official for the day, was Mr Hugh Dallas. Oh, how we laughed. 😂

Hail Hail.



Jullien has cost us over £10m. He has played 37 league games,so the most he has played including cup/euro matches is 60 times.

Or around £2000 a minute.

I can do that,gissa job.



I remember that photo! Cyberpint to the first Sentinel to find it!


Can only find this at moment https://images.app.goo.gl/rKJawARCnWNKhXtE7


Mick, if you could raise a gallop you would be in the pub with me. 😂


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