Moral Hazard-Concisely Explained


You might have noticed,but the general ethos of this site-and of its members,for which our grateful thanks!-is one of a rather cynical opinion of the direction that our board has been taking for around two decades now,and our thoughts on the reasons why that should be the case.

Many have our own suspicions as to the reasons why this has been happening,even if those suspicions form a type of fear within us. That it cannot possibly be true that Celtic-minded people,especially those with the means and power to act as agents of change,are hell-bent on preserving the status quo.

Or The O** F***,if you will. But events,dear Bhoy. These events have surely made even the most innocent and naïve of us stop and think. That it can’t be so,but in the absence of any reasonable explanation we must apply Occam’s Razor. That indeed those suspicions are true,no matter how abhorrent that thought is to us.

And so it is that I read a post from AULDHEID on Tuesday night which not only puts it all in a very brief nutshell,but explains it in all its detail-no matter how much the thought sickens us. It is very difficult to argue with a word of it,and that hurts. Not that AULDHEID is right,but that he has nailed it!


“Also, The Celtic Trust’s revised version removed any reference to “moral hazard” which is of topical interest given The Rangers’ ever-increasing losses. The Rangers’ ‘win or go bust’ debt policy creates a moral hazard for Scottish football in general and Celtic in particular. A moral hazard is a risk one party takes knowing it is protected by another party. The basic premise is the protected party (The Rangers) has the incentive to take risks because someone else (Celtic) will pay for the mistakes they make.

Its exclusion has the same effect as dropping the Recital, i.e. Celtic do not have to explain their position on moral hazard to their shareholders.”


There will almost definitely be more to come on this subject very soon,but those two short paragraphs are enough,I think,to have us all questioning the way that our incumbents are running our club.

I defy anyone to read it and give me an adequate rebuttal. Even down to rather questionable managerial appointments or signings over the period in question. Or our apparent distaste for supporting our players by complaining about their inability to go about their jobs in the safe manner which should be accorded them by law,as well as the laws and regulations of the game.

The club/board will proudly give us a soundbite,that we are not half of anything. But actions speak louder than words. Except that those few words from AULDHEID explain those actions over the years from the NeverCelts who are paid by us but who treat us with total contempt.

Football? Bloody hell…


Above article by BMCUWP

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Saltires en Sevilla


Nothing will change.

Bòrd have a plan and they stick rigidly to it .. now and then they throw a bun… O’Neill or Rodgers etc. Just enough to keep a bit of faith.

Watching two Hibs players booked in under 3 minutes in a semi final

Then last night a hibee penalised for nutmegging a full back early in the game- how he escaped a booking…

Porteous given the last warning for being fouled repeatedly by Morelos … he ended up just laughing ironically at the situation…. surprisingly, not booked

Constantly giving fouls to sevvies in 50/50 situations and breaking up momentum

The sevvies tactic to cover McGregor’ inability to deal with crossed balls is for any of their players to jump into an attacking player and hit the deck – guaranteeing a foul and danger averted. That is planned and probably practised in training

Note Hertz managed a late goal at Ibrox by NOT attacking the ball at a corner – just waited for the inevitable ‘keeper fumble… et voila!

An Option for set pieces: High ball 6 yard box – players standing at back door – and wait..

The Kent penalty- Porteous was caught out by his bad defending but Kent took the % option of initiating contact and falling to the deck- wily risk missing with a legitimate shot … when ref on hand to give you what you require?

Hibs will say fek all… their manager ” I’d have shouted for a penalty at other end… that doesn’t mean it was a penalty…” is hardly calling them out!

The truth is everyone has a fear of repercussions … probably even the refs…

In a way I’m glad there is plenty to keep me otherwise engaged ATM or I’d crush a fekin grape

Have a nice day everyone and enjoy the shenanigans in Paradise tonite 😐

Celtic Champs Elect

Still He is a fkn cheat is Beaton the pen he gave them v Aberdeen is worse than last night. He has to be called out has to be


Genuine question :

Doesn’t MH only apply when the wronged party or parties are oblivious to the wrongdoing, otherwise their implicit acceptance makes them parties to the charade?
The notion of knowingly and/or willingly being involved in the fraud or morally corrupt act makes you an accomplice.
So there is no MH vis- a vis The Rangers and Scottish Football/ Celtic.
It is a self supporting Joint Venture, which is not 50:50.
Mounting Losses by one party are accepted, and a risk averse approach by the other balances this.


Since the advent of the “old Firm” it always has been a JV. 51:49.
Celtic as the subordinate party.



Good question.

The moral hazard is that faced by the game as a whole as a result of the joint venture.

The whole includes the supporters of Celtic who follow our club on the basis they are not complicit. We might have suspected it but history is suggesting otherwise.

It is possible Beaton made the right decision but because winning the title is essential for Rangers any decision that gains them points or loses Celtic points is now seen through a moral hazard lense and the hazard is one to Scottish football.

That hazard could be removed by 2 introductions.

A version of the sustainibilty rules used in the English Football league and making refereeing a service provided by SFA to SPFL with SPFL being the monitors of referee performance.

I put both ideas to PL in 2011 which he noted. That’s all he did because he had no intention of changing a football model that lined his and other Board members pockets. It was on the basis that PL sought SFA reform that Res12 came into being.

There is a third step that is likely to be unpalatable to Celtic supporters because it might make Celtic less successful and that is reduce CL rewards to the participating club and increase the solidarity payment to be spread over the other clubs.

This makes them less “OF” dependent, a bit more competitive possibly and more secure, so football by them is less driven by the fear of losing.

It also makes the reward for winning a CL place less appealing and so makes any risk taking less attractive.

However for all of the above to happen supporters need to want integrity restored and that will only happen when the lack of it drives them away.

On the plus side The Board have to be seen as not being complicit, the best indicator of which is financial support for Ange to field better players than our main rivals.



I wrote this in the wee hours with you in mind. A reminder of Jesus human nature as well as his spiritual.

A different report on Jesus first miracle. The Calton version.

Police were called to a residence in The Gallowgate in Galilee last night after what had been a relatively sedate wedding occasion turned into a drink fuelled riot.

As the father of the bride, unable to stand erect, was dragged away between 2 policemen he burbled.

” I’m shorry for the dishorder offisher but guests were relatively well behaved given the amount of wine conshumed , in fact we ran oot.

Then ma good friend Mary said to her boay, I think he wash called Jeshus, who was with her,

” There’s nae wine left son, can you help them oot?”

” The lad ordered shome large vats be filled with water and gave them a rub, after which the best wine ever tasted flowed from them.”

” It wash very shoon after offisher that all guests got well pisshed and things went doon hill from there”

Police are on the lookout for a bearded man in his early 30s with a tendency to be sociable. Reports of sightings of him having a wee fish barbecue with 12 local fishermen are being investigated by the local constabulary , some of whom were guests at the wedding and are keen to find him.

Saltires en Sevilla


Marriage Feast of Calton 😂

I like your point on sharing more if the CL prize money around the leagues but doubt it has any chance of gaining support.

It’s too damned progressive …

Licensing of Referee services is another issue ex they can be subverted – ie change the existing model by all means – although in time folk with money/organisation/ reach will subvert them to their own will/ends

Having said all that …There has to be changes… it’s just not a big enough issue … yet!



I’ve changed my mind the JV is 55(😀):45 in our partners favour. In fact I recall a certain Mr D King making a reference of this sort before he took his leave from The Rangers.

Independent review of referees performance would only be possible if non aligned ( non Masonic and non Scottish) persons were involved.

Noel Skytrot

Etims is running with a similar blog today that casts a dark shadow on the boards shenanigans. Again, and I’ll never stop saying this, starve them of money and things will change, its all they know.



I covered your points on the referee service and threw in how to get sustainability via club licensing in this 10 year old article that is as relevant now as it was then, especially as we are watching a repeat performance unfold.

SeS. Yup more equitable sharing will only happen when the benefits are seen to outweigh the costs.

I base that on this.


The artist Stuart Beaton has a new print out of the Lisbon lions,you can see print on Celtic star blog or on etsy,it’s a cracker..Will make a brilliant Christmas present..

Jobo Baldie

Good morning friends and a Big Happy Matchday from a cold and frosty EK.
Very confident that we will blow Hearts out of the water tonight, taking the Madden Factor out of the equation. 2 goals for us in the first 25 minutes would make for an enjoyable watch.
Has anyone seen any updates on our Sunday lunchtime game at Tannadice. I understand the recent storm caused damage to the stadium, putting the game in doubt?

bada bing1

I would quite happily take a free weekend this week

The Gombeen Man

Moral Hazard?

Is if Eden,Thorgan, Kylian and Ethan Hazard weren’t enough?

Mr & Mrs Hazard are prolific.

Young Moral Hazard – A fifth footballing protege.

One that guarantees misery and fool houses wherever he turns up.

Plays anywhere on the pitch and alway gets a sympathetic hearing from officialdom.

Same result year after year.

A surefire winner for the System is their Moral Hazard.

When’s next Season’s renewals oot?

Good article BMCUWPS.

Maestro Fan

Lawwell and Desmond long ago decided we need a Rangers of some description to keep the punters interested and paying up. And not just a run-of-the-mill Rangers, but one capable of beating us to league titles etc, lest the league become an unappealing (ie less lucrative to them) procession.

This model definitely benefited Lawwell personally, his own version of moral hazard; ie we, the support, bore the negative consequences of his actions.

January will tell us if Nicholson is charting a different course. Ange seems confident we’ll get key targets in at the beginning of the window.

If Lawwell was still in charge you could guarantee 2 duff loans at the very end of the window, hamstringing the team for the 2nd half of the season and guaranteeing the huns won their shit or bust wager. All in the full knowledge the disappointment would generate renewed hunger for season book sales next year as we sought to ‘fight back’.

All a total sham. Pulling punches for 17 years to assist his supposed ‘rival’. Don’t make me laugh – or vomit. A pure conman who was devastated when the original huns went bust and did EVERYTHING in his power to restore the Old Firm model.

An utter prick and definitely the enemy within.


Afternoon all,

Looking forward to the game tonight.

I wonder if Rogic will play or will he be used as a sub.

Personally, if he is fit, I would start him as he is our most creative midfielder ( Not that he has much competition).

Celtic 3 Jambos 0

HH 🍀🍀🍀


When someone decides to become a referee they do not appear out of nowhere with no previous interest in football. For instance I’ve not heard of anyone who was a stamp collector deciding in his teens – ‘I fancy becoming a football referee’!
No, he/she has an interest in the game. And most likely supported a team. That is understandable.
But it also carries a hazard. BIAS. Totally human and to be expected. Few if any are exempt.
In order to counter this some countries and associations require referees to declare their favoured teams. They are as a consequence not given games which involve their favoured team.
To say this is sensible is to overstate the obvious.
Why doesn’t it happen in Scotland?
That is just one thing. Auldheid wrote an article several years ago on the Scottish Football Monitor which I read, about refereeing services in Scotland. Including the separation of Service Provider and Customer. SFA & SPFL. There are many other aspects to it. For instance the possible use of referees from outwith the home nation (Or Lanarkshire!) I won’t go into all the details here but it is faultless. It would be very difficult, if not impossible, to argue against.
Why do the suits at Hampden and the suits at other clubs in Scotland not want that? What have they to fear?
Answers on a post card please.


Good article, moral hazard is of course a huge issue – honour amongst theives likewise.

Auldheid @ 9:53 am,

“However for all of the above to happen supporters need to want integrity restored and that will only happen when the lack of it drives them away.”

Yes, it’s a huge factor.

On CQN from time to time I broach these issues.

During and exchange with a poster that comments both here and CQN we were following up a long standing debate recently.

Now it came to pass we had an agreement on something specific, that we’d been having a circular argument on…

… that was that after the Odsonne Edouard signing the Celtic Board withdrew support for Brendan Rodgers transfer targets.

Of course this was never official and not disclosed to Celtic’s stakeholders.

However, we will all remember the pantomime that followed as the Board pretended to try and sign various targets and Brendan Rodgers refused to release players for transfers out.

A car crash, that we have all seen the result off…

… what is your point caller!?

Well it’s this, when I pointed out this sham that had taken place, rather than repute the evidence, the fellow who I was debating with argued the Board had done the right thing…

… in a – what did you expect them to do!? Fashion.

In other words, rather than dealing with the issues properly and professionally at the time, the charade was not only appropriate behaviour but was smart behaviour by the PLC.

The reply, which I didn’t comment on saddened me but did not surprise me.

Unfortunately I think many Celtic supporters see this type of malfeasance as par for the course.

For me, we are not talking of smart behaviour here, or even a-moral behaviour. What we are talking about is behaviour that is at best immoral and at worse gross negligence.

I’m not sure how you go about your campaigning when you have have to go about teaching morals to “reasonable” and informed Celtic supporters.

Never mind the disinterested or disengaged.

Maybe your not so much a rhebel without a cause, rather a rhebel for the unprincipled.

Hail Hail

Chairbhoy 👍



I’ve made my thoughts on Lawwell perfectly clear over the years,from the time of his choice of Henri Kamara-on loan,of course!-as a replacement for Henrik.

I bow to no-one in the depths of contempt in which I hold him.

But you come close!!!


I often wonder if Dermot Desmond and Peter Lawwell realise how much they are loathed.
Maybe they are narcissists?

“Hate is the complement of fear and I like being feared. It imbues me with an intoxicating sensation of omnipotence. I am veritably inebriated by the looks of horror or repulsion on people’s faces. They know that I am capable of anything. Godlike, I am ruthless and devoid of scruples, capricious and unfathomable, emotion-less and asexual, omniscient, omnipotent and omni-present, a plague, a devastation, an inescapable verdict. I nurture my ill-repute, stoking it and fanning the flames of gossip. It is an enduring asset.”



This site had been discussed by MAHE and me for a good few months,and I wasn’t overly enthusiastic if I’m honest.

And then I received an e-mail about the very transfer window you mention. And on the same subject too.

If we ever get this meeting in Reading,I’ll explain further.



Today’s e-Tims article has kinda spiked my guns for the follow-up mentioned in our article today. In an “I wish I’d said that!” kinda way.

Well worth a read,folks.


Just briefly,
I fully believe a decision has been taken at the highest levels that actions must be taken to ensure a semblance of competitiveness.
Naturally Sellic should run away with the league, naturally they should have died.
Kiilling the competitiveness could kill the league, no Rangers equaled closed top tiers remember.
So debt and dodgy refs are allowed to even up the playing field.
Those who pull the strings reckon they are saving Scottish football from itself.
Unfortunately they are actually killing it, while at the same time offering the natives a day/night out and getting rich.

Anyhows I really want to watch the game tonight after work but it won’t be uploaded to my preferred website until tomorrow.
Anyone have a Celtic TV subscription I could possibly use tonight? I think the game becomes available aroundidnight there which would suit me.

Where BRB and his liver today?


Good afternoon all from Shawlands.


Mahe, my liver enjoys working overtime. 😂


Partner I’m (too) fond of a drink but I often find myself wondering how to f@#k does that bhoy do it 😉
In fairness I’ve heard constant is much better for the liver than binging.
Enjoy yourself amigo, don’t go leading Leggy and others astray 😉

Betcha PL watches this speech before every AGM…

sadly, however, were PL ever to be incarcerated for his crimes, most Celtic fans would weep, break him out of jail, or even offer to take his place.

The real moral jeopardy is not Celtic assuming the risk for Rangers…. Celtic just pass it that risk on … like when insurance claims rise, insurance companies dont lose money, they just increase the premiums to compensate (and usually tack on a bit extra to boost their bonuses) .. the real moral risk is Celtic fans assuming the risk for Celtic, which means assuming the risk for Rangers….. which Celtic fans do by paying Celtic to ensure that they keep Rangers solvent


Mahe, leading people astray is one of the great joys of my retirement. Doubtful that any of my boozing buddies would need much leading. All pro bowl drunks. 😂


The game in Scotland is corrupt to the core. Surely the supporters of every SPFL club, bar one, are sick to death of the blatant bias shown to one club…on and off the field. A broad based ‘No To Newco’ type of campaign could change the corporeal governance of the game in Scotland, for the better.

Sol Kitts

Everyone not wearing blue-tinted specs, can see the blatant cheating with their own eyes. Sure Madden, Beaton, Clancy and Walsh are the worst of the cheats, but they are all at it, to a greater or lesser extent.

Now, here’s where I would like your opinion. Sitting in one of the best seats in the house, is the referee assessor. Now these guys can probably see better than the rest of us what happens on the field of play. I am assuming, that week after week, these guys are giving top marks to the man in the middle. This for me, is even more blatant cheating, from people who should know better. Is there any way to challenge the opinions of the referee assessors? Are their match reports, including referee marks, made available to the two competing teams on the day? Do these guys have the final say, or does someone above them have to sign off on each individual match report? Or is everything settled doon the Lodge of a Tuesday evening?

I would greatly appreciate your opinion on these matters.

Hail Hail.


MAGUA et al

While I usually enjoy writing the articles-it can be a good brain exercise simply to try and come up with a topic sometimes which doesn’t appear to be too repetitive!-the credit for today’s article is all to AULDHEID

As soon as I read that comment on Tuesday,I knew it had to be used. The best explanation of events I’ve yet read.


big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, jim how dare you from last night, i go to bed at lunchtime not suppertime and my fav music is the osmonds and david cassidy 😎 chairbhoy, love having a good tim from the monklands on here, would you believe our first house in glenboig was in monkland terrace, dont ask me the number i was only 5 when we left, another true story😎


Superbru update

After the latest round of fixtures, we are seeing a few punters get their forecasting act together.

ACGR was this week’s clear winner with 8.5 points ahead of Mick The Tim and Celticrollercoaster with 7.

After last week’s winning score, Auldheid scored precisely 0 this week keeping him rooted at the bottom with 5 others scoring 1.5 points (Hopeful Hoops, Majestic Hartson, Pannysbhoy, Cosy Corner Bhoy and Gutenberg).

In the overall race, Call Me Gerry is establishing a healthy lead with 92.5 points over Bateen Bhoy and Bhoy from the Villa.

At the bottom end, wee BGFC is clear of The Lurkin Tim and Chalmersbhoy.

Next deadline for predictions is Saturday at 3 pm. There are 7 more league games for Celtic in December and our first batch of prizes will be handed out after the last one.


Evening all
Regarding Jullian, this was a sore one


Jim from earlier – “Hate is the complement of fear and I like being feared. It imbues me with an intoxicating sensation of omnipotence. I am veritably inebriated by the looks of horror or repulsion on people’s faces. They know that I am capable of anything. Godlike, I am ruthless and devoid of scruples, capricious and unfathomable, emotion-less and asexual, omniscient, omnipotent and omni-present, a plague, a devastation, an inescapable verdict. I nurture my ill-repute, stoking it and fanning the flames of gossip. It is an enduring asset.” – yip, that’s how I remember you from Wullie Low’s!! 🤣😂🤣


McCaff, LOL 🙂


Packy you in Scotland yet? 2 hours till kick off!


Superbru update

After the latest round of fixtures, we are seeing a few punters get their forecasting act together.

After last week’s winning score, Auldheid scored precisely 0 this week keeping him rooted at the bottom with 5
I had a cold.

I know my place.

big packy

its ok jim you stick with yer best mate mcaff,ill just talk to myself,😎no not in scotland in copenhagen, Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen
Friendly old girl of a town
‘Neath her tavern light
On this merry night
Let us clink and drink one down



A sore one. !!!!!

Yes, but I’ve never heard anyone out that long with tackling a post.

I reckon if someone hit me in the leg with a baseball bat, then I would be back within a year.

ACL injuries take less time !!!

For me, there’s more to it. ???

Conspiracy CSC 🍀🍀🍀



bada bing1

Dundee United game on with reduced capacity, i think main stand is closed,which means less Celtic supporters….


Packy, I was trying to pass over the fact that you were a fan of The Osmonds & David Cassidy.! 🙂

Did you know that David Cassidy’s mother in The Partridge Family – Shirley Jones – was a wonderful singer? She starred in the films Oklahoma and Carousel. She began to sing YNWA but broke down crying and her aunt took it up and completed the song.

Celtic fans took it on board as a favourite song to sing and then later the Liverpool fans also.


A thing of beauty

Celtic should ask for a postponement. Level playing field and all that.
Is CCV injured. Let’s hope it’s not a bad one.

big packy

JIM APOLOGIES, its wee joan that loves the osmonds and david cassidy, my fav artists are mantovani and victor sylvester and his orchestra😎😎 yes i did know about shirley jones,and youll never walk alone👍

Jobo Baldie

Team news – 2 changes tonight. Starfekt back in place of Carter Vickers (must surely be an injury or illness?) and Forrest in for Abada. Game being reffed by Bobby “I’ll keep my cards in my pocket” Madden. prediction – Celtic 4 Hearts 0.

Jobo Baldie

Oops, 3 changes, the other being Rogic for McCarthy.
Radio Scotland saying CCV out for ‘personal reasons’?

I thought CCV picked up a booking in the last game, which meant he was suspended for this one … but I could be mistaken



I’m with you on that one. Malingering bastert.

He’s 29yo now,and this will not endear him to future employers anymore than it has to us.

I would say that he can take a hike,but…

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