Les Miserables-Part Two


To conclude my summary of the transfer window to date is really to pin our hopes on our new Japanese Bhoys who along with Kyogo make up a quartet now coming to a small and strange nation. While Kyogo of course settled in right away,that each of them has a friendly face or three around should make the transition easier. 

However,that is not without its potential pitfalls. We have recently had four young Frenchmen at the club,and the rumours of a dressing room clique developing were too strong to ignore. Dembele was the first to arrive,and was joined the following year by Ntcham and Edouard. In fairness to Dembele,the only problems we had with him during his first two years were with his hamstrings. But as soon as his first two seasons were up,he made it clear that he had no desire to hang around. 

Now in his third season at Lyon,I think their fans have yet to see the best of him. 

With Ntcham,he was with us for four seasons. From an almighty high in his first season at Celtic Park to becoming a peripheral forgotten man by the end of his tenure,I doubt any of us were sorry to see the back of him. He has a hard job in front of him to rebuild his career,and the early signs at his new club are far from encouraging. I’d like to say that I wish him well,but frankly I can’t bring myself to do that. He was,in the main,a waste of a jersey for three seasons with us. If he is honest with himself,he will know that. But I suspect that his shocking attitude to the game for those three seasons will prove too difficult a malaise for him to overcome. He is too set in his ways to rediscover his love for the game,to raise his game to the previous high standards which came so naturally to him. 

Edouard is a strange one altogether. He joined us mainly with a view to rehabilitation after some ridiculous daft boayishness while on loan from his parent club,PSG. Initially also on loan with us,we dithered somewhat in moving for his permanent transfer and that saw us paying a higher fee than the one agreed on during the loan. But £9m was cheap by any standards for a player of his quality,a quality that screamed for attention during his first three seasons. But his final season,as we were going for the ten,was simply a disgrace. 

Talk about Le Sulk?!!! He clearly didn’t want to be here,and he didn’t care who knew it. And as a result,his market value fell like a stone,which can be seen by the fact that he is at Crystal Palace and not Manchester United. He has struggled a bit there-despite a flying start-and is surely struggling to raise his game from the disinterested levels of last season. Will he get there,back to a level which can have the bigger clubs once again sniffing round him? Well,frankly I don’t give a damn. His final year trashed all the good memories of him,in my opinion. Palace are welcome to him. 

Last but not least is Jullien,who didn’t join us until our Nine In A Row season. That first season,once again,gave us high hopes for the new Frenchman in our side. He was terrific-mainly-that year,but his performances in the first few months of last season echoed those of his fellow Frenchmen. I don’t think that is a coincidence,and is the main point of this article. While he hasn’t been seen for over a year due to a knee injury,his performances towards the end hardly make him a miss for the team. He has been readily replaced,and will find it difficult to get his place back or achieve a transfer elsewhere. Tough!

I think then that AP will do well to ensure that his four Japanese players don’t become TOO supportive of each other. The good thing,of course,is that Japanese culture has no history of such behaviour,no assuming that the world owes them a living and is lucky to have them. I’m looking forward to them knuckling down,integrating themselves into the team and the dressing room and installing themselves in the hearts of the supporters as much as their compatriot Kyogo has already done. We are getting closer to the day when we will finally see them on the pitch,where we can judge for ourselves. If they can settle in as quickly and as successfully as Kyogo,we will have won a watch. 

And I have no doubt that we have!


Above article by BMCUWP

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The Lions Roar

Appallingly written garbage.

You waste an entire article and our time by talking about guys who aren’t even at the club by comparing the ‘possibility’ of our three new signings to their failures, then write at the end, like the good little closet racist that you are, that Japanese culture is nothing like French culture!

You’re a fuckin idiot, Gillen, a disgrace to the Celtic support.

You’re writing these either drunk or hungover, aren’t you?

Best admit it, as it’s the only excuse you have left, you blabbering fuckin donkey.



Unnecessary ad hominem attack.
Such anger and hatred.
It’s an opinion , compare and contrast piece ya Dunderheid.

Racism?!? Get a grip. Perceived Arrogance v Humility has nothing to do with racism.

Says more about you I guess.

St tams

Can’t say that I agree re. Julien.
When match fit , I would expect him to replace Starfelt.


!Morning all…the French Bhoys offered so much but ultimately gave us disappointment and frustration…but when they were on form they were incredible! If the Samurai give us the same entertainment. and the signs from Kyogo along with the video reviews of the others’ careers so far are promising, it could be one helluva second half of the season. It’s hard not to get excited about it but as Celtic have taught us over the years…be wary!!
TLR…FFS mate, do one!!


St Tams…I agree but I have ma doots aboot Julien, I’m still to be convinced he’s the guy we need to sort us out!

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.
I still feel that I’m relatively new to this site and haven’t yet got a feel for all of the various posters. I don’t recall seeing anything previously from The Lions Roar but first impressions aren’t encouraging! Surely you could have given your opinion without the aggressive angry add ons.
I understand Jullien and our new signings all featured in a closed door friendly against St Mirren yesterday. If Jullien is fully recovered we will have a pretty decent any 2 from 4 option for centre back with Carter Vickers, Welsh and Starfelt (in that order 😁)


Morning Jobo, I hope you’re well! TLR has a history of personal attacks on BMCUWP. The vitriol is embarrassing, unnecessary and unprovoked. My gut feeling is TLR is an auld burd of Bobby’s that mibbe got left at the altar…there’s no other logical explanation! 🤨 😁


Craig…from yesterday who was the other Celt in the Maryhill team photie?

Jobo Baldie

McCaff, thanks for the info. Housework time….


CFC @ 6:12 am,

“A service that could be part of driving us forward to a new Seville, would surely catch the imagination of the support.”

Yet this was achieved at the time in spite of the cheating at home by our rival, fully endorsed by officialdom on and off the park.

A season in which nothing was won, and a league was denied by dubious means.
Another Seville would be very welcome but as things stand is a by product for me,

The real crux for me is a football environment that offers a platform of fairness and equality, where scrutiny of officials is because of their competence not their cherished allegiances.
Where good governance is about administering transparency in the sport with honesty and integrity.

Clean out the stables first.

If this happens Sevilles can hopefully follow.

Of course you have a sound point that was well made and you cement my point about fans prioritises.

Yet consider this, since Seville we’ve had the Dallas affair, we’ve had the Dougie Dougie affair, we’ve had Rangers industrial scale cheating being exposed.

We had a heavy hitting national politician speaking out about these things as Chairmen of Celtic, we had a manager highly respected throughout the UK call for Professional officials.

We had mountains of evidence of wrong doing presented by some brave broadcasters, journalists and talented bloggers and traiil blazers.

It mattered not a jot. Water off the proverbial ducks back.

None of those things served to change Scottish football, it just reinforced the cheats charter.

I can see no way that a group of Celtic supporters are going to change that, we can only change what’s our response, by being better, by being above it.

Domestic baubles count for nothing, outwith being a pathway to Europe they are of little value. When you add the fact that Scottish football is a duopoly based on sectarianism, then the problems becomes self evident.

Yet many Celtic fans wallow in this, I’d have a Seville season over a worthless Scottish League Championship every season.

The old firm mindset allowed Big Pedro to waste years of Club development from Seville to the lost ten in a row.

During the Seville season we had a great manager with a great team and a Club with vision.

Last season we had rank amateurs running a bloated squad with shrink fit jerseys and a fan base whose expectations had been managed to get their kicks from old firm banter and beating new Rangers as the Holy Grail.

We need to leave the parochial stuff behind, it’s the only way we disregard the cheats charter and truly become more than a Club.

Hail Hail


McCaff this was ASWGL reply to my post


Craig back row second from left Joackie Thomson (he became Maryhill Juniors manager later on) Second from right Jackie McKenna

Front row First from left (Jonesy) John Jones, second from left ex-celt Jim Casey, third from left might be Johnjo Hughes, some of the others I recognize but can’t name them.

SES another good read top man.

Belated birthday wishes to CCB and ACGR hope you had a class day bhoys


January 12, 2022 10:10pm

Colour Blind Bhoy

Good morning everyone.

BMCUW, really interesting article Bobby and one that has got me thinking.

Each of our French players had exceptional moments for us with all of them scoring really special and important goals versus our Glasgow rivals.

Julien has never disappointed me (although his low availability for selection is frustrating) but the other 3 all had their highs and lows.

I’m less concerned about having 4 Japanese players in the dressing room though and I’ll explain why.

Firstly, when our French players were around my opinion is we had bigger issues in our dressing room, more cliques and factions than is healthy and that this worsened when Neil Lennon replaced Brendan Rodgers.

Secondly, I sense that Ange is a super team builder and will be much more acutely aware of there being an all for one and one for all culture amongst the players.

And finally, I’ve looked at how well Kyogo has integrated with the rest of the squad, how motivated he is and how much they all seem to love him. If the other players have similar characteristics I’m confident all will be ok.

PS, looking like we could be back to 5 subs from Monday?



I doubt we can leave the parochialism behind, the small minded thinking , whilst we are in the grip of the provincialism of competing in an insular market that is skewed by, at the very least, a strong dislike of our club.

I maintain that European success, in terms of getting to another Seville and hopefully winning, is a distraction to the major structural problems that exist at home, where reform is the issue.



Very good article there is no doubt the attitude of young talented Western Europeans is very different from their Japanese counterparts.

We can learn so much from them.

Yet I can’t help thinking Celtic’s corporate and dysfunctional approach to managing footballers played a large part.

Footballers are not simply assets in a trading exchange to be acquired and disposed off.

If we had managed their careers better followed a win win philosophy and had an integrated squad things would have been very different for our French contingent.

Ange will have a good understanding of Japanese culture and their indefatigable ways.

We return to the season with a tough match on Monday but it should be a cracker, Europe and another treble to play for.

CFC @ 10:18 am

I doubt we can leave the parochialism behind, the small minded thinking , whilst we are in the grip of the provincialism of competing in an insular market that is skewed by, at the very least, a strong dislike of our club.

I maintain that European success, in terms of getting to another Seville and hopefully winning, is a distraction to the major structural problems that exist at home, where reform is the issue.

Scottish football is not going to reform soon in my opinion.

Rangers in the nineties destroyed Scottish football as a national and competitive sport, and let’s face it, it had its faults before then.

The ex-first minister Hendry Mcleish did a report 2010 that was given lip service until the Rangers crisises and Scottish football was bent out of shape to accommodate one Club or two;)

Fact remains Celtic are in their own furrow, yet we have the potential to be the biggest and best Club in Scotland and a make a splash in Europe.

We’ll see…

Hail Hail

Son Of Gabriel

Sorry BMCUWP, have to disagree on Edouard’s last season ruining the happy memories
You can use stats however you like, so I’ll use them to say this; he scored 22 in 40 last season. Not bad for someone “disinterested” – particularly with the shambles going on around him.

Body language is overstated in some athletes. We’ll likely never know how we behaved behind the scenes, but he didn’t sour my memories.

On Jullien; I think he is creating an interesting divide in the support in advance of his return; some are overstating his likely impact while many seem to think he’s just someone whos lightweight, injury prone, and won’t be as good as he was before anyway.

I’m somewhere in the middle – think he’s a slow starter, the type who gets a few games to look up to scratch – which may not help us off the bat, but think if he is 90% of the player he was prior to injury will be excellent to have in there.

Son Of Gabriel

Methinks the Lions Roar didn’t enjoy the article.



Some would say they share the same old Firm furrow.
Being the biggest and best of two shouldn’t be too onerous a task.


Good afternoon from The Old Ship Bank.

It’s pandemonium here. Roads closed, fake snow and Yellow Gotham City taxis everywhere.

They are filming Batgirl seemingly 🤔🤔

Wonder if they need any Ricky Gervais types ( Extras !!!)


I thought Elton John was The Rocket Man but seems this TLR fella has different ideas. !!!!!!!

HH 🍀🍀🍀


CFC @ 11:49 am

Some would say they share the same old Firm furrow.

Being the biggest and best of two shouldn’t be too onerous a task.

Yes, I didn’t express that at all well.

They of course share an old firm farrow but we are big enough and have the history to cut our own path.

Leave Rangers and their ways and means and placemen behind from Barnes to O’Neil it is possible.

Hail Hail



I think you have it back to front and have missed an important point about sorting out the cheating.

Celtic had no appetite to do it with serious intent. In fact the 5WA gives reasons to understand why, Celtic are part of the problem.Thus the task is to give them an appetite.

Celtic also have no appetite for doing what is needed to make Celtic a club that is truly competitive in Europe and on that score they will always be limited by not having the financial clout of our rivals on that stage.

That is a reality that is hard to dispute and in any case failure to raise standard will naturally lead to discontent of a level that has forced a change since last season by putting football considerations first.

However the reality of the corruption is awash with evidence.

When Celtic are faced by 1000 organised shareholders at most under the CST they treat them like the French guards looking down on the Python knights.


” I fart in your general direction”

Surround the castle with 30,000 knights paying a £1
a month just to surround the castle, raising £360,000 pa, That is enough to run the Service and leave a growing fund to mount legal challenge and the means of being listened to is built. With professional full time leadership capable of mounting campaigns for fair governance, is not a priority of the CST as has clearly been demonstrated and the means of accountability to achieve footballing ends no more exists than fair governance.

Is a 1p a month too much to ask supporters to take a punt on to make Celtic accountable to them using their numbers , the financial clout they have and Company Law to remind Directors of their responsibilities ?



OoO mate.


Photo emerges of McCaffs back garden after 1st sentinal celt night-shift during lockdown

Celticbars (@celticbars) Tweeted: I was only 16 when they stopped the carry oots at the games so never experienced it, but this is an astonishing amount of empties. https://t.co/XYOf09ghly https://twitter.com/celticbars/status/1481340794946609152?s=20


The Lions Roar

Looking forward to your leader,your article that puts your opinions out there for everyone to enjoy and analyse.

We all have different opinions and this is a forum provided to express them.

Personal attacks and vindictive language to someone willing to take the time and energy to evoke debate is just not necessary and extremely rude.




Meeting up with BRRB next Wednesday so this could be beaten 😜😜😜

Anyone else more than welcome to join us, would love to see you 👍👍👍

HH 🍀🍀🍀

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Many thanks to all for the birthday wishes yesterday. I had a great day with the majority of the family and lots of lovely presents, most of them related to the Celtic😁😁!
Haven’t read a thing of today’s blog as the ironing has piled up.
‘ Do you think it’s your birthday? That was yesterday!’ Mrs CCB😃



No more signings this window unless something surprising happens we go with what we have.

bada bing1

AP has told Griffiths to look for opportunities elsewhere.


Further Tory revelations- it took Boris 25 minutes into his meeting with Jennifer Arcuri before he realised that he was not getting any IT lessons 😄


Morning all, some good reading, thanks.

Bobby I do agree with the jist of your article. The French were the wrong choice if truth be told. If we are going to assemble a pool of foreigners, then Japan is a good choice.

I actually think you took it easy on that lazy sumbitch Eddy. 20 goals is the bare minimum we should receive from Sellics main striker.
30 is a good season, 40 a great season, and 50 is exceptional. I will repeat my assertion Big Kris Ajer was the best player to leave in the summer.

I shall be a little upset when the footy returns, I’m quite enjoying the talk of a supporter membership service. It must continue alongside the games.

Happy day of Thor my fellow Asgardians

Can’t comment on our signings as never heard or seen before,time will tell.
They have come over to play for Ange who happens to be the Celtic coach,i hope we are not putting our eggs in one basket.
Would have liked to pick up a couple of players from Scotland or down south…………….According to the news Ange is finished buying.
Don’t know what his problem is with five subs especially with the pandemic hanging around like a bad smell.



It currently looks like we now have a 25 man squad with cover in every position.
Signing anyone else would be a bonus.

Priorities for me would be securing Jota and CCV.

You mention the five subs reintroduction, does Ange have an issue with that? Haven’t seen anything. Surely 5 subs helps us more than most?


And moving on Barkas Bolingoli Soro Ajeti Griffiths should have cash flow benefits.

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM and SOL, so no more signings, think maybe big pete is still in the room, another true story,

big packy

BOBBY, have you heard from mike in toronto, he has not been on for a while,mike if your lurking let us know you are ok,👍


What positions do we need to strengthen?
We now have a 25 man plus squad. Cover in every position.
Some not perfect but logistics and economics dictate how much we can spend.
Arguably centre back but if Julien is about to return like the Prodigal Son that is unlikely.

We go with what we’ve got.

big packy

just had a wee peak on the other channel, talking about paul mcstay versus peter grant ,now i loved peter grant think he came from the same neck of the woods as me, but sorry paul mcstay was the better footballer, remember watching him in a england scotland game at wembley, well i think it was wembley, he stole the show,,another true story👍 should have said schoolboy game,👍


b p

The Maestro was 15 in a 4-3 win I think.
A guy called Paul Rideout played for England, went to Huns in 90’s I think.


Good evening all from the Laurieston Bar, great Guinness and a proper pub.


It was 5-4 to Scotland, Rideout scored a hat tick for England.
McStay was standout player though.

Thanks to Google

big packy

CFC cheers pal👍

big packy

BRRB, is there room for me and jimthetim53 😎


BP of course mate. And you’re buying. Another true story. 😜🤣


b p
Brought back great memories.
Could see he was a player.
Playing with his head up, straight backed always looking for a pass.

Someone posted on cqn re Ange against five subs,i think there was a comment from him.



Surprised by that.
Would have thought given our intensity of play and squad depth that relaxation would benefit us.

big packy

BRRB, no jim is buying😎😎,another not true story😎


BP 🤣🤣

big packy

CFC dont know what age you are, but my idol growing up was Joe mcbride, loved him unfortunitely that injury put him back, but along came wullie wallace fae hearts, who used to score quite a few goals against us as a hearts player, he soon fitted in, jock stein knew a player, loved them both.,another true story👍