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Today’s article was intended to make you all jealous of our recent trip to Cologne/Leverkusen,but it can wait. Suffice to say that ACGR’s Hootenanny flag got a few outings again!

Sunday’s performance on the pitch was outstanding,the best I have seen us play for a long time. I doubt that anyone here will disagree. And I’m willing to take the flak for referring to our rivals as the huns as I do this,but our away support detracted from a fantastic performance on the pitch.

I think everyone knows that my background is 50/50 Catholic and Protestant,that I was brought up in Kilwinning. I shared a bedroom with my Papa,born in 1892,until he died in 1974. Silicosis,a wasting disease-bloody hell,he must have been some size of a bloke beforehand!

My pal around that time had a sister,pals with my own sister. Call her H. Their own Papa was the Right Reverend at Kilwinning Abbey. Mine had told everyone that he wanted to be buried by that man,because he had so much respect for him.

Aye,maybe not the thing to say to kids about 6 or 8yo,but respect was the thing,what mattered. And then,H ran down to go out to play and said-Mr P,do you still want to be buried by my Papa,cos yer gonna have to hurry up as he’s retiring soon!

Back then,I knew the songs. Back then,my Dad and his friends made it plain that there was a time and a place. Back then,I was going to the games with my pal,whose background was not mine,whose Papa had come out of retirement to bury mine. 

I can honestly say that I’ve never asked anyone their religion,male or female,drinking partner or potential girlfriend. Or their politics either,as neither are important. You find out eventually. 

But I knew the songs,wasn’t allowed on the bus unless I knew them!

So that was fifty and forty years ago,and aye,I did know them. Then,about forty years ago I’m giving it big licks in The Jungle,standing alongside the finest bloke I’ve ever met outside of my family,and thought…

Hmmm,maybe not. 

Turns out that I’ve actually forgotten a lot of the words to the songs since then,but I can remember the ones that I think are ok. Yes,I’ve decided which songs are fine,and which aren’t. So get me,eh?

Anyone who thought that songbook on Sunday was acceptable needs to have a good look at themselves. Anyone who thought that it wouldn’t be thrown back at us,two cheeks,needs a kick on both of them.

Anyone singing stuff like that insults every single Protestant Man,to quote a song. Insults our famous open to everyone,insults every non-Catholic supporter,whether Jew,Hindu,Moslem.

Kyogo may be Shinto,btw-think of that?! Naw,they only think of the IRA. Tossers.

Celtic are not a sectarian club,nor are our supporters in any way so inclined. Our away support however suggests otherwise. And it needs to be stopped. 


Above article by BMCUWP

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TFW an absolute fantastic post and the best all day.

Maybes we should all just sing God Save The Queen at the start of every game and then The People will leave us alone.

I’m done with this shower of self righteous, sanctimonious nonsense.

Let the people sing.

Heres a story for all you stand up guys.

In the Smiddy on so called helicopter Sunday, when in come the filt and tell everybody to stop singing your songs or you will get lifted.

I turn to my sister and ask ” how does that hymn go again ?” what one she says”
The one through the darkest night and brightest day. And so the Smiddy burst into song and as I stand there staring at the filthy peace officer and say go charge me for singing a hymn on a Sunday.

I’m out.

Prestonpans bhoys

Was that Hibs game not at the height of the casuals all over the game. Celtic Soccer Crew , if I recall the name correctly, where the knob cheeses who fired off the gas.

A thing of beauty

Does it not bother you that the general population view us as two cheeks of the same arse due mostly to our singing of IRA songs?
When people say that one side is as bad as the other with their song book, what do you say?


What position does Cialis play

Mike in Toronto

Sorry, but the ‘damage’ done to Celtic by the GB’s occasional blunders pales in comparison to the damage done by the Board, and those who continue to fund the Board.

And do you think that Celtic couldn’t stop the GB’s banners if they wanted to? Of course they could. A ticket is a license, which can be revoked. so, the question is why dont they?

Because it suits Celtic to have the GB doing exactly what they do.

On one hand, Celtic are happy to use the GB and their work to sell tickets: there is this myth/marketing strategy that Celtic FC stands for something (a club like no other? a joke, unless it refers to a club that does secret deals to ensure that its rivals triumph – cant imagine too many other clubs doing that … or any other group of fans meekly accepting that) and having the GB present allows the Club to pretend, and a large swath of the fans to kid themselves, that the Club actually means stands for something.

And on the other hand, the Board knows that there are enough fans who will crap all over the GB, and dividing the fans is exactly what the Board wants, as it keeps the fans’ focus off of the real issue: the misconduct of the Board/Celtic’s collusion with the zombies, and the collective efforts of Celtic and Rangers to separate pigeons from their money.

What bothers me is not that the general population VIEW Celtic and Rangers (and their fans) as two cheeks of the same arse …. what bothers me is that they are right.


If it was still all standing at the football you would never heard of the GB


ATOB, do you honestly think that this is the reason they think we are both cheeks.

It has nothing to do with IRA songs, I’m still trying to remember any IRA song that could be offensive.

You give me a song thats offensive, they will be offended by anything we sing.

Let’s all remember, we are the indigenous people of this set of islands and the bowler hat brigade are hell bent in keeping us in our place..

If you wear a uniform then its OK what you do, as long as its for a government that has a complicit press.

Next you will be telling me that you have no idea why it ISIS was formed and why a group of young Muslims decided to take to arms.

I said about six months ago that I believe the only way forward was for no religious schools and the same folk that don’t like the IRA song were right on my case even though this is a 2/ 3 generation solution to the sectarian problem. Its not catholic schools that are the problem, but as long as we split kids into two different groups at the age of 5 then guess what you will get

If you can’t see that this is the english/ orange order way of divid and conquer in Scotland and NL then you are as blind as a bat..

I live in England and I will always defend our right to sing any song I want and that goes for IRA songs as well.

For some reason down here we don’t have a catholic/protestant problem and we also have catholic and COE schools.

Go figure.


Look the GB are fighting a proxy war thru the songbook against the board and police Scotland. They have even introduced songs that were never sung at the games even during the height of the troubles. They must be going thru the back catologe of the IRA songbook


And ask why before celtic tv starts on match day why they play a multitude of wolf tone songs

Billy Bhoy

I agree with those expressing concern at that fud Crawford Allan coming out and saying that Kyogo was “probably”offside?
Where was he when Celtic had a perfectly good goal disallowed at Hearts in the first game of the season. That would have put us 2-1 up and in all likelihood won us the game. Instead, we then lost an injury time goal. That cost us 3 points.

Then there was the Sakala “goal” at Ibrox v Motherwell. He’s standing offside at a corner and “scores” an equaliser. It’s the worst decision of the season and arguably the most scandalous offside “goal” of all time given that he was NEVER in an onside position. Not a word from the SFA!!
That’s a four point swing in just those two incidents!

Cheating Masonic bastards!!!

We’re probably going to have to win practically every game this season to win the league!




The perception of the IRA based on just that very label changed after 9/11/2000.

I wrote about it July 2015 and reading it again at

I thought it worth referring you to as a relevant factor in changing the perceptions triggered by the three initials IRA.

Its almost like a game but it has serious social consequences.


Auldheid, I read your link and to be honest you state, mindless terrorism.

Do you actually believe that the human beings that committed these acts believe they were mindless or were willing to give up their lives for something they actually believe in rather than the almighty dollar.


Mindless to me is following orders and dropping bombs from a drone into a wedding, school or hospital or you will lose your pension and privilege.

Very good

A thing of beauty

Thanks for your reply.
I read your article from 2011. I think it’s a pity we have not moved on in ten years, in fact it’s probably got worse. It is certainly an issue that divides the support as proven on here today.

Prestonpans bhoys

Good grief statement from Celtic about ex hertz chairman’s pish
A spokesperson for Celtic said: “His comments are inaccurate. He is clearly unaware that we have already made comment and that we were in contact with Hearts immediately after the incident, which is being handled appropriately.



Open season as usual from the SMSM. Anyone wanting to earn a quick buck knows to give them a call.



ATOB, you are completely correct things have got worse due to brexit, independence vote and the rise of the right wing element within our society.

And its at this time we need to stand shoulder to shoulder 🤣🤣🤣.

That was meant to be a joke

Prestonpans bhoys

Porto game going tonto, two reds so far!

Bada Bing

Why would we be in touch with Hearts?


First they steal the words, then they steal the meaning of the words

Prestonpans bhoys

bada bing1

Perhaps we are looking for an apology from them for Lenny being attacked years ago😱


PB lenny didn’t get attacked he attacked the poor support for no reason remember he was not proven.

Scotland Eh

Prestonpans bhoys


I completely forgot the case was not proven, remarkable !



Cheers 😜😜😜😜

Just wait to the next mini hoot !!!!!!



PB, well its not like it was live and in glorious technicolor

Margaret McGill

Celtic being the martyrs is good corporate sense in a bigoted culture. Stop paying for it.


I’m paying to watch my team.

And loving the rollercoaster ride this Season.

In Ange, I trust 💚

Margaret McGill

Yes that’s true but you’re also paying to encourage bigotry and most of your money goes into private hands.

Prestonpans Bhoys

Not so remarkable when you think about it. An Edinburgh jury. The fix was in. FFS, Al Capone would have been proud of that wan.

And yet, we are constantly told that ‘sectarisnism’, as the politicians term it, is a West of Scotland problem. How can this be when the most racist, sectarian and indeed Fascist organisation in Scotland is ubiquitous throughout Stirlingshire, Clackmannanshire, The Lothians, Fife, Perthshire and Tayside. I refer of course, to the Orange Order. Though Police Scotland would run them a close 2nd, I have to admit.

Hail Hail.

Prestonpans bhoys


Aye this West of Scotland only pish, you are right it’s all across the country. I Was quite taken aback at the number of OO walks down here in the Pans when I first arrived. They even present a band at the local summer fair display, seriously.

No one thought it was an odd thing, like a multi cultural event😱😵😕


All the way into the 70s the bowler hat was a sign in ship builders and heavy industries to show who the boss was .

Fucking grow up. The Orange Order is still the main force in Scotland, the same people that turned the independence vote,have no doubt.

But celtic fans are singing IRA songs, help ma bob, oh no I’m so offended please stop.who will think of the children.

Aye aye very good.

Whats really funny is how no one came back with what songs are offensive, or the question on religious schools and the orange order.

But the songs that the GB sing are shocking and they are an embarrassment.

The same group that sets up collections for food banks/ soup kitchens. Get your heed out yer arse.

By the way Mags start to direct your anger where its deserved, not paying celtic fans.

But the orange order the crown prosecution service and police Scotland or fuck up.

Margaret McGill

Wait until Muslims have state funded schools western society can only get better.

Margaret McGill

I watch Celtic for free


Why watch then

Margaret McGill

You’re not a real Tim unless you pay?


No but there is no such thing as a free lunch Every hit on a web site shows supply and demand, and a lot of people don’t have your facility to watch FOC like the board.or you. Away and watch Partick

Prestonpans bhoys

The Hibee referred to in my earlier post, actually worked for a year in a placement in Tranent. One of the Bhoys he worked with, had a twin brother who also was a mad Tim. Without his brother knowing so, a plan was hatched to ambush the Fascists, as they strolled through the village of a warm July day. Guess who got lifted by the polis? Hint. It was not the fella involved, but sure, he wasn’t gonna grass up his brother, was he?

Hail Hail.



Just read all the comments with a wee Highland Park to finish off a cracking day here.

Some great arguments but I do like TFW and Pitymevin.

Still, that’s what makes this a fantastic blog 👍

Keep up the good work Bobby and Mahe.

Remember fellow Celts, everyone has an opinion but keep it civil ( As in Civil Fawlty ) 😜😜

HH 🍀🍀🍀


Auldheid…no much “agreeing to disagree” in this Parliament today!!! 🤣😂🤣


Nice one, Leggy…12 yo or 18?

Margaret McGill

I will continue to do whatever the fuck I want and naw.



12 year old washed down with a can of Strongbow !!!!!

On a wee overnight and the wife’s in her bed 😜


Ach you ruined the image with the can of Strongbow…I had you in a smoking jacket in the Grand Diing Room of the Dalmeny Park…noo I see you with Mary Doll in yer string simmet behind the Govan X Shopping Centre!! 🤣🤣🤣



You only sing when yer winning !!



Brilliant 👏👏👏👏

Years back at Tannadice watching Celtic, this guy beside us kept saying “ You’re a Tosspot, you’re a Tosspot, and you too are a Tosspot”.

The Bhoy besides him, fed up, said,

“ Mate, What is a Tosspot?”.

To which the guy replied, Don’t know, but he’s wan, and so is he !!!!

He’s probably an MP these days, with his vocabulary skills !!!!!

As long as I’m no wan. !!!!!!!


Leggy…a bit like this?



Spot on 👍

Heading to my scratcher now but I will make one of the legendary all nighters with all you good Celtic Bhoys.

Cheers HH 💚💚

Margaret McGill