We are Celtic, You are not!

Please watch this clip,

Ooft. The Bayern Fans didn’t beat around the bush, it’s clear they see it as their club.
No more Qatar deals was the call now, who knows what’s next.


The 51/49 percent split gives them the upper hand, but still,,if a proposal is greeted with that chanting by the floor there’s no point in counting.
Proposal or War?
We as a support are passionate, but mostly during games, I would love to see our board hit with the equivalent chant during an AGM,,,if Bankier thought the last was a good lash of the whip,,,


Note the German spokesman isn’t the oldest fan with credentials galore under his belt,,,he’s a young eloquent professional.
There’s a lesson there.


Note how passionate they (the support) are about off field affairs.
No more Qatar deals is the current demand, who knows what’s next, but that type of passion and devotion towards off field affairs could only benefit Scottish football.


It’s somewhat ironic that the most faithful attendees per Capita throughout Europe are being taken for a ride,,or is it because there’s such an abundance of matchday going individuals they get collectively taken advantage of?
No Independent Regulator,
No drug testing,
No chance of honest refs,
One giant plays loose and fast financially,
All the above equals no chance of an honest sporting competition, in the land with the busiest turnstiles.


The Celtic support by and large left the wellbeing and social standing of our beloved club in the hands of businessmen who had the right background and impressive portfolios, yet twenty years later disillusioned we stand. It’s said Fergus isn’t happy at the state of affairs,
things haven’t turned out as he envisaged they would.


The last decades’ chicanery to reinstall one team somewhere/anywhere within the football pyramid rather than open up the slot was always going to have consequences. I guess everyone knew that to an extent, but events have taken turn for the worse and the latest consequences are looking particularly galling.


We, the Celtic supporters, are now staring at Ange and our new look Hoops being cheated out of the title by bent whistlers!
The ‘honest mistakes’ return with a vengeance once there’s 40 million riding on the title, the refs have a preferred destination for that wedge.
The aim is to have some sucker from Down Under get shafted whether he realizes it or not?!


Actually “some sucker” happens to be one of us now, can anyone deny it?
He comes across as a good man, in reality he’s a good man and a good manager.
Looks out for his players and his club, he takes no shit, especially from the biased media.
He loves the city, loves the club, he and the wife loved the Tommy show,,,
he’s a Tim now there can be little question.
And the Tims have each other’s back.


IF, it’s a hypothetical if for now but, IF we watch Ange get cheated out of a title by the whistlers,
IF we witness our new look side not reap their just rewards,
IF this title gets hijacked in plain daylight,
That must be everyone’s line in the sand!


We can’t let that happen to Ange and simply renew as usual?
What would watching the good man that is Ange get screwed and everyone shrugging their shoulders say about us collectively?


The Celtic supporters come together for good causes, always have.
Often that cause is one of our own in need.
Ange IS one of us now.
We can’t tell yet if he will be in need BUT,,,


Please tell me you will not stand idly by and watch this man cheated out of ‘his’ title?!


Please tell me screwing over Ange Postecoglou for the benefit of the Old Firm shall be your last straw?!


Should ‘our’ Greek Australian get cheated out of a debut title things can never go back to normal. They must not.
We turn into those Bayern fans above, everyone of us, and remind them we are Celtic, they are not.

By Mahe

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I keep thinking,believing,that there will be a turning point,an event where Celtic fans eventually say-Up with this I will not put.

A number of us were aware from around 2004 or so,the time of the ill-fated Murray £50m share issue,that the huns were a busted flush. I think a whiproon down the local ludj raised about sixpence and a few buttons. So it was only a matter of time back then,and while 2008-11 hurt,we knew the end was nigh. The financial crisis eventually brought things to a close,but they were on fumes long before that.

There was no £40m prize just for one season of the refs et al going into overdrive back then,but there is now. That isn’t just a game changer,it’s their entire raison d’etre. Their crock of gold,and their only hope.

Our fans know that. Our board know that. Fuxake,everybody knows! But is everyone sticking their finger in their ears,shouting “Lalalalala,I can’t hear you!”?

Sure seems so,hence the title of yesterday’s article. That it is unthinkable that we are allowing this title to be stolen from us in plain sight,and standing idly by as it happens.


Great read, Mahe. Thanks.
If the board back Ange with cash to refresh the squad, and we win the league; and for good measure, there’s an ijnsolvency event down Ibrox way, I reckon it will be difficult to motivate fans to boycott games. We’ll all be too drunk on jelly and ice cream.
Is such a scenario far fetched?
Jimthetim, really?? The Black and White fucking Minstrels?
This is 2021 ffs. Get with the programme.

Saltires en Sevilla


Don’t think we have seen such passion from you – great relevant link to Bayern fans at AGM

Don’t sense the Celtic support are anywhere near those levels of coordinated agitation.

The real worry is, just how bad would it have to be for the vast majority to erupt …

It’s simply not bad enough… yet.

Paddy’s Maw

The January transfer window is the key here. We are in a far better position than we would have thought after last season’s debacle and they are not the steady ship they were last season either. If the Board support Ange and we sign players to strengthen the team so we are having a good try at winning the league then they can be considered Celtic supporters – if not then they are Old Firm supporters and we will know where we stand – although I fear we already know the answer

Totally agree about the lack control measures – we absolutely need VAR and drug testing like everyone else. The SFA is turning our league into a tinpot league yet still charges forty quid for their cup finals. Being reffed by supporters of the opposing team happens nowhere else in the world – although I am happy to be corrected if I’ve got this wrong.

PS – was speaking with ATOB the other day – what happened to the referees from Edinburgh? We could remember a few from a few years ago but now there doesn’t seem to be any.

Off to do some housework now



Re B/W Minstrels,aye,I get your point. But we shouldn’t judge past events by the standards of today,rather we should be grateful for the awareness that much of our past was unacceptable,and be thankful that times do indeed change.

Our world is far from perfect,nor is our country. But at least here we seem to be trying to move forward. Compare that to three of the “major powers”,each of which in their own way seems to heading back to their heady days of the 1950s,and all the authoritarianism and belligerence not to mention downright racism,mysogyny,etc which was then a matter of national pride.

But wait,I forgot about letting migrants drown,the Windrush scandal,making the UK “safe” against,erm,people not like us. So aye,we have a long way to go too. But in a forward direction,we hope.



Nailed it. How we go into,come out of,January is crucial. We need a couple of players from the off,get them up to speed. In that respect,the recent spate of injuries might actually help AP!

Saltires en Sevilla

Paddy’s Maw

Good to see you on here… great post and the point on January signings and lack of governance, measures of accountability and open/fairness.

You allude to the expectation many of us fear … that in January Window we will pay the price for Dom MacKay’s largesse…

On a personal note: we both really appreciate the Pass token ..let us know if you need it back. We had a good enjoyable run with it – Thanks


Unfortunately history has shown that those in leadership positions do not do accountability.
Those who decide do not accept they should be held in judgement.
Deceit and deception is often their mantra.
The masses are here merely to serve their agenda.
Take away the money.

Saltires en Sevilla


💯- we need to find a way to reassure folk they won’t lose their seats, if they decide to take action

Sense this is a huge factor in the leverage being utilised by Bòrd

Plus, the risk that Sevvies will run away with some glitter in the interim.

Emotional blackmail

Paddy’s Maw

SES – you’re welcome. I will let you know if I need it back but touch wood won’t.

Saltires en Sevilla

Paddy’s Maw

Thanks – you are a star!


Noel Skytrot

its a drum I keep beating, halt the capital and see what happens. I’d take winning nothing for a season as long as we removed the poison from the club. Not too sure about others.



Yes,it is very much the case that no-one in the higher echelons is held to account. Why should they be,they are judged on the numbers.

As our accounts are relatively healthy,our ticket sales are high,they are ticking the boxes. And in the twenty-odd years since Martin assembled the Seville side,we have won over 70% of the titles.

On the face of it,it is hard to argue with the numbers. But football isn’t just about numbers,it is so much more than that. It is about heart,emotion,about right and wrong.

Do any of us want to win because we are getting help from the refs or the authorities? I don’t. In fact,it might be that the best way to get a fan boycott would be for that to happen!

But in the meantime,and all of my life,probably the entirety of our club’s existence,we have won DESPITE the cheats. And of course we revel in our status as underdogs.

Doesn’t make it right,and it sure doesn’t make me happy to be an underdog. THAT,more than anything,is the mindset we have to change before we can effect real change at our club,and in the game.



You are correct,but withdrawing financial support is not a clarion call we can make while there is so little support for it. We should pick our battles carefully,fight the fights we can win.

My starting point would be with merchandise,but even that small thing is largely ignored. So,how many will follow a ticket boycott,based on that? It would be like pissing in the wind,and it pisses me off!


“My starting point would be with merchandise,but even that small thing is largely ignored.”

Yep,the basterts are boycotting the boycott!

Saltires en Sevilla


70% of titles in a backwater – it’s not that we don’t enjoy winning them. Celebrating winning titles is special and will never tire of it.

Having said that- this stat completely disguises the abject failure in the European scene. I realise that is not your intention because your views on our failures in that regard are well documented.

Celtic Park has regressed into a fekin sideshow, with sparkling lights and Walk On’s attracting the most humiliating and patronising, platitude-laden bilge …

When some of us talk about its ‘not bad enough..yet’

This is it … domestic dominance and utter shite in Europe

Arguments that we have dominated every decade since the Sixties ( excepting cheating 90’s) completely falter when we factor in European performance .. our credibility and standing against similar sized European clubs has been systematically obliterated… and it’s intentional.

We get a free run at Europe every year and we ritually collapse.

Hardly a squeak from the majority of our support… not ignoring those that do shout out, but just not enough of them.

That 70% is good enough .. acceptable.. or so it seems

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.
An absolute belter of a lead article Mahe. I don’t know a single Celtic fan who doesn’t love Ange. Some did that from the start (God bless our dear departed Garry Postecoglu) whilst others have gradually been convinced. And even those that have concerns about our failure to see out those away European games etc are at least delighted with Ange’s dealings with the press. So we have never had a better time to use that factor to judge our custodians in how they back Ange in January. if they don’t I have a feeling that Ange will make that point crystal clear.
With all things COVID still not really heading in the right direction then we may need to factor in isolation periods for any new players joining. We play on 2nd January against Triggers Broom FC then don’t play another league game until our away trip to Tynecastle on Wednesday 26th. So get new players signed by say the 7th allowing them to get some training time prior to the league season restarting.
As for December, on paper we have a slightly easier set of fixtures than the team currently above us. But not this weekend – keeping the gap to 4 points by tomorrow afternoon should be seen as acceptable.


Noel Skytrot


Apathy by a large section of the support keeps the vipers in their nest, until minds can be changed, we are where we are. I suspect there will be small battles won by the supporters such as blocking Higgins from being employed at the club, but I suspect its going to be a marathon battle with the moneyed men. Here’s hoping mate.



You are loved by many. I shall never forget you.





I think I speak for many of us in our thanks for drawing attention yesterday to this horrific saga. Too many of us,certainly myself,are long inured to reading about events like these. I read your comment,and have read the subsequent reports.

I’ve seen the photographs of a beautiful boy,but even if he was an ugly wee bugger,I would still feel the same way. Possibly my biggest failing is that I have no time for bullies,a failing only in that it has got me into bother once or twice. I doubt being alone in that. And I hope that a few of the future cellmates are of the same mind.

Even the bullies.


Chelsea shooting themselves in the foot by feckin about at the back, just clear the ball
1 -1 now



2-1 Chelsea great goal


Good afternoon all from Shawlands. It’s a hard life.



I intend to continue to salute Arthur in the future. He deserves to be remembered and valued.

I know there are other causes/cases but this one has broken my heart.



Good leader.

Some excellent posts today Bhoys and Ghirls.

My problem with a season ticket boycott is this. This will only harm the club. The parasites on the board will have no problem with the club going into administration. This would leave the club vulnerable to a Craig Whyte asset-stripping type of character…and none of us would want that.

While I can’t claim to have the answer to our current plight, I do have some suggestions as a way forward.

1. A non-violent campaign of civil disobedience against individual board members, as recently argued by James Forrest.

2. A boycott of all merchandise.

3. A boycott of all cup games, including European games.

4. A boycott of all food stalls.

While none of these suggestions are exactly novel, if implemented concurrently, may have some effect.

Other than these, I’m all out of ideas.

Hail Hail.

Oh, aye. Forgot to mention in my previous post. A wee bit of verbal abuse, directed at the parasites sitting in the comfy seats during games, would not go amiss. 😀

A thing of beauty

Gordon 64,
As regards the Celtic Star article. The Etims podcast has been alluding to this for sometime. I think this could be an absolute game changer in regards to the fans uniting behind the board. If DD tries to subject us to facial recognition as some sort of guinea pigs for his other businesses he better get set for the biggest shit storm he’s ever encountered. There is no way the Celtic support will countenance that.
Also if he thinks the ibrox board will allow it at the Victorian lavvy so he can further prove it’s worth and cement the opportunity to line his pockets he is much mistaken. Why would any business help the major shareholder of their rivals by using their services? Oh that reminds me…..


The Hammers beat Chelski 3-2 with a freaky late winner


. Do not buy tickets for cup games, home, away and neutral. A percentage goes to either SFA or SPFL.
. Do not attend matches at Hampden – see above
. Do not attend away league matches (pour encourager les autres) until such time as clubs acknowledge and participate in meaningful steps to reform the corruption and misgovernance.
. Do not buy official club merchandise.
. Do not buy food in stadium.
. Do not buy Paradise Windfall Draw or Programmes.

for starters

bada bing1

Hagi will come in off the pocket

Dalek Rae

big packy

I agree that a boycott by ST holders will not work. Similarly, asking people to stay away consistently from games will not work because of tradition.

After all, the intent is to punish an under performing Board, not to punish Celtic supporters.

The only option for boycott that I see is the business interests of Board members. Take Ian Bankier as an example. He is heavily invested in Glenkeir Whisky Ltd which runs a national chain of The Whisky Store. Do not buy from these stores. There are other companies associated with Glenkeir such as Highland Industries. Ditto for these associates…..do not buy from them.

What is needed is for a small group of individuals to research the business interests of all B members, compile a list of these businesses and their products. Send this list to Celtic Supporters Associations. Create a website or link to the list and get it up on Blogs such as this. If possible, the list could include rival products that could be purchased.

To be honest I am tired of reading about how much the Board is despised without any efforts to act. Philosophical arguments about what is happening or about to happen are intellectual exercises but nothing more. Offering them to the CEO or the Board will be politely kicked into touch by either a process or vagueness of response. We know this.

The above may not work but, at least, it is something different.


Margaret McGill

DD’s facial recognition plan wont work. Too many 2 faced Tims.

Sol Kitts

What time has everyone picked in the hun penalty sweepstakes? I’m on 72 minutes.


32 mins if score 0-0


Bada That’s going to be a total PitA 😠

Prestonpans bhoys


I’m on 75 minutes😕


Wow a lot of passion in there,well done.

Margaret McGill

more chance of Dundee getting a penalty to make the inevitable cricket score look fair.


In a strange kind of way i hope the board do appoint Higgins which might be the catalyst needed for the supporters to take action 🤔




That is a superb article about Casagrande and Socrates. There’s the basis of an article on here in it too,so it might be one for the window.

Thanks,mate. So much of what he says is true,so many of the people in power are miles away from what any of us here considers to be democracy.

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