If you know your history – 8th December

130 years ago …let’s stick with 1891/92 season, as recent performances and results have created a warm glow of anticipation.

There are trophies to be won!!

As we know, Celtic are now contesting their fourth full season and have already made significant inroads into the game in Scotland. Creating a seismic shock when they reached the Scottish Cup Final ( losing to Third Lanark Rifles vol. ) in their debut season 1888/1889. Then following that up by winning their first Major senior trophy The Glasgow Cup in February, 1891 (defeating Third Lanark Rifles vol. 4-0 at Hampden #2)*

Also, In the inaugural season of The Scottish Football League Championship 1890/91, Celts had performed well having finished 3rd., behind ‘joint’ winners Dumbarton and Rangers.

In this period, the League Championship is seen as an inferior competition to The Scottish Cup.

The ‘Cup’ is the big prize…and Celtic seem to be firmly fixed on that ultimate goal.

Note: Celts had won the Glasgow Northern Cup in 1889 and retained it in 1890, but this was not considered a major trophy at the time.

On this day (Tuesday) the Celts are preparing to retain ‘their’ Glasgow Cup against Clyde on Saturday.

1891-12-12: Celtic 7-1 Clyde, Glasgow Cup

The team comfortably held onto the trophy (with a very Celtic scoreline) and for a second time in this calendar year.

The game was played at #1 Cathkin Park** in front of a disappointing crowd of 4,000

Regular goalie Thomas Duff has finally made a return from a long illness. The rest of the team has a reassuringly familiar look.


Match: Glasgow Cup, Final, at Cathkin Park, kick-off: 14:15.
Celtic – Clyde 7-1 (2-0 HT).

Celtic (2-3-5):

Thomas Duff, Jeremiah “Jerry” Reynolds, Dan Doyle, Peter Dowds, James Kelly, Willie Maley, Alex Brady, Neil McCallum, John Madden, Alex “Sandy” McMahon, John James Campbell.

Goals: 1-0 McCallum (20 min.), 2-0 Brady (30 min.), 3-1 McMahon, 4-1 Kelly, 5-1 Madden, 6-1 Campbell, 7-1 Madden.

Clyde (2-3-5):
John Fortune, Alex Sawers, James Maxwell, William Bowie, John Cherrie, James McLaren, Thomas McIntosh, John Harvey, William Sawers, Andrew Johnstone, A. Cassels.
Goal: 2-1 Bowie (47 min.),

Attendance: 4,000.
Referee: Mr. Hay (Southern Counties).

Goal scorer Neil McCallum, Celtic F.C. (Glasgow Evening Post: April 9, 1892);

Goal scorer Alex “Sandy” McMahon, Celtic F.C. (Glasgow Evening Post: April 9, 1892):

In other news:

*Hampden Park#2 (1882-1903) then became (New) Cathkin#2 around 1903, when Queen’s Park moved to their 3rd home and the existing Hampden Park#3)

**The First Cathkin Park#1 (1872-1903) was located in Govanhill, across Cathcart Road from Dixon Halls ( near today’s Holyrood School) The pitch was adjacent to The Third Lanark Rifles vol.’ shooting range. (See map below). ‘Thirds’ then moved to the ground vacated by Queen’s Park in 1903 and remained there (New Cathkin Park) until they sadly passed in 1967.

Dixon Halls – Govanhill

3rd Lanark Rifles vol.’ drill hall is now converted to flats and located in Copelaw Street, situated between Pollokshaws Road & Victoria Road. (https://bygone.bungoblog.com/wp/third-lanark/)

On a personal note: I lived at Dixon Avenue for almost ten years (1990 until 1999) and never realised Celts had been winning trophies at the end of ‘my street’ almost one hundred years earlier…a huge thanks to our own Craig76 for sharing Hugh Reed’ (and The Velvet Underpants) youtube video:

This is quality work by Hugh and I’m fairly sure all the score/music is his own stuff. His knowledge and presentation style is really endearing and hopefully, we will see similar work from him soon.

General stuff:

1792 1st cremation in US: Henry Laurens

1813 Ludwig van Beethoven’s 7th Symphony in A, premieres in Vienna with Beethoven conducting

1849 Giuseppe Verdi’s opera “Luisa Miller” premieres in Naples

1854 Pope Pius IX proclaims Immaculate Conception, makes Mary, free of Original Sin ( thought this subject was contested as early as 16th Century .. help?)

1864 The Clifton Suspension Bridge, designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, is finally opened in Bristol, England, 5 years after his death

Clifton Bridge, Bristol

1876 Suriname begins compulsory education for 7-12 years

1921 Eamon de Valera publicly repudiates Anglo-Irish Treaty

1970 Head of the Catholic Church in Ireland Cardinal William Conway publishes a pamphlet on the topic of segregation in education in Northern Ireland

1978 “The Deer Hunter”, directed by Michael Cimino and starring Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken and Meryl Streep, premieres in Los Angeles (Academy Awards Best Picture 1979)

Music for today could, maybe should, be the wonderful John Williams

But …Hugh Reed and The Velvet Underpants have the ‘honour’ and really deserve a play..and listen…

Still have an original copy of this 12” record sleeve, it’s ‘only’ 7” inside…brilliant!

Note: The excellent Celtic Wiki site is the font of all knowledge on things Celtic. Most of the Celtic stuff above is from that site. The guys who set it up and painstakingly keep it updated, deserve no end of credit, praise and thanks. A treasure trove for Celtic fans young and old – and new- and free to view.

Respect Bhoys!


Guest article by Saltires en Sevilla.

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Auldheid, I read your link and to be honest you state, mindless terrorism.

Do you actually believe that the human beings that committed these acts believe they were mindless or were willing to give up their lives for something they actually believe in rather than the almighty dollar.


Mindless to me is following orders and dropping bombs from a drone into a wedding, school or hospital or you will lose your pension and privilege.

Very good

You either missed my point or I did not express it clearly.

My point is that instead of IRA being seen, particularly in the USA as freedom fighters, the US leadership declaration on terrorism allowed the perception of the IRA to change from freedom fighter to mindless terrorism and Rangers supporters were quick to seize on that.

As I recall funding for Irish causes dropped substantially as a result of that recategotisation by the US government and the seizing of it by Rangers fans is where Gotcha comes in.

There was no comparison in reality but in the world of perception there was.

Subsequent efforts by Celtic supporters to make clear the historical difference had little success, fate had handed Rangers supporters an opportunity to classify Celtic supporters as supporters of mindless terrorism.

Of course it was untrue but it afforded those who oppose Celtic the opportunity to promote a false narrative, a bit like going for 55, and by God they took it.



Morning Auldheid, I did get the point you made and the reason the funding stopped, was because the good old US of A brought in a new law that made it illegal to give funding to organisations that they deemed to be terrorist.

This was on the back of ensuring a coalition to invade and systematically murder over 1 million Iraq citizens.

You are as always correct around the narrative, and as you say just like 55.

Therefore they can claim all they want and if certain parts of our community wish to follow the herd, that’s their perogative.

No me, cheers pal

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends from a very, very wet East Kilbride. Thanks again SeS for a most interesting read.


Good morning all from Govanhill, centre of the universe.

The Gombeen Man

Thanks SES for the article. You’re putting a valuable historical collection…

On paper it’s easier to get into Kim Jong-un’s North Korea than fly back to Dublin from the UK.

Whoever designed Dublin’s new electronic system failed to negate the influence of Gaelic intuition and it’s unique interpretation of rules.

For the short flight on Monday, I needed :

1) Passport.
2) Electronically Check in, 2 hours in advance.
3) Electronic Vaccination record.
4) Completed electronic Locator Form.
5) Electronic proof of Negative Antigen Test by a professional company.

To get the Antigen Test, I’d to queue for two hours for my appointment in the freezing cold in Glasgow.

After queuing again at Customs in Dublin, the young fella in the uniform looked at me and looked at my Passport. He smiled, called me by my first name and asked.

“Have you got a Negative Antigen Test?

“Yes.” Offering the hard earned proof on my mobile.

“It’s okay, I believe you.” He laughed, waving me through.

That was it.

Irish people just don’t do rules the way many others do.

Maybe it goes back to the Gaelic System and Brehon Laws? A beautiful philosophy so brutally oppressed by legal and religious authority –  but never extinguished.

Every week there’s a Live Irish Premier League game on the tele here. Every week there’s flares. Half the pitch is usually shrouded in smoke.

Never a peep about it. Nothing’s ever said on the tele. It’s often the same at Croke Park with the GAA.

It’s funny how it’s different in Scotland.

There’s still a healthy amount of right brain spontaneity here. A humour and carefree outlook that puts authority in it’s place. It’s reducing but it’s still there.

The UK and Scotland in particular, seem to be obsessed by left brain rationality.

So much so, that integrity and decency have been drowned out by the obsession with rules,  and subservience to authority.

Always in the pursuit of self-interest at almost any cost, of course.

It seems that anything goes as long as there’s a complicated rule to legitimise it. If a rule can be found or concocted to legitimise something, it’s accepted.

No matter the injustice.

(5WA, Doctored Resolutions, fixed AGM’s, dodgy Peelers, dodgy Refs…)

What’s the suggested solution?


Worse still it’s have the dodgy Peelers lift folk for singing. While sitting idly by, financially supporting and accepting the corrupt Old Firm. Moaning ad nauseam about Huns, Masons, Refs and the fixed League.

That’s the easy way. The self-centered way. In other words, it’s subservience to the domination by the divisive system. The backseat of Dougie Parks’ bus, courtesy of the collusion of Celtic PLC.

Many in the support, appear to have much more in common with the System, that they purport to oppose.

Daily sectarian-lite, invectives in a variety of Blogs, whilst playing into the hands of Old Firm exploitation. Sabre rattling editorials in PLC friendly Blogs, intended to stir up the natives. Never offering solutions or leadership from any identified executive.

Conditioned by education and religion into an  automised fog. The Systems’ apologists. Living in fear, enslaved by authority. Accepting their role of second rate, disgruntled Brits. Slavishly following rules.

The Old Firm in any guise is slavery :  No matter the rationalisation or justification.The existence of the Old Firm is an anthesis to the spirit of Proclamation of Easter Week…

“…cherishing all the children of the nation equally, and oblivious of the differences carefully fostered by an alien Government, which have divided a minority from the majority in the past.”

Deep down you all know this.

Take a leaf out of Connolly and Pearses’ book and reject those carefully fostered differences of Old Firmisim, no matter the provocation.

Listen to the heart and recapture the beauty and dignity of the Celt. Not the hollow, manufactured, synthetic, Celtic PLC.

Living an inauthentic life in the shadow of an illegitimate authority. At the whim of a Board of Directors or Majority Shareholder, is to meekly surrender the treasured independence of the Gael.

It’s not the Celtic Way.

There’s far more out there than the miserable fare of an Old Firmist diet.

The duality and deceit of the Old Firm is a betrayal of our collective Celtic consciousness. An unbroken lineage that survived due to the suffering and selfless sacrifices of those before us.

The Old Firm is a Unionist, British concept. It has no Celtic legitimacy. It’s rigged. By engaging with it, you’re participating in an enterprise that reinforces prejudice and discrimination. It’s designed to reinforce the absurd notion of British supremacy.

It provides the indigenous population with a stereotypical Paddy to project their frustrations on. It’s the sporting equivalent of the Black and White Minstrels.

Ignore it. Shun it’s ‘trappings’.

Introduce the young to the mystic beauty of the Celt. Engage with their hearts. The mythology, spirituality, art, poetry and song.

That’s what they’re pining for. It’s the realisation of what they are. A vibrant, rich heritage that fully accepts them for what they are.

Not the inauthentic exploitation of the Old Firm. An imposter that can’t connect them with what they are looking for.

Fully embrace what you are. It’s still there ;


The tragedy of Old Firmisim is the pain of rejection. That rejection, creates an intolerable unconscious seeking. It often manifests in anger or a sense of restlessness.

A sense of loss. A type of grief. That’s all too readily exploited by the unscrupulous.

Focusing solely on the Struggle limits the capacity to experience the gifts of that cherished Celtic identify.

Finding out with what you are. Establishing your place in the world and it’s inherent value.

Heals that wound.

You can then move on.

You’re Free.

A thing of beauty

Another Wednesday education. I have had the privilege to listen to some outstanding music and be regaled with tales of fantastic bands during my time on here. Hugh Reed and the Velvet Underpants will not be one of them. That was something else 😂😂
Go the Aussies. I Love a bit of cricket. You get like them you live with!!

Noel Skytrot

Still no statement from the board about the false narrative being rattled out around Kyogo being a cheat. One of the worst pile on’s i’ve ever witnessed from the Scottish media in a long time. An amoeba has more spine than that mob. Disgraceful.



Nice idealism but not everyone, as Diogenes found , wants to live in a barrel.
Enlightenment free from hardship is all very well but in this modern age privation is impossible to avoid unless you fall off the grid.
Too many enjoy conflict, thirst after ambition, seek to “better” themselves at the expense of others.

Oldfirmism is Soma for those interested.
On football blogs that demographic is in the hundreds or perhaps thousands. In day to day life 10’s / 100’s of thousands.

In the wider football free world many , many more are neither interested nor care. It’s a local matter.

If you cannot bear it then leave it behind.

Saltires en Sevilla

Cheers folk and good morning from Aviemore (thaw is on..)

ATOB but it’s so good we played it twice 😂😂

I see 1st innings under 150 and three Duck’Eggs… odds on Oz 😊

A thing of beauty

I was in aviemore last week. There will be no more trips north for me. We also went to Inverness. This confirmed to me that anything north of Stirling is a waste of petrol. Sorry to our northern bhoys and ghirls 😂😂

The Gombeen Man


Diogenes might comment along the lines of…

‘Its preferable to live an authentic life in a barrel. Than a shallow pretence of a life, over a barrel.’

You’re right. The addiction to conflict seems to be at the heart of much of this.

Whichever side of the endless squabbling (I include myself in that.)

It’s all simply Ego, of course.

It’s a tragedy that so few ever seem to experience Peace.

That reality is so close.

It’s at the end of their noses.

All they need to do is –

Be quiet, stay still and stop searching.



Hun fans will probably march through Lyon in tribute to Klaus Barbie. He’s definitely their type of fella.



. T G M

Quite a simple doctrine:
To be at peace is to find happiness in who you are, what you do. This doesn’t appear possible if life involves conflict,division,despair.

bada bing1

I thought the huns liked historical gatherings from the 17th century?Allez Les Gendarmes

bada bing1

Looks like radio silence from the GB until the Higgins issue is resolved



If you cannot bear it then leave it behind.

In listening to this explanation of Plato’s cave analogy


The words ” out of compassion” explain why the discovery of another way of being cannot be left behind.

I was struck once again with the idea that Christ is the man who left the cave, went back in out of compassion and was put to death as a result.

The advice on re entering the cave and being patient is very sound.

The world is going through an awakening from the nightmare of believing shadows are real.

Painful as it is perhaps human understanding is growing according to some cosmic plan? It is a comforting thought to get us through life’s trials and tribulations.

I love the bit of acknowledging ignorance, it keeps the escapee grounded which is very necessary to exercise patience.

Going back to Christ.

Father forgive them, they know not what they doeth.

It all seems connected.



No me, cheers pal
Me neither, I was setting out the narrative of change and what caused the words IRA to became a stick to beat Celtic with by those desperate to create false equivalence.

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, saltires what can i say, brilliant once again👍 THE GOMBEEN MAN, another great post there is no old firm in my eyes, the reel rainjurs died in 2012, this lot are just imposters, although they still sing about being up to your knees in fenian blood and feck the pope, and some other little dittys too nasty to mention on here,KTF 👍

The Gombeen Man


If someone sits with any emotion/thought and allows it to be.

The thought or emotion clears to reveal the underlying, permanent reality.

That’s described in many ways, Peace is often used.

The paradox is that it’s the pain we’ve been trained to run away from that often unlocks the door to that underlying Peace.

Joy is the knowledge that everything that’s happening is passing and that Peace is always there.

Always available.

Many realise it’s what they are, not the thoughts, emotions or even the external identity.

It’s often described as the blue sky that we see behind the clouds.

That sense of Peace is all encompassing and just gets deeper and deeper.

Celtic philosophy is one path.

Meditation leading to a Contemplative experience too.

It’s practiced in the Christian Tradition. Going back to The Desert Father’s/Mother’s and The Cloud of Unknowing.

Contemplative Outreach, Christian Meditation…There’s many that lead on that inward journey.

Many Religions seem to lead there once the hierarchical and peripheral stuff are left behind.

It’s a very personal thing and not easily described.

If Diogenes found that he was in The Kingdom in that barrel.

Just a quick lunchtime response.


Good morning folks on this day of Woden.

I do love a history lesson but must admit the Deer Hunter isn’t my favorite film at all.

The chat shall probably be overtaken by the Green Brigades decision to stay silent this week, and asking the rest of the support for silence to show solidarity with them.
Thursdays game doesn’t matter but on Sunday we could really do with the three points and the crowd in fine form to help secure those vital points.
This one shall run its course, the board will never be seen to be subservient to the support, it’s against their egos.
They’ve made a huge mistake, they need us but we don’t need them.
The club shall suffer short term, but this conflict is necessary and long term should benefit the club.
Fuck Bernard Higgins, and Derek Chauvin while I’m at it.

It’s Ange and the players I feel a little sorry for.
Hopefully they understand, it’s explained to them before hand.

Happy Christmas everyone

Hail Hail

bada bing1

Afternoon all & Packy

Well said Ange. Brilliant!


Dear All,

I have been on this blog since very near its start up. It has become part of my daily routine. There are many fine posts and posters on here and conflict, although existent, is minimal.

It is now time for me to leave it behind. Yes, I know I have said it before, but addictions are hard to break!

I shall not go into the reasons for my departure, some are personal, some are due to the blog itself as it evolves. If anyone has concerns about me, don’t worry I am fine.

Having published a few articles over time, I appreciate what our two founders have to do everyday, regardless of how they are feeling or what is happening in their lives. Each of us should appreciate what they have achieved. Well done, you have filled a niche.

Thanks to everyone, current and from the past, who have responded to my contributions. The flint and the stone make the fire!

Have a Happy Holiday Season, everyone and think about your safety and that of others.

In the event that this post solicits responses, I shall not be replying to them, as done is done. Forgive me.

Michael, I shall call you prior to Christmas.



big packy

JIM ,yes that was a brilliant defense of kyogo,.long may it continue👍


As always, brilliant.

I had only read recently that we had won a trophy-major or not-in our first season.

Speaking of the Scottish Cup, are you aware that The Celts have our name engraved on the cup itself? Courtesy of course, of our 1892 win over Queen’s Park in the final. Only a handful of clubs can boast of this proud feat. The original Ibrox mob never managed this, despite being in existence for a whole 15 years before the formation of the Celts in November 1887. Stay safe and enjoy your wee break.

Was that building at the corner of Vicky Road and Pollokshaws Road, not part of a hospital at one point?

Hail Hail.


Your contributions on here will be sorely missed. Stay safe.

Hail Hail.


That’s a sore post Rebus. Please come back when you’re ready. You are very much appreciated.

big packy

JIM that was a lovely video you posted before,,just shows you how much a lapsed catholic i am,,hail hail buddy,👍


Packy, always had admiration for Mary.

big packy

Cheers Packy, love that hymn, was my granny’s favourite! Lake Como looks beautiful.

Mike in Toronto


I will miss your contributions on here, but will look forward to continuing our chats offline.


I have seen a fair portion of the world, and loved pretty much all of it (even the places I didn’t expect to love), but Lake Como might just be the most beautiful place I have ever seen.

If I ever get another chance to marry into money, I promise I wont mess it up this time, and when I’m rich, I will get a nice little place in Bellagio, right on the lake, and will happily host the next Hoot there.



MIT, put my name name down for that hoot! LOL 🙂

big packy

AFF OOT DUGWALKING, will be back shortly jim, please dont go away😎



Greatly saddened by your decision,but you have your reasons for it,and I respect that. I’ll look forward to our call,and I look forward too to the possibility of you changing your mind.

Meantime,my best wishes to you and J and your own wee diaspora of close family.


Good evening all from Shawlands. Mick when we going to Belfast? Always wanted to go there with Garry. 😪

Mike in Toronto


I thought I was the ‘Michael’ Rebus was referring to …

Firstly, you’re Mick, not Michael ….

Secondly, this is another one of the consequence of Brexit … he is not within SC’s draft area… although not born in Canada, he has been developed in our system for more than 5 seasons, so he qualifies for our team, whereas he would need a work permit to be signed by you ….kind of like how the French clubs can sign all the African players, or Portugese clubs can sign Brazillians without requiring a work permit…. and Scottish teams can sign ….

Sorry, he’s my Rebus, and you cant have him.


big packy

MIKE, are you an old firm fan I need to know😎 always thought the infamous glesga rainjurs had died ,the balls in your court,😎 😎

big packy


Mike in Toronto


I once would have described myself as a Celtic fan, which, by defintion means I was an Old Firm fan.

I would have said that I am no longer a Celtic fan, so, no longer an Old Firm fan.

Celtic was akin to a religion, so, perhaps a lapsed Celtic fan might have been the term.

However, if Gombeen is right (and I believe he is right), and Celtic is an addiction, then once an addict, always an addict (just one that hasn’t imbibed for a while). I didn’t watch the game on the weekend, so you could say I have been sober for over a week now.



Scottish teams can sign players from Rothesay!
(Nova Scotia?)

big packy

MIKE, more power to your elbow,👍

Mike in Toronto

Crazy world we live in … in Saudia Arabia, more than 40 contestants in a beauty pagaent were disqualified, after they were found to have received botox injections, face lifts and even growth hormones….

what is so unusual about that you say?

the contestants were all camels!

Mind you, the King Abdulaziz Camel Festival offers prize money of $66 million!

I’m thinking of a few zombies who could have benefitted from a face lift … still have nightmares about Terry Hurlock!

Mike in Toronto

Tried posting this a moment ago, but I think it got censored….

40 contestants from a Saudi Arabian beauty pageant were disqualified this week, after they were found to have undergone botox treatments, hormone treatments and even face lifts ….

a face lift is not so unusual in a beauty pageant you say …

except these contestants were camels in the King Abdulaziz Camel Festival!

I shit you not!

Why would anyone give their camel a facelift?

The $66 million in prize money for the winning camels might just give us a clue!

Mike in Toronto


Mike in Toronto

Had several posts about a saudi beauty pageant for camels mysteriously disappear … clearly MbS does not like negative stories about his country, and isn’t afraid to wield that power to make things disappear … but is he so powerful that he can make even SC censor articles critical of not only the Saudi Regime, but also, its camel beauty pageants?

enquiring minds want to know


Many a Scottish farmer will be hiding his flock from public view.
As the auld joke goes.
Whats difference between Scottish sheep farmer and the RollingStones
One sings hey you get off of my cloud.
Other sings hey McLeod get off of my ewe.

big packy

MIKE, you have passed👍 unlike me in 1968 at hamilton technical college there were 8 students sweating on an engineering course, 6 of them had rangers tammies on, myself and the other chap had none, guess who passed the exam,,answers on a postcard, scotland was then and apparently still is a bastion of sectarianism, get rid of the orange lodge in scotland before it is too late👍

Saltires en Sevilla


Will miss your posts, but respect that you have good reasons.

Hope you find your way back.. in your own time…

Stay safe and HH

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