Bonsai !!!

We did it!
Of course we did, this team passes the tests placed in front of it.


From the minute the camera switched over to the national stadium, things seemed different. The flame boxes, disco lights, adrenaline raising music, card display, the large pitch itself with huge technical areas, all helped give off a real sense of occasion. It truly screamed out ‘big game’ and all the players had to do was play their part.
For the first 45 minutes, they didn’t. The game only sparked into life during the second half, the Hibs fans largest noise of the first a booing of our star striker.


Dominated by an injury and the ref, it was underwhelming, although the Glasgow team were the better side.
Regarding the injury, it’s natural to associate such a reaction with a very bad injury, but I’m not so sure.
The bhoy had made his big move and finally proved worthy of a starting slot, and I dare say was really enjoying life as part of this special group that wins things.
As such, perhaps it was disappointment at the fun times being halted, rather than genuine bad news that brought tears forth.
A torn hamstring (my impression) isn’t a tragedy.
Seen them back in three months, perfect time to play a big part in the final push. I fully expect to see him back before we know it, but I count five names that could feasibly come into contention for that slot (Soro, McCarthy, Henderson, Shaw, Bitton) lessening the blow.
Given the amount of injuries we have witnessed, the group deserves credit for their relentless pace.
That’s eight domestic wins in a row now, quite a feat.


The idiotic commentator for Premier Sports viewed a replay of the first bad tackle and stated it should be a yellow but he’s happy with that!?
He then proceeded to give Starfelt a very hard time, stating his corner giving clearance that lead to Hanlon’s goal was very poor defending.
I can’t agree.


It was literally route one football for their goal. Our Swede was holding the line and had no choice but to retreat and intercept an over the top ball. Travelling backwards the choice was either header up in the air, or behind, certainly not forward to the opposition. The old adage if in doubt put it out springs to mind, I certainly wasn’t saying poor decision at the time.
Set pieces do need addressed though, but there was never any sense of dread as they celebrated the opener. This team usually scores, that player usually scores.
And boom, straight away he did with a very classy goal.


The actual finish was sublime, going inside the keeper is the ballsier choice as many are primed to cover their inside.
I think their keeper got his angles wrong for our opener and was terribly mispositioned for the winning goal.


Kyogo keeps getting his angles correct.
His runs show real footballing intelligence, and we have a couple players who have the brain to pass into space for such runners. Tam is clearly one of them, and I think he’s happy in his ‘quarterback’ role.
The second was almost telepathic, they’re on each other’s wavelength alright.


I have worries over our difference maker though. We are one team with him and another without him, that’s never a good thing. A similar style striker is needed for continuity purposes.
We need him injury free, and that in itself is a poor position to be placed in. Every manager out there knows he’s deadly, and probably vital to our title aspirations.
He hasn’t painted a target on his back, far from it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the foul count on him ratcheted up.
Being very popular, I also worry about the effect his picking up a bad injury would have on the group’s morale. He is the talisman it seems.
Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.


To these eyes we underperformed once again, despite the victory. I felt the wings were very poor, Mikey and Abada were pale imitations of James and Jota.
There’s very little variation to the Israelis play, and Mikey keeps spurning chance after chance to impress.
His late on booking was farcical, and he needs much more to his game than cutting inside onto the right foot for a shot that soon ends up blocked.
Liel prefers to drift to the edge of the box to receive, but his subsequent cross is usually into a crowded area with little chance of cleanly finding another Hoop.
I’d prefer if shot more often, but he’s been off the boil for so long now he’s freezing, and almost a passenger at this stage.
Neither of them deserve to start, and should have few complaints if they find themselves on the substitute bench for a period.


Cup finals are all about winning though, and the league cup comes home once again. If you didn’t smile watching Ange bring the cup to the support, check yer pulse. Calmacs pride was visible, the smiles were non stop, and the group received a timely morale boost. Put in the hard work and the soils shall follow, that’s exactly what’s happening here.


If you ask me there should be two objectives now,,win this year’s remaining games and as the new year dawn’s spring out of the traps with positive transfer news.
The following days game shall take care of itself.


Winning the next three games is a huge task I admit. Two of them away from home, and the home game against revenge seeking beaten finalists, taking all nine points would mean 11 domestic wins in a row,,,that’s something you just don’t tend to see. All we can do is approach every game as it comes. Wednesday night in the cold driving rain after Hampden’s exertions then celebrating shall not be easy,,you can imagine the opposition thinking it’s a great time to play them. You can imagine the ref thinking it’s a great time to bring them back down to earth with a bang.


Slowly but surely Ange turned the ship around, we all see the signs, but silverware is a tangible mark of progress made. All involved deserve congratulations, but especially the gaffer.
He’s the man we didn’t know we were crying out for, and now he’s a winner.
Well done mate.

By Mahe

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Great Leader Mahe,

Totally concur.

First trophy for Ange and if backed in the transfer window then we can only get stronger.

Difficult games ahead until the break but the togetherness of the squad hopefully will see us through.


Morning all
Hibs and press still beelin about the push by Starfelt, yet very quiet about this

Noel Skytrot

Signing the other Japanese striker who is a similar player to Kyogo may take some of the weight off him.
As for Kyogo, he was managed by Iniesta who could pass a ball so would have taught him well about making runs, receiving etc As for the squad, players needed for the run in.


How to shut up the Hibees in 3.. 2.. 1..


No mention there on the bbc Scotland news segment on breakfast news of our win yesterday 😂😂
Feel their pain 🤣

Colour Blind Bhoy

Thanks for the welcome Mahe and a great summary above. Ange is indeed turning the ship around slowly but very surely and winning the cup yesterday will have shown our new players just how magical playing for Celtic is.
We have a few players still to come back from injury, a few still to hit their potential and a few reported to be incoming in the window which means we will have an even stronger squad to go with in 2022 and complete what could be an historic season.

Saltires en Sevilla

Aye Mahe – in a good place this morning.

Celebrating was fun.

The reality for me – harsh reality – Hibs were there to be beaten and job done, but by god they were a sorry excuse for cup finalists and we must really lift our game up if we have serious aspirations around competing at the top in Europe.

We need better quality dedicated professionals in January — at least two more

Will still be celebrating at lunchtime doon the pub 🌞

St tams

Good summary, other than Starfelt.
I have seen nothing in this guy to convince me he is a player.
Cumbersome looking, uncomfortable on the ball and poor judgement .In the example of the goalkeepers clearance , all he had to do was take a couple of steps back, but he was caught under the ball.


Morning all… decent enough summary but Starfelt? Not even near it yesterday, basic mistakes punished too easily. The goalie’s clearance was very poor…caught under the ball (and not for the first time) and bullied by Hanlon at the goal so much that he was completely wrong side as Hanlon scored. Desperate stuff really. Starfelt is an enigma at the moment, does some stuff good but can be a completely different player in two halves of a game! I’ve defended Mikey but there’s only so many times you can do the same thing without success. Like Starfelt some of his stuff impresses but too often his final ball or touch is just wrong! The sooner Jota is fit the better for Mikey to continue his battle back to full fitness.
All in all, though, the first trophy of the season is in the bag already. Stevie G wisnae even that good and we all know how good a manager he was…
Gifts to deliver and shopping to do, catch up later…

St tams

You put it so much better than me.
As for MJ , I’m fed up repeat myself about this guy.

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends and Happy Monday. One of those rare days where I almost wish I was bouncing into work with my green tie on!


Morning all,

What a great day yesterday 💚💚💚

Kyogo, CCV, Hart, Calmac and Tom Rogic the standouts for me 👍

So pleased also for our Manager, Ange. Take a bow Sir 👏👏👏👏👏

HH 🍀🍀🍀

Noel Skytrot

Hun twitter feeds and sites are in full wanker mode greetin about referees and our win. We’ll break this mob.


Good afternoon all from Ruglen. BEER!!!!

Saltires en Sevilla


Don’t retire the tie buddy

Nice crisp shirt .. comfortable jaicket ..

Wee stroll Straight to local for lunchtime windup … eh a mean a lunchtime pint ..

Yes that’s it .. a lunchtime pint

Wearing a nice necktie


Saltires en Sevilla

McCaff / those jobs won’t fix themselves buddy- just saying’ 🚷😁

I’m going to resist pointing at individual players because the team is standing up to the challenge- but we do need some more quality in key positions – Jan window coming very, very soon!

BRB – sounds like a good plan🍺

Saltires en Sevilla


Don’t ye just love all the chat about dodgy decisions … deep down they don’t believe it … but still somehow cling to it …

Fekin desperation

Colour Blind Bhoy

I’m a new poster on here who decided to take the plunge after being a reader of SC from day one.

Thought I’d be brave today and share a longer post summarising my half term reports for our 12 signings in the summer window.

I’m sure other posters will have different views but by my reckoning 7 out of 12 are proving to be a success with a couple unproven and a few giving cause for concern which seems like a reasonably good outcome given how poorly structured we were in the summer.

I’ve tried to be fair and constructive in my comments regardless of whether I view the player as a success or not and would be interested to hear any other views.

Kyogo £4.86m (SUCCESS)
What a steal, the most exciting player we’ve had since Henrik. Looks like he’s loving being at Celtic and everyone loves Kyogo.

Starfelt £4.5m (CONCERN)
Jury is out, far too many big mistakes which have led to goals conceded, fouls and penalties being conceded and an unnecessary red card v Ross County. From what I’ve seen to date he is not good enough, or trustworthy enough, to play at the heart of our defence.

Abada £3.6m (SUCCESS)
Decent start, has been a bit inconsistent but he is 19 and playing in a foreign country with a team that is being rebuilt from the ground up. Wouldn’t be in my starting eleven every week but he can play (and score) and will develop into a really good footballer with great coaching.

Juranovic £2.7m (SUCCESS)
Very good player and a steal at £2.7m, has suffered a little by being played out of position. Another guy who looks like he loves life at Celtic and as good as I’ve seen from 12 yards.

Giakoumakis £2.25m (CONCERN)
Mmmm, I wasn’t too sure about him before he took the penalty against Livingston and I’m less sure of him now. Do I see him being a regular at Celtic for the next 2 or 3 seasons, definitely not.

Hart £1.08m (SUCCESS)
Wow, what a keeper, has made so many big saves for us this season earning us points in the league and helping to secure the league cup yesterday. Has made a few mistakes as well which I’m confident Stevie Woods will help iron out of his game. I dread to think where we’d be in the league just now without Joe Hart.

Scales £500k (SUCCESS)
Is taking time to settle and learn how Ange wants us to play from the back. On last couple of showings though he is making good progress and he is now starting to show he is good enough to be a decent squad member if not automatic first choice left back.

Shaw £311k (UNPROVEN)
Not enough 1st team game time to make an informed opinion and I don’t see enough of our B team to comment.

Urhoghide £207k (UNPROVEN)
As above.

McCarthy Free Transfer (CONCERN)
I really wanted McCarthy to be a huge success but to date he’s not really contributed an awful lot. Clearly a class act but with so little game time in his first half season is he going to be a big part of our team for the next 3 and a half years? For now I’d have to say no.

Jota Loan (SUCCESS)
Wonderful player and goal scorer who I’m sure every fan is desperate to see signed on a permanent deal.

Carter-Vickers Loan (SUCCESS)
Good centre half, would like to see how he performs with a stronger and more dominant partner beside him in the defence. Making his deal permanent would be down to what the price is, at the rumoured £10m I’d say no.

Saltires en Sevilla


That video about 115 seconds ..

Ecstasy to glue in jig time

Haha 😂

Saltires en Sevilla

Colour Blind Bhoy

Good work buddy –

Hoi! you aren’t reading my mail by any chance – perchance – ? 😂😂

Decent summary will be interesting to see other views

Keep them coming



Colour Blind Bhoy,

Welcome to the blog.

Excellent summary of our new signings and can’t disagree with any of your points.

Well done Sir 👏👏👏



You’ve pre-emptied the planned articles from myself,MAHE and SALTIRES by two weeks! A very good summary,and I’ll try to resist the temptation to crib from it for my article on 6 Jan.

Hope you are enjoying the site,pleasure to have you along.



There are conflicting stories about the CCV purchase clause. I’ve heard the £10m ones,I’ve also read that it is £6m,and I’m pretty sure it was £2m when he first joined!

Another puzzle is that it seems his contract with Spurs is automatically extended whenever he is on loan,and for that length of time. New one on me,if true. He might think it suits his career better to move permanently,hopefully to us,or he might look at the contract terms and stay at Spurs. Hopefully we will sign him,but we need to play hardball over the fee.

Having said that,even at £10m,he is only twice as expensive as Starfelt. And he’s ten times the player on the evidence we have seen.

Colour Blind Bhoy

Saltires en Sevilla, Leggy and BMCUW, thanks for the welcome and feedback.

Apologies if I’ve anticipated upcoming articles, I’ll blame it on ‘new poster enthusiasm’ or put it down to having too much time on my hands since retiring in the summer. 🙂

BMCUW, good shout re CCV, at the right fee and with the right partner he’d be a great signing.



No need to apologise,I thought it was hilarious!


Another thing about CCV. We always complain about the brutal treatment our players get.

Nobody seems to kick him!


Colour Blind Bhoy, welcome to the retirees section of the site, there a few of us. CCB is the President. Big Packy the Treasurer!


I never said Starfelt had a good game, only that clearing it for the corner was fine by me.
I need to look at it again but the whole defensive line was too high up the park I’m thinking, then he’s scrambling backwards and must get a touch on the ball or else.
I would have put it out, I think most would have.
If CCV controls the line, and being so far up the park was his idea, then the Swede is getting an extra hard time on this goal I reckon.
It wasn’t his best game, but I still think giving away the corner was the best bet at that time.

As for Mikey, that was the game for him. He could have taken it by the scruff of the neck and delivered that cup to us but oh no.
He’s blowing his big chance, and should have no complaints if we say sorry son not working out.

Happy Christmas week. Glad it’s here.

Hail Hail


Great leader.

Colour Blind Bhoy

Welcome to the blog. Your posts so far, prove that you will be a welcome addition to SC.


The stories for the Tirnaog book were taken from the Tirnaog blog:

“Don’t Let It Be Forgot”.

If you enjoyed the book, you will most certainly enjoy the blog. The archives go all the way back to 2013. I would advise that you start from the very first article and work your way forward. Until recently, there was normally one article per week, but they seem less frequent these days. The last article was a fine tribute to Bertie Auld. Enjoy.

Obviously Kyogo was outstanding yesterday, but for me Joe Hart was our star man. He could yet prove to be Ange’s most valuable signing. As for MJ, I believe that yesterday was the perfect day for the lad to showcase his talents. That he could not do so is a pity. Until Jota returns, I feel that we would get more joy on the wing, by employing either Scales or Ralston there. Both these lads are hard as nails. They would certainly put in a shift for the manager, and as both have already shown, they can nick the occasional goal.

Hail Hail.



I wouldnt dispute any of that analysis.

Some players, like MJ are just short of whatever is needed to make them first choice. We are willing them across whatever it is they lack but perhaps it’s just not there.

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, colour blind bhoy, welcome to the blog are you really colour blind ,my eyesight is that good i can read a car number plate from 3 miles away, mind you im looking thru a high powered telescope,😎

Mike in Toronto


You are off to such a great start, that if you can keep up that level of posting, you might become a star on here (the SC version of Kyogo, even…just make sure you dont do a hammy when you are posting!)


big packy

I think mikey johnston could be a star for us, why not put him out on loan like we did with calum mcgregor, look how that turned out,,on starfelt im willing to give him some time,

bada bing1

This is brilliant, Ange is a man of real substance






I love reading Tirnaog09. Very good,very clued-up writer who certainly knows his history.

bada bing1

EPL games to continue

big packy

meant to add regarding starfelt, might be a good idea if he watched some grainy videos of jim brogan, john clark ,bobby murdoch and jim kennedy, on how to tackle. another true story,👍

St tams

Great summary.
Couldn’t argue with any of that

Mike in Toronto

You guys probably know this already, but in case someone has missed it, Celtic games after the holidays have been shifted….

(wouldnt anyone showing up a day early …. would that be a Eham (a reverse Mahe)?

bada bing1

Pal is a major sponsor at St Mirren, 18 Covid cases……

Mike in Toronto


I hope you are wearing a mask when you are posting …


Awe Naw

Couldn’t post this yesterday due to being pie eyed

Stay safe everyone


Indeed. One of the best Celtic history blogs around. I had never heard of the Chilean folk singer Jara, till Pat made him the subject of one of his articles. The tales of the adventures of Sniper, Mick and Barry are priceless. No idea if these guys actually exist. Top notch entertainment all the same. I trust you had a pleasant evening celbrating Ange’s 55th cup win? Don’t tell anybody, but I nicked that wan from another blog. 😀

Hail Hail


Unique angle footage of yesterday’s goals



Colour Blind Bhoy

Thanks to jimthetim53, MAGUA, Auldheid, big packy, Mike in Toronto and St tams for your kind welcome messages and thoughts on my half term report on our summer signings. For big packy, yes I am colour blind but thankfully can see green and white ok. 🙂


Another highlights package of the game yesterday has been posted on utube. Titled ‘Kyogo double’ it lasts exactly 8.02 minutes. It is a more pleasurable experience that other highlights packages already up. You still get the crowd noise… without having to listen to the innane ramblings of the commentators. Could you do the necessary and make it available for the good folks on here? Cheers Craig. 😀

Hail Hail.

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