The Unthinkable


Well,that was a tough watch. Somehow we dominated the game,yet one man controlled it. Somehow,we got battered at every turn,yet not a yellow card for our visitors.

Beats me,it really does.

It might be interesting to compare the standards applied to the Edinburgh teams on Wednesday and Thursday when they played the two “Glasgow giants”. Actually,same result,they favoured the visitors.

I remember Willie Wallace saying that at Hearts,they always knew they could get away with that bit more against Celtic. And that it was only when he joined Celtic that he realised how much!

Last night was a masterclass. Kicked off the park as usual,nothing given. It makes me wonder sometimes if referees are actually being impartial while they do their job. I know,it’s a dreadful thought,it’s one that worries me a bit-until I realise that,of course they aren’t and there’s eff all we can do about it.

Only the board can do anything about it without incurring a lengthy ban,though I strongly suspect that AP is about to hit the roof! If they sit on their hands,despite the evidence from the stands and also from AULDHEID &Co over the last decade,you are allowed to make your own mind up.

Free speech doesn’t allow you to shout “Fire” in a crowded cinema,but being a referee doesn’t give you immunity from criticism.

Except of course,in Scotland.

Kicked rotten,not a yellow card.

Honestly,we are in trouble. Those two games in the last 24 hours prove that. They are moving heaven and earth to get the desired results. The footballing authorities are facilitating it by awarding the matches accordingly.

Our board are schtuum,as ever. Guard dogs who neither bark nor bite. We would be as well with a bliddy hamster. And it would be cheaper too.

Aye,I’ll take the points. Of course I will. But so did they,and games are running out. Of course,by the time the board-if ever-get round to complaining,it will be too late. Which brings us round to the firmly held belief that AULDHEID is right in what he says.

Which is unconscionable,when you think about it.


Above article by BMCUWP

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Think you sum it up well, we are up against it but we are also up against good well organised sides.

Got to say I enjoyed the game, though the tailing off and the injuries in the second half put a dampener on that for sure.

But we rallied, got more energy from somewhere and seen the game out in professional manner.

Starfelt’s performance bodes well for me…

Ange said he’d felt it had been unfair some players were signed in the summer dumped in the deep end.

Obviously they have had time to work with Starfelt during his injury recovery and the staff and player seem to have done a great job…

…like a new signing he was.

… @ 1:52 PM,

This site had been discussed by MAHE and me for a good few months,and I wasn’t overly enthusiastic if I’m honest.

And then I received an e-mail about the very transfer window you mention. And on the same subject too.

If we ever get this meeting in Reading,I’ll explain further.

Well that’s intriguing, looking forward to catching up, way overdue. Feel free to use my addy.

Hail Hail


Good analysis and debate after the match on the last thread – as per…

The Kyogo goal was interesting, didn’t see anything wrong with it initially, in fact it was a bit of a sublime blur.

The commentators thought it was a goal also.

For me, if it was a VAR analysis, it would be marginally off-side but the pace and accuracy of Ralston’s cross and the speed of thought action and execution by Kyogo made it impossible to call in real time.

A fantastic goal.

Yet consider this.

All the complaining, belly aching and finger pointing that we do about being cheated by officials and “not being paranoid enough” can be easily displaced by a few decisions going our way.

A soft penalty in the last five minutes when we are two up – likewise an off-side goal, analysed to death.

Folk like Neilsen and his “impossible to get a result in Glasgow” playing to the crowd comment.

Two cheeks… we know in many ways that’s exactly what we are.

So, we belly ache or we can improve…

Jock Stein, Martin O’Neil and Brendan Rodgers had the antidote to Scottish Football Officialdom.

Hail Hail


H H.
Glad to see that big folicley challenged pudden BOYDEY spitting feathers over Kyogos NOT offside goal Though, get it round im.


H H.
The look of bile on his big baw face was a delight to behold, i honestly thought he was golng to take a stroke.


I ask you to do something for someone who is no longer with us. His name is Arthur and he was 6 years old. You may have read about Arthur as he was killed by his step mother and father. He was brutally tortured and starved before they ended his life. Imagine that for a poor little six year old who knew no love in his short life. My heart breaks for him.

I would like you to spare some time to remember Arthur; to say to him that you care about him. Try to do this for as long as you can. I am going to do this so that his short life will have some meaning.

Rebus for Arthur

Saltires en Sevilla


Dugs and Hamsters can usually be entrusted with being docile and occasionally helpful, but mainly trusted … if you feed them regularly

Cats on the other hand … we have a colony of them … slinking into those posh seats and somehow they still feel comfortable… oblivious.

Is it still considered too impolite to give them both( verbal) barrels during games ??

The oul’ Bórd got Mars Barred ….

This gang get a saucer of milk…

Saltires en Sevilla


That is a harrowing tale.

Thinking of Wee Arthur and hoping his soul is in a better place now.



I’ve been reading about Arthur,and the resultant court case. Somewhere there is a circle of hell reserved especially for his killers,and for people like them.



Bobby you read my mind ,with your comment about there being a special place in hell for a***holes like that, I just could not put it into words TY.JG.


Wee Arthur. I hope the angels give him a special cuddle.

Prestonpans bhoys

I haven’t read anything about this what a horrific end for the poor child.

RIP Arthur


Rebus@7.47…a beautiful post in a selfish world! Poor wee boy, I saw the article on the news last night, how anyone can be so cruel beggars belief. How a couple can be so cruel without one checking the other is testament to evil – whether by design or inherent it is frightening. On the day the blog article is The Unthinkable this poor wee boy suffered the unimaginable and the unthinkable.
God bless his poor wee soul! RIP Arthur. xxx

big packy

REBUS, thanks for posting that, there are some evil bastards out there, and those 2 are top of the list, wee arthur rest in peace,

Noel Skytrot

I heard some of the audio with regards to the treatment meted out to the wee boy and the subsequent interviews by the fucking bitch who ultimately killed this wee gentle soul and it was heartbreaking. Both of them should be swinging from a lamp post. Dirty bastards.

St tams

I heard the story about wee Arthur yesterday when I was out driving.
Could not believe what I was hearing.
Let’s hope those 2 get their comeuppance inside.

RIP Arthur

Jobo Baldie

Decent article, Bobby, thank you. All I’ll say though that I do think that Madden in particular tries to ref the game without flashing many (any?) cards. he does that in most of his games, not just when Celtic are involved. I don’t have any stats to back up my belief although I have several failed ‘bet builders’ where the ‘number of cards’ was what let me down!

Noel Skytrot

St Tam’s,
Sadly, those two monsters will be placed in segregation with the other nonces and beasts and will be offered full support from psychologists etc


Jobo Baldie
Madhun has reffed 9 spfl games and issued 24 yellow cards and 1 second yellow + 2 red cards and awarded 5 penalties
*breakdown *
Aberdeen 5 yellows 1 second yellow 1 red (manager)
Celtic 4 yellows 1 penalty
Dundee 1 yellow 1 penalty
Dundee United 1 yellow 1 red
Hearts 3 yellows 1 penalty
Motherwell 2 yellows 1 pen
Huns 3 yellows
St Johnstone 3 yellows
St Mirren 2 yellows 1 penalty



Interesting observation. The stats from CRAIG76 seem to confirm that. While I’m not a fan of card-happy refs,it is his job to apply the laws of the game,not to interpret them.


Cheating Beaton has reffed 8 games and issued 40(yes forty) yellow cards 1 second yellow and awarded 3 penalties

Aberdeen 7 yellows
Dundee 4 yellows
Dundee United 7 yellows
Hearts 0 yellows
Huns 2 yellows 2 penalties
Hibs 6 yellows 1 penalties
Livingston 5 yellows
Motherwell 5 yellows
St Johnstone 3 yellows 1 second yellow
St Mirren 1 yellow

Jobo Baldie

Craig76 – thanks for producing stats that validate my belief. Averaging less than 3 cards per game is unusually low. I think he does tend to save his cards for those unavoidable moments so tends not to do anything about time wasting or jersey pulling etc. I’m not saying that’s right but the fact that he seems to do this pretty consistently regardless of the teams playing does make it less of a problem for me.
Despite his well known background, I actually think he is one of our better refs. And not just because he hails from East Kilbride 😉

Prestonpans bhoys

A more glaring disparity from the refs is the awarding of fouls. Look at most Celtic game stats with around 70% possession and more fouls given against us than the opposition.

Madhun was at it last night and it became apparent to the crowd, even ended with bhoys at the front throwing plastic bottles through frustration. Albeit not a good enough excuse for that behaviour anyway.

Jobo Baldie

There’ll be absolutely no ‘whataboutery’ from me – the idiots at the Green Brigade corner throwing missiles need to be identified and kicked out, The fact that it happened on more than one occasion was very worrying.

bada bing1

2 midweek games,2 cheats,Beaton stops a Hibs attack as a Sevco man is down, Madhun stops a Celtic attack, when a Hearts player is at it,both non head injuries, that’s the only way a game should be stopped.

bada bing1

Celtic 1 card
Hearts 0 cards

Prestonpans bhoys

For some reason there was only stewards down there, no police!?!

Only three reason to stop a game:
(a) head injury
(b) clear advantage to the huns
(c) clear disadvantage to the hoops

Hope that’s cleared things up for you😉

bada bing1


AP putting the BBC on it’s arse again…

St tams

Hearts no.14 should have been booked in the first minute. He wasn’t, and then continued to commit fouls for the rest of the game


RIP Wee Arthur. Words fail me. Despicable.
I hope life means life when they are sentenced.

Prestonpans bhoys

St Tams

The baldy no 10 sub, came on and got away with murder. Looked like he ate raw red meat before the game

bada bing1

A 24-year old man has been arrested after Barrie McKay was hit with plastic bottle while being targeted by missiles thrown by Celtic fans.

bada bing1

A 24-year old man has been arrested after Barrie McKay was hit with plastic bottle while being targeted by missiles thrown by Celtic fans.

Don’t come back….

bada bing1

Dundee United game officially on


Good afternoon all from the Royal Borough of Ruglen.

Saltires en Sevilla

Craig76 thanks for Sharing stats etc.

Looking at bookings stats etc. It’s helpful and interesting data. In itself it’s not going to illustrate the problem already identified by fellow posters:

It’s the stage of the game when bookings are applied – end of game, when result is foregone conclusion ( an old gers, now sevvie, ruse.) no adverse impact on how a player then has to adjust & manage the game

Imagine playing a National Final and finding 2 of your players are booked in the first 3 minutes?!

Let’s look at

Sendings off and penalties over last 2 seasons ( inclusive) – there ye go!

Retrospective action – aye, but only after points are safely locked away in the blue room. They have now contrived to wait until the latest stage in the game …to apply rules… when the decision hardly matters.

Then we have the stoppages, interrupted flow and momentum, and look at the attacking/defensive possession ratios against foul ratios …that are already mentioned.

Not one club is formally calling this out. Who thinks it’s being done informally?!

They all know the drill… two home games Revenue … guaranteed, if ye continue to look the other way. Sevco probably telling them the same thing … Tbf

As Mags or Chalmers Bhoy already pointed out, it’s not Celtic Bòrd taking a risk – To protect Sevco – its the paying fans and fans of all the other clubs.

Porteous laughing at the Referee ..hope that catches on …

Ridicule… cuts deep


Good morning, Arthur, from Canada.

You will never be forgotten.


R.I.P Artuur. Your pain and suffering is now over. You will have many people praying for you. Sleep well wee man.


Arthur’s father – 21 years in prison, his partner – 29 years.
The evil monster refused to go into the court to hear her sentence passed and the impact statements.
She should have been dragged in shackled and with foul her mouth gagged.

He will only be 50 when he gets out. I would castrate him.


Rest in Peace Arthur.

Margaret McGill

Thanks Bobby!

big packy

JIM, you are being too generous to those evil bassas id hang them from the nearest tree or lampost, after castrating him,,another true story,

Andy Pandy 2

Appalling and heartbreaking are two words which spring to mind when thinking of the short life of poor little Arthur. Yet when you think of him you are also drawn to other terrible child cruelty cases, Baby P for example. You start to question, how many more are there out there, but never get reported or discovered? So, while thinking of Arthur, perhaps we should offer a silent prayer for all children in similar situations that somehow God can ease their suffering….who was it who said “suffer the children…” How right He was.


They will get their judgement one day Packy.

There are numerous calls over many Celtic blogs today, for Kris Boyd to be banned from Celtic Park. I personally think that this would be a mistake. Here’s the thing. We are all aware that Kris Boyd is a total clown, at best, and a bitter 🍊 bastard, at worst. Banning him would only lead to people saying:

“Aye, that Celtic are as bad as the Huns, so they are. Banning presenters who are only trying to do their jobs.”

The above may not be the reality, but that would be the perception of fans of other clubs.

Kris Boyd is unhinged. That much is clear. Like referees in Scotland during matches, his on-air rants against Celtic prove that he is a bitter and twisted individual. One day though, he will go to far… leaving Sky with no option but to sack him. If he is like that over a disputed goal, imagine what nick he will be in, if we manage to win the league. He would be in total meltdown mode. This thought alone, should drive Ange and the Bhoys on during games.

In the event of Boydie-as he now refers to himself-being sacked, he need not worry about his future. He will almost immediately be offered a top job at that bastion of tolerance, BBC Scotland. 😀

Hail Hail

big packy

MAGUA, im glad you said bitter bastard, if i had said it jim would have excommunicated me,😎

Big Packy

I think I’ll be alright. A bottle of the best malt whisky is winging it’s way to JTT as we speak. I do not believe that Gentleman Jim will excommunicate me. 😀

Andy Pandy 2

Just watched back on last night’s bits that missed. Is it me or is Ange getting more and more p****d off with the the questions in interviews. Got the impression especially on BBC that he wanted to say something, but held back. Be interesting to see what happens when he speaks his mind?
As for Boyd, as I said last night, an embarrassment.

big packy


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