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You’ll all be aware of the recent attack on our wee Japanese superstar,Kyogo. You’ll all be aware too that attacks on our club,and always from the usual suspects or similar,are not uncommon. Take the recent demands from an alleged money-launderer best known previously for selling his club down the river and into a near-fatal administration by his decision to offload it to a dodgy Eastern European-he demanded that points be deducted because of the game a week ago,or at the very least that the match be replayed. 

Show me a good loser,and I’ll show you a loser. But show me a rent-a-gob with something to attack Celtic on,and I’ll show you a rabid Scottish media desperate to give him a public airing. Celtic did,in fact,respond to his ridiculous statements-through the same media who had given him a platform!

So today,AP showed them how it is done. Without once losing his cool or raising his voice,he let the world know his thoughts on the current pile-on of Kyogo. On the allegations that he is a “diver” 

Wrong sport,guys! AP actually referred to him as a jockey,or at least the size of one,who is up against players a foot bigger. And followed up his attack on the keyboard warriors with

“I haven’t read it. I won’t read it. If you end up in arguments with ignorant people, you’ll eventually become one of them so I kind of ignore those kind of narratives … I think Kyogo has been great for our football club and I think he’s been great for Scottish football. I’ll be surprised if anyone wouldn’t want someone of his character and playing ability in their club or their league. Who are all these brave soldiers sitting in their studios or lounge rooms or wherever they are, throwing these narratives across the way?”

That is exactly what the fans want to hear from our manager. And exactly what Kyogo-and the rest of the players,for that matter-will appreciate. A manager who goes into battle for his players,especially in the face of unjustified and unwarranted attacks on their professionalism. Any referees who had already decided that fouling Kyogo was fine by them,any media pundits who had decided the same,will be having second thoughts about things after yesterday. 

AP struck just the right note yesterday,withering criticism while not even raising his voice. We knew already that we had a man in our corner,yesterday proved it to everyone. 

Celtic has never demanded preferential treatment on or off the pitch,but all along,a level playing field has been beyond us too. We don’t want to be treated better than anyone else,we only expect to be treated the same. It would be naive to think that yesterday will provide that,but it is fair to suggest that we have a manager who will strive for it. 

Well done,mate!


Above article by BMCUWP

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A thing of beauty

Disappointed but respect your decision. Farewell.

Very disappointed in the Silent protest planned by the GB. Ange has been quite clear that he wants the team to be backed for the ninety minutes. We really are in a mess here. How can any board be seen to bow to the will of the masses and retain credibility? Now we all agree they have zero credibility but in a business sense that may not be the case. I assume their take will be if they bend on this then what will be next? If there was any doubt about Higgins by the board it will probably have disappeared, cemented by a belief they can’t do what protestors want, no matter how many of them there is. I include myself as someone who thinks the board should not appoint Higgins but am resigned to the fact they will. What a shit show.
All this demonstrates for me is that protests at games or CP that might affect the teams performance are divisive.

It happens every time the GB supported by the CST decide to take protest action. There is a word for doing the same thing and expecting a different result and the word is insanity.

Even if Celtic do not appoint Higgins (and I see on Twitter that might be the case) is conflict the only way to resolve issues?

I just shake my head in despair at the stupidity on both sides of the divide.

The only thing that will heal the division is acting with integrity and in my experience neither side of the divide has any.

Margaret McGill

Bobby you know as well as I do that as soon as AP is perceived by the PLC as jeopardizing OF income he will be punted pronto.

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Not read back since end of tonight’s football….. but… now that Barcelona have ‘qualified’ for the Europa League what’s the betting Fridays draw results Barcelona v Celtic😁.. fed up seeing them!



Most likely,which is why we should show our support as much as we can.


Margaret McGill
When has anyone in business, football, religion or any government ever acted with integrity?
It’s all about power corruption and lies
i.e. Money!
In fact I was advised just last night that if I don’t buy into the power corruption and lies of Scottish football I should contribute my money to some other team.

If supporters acted with integrity then they would do as you have. Its not all the fault of business.

Whilst integrity might be in short supply in some places it is a too much of a generalisation to say no businesses run by individuals of integrity exist.

I know it goes back a few centuries but at a time of treating workers abominably Robert Owen on our own doorstep acted with integrity when he founded New Lanark.

New Lanark is an exceptional example of a purpose-built 18th century mill village, set in a picturesque Scottish landscape near the Falls of Clyde, where in the early years of the 19th century, the Utopian idealist Robert Owen (1771-1858) inspired a model industrial community based on textile production.

The need for it in the business world fills books:

Integrity might have been buried in the last ten years or more in the UK and Scottish football and Celtic but the consequences of its lack surface eventually and with it integrity makes a comeback.

Dictionary definition:
1. the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.
“a gentleman of complete integrity”
Similar: honesty uprightness probity rectitude honour honourableness upstandingness good character principle(s) ethics morals righteousness morality nobility high-mindedness right-mindedness noble-mindedness virtue decency fairness scrupulousness sincerity truthfulness trustworthiness
the state of being whole and undivided.
“upholding territorial integrity and national sovereignty” Definitely not the state of Celtic PLC and the support

The reason why integrity persists is that its absence causes chaos, which cause a reaction and folk find it was always there
– inside



Margaret McGill
Bobby you know as well as I do that as soon as AP is perceived by the PLC as jeopardizing OF income he will be punted pronto.
My worry is that AP appears like a person of integrity and he will bugger off before The Board realise it. The thing is if you have integrity and others do not, eventually you tire of pushing against the resistance.



Yup it was good to hear AP step up to the plate. I loved the bit says that if you engage with ignorant people you end up as ignorant as them but at some point it is right to say you are dealing with ignorant people.

Margaret McGill

As far as I understand Celtic cannot qualify to the Europa league knockout stages with their 6 points in group G. They can qualify for the Europa conference league along with the rest of europes shite.

Margaret McGill

The New Lanark history is one of trickle down integrity much like Reaganomics I.e. you can all get some cash as long as others get their big share first. Not saying it’s bad but it’s definitely thin on the ground on integrity

Margaret McGill

Basically the problem AP has is that he is a trained professional. Unfortunately he’s ended up here

Margaret McGill

Come on
Fighting talk
Let’s be havin yeez


Margaret McGill

Look I know you all want me to fuck off and do a rebus
So let me try

Saltires en Sevilla


Great links to Glengarry etc.

So much information available online now

I have been chasing a book for about 30 years called ‘Clava Cairns’ ….or somesuch …

History of the clans after Culloden –

could never find it and maybe I got the title wrong

Very keen to get access to a copy


Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends and Happy Matchday. With tonight’s game effectively meaningless hopefully that will make for a much more stress free watch!

Cosy Corner Bhoy

MAGS: You are dead right about us missing out. I was obviously too wrapped up in their not qualifying for the ‘ big one ‘ for the first time in yonks meant they were in the mix with us, forgetting we were like them in our level…..shite! The games came too early for us as we were rubbish but we are better now.
No doubt Betis might make me re-adjust my thoughts tonight.


Good article Bobby 👍

Saltires en sevilla
Had a wee Google search this morning found 3 books called Clava Cairns by 3 different authors I Walker, Douglas Scott and Edward Meldrum unfortunately none of the books are available.
If you are still up north maby a trip into the lovely city of Inverness to an independent bookshop or even a 2nd hand shop may help find the book

Sol Kitts

Jack Ross binned by Hibs, Lenny favourite to replace him……


Sol Kitts
Lennon apparently on shortlist for Ipswich job, can’t see him going for Hibs job again unless he thinks he’s got a point to prove

Prestonpans bhoys

Craig 76

Would Hibs want him back, was there not a bit of disharmony when he left


Prestonpans bhoys
I think he fell out with Dempster and some of the players regarding his attitude but fitba is a funny old game as someone once said 😀

Por Cierto

Neil Lennon for Hibs? I take it Leanne Dempsey has resigned then :)) por cierto


Por Cierto
Yes she resigned last year


Afternoon all & Packy.
Went on to ‘Hibees Bounce’ to see what they are saying. In a poll, 41% want Alex Neil. 8% want Neil lennon.


Have not heard tell of that book which you referenced earlier.

The closest book that I could find on the subject would be:

‘The Highland Clearances’ by Tom Devine. Now in all fairness, I have not yet read this book. I have however, read other books by the same author. His writing style is in a form which I believe you will enjoy.


Thanks for that Higgins link last night. I was pissing myself at the guy who was surprised that Higgins has mates. My thoughts exactly. Fecker probably has to buy the services of any mates he has.


My admiration for Ange grows with every passing day. I guess we’ll just have to treasure the man while he’s still here. He does not suffer fools gladly, which is why I believe Nicholson to be a good buffer between Ange, and the old out of touch fools on the PLC.

Hail Hail.

A thing of beauty

Alex Neill would be a good pick for the hibees. Good young manger who it all happened a bit too quick for. A bit like Jack Ross also. I feel for these young mangers at times. You can’t say no to an opportunity but in your heart of hearts you know it’s too soon. I hope JR is back in work before too long.


Good afternoon all from Shawlands. Gerrintaethum Celtic!!!!


Brrb, LOL 🙂 Hail Hail!

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, just had a text message, john kennedy as hibs manager and ange postecoglou as his assistant ,you heard it here first fholks,dont shoot the messenger,😎


Jtt53, indeed young fella. I’ll raise a glass to you and the heroes in Green and White. 🍺


How I suffer for my art. 🙄

big packy

whenever im asked if i like the infamous glesga rainjurs i say yes, but i could not eat two of them, now that was a quote from a comedian in the 20s and 30s, his name was william claude dukinfield, when asked if he liked children he replied yes but i couldnt eat two of them,,what was his stage name, marion morrison appeared in lots of cowboy films, what was his real name ?????

bada bing1

Good morning from a rainy central California.

Hibs getting a new manager before the Cup final is not great news for ourselves, but still I expect to beat them.

As for Higgins if the rumours are true he’s not getting the job why not announce today, right now actually. They better not announce it tomorrow after giving the support a silent game. It’s been handled terribly from the start.
Our suits won’t even pretend to have lost this battle, they will just not discuss it, but secretly they must be fuming.
I wouldn’t be surprised if a couple decided this season was their last.

Regarding the travelling support of the Ibrox team they honestly have been hard done by over this Lyon game. Some in, none in, oh we’ve got another festival on sorry.
Now a festival means no fans?
COP26 moving games to daft times, festival of light (not The rolling Stones) cancels fans, silence at games.
Can things not just be normal anymore?

Hail Hail

Saltires en Sevilla

Craig76 & Magua

Thanks for updates on books

I’m still in the Highlands and I’ll check it out

Btw the book was more of a comment on the RC Clans and how that faith managed in a toxic post ‘45

Altogether …’ the news fae Moidart cam yestreen…’




W C Fields,John Wayne.


After further digging, I believe that you would also enjoy this little offering:

‘Culloden: Battle and Aftermath’ by Paul O’Keeffe. Available in hardback format from for a very reasonable £6.34.

I’ve just been reading a little bit about the history of the Scottish Cup on the, cough, cough, SFA website. Whilst the FA Cup is the world’s oldest association football competition, the Scottish Cup remains the world’s oldest football trophy. The FA Cup has been presented in a number of changing forms over the years. The Scottish Cup on the other hand, is the self-same cup which was presented to the original winners of the competition.

Here’s an interesting factoid. After each Scottish Cup Final, the winners are allowed a lap of honour with the real cup, as it were, before being placed back in it’s resting place within Hampden. The winners are then presented with a replica of the cup, to place in their trophy room. Two things strike me about this situation. Firstly, that poor Sevco, in their whole nine year history, have never once had occasion to place a replica of this cup in their own-mostly empty-trophy room. Secondly, there must be one helluvalot of feckin’ Scottish Cups floating around Parkhead.

Hail Hail

big packy

BOBBY, cyber pint on its way,👍

Big Packy

FFS. Not even in jest. 😀

Hail Hail.

big packy



Afternoon all,

Heading out for pre match meal and pint before game.

Think it’s going to be a cold one tonight so thermals on and we’ll lubricated 👍

Hope to see Scales for 90 minutes and a couple of fresh faces also.

Celtic 2-1


bada bing1

If the rumour is true, and Higgins not taking the job,Hawthorne’s replacement i heard,then you can be sure DD won’t be happy, to see a moral victory for the supporters.

big packy

remember in 67 going to watch celtic against dukla prague, remember the team sheet big yogi in for bobby lennox,remember my grandfather being overjoyed, he loved yogi hughes,we beat them from goals by jinky got one, and willie wallace got 2, that was the last game I attended with my grandfather ironically he died on this day the 9th of december 1971 i was only eighteen but i will never forget it, rest in peace, grandad peter,

Mike in Toronto

Steven (“Bronski’) Forrest of Bronski beat passed away, leaving Jimmy Sommerville as the last surviving original member. I know DD loved this song, and I think he said that he found out at a wedding not long ago, that JS was a cousin.

I know it is not Friday music night, but thought I would play this one for our friend, DD.

Mike in Toronto

Robbie Shakespeare, of the legendary reggae duo Sly and Robbie, passed away this week. Another that I know our herb loving friend would also have loved:


JS / small town boy from Maryhill.
A song about his persecution in Glasgow.


On the Megabus fae Dundee, due into Weegieland around 5.15, then a quick bite and a wee swally. Thermals on, oh the joys… COYBIG 🍀🍀



Correct,and I am fairly sure that he would have had some Sly and Robbie stuff too.



Bloody Baltic down here anaw. Enjoy the match,have a couple of beers first to warm you up.

Sol Kitts

Lenny back at Hibs as interim manager. Getting the showers ready for the permanent appointment.



He’ll definitely be fired up for the final!

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