The Unthinkable


Well,that was a tough watch. Somehow we dominated the game,yet one man controlled it. Somehow,we got battered at every turn,yet not a yellow card for our visitors.

Beats me,it really does.

It might be interesting to compare the standards applied to the Edinburgh teams on Wednesday and Thursday when they played the two “Glasgow giants”. Actually,same result,they favoured the visitors.

I remember Willie Wallace saying that at Hearts,they always knew they could get away with that bit more against Celtic. And that it was only when he joined Celtic that he realised how much!

Last night was a masterclass. Kicked off the park as usual,nothing given. It makes me wonder sometimes if referees are actually being impartial while they do their job. I know,it’s a dreadful thought,it’s one that worries me a bit-until I realise that,of course they aren’t and there’s eff all we can do about it.

Only the board can do anything about it without incurring a lengthy ban,though I strongly suspect that AP is about to hit the roof! If they sit on their hands,despite the evidence from the stands and also from AULDHEID &Co over the last decade,you are allowed to make your own mind up.

Free speech doesn’t allow you to shout “Fire” in a crowded cinema,but being a referee doesn’t give you immunity from criticism.

Except of course,in Scotland.

Kicked rotten,not a yellow card.

Honestly,we are in trouble. Those two games in the last 24 hours prove that. They are moving heaven and earth to get the desired results. The footballing authorities are facilitating it by awarding the matches accordingly.

Our board are schtuum,as ever. Guard dogs who neither bark nor bite. We would be as well with a bliddy hamster. And it would be cheaper too.

Aye,I’ll take the points. Of course I will. But so did they,and games are running out. Of course,by the time the board-if ever-get round to complaining,it will be too late. Which brings us round to the firmly held belief that AULDHEID is right in what he says.

Which is unconscionable,when you think about it.


Above article by BMCUWP

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Packy, Magua, It’s not within my gift to excommunicate folk, but I think MIT can!
I won’t put into words what I would do to those two evil b……s.

big packy

JIM, the sad thing is life imprisonment means hee haw these days, you could murder 2 or 3 people and be out in 20 years, and if your only 20, you have still got your life ahead of you, just cant get my head around it.???

RIP Arthur the Angels will comfort you.

Brendan O’Malley was the linesman who kept his flag down for our goal.
The huns will be going daft(er)


Saltires en sevilla
Madhun season 19/20 stats
11 games 31 yellows 1 2nd yellow 2 red cards and 3 penalties awarded
1st game Ham v Killie 1 red(ham) 54th min 1 yellow (Killie) 84th min

2nd game Huns v Celtic Huns 1 yellow 89th min and 1 red 90+6 1 yellow Celtic 90+1

3rd game Huns v Sheep 3 yellows for Sheep 30th,82nd and 86th Huns 2 pens

4th game County v Huns 1 yellow County 59th min

5th game Killie v Hearts 1 yellow Killie 62nd min

6th game Killie v St Johnstone 1 yellow Killie 63rd min
1 yellow St Johnstone 70th min (Mr A Ralston)

7th game Hearts v Celtic Hearts 4 yellows
30th,42nd,63rd and 78th Celtic 2 yellows 17th and 42nd

8th game Sheep v Livingston 1 yellow Sheep 85th min

9th game St Johnstone v County 2 yellows St Johnstone 65th and 82nd 7 yellows County 34th,41st,47th,53rd,62nd,68th and 88th 2nd yellow on 90+3

10th game Hamilton v Livingston Hamilton 1 yellow 77th min Livingston 1 yellow 71st min 1 penaltie 62nd min

11th game Huns v Hibs 1 yellow Huns 35th min 2 yellows Hibs 42nd and 90+2

Prestonpans bhoys

I’m getting the impression that Boyd thinks it’s his comedy show and can act with impunity. I worked with Sky before and he’ll need to rain in, they will sack anyone that impacts profits.


Arthur R.I.P.
I hope that the two evil bastards who tortured and killed this innocent child suffer a lifetime of pain and misery.
May the prison guards turn a blind eye often.


On the Kyogo goal debate it’s impossible to know wether he was offside or not?
I have written often about tv coverage of SPL games and how only having cameras at middle or end of field means narrow decisions on offside calls are always debatable.
Huns first against Livi on Sunday looked suspiciously offside but no debate on that?
Commentators never entertained the notion of it being offside and since camera angle not level with last man (like Kyogo’s goal) then impossible to tell.
Until there is better tv coverage there will be many debatable decisions.
SKY covers EPL matches with more than 20 HD cameras.
In SPL games it seems like they use 4 .
One each side of halfway line and one at each end to cover penalty box.
Interestingly Celtic installed Pixellot an AI system used by many Bundesliga clubs in 20/20.
One of the things it does is it takes overhead shots of every player on field every second so our board have the proof to call out referee’s and linesmen cheats but have never done so.

big packy

FAN, i think if he had been offside the cheating hun referees and linesmen would have noticed it,another true story.👍


Many years ago, humourous adverts ran on the telly for Wintermans’ cigars. During the centenary season, one of the early NTVs, ran a parody advert along the lines of:

“If your son has just signed for Rangers, have a cigar. If his name is Brendan O’Malley, have a Wintermans’.”

Wonder if it’s the same fella?

Seriously though, how did someone with a name like that pass his refereeing exams? I wonder if he’ll be welcome down the ludge? Is his real name Billy McSashface, and he changed his name by deed poll, to placate uppity Fenians?

The Huns probably have a full dossier on the man, just in case.

Hail Hail

Mike in Toronto


Any relation to this Brendan O’Malley? Must be his son….


Cheers. I haven’t saw that sketch in years. The look on Ricky Fulton’s face is priceless.

Still doesn’t beat the Reverend David Goodfellow ‘Lovely Watter’ sketch though. Most people assume that it was the Reverend I M Jolly in this sketch. Not so.

Correction to my previous post. Twas the Reversed David Goodchild.

Hail Hail.

big packy

brings back memories of me watching francie and josie as a young kid, and the hot pea special, you younger ghuys wont remember it



What’s in a name,eh?

You’ll remember THAT offside goal by Cadete. Never offside in a month of Sundays.

Linesman? Kevin McBride.



This one?

Celtic Champs Elect


The 5th song brings back memories :-))) Sri Lanka 1979

Billy Bhoy

According to hunmedia the linesmen were Mulvanny and Potter with the former the one who didn’t flag.

“Father” Madden is apparently part of the conspiracy to “Stop The Two” along with Frs Beaton and Clancy.

Words fail me!

Celtic Champs Elect

For all the dope smokers back in the day. Lebanese Moroccan Afghani you know who you are :-)))

Prestonpans bhoys

Got back late last night as part of the Edinburgh bypass was shut. So not much sleep and was not really in the mood to listen to hertz fans complaining.

However said to one, camera angle impossible to be sure, your own explayer Berra? said so. Anyway I continued , did Celtic not get a goal chopped off wrongly at swinecastle, moreover did you not score from a free-kick which should not have been given and was taken about three yards from the offence.

There ended the conversation😱😵😂

Saltires en Sevilla

Craig 76 (16:46)

Thanks for additional info buddy. A lot of work typing that and fair play to you.

The main thing I see ( that suits ma egenda 😏)

Anyone looking at top line stats will see Hertz 4 & Celtic 2 Bookings – so the ref is fair, or even pro Celts

However, we know one incorrectly disallowed goal and a deluge of hits on our players plus constant disruption on our pattern of play for ‘fouls’ that were fair challenges

It’s sad we can’t trust the bassas as far as we can throw them.

Etc., etc.,


Aye, that’s the very chap.

Funnily enough, that game at Ibrox was the last time that I every darkened the doors of that place. We were all going mental in the front of the Broomy when Big Jorge scored. Then somebody noticed the cheat McBride with the flag up. Goal disallowed. The Huns went straight up the park and scored. Then got a third near the end. 3-1 to the bad guys.

Speaking of Big Jorge, everyone around at the time remembers Jim Farry for the part he played in delaying the players registration. He had a little help though. An up and coming youngster named Sandy Bryson. If this name sounds familiar to you, it should. After rapidly rising through the ranks of the SFA, in 2012 this man became famous/imfamous for inventing the concept of “imperfectly registered” players, thus insuring that the Huns could not be stripped of titles won during the EBT asterisk years. Then there was the other quaint concept of “conditional membership” of the SFA, which allowed Sevco to play their very first game as a new club.

Mr Lawwell, THAT is your legacy. Cheating fecker.

Hail Hail.

Celtic Champs Elect

Just one of my favourite bands at that time


Saltires en sevilla 👍
I came across a site that has got a ton of stat info that could be used to compare how we are reffed
I’ll post the link on end of this for anyone who wants to scroll through the data.

Celtic Champs Elect

Very sentimental tonight :-))

Mike in Toronto


If you are in a Sentimental Mood…

Prestonpans bhoys

I cannot imagine that too many Celts will be renewing sky subscriptions, when their current one runs out.

Hail Hail.

Celtic Champs Elect

MIT maybe melancholy baby :-)))

Thanks for the tune

Hope you are well

Celtic Champs Elect

MIT for you

As I said melancholy baby :-))

Celtic Champs Elect

For the threesome :-))) Jim Packy & the beautiful Joan


Little Arthur Hughes rest in peace 🙏 👼

May your vile killers rot in hell.


Cheers CCE, great song!
Also loved listening to Heart of Gold again. Neil Young.

Celtic Champs Elect

JTT glad you appreciated the tunes I always think of you and Packy when playing tunes from back in the day :-))))

big packy

CELTIC CHAMPS ELECT. thanks for that pal,.it means a lot,👍

Celtic Champs Elect

For an old girlfriend who I did not marry :-)))(

Celtic Champs Elect

My first ever slow dance with a girl in a discotheque:-)). Not even a hand on the outside of the T** or the jumper WTF :-)))

Celtic Champs Elect

The most underrated band of all time

Celtic Champs Elect

This is my era and many more on here :-))

Celtic Champs Elect
big packy

the first record i ever bought with my pocketmoney,,,,,,,,

Celtic Champs Elect

I was told by a girl back in the day I looked like Micky Finn :-)) still never got a hand in the T** on the outside of the jumper:-)))

This was in etims…..the Brendan O ‘Malley linesman.Don’t tell me i was sucked in.😩

Celtic Champs Elect

We are on a roll what a tune



ASWGL 7.43

How can any human being be so evil to an innocent boy.

No one can hurt you now Arthur.RIP.

Celtic Champs Elect

JTT and Packy

Can you guys remember this song

big packy

the second record i ever bought


CCE, Yip I remember that well. Very popular back in the day. A good song. 🙂

big packy

CELTIC CHAMPS ELECT, remember this at the school disco, my first slowie, ach memories,😎

Celtic Champs Elect

The first girl to break my heart I played this song non stop until I broke the needle on the record player The worse thing about it was she carried the bible at the front of the orange walk Thank fuck I dumped


Packy, I liked TRex but I never bought any of their records.