Nae Goals,Nae Fitba!


The title of today’s article really sums the game up. One team didn’t have a clue how to get on the scoresheet,and the other team frankly wasn’t even interested in that. We had 83% possession,31 shots on goal to their one. 16 corners-and we never looked like scoring all bliddy night!

We camped out in their half for most of the game,facing eleven players behind the ball. We tried the intricate stuff,we tried the fancy footwork,we tried everything. But when you are playing with a winger through the middle,and one who hasn’t really been that impressive of late anyway,and two wingers-one trying to play himself into form and another making his full debut,you find yourself struggling somewhat. 

And we certainly did!

Our midfield three of Bitton,Rogic,and CalMac probably had their worst game this season,collectively and individually,while our full backs probably provided our greatest threat. Which isn’t saying very much,if I’m honest. 

AP has found his team selections recently hampered by injuries to some of his most important players,and I get that. We know that our squad is wafer thin at the best of times,and these are hardly that. But it was some of our most experienced players who were found most wanting last night,and we have enough problems on our plate this season without so many having an off night. 

It is unfair though to attach blame to individuals when we win and lose as a team. Or draw,as the case may be. It was a dreadful watch,and would get football stopped. We can certainly blame St Mirren for bringing nothing to the party except a resolute backs to the wall defensive performance. But the buck stops with our highly paid stars who just didn’t measure up to it on the night. 

It comes down to this-we are dropping silly points to teams we should be destroying. As we know,points make prizes. And at this rate,we just might not have enough of them come the end of the season

Above article by BMCUWP

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Prestonpans bhoys

Well aye and naw bobby on this sentence:

‘But the buck stops with our highly paid stars who just didn’t measure up to it on the night. ‘

Like the Livy games think our manager is not learning/maturing on how to breakdown these two banks of five. But doesn’t help when the likes of Johnston plays pish again, not the only one as some are habitual😵

bada bing1

Disgusted with that performance, Johnston and Abada,passengers again,squad is thin but should have had enough to win,i think we might need to win every game to win the league now,nobody is taking points from the huns just now.

Cosy Corner Bhoy

The Mikey Jdohnson conundrum! Answer…pish! The ‘ He’s not had enough games’ team and the ‘ He’s great on the ball’ team, have been found wanting again. Let’s face it… he flatters to deceive ALWAYS. I never like to criticise individual Celtic players but his ‘efforts’ at the final ball do my nut in! Sorry Mikey, close but no cigar and no first team appearances either hopefully.
Having said all that..written actually, surely Ange has got the message that no centre usually, or in our case always, results in goals being in short supply. No more f’n about… get a centre forward on all the time! Can’t understand by the way why he played Abada through the middle, a winger, and Moffat on the wing, a centre.
Presumably that’s why I comment on games and he manages!
Anyway, a long way to go but two points needlessly dropped!
Good night all.


Dire dour and dull, I don’t know why Ange doesn’t use Henderson or Montgomery more, who were again on the bench, to me they are more creative than MJ and Bitton.


Maestro Fan

That squad is not winning the league. Beyond the top 12 or 13 it’s pure dross. Bottom 6 standard.

A thing of beauty

Another sleepless night wondering why we can have 80% possession and not create a single clear cut opportunity. When you consider the forward line should be Jota, Kyogo and Forrest but it was Johnstone, Abada and Moffat you then know why.
Off to work. Today is the day of the chicken dinners. I love this day as I know we are ensuring 90 families will get a 3 course meal on Christmas Day but it fair stresses me oot. Maybe that’s why I never slept!! It’s also a reminder of how lucky we all are when our only worry is when Kyogo will be back.

big packy

MORNING ALL and JIM, BOBBY if kyogo was not injured he should have been playing last night, the amount of balls into the box and nobody on the end of them kyogo would have put at least one of them away possibly two, sorry ange, luv ya to bits, but you fucked up last night. IMHO.


Big Packy
Ange said last night nobody was rested, players were either injured or suspended.

Ange on BBC: “All of them were unavailable. No-one was rested tonight. I don’t know where that came from, I don’t rest players. If they want a rest they can have a rest when they are 45. Everyone who wasn’t playing tonight was unavailable – either suspended or injured.”

Last night’s display can be summarised as running on fumes. We’ve scraped through our last 5 or 6 games, scoring late winners or getting ahead and grinding it out, but eventually that runs out.
Need to use the early winter break to get everyone fit and revitalised, and new players in early enough to hit the ground running when the season resumes.
Also, MJ has surely played his last game for us. Offered nothing but frustration last night.


Well, if I’ve not got Covid (LFT result), I definitely have a sore throat from screaming at the TV last night. Pendulum passing v 2 banks of 5 is friggin useless. Need to be much more direct, and much quicker passing. It was crying out for shots with the ball skidding up off the surface with the potential at least of rebounds etc. Ach well, onto Sunday and my (now) non attendance at Saints. Wonder if I’ll get a refund? Tickets obtained via SIL – in the home end…😉



Those PCR kits that we had to buy to get out of Germany showed up on my card as a recurrent fee,so they planned to charge me every month! Robbing basterts.

Obviously I phoned my bank and cancelled them,but you might check your statements to be on the safe side.

St tams

Agree with PB that the manager has to take some of the blame for last night.
He has learned nothing from livi games.
A holding midfield player last night. Why, then replaced on 80mins and moved Mcgregor back.
Why not take Abada off for Taylor and push Scales up top as nothing was working.

He needs to learn to compromise his style and strict 433, or we will have more nights like last night
As for MJ , I think it’s all been said.


I just love all you experts on here. St Mirren’s eleven men were parked no more than 30 yards from their goal. They tackled and harried the whole game. The only chances we had to shoot were at free kicks; the keeper saved two and we didn’t hit the target from three. We got to the bye line a few times and put in a few decent low crosses. On another day, we would have scored a couple.
We have no divine right to win any game. I’m not happy with the result obviously but this blame culture does us no good. If we’d had a proper number 9, things could have been different, but we don’t. I’m sure that will be resolved in January.
I thought Mikey Johnson played quite well until he faded in the second half.
The players’ attitude is good and our tactics are too. Need a big bruiser of a striker to rumble up such a packed defence.
Keep the faith, bhoys.


Morning all from a bleeding miserable Christmas Eve Eve Renfrew!
I hope you’ve got yer tin hat looked oot, Ger57!! 🤣😂🤣

Celtic Champs Elect

Stop the doom gloom FFS. It’s only 6 points that can be clawed back in no time although we need first team ready reinforcements on January 1st

I agree with most on here MJ is not good enough and never will be. Young Moffat before JJ was baffling. I am also not keen on LA he needs proper coaching as both MJ & LA final ball is atrocious for a professional footballers

The game was horrendous to watch


Hands up everyone on here who thought we’d win the League this season!
Hands up everyone who wrote off Postecoglu before the start of the season!
Hands up everyone who had written off this season before a ba’ had been booted!
There’s probably a few “Hands up” statements that could be added though really the point is we’re ahead of schedule in that, generally speaking and I know there’s been slips but the style of fitba has been very positive, some of the bhoys from the Youth set-up have been given the chance a lot have been shouting for and, of course, we’ve got our first trophy in the cabinet!
I didn’t see last night’s game but the wee fella told me how bad it was. Ange’s tactics or modus operandi called into question again but the reality is that last night’s team probably had NO SIGNINGS in it!! The hope at this stage has to be that he gets the 2 or 3 players he wants and desperately needs into the Club at the earliest opportunity – if waiting till the J-League breaks up at the end of January as it will save us a coupla quid, as we’ve been used to from Lawwell then we’re fecked before we even start. On the other hand, if the Board show Ange they’ll back him when he needs it then we can get off to a flyer on the restart after the Winter Break.
We’re at where we’re at right now, it’s up to the Board to deliver the required quality for Ange to push on.


Morning all & Packy.
Talking about January signings, I am kind of hoping Ange will also bring in his own assistant manager & head coach. There have been question marks over Kennedy & Strachan for a while now. One thing that confuses me though, surely they coach under the instructions of the manager? Or maybe even good managers need expert coaches who actually advise the manager?

I didn’t realise that J League transfers cannot happen until the end of January. That’s a dilemma!

Billy Bhoy

I think we can all agree that last night was a horror show.

Rather than rake over the coals further I thought I would try and take the optimistic route. There’s a general feeling that either its all over already or that any more dropped points would be the end as Sevco are not dropping points.

However, we’re now at the half way stage * so I’ve been sitting here drilling into the 19 games played so far.
We’re six points behind. If we had won at Ibrox as we should have done (they scored with their only effort on target and their goalie was MOTM) then we’d be level on points with them. That’s the reality.

As to the view that no one is taking points of them: Well, they’ve lost to Dundee United and drawn with Ross County, Motherwell and Aberdeen – three games that they would have lost if the games had been refereed properly! In addition, they have recently won in an ugly and undeserved way against Dundee United, Hearts and Hibs. I’m actually struggling to think of a really good 90 minute performance from them so far. This is largely the view on the Huns themselves from what I can see.

So, its far from over.

* We’re at the half way stage in terms of number of games played BUT they still have to visit us and Aberdeen yet to properly reach the stage where we’ve all played each other home and away.

I’m hopeful, with our injured players back, our imminent arrivals and the possibility of some outgoings at Ibrox to help keep the lights on, that we’ll emerge from shutdown as the dominant team and still have every chance of regaining our Premiership crown. It will probably mean winning at least two of the three derbies.

I don’t think that’s beyond us. Keep the Faith!


Billy Bhoy…I’m with you as far as being optimistic is concerned but the reality is we’re 6 points behind irrespective of whether their goalie was MOTM or not! The concern is our limited squad being curtailed by injuries and half-fit or not good enough or experienced enough players being brought in to replace them. It’s been an exciting half season so far but not without a few worries. My post earlier was just a wee attempt to focus on where we are compared to where we thought we would be at this stage of Ange’s rebuild, just like you’ve done with your post. We’re a fickle bunch…written off by our own support before we even started but when the expectations rise so does the criticism despite the previous lack of hope!


Jim…I’d read somewhere about Hatate being contracted until February and Cletic having to pay a fee to get him to the UK. You’ve given me doubt now but I can’t find anything about it! I’ll check it out, though!!

Prestonpans bhoys

As I said earlier, last night was a rerun of the Livy games. Irrespective of the available personnel, I’m not convinced Ange has a plan B.

Substitutions are like for like, without an alteration in tactics. It’s like Haig during the First World war😕 try and try again.


Disappointed but not surprised at that result.
Abada getting it in the neck but people have to look at the midfield last night who avoided any form of responsibility and provided zero service.
When our captain had the chance to shoot in second he instead fired in a clueless cross too far in front of Abada.
If your captain abstains responsibility who is supposed to inspire and drive team forward?
A few games ago i praised McGregor for playing like a captain and making forward runs and passes but yesterday he reverted to type and went to his usual sideways and backwards safe play.
Bitton is hopeless with zero forward movement and calamitous defending.On their breakaway not only did he miss the tackle but trying to recover he knocked ball into path of guy who had shot.
Rogic had one of those games were he constantly conceded possession.
I have stated often that our midfield is unbalanced and without Turnbull is impotent.
As for our our coaches this is a continual repeat of being clueless when teams put two defensive lines across final third.
We are shot shy and for all our possession create very few chances.
For our coaches not to make any adjustments when our slow tempo and sideways crawl made it easy for opponents to defensively set was a dereliction of duty.
It was ridiculous how many hopeful crosses we hit to no one after a laborious build up..
Abada is listed at 5 ft 6in yet we expected him to leap like superman .
Johnston looks like a player out of position with zero confidence.
Moffat looked like he played to instruction which was make the easy sideways pass.
Winning the league in such a corrupt environment was always going to be difficult but our myopic coaching is decreasing the chance of such.
The subs Jura apart were ridiculous when we needed a goal.
Shaw a defensive mid instead of Henderson who was excellent and scored in a short cameo against Betis,
And Taylor another defender as a like for like with Scales.

bada bing1

From the massive high of Sunday, to huge disappointment last night. If someone told me 5 months ago, we would have won the League Cup and 6 behind in the League, i would have bitten your hand off.Last 15 minutes last night, i would have put Scales up front ,and changed it as a last throw of the dice,a bit of height,and decent scoring record for a defender. I think we might have to win every game now,as nobody is taking points from Sevco.

bada bing1

Celtic Football Club is pleased to announce the appointment of Michael Nicholson as Chief Executive with immediate effect.

Prestonpans bhoys

Oh ffs what a surprise, the PLC forward thinking again😕👊

bada bing1

Let’s hope he speaks up for the Club, and the support, when it’s required, fed up bending over all the time,give us a voice.


Prestonpans Bhoys, I’ll reserve judgement on him until the end of the transfer window. However, if he has taken the job with no real power and is just a Dermot Desmond puppet, then we could be in trouble. And I wont put into print what my opinion of him would be.


The only influence and ‘power’ the largest shareholder and NED should have is making sure the Board are sticking to the pre-determined budgets and everything is done lawfully. But day to day running of the business should be down to the executives. Give his opinions my all means, but no more than that.

A thing of beauty

I’m willing to concede that if we can finish for the winter break six points behind I’ll be reasonably satisfied. I’m just annoyed because we could have won games quite easily where we’ve dropped points but equally we have to recognise that we’ve been hamstrung by injuries (pun fully intended). The first half of the season has been an exercise in getting the players fit first and foremost and that is a legacy of the previous management team. Ange is then trying to get his ideas across whilst trying to keep pace with a very well drilled sevco that have hardly dropped a point in a season and a half.
Reinforcements and who they are will tell us whether Nicholson is his own man or another board lackey. The ball is in his court. I can only assume the head hunting recruitment consultants employed by the board to find the absolute best candidate did all
Their due diligence and Nicholson was absolutely the best candidate for the role.
Just a quick word to sol to say I had a roll n lothians square this morning and can report it was beyond delicious. Not something I eat a lot of but Jeezo it was food of the gods.

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, craig76 had not heard that, opologies to ange, just had a parking ticket bhoys, where i get my dog food there was no spaces so parked behind the shop which i have done on numerous occasions, got back to the car and a parking notice on the windscreen ,looks like a police one with it being yellow, but its from a parking company in london, spring parking po box 77282 london, 95 pounds or if i pay it within 14 days 55 pounds,

Prestonpans bhoys


Our club needs fresh blood with fresh ideas not a guy who has been here since 2013!

We did employ a CEO with that criteria, wonder what happened to him😱

A thing of beauty

Btw finishing 6 points behind at half way is not a given because we are really struggling just now.


Big Packy
Pay it in 14 days but just give them £1 and tell them your Scottish and 1 is 55 in Scotland 🤣

Margaret McGill

Great! Lawwell’s lying sycophant is the new CEO.

big packy

CRAIG😎 heard some ghuys on here talking about getting a ticket from somewhere in glasgow but because it was a private company they withheld payment,?????

St tams

Nicholson wasn’t good enough to get the job in April, but all of a sudden, he is now.
Can’t say I’m surprised with that shower of shite running our club .
Another puppet

Mike in Toronto

they make that announcement after that result?! … and right before the holidays to get everyone in a good mood …

I am sure that they will argue that, under his stewardship Celtic are only six points behind … so a major improvement on last season’s 35!

I am really the only one who thinks that the Club are intentionally taking the piss out of the fans?!

The Fenian Whaler

Festive greetings all

I’ll readily admit to being one of those who expressed reservations about the appointment of Ange. I’ll also admit that a lot of those doubts remain. Last night was like watching a repeat of one of Lennys team’s poor performances. Lots of possession but hee haw penetration. True Ange is having to deal with a long injury list but we still have arguably the best 1st team squad in Scotland🤔. Irrespective if most of the team last night weren’t regular 1st 11 they should all be capable of stepping up when required. How many of our benchwarmers would get a game for St Mirren? All of them I would argue. We should have been capable of beating the likes of St Mirren and St Johnstone with the resources at hand. Ange has, IMO, had enough time to get his ideas across and come up with a plan B to win games against packed defenses – he hasn’t. We are heavily reliant on pieces of individual brilliance to win games rather than a game plan, very similar to Lenny’s tenure I would suggest.
Ange however needs at least 3 1st team ready additions in order to go head to head with a well-drilled competitive Sevco team. A couple of big Vic W defensive mid types, please and a Chris Sutton / John Hartson type striker. No more 5′ 7″ lightweights for a wee while – unless it is Messi and Iniesta has decided to put his boots on again and definitely no more Greek ghosts – in fact, I think there are more reported sightings of actual apparitions at Celtic Park than of our 2 rather expensive Greek signings. As for Mikey J – i’ll just repeat what Lenny said to him and what I was shouting at him via my laptop screen last night ‘F*ck off’.

Prestonpans bhoys

This is worth noting😱😵

The Celtic Analysis


InStat recorded 43 crosses for Celtic yesterday, highest of the season (6 more than 2nd highest vs Livi at home)


Ralston: 14/2

Juranovic: 10/3

Moffat: 5/0

Johnston: 4/2

Scales: 3/0

Abada: 2/1

McGregor: 2/0

Rogic: 2/0

Shaw: 1/0


Up the Hoops!

Mum still hasn’t got her Christmas card ffs


Thought it was LFT? At least they is what I got – not recurring…🤞


Afternoon all from sports bar Irvine 🍺🍺
That’s me putting my feet up until Tuesday yeah

Margaret McGill

I think so.
Looks like the Old Firm Bonanza has been switched to Groundhog day.

Margaret McGill

I think we should gopher it


9th of January until the 2nd of April is when the J league transfer window open, according to the site I seen


big packy the parking tickets from private companies in _Scotland_ aren’t legal, you just ignore them. Never reply to their mails, they can’t do squat about them being unpaid, as long as you keep ignoring the letters.

big packy

ASWGL,thanks for that,but wee joan wants to pay it to get it off her mind, but after i showed her your post, she said feck them😎😎,another true story,

Prestonpans bhoys


Absolutely correct. I’ve never paid a private parking fee, my daughter has a habit of getting them too. Straight into the bin!!!


Big Packy
Laws in Scotland are different to England I,d ask a friend down there just to clarify, better to be safe and all that 👍

big packy

CRAIG will do 👍

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