No, but yes

Twelve clubs with a squad and a pitch, 11 men each on the day with three subs max, play spread over three quarters of a year, a bunch of refs and a rule book,,viola anything can happen, and usually does.
The basics of our pastime, we are so very used to, we enjoy it so much we annually long for the cycle to begin again.


The season started that way, and now at the halfway stage it’s tinker time.
Changing the rules halfway through is so very unsporting,
It’s very Scottish football.


5 subs it is then from any of the nine available, the matchday squad now up to a whopping twenty players. Twenty players!
There’s often fewer available once injuries kick in at our giant with it’s B team needing numbers also, obviously the same scenario across the city.


I can imagine smaller clubs simply making up the extra numbers with youth which might sound great for a kid to be in the matchday squad however a bench is no substitute for the lower level football where he could be playing and learning his trade.
Earning a first team spot has been diluted, literally. Knowing stories of Chairmen, he probably won’t get a bonus for making the matchday squad, sorry son news rules and all that.


Covid is of course at the heart of the issue, but please forgive me for being sceptical. More players offer more options.
More options means more chance you can influence the game in your favour.
No manager would turn that down, but then some clubs did.


It’s also very Scottish football to be split on the issue, quarter against as a matter of fact. A small voting block now established, and I think we all know who’s the leader of the pack. This kinda pours scorn on the Covid rationale, and helps me believe finishing positions was the main driver in this vote.
It’s really not important though, what’s done is done, it’s five subs from here on.
I’ll state for the record I’m surprised such an important decision did not require a unanimous vote,,changing rules mid season is no small matter.


So based on principle, the silly numbers of extra players now added, the prospect of stoppages then added time getting ridiculous, throw in a dollop of tradition and I must say no, I don’t agree and would not have voted for this change.




When you give it some thought, there are possible benefits from a Celtic perspective.
Ange wanted it, more strings to his bow of course he did. Livingston would much prefer only three fresh problems to nullify, Ange has five ways to change that game now.


Why would our title rivals vote against the measure when they also gain an extra two options for victory? To hurt others via less options for victory against them or ,, well it can’t be sporting integrity so what’s the alternative? Traditionalists? It’s an option and Lord knows they love repeating history, but there was no statement to deliver that viewpoint to their support so I must discount it.


Let’s face it, we do have options now. Our match day twenty (Jock used to look at 12 men 11 plus a sub now it’s almost double, he would be incredulous) is the finest in the land, we can fill ‘all’ those seats in the dugout (are there enough for this malarkey?) more than likely without dipping into the youth but with true first team ready players.


Easing a player into the side just became a lot easier, many a man would have gotten a run out only all three substitutes had been made. Now the manager can actually plan to give a final fifteen to Big Jules for three games in a row before contemplating a half.
Now Kyogo can win us the game and sit back, literally.
The extra two replacements offer many different options, so it’s understandable teams top and bottom envisage a benefit, not a muddle of too many bodies.


I can’t refute the fact that witnessing 16 players represents better value than witnessing 14, there’s two extra opportunities for a new hero to emerge, and the viewer has a higher chance of witnessing an impact from the bench later in the game to help stretch the excitement, so there are a few benefits.


For once I shall sympathize with the nations sportswriters who face the prospect of rating 32 players out of ten, but then again they’ve another four possible post match interviews available.
As far as I know the hacks aren’t coming down on this decision, therefore they are backing it. I wonder why?
Realized GVB needs as many chances as possible to win? Sounds about right to me.


So okay it’s a Yes then also.


My final words on the subject, the kitman better get a pay raise.

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A sensible decision for once by our governing body, so should be welcomed as a progressive move in a congested second half to the season.
Given our enlarged squad this is a benefit.
As you point out those needing game time can be introduced much more readily.

Is the restriction of three opportunities to make the substitutions still in place?

Interestingly also sets a precedent for mid term rule change.

Old dirty
โค u Garrybhoy xxx


2 more sleeps as per Jobo,looking forward to seeing our new players in action as well as the regulars!
Sky bet doing an offer on the man today
Bet as little as 5p and get a free ยฃ5bet.
Cheers for the link to “lions on the road”enjoyed very much, was great to see lisbon and Fatima again..

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.
Not sure whether today’s article was from Mahe or BMCUW but, no matter, it’s another one to get us all talking! After my weekly ParkRun of course. Must dash…


I believe its the same rules as before with the subs, you can only stop the game 3 times to make changes.
Changes made at halftime obviously don’t count towards a stoppage



Thanks for the info.
At least there is no greater disruption.

Enjoyed the u 15 Scotland England video.
McStay Sludden and Dick the pick of the Scots.

Rideout was a big unit even then.

Gordon Strachan hated the rule of 3 under 23’s having to be in the squad in his time because he thought they hadn’t earned their place by right. The 5 sub rule reminds me of that and as the writer of the piece says the added on time now at the end of games could get silly. Imagine being at Ibrox or Pittodrie with a slender lead and under bags of pressure and trying to hold on for a win, the extra subs means you’ve longer to hang on and maybe the extra time added on means you can’t or didn’t hold on to that slender lead. Of course just because we can use 5 subs it doesn’t mean we have to use them all but I think most managers will use their full quota to try and influence games or protect their more valuable assets. It’s a difficult subject and I’m not sure I like the rule that much, it’s strange that it’s coming in the middle of the season also and if it had been in from the outset it wouldn’t have helped us as we were down to the bare bones with injuries anyway. If Ange likes the idea though who are we to disagree as he’s got most things right this season. I wish Ange and the side the best of luck for the rest of the season and hopefully we can win the league and even if we don’t we’ve come a hell of a long way in a short space of time considering the shitshow he walked into. I had written this season off after the collapse of last year so even closing the gap would’ve been great, there’s a belief in us all now that we might just win it and that’s down to the manager. The board lucked out with this guy not only is he a good manager he’s honest, has integrity he gets what Celtic is all about, he’s galvanised the club with the support and he takes no shit from our smsm. Although I think this board owes us big time and are probably still not worthy as incumbents they’ve backed the manager so they deserve a bit of credit particularly Michael Nicholson, that said one swallow doesn’t make a summer and it’s the very least they could do.

St tams

Agree that this should not be happening mid season.
I saw an interview with Ange at the beginning of the season , where he said he wasn’t in favour of 5 subs, due to continual disruption and the possible changing of half the outfield players, completely dirupts the team itself.


It’s a no brainier to welcome 5 subs. Celtic will benefit.
Some are reluctant to change rules mid season. Why not?
I’d have thought that 5 subs would be welcome down Ibrox way, but no. More self harming by the berrzz.
As Aulheid says, “We’ll see.”


Afternoon all…I’m sneaking a wee word in before Mahe sees me on this page! ๐Ÿ˜ฒ
The 5 Subs rule is a great thing if used correctly. It allows options to change a full system if required. It also, during a comfortable game gives time to players who would otherwise be benchwarmers. The 3-change rule would still apply so the time added at the end shouldn’t change significantly – one of the criteria in allowing the 5 subs in the first place. It’s accepted that Covid can lead to lethargy and tiredness. We have players, most notably CalMac who play an extraordinary amount of games, this should permit Celtic to shave off some minutes that he mibbe wouldn’t be able to in other circumstances. It’s got to be regarded as a good thing.


On a different subject I see Shaun Malomey has finally cleared up the roles of Kennedy and Strachan. JK writes and delivers the sessions and – wait for it…Strachan is the set-play guy! Strachan must be seeing a different game from me – our set plays are rotten!!


Good afternoon Celts… Hope everything is OK in the hood.

Once again apologising for a late response. Got the dreaded lurgy and now in isolation:1

Auldheid @ January 13, 12:48 pm

I think you have it back to front and have missed an important point about sorting out the cheating.

Celtic had no appetite to do it with serious intent. In fact the 5WA gives reasons to understand why, Celtic are part of the problem.Thus the task is to give them an appetite.

Celtic also have no appetite for doing what is needed to make Celtic a club that is truly competitive in Europe and on that score they will always be limited by not having the financial clout of our rivals on that stage.

That is a reality that is hard to dispute and in any case failure to raise standard will naturally lead to discontent of a level that has forced a change since last season by putting football considerations first.

However the reality of the corruption is awash with evidence.

When Celtic are faced by 1000 organised shareholders at most under the CST they treat them like the French guards looking down on the Python knights.

โ€ I fart in your general directionโ€

Surround the castle with 30,000 knights paying a ยฃ1
a month just to surround the castle, raising ยฃ360,000 pa, That is enough to run the Service and leave a growing fund to mount legal challenge and the means of being listened to is built. With professional full time leadership capable of mounting campaigns for fair governance, is not a priority of the CST as has clearly been demonstrated and the means of accountability to achieve footballing ends no more exists than fair governance.

Is a 1p a month too much to ask supporters to take a punt on to make Celtic accountable to them using their numbers , the financial clout they have and Company Law to remind Directors of their responsibilities ?

Yes, I’d be more than happy to join the membership service and pay subs.

My point on the corruption in a Scottish football is its endemic and ubiquitous – it was interesting to see the officials cheating in the last months of the BR era, refs like Madden, Dallas Jr etc just brazen, it was almost like a badge of honour to cheat so blatantly, what was it four penalties in one game!?

We seen it with the refs strike with Campbell Ogilvie on Rangers oldco newco. Brazen cheating that almost has a self righteous zeal about it.

With all due respect how do you tackle that.

Our CEO was paid a fortune for years to run secret agendas and black ops – against fans, players, managers whomever.

He left and we improve greatly, what does that tell us of how Celtic were run for the best part of the 21st century!?

His Board is still in place and our partial owner still rules the roost, that’s on the odd occasion he shows any interest.

30,000 Celtic fans paying subs and buying shares and making the Board accountable sounds fantastic.

Yet how to engage them, that’s where my thoughts on content, professionalism and fitbaw came into it. A rising tide raises all boats and that was my thinking.

To tackle the endemic corruption it’s a must but how do you go about it?

Yet as I say, count me in on your way forward.

You know how a journey of a thousand miles starts;)

Hail Hail


Chairbhoy and Auldheid (when you come on)…I never consider the possibility of anything costing a quid a month, unfortunately all of my monthly DDs are signoficantly more than that, but the figures of 30000 fans paying a quid a month to keep an Official Fans’ Organisation in the black makes absolute perfect sense! The scale membership model of the CST is off-putting to me but I understand why its there but this ยฃ30k x 12 per annum is a great idea that should be pursued with real vigour. How, though, remains the conundrum!

bada bing1
big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, mcaff dont you ever sleep๐Ÿ˜Ž send the wee dug doon to essex im still at sol kitts hoose, im detemined to get in๐Ÿ˜ŽBTW, jim would not know one end of a french horn from the other, no jim plays the spoons in the larkhall symphony orchestra, im just looking at one of his cds as we speak, jim on the front cover union jack shorts on what a cool dude, on the back a picture of an,old orange sash, it looks like it was made in 1690๐Ÿ˜Ž lets have a look at the tunes, the sash my father wore, derrys walls, the green grassy slopes of the boyne, bliddy hell jim how can you play all them with the spoons, but here is the best part, buy one and you get 55 free๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž another true story.


McCaff @ 12:43 PM,

Yes, that’s for wiser heids than me. Let’s hope enough talented Celtic supporting professionals heed the call and enough bods like ourselves join up.

Hail Hail


“British police accused of โ€œcollusive behavioursโ€ in 19 loyalist murders in Ireland | Morning Star”


Tommy McQuillan @ 10:04 AM,

Good interesting post this morning in response to Mahe’s lead.

You have to think the five sub rule is going to favour the Clubs with the bigger squads.

Yet it also favours those who want to change the game. Ange prefers to play the same strategy all the way through.

If a team gets ahead of us they can bring on a whole new defence and park the bus, alternatively if we are winning by a small margin go offensive for the last ten minutes at our tired defence.

It”s an interesting dynamic but overall we should be able to use it to our advantage.

Resting our greatest talents away to the hammer throwers to give others a chance and development opportunities could be massive for our progress.

Another Ralston in our ranks – also more game time means we don’t have to loan so many youngsters out.

Then when we can take off the front three and put on Jota, Kyogo and Forrest to see off a tight game that gives us a huge boost.

My feeling is maybe Ange is not so content with our strength and depth in certain positions and that is something that concerns him.

We do see a considerable drop off in performance when we don’t have our A”Team on. I’m not sure the Japanese lhads in and off themselves are going to change that dynamic short term.

Hail Hail

Sol Kitts

Fixture pile up being used to pressure us into not postponing derby game as well as the Hearts and Dundee Utd games ๐Ÿค”




With all due respect how do you tackle that.

Our CEO was paid a fortune for years to run secret agendas and black ops โ€“ against fans, players, managers whomever.

He left and we improve greatly, what does that tell us of how Celtic were run for the best part of the 21st century!?

His Board is still in place and our partial owner still rules the roost, thatโ€™s on the odd occasion he shows any interest.

30,000 Celtic fans paying subs and buying shares and making the Board accountable sounds fantastic.

Yet how to engage them, thatโ€™s where my thoughts on content, professionalism and fitbaw came into it. A rising tide raises all boats and that was my thinking.

To tackle the endemic corruption itโ€™s a must but how do you go about it?

Yet as I say, count me in on your way forward.

You know how a journey of a thousand miles starts;)
For a start buying shares would not be what the money was requested for. That would be CST strategy for them to pursue.

The changes that have been avoided would come as a result of three factors:

1. Numbers. The bigger the number the harder they would be to ignore. No more farting in our general direction.
2. The service would be totally independent of Celtic and so not bound by the same SFA/SPFL that bind Celtic to the process dictated by the SF/SPFL.
For example Celtic could not mount a campaign saying referees are not free from personal bias and alternatives that remove the accusation would be highly beneficial to all. Putting that message out there from supporters and users of the service on main stream media by adverts gets attention and because of numbers can not be spun as a few paranoid Celtic supporters.
3. The ability to hire legal experts in Company Law and Football Law would mean going to Celtic or SFA/SPFL and saying:

a) In respect of Company Law small shareholders have rights and because of the need for balance, should be told why it is in the Company’s interests to ignore 10 year of cheating. (It would be expressed in more legal language of course)
If it can be shown shareholders rights have been stepped on or Directors have not met their responsibilities under Company Law one remedy can be an accord for both parties to be more sensitive to the needs of all.
I wrote about this last June at . Interestingly the Resolution that the CST tabled to set up a Relationship Agreement would be such a remedy and it was voted against but if the CST had funds for legal advice, their case pointing out Board failings on the Res12 journey might have been more difficult for the Board to disagree with.
b) in respect of access to legal advice on football law – as more evidence emerged from 2013 of UEFA licence skulduggery in 2011 instead of asking Celtic to find out from UEFA if skulduggery took place the Membership Service lawyers write to Celtic cc UEFA and state that it has happened and makes it public as the representative of 30k Celtic supporters (or more). That reduces opportunity to intimidate.

In terms of harnessing the opinion of Celtic supporters world wide in order to inform what issues need pursued and with what priority, that would be done via a Portal for doing such harnessing based on this 10 year old model I’ve linked to before.

I will post a link to the business case based on 30K members paying ยฃ2 next.


St Mirren v Celtic 1986 / Andy Murdoch


Hope all the SC snooker afficiandos are watching the deciding frame of the Robertson v Williams semi final match ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘


This is link to a later version of a Membership Service based on ยฃ1pm subscription and 40,000 subscribers.

The services on offer or scope for action after running expenses met would depend on numbers of course but 20,000 signed up at ยฃ2 pm would produce same income.

Note that there is sum set aside to encourage other existing groups to get involved in turning the views expressed on their blogs etc into action points.

All of the foregoing comes from observing why after 10 years nothing changed and although much of the blame lies with Lawwell in terms of achieving the good bottom financial line put football quality second, I have no doubt that he and The Board were aided by the lack of the capacity for supporters to challenge him and Board policies.

The Membership Service is designed (subject to dialogue with supporters) to create that capacity.

How will it come about?

Get Celtic minded business men who are not happy with how Celtic are run involved and sell it to them as a going concern business with huge growth and reputational potential if they get it right.


Auldheid @ 4:05 pm & 4:48,

Yes, think I’m beginning to see the bigger picture now.

It’s not really a case of utilising a shareholding or the PLC AGM to hold Celtic to account.

Rather like the Celts for Change it utilises the mass of the exasperated Celtic support. Yet instead of bhoycotts etc it offers a type of professional services facility that can take the consensus issues and pursue these in an efficient and effective manner.

An executive function for Celtic supporters grievances if you will.

This could be highly effective and is certainly doable looking at the figures.

We can all get behind the sorting out of “penalty Rangers” – maybe we have a laugh and banter over it but the data and stats suggest Scottish Clubs are being robbed over this.

The size, independence and integrity of the membership service would obviously be hugely important but we have supporters with just the knowledge, kudos and clout needed.

There are so many issues but one I’d like to see pursued is Scottish match officials being full time dedicated professionals at the games highest levels and officials from around Great Britain being able to apply for the jobs within the SFA.

With the money they make from domestic match fees, European games and International games this can be viable for top officials.

With a dossier on the honest mistakes going down the unconscious bias, incompetence route rather than the “cheats” route I’m sure football, legal and financial experts could put forward a compelling case.

Yes my appetite is well and truly whetted.

Hail Hail


The next Hoot needs to be on a boat ๐Ÿšข ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿฅƒ๐Ÿธ๐Ÿท๐Ÿฅ‚
Perth CSC Western Australia ๐Ÿ€ (@AusPerthCSC) Tweeted: Perth CSC annual boat cruise on the Swan River. A great day had by all. Everywhere we go ๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿด๓ ง๓ ข๓ ณ๓ ฃ๓ ด๓ ฟ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ›ฅ๐Ÿปโ˜€๏ธ



Wow,amazing stats. However,our resident but sadly absent stats and tactics man,FAN-A-TIC,would probably remind you that losing the ball once can be more decisive than keeping it all day.


GORDON64 245

I took SOLKITTS to Ibrox in 1982. He asked where we were sitting-in an all-seated stadium-and I told him standing room only in the enclosure.

We went there for as long as we could,great days. Just not the same sitting down,and still isnโ€™t.



We took off our front three against Leverkusen and it cost us the match. The ball kept coming back at us on the back foot.

AP did that in a league game too,and we were lucky to get away with it.

Iโ€™ve no problem with tactical substitutions but experimental or just for the hell of it,naw.


Craig Somehow i don’t think we’d get away with that on the Waverley boat trip doon the Clyde ๐Ÿ˜‰ HH ๐Ÿ€

Gordon64 Masters 2022: Neil Robertson reaches final with dramatic win over Mark Williams



Next hoot is likely to be in Belfast early June. The two years delayed one due to the pandemic.

MAHE and his girls are home then,so it makes sense. Ish.


We’ll just have to charter our own party boat doon
the clyde ๐Ÿ›ฅ


Bmcuwp We could have the Belfast Hoot to coincide with the Queens Platinum Jubilee ๐Ÿ˜œ ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ช


BMCUWPS @ 4:05 PM,

Yes, this is the issue with Angeball and the five subs, he states he only plays one way (actually I’ve noticed he’s more pragmatic than that but in general it’s fair comment) which means we should be changing like for like rather than tactical substitutions.

You really need quality in depth if you are going to do this.

To be fair it has gone the other way and subs have won us the game – this is generally because we are bringing on semi-fit players like Rogic at Ross County.

It comes back to the issue most of this seasons issues stem from and that’s the cluster… From Lenny’s last tenure and the indolent way the Board works, or rather doesn’t.

It simply is going to take time to fix. Let’s hope the Japanese bhoys can step up…

Hail Hail



Iโ€™m all for a wee sail down the water for a mini hoot ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

I would request, to spice matters up, put BRRB as Captain and in charge.

Could be interesting ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”



The one thing that attracts business men is the possibility of making money and that has to be high enough to make the venture worth while and a profit ceiling would be part of any deal

If ยฃ1 a month is not attractive enough ยฃ2pm would not put off contributors as long as they were being offered a professional service in return.

That needs teasing out but I have no doubts after over 8 years of toil supporters need to buy into the idea that they cannot depend on part time volunteers to bring about change without the full backing of the full support.



On referees you describe The Refereeing Service I would introduce along with VAR that removes much of the suspicions of bias that the current arrangment gives rise to that would create a professional refereeing service.

Hi mahe…This is a yes…..The Kitman???? Before the big chap calls me….i would love to see a statue gleaming ootside
Sellic park….To…. Simply the Brush……better than all the rest…..True legend.

@Tommy you in Australia mate???

Sol Kitts

Big Packy
No point knocking on my door tonight, mate, I’m in Edinburgh with Mrs Kitts. I’ve left the key for my summerhouse in the rottweiler’s kennel. Let yourself in, there’s a bottle of Machrie Moor 18 year old in there, have a few to keep warm.


Packy, you have some imagination! LOL ๐Ÿ™‚ Have you ever thought about writing a story book?

@Tommy… sorry just noticed your post was 10 am…when you see this post.. can you confirm if you are in aus ?????

bada bing1

All supporters must be prepared to provide visual proof of the following:
Proof of vaccination – printed, digital or through NHS Scotland Covid Status app, which will include a booster vaccine for those who had their last dose more than four months ago;
Email or text confirmation of a negative Lateral Flow or PCR test result from the last 24-hours will be accepted as an alternative to proof of vaccination to gain entry to Celtic Park on a matchday. Please note, physical tests or photographs of physical tests showing results will not be accepted.
Supporters who are exempt from a vaccination and cannot take a test for medical reasons must be prepared to provide appropriate evidence.
As at matches prior to Christmas, spot checks will be carried out by stewards on approach to Celtic Park in line with the Scottish Government guidance.

Please ensure you arrive as early as possible on matchday to avoid any delays in entering the stadium while these checks take place. The stadium will open from 5:45pm on Monday ahead of kick-off at 7:45pm.

We recommend all supporters take a Lateral Flow test before travelling to the stadium, regardless of their vaccination status.


Gordon, That was some match between Robertson & Williams. I thought it was going only one way at 4-1. Some unbelievable misses & flukes throughout. I’ve never seen anything like that final frame! Robertson had tears in his eyes at the end. “Never give up!”

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