Rating the summer window pt2

When is the best time to judge a window? Arsene Wenger would have you wait two years, most fans allow a couple games.
Perhaps it’s not ideal, but Ive always felt by the time the next window comes around, you should (in theory) have made a judgement as to the previous windows buys.


Summer of ’21 delivered a dozen new Celtic players alongside a new head coach or manager.
It’s been six months roughly so let’s look at my chosen quartet.


I’ll start off positive and honestly claim my number one selectee is perhaps the buy of the season. Time will tell, but if this title is delivered a lot of the praise should go Joe Harts direction.


I’ll admit to rolling my eyes when he was first linked, after all how many EPL has beens have we seen flop?
Slowly but surely the big lad won me over.


For starters this is the opposite of ‘Lurch’.
He’s at the tail end of a great career, but stumbled upon something special and it has affected him.
Instead of a relegation scrap he’s offered hero status, of course he’s happy.


He’s reinvigorated, and to be honest priceless at the moment. I honestly didn’t think the PLC would give the nod to another keeper having three on the books including a 5 million International, but Dom pulled out all the stops for his man while in the building, cheers pal and good bhoy.


At seasons end, there’s a good chance he’ll get many votes for the POTY, despite others getting more time on the ball to shine. We have the meanest defense in the league (a great sign btw) and he’s hugely responsible for that,,CCV deserves mega credit also.


The Englishman has found a new home, has found his love of the game, and can look forward to the next few years.
Europe, silverware, adoration and the prospect of leaving the sport you gave your life to on a real positive high.
He’s the short term future, possibly medium term, and a great asset all-around.
He can choose his own future, but given what we are witnessing I fully expect him to be between the sticks for the next few seasons.
I would put money on it.
Joe Hart I’m giving 8 outta 10.


The next player hasn’t had a great start to his Sellic career. It’s easy to see how Dom/Ange bit though.
Swedish Internationals have done very well for the club before yet one happens to be touted to us in his prime years, affordable, tall enough, and willing to come.
Yep, I can totally see why we decided to take a chance.
And now I can totally see why Ruben Kazan said hasta la Vista baby, and no bigger clubs nibbled at that bargain price.


Carl Starfelt has more flaws in his game than things going for him. Now that’s not to say he won’t make a decent defender, but if one is going to appear they’re leaving it a little late.


I see a lot of average across the board,
Average tackler,
Average at set piece defending,
Average reader of the game,
Average on the ball which might be generous,
But yet there was something to build upon I reckon.


He doesn’t mind a tackle or a bit of rough, has an athlete’s body, and a good mentality to boot.
Never heard him complain, seems okay with being benched, looks a team player and perhaps like Joe feels very fortunate to be here.


I recall Martin looked at Vidar Riseth in training and said not good enough, out.
I suspect the same would happen except, that we need the position covered rather than the actual player himself.


Carl might be above young Stephen Welsh in Ange’s plan, might. I know Rebus rates Welsh higher and tbh it’s hard to argue at this stage.


He has six months now, the run in, to prove himself. Ange ain’t hanging about, we know that by now and he didn’t cost that much, we can take a hit if need be.


I want him to succeed, but that seems grasping at straws, wearing the green tinted specs.
If he found a new club I wouldn’t cry, but when he’s on that park he gets my full backing.
Carl Starfelt I shall rate 6 outta ten.


My third player to be reviewed is a tough one I admit.
I mean who doesn’t want a red haired pure blood Celt in the team?
Throw in a debut goal and we’ve got a potential talisman here.


Liam Scales took time for whatever reason, but he’s in and around the first team squad now and so far I can say I’m happy at that fact.


Ok, putting hair colour and Nationality to the side, our gaffer did actually play the fellow when he didn’t need to, Bolingoli and Shaw being available left back alternatives.
This tells me a few things.
Liam is trying hard in training.
Ange has deemed his ability suitable for our club, or he wouldn’t get the nod.
But he shows early character.
The lad bombed forward and scored on his debut, a most Celtic-like trait. A desirable trait.


Given the price, the attitude, the potential, I fully understand why the club recruited him. It’s then up to the man himself to get selected. He did that.
The left back berth is by no means settled, we have Juranovich, Taylor, Shaw, Bolingoli, and Scales in the mix.
Yet he got there, he got picked to play. Making himself an automatic pick should be the next objective.
I’ll give young Master Scales a six outta ten also.


My final player to judge makes me laugh, kinda.
I call him the Uruk-Hai from Tolkien’s famous book, but yet young Osaze Uroghigde must be judged for the Sentinel Celts, those right here and those looking back in the future.


Hand on heart, I’ve never seen him play.
This huge African named kid just appeared and was signed, but Celtic class?
Certainly doesn’t look that way, I wouldn’t be surprised if he left in this window.


Okay, there’s the huge frame and some natural athleticism, hopefully some good attitude also, but Ange Postecoglous Glasgow Celtic can’t afford passengers and won’t accept second class.
You cut the mustard or you don’t, and right now he doesn’t cut the mustard.


Mr ‘take a chance on me’ shall soon be gone I expect with a little bit of nothing ventured nothing gained involved.


Sorry son but that’s football.
Now all the best for the future and away find someone who will actually select you.


Osaze Uroghigde I give three outta ten. One point for wearing the shirt, one point for not being absolutely ridiculous or being red carded whilst playing, and another for never bitching to rags in order to ‘end my Celtic hell’.


By Mahe.
The front page or lead article is always available to any and all.
Just email your article to sentinelcelts@gmail.com.

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Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.
I agree that Joe Hart has been a surprisingly good signing. Far more professional than I anticipated and more level headed too. Mahe’s assessment of Uroghigde is a little bit harsh. In the one full game that he did play (against Betis I think) he did start nervous and raw but really came onto a fine game. New players, particularly youngsters, need to get 4 or 5 consecutive games to be properly and fairly assessed. But I’m not sure hes going to get that chance. A rating of 3 is a bit harsh but all about opinions.


Good Morning all.
Interesting article Mahe. I agree on Starfelt, sadly never been convinced thus far. I would play Welsh before him. Perhaps a little unfair on Osazde I feel. He did OK when thrown in recently and although a tad ungainly, he grew into the game. Worth continuing to work with imo, he is a ‘big unit’, and we can certainly use some more of them. Should be instructive whether AP sends him out on loan during this window.



Difficult to disagree with much of that,though the Urhoghide assessment may be overly harsh. A young lad thrown into the team,playing for the first time against the team lying third in La Liga? I thought he settled into a game,acquitted himself well. It’s worth remembering too that there were few regulars that night to help him,many were trying to find their own feet!

He may not have been overly impressive-but I struggle to think of any errors from him that night. As a defender,that’s what I deem a success.

Starfelt? Maybe better on the right,rather than the left. Too many mistakes in him-and worse,he lets them get to him. Gives me the fear,but I wouldn’t write him off just yet.

Scales? A tank who will only improve. Looks as though he will run through brick walls. I wouldn’t like to spill his pint. Decent player too,and reads the game well.

Hart? I wanted to sign him last season when he was on a free from Burnley. I got laughed at for the suggestion. But blinkin’ flip,some of his footwork makes me shudder. Terrific signing,good for another four years as well.

bada bing1

Sevco have another share issue,as regular as their Jabba Statements were….


Reading the other comments there seems to be a consensus on Hart (selling Craig Gordon was an act of Lawfollywell that sold the 10iar) , Starfelt (not quite got it) Scales (could get it) and harshness on Osaze Uroghigde .

Like the others I was not impressed in his early showings in friendlies but v Betis I saw signs there might be a player in there with emphasis on “might”


Fenian Wailer

I have spreadsheets back from the time Green took over and Sevco/Rangers produced their accounts. I tried to be as balanced as possible in terms of future income and expenditure assumptions and updated the spreadsheet as accounts came out. In fact I had Rangers supporters asking to have a look, and in them was a prediction when they might become insolvent and I was happy to share with the likes of Phil McG.

However after maybe 4 revisions as time passed and they were still operating against a background of predicted loss I concluded that they had to be getting income from somewhere not on the books so gave up the exercise.

We know today that they get income from selling shares without which they would become insolvent and the dilemma for Celtic is if they respond to the challenge of that kind of funding although not outside football rules, does that hasten an insolvency event at Ibrox that then requires Celtic to pick up the tab – yup my old friend moral hazard.

The great unknown of Rumsfeld proportions is how long will Celtic tolerate being put in that position and perhaps more important how long will Aberdeen, Hearts and Hibs and those close to them in support number terms tolerate the current moral hazard business model? Those clubs are beginning to realise the name of the game here so do not rule that out.

If they get together with Celtic and tell Rangers they will back domestic financial fair play unless Rangers start to operate in a less financially reckless fashion, then perhaps we might see not Rangers going bust but becoming weaker competitively and so more likely to drop points at the venues they have managed by and large not to so far.

What I’m adding to the mix is that it is not that Rangers will go bust but that they might go into decline. Patterson’s sale makes good sense, but if Tavenier gets injured will his replacement offer what Patterson might?

The other factor is the number of their good players reaching the end of their contracts that might leave in the summer but be just a bit less prepared to win a 50/50 before the end of the season.

Lots of Rumsfeld’s in there so that the most likely prediction to come true is if they do not win the title Celtic will and vice versa, which is a safer bet . (:


Good afternoon all from Shawlands. Excellent article once more from Mahe. Do you and that Mick fella never sleep?😂


Henderson off to Hibs, 6 month loan then full time at end of season
At least he won’t be able to play against us


Big Rail Road Blues,
Cheers although you might have missed this the other day,,

From BobRus
“Big railroad blues,?are you barred from The Star Bar? I see you posting from everywhere but Govanhill now. Just curious, like…. Smiley”


Bigrailroadblues, are you barred from the Star Bar? You are doing this grand tour of the South yet Govanhill seems out of bounds. Just curious, like 🙂


Speak of the devil,,, 😉
Get on here more often Bob please.
Or get down to Govanhill and get the beers in.

Hail Hail

The Fenian Whaler

Auldheid @11.50

Thanks for the info. But as I mentioned previously, despite experts and laymen alike going through Sevcos financial results and continually informing us season after season they can’t possibly survive they are still with us and challenging for the league title in 2022. Each year they continue to find money not only to survive but to sign and pay players, players of a good enough standard to enable them to win the league last season and perhaps retain the SPFL title this season. Now if they win the ‘pot of gold’ that this season SPFL title brings do we really expect them to sort out their finances balance their books and live within their means when, as you point out, no one in Scottish or European football is prepared to bring them to task for not doing so?
If they get their hands-on CL cash I fully expect them to spend big, replace anyone who leaves with a similar or better standard of player who has left. Their support will demand it, damn it’s programmed into their very DNA as history has shown, spend, spend spend to keep ahead of Timmy. Ironically in 2012 it was HMRC who brought an abrupt halt to the shenanigans of Rangers 1872. They will have learned lessons from that as did the SFA and the Scottish establishment. Ranger’s FC bastard child Sevco will not be allowed to follow follow the liquidation path. Unless of course something out with the control of the Scottish establishment – such as HMRC decides to become involved, but as I said they will have learned from previous mistakes so the chances of this happening are slight.
Again as you correctly point out until such time Scottish football demands that financial fair play be introduced and strictly maintained nothing will change
The remainder of this window will be interesting. I agree Sevco selling Patterson was a decent bit of business for them. But if a couple of their better 1st team starters are sold for relatively small fees when they are still chasing the title that might, just might, indicate that the oracles of impending financial doom may, at last, have got it right.



If they sign Souttar on a free alongside a cheap American loan you’re going to have egg on your face. No way they replace with same or better.
It’s cut costs time.
Hail Hail

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, the fenian whaler how are you pal, as regards financial doom at IBROKES cant see it, they are THE establishment club, they have the judiciary on their side, the scottish government and a whole host of others, if your anti catholic and anti Irish you are guaranteed a good job in scotland ,and it helps if you support the infamous glesca rainjurs,H.H.

The Fenian Whaler

If they sign Souttar on a free alongside a cheap American loan you’re going to have egg on your face. No way they replace with same or better.
It’s cut costs time.
Hail Hail

??????? I assume you are talking about the hun replacing Patterson. Let see replace a yet unproven prospect with relatively few 1st team starts who was just sold for £? millions before add ons with a proven international player with almost 200 1st team games (Souter) for free or perhaps replace a young prospect with another young prospect. Both used as cover for the well-established 1st team player? Is the team Sevco weakened? not sure it is / will be. Not quite sure what point you are trying to make. I thought we were talking about Sevco’s plans for next season – obviously not🤔. BTW best take those myopic green-tinted specs off a chara


Bloody hell,lost a long reply to THEFENIANWHALER and AULDHEID. Bugger cyberspace.

Billy Bhoy

I’m scoring you 75% for that essay.

I agree with 3 of your assessments but I think if we keep Uroghigde, perhaps loaning him to an SPFL side to keep a close eye on him, you might be pleasantly surprised. He showed some nice qualities in our pre-season games and despite a lengthy absence showed up really well v Betis – in fact he was my MOTM.

Given the currently unknown status of Jullien I’d be loathe to discard him this early. There’s definitely a prospect there.

Speaking of big CJ someone mentioned to me yesterday that he has never undergone any surgery during his 12 months out. Can anybody confirm this? If so, I find this very odd!


After the 3 new guys were brought in early I was slightly considering renewing my CTV subscription, but after readIng Auldheids post yesterday and realized the new guy is as involved as Lawell in stifling the Resolutioners
Celtic were our Giruy to the establishment, now they are part of ensuring the establishment team survives and succeeds
I guess it’s shakey streams for me for the foreseeable future

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big packy

JIM, did not know you could speak russian, как ваши дела,😎


Here’s a link to 11 podcasts from about 8 years ago only just come across it

Соль Киттс

Big Packy
Since we’re in the mood for Russian, howdya like my moniker? If you’re interested, I’ll tell you a true story about the time in the late 70s when I went to the USSR, a 3 city trip to Kiev, Leningrad (St Petersburg) and Moscow.


big packy

Соль Киттс, fire away paul,,sorry pal 😎

Sol Kitts

Big Packy
True Russian story.
In the old USSR it was illegal to jaywalk on the roads. In Moscow, the roads were very wide, and the traffic was like every other big city. The only safe and legal place to cross was on a designated pedestrian crossing.
One day we were out for a walk when someone decided to cross illegally, and got hit by a car. Splat, knocked onto the road, claret and obvious pain. In less than a minute a police car arrived, spoke to the driver then promptly arrested the guy lying on the road. Handcuffs on, bundled into the back of the cop car. The guy who hit him was told to drive off, with a friendly wave from the cop.

big packy

SOL, hi pal, apologies thought that was mcaff, I can quite believe that story, hope you had a good hogmanay party,👍

Sol Kitts

Big Packy
We kept a bottle of Green Chartreuse for you. I’ll drop it off at the McDonald’s at Festival Park. Just ask to see the manager, tell him you’re picking up the bottle from Sol.

Sol Kitts

Big Packy
Someone just told me that Saltcoats has a major geological fault, it’s above sea level. 😂😂😎

big packy

SOL ill be down shortly, just crossing the dartford bridge, bliddy cold up here in the gantry😎😎


Packy, Sol Kitts, Sorry I won’t hear a bad word about Saltcoats it was my favourite Ayrshire seaside town. The friendliest people. Far better than Ayr, Prestwick, Ardrossan, Troon. Just my opinion of course.

big packy

AH jim has arrived, where have you been all night😎

big packy

JIM I once went to ayr prestwick girvan troon saltcoats ardrossan all closed, the only place open was largs what a lovely town😎


I met up with a pub mate I hadn’t seen in a while. He now coaches the under 20s team of our local Junior Football team. We got blethering. He is a Motherwell supporter and was telling me that Shaw has signed for them on loan today. Good luck to him!

Sol Kitts

It used to be a great place, especially in Glasgow Fair fortnight. When the Glesga folk stopped coming, the place just went quickly downhill. The once bustling main shopping street, Dockhead Street, is now dominated by pound shops and charity shops. Lots of empty shop units.
I was talking to BMCUWP recently about how few of the pubs we used to drink in are left. Quite shocking when we tallied them up.
Like a lot of small seaside towns, there’s not a lot of employment opportunity for youngsters, who sadly drift into drug abuse.
I seldom visit now except for family events, and while I still get an initial rush from returning home, it doesn’t take long for it to wear off when I see how sad the old place has become.

Sol Kitts

Apart from myself, the best thing to come out of Ardrossan is the ferry to Arran. 😂😂😎


The Fenian Whaler
Auldheid @11.50

I think we both occupy the same blue leopard does not change its spots camp and it would only be forces outside the Celtic Rangers axis that that might change their own attitude regarding acceptance of the current axis favouring business model that would wipe spots off the blue leopard and its green partner..

There are folk in the wider Scottish football supporting community who do want change and all of Scottish football to prosper by becoming more competitive via financial fairer play.

So it’s either “we’ll see” or “ya never know”.


Sol Kitts, that’s sad to hear. I haven’t been in Saltcoats for about 30 years. It was a buzzin wee town in the 60s/70s. A shame.

big packy

SOL going to saltcoats in the glesga fair fortnight no chance😎 ye cannae beat girvan sitting there on the golden sand beach, sun burninn yer heid, knotted hanky to protect yersel from the hot girveanan sun, and looking out to the ailsa craig ,absolute bliss😎😎


Girvan was too posh for me! Same as Govan.


Some goal by BBJ and the pass was not to shabby either

big packy

JIM glad you said that and not me😎


Packy, when we went eastwards I used to like Burntisland. Did you ever go there?

big packy

remember going there as a kid with my mum and dad, we met my dads brother terry there, we went on the beach with my mum and uncle terrys family, we never saw my dad or uncle terry till the pub shut,😎another true story😎

big packy

JIM just left mcdonalds at the festival park in basildon, ordered a large big mac meal with extra fries, a large strawberry shake a large banana shake, and an apple pie, wait till sol gets the bill,GNAGB ALL


Things very quiet on the Celtic front. No games. No scandals. Transfers done early?
What’s to do and think? Reminisce. Prophesise?
No wonder the blog is less busy.


GNAGB Packy.

Sol Kitts

Big Packy
It’ll be fine. Last time you left a bill for me to pay I settled it with a Scottish £13 note. The manager had never seen one before, it had a picture of Nicola Sturgeon on it, and the watermark was wee Jimmy Krankie.


Sol Kitts, LOL 🙂

Jobo Baldie

Ach, seeing as how I started the Page 1 comments I might as well finish the Page 1 comments as well 😉