If you know your history – 12th January

130 years ago …. it’s now 1892. The club are halfway through their fourth full season 1891/92 and have already made a huge impact on the Scottish game. Challenging the established order, to the extent that other clubs are recording their highest ever ‘home’ gates when playing Celtic in the period. We can see this from the clubs who no longer exist, or have subsequently moved to a new stadium. Renton and Leith Athletic being perfect examples.

The Bhoys have also won 2 (consecutive) Glasgow Cups and are the current ‘holders’. That trophy was considered to be one of the 3 ‘majors’ at that time, along with the newly formed League Championship (still only in it’s second season) and the biggest prize of the day being The Scottish Cup.

Realistically, in 1891/92 season Celtic need to win The ‘Scottish’ or The Championship to galvanise their growing reputation in the game.

The good news is that they are in a perfect position to do so. 

Still in the Cup,having already disposed of St Mirren & Kilmarnock in December, they are also very well placed in the league championship behind Dumbarton, with 5 games less played (in hand) the backlog is mainly due to the phenomenal run of success in the various Cup games played in November & December 1891.

At this point we could be forgiven for reaching the conclusion that Celts are much more focused on winning the various Cups, than winning the new League competition. After all, the “Prime” team of the day Queen’s Park, had refused to enter the League competition as they considered it to have a whiff of “professionalism” …

At this time ALL clubs in Scotland were fully … ahem! …amateur… cough!

On this day the Celts don’t have a game and from the ever reliable Celticwiki., we note that the team had recently played 3 ‘friendly’ matches in quick succession:

1st January Celtic 0 Dumbarton 8 (eight) Friendly 15,000

“On that day Celtic used goal nets at Parkhead for the first time and poor Tom (Duff), having presumably celebrated the New Year late if not to excess, had to retrieve the ball eleven times in a 0-8 defeat (three goals were struck off).” – Eugene MacBride

The Scottish Sport was crueller about him stating: “Duff for the day spelt his name D-U-F-F-E-R. It will take a lot of his best saving to recover the reputation lost“. 

It’s interesting that Duff never played in goal for Celts again having lost 8 goals, in a friendly, there are reports that Tom Duff was well-known as an Orangeman and had been in the Celtic team for some time that season. There is no suggestion that his affiliations had anything to do with his poor performance – and it seems the entire team had made the most of Hogmanay celebrations and weren’t taking the game against table topping Dumbarton seriously.

Apart from Cherry at halfback replacing Captain Kelly, Celts were at full strength… if not all fully compos mentis

Pasted Image 0.jpeg

Anyhoo, a seriously hungover Celtic ‘Keeper Tom Duff, paid the price for shipping 8 goals on New Year Day 1892

Celtic Team:- Duff, Reynolds, Doyle, Maley, Cherry, Dowds, McCallum, Brady, Madden, McMahon Campbell.

Dumbarton :- McLeod, Richmond, Watson, McMillan, Boyle, Lang, Thomson, Taylor, Miller, McNaught, Bell.

2nd January Third Lanark 1 Celtic 3 Friendly 8,000

 In this game it seems that former Celts’ ‘Keeper Cullen, has been recalled from Benburb and the half-back line is bolstered by two Broxburn Shamrock players.

The Scotsman – Monday, 4th January 1892, page 6

Celtic v Third Lanark – Played at Cathkin Park in favourable weather, before 6000 spectators. The Celtic played two Broxburn Shamrock players, and the Benburb goalkeeper in place of Duff. The Third Lanark substituted Love for Smith at back. The homesters played with the wind in the first half. The Celtic goalkeeper was penalised for running with the ball, but it was got away. Third Lanark scored an off-side goal, which was disallowed by Frank Watt, who refereed. The Third were forcing the play, but the Celtic kept the play in mid-field. The Volunteers played up in the most determined fashion and were sharper on the ball. The Celtic improved as the game proceeded. They had several tries at Downie in the face of a stiff breeze. Both goals were in turn briskly attacked. The Celtic were having slightly the best of the attack, and almost beat Downie. The Third scored in thirty minutes. Celtic equalised before crossing over. Half-time:- Celtic, one goal; Third, one goal. By the beginning of the second half the crowd had increased to 8000, and the exciting nature of the play caused exceptional animation. The Volunteers commenced best, and forced the Celtic back on their lines. Play, however, drifted to the centre, and then to the other end. The spirited play of the first portion was kept up and the Volunteers almost scored, and although driven back came again and were difficult to hold. In ten minutes Celtic scored after some pressure. Both goals were endangered, and play was of the fastest description. In twenty minutes the Celtic again scored cleverly. The Volunteers pressed Celtic back and almost beat the goalkeeper, but Downie was immediately afterwards called upon. The play continued of the liveliest description, McMahon showing splendid manipulation. The Broxburn men distinguished themselves by their effective stopping. The Celtic had the upper hand towards the finish. Graydon during the game had his shoulder dislocated. Result :- Celtic, three goals; Third Lanark, one goal.

Third Lanark:- 
Downie, Thomson, Love, Grayden, Murdoch, Blair, McV?, W Thomson, Johnstone, Crossan, Woodburn

Scorer:- Woodburn

Cullen (Benburb), Reynolds, Doyle, W Maley, O’Byrne (Broxburn Shamrock) , McCann (Broxburn Shamrock), McCallum, Brady, Madden, Campbell, McMahon

Scorers:- Campbell, McMahon, McCallum

Ref:- Mr Frank Watt Edinburgh

4th January Celtic 2 Rangers 0 Friendly 6,000

It seems most or all of these games are being played with a few trialists or borrowed players etc. And it’s not clear why Celtic wouldn’t attempt to use these dates to catch up on the growing backlog of league games?! 

An interesting point to note was that ex-Celt Dunbar was playing for Rangers and contrived to score an ‘own-goal’ …

Cullen (Benburb), Reynolds, Doyle, W Maley, O’Byrne (Broxburn Shamrock) , McCann (Broxburn Shamrock), McCallum, Brady, Madden, Campbell, McMahon

Scorers:- Madden, Dunbar og

Haddow, Hodge, Dunbar, Mitchell, A McCreadie, Marshall, Blyth, McPherson, Law, H McCreadie, Kerr

Ref:- Mr W T McCulloch

Pasted Image 0_1.jpeg

General Stuff…

Pope Gregory conquers Julius Caesar 

1853 Holland begins use of Gregorian calendar (yesterday was 1/1/1583)

Pasted Image 0_2.jpeg

Pope Gregory VIII with his new calendar 

1723 George Frederic Handel’s opera “Ottone” premieres at the King’s Theatre London

1808 The organizational meeting that led to the creation of the Wernerian Natural History Society, a former Scottish learned society, is held in Edinburgh.

1836 HMS Beagle with Charles Darwin reaches Sydney, Australia

Pasted Image 0_3.jpeg

1906 Football rules committee legalizes forward pass

1948 Mahatma Gandhi begins his final fast

1952 University of Tennessee admits it’s 1st black student

1959 American record company Motown is founded by Berry Gordy Jr. as Tamla Records

Tamla Motown’s First ever single 🎶by Marv Johnson 

1966 Boston Celtics coach Red Auerbach records his 1,000th NBA career victory (regular season and playoffs), 114-102 over the Los Angeles Lakers in Boston

Pasted Image 0_4.jpeg
Pasted Image 0_5.jpeg

Note: The excellent Celtic Wiki site is the font of all knowledge on things Celtic. Most of the Celtic stuff above is from that site. The guys who set it up and painstakingly keep it updated, deserve no end of credit, praise and thanks. A treasure trove for Celtic fans young and old – and new- and free to view.

Respect Bhoys!


Guest article by Saltires en Sevilla.

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We have established why the Service is needed.

What is required are Brief answers to:

What is it hoping to achieve-

How does it operate/work-

Who is behind its operation-

Once the discussion enters into the labyrinthine areas of Constitution and committees most folk turn off.

How does one simplify the educational process without boring the intended recipients?

Keep it concise. It will have to be
If part of the process of engaging with prospective members is hand outs outside the ground.

The other point I would make is that involving other clubs supporter groups has got to be in the interests of all. One glaring exception aside.

The problem there is the yoke of Old Firmism sees Celtic as much as a bad guy as The Rangers in other clubs eyes.





Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.
Thanks for the article SES. That detailed description of the Third Lanark game from The Scotsman had me laughing at one of the least informative I’ve ever seen. We attacked then they attacked then we scored then they scored then we attacked…… 😁



Check my reply to Rebus to clarify this is not an extension of Res12 which only asked UEFA investigate what happened in 2011 to allow a UEFA licence to be granted.

That is now a legacy issue except the facts that UEFA would have found have been established as result of Res12 work, but the consequences that it did not lead to SFA Reform are with us still.

When we complain about the refereeing non stop it changes nothing. Shovelling green steam.

We have a choice, keep shovelling it or dig into the cause of the steam.

Check some of the factors needed to make a Service happen under the CST at end of my reply to Rebus.

There is some stinking thinking amongst the support that has to change if the idea is to progress.

That is an uphill battle because it requires folk to revise their view of Celtic and why they offer unconditional support. That process is underway individually and if Celtic do not win the title because of refereeing which Celtic have failed to mount any challenge to that number will grow. After all what is the point if off field factors govern results.

How to overcome that would be part of any discussions with interested businessmen to get a business off the ground.

I am well aware that for folk to take an interest they need to be spoon fed reasons to do so in tea spoons.

To make this change of thinking happen it is necessary for those who know what good practice is to engage.

Without that the idea goes nowhere and we carry on arguing over green shadows in our blog caves.

One other point that might have got lost in my long reply is that supporters can speak in a language Celtic cannot because Celtic are members of SFA/SPFL with rules that stop Celtic speaking ill of the deid so to speak. One thousand would be portrayed as cranks. I have been. Sixty thousand globally is another matter.

I learned that in 2011 and where we are now is the result of experience dealing with different parties I thought were Celtic Minded in the sense thought there was an underpinning ethos that made Celtic Celtic.

Lose that and Celtic are as deid as our rivals if football fortune does not keep discontent at bay.

Your point on brevity is well understood. It is an issue to overcome but if the money was there a series of short adverts over say two weeks designed to wait for the next one might be an answer.

Bottom line is if the money isnt there nothing will happen, but to get enough interested in providing the money we need the adverts to get them interested. Catch 22.

Hence bread on the water to find ethical businesses to enable a first step to be taken.

The business case on a spreadsheet for Membership Service is there to review the contained assumptions, check the risks, and how to minimise them and make a decision what the pay off might be if enough supporters engage.

That’s how a Membership Service would come into being. It’s an elephant to be eaten one bit at a time.



On engaging with other clubs supporters I’ve been doing that via The SFSA.

There is work to be done there to change the view Celtic/Rangers supporters want all football income for themselves.

I immediately challenged that and put forward a proposal that might just have changed their thinking.

Change folks thinking and we change the world created by stinking thinking.

Life provides the opportunity every day to change what we think.



The long and winding road.
There is enough flesh on the bones of the idea,
Practicalities need to be overcome.

Benefactor(s) required.


Just wondering if my posts will be accepted…..


Bobrus Naw and get back to work 😉🍀

Jobo Baldie

Some of you on here may know Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan.
Got this wee message from him yesterday and I’m sure he won’t mind me sharing it on here. Watched the film last night and absolutely loved it – a fantastic programme that had a real ‘feel good’ vibe to it. The cine reel footage during the last 10 minutes was special too.

“Dear All — It has taken a considerable amount of time but the link below will take you to The Lions Road Documentary which tells the story of the guys who travelled to Lisbon in the Hillman Imp for the 50th anniversary of the Final against Inter. You need an hour and twenty minutes to watch it but you will see footage of the events in Lisbon 5 years ago and many of you are seen at the dinner, the mass and the stadium. It is a good wee film which I hope you enjoy as the guys put an awful lot of effort into making it and getting it out there. Of course, it tells a remarkable story, about a remarkable team and about generations of remarkable fans who changed the course of football and how it was supported. Hail Hail.”



The long and winding road.
Tell me about it. Eleven bloody years I’ve been on it. 🙂


Many thanks as usual Sir.
I’m enjoying reading of our formative years, the borrowed players needed, the smallish crowds, and of course getting hammered 8nil with a hungover keeper.
Pub teams r us!
That Third Lanark were called the Volunteers is a good future quiz question I reckon.
As Jobo says, the famous Scottish press writers were quite average back then,,,
“The spirited play of the first portion was kept up”
I doubt you’ll find that description of our games these days.

I’ll ask my basketball afficionado about Red this weekend. I’m sure that Tamla single is worth a few bob now btw.
Anyhow an enjoyable read and great start to my day which shall see shorts and t-shirts donned for a balmy 67 degrees today. Beautiful red sky last night heralded our wee warm spell.

Now the big question is,,when McGree scores shall the tannoy play ‘The Life of Riley’?

Hail Hail


We might have to set up this venture with small support then attempt to grow it.
The huge numbers won’t be there upon inception, and people like to know what they’re getting into bed with.
While I do dream big, sometimes you must start at the bottom and work your way up.

As far as communication goes, it’s my belief most prefer bullet points as far as getting the message across goes. A brief 30 second video showing and explaining why the CMS (Celtic Membership Service) is needed and should be joined might be a good idea.
A slogan is needed though, and something along the lines of ‘together stronger’ or ‘strength in numbers’.

The initial investment could be the easiest part, handing over some wedge is easy. The rest certainly isnt.

Keep it up.
Hail Hail

A thing of beauty

Happy Birthday to Cosy Corner Bhoy. We shall celebrate being together again at the football very soon. 💚☘️
Happy Birthday to ACGR junior also.
I am at work and shall take time to read SES article later. Always an education.


Happy birthday to Cosy Corner Bhoy indeed.
May it be a good one.



I like CMS but should it be CSMS? Celtic Supporter Membership Service.

My skills are more analytical and setting out facts ( that is why Phil gets involved as a journalist to reduce 5 pages to one).

This headline is subject to that constraint but its a starter for ten.

Scottish football is corrupt. Celtic cannot change it, but Celtic supporters can.


Would you like to know more?

followed by bullet points of evidence.

Perhaps others can have a go at providing their bullet points or provide an alternative header?

In my work management I was a great believer in team working.
I’ve just realised I got my suggestion from Starship Troopers but this all about supporters doing their part intit? 🙂


How much of a risk is MN taking by backing Ange in the transfer market?

The test case was the summer window. Any new manager gets to choose his one big incoming, even Mowbray got that! So, Ange got Kyogo. He also got low risk loans CCV and Jota. Yes, he was permitted to add JJ and GG at low cost. One has been a success and the other may make a contribution, probably as a sub.

The key to MN’s strategy is the flagship signing. If that works out, everything else is covered. There are various reports of Kyogo’s fee, say 4-5 million but probably after certain performance “goals” are met…..appearances etc. On the evidence so far, Kyogo has been an outstanding success. In a short time, he has shown that Celtic could at least, triple his fee. This covers off the expenditures on JJ, GG, and the three J League players. JJ will probably turn a profit as well and, at the least and worst, Maeda will fetch a Lyndon Dykes level fee if he moves to a middling Championship club. In the round, MN is taking virtually no financial risk, plus he is putting a competitive team on the park.

On top of this, we have the Jota situation where he is available for circa 6 million. Assuming his current injury is not a habitual one, he is easily worth double that. Yes, something is going right in both the finance and football departments.

If the other J League players take off on a Kyogo like trajectory, then the Board needs to double Ange’s salary……he has already covered off that increased cost.

It would be interesting to see if the Australian and Japanese uptake in CelticTV has been impacted, or if there is greater interest in the SPL in those countries.

Eddie Howe did us a favour.


big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM and SOL, great post again saltires, memory lane,cathkin park im sure my late uncle packy took me there for a game in the sixties,👍 saltires could you do a piece on Joe mcbride, he was my hero growing up in glenboig in the sixties.👍

big packy


Prestonpans bhoys

Hoopy birthday to CCB and ACGR junior


Superb article again Saltires 👏 (hope you’re back Monday for the footy restarting)

Happy Birthday to CCB and to ACGR Jnr hope you both have had a fine day


New sport science chap on board
Craig (@CraigCelt) Tweeted: Celtic have added Antoine Ortega to their Sports Science team after he was granted a work permit.

Ortega has been brought in to assist with player recruitment and opposition analysis.

Antoine has worked for Benfica on a consultancy basis and is the founder of @DunkTheData https://twitter.com/CraigCelt/status/1481233558798745600?s=20

big packy

SORRY, that was for wee joan she wasnt feeling great today, so i thought id cheer her up, it was supposed to be puppy love by donny osmond her favourite, but once again ive fecked up, SORRY JOAN and SORRY POSTERS,

Sol Kitts

Happy birthday Cosy Corner Bhoy. Have a good one 🍺🍺🥃🥃
I don’t think I know ACGR Jr, but happy birthday to you too.

Sol Kitts

Big Packy
Sorted it for you.

big packy

SOL thanks pal, your a star joan says she should have married you as im hopeless😎😎


What did they feed them in Maryhill 😃

St.Anthony (@Stephen4_2) Tweeted: A very young Tommy Burns lining up for Maryhill juniors, front row second right, in 1974. There is another player in there who made the Celtic first time. Can you guess who it is ? https://t.co/OE6qp55qCG https://twitter.com/Stephen4_2/status/1481339875160961032?s=20

A thing of beauty

If reports are to be believed and Riley McCree has chosen to go to Middlesbrough then there is no loss. I say it all the time, playing for Celtic takes guts and a level of self belief few possess. If a player decides that’s not for them, it’s probably the correct decision for us and them. I doubt Ange will forget though!!

Evening all.

A wee bit of Tommy 🙂


Nite all



Craig back row second from left Joackie Thomson (he became Maryhill Juniors manager later on) Second from right Jackie McKenna

Front row First from left (Jonesy) John Jones, second from left ex-celt Jim Casey, third from left might be Johnjo Hughes, some of the others I recognize but can’t name them.

SES another good read top man.

Belated birthday wishes to CCB and ACGR hope you had a class day bhoys




Happy Birthday to CCB and ACGR Jnr


Thanks for the replies and comments yesterday, apologies for the delay, the family was hit by this dreaded lurgy and I had a few chores as a result.

Auldheid @ January 11, 6:14 pm

It is something on those lines that I had in mind and to that extent have put the feelers out to folk working in the professions that I’ve met or dealt with on the Res12 journey.

Casting bread on the water, hoping for a nibble in effect. If we want a professionally run service then folk with a professional background, who are good Tims and at the end of the day are the professional product of a Catholic education growing up that goes back to the time Marist brothers started the education process in Glasgow in 1858.

That education over the generations has produced today’s professionals and though they might be earning a bob or two more than those not working in a profession, they are still blood of our blood, bone of our bone who are as fervent a Tim as the next guy.

I got the idea from talking to a Tim lawyer who would love to have got more involved than he was able but was still very helpful.

What is required is an agreement on a Vision for Celtic that we would all work towards to make a reality.

Find out how far Celtic reflect our vision as supporters, which requires Celtic to share theirs with us, then establish what activities by both parties will help make that vision a reality.

Activities that do not help Celtic become true to that vision are dropped, take lower priority or are conducted in such a fashion they align with or do not damage the vision/goal or divide the support, which cannot happen if the vision is a shared one.

You suggest what that vision might be in football terms but Celtic are not defined solely by the football we play. Celtic profess to be more than a club, it is time they with the support and encouragement of the support ,started to act like it.

Yes, totally agree, the more than a Club thing is hugely important but we have to be careful what that entails. It is my belief the Celtic Board used this to further hidden agendas and feather their own nests.

With the membership service utilising the football and excellence and facilities around it as a focus, it is a way of getting the buy in necessary. There may be other ways of course and that decision will be made by wiser fholk than I.

My thoughts were this though – what has united supporters over the last few years? And although there has been anger over the lack of justice for old Rangers and the scurrilous way things were manipulated to create Newco Rangers, that anger has abated into banal banter.

You of course know more than most how difficult it is to get the support behind a just cause.

So my feeling was that Lenny’s return as manager and the wholly unprofessional way we went about our business under him was something that got to the vast majority of supporters, certainly the ones I talked to.

Of course it doesn’t have to be limited in any way, and can grow organically in many ways.

You very eloquently tell the tale of the growth of professionals within our community and how the membership service needs their expertise, imo you are spot on.

Yet they’ll need a vision and goals from day one to focus on.

Pushing for high professional standards in the Board room to contrast the indolent approach of big Pedro’s regime is a cause we can get behind.

We could see set goals and see milestones achieved. That would bring in new members in. The Seville global Celtic feel good factor was a high point for us – it’s legacy was wasted.

A service that could be part of driving us forward to a new Seville, would surely catch the imagination of the support.

Of course what I’d eventually like to see is such a membership service with a powerful stakeholding and shareholding so that the more than just a Club ethos is engrained throughout Celtic.

Hail Hail



“A service that could be part of driving us forward to a new Seville, would surely catch the imagination of the support.”

Yet this was achieved at the time in spite of the cheating at home by our rival, fully endorsed by officialdom on and off the park.

A season in which nothing was won, and a league was denied by dubious means.
Another Seville would be very welcome but as things stand is a by product for me,

The real crux for me is a football environment that offers a platform of fairness and equality, where scrutiny of officials is because of their competence not their cherished allegiances.
Where good governance is about administering transparency in the sport with honesty and integrity.

Clean out the stables first.

If this happens Sevilles can hopefully follow.


I should clarify that I’m not dismissing nor denigrating the huge lift our March to Seville gave everyone associated with the club.

I am suggesting it was a distraction away from the clear injustices we were experiencing at home.