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I mentioned on Tuesday that ATHINGOFBEAUTY and I had headed up to Glasgow for a few things,where to my horror I discovered that the current restrictions made it impossible for me to get a pint. But as always,we spent a fair bit of time discussing Celtic. 

One major topic was how few changes have REALLY taken place behind the scenes,contrary to our expectations of only six or so months ago. To date we still have no head of scouting,no technical director. Those are the most glaring ones,particularly when you are looking at recruitments for such a major rebuild as ours. There are many other roles still unfilled,roles which most clubs of our size see as a priority. I will leave you,the reader,to suggest any which come to mind,as the two I’m focussing on are probably the most glaring vacancies. And that is because of the extra pressure,the additional workload,applied to our manager. After all,it is unlikely that Tweedledee and Tweedledum in the dugout will be of much assistance. 

Various successful managers over the years have obsessed with the game,to the extent that they live breathe and eat football. Fergie and Wenger spring to mind right away. But they had a huge army of backroom staff,experts in their fields,helping out by doing their own duties. AP has…AP. And that’s it. 

And so it was that I read an interview yesterday by our manager where he said that he was grateful for the assistance and support of our “helicoptered” CEO. Well,I can only hope for his sake,for all our sakes,that the assistance is more genuine than that offered by Nicholson’s predecessor. That assistance can be summed up simply by saying-leave it to me!

However,that is hopefully being unfair on MN. I’m happy to give him the benefit of the doubt,happy to rely on the words of our manager. That they are indeed working in tandem on new signings,and have been for some time. That,after all,is how it should work-the manager identifies a potential signing and asks the CEO to complete the deal. And unless or until we see evidence to the contrary,that is good enough for me. 

What is NOT good enough for me,however,is that there are a number of steps missing in this scenario. Ideally-like elsewhere-the manager should be identifying the type of player he is looking to sign,and asks his chief scout to get busy. The manager and technical director then sift through the options made available and make their recommendations to the CEO based on information supplied by their backroom team. 

It looks to me that AP is having to do all of that himself,while restructuring the team,building morale,drilling fitness into them and coaching them in his preferred methods. At the moment,we can probably rely on his experience in the under-utilised J-League,but that is hardly a bottomless pit. And there is also the question of work permits due to the problems caused by Brexit. 

Most of us are pleasantly surprised by the improvement shown already under AP. Few believe that the rebuilding is complete or even remotely close to it. Or that the January window will see the job done,the final pieces of the jigsaw in place. So while it is heartening to hear of the support shown by MN-not much point identifying players if the CEO isn’t bloody interested in doing his job!-I think AP should be seriously hammering home the point that that there is only so much that he can do on his own. That he wants to be successful at Celtic,and needs a properly qualified scouting network to do the legwork for him. 

People who know exactly what to look for-indeed,WHO to look for-when the manager says he wants a certain type of player. Tommy Burns had David Hay,but Hay didn’t have to do it all himself. AP doesn’t even have that luxury,as he is working as a one-man band. We all admire him for the improvement already shown on the pitch,clear signs of proper coaching and sensible recruitment. He himself will know that he needs to spread the load,to be able to delegate some of the spadework to trusted lieutenants. 

January will see some new signings. But we need to start recruiting behind the scenes too. 

Above article by BMCUWP

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From previous thread. Saltires I wasn’t aware of the Linwood Bridge incident but then I’ve lived all my life in Dunfermline and wasn’t aware of the one here! Glad you find it interesting. It gets better next week.
Magua, the Big Drum will no doubt live on at a walk.

bada bing1

CCB,Belmont Brian beat me to it.

Saltires en Sevilla

Tom Minogue

Battle of Linwood Bridge.

This type of local ‘party’ conflict was obviously engineered … as ever, divide and conquer tactics.

The workers were not altogether driven by notions of religious differences or intolerance. They could recognise the real enemy.

There is far more interesting information available on what could only be described as ‘joint’ actions by all working groups ( non-sectarian). Unsurprisingly, those incidents were heavily resisted by armed forces, specifically drafted into Renfrewshire for that purpose.

Clearly, this activity caused ‘authorities’ no end of concern.

The penalties considered as appropriate for the ‘accused’ ( both Protestant & Catholic) would have shocked a medieval baron. It is worthy of note that the 15 jurors refused to bring penalty of death despite being heavily encouraged to do so.

I’ll dig that out if I can find it in a format to share.

Saltires en Sevilla


Aye- Ange has been on his Todd from day one – although it seems he hasn’t ever relied on a squad of trusted lieutenants

Gets on with it …


Moring all
1st deal done, another loan with option to buy, but if he hits ground running like Kyogo it will be a no brainer

The Gombeen Man

Their coach is outstanding,” Rodgers said. “I’ve had a couple of chats with him, and to see his team play, he’s very similar to myself and he believes the game should be played in a certain way.”

Brendan Rodgers speaking about Ange in 2013. Before Postecoglou led Australia to the Asian Cup in 2015 and Yokohama to J League Champions in 2019.

Ange Postecoglou is a student of the game. He knows what Rodgers achieved at Celtic and why Rodgers left.

Ange will know too, it’s jobs for the boys at Celtic. A cosy pals network of under achievers, Hired by a Board, who’s vision is limited to keeping the Old Firm going.

The Big Man’s similarities to Rodgers don’t stop with mutual admiration. Didn’t Ange cause widespread controversy in Australia when he walked out on the National Side after qualifying for the 2018 World Cup?

Ange headed to the J League and Yokohama.

A similar scenerio to Rodgers’ exit for Leicester.

Not convinced?

Didn’t Ange quit Melbourne Victoria for the Australian job in 2013 – A few games into the Season?

The question of Assistants is interesting. Ange took Aussie, Arthur Papas as his second in charge, to Japan. Both men led Yokohama to the Title before Papas surprised many by quitting Yokohama for Kagoshima United. After only eight games in charge, of United, he walked away.

Papas retuned to Oz as Coach of Newcastle Jets.

Another ex-Assistant of Ange, Kevin Muscat was linked with Celtic. Muscat got Ange’s job as Head Coach at Yokohama. He’d previously got Postecoglou’s job at Melbourne Victoria in 2013, after Ange quit to take the Australian job.

Muscat was appointed to Yokohama in August of 2021.

He’s pictured in the link with a soon to be familiar face.

Ange is ambitious.

Enjoy him while we can.


Think they getting to cocky with their 150 year pish

Thanks for that Saltires. I will check it out. Another case by Prof Maley was this one
A hanging that shouldn’t have happened.
I don’t think we should live in the past, but believe that the subject of anti-Irish racism and anti-RC bigotry is a taboo in Scotland and it’s necessary to speak about it if we hope to eliminate its causes.



So much for impartial justice.



The loan with option is,I hope,only to see if he can settle into Scotland.

Prestonpans bhoys

Good point in the article about lack of qualified integral/background staff. The suites on the PLC will see those potential positions as a dilution of cash in the trough for themselves, so don’t expect them to be filled any time soon😵

St tams

Bobby , I’ve been saying all season, that the only thing that has changed regarding the structure of the club , is the manager.
Nothing else.


Morning all…St Tam’s, a month ago I’d have agreed with you but when Ange brought in 6 or 7 replacements to start against Betis and they managed to follow his game plan it was obvious to me that his message is being delivered properly and understood and enacted by the players. I accept there are flaws to Ange’s desired playing style but he has succeeded so far in getting a disparate group of players onboard with what he wants to do. Neither Lennon or Rodgers, or any other manager in the last 25 years has given so many youth players a wee shot at the first team. I’ve been moaning about the structure of Youth fitba in this country for years, Fan has been moaning about Youth at the Club not being given a chance. The Lowland League seems to have given the young guys a boost while Ange, probably due to First Team limitations in terms of depth of squad, has explored his options well.

ATOB…from last night, cheers for the good wishes. Everyone is fine – even the positive cases!! No illness other than the widely reported milder cold/flu-like symptoms!

Magua…Brian McBride may well have learned all of his good marketing practices from Wullie Low’s PRW branch but e seems to have got lucky and got out before Jim the Tim arrived – others on this forum were not so fortunate!! 😁😁😁


For all the Bob Marley fans, I found this last night. A wee look through this particular blog has some interesting articles. You’ll need to use the “translate” button to read it, unless you’re proficient in Italian!! Here’s the Bob Marley article but I’ll also post another ne about the Celtic support which does require a wee bit of patience to read as the translation is not the most accurate!!



I’ve tried not to allow my natural cynicism-or years of experience!-to come through too heavily. MN just MIGHT prove us wrong,prove to be his own man with the sense to support his manager. But the manager needs more help from elsewhere too.

We all remember how Wim reacted to Jock Brown sticking his oar in. We certainly need to avoid that.


Aside from his controversial time at Celtic, what was Jock Brown like as a football commentator previously? I can’t remember.



Well,let me put it this way. He was the commentator on the infamous 4-3 draw!

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Many thanks to Belmont Brian for posting my condolences to Gene on CQN. Thanks also to Bada Bing and Friesdorfer for their notations.
Visit made to St. Winin’s as said but chapel closed at ten a.m.! Chapel grounds open though so ……

bada bing1

Transfer rumour* The Rangers are planning an audacious £10m January bid for Nottingham Forest’s 2 European cups


Another fine leader. I cannot be the only Celt amazed that Dumb and Dumber remain in situ at Celtic Park. Ange must see something in them though, or they would have been out the door. As for Nicholson, I too am of the opinion that we should give the man time. At the very least, he will act as a buffer between Ange and the Politburo. The poor souls in the boardroom must be absolutely terrified of the straight-talking Aussie. With the signing of Meida, this means that we now have four or five options for the CF position. Could it be that Ange is now planning to utilise more that one striker in the starting lineup? Every Celt’s bugbear at the moment seems to be corners. It makes no sense for players like Juranovic to be taking corners. Let the little guys take the corners, and flood the box with our heavy team. We may have more joy that way…or we may not.


I think the Lowland League has been a real blessing for the younger guys at Lennoxtown. Firstly, they now get to play competitive games, instead of being part of the first team squad, where they were either on the bench or sitting in the stand. More importantly, they now know that if they work hard and are good enough, they will be given their chance to progress to the first team.

Tom Minogue

Keep the articles coming good Sir…they are always an informative and enjoyable read.


The deluded Hun supporters have a real brass-neck. 150 years of history? For the Newco it’s closer to 150 months of history, I would have thought. Then there is their latest pile of pish. Did you know that the Huns became Champions of Europe in 1972? Nah, neither did I. Apparently ‘winning’ the European Cup Winners Cup in that year, allows the more deluded element wihin Hundom, to proclaim that they became European champions that year.Three thoughts immediately spring to mind:

1. They Huns only qualified for the competition in the first place, through the back door. The good ould Celts of course won the 1971 Scottish Cup Final. Having also won the league, the champions of course qualified for the following season’s European Cup, leaving the poor relations to qualify for the lesser competition.

2. The Huns should never been awarded the Cup in the first place, given the behaviour of the Ibrox support at the final. Perhaps the cracking of a few skulls during the post-match frolics, has had a multi-generational knock-on effect, on the behaviour of the Secvco support of the present day, with regards to memories of certain events. Liquidation being the biggie, of course. 😀

3. Supporters of Ajax-the actual Champions of Europe in 1972, may well have something to

Hail Hail.



“ For the Newco it’s closer to 150 months of history,”



Why thank you, kind Sir. 😀


Ange, as far as I am aware, has never said anything to back up anyone’s perceptions or belief that:-

He is unhappy with his backroom staff or restricted in doing anything about that.

He is unhappy with Board Support, the sacking of Dom McKay or the promotion of Michael Nicholson.

He thinks he has been hard done by in terms of efforts at player recruitment.

OK- he might be keeping his real thoughts to himself in case discord affects the squad and, by association his chances if using Celtic as a stepping stone, a la Rodgers.

But then, he has gone out of his way to actively praise the backroom staff, that some of us have condemned, and also spoken positively about his relationship with Michael Nicholson, who we have doubts about because Bankier praised him.

I have to give some weight to the possibility that Ange is being straight with us and that he is happy, thus far, with backroom staff coaching ability and support, and with Michael Nicholson as his link to The Board.

After all, he has a good enough reputation now as a coach in Scotland and a good enough rapport with the support, to let his dissatisfactions go public, as Rodgers did, though I suspect in his case, it was a PR exercise to portray him as the wronged good guy, as he was determined to go from CP, no matter who we bought for him.

Ange has a record for straight talking. That does not mean he will whine about every issue in public. He spoke of his concern re the absence of a Sports Science Head and that position got filled quickly. He spoke of his dissatisfaction with the summer transfer activity where he was forced to get in a lot of warm bodies just to have a squad, any squad, but he also expressed his understanding about why this was so, with the Eddie Howe lengthy engagement and break up. He has resolved not to ever leave things so late again and it looks like, if we get 3 Japanese guys (and maybe others) in in January, he will have lived up to that promise.

So what if he is ambitious and wants to move on elsewhere?

Well as with good players moving on, there is a win:win aspect to this. He only gets a move to a bigger club if we do well under his guardianship. That is better than employing a coach that nobody else wants or is envious of. Yes, it’s better if he stays but this is the post-Bosman era; you cannot tie people to their first contract anymore. He is 56 years old and running out of time to become a coach of a big club in a big league. Celtic coaches don’t usually get a chance to move from Celtic to a big club but they do get the chance to go to a richer club. I reckon Ange would get an offer from a Southampton, Brighton, Wolves or Burnley level team and would have to prove himself there again before a Roma, Seville, Leicester, Gladbach or Rennes came calling. If he does well at those next two steps, he might attract a job offer from the real top clubs.

Maybe he would go back to his roots for an Olympiakos team still ranked 13 places higher than Celtic- who knows?

But what would happen if, when he goes, he nominated to the board as his successor, either John Kennedy or Stephen McManus or Gavin Strachan? Would we prefer to recruit Kevin Muscat from Yokohama because that worked last time?

Would we take Ange at his word in nominating one of our backroom staff? Or would we attribute this to some Peter Lawwell puppetry and mind control in getting Ange to speak such rubbish?


SFTB et al…the improvements that Ange has made to the playing staff throughout the team – the expectation and demands, the higher pace of the game, the intensity of the press etc – has improved the squad collectively and as individuals, especially but not restricted to Rogic and Bitton. There is nothing to suggest that he has not had the same effect on Kennedy and Strachan! As you suggest, SFTB, he has not suggested there is a problem. So far the improvements allude to EVERY ONE in the background contributing to the current lift in standards!


Magua…in the absence of a Reserve League as was the Lowland League is as good a learning stage as our Youth has had for many, many years


Talking about the Lowland League – Rangers B v Celtic B tomorrow at noon.


Is it on the telly, Jim?


Don’t know McCaff, I just noticed it on the Scores & Fixtures BBC


Sorry Jim, the game’s OFF! Just checked the Lowland League fixtures.



E-mail sent… Cheers

Hail Hail


JTT53 The games cancelled, as the crowds are restricted and the Huns can’t make any money from it


I think Ange and Kyogo will be a big help to Maeda in helping him settle so hopefully there no problems on that front

1 human year is the equivalent of 15 years in sevco land


Craig, LOL 🙂
So the BBC site is wrong? Surprise surprise!


If Maeda needs help settling in just team him up with Bigrailroadblues! 🙂


They’ve only had 4 days to update there website so we can’t be to harsh on them 😃

Margaret McGill

Whats the collective noun for HappyClappers?


A Gaggle of gigglers.

Margaret McGill

A nostalgia of nuts?


THis is not mine i just cut n pasted it

A happy clapper is someone that Is more likely to cheer the team than boo them. Stay away from them and look out for people who don’t smile much. You will be safe around them.
A happy clapper might refrain from making nasty and cutting comments about the management and the players both on this forum and at the match. Idiots that they are!
A happy clapper may sometimes be guilty over being ‘over optimistic’ and has an expectation that things will work out for us. Simply naive eh?
A happy clapper might be constructively critical when the team has not played well. Sod the diplomacy, let em have both barrels.
A happy clapper has a tendency to be more patient with the team – the players and the management. Tut tut and shame on them.

Margaret McGill

Whats the collective noun for people that didnt understand the question? 🙂

Margaret McGill

ok seriously New Years resolution and all that.
I’ll say my goodbyes.

Mike in Toronto

Cheers Mags,

Your input on here will be missed. Stay well.

big packy

MAGS, MY, new year resolution is for all orangemen and freemasons and anti catholic ,we are the peepul, get booted out of my country ,but know that will not happen.hail hail and stay safe, hope this gets thru and not deleted.


Indeed my good man, but sure:

We Don’t Care What The Animals Say. 😀



That was some post.

Hail Hail.


Mags is correct in so far as IF the majority did a boycott there would be changes. But the majority have different priorities – such as the team, the club’s history and meeting each other! Even although they may well hate the Board too! And the ‘Scottish establishment’. But as I say, it’s a question of priorities.There are worse people going about than Celtic supporters. Read the news!

I hate when the majority vote in a Tory government. But I’m not going to emigrate!


Packy, my New Year resolution is to only eat fish!

big packy

HEY,it was fish on a friday and on a wednesday for us tims in glenboig, dont ask me why, another true story,😎


I just want to help the planet Packy. Livestock cause 14.5% of greenhouse gasses.

big packy

dont believe a word of that😎😎 only joking jim,

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