A Happier Hogmanay Than Most?


As most of you know,MAHE and I decided to set this site up to coincide with the end of the 2018 summer transfer window,so the first article was on 1st September 2018. Naturally,we two technophobes couldn’t possibly set up a site so we called in The Pros From Dover to do all the clever techie and legal stuff,for which we remain forever grateful. 

Later in the transfer window,we will be imparting our fourth halfway report based on what we have seen so far this season. There will also be a review of the summer signings as well as our thoughts on any new additions. The same will also apply,I expect,to departures. 

Well,there’s about a dozen articles due before our next game!

This though is a slightly different take on the above-a comparison of all four Hogmanays of the blog’s existence. 

So,2018. Since the site was set up by us because of our own perceptions of the transfer window that summer,perceptions which time showed to be very accurate,my thoughts three years ago weren’t so much on the park as off it. We were still in Europe post-Christmas,with a number of us intending to visit Valencia in mid-February. Including me and my Dad for his 80th birthday,along with some good friends. What a trip,what a stadium-I’ve never been so scared in my life,it was like the North Face  of The Eiger!

Not once did any of us think that our manager would be gone within the week of the game in Valencia,though his relationship with our CEO was heavily discussed. And that weighed heavily on me and many others three years ago,that he would walk at the end of the season. Hmmm,close but no cigar! Three years ago on the pitch,we weren’t as good as we were in BR’s previous two years,but still a lot better than in the previous ten! So I was relaxed about the football,but concerned about the politics. 

Fast forward a year to 2019 and we have completed a Treble Treble,as well as taken the first step to The Quadruple. But the cracks are starting to show! Under NL,the team has gone backwards and the huns are breathing down our necks. Even the victory over them in the league cup final was,frankly,a travesty of justice,one of the best goalkeeping performances in history-and hilarious to watch again afterwards! The writing was on the wall,the hierarchy chose to ignore it-and they got lucky when the huns crumbled post-New Year,leading to us being awarded The Nine when Covid shut down the planet. 

I believe the huns argued that there was no need for a shutdown,as they knew of a place in Belfast that would even give Typhoid Mary the all-clear,but wiser heads prevailed. 

Where they did NOT prevail was in the Celtic hierarchy,who ignored the clamour,the necessity,for change-which led to Hogmanay 2020. Bloody hell,the most miserable Hogmanay ever! Full lockdown. Games behind closed doors. Getting hammered off the huns and schooled by diddy teams. 

We were a shambles,and one which was about to get worse during January. I honestly can’t remember such a desperate Hogmanay as last year for a Celtic supporter. I won’t dwell on it,as I want to move swiftly on to…

2021. A manager new not only to the club but to the continent. A major clear out and rebuild-to the extent that TWELVE new signings is merely viewed as a good start. Out of the CL with a whimper and only ten points taken from our first seven matches. But with the exception of the Livingston game,improvement was obvious. And in the EL,although we lost heavily at home to Leverkusen,we gave them and Real Betis an almighty scare away from home,adding a victory against Betis to the double header against Ferencvaros for a healthy nine points to take us into Europe post-New Year. 

Some of our football has been a genuine pleasure on the eye for the first time in a few years,despite bedding in new players,despite all the injuries. Despite the double standards applied by the refereeing brotherhood. AP has the measure of the press,and has the measure too of our players as he gets the coached to his way or the highway. 

That’s right,folks. We have a proper bloody manager in place,one who deserves to be in place and who actually wants to be here. So the title might be misleading as it certainly isn’t a happier Hogmanay than most in my 58 years on the planet,but speaking as a Celtic supporter,it’s a damn sight happier than the last three!

And at the moment,that is all we can ask for. Thank you,Ange. May MAHE and I wish you-and all Sentinel Celts,indeed Celtic fans everywhere-a better year ahead. You all deserve no less. 

Above article by BMCUWP

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Repost from last night,by


Now that my tussle with Covid is over and the pain from sciatica is under control, perhaps I have something sensible to contribute to the blog. Perhaps even controversial! Perhaps, not!

There seems to be a bit of a love in for Ange on this blog and others. Frankly, it is deserved and I wish him well for the future. However, I have a pinch of salt to add to the Ange mix.

Basically, it concerns the sustainability of Angeball.

Our much missed friend, Garry, often spoke of his admiration for the Leeds coach, Bielsa. He compared Ange to Bielsa because both use similar systems……inverted FBs and a high press. So can we expect Ange’s teams to follow the same trajectory as those of Bielsa? If so, we should be concerned.

There is no doubt that Bielsa has made Leeds successful. Last year they were a breath of fresh attacking air in the EPL. However, this year they are floating above the relegation zone and have been dismantled a few times this season. The systems used by both Ange and Bielsa have flaws that, when exposed, lead to heavy losses. Much of these flaws centre around the role played by the two FBs and the defensive midfielder. Both FBs carry heavy responsibilities. For example, a) they are expected to get forward and sling crosses into the opposition box, b) they are expected to help flood the midfield, and c) they are expected to defend in coordination with the defensive midfielder.

This season, Leeds FBs are falling down on both b) and c). The result is that Leeds’ defensive midfielder, Kalvin Philips is getting overworked and overrun. Calmac performs the midfield defensive role for Celtic usually, but he is better suited to playing further forward. Nir Bitton has also played in this role but he is neither quick enough nor defensive enough to be effective versus quality teams. Arguably one of his best games was via St J when he rarely had to defend. Perhaps, Ange has noticed the Leeds rapid fall from grace and is addressing similar worries by bringing in Ideguchi to allow Calmac to play further forward or to spell him in the defensive role. Hatate can also play this role but why sign both? No, Hatate is earmarked for a more attacking creative role, methinks.

However, getting a good defensive mid is not enough to sustain the Bielsa/Ange system. All players need to continue to buy into the demands of this high energy, high pressing style. Is it reasonable to expect this season after season? Take Chelsea, another team that relies on the high, heavy press. Last season, the team bought into Tuchel’s style and its demands. This season, ifrumours are to be believed, several first teamers want out… Rudiger, Christiansen, Azpilicueta, Alonso from the defence and the new hire, Lukaku, does not like the system. There are many reasons why players can become disenchanted with having to work harder in training. Amongst these are seeing less hard workers getting a spot in the team ahead of you.

Ange took his Marinos to the J League title but just for one season. After that his team were well off the pace. This what we are seeing with Bielsa and to a lessor extent, Chelsea.

Would climbing the summit once be enough to satisfy Celtic fans? Send your views on a five pound note to the Rebus Sciatica Foundation, Agony Lane, Painville.


December 30, 2021 10:38 pm


A very good summary Bobby. 👏



I posted similar concerns re the Bielsa comparisons elsewhere. Issues with strains on players resulting in an increasing injury list and loss of confidence in the model and process. Looks like Ange is aware of the solution to this issue, which is squad rotation, so that players do not get burnt out, badly injured, or pissed off with the demands.

I can understand his desire not to play in competitive games the unready warm bodies (Shaw, Urogohide, McCarthy?), fringe or on the way out players (Soro, Bolingoli, Barkas) and youngsters (Murray, Moffat, Dawson) he was forced to use in pre-season. He recognises, I believe, that he has overplayed Calmac, Kyogo, CCV and, possibly, Jota and his recruitment this time will aim to see SPFL ready squad players that can spell for others without too much loss from the maximum performance. recent use of these out-of-contention squad players has suggested they can be trusted, now they have trained a sufficiently long time with us using Ange’s approach.

Of course, we will have fans who say “Always play your best 11″ and ” I used to play for three street teams every Saturday and three more on a Sunday- why are you pampering these elite athletes?”. But we play more games in a season than most teams and we play in an environment that promotes and allows clogging.

For me, regular rotation is the only way to go to avoid the Bielsa Burnout Syndrome. Let’s see how well Ange can play the Rotation Game.



Tx for the best wishes. Your story re ICI Nobels brought back memories. It was Ardeer or Stevenson?

I did consulting for them in the seventies. It was on propellants. The propellant was packed into brass casings and fired from a gun placement. They recorded various things like distance and trajectory. The problem was that, although the propellent cost pennies, the brass casings were expensive. So they wanted to know what was the minimum firings necessary to be able to assess the distance travelled accurately. Cut down on the casing costs. Purely to see how the data was collected I went into the gun pit to see what happened.

A few days later the gun exploded, killing one of the three men outright and severely burning the others. I was very lucky.

On the sciatica, it was the worst pain I have ever encountered. It went on for eight hours throughout a night. An ambulance took me to hospital where I got an injection of a painkiller. It did not work. What did work was large amounts of paracetamol and Ibuprofen. I rattle when I move!

I am glad Ange is the manager and I hope he stays a long time. I think he is masterful with the players, fans, and, I assume, the Board. He can also handle the press. I get the impression that he is modernising various parts of the organisation. However, I doubt Angeball is sustainable, without either an extremely large player pool, or a substantial and regular churn of players.




Yes, rotation is a possible solution. I am not sure it is sufficient, tho.

Keeping players motivated to train at high levels consistently may be contrary to human nature. Tuchel does not seem to be able to manage it. But perhaps his personality is unsuitable to the task. Ange is different, however.


Andy Connelly

Less hamstring injuries if they stoap sliding along on their knees after scoring. Just a thought.


Andy C
Have to agree re- “goal celebrations”. If i Coached/Managed a team i’d be fining over celebrating.
As to the article.
It has been a few mad years in life and in football. I’m not going to harp on about the failings and such. So Bobby I’ll look forward to the Ange revolution/revitalisation of the squad. I have a good feeling for CFC this year.
It’s now officially Hogmany, so,
I wish Bobby, Mahe, Celtic and all who contribute to this great blog a very happy and prosperous New Year.


Hi guys,

So a major storm swept in and made us housebound, plus mama had caught little ones sneezy virus by Christmas Eve.
Wasn’t Covid, tested.

So first Christmas at home as a family was great of course, one foot of snow and power lost but we are prepared on that front but that sneezy virus caught me so Ive spent the last few days hibernating.

All good now though, a Mack truck couldn’t put me down 😉

“After all, he has a good enough reputation now as a coach in Scotland”
I could name about a dozen had a good rep in Scotland and did jack shit.
This fella isn’t the run of the mill, he needed an opportunity and it’s been provided. To challenge the strong settled champions during a major rebuilding year is highly impressive you must admit?
He’s over delivered if anything.

Hail Hail from the snow


Evening guys…the hamstring issues are a direct result of overworked players pushing themselves to the limit for their gaffer. The squad is fit, probably superfit, but are getting insufficient time to rest and recuperate between training and a heavy games schedule – especially the last month. Hopefully, new signings along with the enforced longer break will see our squad at a much better level of fitness come the restart! Let’s enjoy the goal celebrations rather than take the fun out of fitba…


Stay safe, Mahe! HNY when it reaches you.


It seems deals agreed for Daizen Maeda Reo Hetate and Yosuke Ideguchi not sure if it’s the same loan with buy option as with Maeda as wasn’t clicking on Dailly Record link

In other news it looks like Bodo-Glimt will lose another player before we play them with Ola Solbakken not signing a new contract
Patrick Berg, Erik Botheim and Fredrik Bjorkan have already left.
I’ve got a feeling 2022 is gonna be good year

A thing of beauty

Great posts overnight and this morning starting with McCaff and SFTB defending our right to go to games without our character being called into question. Thanks guys. Saved me getting het up in my usual fashion.
Rebus opened the debate on whether ange ball is sustainable and again some cracking, well thought out responses. From my point of view I agree the system is prone to breaking players and Chelsea and Leeds may be suffering from this. The key is a large squad. Leeds have been unable to sustain a large enough squad of the correct level to sustain their system. Chelsea have been hamstrung by injury and COVID combined with the busy Christmas schedule. With our resources I am hopeful that we can have a large enough squad to sustain the challenge in our league. That’s all that matters just now. Europe and cups are not priority much as I enjoyed our recent trip to Hampden. If we bring in the three Japanese players they will allow us to rest calmac, Kyogo, Jota and others when they are close to the line. That information requires the club to have the latest technology and the high level operators that can use the systems to keep our players playing and stave off the soft tissue injuries, especially hamstring injuries that have affected us already this season. I believe getting the sports science correct and having top level operators in there is as important as any player we sign going forward if we want Ange to succeed and be here for the next few years. Bmcuwp alluded yesterday that not much has changed behind the scenes. I believe when Dom Mackay came in we advertised for several back room roles including the sports science, head of scouting and analysis roles. I am not sure how many of these roles have been filled but they are crucial to our chances of winning this league and all success that comes from that. Michael Nicholson has been in the role of CEO for around five months now. He needs to get moving on appointing people who work behind the scenes because if we don’t we’ll see the same problems occur. It seems a small investment for a large return so it’s weird it’s taking so long.
Right off for some exercise. Will catch up later.



Agreed,I hate seeing players do that. Solksjaer did it after his winner in the CL in 1999 and wrecked his knee.

St tams

Excellent summary Bobby.

A happy new year to all sentinelcelts when it comes.
I’m off to Teeside for a few days to bring in the new year.



Hope you have a ball!

The Gombeen Man

A good insight into Ange’s thinking.

Yokohama F.Marinos manager Ange Postecoglou spoke to Stats Perform News ahead of the 2021 J.League season.

There are similarities between Yokohama F.Marinos manager Ange Postecoglou and Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp.

Pressing is a vital feature of Postecoglou and Klopp’s teams, with both managers enforcing a high-octane brand of attacking football.

Postecoglou and Klopp were also coming off drought-ending title triumphs as the coronavirus pandemic set in.

In 2019, F.Marinos boss Postecoglou guided the Japanese club to their first J.League title since 2004, while Klopp ended Liverpool’s 30-year league drought in the Premier League last season.

But F.Marinos were unable to back it up, finishing ninth and 36 points adrift of champions Kawasaki Frontale last year. Klopp has already publicly conceded Liverpool’s title defence is over – the Reds are sixth and 19 points behind runaway leaders Manchester City with 13 matches remaining in 2020-21.

The struggles are no coincidence amid demanding schedules and mounting injury lists as a result of COVID-19.

“Absolutely,” Postecoglou told Stats Perform News when asked if he could relate to Klopp as he prepares for Friday’s season opener against Kawasaki. “Not so much on the success bit, but you look at their football, it’s high intensity and it’s just not sustainable when you have such a congested fixture list.

“It’s not just them. Any team around the world who play that play that high intensity, particularly with the pressing aspect not so much in possession, have found it very difficult. Liverpool are a classic example of that. Even like a club like Southampton, who pride themselves on that pressing aspect have struggled this season.

“The way you struggle, it’s not just about the results, but you lose players to injuries, trying to maintain that kind of intensity. Rotation of players affects the fluency of how you play. What I found last year especially, you can kind of rotate the front half of your team and still sort of get some stability and consistency in results but if you have to change centre-backs and defenders regularly, you’re going to struggle. That’s definitely where we struggled last year. I don’t think there was more than half-a-dozen games where we had the same centre-back pairing and goalkeeper in a row because of the injuries we had. We conceded a lot of goals.

“You look at Liverpool and most of their injury problems have been at the back. The converse of that, I look at Kawasaki who were so dominant in our league. They were really stable in terms of their back four and didn’t really make changes. Had more depth in the front third where they could rotate players. Their game was based around keeping the ball, they weren’t as aggressive in the process. I think data wise they were the lowest-running team in the league. That was definitely the way to go last year. They had the quality to do it also, it’s not an easy way to play.

“Even reading about Pep Guardiola’s comments that his trying to get his team to run less through this period and they’ve been more effective. There’s definitely a correlation there with the amount of running you need to do to play your style of game. The more it is, the more effective it is during this period.”

Having changed the landscape of Australian football following back-to-back A-League titles and a record 36-match unbeaten streak at Brisbane Roar, plus a ground-breaking 2015 Asian Cup triumph with the Socceroos, Postecoglou took Japan and Asia by storm in 2019.

Cut from the same cloth as Guardiola and Maurizio Sarri – an emphasis on attacking football, with an unrelenting belief in their philosophy – Postecoglou’s F.Marinos dazzled their way to J.League glory in 2019, ahead of FC Tokyo.

However, F.Marinos – who are part of the City Football Group – were unable to go back-to-back after, as Postecoglou says, the J.League “congested a season into really five months” while the club also juggled Asian Champions League commitments.

F.Marinos made a red-hot start to the season before the 2020 campaign was initially suspended due to coronavirus. Their title defence quickly turned pear-shaped.

While their attacking and possession numbers were around the same mark from 2019 to 2020 – only champions Kawasaki scored more goals – the same could not be said in terms of F.Marinos’ defence.

F.Marinos conceded 59 goals last season, having only shipped 38 as they ended their 15-year wait for J.League silverware. Outside the box, 11 goals were conceded – up from three the year prior, while they allowed 47 shots from outside the box (21 in 2019).

There were also big differences in saves to shots ratio (69.1 per cent to 61.9 per cent), saves to shots ratio inside box (65.6 per cent to 55.0 per cent) and saves to shots ratio outside box (85.7 per cent to 76.6 per cent).

“We all had to deal with something that was unique,” Postecoglou said when discussing the impact of COVID-19 on football. “None of us in our lifetime had gone through something like that or remotely like that. At the beginning, it was kind of surreal because you thought it would pass but then it kept being part of almost your existence where you have these restrictions placed upon you. To be fair here in Japan, they dealt with it pretty well. We didn’t really have any major lockdown. Life, for the most part, was fairly normal. It definitely affected our football season.

“It took a heavy toll on players and staff, not just us but all clubs. We had the added challenge of being in the ACL [Asian Champions League], which affected our schedule even further. Playing without fans and empty stadiums, there was a surreal feeling about. The predominant feeling was lets just get through it the best way we can and make the most of it. We were still able to do what we love, work in a normal sense.”

The absence of fans due to the coronavirus crisis also cannot be understated. While a limited amount of supporters returned for J.League matches at the backend of the 2020 season after fixtures were initially staged behind closed doors, Postecoglou said: “It actually affects football games. Supporters, they don’t just provide the theatre and atmosphere, they have an effect on the players and coaches.

“Anyone who knows and has played in a stadium away from home with a passionate support, it can be intimidating, it can affect your game. If you’re chasing the game, having the support in the stadium can lift you or make your opposition nervous. It definitely affects. In the beginning, it felt like every game was a friendly game – it had that sort of lack of cutting edge and little bit of intensity that you feel in real games. Eventually, I think players and coaches got used to it and games sort of turned back to a normal mode.”

While 2020 did not go according to plan, Postecoglou is not dwelling on the past season.

“It was such an outlier of a season,” the former Australia boss added. “Are those kind of circumstances ever going to happen again? If they ever do, there is certain things you’d probably do differently – the way we trained and played games. If you try to make a major shift from what happened last year, even though this year is looking like a very affected year for all of us, we kind of expect things to get back to some kind of normal in the near future.

“If you just react to what happened last year and change in any meaningful way what you do, I’m not entirely convinced that’s a good sample to sort of say we can do things better purely focusing on what happened last year. In a footballing sense, if we are in that situation of playing so many games, we probably would’ve played differently and tried to play with less intensity because having so many games made it difficult for our players.”

Postecoglou, like Manchester City manager Guardiola and ex-Chelsea and Juventus boss Sarri, pushes the boundaries. His approach never waivers and success follows the highly rated 55-year-old in his pursuit of excellence.

All eyes will be once again on his free-flowing F.Marinos team, with Postecoglou steadfast in his beliefs as he attempts to establish the historic Yokohama-based club – the longest-serving team in the Japanese top flight along with Kashima Antlers, having played in the J.League every year since its inception in 1992 – among Japan’s elite.

“To me, it’s just about ‘can we play our football?’ To be fair, we did even last year. It’s a super competitive league. We had some fantastic success, but we aren’t one of the big clubs yet. For us to be a big club, we need to have a certain level of performance year in, year out,” said Postecoglou.

“Last year I thought our performances were quite good and stuck true to the football we wanted to play but the results weren’t. We were inconsistent. This year is about maintaining our football and just getting more consistent with our results. If we are going to become one of the big clubs in Japan, we need to finish in those top spots regularly and win silverware. That’s our target. It all begins and ends with me with our football. What I do know, when our football is good and we are stable, the results tend to follow.”

Postecoglou heads into 2021 on the back of a contract extension following F.Marinos’ run to the Champions League last 16, having topped their group.

F.Marinos finished 12th in his first season in 2018 – narrowly avoiding relegation but only being outscored by champions Kawasaki – while they also reached the J.League Cup final as Postecoglou turned the club on their head, leaving a pragmatic approach behind in favour of his entertaining football.

Three years on in his Japan journey, what does the future hold for the ambitious Australian – who has been tipped to make the move to Europe following a brief spell in Greece in 2008?

“Just keep doing what I have been – looking at challenging things and what excite me,” he said. “I’ve been coaching for a while now and I’ve been pretty fortunate that the clubs I’ve worked at, we’ve had some sort of success. I like to think I’ve left my mark at those clubs. That’s what I’m looking for future. Hopefully I have 10-15 years of coaching left in me, whatever the next project is and wherever it is, it’s something that will excite me.

“For me, the passion lies in the football. That was the whole challenge of coming to Japan – could I adopt to a different culture, language, the difficulty of the competition, could my ideas work here? It’s been hugely satisfying to see that it works, both on a personal basis but for the club because they enjoy the success. Whatever the next move is, it will be a similar scenario.”

FotMob is the essential football app.
© Copyright 2021

Sol Kitts

Anyone think Sevco have overreached in their brandishing of the continuation lie? Their hubris has caught the attention of parts of the English media, who may want to take a closer look than their compliant Scottish counterparts. By claiming to be the oldest major European team, they have exposed themselves to ridicule, not only from our fans, but by those of Nottingham Forest and others. While they can rely on the SMSM to brush our fans off, they hold no sway over the EMSM. Their ridiculous claims are starting to be called out, and it’s gratifying that fans of English clubs recognise that their old club died in 2012 and the new one is not yet 10 years old, never mind 150.


Sol Kitts
It’s not as if they didn’t at 1 point admit it was a new club


Sol Kitts

Selective amnesia, must be caused by something they put in the pish they drink out of their “loving cup.”


A Happy Hogmanay to everyone. Especially to those whose views I have disagreed with over the year.

Again, thank you to all who have made this blog possible.

RIP Arthur. You are missed.


Bada Bing
A thing of beauty

“The pish they drink out the loving cup.” I’ll be laughing all day about that phrase.

A thing of beauty

Holy moly. Lawwell will be needing smelling salts when he sees that. Well done to all involved. We’re giving ourselves a chance.

Bada Bing

What a difference to fannying about on the 31st January at 11.55pm

Bada Bing

Ideguchi and Hatate on 4.5 year deals. No messing about.


Be rude not to

Bada Bing

“Daizen will join Celtic initially on loan but with a compulsory purchase clause included, meaning he will be with Celtic on a permanent basis from the summer on a long-term deal.”

Colour Blind Bhoy

bada bing1, tremendous news and bodes well for the second half of the season

Sol Kitts, their obsession with mythical numbers is to be laughed at isn’t it? I’m sure they are all on one big whatsapp group and get sent their propaganda messages on a daily basis. Listen to the pundits on TV and radio and read what their fans write on social media, it’s uncanny how the exact words and phrases get repeated time and time again.


I said a couple of weeks ago I would hold fire on my judgement of Michael Nicholson until the end of January.
So far, so good! And there is no way are these new signings the choice of a CEO & his favourite agents.
(Brown envelopes PL?)



What gets me is that until they were on the verge of going bust,they were convinced that they were founded in 1873.

Think about it. In 1972,they won the ECWC. Did they mention that as a trophy in their Centenary season? Naw.

They opened a new seated area the length of the pitch,opposite the main stand. The centenary stand. In 1973.

They completed their tainted nine in 1997. Did they tell the world that it was a great achievement for their 125th? Naw. Completing ten in 1998 for their 125th was the plan.

They were founded in 1873,it’s on all their badging throughout the years,and it’s even in with the bricks-literally. A big crest in the brickwork of their main stand.

But tell a lie often enough? Tchah,up here they only need to tell it once.


Fantastic news regarding the signings 👏👏👏

Makes this Isolation all the more bearable.

Hope everyone on the blog has a great day and night and a very Happy Hoopy New Year to you all.


Noel Skytrot

That’s now four Japanese senshi at the club. Are you ready zombie bastards.. Banzai, Banzai.🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🤣🤣🤣

Noel Skytrot

Cue a host of racism from the 55’ers over our new signings.

Noel Skytrot

Question, has there been a significant change in our signing policy or is it due to the squad decimated with injuries and being light?


Delighted to have our first signings completed-and a month earlier than usual too! I was gonna call them The Three Amigas,but turns out Amiga was an American brand. Bummer…

Welcome along,fellas. Make yourselves legends.


What gets me is that until they were on the verge of going bust,they were convinced that they were founded in 1873.

Bobby they can’t wait until 2023 to pick up the cash from the “glamour match”. They might not be around. If they thought they could get away with it they would have tried to arrange something to celebrate 150 this year.

Maestro Fan

Happy new year to you Bobby, to Mahe and one and all. May it bring an unexpected title!

Ange has done a truly remarkable job in a short space of time. If he can remain on his current trajectory he might prove one of our great managers. Love the guy as a person above all.

The announcement of the 3 Japanese lads is a huge statement of change from that self-serving scumbag Lawwell and his useless lackey lickspittle, Lennon. That desperado knew he could never get a job of Celtic’s magnitude anywhere else, as his complete lack of market value has subsequently demonstrated. I was always in his camp, but his disgraceful, selfish behaviour last year ruined his legacy for me.

Lawwell will never recover his reputation with Celtic fans. Good,


The doubts will remain over Michael Nicholson long after the Transfer Window closes but my God, this one’s not even opened yet and he’s put a rocket of intent right up our rivals’ arses! And has been mentioned already these are not The Board’s signings, these are right off the Gaffer’s Christmas Wish List! Three players identified for key areas we needed strengthened, on long-term contracts, all players who should just about reach their peak while under contract to us. This bodes well for Celtic, Ange and us. What a boost for this squad who have given Ange everything he has asked of them!

Noel Skytrot

Watch out for our esteemed meeja using terms such as ‘kamikaze defending’ and ‘he’s fell on his own sword’ when describing footballing matters.

Andy Pandy 2

Terrific news re the new signings. With all the rumours swirling around previously it seems that there has been some work put into these in advance. It will be interesting to see who gets shipped out to balance the books, isn’t always that way? But, what a right slap in the kisser for those on the Dark Side, as they sit and contemplate what to do, stick or twist? Although, see Hagi now has a sell on clause of between 17-20 million, that will help!!
On a more personal note, a big thank you to Bobby and Mahe for the site, and for you all allowing my inane drivel over the last year.
I hope you all had as Happy a Christmas as the current conditions have allowed, and wishing you and your families the happiest of New Year’s.


Happy New Year to you Andy Pandy (and Looby Loo) when it comes! 🙂



£20m? Mwahahahaha!!!

Hope 2022 is an improvement,mate. Don’t be a stranger.


And a big Hi to the Woodentops and The Flower Pot Men if they’re lurking! 🙂

CCB & Packy will remember them.



“Giant”,by The Woodentops is one of the best debut albums ever!



Bobby, I admit they are very good but they look nothing like the real Woodentops. Plus they are not playing on a farm 🙁

Andy Pandy 2

ref Hagi, it’s true it was in the Daily Record!!

Thanks for that. I’ve just been down to the Herb Garden, and Parsley and Sage send their best wishes too!!!



Say no more,that is proof enough!

Coincidentally,on the subject of Trigger’s broom…
Trigger:- And that’s what I’ve done. Maintained it for 20 years. This old brooms had 17 new heads and 14 new handles in its time.

Sid:- How the hell can it be the same bloody broom then?

Trigger:- Theres the picture. What more proof do you need?

Prestonpans bhoys

If you look at the end of the DR puff piece this is what his relative says, basically he’s not got a clue.
“I know Ianis has a clause in his contract. I don’t know if it’s for £15, £17 or £20 million, but there is a clause and it’s a clause any club can pay at any time.”


Delighted with the speed of appointments. Well done Ange & Mr. Nicholson.
My pet hate was Celtic signing players and we wouldn’t see them om the pitch for weeks if not months, with Ange I’m expecting to see at least one of our new Bhoys start against Hibs with another coming off the bench.
Sincerely Hope restrictions are lifted and Celtic Park is heaving for the game.
I also hopes that this puts an end to the Conspiracy Theories that Celtic are in cahoots with the Huns to throw the League.Finally I hope that we still do a bit more Business this window we need to shift 4 o 5 s
ale or Loan and another couple in please,

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