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MAHE yesterday pointed out that our new manager has clearly changed the mindset of our existing players while also getting his new signings to buy into his philosophy. And that these are changed days indeed at the club,such a difference to see the players willing to bust a gut for the club and their team-mates,as was hardly the case last season. 

Last season,of course,was a one-off,with no fans in attendance and the added problem of us holding certain players to their contracts. While I thought the latter was absolutely the right thing to do,given that we were going for The Ten,hindsight proved me seriously wrong. 

To the extent that,as far as I’m concerned,any player in future who expresses a desire for pastures new should be told where the door is. Don’t let it bounce off yer arse on the way out. Some of those performances last season will haunt me for a long time. I’m sure I’m not alone. 

This season though,everyone is busting a gut-and sadly the occasional hamstring,etc-to get that title back. Sunday in fact had us set a new world record for the number of players missing through various injuries with,I am told,a total of EIGHTEEN absentees. Most sides would struggle with that level of injuries,all the more so when our talismanic superstar aggravated his hamstring again after only ten minutes. 

We just shrugged it off,and played a poor St Johnstone side off their own cowpatch,restricting the home side to just the one attempt on target,an admittedly terrific header which pulled them back into the game for a bit. Again as MAHE said,we can relax now for three weeks,recharge the batteries,work on the fitness and also complete the new signings that our manager thinks are vital to our title chances. 

So how many of us thought six or nine months ago that we would even be considering our title chances as we head into the new year? Not me,that’s for sure. I specifically stated that we should be writing this season off,looking for improvements in personnel and performances,and ready to pull that title back next season. As a Celtic fan,you can believe that it hurt me to say that. But I spoke truthfully,and also in an attempt to dampen expectations-because many a manager has been damned by those in the past. 

AP though has proved that he needs no protection from expectation. His own expectation is that everyone recognises the importance of this club,and the importance of their role on the pitch. We have been lucky with certain managers over the years who have made just those demands,and I can think of two others this century alone. If I’m honest,we will probably come up just short in the title race-those seven dropped points against Livingston and St Mirren will prove just too costly. 

But ffs,don’t tell AP I said that! I don’t want to get my head handed on a plate like a certain brave and idiotic reporter on Sunday who suggested that the early break would work well for us,given all our injuries. AP put him in his place by pointing out that football is nothing without the fans-to paraphrase-and that he didn’t know anyone who enjoyed playing to reduced capacities or none as at the start of the season,or to 500 like on Sunday. It’s the way he doesn’t even raise his voice,doesn’t sneer,just openly let’s them know that he thinks he’s talking to a moron. It’s a work of art,so it is. 

A man who has a little more experience of going after anyone who tries to do down our club is JP Taylor,the SLO. Reacting to reports that a number of Celtic fans had gathered illegally outside the ground,attempted to storm the gates,then were involved in running battles with the police,he pointed out that they were not gathering illegally,gates were not stormed,no running battles took place. 

Both fellas handed the media their lunch by stating the facts in a calm and considered manner. In those respects alone,we are in good hands. And when we look at the quality available at full strength,the desire,the blossoming of Tom Rogic into the midfield general he should always have aspired to,then all of a sudden that gap looks less daunting. There are another eighteen games left of the season,and three times as many points available. Can we do it?

Why don’t you ask AP that? Better get a suit of armour on first though. Our man didn’t fly halfway round the world to come in bloody second!!!

Above article by BMCUWP

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Prestonpans bhoys
December 27, 2021 11:06 pm

Agree Bobby think those dropped points against the dross of the league may be fatal. As for the Daily Mail, revoke their media passes😕

The Real McCoy
December 27, 2021 11:12 pm

Ooops, Sorry Bobby/ Mick.
McCaff and Nana dropped by your place earlier . Forgot you were back home 🙄
They were gonna bring you to Liverpool to meet up with the gang .
We’re meeting up with Packy and Jim at the Speke Easy Jazz Club . Nice !!
Mersey Mersey Me __ Speke Easy


The Real McCoy
December 27, 2021 11:30 pm

Prestonpans bhoys,
Every dropped point could be fatal ,however, especially in games we should be winning comfortably.
I maintain the marker for the MIBS was set at Swinecastle from day 1.
Cheating bastards all.

December 27, 2021 11:32 pm

Well said Mick 👏

The Real McCoy
December 27, 2021 11:34 pm

Not missing much Bobby 😔
Jazz Club ~~ Great. Not . 😴


December 27, 2021 11:38 pm

December 27, 2021 11:55 pm

The great Judy Garland with Dino & Frank 😎

December 28, 2021 12:40 am
December 28, 2021 1:37 am


Tongue in cheek.

Celtic had a disastrous start to this years league campaign as new players were introduced to each other and many said that our title challenge was over this year before it started.

But an Auld contrarian said ” We’ll see”

Some high scoring and exciting performances were greeted with cries of hope.

But an Auld contrarian said ” We’ll see”

Then dropped points to Livi and Dundee Utd were met with cries of ” wail wail”.

But an Auld contrarian said ” We’ll see”

Then the Auld contrarian dug out his Lisbon 67 top that never saw us lose a game in Scottish football in the invincible year and donned it before the away game to Aberdeen (don ned it, geddit?) thinking “We’ll see if this works.”

And lo, so far so good, but always at the back of his mind lurks “We’ll see” and regretting his liking for Chuck Berry from the Auld Contrarian’s formative years.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9l0YBKcGnY&w=560&h=315%5D

December 28, 2021 1:40 am

problem solved

December 28, 2021 1:43 am

problem solved

December 28, 2021 1:47 am

England surrendered the Ashes in embarrassing fashion in Melbourne, blitzed for 68 all out in their second innings by Australia, who take an unassailable 3-0 lead in the series 🇦🇺😂

December 28, 2021 2:05 am

Picked this up from Football Fan Cast

GVB heading for his first Rangers howler over £13k-p/w “great servant” at Ibrox – opinion
Dan Hargraves 16 hrs ago

Rangers manager Giovanni van Bronckhorst must avoid a major transfer mistake as no fewer than nine of his players are set to leave Ibrox for free in the summer upon the expiration of their contracts, one of these being goalkeeper Allan McGregor.

What’s the story?
The Gers have nine first-team players with contracts that are set to expire next summer, including first-choice goalkeeper Allan McGregor. Should any of these players fail to sign a contract extension before January, they will be allowed to speak to other clubs and sign a pre-contract agreement before joining for free in the summer.

The likes of McGregor, Steven Davis, Connor Goldson, Leon Balogun and Scott Arfield are all players with deals due to finish in June 2022.

It’s a major issue for the Dutch manager who will have to make a decision on the immediate futures of nine players, particularly ‘keeper McGregor who has been instrumental at Ibrox.

Rangers must keep McGregor
Despite being 39-years-old, McGregor is still one of the Scottish champions’ key players, having kept eight clean sheets in 21 appearances across all competitions this season.

Furthermore, the £13k-per-week Scotsman was instrumental in the Glasgow club’s title charge last season, keeping 16 clean sheets in 24 Premiership appearances – 67% of his games.

The goalkeeper has received plenty of praise whilst at Rangers, particularly of late when Livingstone manager David Martindale labelled McGregor as “fantastic” after the Scotsman had made a “game-changing save” against his side.

If McGregor, who was dubbed a “great servant” by Kevin Phillips, was to leave Ibrox after joining from Hull City in 2018, then 34-year-old back-up Jon McLaughlin may be given a look in, or the Gers would look to purchase a new first-choice ‘keeper. Regardless, Rangers will need to buy a new goalkeeper if the 39-year-old was to leave.

A pivotal member of van Bronckhorst’s squad, the Scottish champions should look to keep McGregor on the books for at least one more season and then seek out a suitable replacement. Losing him now, especially when he’s still so important, would unquestionably be a blunder by the club’s Dutch manager.

Nine players can leave on frees in summer? Wow that is as bad as we were last winter window. Wonder if those who sign pre contracts elsewhere will be as energetic and that “Rangers” can afford not to cash in during January.

December 28, 2021 2:11 am

December 28, 2021 2:24 am

December 28, 2021 2:38 am

Auldheid McGregor like Boyd are unreconstructed west of scotland bigots of the worst kind who shame not only our game but our country HH

December 28, 2021 2:44 am

December 28, 2021 3:06 am

December 28, 2021 9:19 am


In McGregor’s case one can be an unreconstructed born and bred East of Scotland bigot too.

December 28, 2021 9:33 am


Indeed,as Tom Minogue pointed out yesterday in his link about Dunfermline.

December 28, 2021 10:02 am


Yes, an interesting read. I’ve found TM’s investigative work on “organisations” like the Speculative Society intriguing, having seen at reasonably close hand how the malign influence works. The banking sector in the early 2000’s was particularly eye opening.

Edinburgh has its fair share of street level moronic bigots like the keeper.
It’s the clandestine machinations of the influential that are much more damaging.

The Gombeen Man
December 28, 2021 11:36 am

Where relations between the Scots and the Irish really deteriorated was as a result of The Reformation.

Scotland adopted a Calvinist interpretation of Christianity, rejecting Roman Catholicism. Ironically Calvin based his doctrine on the teachings of St Augustine, a prominent Doctor of the Roman Catholic Church.

The fundamentals of what became known as Calvinism are summarised by the mnemonic TULIP.

T – Total Degradation of humanity. Man is dead unless chosen for salvation by God. There is nothing Man can do about this. It’s all in God’s hands.

U – Unconditional Election, God chooses who’ll be saved. There’s nothing Man can do about this. God chooses some for Heaven and rejects others.

L – Limited Atonement, Christ laid down his life for the chosen ones only. Not for those who were not selected by God. The unchosen are referred to as the “Depraved.”

I  – Irresistible Grace, If selected by God, nothing can resist God’s Grace. It’s unconditional, unmerited and saves a person from Hell.

P- Preservation of the Saints, Once selected and saved, you are saved. You are always saved.
No matter what.

This isn’t the Constitution of the Taliban.
It’s the philosophy that guides the thinking of many prominent folk in Scottish society.

In fairness, the existence of Grace is supposed to curtail any inclination to act in a way that’s sinful. In practice this hasn’t happened.

An immature interpretation of this doctrine is fraught with all kinds of problems and is likely to lead to the type of dysfunctionality that
is so manifest in Scottish society.

It would justify the actions in Dunfermline in 1850, illustrated in Tom Minogue’s article. This goes beyond Racism or Sectarianism. God’s Word is extroplated from Scripture providing (tacit) Divine Authority for prejudice.

Whether it’s conscious or not, the Calvinist interpretation of Augustine has led to an entitled mindset. Terminology like “total degradation” combined with “irresistible grace” and “preservation of the Saints”. Created a dangerously prejudiced, ‘We Are The People’ society.

Armed with the sanction of God, some have engaged in appalling acts of violence and discrimination against Catholics. Notably, the Irish Catholic suffered terribly.

The policy of London – The Plantations of Ulster, set the tone. Catholic Irish families were removed from their homes and land. Resentment grew. Protestant Scots and English were given their land.

Inevitably a Rebellion ensued. Some Catholics took things into their own hands. It’s unclear how many Protestants were killed. Estimates range from 4,000 to 12,000.

A Scots Covenantors Army was sent to Ulster numbering about 20,000, in 1642 a force of 2,000 Irish were sent to Scotland.

It was a bloody period and both sides suffered. Later that decade, Cromwell arrived in Ireland and avenged what had been portrayed as the slaughter of Protestants in a brutal fashion.

Forty years later, saw the Williamite Wars. William – ironically supported by the Vatican.

The seeds of the current entitled mindset lie with the justifiable disatisfaction with the Vatican and Calvins’ blank cheque to radical elements within Scotland.

Calvin’s interpretation of Augustines’ theology was adopted by John Knox and the Scots Covenantors. That created an elitist mindset and provided Divine justification for the brutal abuse of ‘depraved’ Irish Catholics.

Calvinism provided God’s authority to treat the “Depraved” without mercy.

It’s from this reasoning (based on theology) that Scotland can turn a blind eye on it’s dysfunctional legal system, media and political processes.

Gods’ Will, as preached by Calvin supersedes man made law.

It’s the ultimate paradox that the justification for injustice is drawn on the dubious interpretation of a Catholic Saints’ thesis of God’s Will.

Calvin and Knox’s reaction to the failings of Rome, caused centuries of misery for the Scots and Irish.

What’s particularly tragic is the fact Presbyterians still credit an Irishman, St Columba with introducing authentic Celtic Christianity to Scotland.

Only a couple of hundred years before The Reformation, Robert the Bruce had declared Scotland and Ireland, ‘One Nation.’

(Put subtlety, the Depraved in Scottish Society gave credence to Augustines’ theory of Total Degradation by their actions.)

Saltires en Sevilla
December 28, 2021 12:25 pm

The Gombeen Man 11:36

Interesting post and enjoyable read.

Last night was reading a version on how society: secular and spiritual/religious, formed and developed from post-Roman Britain and through Dark Ages to Middle Ages. How those changes developed in England & Wales and slowly planted into Ireland. What the Irish were prepared to embrace, and what they were not.

Ireland 1170-1509, Society and History. Desmond Keenan

To be honest it’s not difficult to understand why there had to be a Reformation.

Was it was simply a land grab by powerful nobles with a grasping eye on advancement?

Or something more fundamental.

The Gombeen Man
December 28, 2021 1:02 pm


Catholicism/Christianity in an Irish changed with the arrival of the Vikings. Prior to that it was a mix of Celtic traditions and Christianity really.

The Vikings era, from about year 800, led to the destruction and pillage of many of the Monasteries that had been constructed during the Golden Age.

The Battle of Clontarf approximately 200 years later (1014) saw off most of Viking supremacy  but culture and customs remained, in parts of the country.

With the arrival of the Normans, 1169/71 (of Viking descent).They brought with them  Catholicism with allegiance to Westminster and  Rome.

So that’s a gap of just 155 years, without external invasion of Ireland.

King Henry II had in his possession a Papal Bull, allegedly issued by the only English Pope, Adrain IV. Authorising the invasion of Ireland,  “for the correction of morals and the introduction of virtues, for the advancement of the Christian religion.”

Celtic Christianity never really saw eye to eye with Rome. The debate between Pelegius and Augustine is interesting.

The last time I looked the Vatican had lost the original copy of the Papal Bull.

The Normans assisted Religious Orders like the Cistercians. They’d arrived a couple of decades before in 1142 and established at Mellifont, near Drogheda. Large areas of land were placed under the control of the Church.

Outside the Pale mainly a Celtic Christianity or Catholicism remained within the indigenous Irish, Gaelic speaking areas. A mix of Christianity and Celtic custom.

The Norman’s and the Gaels gradually began to subsist together and inter-marry.

JFK would be a good example. A union of the Norman dynasty of FitzGerald and the Gaelic Kennedy (Ceannéidigh).

Then came the Reformation…

Thee first Plantations were in Laios and Offlay. They came during Queen Mary’s reign, a Catholic. The King and Queen’s Counties named after Mary and her husband Phillip from Spain.

Shortly later the Protestant Ascendancy. The drive to eradicate Catholicism and clear the land. Numerous conflicts, the Confederate Wars, The Flight of the (Gaelic) Earls, The Wild Geese etc.

Acts like Queen Anne’s Act were introduced to prevent Catholic heirs inheriting land. Queen Elizabeth I, Cromwell etc. Waves of invaders from Britain, fighting the Gael, fighting settled English Catholic dynasties and even non-Catholics.

St Oliver Plunkett hailed from a prominent Norman Catholic family based in Loughcrew, Co Meath. On his return from Rome, he faced the arduous task of the consolidation of the persecuted Norman and Celtic Catholic traditions.

Presbyterians, Quakers and other ‘Planted’ peoples ​were out of favour too. It was all about the Protestant Ascendancy.

After the repeal of the Penal Laws. The Roman Catholic Church frowned upon many of the religious/spiritual practices of the Gael.

Irish Catholic soldiers fighting in the British Army were building Churches across the Empire. The RC Church opposed the Fenians and changed its mind about the Easter Rising, as the people began to support the prisoners.

Archbishop Paul Cullen role in the implementation of strict, orthodox Roman Catholicism was pivotal here.

That continued into the Free State and the Republic and later Archbishop of Dublin, John Charles McQuaid.

The Irish State and the Roman Catholic Church imposed an autocratic religious and education programme which had some successes but as we all know, had a darker side.

(In some ways that has led to a belated Reformation of sorts here. Folk appear to have stuck by some of the Rituals but have disengaged with the Church).

Whether from London or Rome, there is a motive of colonialisation of Ireland and subjugation of the Gael.

(Presbyterians etc were only brought back onside around the Rebellion of 1798. More than a century after 1690. The Glorious Revolution excluded them.)

For a number of reasons members of non-Roman Catholic faiths had began leaving Ireland, often heading West to the US and Canada.

Unfortunately whether it’s been a contest between Gaelic Lords and the English or the Churches, it always appears as though the people were the losers.

You’re right there was very justifiable reasons for the Reformation. It also accompanied social upheaval. God’s Will gave authority for the eradication of the Gael. They just couldn’t be trusted.

I’ve little time for any tradition, political party, religion, custom or authority.

Saltires en Sevilla
December 28, 2021 1:35 pm

The Gombeen Man

Thanks for detailed reply buddy… will definitely need to read that a few times.

The Gombeen Man
December 28, 2021 1:42 pm


The legendary Irish hero, Cúchulainn spent a  period of time in training in Scotland. Cúchulainn was involved in duels, affairs and fights with the locals. He even fathered a son, to a Scottish female chieftain.This happened about 200 BC.

Gaelic raiders have attacked the Scottish coastline for centuries. People tend to forget the threat that Ireland posed, just off the Scottish coastline.

Ireland was never conquered by Roman invasion. The untamed Gael always represented a potential threat.

Fear goes back to (and probably before) the invasions of the 4th to 6th centuties and settlement of western ‘Scotland’ by Irish Gaels. They were dubbed the Scoti by the Romans.

The next ‘invasion’ by the Irish brought basic Christianity to the Scots. Donegal man,  St Columba is the most well known. Celtic’s opposition last Wednesday, get their name from another Irish Missionary, of that period, St Mirin.

The 9th century saw the merger of Dál Riata (Irish Gaelic area in Western Scotland) and the area to the east controlled by the Picts, forming Alba. This established a common Gaelic identity.

Robert the Bruce referred to Scotland and Ireland as “One Nation/One Heritage ” His brother Edward the Bruce was crowned/proclaimed King of Ireland and eventually killed in the Battle of Faughart, County Louth, 1318. Robert and Edward Bruce had many Irish relatives/connections.

Irish participation in Scottsh affairs isn’t something that started with the forced migration of the 19th Century. There is deep connection between Scotland and Ireland. Despite those connections there is a fear of the Irish in the Scottish pysche.

Where relations between the Scots and the Irish really deteriorated was a result of the Reformation and Plantations of Ulster.

I have a wry smile when I hear the Famine Song. Those singing the song have obviously forgotten that the most significant period of Scottish migration (Plantation) to Ulster was during the last great Famine in Scotland in the late 17th Century.

The Irish incursion into Scotland by Irish 2,000 in response to an army of 20,000 Scots Covenantors landing in Ulster, heighted tensions too.

It was a brutal period in Ireland be and those scars aren’t easily healed.

To legitimise noxious behaviour, the Irish have been demonised as an inferior, immoral, inbred race. This demonisation is given the moral authority of Calvinism, based on the teachings of St Augustine.

Orangeism is a symptom of that. It was originally an attempt to build a coalition of ‘planted’ non-Catholic settlers, during the widespread discontent prior to the Rising of 1798.

Relations have also suffered by the movement back and forth of Scots to Ulster and back to Scotland. Many of whom had negative experiences during their time here.

A growing, influential Irish population in the West
of Scotland presented an easy target for the projection of repressed anger.

Hostility to Celtic from the Scottish Establishment needs to be seen in the context of fear of the perceived threat from Ireland. Those fears are intensified by support of members of the Irish community in Scotland for the continuing resistance against the British occupation of the Six Counties.

From humble origins, Celtic very quickly, became the focal point for excluded Irish immigrants. As the Irish began to stabilise and prosper, they were seen as more of a threat.

Not to be humiliated by ‘uppity Micks’. Cavalier financial practices followed at Ibrox. Dysfunction too, of the Police, Courts and Political Parties. Fear explains the biased, irrational media and lack of honesty in Scottish society.

All given credence by Calvinism’s interpretation of God’s Will.

The famed Scottish ingenuity and work ethic was being shown up by unwashed Taigs.

Virtually anything became acceptable to suppress the Irish and maintain the illusion of superiority and consequent entitlement.

Scotland’s Old Firmisim seems stuck in the conflict between Rome and Calvanism. Oblivious to subsequent events like the Enlightenment. Philosophical and social developments come and go but Scotland tragically remains divided.

The Irish diaspora in Scotland, are still subject to  fear based, systemic prejudice. An Irish surname is seen as more of a threat than any other immigrant.

Inter – generational fear and mistrust created a toxic environment. Celtic Plc soft peddle to keep the lucrative Old Firm going and not overly provoke the delicate sensibilities of the volatile Rangers support.

Scottish Football’s hierarchy lacks finance and imagination. Believing it requires the bigoted Old Firm pound to stay in business.

Celtic’s priority is to ensure there’s a credible Rangers to play. A viable Old Firm demands the continuance of those ancient fears and prejudices.

The rebel songs, party songs, referees, media, pundits, police are all part of the pantomime.

That’s why the Plc finds itself in the uncomfortable position of being strongly pro-Union (for financial reasons and aware of the engrained prejudices of the Scottish Establishment) and paradoxically turning a blind eye to the Republican sympathies of many of the Clubs’ supporters.

Scotland remains divided. Prejudice is ignored. Arguably it’s a prerequisite to maintaing the Established Order.

Till Later,

The Gombeen Man
December 28, 2021 1:43 pm

Cheers SES,

I’m on a roll today.

Must be cabin fever.

big packy
December 28, 2021 3:27 pm

THE GOMBEEN MAN, great stuff👍 your not wullie mckiernan my history teacher at st augustines, thats the way he taught us about irish history, mind you you would have to be about 83/84, I dont think your that old😎 now jimthetim53😎

big packy
December 28, 2021 3:50 pm

true story before i go, our science teacher at st augustines was mr gogarty, he used to have a sly fag in class, one day he was having a fag and in came mr houston the head teacher, obviously unannounced, well mr gogarty was feckin horrified so much so he put his lit fag in his suit pocket, suddenly his pocket was on fire ,FFS everyone in the class was doubled up laughing. mr houston says to gogarty, I want to see you in my study post haste, whit the feck does that mean to a class full of fenian celtic supporters, another true story, take care all.👍

December 28, 2021 4:11 pm


Another good read today. Hopefully we will get a few new faces in January. I’m reasonably confident that we can reclaim our league flag. At least I hope that we do. I would not wish to witness the kind of scenes happening in Glasgow, that we saw in March and May…the exeption of course being viewers of BBC Scotland news bulletins, who must have wondered what all the fuss was about. How many Hun players who are soon to be out of contract, will be willing to give 100% effort? Many will already be eyeing up a move, and will be terrified of injury scuppering their dream move to the Championship in England or some equally exotic destination. I for one, would be delighted if McGregor left. Despite what many of us think about the man personally, there is no denying that he does his job well.

The Gombeen Man

You are on fire today good sir, and no mistake. I had read up on Calvinism years ago, but had forgotten how bitter some of these doctrines actually were. To be fair to the present day Church of Scotland, it is my experience that most of the whackier doctrines have been sidelined. I have attended many weddings in Church of Scotland premises, and have always found the ministers to be funny, engaging and humble. A wee bit more like the Reverend Playfair from “The Quiet Man’, rather than the full on fire and brimstone chaps, that you would find in the average Free Presbyterian and Evangelical churches. The fact that the two latter churches, can boast far higher attendances than the average Church of Scotland or Episcopalian church, is a worrying trend however.


Thanks for that link. Some real fascinating stuff.

Hail Hail.

Margaret McGill
December 28, 2021 4:35 pm

Statistically democratically speaking, most Celtic supporters want the huns back.
The PLC need the money and bigots need someone to hate.
Most Rangers supporters would like nothing more than to obliterate Celtic into oblivion.
40% of Americans believe the Earth is 6000 years old.
33% of Americans think climate change is a ruse to give the niggardly tax dollars.
2 million African Americans didnt vote in the last election because there was no black candidate
52% of Brits voted for Brexit
55% of Scots voted to be constantly shafted (like Tims but not so much on the religious divide)
Catholics believe the creator of the universe stumbled about the Palestinian desert 2000 years ago in human form.
Muslims believe that a nomad with writing implements and obsessed with fannies in the Arabian desert 1500 years ago was the creators secret messenger.
Apparently his message is still pretty much a secret that even if you try to draw him youre fucked.
Hinduism and Buddhism are the cartoon characters of yore.

What are you expecting religious people to do exactly?
love one another?

Hindus vs Catholics from YESTERDAY

Maestro Fan
December 28, 2021 6:30 pm

I’ll be surprised if we win the league now. The start killed us, when we took 10 points from 21. Ange has exceeded my expectations by a million miles. When you consider the disgraceful legacy he was bequeathed by those two historic frauds, Lawwell and Lennon.

December 28, 2021 6:40 pm

Some strike from our on loan Defensive midfielder, due back in January unless loan extended https://mobile.twitter.com/AirdrieoniansFC/status/1475476563428847619

December 28, 2021 7:02 pm

ATHINGOFBEAUTY and I went up to Glasgow today,pick up a few things. Just after 2pm,we went into Tennents Bar on Byres Road for a drink. Well,that’s the fastest I’ve been huckled out of a pub since I was a teenager!

Walked in like we owned the place,called back to the door. Asked if we had booked a table. WTF? It was half empty! So nae pint for me then.

Also,I won’t be attending the planned wee get-the-gither on Thursday just to be subjected to that and various other rules designed to spoil our day.

Apologies to everyone who had planned to go,but I expect that a few brave souls will still meet in McChuills around noon. Hope yer day goes better than mine!

Sol Kitts
December 28, 2021 7:23 pm

Unbelievable. There was a time when we were pulled in there and made to stay all afternoon. 😎🍺

December 28, 2021 7:27 pm

New rules for the 3-week lockdown I imagine, Bobby!!

December 28, 2021 7:29 pm


Yes indeed. More chance of escaping from Colditz.

December 28, 2021 7:30 pm


Three weeks?!!! Blinkin’ flip.

December 28, 2021 7:31 pm

But you can still go in as long as you’ve booked…max 3 households per table, just like the last set of rules after lockdown!

Sol Kitts
December 28, 2021 7:33 pm

Twitter stories today that wee Nippy plans to stop people travelling over the border to England for Hogmanay. World’s gone mad.

Bada Bing
December 28, 2021 7:37 pm
December 28, 2021 7:57 pm

bada bing1

What a class act the Bhoy Sutton is. If there is such a thing as an Honours Degree on how to wind up the Huns, then I’m sure big Chris is a proud possessor of one. 😀

December 28, 2021 8:05 pm

From an article in last week’s Guardian regarding the inappropriate policing of he COP26 protests…
“It noted that the event’s gold commander, assistant chief constable Bernard Higgins, told the Scottish police authority after the summit that people in two “containments” – which activists described as “kettling” – were not being held “against their will”. But the report claims witness statements refute this, with individuals refused exit for many hours without access to food, water, appropriate clothing and toilets, instead being forced to urinate in the street.”
Sound familiar?

December 28, 2021 9:22 pm

67 Hail Hail’s .The Story So Far

December 28, 2021 10:01 pm

Won’t make Thursday as wife tested positive for Covid today.

That’s me isolating till 5th Jan 2022.

Bummer !!!!!!

Those who go, enjoy, but stay safe.

HH 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

December 28, 2021 10:15 pm


All the best to you both,mate. As I said a couple of hours ago,I won’t be there either as the rules are way too restrictive.

St tams
December 28, 2021 10:26 pm

Bobby, was Lennon not in Tenants bar.

December 29, 2021 8:34 am


I wasn’t in long enough to find out!