Promised You A Miracle!!!


Well,last night was fun,eh? Not only was I ten minutes late in providing you all with a link to the game,but for most of what followed,I felt guilty about even providing one in the first place!

Let’s be honest here,AP is trying to keep the wheels on the wagon and that is clearly proving to be a problem. We simply do not have the attacking options available to us,the razor sharp strike in the important areas. I probably missed about half of the game due to the aforementioned problems with the link-I even missed the bloody winner!-but I don’t think we saw a chance drop to us in the six yard box. All game,and I can’t remember one on Sunday either. 

Those wagon wheels were bigger when I was a lad,of course. Aye,argue about that one if you like. But were the hearts of our heroes bigger back then than last night? I can think of many a time we have dragged ourselves to victory and away from the depths of despair and defeat. I can also remember many times that the players were so beaten down by events that such as last night simply would not have happened. 

At the moment,Celtic are taking to the field without a natural striker. We all know that. It leaves our creative midfielders without a link up and without an out ball. We know those players can finish,but they simply cannot do it on their own. This is not the Guardiola Man City,who have trained this way and practiced this way for a couple of years now.

This is a team of Celtic players who have enough difficulty in doing their own jobs well while avoiding those hammer throwers I mentioned yesterday to CRAIG76. Ross County knew that,but seemed to try that little bit harder tonight than usual as they got in and ugly. Fair play to them,I hope they do it every week,and stay up. I hope they can pony up the money for the raw meat diet again the next time the huns hit town. 

A goal from Abada gave us some respite,an equaliser just after half time gave us flashbacks to the last couple of years. As did what followed as we went nowhere. Slowly. 

Owen Moffat came on,and I hope to see more of him,but this was not a good night for a debut which was unfair on him. Our chocolate starfish complained so loudly about being hit that he was booked,followed by the inevitable second yellow the next time he breathed on an opponent. 

Muir,of course,was the official on the line behind Meekings THAT day,so I can only assume he is a Ross County fan. Or summat. 

Either way,six minutes of added time. A bit more because of time wasting. Big T. A happy HOOOOOOPSTERS bunch heading home,and Mr Muir’s cat going into hiding. 


Above article by BMCUWP

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Anthony Ralston is becoming the new Danny McGrain! Total commitment.


Anthony Ralston is becoming the new Danny McGrain……totally committed.


Catch it on iPlayer later.

The RC Commentator and Craigan (Spit) said at the time their monitors were down so didn’t see a replay of the challenge on Starfelt. Didn’t stop Craigan from saying there was no malice in it and, even though there might be blood it doesn’t mean it’s deliberate WTF.

All three on Sportscene said he shouldn’t have been booked as he was clearly caught and having seen the blood the ref should never have booked him. Absolutely no mention of a possible Red Card for the County player now, if a Celtic player had made the same challenge with no action taken well, the press would be getting a cell in Barlinnie ready.

Complain Celtic FFS

Saltires en Sevilla

Watching Sportscene …

McGregor of Sevco cannot see the ball in flight … convinced he can’t focus much

Play Ralston right on top of him if strikers are still out…. only half jokin’ 😏

bada bing1

75% possession
25 attempts at goal

Mackay ‘ they must wonder how they left with anything….’

Saltires en Sevilla,

Rather than watch SEVCO (for that’s who they are).

I’m watching an earlier version – The Wild Bunch has just started on TCM 😁


Prestonpans bhoys


Steady there bhoy😀

bada bing1

McFadden says “you can see that it hits his elbow, so you can understand why he didn’t give it”
Whit??? 🤔

Saltires en Sevilla


Despite not having fit strikers we still made chances… not calm enough in those situations

Our set-piece management is poor. A few have come off in recent weeks but not making enough of those dead balls and especially 3 x Free Kicks within 25 yards … those must hit target or force a save more often.

The play was off but the attitude of the team was absolutely fantastic – 10 men – not accepting a draw!!

I’ll take that from now until May

Saltires en Sevilla


I think I’ll join ye buddy 😊


Feckin wifi fail as Turnbull about to take corner. After a couple of attempts to re-engage i chucked it, and sulked at a 1all draw. Headed home- i was at my Dad’s- and then ach i’ll watch Sportcene. So the Rogic chip, the Ralston heidie and a near heart attack later and the Ref’s perfomance is forgotton-ish. Tonight proved one thing for me, Celtic have a squad who fight for every ball, every point and every one of us – the fans. Big sigh.whoooaah.


Nick, i was the same just as Turnbull was about to take the corner – stream gone! After trying to refresh a few times I gave up. By the time I switched over to here Gordon had just posted “2-1 Yessssssssssssss!!!!”
I couldn’t believe it!


Re couple of posts.
Two elbows, 1 to the face and 1 to the ball. Both were moved in direction of face and ball, we not Sevco, (the Wild Bunch), – great film btw Calton T- so punish us. It is ever thus.


Elbow that broke Starfelt’s nose was deliberate, it was a clear Ross County red card, To add insult to injury the Ref didn’t stop play to allow Starfelt to be treated..
No wonder Starfelt gave him pelters,
We had Johnston, Forrest, Ajeti, Giakoumakis, Jota & Kyogo, 6 forwards out injured,
Down to 10 men, a strong penalty claim denied in last minutes & we still conjured up a goal to win the game.
To Hell with the analysis just rejoice & enjoy the win.

Billy Bhoy

I’m just reading back and it seems that everybody lost their Hesgoal stream as the corner was being taken!

I don’t know if I can take much more of this Angeball guys!

I think at times Ange thinks he’s managing Chelsea rather than Celtic! We don’t have £70m footballers across the back four to play like the top 6 in England. We lost a goal because we, as usual, arsed up a throw in and gave away possession cheaply. This led to conceding a throw in that led to the corner that led to their goal!

I strongly feel that Ange needs to be less intransigent. If Scales had the option of just clearing the ball when there was nothing else on we wouldn’t have conceded the equaliser and would have avoided the nightmare of the last half hour. With the way he sets up this is always going to be a tightrope that we walk.

Anyway, enough of that for the moment, now we can concentrate on getting the first of our three trophies back!

Brilliant just Brilliant you can here their pain.


Hear Hear! Corkcelt!!

This might seem like nit picking but in the lead up to RC goal, watch the shy(throw in) it is clearly illegal. As a former referee I noticed it immediately, but hey what would I know? Surprise, surprise it is not highlighted by British broadcasting corruption. (The shy taker had one leg clearly off the ground). This is after the dangerous tackle on Juranovic which didn’t even merit a foul never mind a yellow card.
The fix is well and truly in Bhoys, operation Save Sevco is alive and well.
Fuck the SFA and fuck the Celtic board.


BBC Shortbread were gutted at our win. GIRFUY.
The Lanarkshire Referees Assoc. will be gutted. GIRFUY too.
Malky Mackay, GIRFUY.
I feel a bit like thon Norwegian commentator when Norway beat England in a WC qualifier a few years back. Lol.
Ange is doing an amazing job.


Isn’t this (nail biting) fun? If nothing else we have to admire the work ethic and togetherness.

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Like most watching on the hesgoal stream mine also disappeared, but two minutes into the time added on.
At Mrs CCB’s suggestion I watched Corrie and had a bit of toast, first food fo 24 hours, before picking up iPad to look for the final score. A message from ATOB, watching with PaddysMaw in Irvine CSC….. YYAAASSSSSS made Mrs CCB nearly jump out her skin as I roared the same YYAAASSSSS!
Guts personified in the team. Unlike TFW I think it is a miracle that Ange has got us competing in every game. Who can forget last year’s non-competitiveness?
It’s a bloody miracle I tell yeez, a bloody miracle. Well done all!


Happy Birthday to the Wizard of Oz


Celtic Football Club (@CelticFC) Tweeted: 🍀 Morning, 𝘾𝙚𝙡𝙩𝙨 👋


Did we score the winner in
The Last minute of injury time
The last minute
96 mins 3 secs
The 97th minute

Not that it matters🤔🤣🤣🤣

Noel Skytrot

Last night victory was one to savour with us fielding a depleted side, being down to ten men and scoring a last seconds of the match goal, not forgetting the useless officials. The pain from Newtonards favourite hun, Craigan and Uncle Tom English was delightful.

Three points, now for Sunday.


Morning all…Steven Craigan as co-commentator/analyst took an inordinate amount of time to compose himself and manage to express how he saw Celtic’s winning goal last night. One can only imagine he was replaying in his mind the build up, looking for errors in RC’s play. or perhaps he was looking for infringements possibly leading to play being returned to a certain point, maybe an offside from Rogic or a foul by Ralston. Unfortunately for Craigan, who at one point in the second half said something along the lines of “Let’s hope Celtic don’t find a way through!”, there was NO reason to pull back play or question Ralston’s exceptional last minute header so where to for Craigan after 20 seconds of silence? The fans, of course. No word of the build up or the goal or a player’s positioning or drive, oh no not for Craigan! He chose to lambast the fans for the post-goal over exuberance! FFS it seems more obvious than ever that the fix is in…from match schedules to referees to radio/tv pundits…
Keep winning Ange, it’s the only answer!!
To coin a phrase…
Noonelikesuswedon’tcareCSC 🤣🤣🤣


Good morning all from McKinnons bar. Feeling rough. 🤪

bada bing1

Hun like behaviour from Mackay after the game.


BadaBingBadaBoom!!…no surprise there really, is there! His previous behaviour is pretty unsavoury! Feck him!

St tams

I would agree that Kyogo, Forrest and Jota are a miss, but Johnston, Ajeti and Giakoumakis aren’t really are they.
As none have contributed anything this season.

Noel Skytrot

McCaff, greetin face is from a PUL stronghold in the Northern part of the island. Nuff said.


Morning all,

Well that was dramatic !!!!!

Still 3 points and a big Cup Final on Sunday.



I’m liking your style 👏👏👏

bada bing1
bada bing1

Firstly a mention on yesterday’s “if you know your history”!?

It’s always a proper cornucopia of interest and titbits…. Same yesterday, not least Dixie Deans and Marc Bolan.

Rarely can I read it in the morning as I do my routine to zilch ma’heid.

It has memories and thoughts soaring all over the place – thanks SeS.


What a game, really enjoying my football again.

… an equaliser just after half time gave us flashbacks to the last couple of years. As did what followed as we went nowhere.

Too true, it was very concerning how we went into “headless chicken mode”, and a definite unpleasant feeling of deja~vu arose.

What we seen after that was picture we are all too familiar with this season; resilience, guts and application as brain, brawn and sinew were stretched to the very last seconds. No metaphor is needed in our last gasp goal – that’s as literal as it gets.

Fantastic stuff Celtic – anybody wishing to see a compromising Angeball should apply for one of the many important vacancies at Celtic Park.

This Board luv a compromiser;)

Hail Hail


!!Bada Bing!!

Cheating, pure and simple.

Hail Hail



Numpty here thought the Meekings handball was against Ross County,as you can see from the article!

Memo to self-check yer facts first…



Just mailed you.

Saltires en Sevilla

Been around for 31 Celtic titles …
Dundee 1
Kilmarnock 1
Aberdeen 3
Dundee Utd 1
Rangers 22
Sevco 1
Hertz …. nil …sorry

don’t remember the early ones, but know winning games like last night is a key component to winning a league. instils team belief and puts doubt into opponents

Refs, Executive and press other clubs and their fans …are lined up together

Ange needs backed..,


Got it – Thanks BMCUWPS


No team has ever won a league title playing champagne fitba’ throughout the season. It’s not feasible, especially in Scotland, with refs who allow/encourage brutal tackles, where many of the pitches are barely adequate, too many games, and of course our winter weather.
But titles have been won by resilient, brave teams who give their all till the final whistle, who score a few last minute goals to win games, and who overcome adversity. Ange has built such a team.
Saint Anthony’s (is he not the patron saint of lost causes?) goal last night is the most vital so far this season. Just look at the coupons of Boyd, Craigan et al. Ya fuckin’ beauty!!



St Jude,I think.


Bobby, your exhortation for Ross County, and the rest of them, to use the same tactics against der hun as they do versus us is well meant. Problem is that when/if they do, they get players sent off quick style. Do we have stats to show bookings/sendings off v us compared to v thems?


Just checked, Bobby. It is St Anthony. He is also patron saint of LISBON. LOL

Saltires en Sevilla


Great stuff on Saint Anthony buddy.

motto of Clan Ralston:

Fide Et Marte (With fidelity and bravery)

Saltires en Sevilla

Craigen – Honeste Vivo ( live honestly)

Craigan – Desperande Vivo ( I live in despair)

Yet Another true story…

Noel Skytrot

Sky Sports failure David Tanner putting the boot in to our supporters regarding running onto the pitch, no big sceal when the huns were rampaging during covid. Guys a total gimp. They hate/dislike us no matter how they attempt to dress it up. Their pain is heart warming.


In the Roman Catholic Church, he (St. Jude) is the patron saint of desperate cases and lost causes.[8]

Anthony or Antony of Padua ……….. He is also the patron saint of lost things.
both from Wiki.

I think what is causing the confusion is the difference between Lost CAUSES and Lost THINGS (items).



Seems we are both right.

“Among some Roman Catholics, Saint Jude is venerated as the “patron saint of lost causes””

Just as well,I wouldn’t like to think I’d been pleading for intercession all these years to the wrong Saint!!

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