Cant stop, Wont stop

As tests go, that was one of our sternest yet. The commentator described the game as difficult as he was exactly right, it was obvious from ten or fifteen minutes in the three points were not coming easily.
It was going to take some digging deep, some grit and determination to best that Motherwell team,,our bhoys were equal to the task. The usually are these days.
The ‘Well team worked their absolute socks off, are clearly properly drilled, and we’rent overawed by the occasion one bit. They attacked in numbers and with a degree of confidence. It’s no surprise whatsoever to see them in the upper half of the league table.
However we needed those points, they were coming home by hook or by crook. As a team it’s important for the group to know they have the ability to eek out wins like yesterday’s,,as supporters it should provide more belief in the group.
The points were huge on many levels, we dont to be the ones to flinch during this tough festive fixture list, and given the Higgins related silence and the own goal of Kyogos injury, the very last thing needed would have been dropped points heading into Cup Final week.
Wins like that show our fortitude, and it’s hard wins like that help make Champions.
Clean sheets are becoming a real habit, they also help deliver titles. That’s three in a row, aiming for a fourth at Ross County isn’t unreasonable. There’s a quality spine at the rear with Joe and CCV oozing quality, they’ve transformed our rearguard into a lean machine.
Tam is fast becoming undroppable, I didn’t see that coming two years ago. His form had been overshadowed by newer players, but he’s our talisman at the moment. A big game player I would be sorely tempted to rest him midweek, and hope he delivers magic at Hampden.
That’s a few priceless goals this campaign, thank goodness we never let him go cheap a few years ago.
Domestically three away games in a row is rare but that’s our immediate future. Every week both of the league leaders fail to drop points simply helps make the upcoming top of the table clash more intriguing. The current Champions will clearly hope to extend their lead to seven points this weekend, meaning the derby clash offers a double digit advantage should they best us. Along with the refs that would be a formidable challenge I admit.
We can’t afford to worry about that, and must handle our business at hand. Games in hand aren’t ideal, they bring a different type of pressure, but we must believe the positive aspects of a possible cup win and incoming transfer targets shall help overcome any nerves at the gap widening.
Ange and the support must stay focused and stay calm if we fall more points behind in the table.
We are on the right path, of that there’s little doubt. The sieve is almost a memory, goals coming from everywhere, and test after test gets passed. It’s chalk and cheese from where we were this time last year.
Ange might have been unknown, but he’s the breath of fresh air we were crying out for.
No matter where the title ends up this time, we should be happy to have him.
Where do they find them?
22nd minute a textbook yellow card offense only results in a talking to. A cynical foul to stop a break is a yellow to every other whistler out there, it’s becoming a bad habit that’s now subjective in the SPL.
He did find time to hear and book their manager when a chat would have done.
He appeared not to know the actual rules during a late corner, and missed a couple blatant deflections that should have been corners.
Overall he was poor. The usual then.

By Mahe

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Good Morning Celts…

Too right MAHE, three hard won points, I would suggest that with the improvement and it seems to me additional hunger of the SPL sides.

And the partial refereeing, that it is going to be a slog. The fact we have some awesome technicians and Angeball to entertain us may make it just about bearable.

GVB – looks to me a consummate professional who has steadied things at Ibrox, the derbies are huge and far from easy.

MAGUA @ 6:54 PM,

Thanks for the excellent reply, much better informed now and lots of thoughts but will have to wait for now.

Well done Ange and the bhoys.


Hail Hail

Saltires en Sevilla

Belmont Brian

Great stuff from your Bhoy


That was a great nite at Barras and remember being drenched in beer and sweat

Similar recall to first time I saw Pogues at QM when Shane dived through crowd and out fire exit for a quick Hailley’s Comet… before returning to sing Sally Maclennan. He had been locked in the Horseshoe bar all afternoon….

The beer trays were being clattered across heads at QM but suspect they were confiscated at Barras as don’t remember seeing any.

Remember Mick Jones joining Roddy Frame onstage at Barras for Good Morning Britain … some nite!


If things remain the same the Huns will still be 4 points ahead on 2nd Jan.
We play our rearranged fixture v St Mirren away on Wed 22nd , they don’t play at all next midweek.

Saltires en Sevilla


Totally agree the team had to dig deep to get those three points.

I disagree about Kyogo – Ange had little or no choice but to play him and that injury could happen in training. ..not so sure the League Cup matters as much as League points

The referee wasn’t incompetent, he was cheating. So why our players continue to accept this in supine fashion is bewildering … the early save from Jamesy deflected for a corner and called a bye kick?! . Classic opportunity for a posse of players to get stuck in to ref. Don’t just accept this from the start of a game, let him know he will be called out and surround him -aye even take a booking if necessary ( it’s coming anyway)

If we can point to mounting bookings for challenging clear errors By referees, this will develop into a legitimate grievance. Ironic laughing and head shaking is something they can handle and shrug off. It’s pointless and makes us look weak. Get them telt…. If it was an honest mistake ref. won’t have an issue with being called out. If it’s something else let him know early… earlier the better. Get some doubt into them early on.

Anyone else get the feeling these refs. Are emboldened by our lack of assertiveness- ‘ the daft fenian bassas just take it … so slap it into them’ …. fek that!!!!

I’ll repeat – the bookings are in the post in those situations – so use players in rotation to challenge referees. Led by captain, who has a right to speak directly to referee, but with some backup surrounding him required as he does it.

Will enjoy referees’ leader coming on to BBC Scotland to tell us all How he tore a strip off the referee for his errors…

Another thing … when booted stay down and take treatment … stop playing quickly after those nasty challenges/assaults. make it an issue, get players around the injured player, ‘talk’ to opponent and let him know … chat with the ref. make them realise we ‘know’ and are not going to just play on as if nothing has happened….obviously, this could be a significant risk of interruption and breaking flow and time-wasting suits opponents, but overall the benefits would outweigh the cost.

The decision making up top on breakaways is very poor ATM. I’m going to resist pointing at specific players as we are mid-season, and in the mix of a crucial spell where every player needs vocal backing and encouragement.

However, the pass selection or more importantly, the hesitation in making a pass into the correct space, or to feet is driving me mad! It’s happening too many times.

Everyone seems just too willing to delay the pass and hold on for an extra touch. Players making great runs are wasting their time … and it shows in body language… soon those runs will become less enthusiastic, less frequent. It’s just human nature.

This is also evident in our ‘press’ Kyogo and Jota work their legs off … not so sure when they look around they see other teammates making a similar commitment. A concern they will soon drop to Scottish domestic levels of application…which ain’t good!

Having said this, there are enough examples of good one touch and passing in the games to offer hope.

Praise due to Turnbull for learning how to keep his shots down … perhaps he should invite a few teammates to those coaching sessions.

A solid job done at the back and managing to defend set-pieces a bit better now, with more improvements to follow.

Ralston sitting behind Jura in some games ( and rotating) could be interesting…

Dingwall next!

Get it done Bhoys.

Saltires en Sevilla


Good to know we stay level on games played in league.

Right now, it seems the only team capable of taking points from Sevvies are Celtic.

Going into break 1 point behind will do.


Good morning all from Govanhill, land of a thousand dances.


22 games played by Jan 2nd. They are winning at away grounds where we have dropped points.
GVB has them galvanised and wanting to play for him.

We really need to break their sequence against us. Will be two years since we beat them.
A big psychological lift and blow to them.


Morning all, just a quick one before I head out…De Kleine Oranje Prins has them coming out of the traps very fast, and they’ve scored a few early goals because of it. They then seem to share the balance of their games with the opposition. It’s a few games away but if we maintain the 4 point gap until they head to CP they can afford to sit in but it might not suit them to play that game – it would suit us better for them to come out a bit. It’s gonna be an interesting busy coupla weeks until we have them over for their Ne’erday!!



Land of a thousand chancers – went to school in Govanhill!!


Over the hill they came like a Charge of Bengal Lancers
Every one Cooncil-trained
And EVERY one a Chancer!!
Ah’ll get me coat!!🤗


They have a growing self belief and we cannot underestimate them.
Will be extremely difficult to beat even with a full team including Jota and Kyogo , who I’m sure they will have plans for.



Yesterday was a fairly uncomfortable watch at times,particularly in the second half. By and large,our defence coped well with any problems,though that shot off the crossbar had me bliddy worried!

Playing a novel and hopefully never seen again 4-1-5-0 system caused our “forward line” more confusion than it did for the opposition. Our wide players rarely knew where any of the others were going to be as the attack evolved,they had little option other than to take that extra touch or to simply play it back. Yes,a lot of the decision-making was poor,but for that,I think there are some extenuating circumstances.

I hope AP takes a chance with a youngster up front,playing in his natural position,eager to impress on Wednesday and beyond. The chance to become our latest home-grown hero! It’s been way too long since we had a quality striker come through the ranks,and if we find one,get him signed ASAP on a proper contract before the £ signs are dangled before him from down south or abroad.

Uncomfortable,difficult,unimpressive-yet three points,and that is all that was available going into the match. They’re ours,what’s not to like? And the referee was sick about it to,which is just an added bonus,the cheating bastert.


G’day folks & Packy.

Just listened to ‘Inheritance Tracks’ on R4extra. This week’s guest – John Barnes. His inherited track was YNWA. His father loved it. It was played at his father’s funeral, the Carousel version. He mentioned that he himself loved it too before it had any connection to football. He mentioned Liverpool FC fans adopting it but not Celtic fans funnily enough! Still hurting? LOL 🙂

Celtic v Bodo Glimt??


Bodø/Glimt is a Norwegian professional football club from the town of Bodø that currently plays in Eliteserien, the Norwegian top division. Bodø/Glimt are the reigning champions in Norway after winning 2020 Eliteserien. Glimt is known for the yellow kits and the huge yellow toothbrushes that the supporters carry to the matches — a supporter symbol 🇮🇸

Mike in Toronto

Glimt will not be an easy team ..

Aways draws against both CSKA and Roma, and then won both home legs .. 2-0 against CSKA, and an astonishing 6-1 over Mourinho’s Roma… so, clearly no mugs.

If I were betting, I think … Bodo’s gonna get ya.

Come on …. some had say it!


The Real McCoy

Chumpions League draw mux-ip.
Redone at 2pm.
Bodo Glimpt won the Norwegian Eliteserien yesterday and are now on Winter shutdown til March I think 🤔 ( games 17th and 24th Feb )
I expected them to win their group but could only draw their last game away. As MIT points out they thumped Roma 6-1 🥴


Testing, testing,
Sometimes this world is testing,,,

Eckbert Heckbert

In an article the other week you used the word ‘Shall’ EVERY SECOND LINE, with at least half of them wrongly used, where you should have used the word ‘Will’ instead.

You only started this because you were so impressed by Rebus’ constant use do ti but at least as an actual English teacher, he mostly knows how to use it correctly, outdated though its use has become,

Besides, I’ve never heard a Nordic use this word in my life and those who attempted it would be called exactly what I’ve called you here today, a pretentious prick.

You’re ruining the articles with this and it DOES come across as pretentious, believe me,

Eckbert Heckbert

If you’re going to use something, even a word, and some might say ESPECIALLY a word, do learn how to use it correctly.

Eckbert Heckbert

And if you’re going to write something authoritative, do learn the facts before writing it.

For there will BE NO 10 POINT GAP in January, even if they do beat us, as they don’t have a game in between, as pointed out elsewhere.

Get your facts right before committing, would you?

It looks weak, cheap & amateurish.

And for the love of God, drop your clumsy and stupid looking use and misuse of the word ‘Shall’, as that’s the cheapest looking stunt of all.


Spelling mistakes happen ffs grow up this isn’t a paid for publication with interns to check for that type of thing.
I don’t even think I use shall a lot,,I do like to use the word ‘thus’ which is autocorrected these days showing it’s old fashioned.

Wind yer neck in and settle down chap.

Rebus has nothing to do with my choice of vocabulary I assure you.
I hope he’s wellamd he returns in fine fettle.


“Get your facts right before committing, would you?
It looks weak, cheap & amateurish”

That’s fair enough, the “shall” bs isnt

Eckbert Heckbert

I am NOT talking about spelling mistakes!

Can’t you read?

I’m talking about your use, and constant misuse, of the outdated word ‘Shall’!

Get this into your thick skull.


Every sequence of a victory apiece makes the derby clash bigger, but even if we fail to take all three points there’s still another six available in the later meetings and I certainly envisage they shall experience more than one league defeat.
A draw keeps up the drama. And the ref won’t want us to win,so I would back a draw on the day.

“They have a growing self belief and we cannot underestimate them.”
So do we and they could be saying the exact same thing about us.
It’s the biggest derby game in a long time.

Hail Hail and happy day of the moon


You’ve made your point thanks



Banned again,until you’re next new VPN arrives.

Mike in Toronto

Because they are inside the arctic circle, glimt play on an artificial turf. Winter game on that can be tricky .. mind you, winter games on real grass can be tricky as well.

Mike in Toronto

After the CL redraw, there are some great ties to look forward to:

FC Salzburg vs.Bayern Munich
Sporting CP vs. Manchester City
Benfica vs. Ajax
Chelsea vs. Lille
Atletico Madrid vs. Manchester United
Villarreal vs. Juventus
Inter vs. Liverpool
Paris Saint-Germain vs. Real Madrid

The zombies got Borussia Dortmund… will Haaland equal his single game record of 9 goals (which he scored for the Norway U21 team against Honduras)? JtT … would probably get good odds on that .. might be worth gambling a pound or two. 🙂


Good leader.


A quite brilliant post at 08.35.

I hope Ange has learned from yesterday. Under no circumstances whatsoever, should Celtic be going into any game with not one striker on the field. It messes with the balance of the team and means that other players are unsure of their roles. This is not a major problem. We are talking about one player here. Draft in Henderson or Moffat and it’s as we were before.

Personally, I would have been quite happy if Ange had played the same team yesterday, that finished against Betis on Thursday…with Joe Hart being an obvious exception. This would have kept the balance of the team. At the same time, it would have given some our stalwarts a wee rest, given the run of games coming up.


Thank you for your reply kind sir.


Cheers for the reply last night re the link to the games. I gave up on this method of watching games a couple of months ago, as every time I accessed an illegal stream the Bhoys either lost or dropped points. A daft superstition? Perhaps. I’m quite sure that I am not the only Tim that thinks like this. 😀

Some absolutely brilliant tunes last night. Take a bow Nightshift merry pranksters.

Hail Hail.


Afternoon all,

I believe the Norwegian League has now shut down till Mar/April.
This means that Bodo Glimt have no competitive games till then.

We are in the thick of competitive action right through, and with new signings in Jan, should be well prepared for Europa Conference when it starts.

All things considered, a tough but very decent draw !!!!

HH 🍀🍀🍀


Mahe ,

my point remains,
“They Will be extremely difficult to beat even with a full team including Jota and Kyogo , who I’m sure they will have plans for.”

A crucial game on 2nd to turn our self belief into a practical demonstration on the day and strike a psychological blow.


Sorry to disagree about your summation of Motherwell. Organised ? All SPL are organised, attacked in numbers, nope, isolated Watt and only committed more when fouling to break. They, and every visiting team in SPL must have a wasting time coach, so ingrained they do it even when losing plus their over enthusiastic industrial’ ‘tackles’. Tom’s skill ( should have had at least another a minute into second half) was the difference on a day when many, when we saw the team, thought we would struggle. Anderson an obvious disgrace but we cannot persevere with players, who are, when called upon, not even adequate. 71% possession, no quality finishers.



If they were to lose Aribo and McGregor they would be less effective just as we are without Jota and Kyogo.

As matters stand we will do well to go into the game v them just 4pts adrift.

They rode their luck v Hearts at times but are dangerous on the break. Our full backs had better be on form when we play them and tall.



Probably their MVPs on current form. Yes, they would be weakened.
The only potential glitch I see for them is a currently average performing Aberdeen away on 29th.
My worry of nervy 1-0 or single goal victories over the next few weeks hasn’t been assuaged by Sunday’s game.
So to be 4 behind on Jan 2 could be as good as it gets.
Ralston and Scales would add dig and height in the full back areas.
JJ playing further forward on the right might be a better proposition than Abada or Forrest , if he recovers fitness. Worth a try.

bada bing1

The Board won’t publicly say Higgins isn’t coming, they will probably deny he was under consideration, so the stand off could drag on for weeks….


b b 1

A quiet cup final on Sunday?
I doubt it.
Or will just the GB section be silent?


Mick and Mahe. You are too easy going with these clowns. This is a pleasant and friendly blog for us all. I know you can’t police 24/7 but I’m fed up reading abuse from the same idiot again and again. Regards from Johnny BRRB.


P.s. When’s Belfast? 🤣

Mike in Toronto


okay …I’ll try to behave from now on!



Mike, aye right 🤣



Thank you,kind sir!

the last Belfast trip,June 2020,had to be cancelled for obvious reasons. Same as my planned trip home late October that year,and the one my nephew and I planned last Christmas.

Our trip to Cologne was marvellous,but the hoops we had to jump through,the online forms-which my Dad and I were previously unaware of!-just to get in and out of each country were a bit of a bind.

And then some!

Personally,I can’t see me leaving this island until normality returns. It’s just not worth the hassle,never mind the cost.

Also,my Christmas trip to Scotland,and my nephew feels the same,is in jeopardy. Can we get in? Probably. Can we get out? Dunno.

Utterly disgraceful from both governments.


Absolutely no attempt to play the ball, should result in a red card in my opinion


Ah well Mick ,that’s the way it goes. I’m 63 and used to hard knocks and dirty sox. Most from dames of ill repute when I couldnae get oot. 🤣



Talking of Belfast
Did you know that Jos Verstappens brother Hanx is a taxi driver in Belfast



The ref yesterday was a bloody disgrace,and that one was far from the worst.



Christmas isn’t written off yet,just pissed off with restrictions.

Belfast trips are never written off,only postponed.