I know you all appreciate the effort that we put in to writing the articles on here,and we certainly appreciate your own contribution. I can’t speak for MAHE,but I tend to dredge up a topic-usually Celtic-related,obviously!-and take it from there. While I try to fact-check as much as I can,I certainly don’t do anywhere near the amount of research for an article that SALTIRES does.

No doubt he will give us all an other example of what I mean tomorrow,and the 91-92 season is building up a head of steam on here!

Thanks,mate. You know how much we appreciate this,and I hope that is enough to keep you fingertapping away.

But yesterday gave us an example of serendipity,but you’ll need to bear with me for a bit!!!

For my plan for today’s article was to divert us away from Celtic for a brief moment,based on an article I read last week. Although there is a connection to the club-and obviously NOT in a good way!-it is about how quickly times change,how yesterday’s hit-maker finds himself in the bargain buckets.

Is there anyone in any doubt that for the first decade and more of this century that Jose Mourinho was one of the top coaches in the world? It would surely be difficult to argue that,given his achievements.

Of course,as Celtic supporters,we have our own reasons for our contempt. His playing up our physicality before Seville,aided by his fluent Spanish which got the local press onside and which may have been fed back to a Slovakian referee who was clearly influenced one way or another on the night.

Regardless,we all know,we all saw it. We were gamed out of it by eleven players and a manager clearly furious at being a couple of months late for the Oscar ceremony. So,NO,I won’t forgive that-but I’m talking about him as a manager.

As a manager,he has won more trophies than Billy McNeill did as a player. That takes some doing. After Seville,he took Porto to European Champions,then won Chelsea their first title in FIFTY years. Won the CL to complete the treble at Inter Milan,and even at Real Madrid,up against the best side I have ever seen-the Guardiola Barcelona-took the title there too.

And then came back to Chelsea to win the league again!

So is this a hagiography about a guy we are none too fond of,Mick?

You might ask,but it isn’t. He hasn’t lasted in a job for more than three years,and as his ego has ballooned,so his reputation-and length of tenure-has shrunk. Only his ego could have persuaded him to take on the job at Man Utd when he did,and the carcrash that resulted should have made him consider chucking it. And surely no-one needs the money that much that they consider working with Daniel Levy!

So off he jolly well trots to Roma,where the sun-drenched superstars jolly well trotted off to play some reindeer herders in The Arctic Circle. So well did this top boss do his homework that he sent his B-team. So far has this maestro fallen that he blamed THEM,fully and publicly,for a shocking 6-1 defeat!

Mourinho in his heyday would never have done that,the trick for him was to shield his players so that they ran through brick walls for him. Few would even run through a fire escape for him now.

And it is little more than he deserves,because over the years he has become louder as his achievements become muted. (Shrugs shoulders,and moves on…)

The connection here of course,the serendipity,is that we have been drawn against those very reindeer hunters-and I promise that the description is not my opinion of a clearly very talented side,but how I think Mourinho viewed them!-and in around ten weeks,we have to head to The Arctic Circle. We don’t have a tremendous record on artificial surfaces,and like most of us I think they should be banned.

But I think there is some slack to be cut here. It is difficult to grow grass there,and I recall us about 50 years ago playing in The European Cup in Cyprus on what was effectively a beach,because grass burnt away in their summers. It might well be one of the smallest stadia we have ever played in at this stage in Europe,but I’m not sure how many of us would want to be there anyway.

But the important question hasn’t yet come up!

Can we win it?

Well,I just told you that they beat Roma 6-1. But they are on a winter break,so no football,no match fitness. We will be a month back from ours,fit,refreshed and up for it.

We have every chance of winning,and also of winning a European trophy in front of a national President who will probably turn up in his Celtic strip. I’ll betcha our own chairman has never owned one.


Above article by BMCUWP

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Cheers Craig 👍

Magua @ 5.44

Big Stein !! Mr Stein to you sir 🙂

Re Latin, I received 5 of the belt whilst in 1st year at St Ambrose High, Coatbridge, because I was unable to reply in Latin to our stand in Teacher, a certain Mr Bob Crampsey.

The ‘Brain of Britain’ winner was our Head Master and was filling in for Mr Quayle.

Sometimes I wish a could meet some of these ‘child beaters’ now.

Anyway mucker, hope you’re well.


big packy

JIM must be watching hercule poirot, jim it was not mr faversham that killed mrs fotheringham, ive seen the episode you are watching. just thought id let you know,👍😎😎

big packy

GNAGB all sentinel celts 👍

Ta Craig. Hadn’t noticed the link you posted. My bad.

Call me cynical, but I would expect any such ‘assault’ on Private School finances to be soundly beaten by a vote in that bastion of tolerance, Holyrood. Why is it that most of the spongers in that place cannot pronounce the name of their own parliament correctly. Is a simple 2 syllable word, after all. It’s Holy Rood not Holly Rood FFS.

Then again, most people in this country have problems with a certain 4 syllable word:


I blame the feckin’ schools. 😀


Hail Hail.

Saltires en Sevilla


Nigel Tranter ‘told’ me that St Margaret of Hungary brought the Holy Rood to Scotland before she married Malcolm Canmore – their son David I founded many Abbeys we see today

Now I know The Bould Nigel liked to add in characters to his historical novels but this seemed legit.

bada bing1

Hibs ok in first half, Dundee absolute shite

Mike in Toronto

spoiler alert ….

Man City playing a 4-3-3 with Grealish in the middle of the front 3 … so, basically, without a recognized striker …. but have put 7 goals past Leeds …. so, good attacking play can be had without a recognized striker, if the players and the coaching are good enough.


Sorry Packy I’ve been watching the snooker. Judd Trump won. Neil Robertson is on now. Must hurry back.


I am suitability chastised, my good man. 😀 What I really meant was:

Mr Stein. The best manager that ever was. If Sir Alex Ferguson and Bill Shankly held this view, we are certainly in good company.

All good here Brian Bhoy. Just having a wee libation to loosen up the vocal cords for tomorrow and Sunday.

In retrospect, your six of the best does not appear too bad, in light of ASWGL’s earlier comment on Public School Boys. Oh, ya bassa. My eyes were watering.

Off to binge on Prime Video, a chara.

GNAGB all.

Hail Hail.

Magua et all

Nite, off to ‘ma cot



They have a radio show where you have to change the plot of a well known film by adding, subtracting or changing one, and only one, letter in the title.

Ones I remember were :-

Petty Woman
True Git &
Star Trek 3- the search for Sock

I’m sure the posters here could give that challenge a go.

Saltires en Sevilla


Oh Bother
The Name of the Roe
God Will Hunting
Top Un
The eerhunter


Saltires en Sevilla

When Harry met Ally
You only lie once
The Lie of Brian
Chariots of Ire


A topical one:

Me, Myelf and Irene


Saltires en Sevilla

Moy Dick



The Odfather
Donnie Rasco
Black Hawk Don
Ill Bill


Margaret McGill




Margaret McGill



I’m actually watching Jaws3 on ITV4 right now! LOL 🙂


This was predictable:-

“Hibernian have been left with 500 unsold tickets for Sunday’s League Cup final clash with Celtic at Hampden.

The Easter Road club had demanded more briefs from the SPFL after being angered by an initial allocation of 17,500.

They were eventually granted an extra 2,000 for supporters – but now have an embarrassing surplus despite previously arguing they should have had a 50-50 split at the 52,000-capacity National Stadium.

Hibs had cited ‘sporting integrity’ and a ‘history of selling out tickets for cup finals’ when they questioned why Hoops fans were being allowed almost twice as much space at Hampden.

The Edinburgh club claimed their ‘persistence with the SPFL paid off’ when they met their request.

Despite putting the new tickets up for sale on December 3, however, Sportsmail understands they have been left with a significant chunk unsold.

And, with no option to hand them back for resale to Celtic fans, the 500 seats could be left empty if they remain unsold by Sunday – wth Hibs on course to take 19,000 fans to Glasgow’s south side.”