One Down,More To Come?


Yesterday gave us the glorious site of AP telling the media pack where they could shove their bets and predictions that he would be gone by Christmas. He really has their measure and they know it. In fact,I think he’s teasing them,playing them,inviting them to bring it on. That might be a dangerous game to play in most circumstances,but really he is reminding them of their insignificance,both to him and to the Celtic support. 

I’ve said often that I’ve been insulted by experts,and so when I get some twat in the pub or elsewhere trying to do the same,I just tell them that the only people whose opinion matters to me are those people who matter to me in the first place. Somehow,I think AP feels the same. 

We’ve come a long way in a short time under this man,and few of us would have forecast that type of improvement only six months ago,no matter who the manager was. Some of it is down to the summer signings,but all of it is down to how he has galvanised the spirit of these players,got them playing to their best and reminded them of who they are,who they represent. BADABING linked an excerpt from a pre-match team talk for Australia yesterday,and if he is doing that with Celtic,I’d die in the trenches for him myself. You get the feeling that the players feel the same,that they are revelling in his approach and the new improved coaching available to them.

Yet it is only a short few weeks since the end of October,a day when we could barely kick our own arses with a draw at home to Livingston. A day when some of us-let’s be honest here!-thought we had probably blown it,even this early. Since then we have won ten games out of eleven,the only defeat coming when we threw it away in the late stages in Leverkusen. 

However,I think that run may be disguising a couple of things. Only two of those ten victories have been by more than one goal,and for me,that is a worrying trend. Sure,it shows that we know how to grind out victories-Ross County was proof of that if ever any was needed-but with the possession we have,the set-pieces,the sheer abundance in quality over most opposition,should we be putting these games to bed early doors,as the legendary Bobby Murdoch once said about the magnificent team for which he starred?

I say most definitely yes. For starters it will mean we can all relax a bit. Football should be entertaining,dramatic,a pleasure to watch. But sometimes I want to relax in the beauty of the occasion,the pleasure of watching my team stroll through a game even as I stroll to the bar to get the round in. Though it would be far better to do it in the cheap seats,surrounded by friends and family in Paradise,asking if they saw that piece of brilliance,it isn’t gonna happen anytime soon. Sadly. 

As Fergus famously said,it is not always easy being a Celtic supporter,but it is always worthwhile. These last few weeks have certainly proved that,because I’m surprised the roars in our pub in Swindon when Kyogo scored on Sunday weren’t recorded on The Richter Scale. 

But all of the above looks like I am damning AP with faint praise,or being churlish about his and the team’s achievements. Nothing could be further from the truth. He has worked wonders since he walked through the door,and has managed to get his players to do the same. I could not be more grateful. To have achieved all this in the face of the staff turnover in the summer,a hostile and mocking press and a refereeing fraternity which makes no bones about where its allegiance lies deserves all the credit in the world. Which is actually about $226 trillion at the moment,according to The New York Times!

To do it in addition to the constant injury problems that the club are suffering is only another feather in his cap. The club knows that our rebuild,long overdue,has only begun. They know too that the injuries make additional strengthening in January a priority. With a lot of players in certain countries out of contract in January due to their football calendar running different to ours,we must back this man. 

If we give him the tools,I am sure that he will do the job. We were far from favourites at the start of the season,and indeed we still aren’t. But our rivals are all-in on that CL place next season,and if we can nick it from them,it will take them forever and a day to recover from the financial blow. We are all very cynical about the motivations of the Celtic board over the last two decades or so,and we have every right to be. But this is maybe our last chance to throw them an anchor as they drown in their continuing debt. 

Things could certainly get very interesting very soon,and the board must know what they need to do. Interesting times indeed. 


Above article by BMCUWP

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Margaret McGill

So Bobby. AP will win the title to the detriment of Celtic PLCs OF financial fleecing model?
Somehow I don’t think so.



Hence my comment about our cynicism,and the reasons for that.

Margaret McGill

There will be no corporate drowning mate.
Havent you been listening to your audience about refs since AP arrived and the deafening silence from our custodians? Maybe we need a religious analogue to make it palpable to most Tims just like 10iar. “It is written”😜



I know you’ll enjoy this…

Maestro Fan

Our Board cannot be trusted.




Margaret McGill

Listen oddball 😍
You can’t blame me for those negative waves


I honestly think this theory that the Board deliberately threw the league last year is shite, Lenny was wrong man, everything that could go wrong from Boligate to Dubai went wrong and on the other side the Huns went unbeaten in League with 32 wins & 6 draws, That non Derby form was going to be extremely hard to beat anyway.
The opening Transfer window this year is not indicative of a Board planning to throw this League and early indications of January window is very encouraging albeit we have to wait & see if it lives up to expectations.
Now if you were to say that the Masons were pulling out all the stops to save the Huns, then that is a different matter.
I reckon the Establishment Refs are the only thing that might stop us winning the current League.

Margaret McGill

Were any executives wandering around the showers yesterday?



Nice to have you back,T. Hope you and yours have a good time over the next fortnight,and hopefully we can catch up again in the spring.


My theory is that Lenny was told that if he won the Treble, he would be in Pole position for getting job permanently.
With hindsight it was a catastrophic error.
We now have a new Manager, we have brought in Joe Hart, Carter-Vickers, Jota, Kyogo, Juranovic, Starfelt, Giakoumakis,Scales, Abada & McCarthy.
Strong indications that there will be 3 or 4 more January window, we can all live our lives being constantly cynical but the last 10 years have been incredible, I believe we are currently building a formidable team that will put us back on top,
I know from reading your stuff that we are on different wavelengths so pointless arguing but I’m happy with progress this year, thrilled with the Football and really enjoying being a Celtic Supporter.


Cheers Mick,
Just took a peep before heading to bed saw new Article & early comments & just decided to stick my oar in.
Had a bit of a celebration last night, pretty knackered right now so I’ll bid yourself & Mags goodnight,



No matter who we are discussing our club with,from the happiest of happyclappers to the deepest of mineshafters,there is always the constant that we all want the best for our club.

When we don’t succeed,some people can say I told you so. When we win,we all celebrate!

Success has many fathers,but I don’t care as long as it is success. In the case of NL appointment,I warned,as did many,that this was likely to be a problem,and listed my reasons. With AP,I went all in on support for him from Day One. I think we have a winner here,and I stand by that.

Margaret McGill

It’s ok mate

Colour Blind Bhoy

BMCUWP, like you I’m loving how Ange is toying with the media and his comments yesterday were first class.

The main point that jumps out of your article for me today is that only 2 of our 10 recent victories have been by more than one goal.

That on one hand is a big worry as witnessed by the nail biting last 10 minutes at recent home games against Hearts, Aberdeen, Dundee Utd and Motherwell when we should have been out of sight based on possession and chances.

On the other hand though it excites me as I’ve no doubt we will get more clinical in front of goal and when we do we will really hurt some opponents.

CORKCELT, I’m in the same optimistic frame of mind as you are and believe we are on track to deliver in style this season. As well as the Establishment Refs that you call out, I see the other main challenge being how we do in the head to heads versus Rangers.

As you mention, they had 32 wins and 6 draws last season and with 15 wins and 3 draws from 19 games this season, they don’t look like losing too many points elsewhere.

We’ve already botched one opportunity earlier in the season and I believe we need to take 7 points out of 9 in our next 3 games against them to give us a credible chance of winning the league.

Mike in Toronto


Ive changed my email, so the one you had may not work. But BMCUWP has my new one, so perhaps he could pass it on to you (and I’ll knock a few. Quid off my next bill)!

Mike in Toronto


There are a hundred different ways to fix a horse race. The Board did a few of them.

However, the Board are only doing what the vast majority of the fans wanted (maintaining the OF), even if most fans will deny it (actions, or in this case, inactions, speak louder than words).

Margaret McGill

I got a phenomenal statistic for you.
The Huns won 1-0 on Saturday with a 71st minute penalty. Eh aye 3 points ! How’s that grab your analysis paralysis



There were a good few of us asking if that penalty decision would be analysed to death like we usually get. The obvious answer was NAW.

Don’t blame us for the SMSM. And we can’t blame our board for saying nothing about a game that we weren’t involved in.

Though I think John Reid did,and he was hounded out. Great fucking move,that one.



I stored your new addy on my laptop,but it is in for repair again. Twice in 18 months,don’t go near HP would be my advice.

If you mail me on

or the usual address,I will pass on the details. Using my iPad at the moment,and I really need to back it up and sync with my other devices.

Nana Mouskouri

Mike in Toronto Xmas treat to yourself new book about the Trashcans. The Perfect Reminder The Story of The Trashcan Sinatras by Craig McAllister

Mike in Toronto


I bought it for my niece for xmas… but I’m hoping she might let me have a quick read! 🙂

Margaret McGill
Saltires en Sevilla


Not a chance this Bord will do anything to scupper Sevco

They have form…

The first indicator was MacKay being hunted for failing to follow the model devised by PL

The next indicator will be the lack of significant improvement in playing squad In the forthcoming window

Some ins & outs yes, but no overall improvement

That will tell (most of) us all we need to know.

St tams

I think the January transfer window will be very telling.
3/4 players needed and no projects.


The next Window can be analyzed when we have the results,
We already have had one Window,
Kyogo, Jota , Hart, Carter Vickers, Starfelt, Giakomakis, Juranovic, Scales. Abada & McCarthy,
Best Window in Years.

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.
Good article and interesting comments. Colour Blind Bhoy (at 12.23am) – I’d suggest we need 9 out of 9 from our next 3. St Mirren and St Johnstone away then Hibs at home should all be winnable games.
My own focus is however on tonight as EKFC play Celtic B in the Lowland league. Can’t remember the last time I hoped that a Celtic outfit would be defeated as EK look to do the B-Squad-Double after defeating Sevco 2-1 earlier this month 😉



As Celts,we certainly know our history. And the last twenty years or so have proven that rarely can we trust our board to do the right thing at the right time. However,this site was set up a little over three years ago in response to the behind the scenes open warfare between PL and BR,and we know who won that particular pissing competition.

But then,who really won it? Celtic,as a club,lost as a result of that,with BR leaving the following February. The supporters definitely lost,as we were deprived of a top class manager only to see him replaced by someone who even his best friends wouldn’t place in that category. So too did the players,demotivated through that manager’s ineptitude.

BR got a much higher paid job,a much higher profile,with a forward looking and ambitious club,one which spent more on a new training facility than Celtic have ever brought in as annual income.

Except of course for one season,under BR himself!

Three years later,BR is a perennial candidate for any top job going,and manages the holders of the FA Cup,steering his new club into the latter stages of Europe again,and narrowly failing to qualify twice for the CL. While PL is no longer top dog at Celtic Park,even if he might be the tail wagging that top dog.

It took two years from BR walking out till the departure of PL,as his failures came home to roost. Maybe the board also know their history,and will be anxious to avoid such a disaster on their watch. After all,if you know your history,you will also know to learn from it. As ST TAMS says,January will provide us with the answer. And as CORKCELT says,the summer window just gone should give us some confidence that they will do the right thing.

Billy Bhoy

I can’t disagree with any of that Bobby. These one goal victories are a tense watch, with the last one in Dingwall reaching nightmare tension.

Sevco have lost one SPFL game in 57. With three defeats already we have very little margin for error.

Of course, if matches had been refereed properly they would have lost at home to Motherwell and Aberdeen and drew a couple and we would have beaten Hearts away. But here we are!

We must win all four games before the split – especially the six pointer on Jan 2. Lose that, and there may be no way back. That said, this window will be fsscinating. We are clearly going to strengthen the squad. But what about them? According to big Phil the SD verdict is about to come in and they could be looking at in excess of £10m.

The loss of any two of Kent, Aribo, Kamara or Morelos would make keeping pace with us very difficult.

We could do with a break from incessant injuries. I’m already nervous about tomorrow night!


Billy Bhoy, SES, Corkcelt, Bobby et al…good morning all!
Our plc Board in it’s many incarnations for as long as we’ve had to examine their behaviours have consistently proved they couldn’t care less what anyone thinks of them. That is Danger #1! As long as I’ve been watching Celtic leagues have always been decided by what Celtic did right or not – if they acted properly on and off the field usually fell into place. A notable exception would be with Tommy in charge when extra forces seemed to be at play! If the Board rest on the laurels of an early-season League Cup success it’s sayonara to the League and the CL booty! There’s Danger #2! Ange is looking for success at this Club for himself, his players but more than any of that his late father. Should the Board fail to back him we won’t keep him – end of! Not in January but definitely by the season’s end. Danger #3. Mike Ashley’s dogged pursuit of the TRFC Board – he’s not finished with them yet. How much can they take as they can’t follow the rules and MA just keeps stiffing them! As humorous as it is to see I can’t help but wonder if a takeover is his ultimate aim. Danger#4?



You might be correct about an Ashley takeover,but allow me to say why I don’t think it is likely. Ashley is a phenomenally successful self made man,but he has often been caught out by business investments made on a hunch without doing his due diligence. That’s his style,and he has enough successes to cover losses like Debenhams,or even his failed £300m gamble on HBOS in 2008.

With Newcastle,he found that his initial buyout of around £50m cost him £130m,and while the fans were delighted to see the back of Sheppard et al,they longed for the glory days of Keegan and latterly Sir Bobby Robson. Ashley denied them that,knowing that the club simply could not be profitable if it was to be run in such a fashion. After all,that’s why the club was up for sale,and why it soon became clear that the actual cost was £130m! Unfeasible,on that business model at the time.

Even with the £100m+ cash injection from TV.

The spending days were over,as far as he was concerned. No more vanity projects,no more big names. The club had to be run as a business,and while the fans hated it-and drove him out because of it-he was probably correct to do it.

Fast forward to 2021 and a projected windfall from the huns of c£10m. It’s pocket change to him,but a big deal to the already overstretched creditors and directors of TRIFCo. Head down the back of the settee time for them,I reckon,checking for loose change. But it is nowhere near the amount that they have invested into the club already,and nowhere near the valuation of it either,given the equity confetti over there at the ludicrous 20p a share.

And Ashley will know too that their fans don’t care about balancing the books,after all he had two of his own top men running the club for a short while. Ashley only invests when he sees a main chance,a chance to make money. He’s a gambler alright,everyone knows that. But he’s a successful one too.

Gamblers don’t always win,they certainly don’t win with every bet. But successful gamblers never place a bet which they cannot win. And Ashley will know that taking over Rangers is exactly that.


CelticEarlyYears (@EarlyCeltic) Tweeted: Quote from Willie Maley in his report at the 1907 Celtic AGM.

Thanks to @maristic23 for the artwork.

bada bing1

I would rather the game was off,than play without fans,massive disadvantage

The Gombeen Man

I hear “the tills were ringing out” on both sides of the Old Firm, Retail Divisions yesterday.

For those so dulled by their conditioning. Still blaming referees and media for Celtic’s capitulation last year.

Here’s a little something to keep you all occupied for the next couple of days…

If Celtic PLC hadn’t been selling you all down the river for years, you wouldn’t be celebrating a LC win like the CL. Or by invading the park in midweek.

Dermo must be rolling around the Sandy Lanes.

No Director of Football.
Head of Recruitment?
Dominic McKay fiasco.
Nickerless acting up as CEO.
A Political Pygmy and Historian who believes that Rangers were Relegated.
Eddie Howe
Ange, last minute appointee after months without a Coach.
Starting the Season with less than half a squad.
No supporting Backroom staff appointed.
Higgins shambles.
AGM charade.
Doctored Resolutions.
Parks of Hamilton.
Court cases.

Sevco with their 55 Titles.

(Why was Ange having breakfast with van Bronckhorst and Ross Wilson last week? How long will he last in this sectarian swamp?)

– Years of dubious recruitment and underperformance in Europe.

But blame the refs and media.

They’re just part of the pantomime.

Never look at yourselves, just keep pointing the blame elsewhere.

Sevco, Rangers, Huns, Referees, Media, Government, SFA, SPFL, Polis, Cooncil, PLC.

You’re being had – deep down you all know it. Old Firmisim gets that adrenaline and dopamine buzz going.

Drop the addiction to Old Firmisim.

It’s how the Establishment keeps you all on your knees.

Celtic are an illusion. They represent nothing. The financial support of Celtic only guarantees perpetual misery.

But of course, you all know that. You just can’t bring yourselves to face the reality. On the face of it, it’s easier to sleepwalk through life.

Walking up from a life of delusion can be a bit traumatic. Everything you’ve been told. All the history you’ve regurgitated, turns out to be a waste of time.

Instead you’ll take the easier path. You’ll run with the crowd and never be fully alive.

Blinded by conditioning. You’ll hand over your time and money to Dermo and Pedro and blame those “feckin refs.”

Meanwhile those tills will keep, “ringing out.”

Apologies for any offence caused to anyone with OCD (Obsessive Comma Disorder) by anything in the above.

bada bing1

Wales have banned fans from sporting events from Boxing Day



I’m travelling up to Scotland overnight,planning to return on the 6th Jan. Pretty sure I’ll get there,not so confident about getting back!

Cross that bridge when I come to it,it will be my first Christmas at home this century.


Good afternoon all from Shawlands. I’m still getting curers after Sunday. 🙄🍺



Your post reminds me of my Christmas greeting three years ago.



That’s an excuse. The proper drinkers never need to have a curer.


Mick, not a proper drinker yet but practicing hard.



Years of indolence when you should have been working hard at your craft.


The Huns ( to a man and woman) detest Ashley with a passion. Any attempt by him to involve himself with them would make our protests surrounding Higgins look like meek Lip service.
There would be carnage.

However, it would be a surefire way to divide and destroy that excuse for a football club from the inside.


Ashley is taking them for a ride – still! I’d be astonished if Ashley doesn’t own Castore. He’s taking delighted in creaming off them. I can understand the business reasons but conversely someone’s made a shitload of mullah since the rebirth! Ashley included.

bada bing1

Maximum 500 fans at football after Boxing Day, cancel the game

The Gombeen Man

Cheers M,

OCDers beware…

You’ll probably get better reception on the Norad Santa Tracker than Pedro’s Pass to Paradise.

Thanks for the last three years. I remember the article. No plagiarism involved.

I hope CCB is feeling better soon. Pass on my best wishes. I’m sure he enjoyed Sunday. Ange has given him plenty to be pleased about.

Have a great Christmas.



ATHINGOFBEAUTY and I were discussingthis possibility about two hours ago. We agree with you,just bring the winter break forward a week. So we lose two games over the period,so effing what?

There is the integrity of the entire competition at stake here. Not only at the top of the table,but with the teams below,looking for European places,also suffering.

Fucking shambles.

Needless to say,Sky will demand that the game goes ahead,as do the others. Integrity is hardly a watchword of theirs,after all. Certainly not in Scotland.



No suggestion of plagiarism,old bean. Just triggered a memory,is all.


No fans? Ffs.
I’d rather the game wasn’t played then!
We just aren’t going to be allowed this title.

May I respectfully request St Stephens day rather than boxing day?

bada bing1

Stephen McGowan saying, SPFL looking at bringing forward Winter Break by a week, it’s up to Sky to agree….

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, the gombeen man nice to see you posting👍 BOBBY from last night, could not put the fridgefreezer in the garage because its now the dog grooming room,,BTW got it upstairs ,howard the yorkshireman our next door neighbour gave wee joan a lift with it, but I stood behind her incase she fell, well im not going to carry it at my age, she is younger than me,another not true story😎

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