Rating the summer window pt1

The start of a new window feels like the ideal time to analyse the previous one, so with that in mind each of the terrific trio casts their eye over a quartet.
Todays SES gives us his appraisal’s.
12 registered players (Summer ’21)

4 of the 12 registered players in Summer of 2021 have made a contribution to team results & performances.

Josip Juranović (26) Croatian pronunciation: [jǒsip jurǎːnoʋitɕ]

Born in the Zagreb district of Dubrava in 1995. an established fullback with Croatian national team currently ranked #15 FIFA and #11 UEFA.

Stats on various sites are misleading, as he reputedly scored 14 goals in 36 games for his first local senior club Dubrava, before joining Hadjuk Split where he only scored 3 goals in 134 games. Which seems odd?

His only goal for Legia Warsaw in his 28 Appearance was this absolute stoatir in his last game before joining Celtic. It’s interesting that it was in a European tie…

“Juranovic…oh my god” ( scroll to approx 1 minute )

Wikipedia have him playing 15 games for Croatia with no goals and 15 games for Celtic with only 1 goal.

Sky site have him as an attacking midfielder

UEFA consider him playing 7 games for Croatia with an average of 83 mins per game completed and 3.4 block tackles retrieved.

What isn’t in doubt is that we have secured a bona fide seasoned international with a top flight country.

When he signed my first thought were hugely positive.. Croats are know for being tough and technical with a fair bit of silky skill. His goal scoring record, if it was correct, was encouraging for a FB.

His Celtic stats:

Signed Summer 2021 for c. £2.5m on a 5 year contract.

21 appearances; 19 starts; 3 goals ( Betis; St Johnstone; Bayer Leverkusen all pens.)

To date he has contributed well and the only concern is how long it took to secure the right-sided berth, as surprisingly, he didn’t look at all comfortable using his left (standing ) foot in the Left FB role.

Verdict: Fairly sure we have still to see the best of this bhoy in the 2nd half of the season – takes absolutely no nonsense and hopefully can entice more of his countrymen to Paradise. A great value buy and huge credit to everyone involved. 7 ouuta 10.


Josip ‘Dinky’ Juranović

Giorgos Giakoumakis Γιώργος Γιακουμάκης; (27) born 9 December 1994 in Heraklion, Crete, the same town as Gorgeous Giorgos Samaras.

A Greek international with 6 caps and 1 goal in his debut versus Cyprus in 2020

His goal scoring record at Netherlands’ Eredivisie club VVV Venlos in the season before joining Celtic is frankly, astonishing. 26 goals in 30 games ranks with the very best players on a country blessed with great goal scorers.

In the 21st Century they only other player who has scored 4 goals in 2 league games in the same season was Luis Saúrez (Ajax, Liverpool, Barca).

His record of 11 goals scored in one month can only be bettered by Marco van Basten (12 at Ajax) and we have to go back to 1985 for that information.

His club were relegated form the Eredivisie, however he managed to remain the top scorer in the league.

Which begs the question, why did more clubs not want to buy him?

At 186 cm 6’1″ a few of us thought he might (finally) fulfil the occasional requirement to get stuck right into SPFL defenders and win some heedies…

His Celtic stats:

Signed for c£2.5m in Summer 2021 on a 5 year contract.

8 appearances; 2 starts; 1 goal ( St Johnstone – a converted pass from Ralston):

From the average 34.5 mins per game we have seen GMac he did seem to understand how to hold up the ball and win useful Free Kicks – his solitary goal was well taken. On the other hand he looked like a player who was a bit out of sorts or finding it difficult to adapt to Ange’ style of play.

Verdict: Feel it is far too early to judge the guy and he has a lot to do in the 2nd half of the season to justify a 5 year deal. 5 otta 10.

The other two players in my list are loan deals, and feel it’s difficult to assess them in the context that we may not have them around much longer. I don’t ever buy into the “option to buy” malarkey… try before you buy is a bloody weak excuse for failing to do your homework, or not trusting your own judgement/process/hiring procedures.

It reeks of amateurism – unnecessary turbulence for the manager and how he can be expected to plan for next season with all the uncertainty is baffling.

Having said all of that…

The contributions of Jota and Carter-Vickers have been fundamental to the relative success of the team in 1st Half of the season.

Combined -they have scored 10 goals or 15% of our competitive 66 to date. When we factor in the 6 assists from Jota they are involved in 25% of all goals scored.

Jota adds creativity and style with an unbelievable work-rate matched only by Kyogo. A wonderful player.

Carter-Vickers tidy tackling and decent positional awareness has contributed hugely to the best defensive record in the SPFL (12 goals lost) and was probably signed at the prompting of Joe Hart, who clearly likes to play behind him and this offers hope he may be offered a deal. He would absolutely benefit from playing beside a tall, quick, left-sided CH partner…. but they could all say that.
Jota 9 outta 10.
CCV 8 outta 10.

If there is any sense in the Executive function at Celtic Park both of these players will be announced as permanent this January.

Sadly, the noises from the Jota camp in particular aren’t encouraging.

We live in hope…

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Good Morning all
Thanks for the article SeS, agree with the majority of your assessment, other than the loan with an option to buy. Surely got to be better than getting saddled with a dud which becomes apparent fairly quickly? Anyhow, thanks again for the input, which sets us up for a good discussion throughout the day.
HH from the calmer looking silvery Tay.

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.
In broad agreement with your assessment of those 4 SES. On Giakoumakis I’m happy to delay any assessment until he gets an injury free run in the team. Although the recent signings from Japan might push him down the pecking order when he finally gets fit.



A solid summation of those four players,and their contributions to date. As MAHE and I are still to rate our own four players,it would be churlish to comment on any others than those in this article.

There is no doubt that G-Mak has not yet made an impact,but equally as he has hardly played,it is hopefully too early to judge. Not so much that the jury is still out,as that the evidence has yet to be presented! Juranovic has hardly played in his preferred position,one where he is a regular for his highly-rated international team-yet he has acquitted himself well,and looks a steal for the price.

And then we come to Jota and CCV. Players signed from overheated transfer markets,where value is difficult to find-but not impossible! As we have the option to buy,at a set price,the selling club is out of the equation.

Jota’s £6m fee,for instance,is NOT a starting point for negotiation as was foolishly stated in the DR yesterday. Same with CCV,Levy has already stated his price. It is down to the club to meet it.

But this brings us to the problem with a loan with option. If the player performs well,we will want to sign him-but so too will others,who might be able to offer a better package. IMO,we won’t find better in those positions at those prices,and we already know what they can do. The question is not whether we should sign them,but whether what we can offer is suitable for those two players.

Here’s hoping…


As always, in any potential signing, the player will have the final say, and rightly so imo. Of course, the player must want to play for Celtic.



As I’ve said before,I thought it was the correct decision to retain Ntcham,Edouard,Christie and Ajer as we looked to complete ten. Turns out,it wasn’t. Far from it. Only one of them played regularly to his potential while the others sulked their way through the season.

In future if a player wants to leave,tell him he can go,subject to our valuation being met,etc. I don’t think I could ever again watch “performances” like some of the ones we were subjected to last season.

St tams

Your first sentence is very telling in the fact that , 4 out of 12 have made a contribution.
That tells me the transfer window wasn’t enough in the summer, as I said at the time.

Time will tell if this one is.


Yes, I agreed with the decision at the time also. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, eh 🙄😉
Hope you and yours are well.


Perhaps a matter for a separate blog after readers have had the time to digest a rather long read of the story of Resolution 12. Duplicity from Cradle to Grave

The story can be read at

https://philmacgiollabhain.ie/2022/01/04/an-opportunity-for-michael-nicholson-to-have-a-fresh-start/?s=09#more-23174 .

That duplicity cost shareholders and supporters whom the requisitioners represented £11,266 in legal fees in pursuit of SFA reform, funding that was justified seeking because the then CEO gave impression that he supported the aim from the beginning.

Whilst Res12 has failed in its prime aim it did give Celtic supporters enough facts to challenge the same club myth and the LNS Decision and Celtic’s failure to challenge it when provided with evidence kept from LNS himself.

All down to PL and although Nicholson was a weak No2 following orders he can show by actions not words that he is not cut from the same jib as his predecessor.

It has lessons for us all not just as Celtic supportrrs but as human beings of what can happen when integrity and accountability are trampled all over and our response is – meh .


The link within Auldheid’s post is well worth a read!


Auldheid https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2022/jan/04/dont-look-up-life-of-campaigning
‘In fighting any great harm, in any age, we find ourselves confronting the same forces: distraction, denial and delusion’.



Juranovic is nearer Tierney level than Laxalt and can get nearer the former than the latter if season progress as normal.

GMak is in the not proven category but could be our next Ajeti.

Agree on loan signings being bad in a footballing context. They increase player churn, one of the biggest factors in CL qualifying failure.

However depending on the contract itself and right to buy conditions it can make financial sense.

A factor that I think gets overlooked in signings is the power individual players have and their personal dislikes, playing games in howling winds or freezing temperatures for example. Living indoors in the winter, exacerbated by Covid.

Something not under The Boards imediate control other than to pay the cold weather premium as part of the wages. However what they can do his take the lead on the introduction of summer football so that conditions to play are generally better and we go into qualifying round with a more settled, match fit side..


Auldheid https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2022/jan/04/dont-look-up-life-of-campaigning
‘In fighting any great harm, in any age, we find ourselves confronting the same forces: distraction, denial and delusion’.
I watched Dont Look Up when Netflix released it and the parallels with trying to get our support engaged leapt out at me and whilst not a life or death matter in the grand scheme of things, the decline of Celtic to a point of football irrelevance is world ending in that context.

I read the llnk and my breakdown moment was in the company of Canalamar, BRTH , JPT the SLO and Michael Nicholson.

It wasnt a tearful breakdown, it was an angry one. I nearly walked out at the start of the meeting after hearing the introductory spiel from MN as it had totally disregarded many of the points already raised.

However at the conclusion when MN stated PL had done everything he could I lost it and if the F word came with a charge of £10 every time I used it then I would have put £1000 in the swear box as I stormed out.

I’ve watched the deterioration of integrity and accountability over the last 20 years since early retrial with mounting alarm and my last hope is events like Covid lead us all to start looking up.

The battle to restore them is going to be a long one and many say why bother, nothing will change.

Whilst I see the enormity of the task I fall back on the the story of the wee boy throwing one of thousands of stranded starfish back into the sea when he replies to the old man’s comments the lad can make no difference with . ” well I just made a difference to that one” as he hurled a starfish into the sea

We can all do that in all our different circumstances and do, it just doesn’t make the headlines.

Good news doesnt sell newspapers.


E Tims
‘So realistically it’s down to the clubs to call out any perception of bias, and whilst Celtic have failed dismally in the past to protect their own interests on and off the pitch, maybe there’s a way forward beginning to emerge from the battlefields of Resolution 12.

Nothing, it seems will be retrospectively investigated, but thats not to say we shouldn’t be on alert to prevent it from happening again, and this piece, from the Phil MacGhiollabhan site, offers a solution to a problem that hasn’t happened yet, but is certainly taking root.

membership scheme

We can’t afford to let those who have shown they don’t have only our clubs interest at heart think they’ll be allowed to preserve the old firm status quo a second time, and this seems like a reasonable way of getting our voices heard.

A brave new era on the pitch counts for nothing if we still have the same negligence off it.

It really is that simple, and this time we need to sort it out before it happens, because there is still more than a realistic chance of an insolvency event over the river, and this time the next entity won’t even have to start at the bottom.

They amended the rules after the last time, as you will recall, which makes you think that this was all some sort of plan’.



‘I’ve been lucky enough to become acquainted with Auldheid, and it’s fair to say I’d place him amongst the greats who have represented Celtic, our culture and our history. His work over the years with Resolution 12 has not only seen him fall foul of the custodians of our club, but also some within our support who should perhaps have known better.

The thing with duplicity is it can never possibly be construed as impulsive. Someone, somewhere lumped duplicity alongside dishonesty and cowardice together and stated all three could never be an impulsive decision. I’d disagree on two out of three, but wholeheartedly concur on the latter.

Cowardice can be a base reaction, as too can dishonesty. Both can be actioned with a flick of a switch, a flight rather than fight, a little white lie rather than a hurtful truth, uttered or reacted upon immediately.

Duplicity however isn’t a snap decision; duplicity needs to be planned. It is a summing up of a situation and choosing to be deceptive. It is pretending to be someone or something you are not. The deceptiveness in duplicity is intentional, it is deliberate, and it is designed to give one impression, all the while being willing to ultimately deliver another. Duplicity is Machiavellian in nature. As Shakespeare wrote in Julius Caesar – “And some that smile have in their hearts, I fear, millions of mischiefs.” That is duplicity in thirteen words.

And that is how Celtic have handled the Resolution 12 debate and that is why the last man standing has chosen that very word of the cornerstone of his most recent article, bringing years of correspondence from 2013 to now into the public domain and asking every single one of us to question, in good times or in bad, – are the current custodians of Celtic the right kind of people to run our club?

Or should the duplicitous nature of the Celtic Board, past and present, and the subsequent treatment of supporters and shareholders by way of those requisitioners mean those very fans, stakeholders and shareholders need to look to find a way to challenge the club, and not just now, not just then, but always be in a position to find a way for the ordinary everyday stakeholder to be in a position to call upon the requisite skills to ensure such a challenge is possible?’……..

‘Such a membership service brings everyone together. It can include the Celtic Trust, the North Curve, Celtic Shared and other supporters’ associations, but it also includes fans who up to now haven’t felt any of that suits them.

It brings strength in numbers, skills and expertise in abundance and it creates a means to raise funds on a regular monthly basis, from as little as £5 a month, or more if you could commit to It and less or zero if unwaged. And it brings the support together in a way, which could, if done correctly, challenge the Celtic Board to behave more professionally, be more democratic, and to in turn challenge themselves.

For nigh on nine years Auldheid and for most of that time his fellow requisitioners fought the corner of the Celtic support and indeed that of Scottish football. Now we need one of two things or both. Either Michael Nicholson rights the wrongs, or the Celtic support pull together, create the membership service Auldheid envisages, pull our resources and become the challenge our rigged game in Scotland requires. It would not only be a fitting tribute; it is now a necessity’.

PS Thank you Auldheid.


Good afternoon all from Shawlands.

bada bing1

Australian Open sponsors, have miraculously found a medical exemption for Djokovic….🤔


Gordon 64
Well said 👏 👌

Part 3 of 1850 Irish Navvy Riot or Dunfermline Ethnic Cleansing is now up here:https://www.tomminogue.com/tom/?p=8066


An excellent summation. What is your own view on Celtic allowing players to leave on permanent deals to other SPFL clubs…Broony to the Dons, the rumoured Henderson to Hibs etc? My own view is that these type of deals could come back to bite us big time. Players like Henderson will be giving it their all when playing against the Celts, and that’s fair enough. If another club is paying your wages, your only loyalty should be to that club. I would therefore, much prefer that such players were sold on to English clubs. In this way, said players would prove no danger to us in the future.

Hail Hail.


I think Everton may have slipped up on the white Cafu transfer fee.



Perhaps MN was appointed to continue the deceit and denial he was a part of?
Maybe McKay was ousted for refusing to continue the charade?
This board are calculating and maybe they thought that like the poisonous liar Lawwell he could also be bought to facilitate their deception.
With no real Celtic supporters on the board we will probably never know.


Unfortunately timing hasnt been kind as we had these articles planned for a while, and therefore today’s front page and the next two days are prebooked.
However I shall attempt to lay out my own take on this sorry Res12 saga on Saturday, the next free day.
No matter what youve earned our respect.
Thanks for all your efforts no matter what happens.
Hail Hail


Many thanks pal, a great start to the mini series.

As far as transfer fee laid out, Juranovich was extremely cheap, and you’ve gotta wonder why?
Getting four or five quality years of coverage for two and a half million is outstanding business.
The chap looks to have the correct mentality also to boot, what a find.
We should target that country and region more often I reckon, the cold winters won’t be so off putting for the hearty Balkan souls.

CCV has impressed so much and I would make him the priority over any of the others as a team should always be built from the back forward.
Now we know what he has to offer he should become the priority signing. I think we keep him, he probably knows he isn’t going to play for bigger and can help push the move through.

Jota was always a risk, hes a real bloody foreigner! I would have taken one look at his tan and turned around, thinking he’s not going to settle in Alba. He can play, hell the bhoy can play, but the choice is his and the climate is probably going to play a big part in the decision.
Wouldn’t be surprised to see him play elsewhere next season.

G-Mac,,, call me old fashioned or paranoid but if we havent seen much at all from a player in six months then he’s been a waste imo, and we won’t be seeing much from him.
File him under Ajeti, money wasted.

My scores,
JJ 8
Jota 8
G-Mac 4

St.Tams the way I see it more than four of the summer signings made an impact,
Hart, JJ, CCV, Jota, Abada, Kyogo, Starfelt.
Scales debatable.

Away to work, have a great day y’all.
Hail Hail


Is that not the fantasy football league price 🤔



No problem. In fact the delay gives other SC contributors time to absorb the differing factors at play and reach their own conclusions.

There is a lot for folk to think about and that is no bad thing in my experience.


Can’t belive this never won goal of the season



bada bing1

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon “very firmly” hopes next month’s Six Nations matches at Murrayfield can go ahead “to crowds of supporters”.

6 Nations starts 6th February……….mmmmmmm

big packy

sorry was busy with other things, meant to come on a few days ago on the 2nd of january, well on the second of january 1971 i was an eighteen year old going to ibrox for a rangers game, never ever forget it ,we thought we had won, my cousin peter and I left the ground to make our way up to helen st to where our bus was parked, suddenly a roar which ill never ever forget came out from the rangers end, we knew they had scored, noticed a lot of sirens going off but that was normal on a game like this, it was only when we got to the bus stop in glenboig and saw catholic and protestant families gathering together and crying, we knew something horrible had happened, god bless the 66 that could have been at our end,👍

bada bing1

Sevco sign a project from NYC ,Sky ticker says ‘ with exclusive option to buy’, must be the muppets from the Sun who do their shite

big packy

JIM if your lurking went passed this shrine in 1997 on our first visit to florida said a decket of the rosary ,lovely and peaceful. https://www.webcamtaxi.com/en/usa/florida/olol-grotto-miami.html#

A thing of beauty

Excellent comments today. I’ve enjoyed catching up. A
As regards the membership scheme, I’d 100% be in but it’s going to need a very big hitter to front it. That is not to denigrate yourself as I know you’d do a brilliant job but it will need the backing of a Willie Haughey or someone of that ilk. I hope you can pull it off.


That’s a live webcam Packy. Brilliant! I’ve saved that to my favourites bar. I’ll watch that again when I’m in that kind of mood. Ta mate!

big packy

JIM, you dont have to thank me ,you know that ,luv ya to bits,LOL

A thing of beauty

I am not going to pass comment on Sturgeon’s decision making today or her process of coming to that decision. There are not enough asterisk’s and also I have no desire to fall out with people.


Packy, 1997? I’m sure that’s the year I worked in Cheshire Oaks for a few weeks!

big packy

JIM yes, , remember it well. i was the taxi driver who took you from chester railway station to cheshire oaks, the fare was 5-99 you gave me 6 quid and said keep the change,never ever forget that,,LOL.


Now I know you’re telling fibs. I drove down! LOL 🙂


btw, I’ve just checked it wasn’t 97 it was 98 because the World cup in France was on when I was there.

big packy

JIM, dont spoil the story.😎😎, BTW, where is mike in toronto, mike if your lurking happy new year to you and seamus,👍

bada bing1

Djokovic deported



No truth whatsoever in scurrilous rumours that Djokovic is anti-vax as they may conflict with other medications he takes.


I can’t understand why Djokovic hasn’t diplomatically withdrawn from the Australian Open due to the sensitivities caused. it can’t be like he is desperate for the money or glory.

bada bing1

A report online in the Record, saying full capacity restored after the winter break



Sturgeon jumped the gun,thinking that England would do the same as she did. They didn’t and “the peasants are revolting”

And there’s an election due. Which is totally unconnected as we all know she is only following the science.

Jobo Baldie

When the Scottish Government took the decision to bring in a few measures, including basically no crowds at top flight sports, I personally think it was the right thing to do. With numbers still on the rise I did find it a little uncomfortable watching not only full crowds continuing across the EPL, but the same at the (indoor) darts. The measures in Scotland were for a minimum 3 week period to, I think, 16 January? I remain confident that crowds will be back in after that but not sure whether all restrictions lifted or just that numbers would be increased (e.g. stadiums half full). But as I’m aware that politics isn’t encouraged on here (and quite right!) I’ll leave it at that.
As for the league game against Hibs it’s now only 11 more sleeps…. 😉


11 more sleeps! LOL 🙂 A wee blast from the past there Jobo! 🙂


The Fenian Whaler,,,

Yer bums a plum.

We are not clear favorites for anything at the moment”
Aye right the more settled side are usually favourite and certainly favs over a team losing 9. Ps if they weren’t losing them they would be gleefully shouting it from the rooftops. The players themselves earn more on a free, helping make the decision to move. Any rational informed observer would have us favourite for next season.
I reckon the bookies will also,,be amazed if they didn’t.
Side bet,, a score to Mary’s Meals if we dont open as favs, you owe a score if we do?

“We are still in the process of trying to build a squad that suits a particular system chosen by Ange that is ‘Ange ball’ or ‘Naive ball’ depending on your particular stance.”
No we arent. Between the buys and those trusted from the previous regime we have 25 players the gaffer wants now. The base of the squad is in situ, there shall be tinkering, but the bones of the squad is signed.
If naive brings silverware, the best defense, beautiful countering, and has the league still in your hands by new year, let’s pray naive continues.

“Few, I imagine, would suggest we are anywhere near the finished article team-wise and we still have a worrying propensity carried over from Lenny’s tenure to drop points in games we should be more than capable of winning.”
Bullshit. 7 wins and a draw in the last eight. There’s no propensity, there was a lack of striker, been addressed. And tiredness, grueling schedule and all.

“We have dropped two points in I have posted before that we are overly reliant on individual moments of magic to win games rather than from combined team tactics – another worrying commonality with Lenny’s team.”
Bullshit. As much as any team sometimes benefits from individual flair, I continually watch this team play to instruction.
We break at speed and in numbers, and if the games tight only one of the fullbacks may go up and support the attack, the other helps keep us the highest defense in the league and stops most people calling the gaffer naive.
Our wingers are instructed to come into the box when we are attacking that area, Abadas goals are all inside the book no?
Therefore it’s Ange’s tactic to flood the penalty area with attackers, and it has paid off through Abadas goals and Jotas when he comes inside.
It’s Ange’s tactic to play Kyogo on the shoulder, and deadly it usually is.
This isn’t a ‘get it to him team’ or anything like it. The midfielder looking up after gaining possession usually has lots of options, and that is proving too much for most.

“Hopefully, this window may go some way to alleviate the team and Ange’s problems.”
Numbers and fresh legs are the biggest problem alongside the refs.
Unless you see another problem?

“Now Sevco has a tried and trusted workman-like system that usually works well both domestically, where they seldom drop points, and in Europe.”
Thats funny their system works, yet ours doesn’t even though we are keeping pace with them? Leagues still in our hands, last draw aside most would be happy at our position. A draw after 7 wins by a new outfit can’t be slaughtered. Some very respectable performances in Europe ourselves btw, and they don’t come through naivety.

“And if they are struggling domestically they can always rely on the Ref for a bit of assistance. The assumption you make is that because 9 of their 1st team squad are out of contract at the end of the season that the majority of them will leave.I disagree if Sevco wins the SPFL title, which does seem likely, I am of the opinion that most of those players will want to stick around for a chance of playing in the CL group stages and the bigger shop window that offers. A season’s contract extension in some instances would likely suit both parties.”
Excuse me chaps but can we talk when we find out how much money we have at seasons end? How professional, and that won’t impress. The free agent is a huge market, many will take a chance.
Why let them go into January and possibly negotiate with others if you have any ambition of keeping them?
If, and it’s a huge if, Sevco do end up with some of those nine staying then it hasn’t been down to planning or transfer strategy, it’s been down to luck they haven’t agreed terms elsewhere. And these are Steven Gerrards Invincibles available on a free down south, a nice phone reference from the Scouser sells them and nets them better wedge than currently earning.
Most shall go, I’m confident stating that.

“True the likes of Morelos will probably go along with perhaps a Kamara or Kent. However, the lure of playing in the CL will ensure that they are rapidly replaced without it causing too much disruption, Sevco will have the resources to shop around also given the huge windfall CL participation brings.”
They will be replaced, but let’s face it Gio doesn’t hold the aces like SG did. He won’t be getting the same amount, I mean if that club was in reasonable financial shape they wouldn’t be letting almost an entire team leave for free.
Huge windfall,,cough splutter, wipes beer off screen.
What planet are you on son?
The club owes and doesn’t turn a profit.
Mash and the historic transfer fees for the spine of the invincibles and there’s the guts your forty million gone before you’ve even began.
Then Gio wants money.
Then there’s the eternal mystery of the directors cash/loans going in being converted to shares, surely they can’t just find fund fund for zero return but shares indefinitely? The goal is to sell and they get paid back. Unless they literally just threw money away.
New company faces losing money every year versus cutting your crust and spending what you earn? Not a hard choice, a new owner will demand sustainability or else he’s just throwing his money away. Surely those idiots are in short supply.
Windfall my arse, they can actually pay whats owed for once, just about.

“GVB will have a shortlist drawn up already, I have little doubt he knows who is defo for the off and will have alternatives being looked at. I am more interested in seeing who, if any, are sold in January – that may indicate Sevco are in very very deep merde financially and offer us a chance to make up points and other teams to take points off a weakened Sevco. – Wishful thinking?”
No, not at all because a cut price deal can be had for 9 players, and given football is a heartless industry many clubs would rather cash out now for a bit than lose for free later.
That club may be thinking keep them together to win the league and bring the 40 million home but,,
Why sell Paterson then?
Why’s his replacement a rookie?
Notice the rags had to sell it as an eight figure fee in order to palm it off, yet were then sucker punched by the Toffees who revealed the real price of 4.5.
Note, dont believe any Scottish press transfer figures, agreed?
Offers for any of the nine must be very tempting right now, when you’ve got a lead and the rags and the refs.
I suspect a few of those nine shall go, to fanfare and media calls of great business not ‘its a big risk’. Gio shall ‘understand the clubs position’ but ultimately it’s he who shall shoulder the blame if they fail to defend their title, I reckon they will fail btw.

“My prediction – no major team rebuild at the crumble dome unless we win the league this season – then just watch the exodus.”
I admit nine leaving with the combined wage off the books is nice, but it’s not that much really, 2 million a year perhaps less.
Where’s that rebuild money coming from?
The STs aren’t enough, and the directors see above.
I estimate 10 to 15 million spend if they win the league, and free transfers only if they don’t.
Gio can go home and cry to the Dutch papers,,this isn’t like SG where his words were fawned over. His complaints can be ignored from afar, when it emerges bitterness will get the blame.

Another possible is that FFP for European Competitions is/shall become stricter. I might be wrong but can I assume the bloke at Hampden who ultimately signs off has his job on the line if proven bullshit?
Maybe it’s becoming harder to convince Mr Knuckleshaker to sign off or convince that all’s in good order.
Could the CL 40 million bounty plus the departed wage savings be the start of an effort to break even?
That bears watching imo, for that would be huge, in a good way which is a rarity for that league and particularly that club.

Anyhows, your education must continue mo chara.
I’m home in May, pints on you 😉

Hail Hail from the winter sun.