Maeda In Heaven!


I mentioned at the end of last week that it had been a long wait since we last saw The Hooooops,but bhoy was it worth the three weeks it took. In fact,we looked like we had never been away,what with nearly gifting the opposition an early goal to,but wait-I’m telling you the plot!

CRAIG76 showed us a montage of Jorge Cadete at the weekend. Lordy,was that really 25 years ago? Blinkin’ flip! We all know how little time it took him on the pitch to open his account-seven weeks too long,thanks to Farry-but did any of us really expect our latest Japanese signings to get off to such a flyer? Sure,we nearly gifted Hibs a cheap opener,but a clever bit of work from Tom Rogic plus a superb pass inside to Daizen Maeda offered him an opportunity after only four minutes to open his account. 

The way he finished it suggests it will be the first of many for us,and I’m sure we all hope so. It is unfair of course to burden new players with too much expectation,but wow,what a start to his career here. For the rest of the first half,he gave the Hibs defenders as hard a time as they will have had for quite a while,his pace and movement giving them twisted blood as they trooped off for the break. 

Not before JJ had put us two up from the spot midway through the half. A wonderful through ball from Greg Taylor and a beautiful piece of control from Liel Abada,the ball strikes the hand of a defender and the decision is a given. So too was that JJ would score it. Good enough at halftime,two up,but we were value for more. And we expected more to come,based on that. 

The goals in the second half didn’t come,in fact we laboured somewhat as Hibs improved. That was ok though as we never looked in any danger at the back,the two centre backs having perhaps their best game as a partnership. I’ll happily accept the two goals and the three points against a team clearly benefiting from the efforts of their new coach,and who will certainly improve further under him. 

There were three other bonuses for the side on the night. The return from injury of both Jota and G-Mak and the Man Of The Match performance from our other Japanese debutant on the night,Reo Hatate. This lad totally bossed that midfield,covered every blade of grass,tackled when he needed to and made the correct choice with nearly every pass. To have one debutant scoring an early opener while the other wins MOTM suggests that the difference between January 2021 and January 2022 is not only on the pitch. In many ways we are moving in the right direction. That’s a lovely feeling,isn’t it?

Above article by BMCUWP

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Noel Skytrot

A straight first half with Celtic opening Hibs up and being rewarded with two goals. Second half, the team appeared tired resulting in Hibernian having a lot of possession but playing the ball around themselves.

A section of their fans are scummy bastards singing sings about the Lisbon Lions.

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.
Delighted with our showing last night and good to put just a wee bit of pressure on the current league leaders as they prepare to face Scott Brown’s Aberdeen.
Hatate’s first half showing was immense with Startfelt also having his best 45 in a Celtic Jersey. And with the return of Jota it really was a good news night.

Colour Blind Bhoy

Morning all, it was great to be back to see the Bhoys last night, a full house under the lights on a Monday night and an important 3 points, what’s not to like?

So many highlights, a debut goal from Maeda, a midfield masterclass from Hatate, Juranovic getting better every game he plays and our bench looking the strongest it’s been for a long time with Kyogo and Julien still to come back from injury.

Perhaps the biggest highlight was saved for when I got home though and watched Sportscene, listening to the 2 commentators tying themselves in knots attempting to say Doig’s handball wasn’t a penalty., Truly, unbelievably sad, I do hope they managed to get some sleep last night.

Excellent start back after the break, next stop Alloa, one game at a time Celtic. ☘️

Maestro Fan

Great night for a game too. Expectant atmos at the ground too.

St tams

Good summary of the game last night. Especially the bit about Taylor and Forrest. Taylor was also posted missing when Hibs had that chance in first minute.
On big Tam. I didn’t think he was quite on his game last night. But when he is, him Mcgregor and Hatate are going to be a formidable midfield.


Enjoy folks
Celtic TV (@CelticTV) Tweeted: 🚨 𝗨𝗻𝗶𝗾𝘂𝗲 𝗔𝗻𝗴𝗹𝗲🚨

🇯🇵 Daizen’s dream debut
🇭🇷 Josip with another cool pen!

And of course that Paradise noise!

Welcome Home, Celts 💚🍀

#CELHIB | #MondayNightFootball | #COYBIG

Prestonpans bhoys

Didn’t know there was highlights last night just went to my kip when I got in. I’ve seen the penalty, which from my position looked like linesman gave it, can’t see the debate.

Doesn’t matter if the ball comes off your chest. Your hand is high and in a unnatural position, that’s why it was given. Didn’t listen to the BBC commentary as it’s a pointless exercise as they are full of Huns😵

I might add that VAR would have that down as a penalty every day of the week.

A thing of beauty

Craig 76,
Love the unique angle, keep up the good work.
I did two lateral flow tests which were positive so no danger it’s wrong. The real McCoy is right though that tests do come back wrong. I know of two people both doctors who were off work for days waiting on the pcr who have had a positive lateral flow then a negative pcr. Now that won’t happen to me I’m sure but it does definitely happen.
Anyway I missed the game but the benefits of the pass to paradise shouldnt be underestimated. Celtic deserve great credit for letting us still view on the pass when the crowds are allowed back. Not often I say that so I’m away to check in case this is a symptom of the covid 😂😂



Reminds me of when we signed Moussa Dembele. I was on CQN at the time,and said that it was a terrific signing,and PL for once should be congratulated.

My mail and texts were inundated,are you awright,been out in the sun too long?

Anyway,out in the daylight too long,off to my bed. See ya about 6pm or so.

Big Audio Dynamite

As good a 45 mins as I’ve seen from us, ..for a while anyway.

Smashing debuts all round, but Hatate looks a bit special.

Last night will put the willies up the Wullies;)

Next up?? Same auld Alloa, always …..??

HH – The journey gathers pace …lots of it!!😜

Andy Pandy 2

Good start to the New Year, and although I didn’t see the game, after reading the reports, and looking through the various Blogs etc. watched the “highlights” on iPlayer this morning….the continual bleeting about the penalty and the Nisbett miss was cringe worthy and I decided to fast forward to the interviews at the end!!
Will be interesting to see how things develop, but the excitement generated by the new signings has just gone up a notch.
Great to see Jota and G-Mak back also.


Interesting stats from last night – Possession Celtic 47% Hibs 53%
It’s not often you see that! So many times in the past possession seemed to be our priority. So much passing back, sideways etc.
And yet our superiority in shots was huge- Shots, Celtic 21 Hibs 5. On target, Celtic 5 Hibs 0.

I like those stats! 🙂

Big Audio Dynamite

Craig, cheers for the UA Twitter thingamy:) What caught my attention watching it back was, how Hatate celebrated both goals like they were his own …brilliant!

We have a real buzzbomb on our hands. £600k?? That’s just stealing, Shirley!?

Big Audio Dynamite

Jim, almost every week we commit more fouls than our opp, according the Bold Billy Corporation!

The possession stats are usually strange too! Although last night could(?) be accurate

A thing of beauty

Hibs had a lot of possession in the back four and it’s obviously Maloneys plan to have them as a possession based side but a bit more potent than they were last night.
As for the fouls l, the stats are probably correct. In most games we have all the possession but teams don’t really tackle us. Rather they just shuffle along the box and deny space. Unfortunately when we give the ball away because we are so committed going forward we are susceptible to a quick break and most of the fouls we concede are as a result of players “taking one for the team.” Tam got a yellow for it last night and ideguchi could also have had a card for similar.
As an aside I’d be interested to hear from fan or others if they felt there was a big difference in our press last night. I felt it was more organised and there seemed to be orchestrated times when we really pressed them with three players buzzing around a small area and others when we let the back four have the ball hence the possession stats.
Anyway I must do some work but I’ll check in later.



Good summation of an excellent evening and you’re spot on, we are going forward at a rate of knots in many ways.

Craig76 @ 10:21,

Great angle footage, and it confirms two things.
No miss hit or deflection in Meada’s goal, it was his guile that sent the keeper the wrong way, looks an even better finish.

Two – definite hand ball and clear penalty.

ATOB @ 10:38 am,

Yes must have been gutting to miss that game, know it’s a family occasion for you ghuys as well.

Yet although there are anomalies in the testing, that wasn’t where I was going. What I was trying to clarify was two points really.

The concept of the false positive, it is much, much more likely that it’s the negative that’s wrong.

Secondly that there are some kind of options open to us if we have a positive test outside Government guidelines.

Of course we are all free individuals and can choose to follow these rules or not but it read to me like McCoy was making it seem like a legit option.

E. G. Early last week my daughter was very ill and had a positive test and isolated. Towards the end of the week I was very ill and had a positive test and had to isolate.

Today I had a negative test, which because of the five day time lapse, if I have a negative tomorrow I can come out of isolation. My daughter is still positive and looks like she’ll have to do the ten full days. Getting out of isolation on Friday.

However, even if I do get out of isolation, my Covid passport is invalid for the full ten days. So any travelling, venue or event where I’d need to use it is not open to me until next week.

So that’s my point, there are guidelines that must be legally adhered to. Of course it’s up to the individual if they do follow them, but McCoy didn’t make that very clear imo.

If someone read his comment and thought I’ve got a positive test, let me just test again to double-check, well that’s not the way it works.

Hope that makes things clear and no offence was caused.

I should clarify that I’m under English rules – they can’t take my life but they can take away my FREEEDOOOM!!

Hail Hail

Noel Skytrot

Good point about the team pressing. I mentioned this to my father and when you watch it back it resulted in Hibs passing the ball around themselves without any penetration.

Big Audio Dynamite

ATOB, when it’s the BBC providing the stats then …well, you know.
Talking of taking one for the team. Did you happen to notice Maeda’s tackle getting tackled?? 😳

I’d also give credit to Hibs for how they are attempting to play 👍


ATOB…I’m in a bit of disagreement with you regarding the fouls, really the nature of the fouls for and against us. My view is that teams seem to be allowed to break up our play but the rules of advantage are applied too readily. THis means that although we’ve been fouled and still retain possession we’ve not really benefitted from the advantage – it’s a modern rule and conveniently easy to misinterpret. It seems that a lot of fouls that we are given are in positions that don’t really harm the opposition. Fouls given against us are usually in and around the oppo area allowing them to regroup and take the sting out of an attack. Think back to the unpunished fouls on Eddie at Ross County, the stamp on the heel by Halliday on Calmac, there is subtle differences in application, interpretation and enforcement that seem to affect Celtic worse than others and benefit TRFC more than others. As far as taking one for the team is concerned it’s part of the game and Tam made it easy for Collum last night – no complaints about that at all but the rules need to be applied consistently for the stats to have any meaning whatsoever.
Keep well btw!


Good afternoon all from Ruglen.

Angel Gabriel

Last night was very impressive and easy on the eye to watch . Just saying like. HH


Note the divided views about Taylor. We are all entitled to our own opinion. I think he is an honest, hard working guy but not the standard of player we need/want.
Hibs were very good at switching play and stretching us. They always had someone hugging the line who could receive the ball in space. The vast majority of the long cross field balls from Hibs went from their left to right. This suggests to me that Shaun Maloney also picked Taylor out as a Celtic weakness.


Frodshambhoy…since KT left the LB area has been our biggest weak spot. Both Boli Bolingoli and Taylor are very limited players technically and tactically. Juranovich reads the game far better but he’s not a left footer and although did reasonably well at LB did also make basic errors in possession. Add in the fact that our CBs have generally been poor, especially on the left as we’ve not had a genuine left-sided CB since VVD left, then every opposition coach worth his salt has targetted our left side. They know the weaknesses of the players and the systems we’ve played. We’ve been too easy to exploit in this area. Taylor is an honest pro but there’s no way he’s of the standard we need to progress to a higher level.

St tams

Agree ,re Taylor.
I like the boy and admire his commitment. But most teams use that diagonal to the left back position, as they know he is a weakness.
The only 2 real chances they created came from the left back position. The one in the first minute and another in the second half when he had no chance of getting to the ball and sold himself.

A thing of beauty

I am well aware of the rules due to my job but I must say I never thought the real McCoy was suggesting for anyone to ignore a positive test, just that there are anomalies. We can definitely agree on that. Anyway the bonus to last night was I Missed horrendous traffic on the M8 and poor Paddys maw had to chauffeur CCB. Every cloud and all that.
Not disagreeing about the game management by referees. They are well skilled in the art and we all know it. What I was saying is that in a lot of cases people expect such a high possession count to translate into a lot of fouls. It’s rarely the case when teams park the bus.
Agree with yourself and others that Greg Taylor is short of what we require to improve but he gives 100% and he can’t do more than that if he’s picked. Also he was up against their danger man in Boyle and though he made a few mistakes he kept him relatively quiet. Far more so than the £30m rates Barasic at Hampden.


Up the Hoops!

big packy

my take on the game, just an honest opinion, dont shoot me down,, apart from the pass for the goal ,tom rogic was having an off night it happens, and abada in my opinion is not a winger, ange should have taken rogic off at half time, switched abada into the middle and put mikey or jota on the wing, hey but ive only been watching celtic since 1964, so what do i know, another true story😎

bada bing1

The Gonk absolutely destroyed by Beth Rigby on Sky News


Life really is not so much too short, but the traffic jam or pile up of ‘things I need to do’ no longer fits through the ever-closing gap between block and blade and if I want to fuckin enjoy my remaining moments in the shadow of the ‘whish slice and snap’ then I have to be selective in what I read, what I write, who I listen to and most importantly make sure that I don’t put too much laxative or gin in my morning porridge.

And for that outlook and ambition to meet my maker (who I will be having a few strern words with), I have one person and one Golden Nougat of wisdom to thank.

Ma mammy

As she rummaged in a cupboard for something important and then stopped half way through to have a cup of tea and a Tunnock’s caramel wafer she would announce

“Aye the longer you live the sooner you die’.

Anyway still being pished since last night I haven’t been able to write down my reflections on the game…….SO AS I SIT HERE IN INTELLECTUAL CORNER IN SHARKEYS BAR….here’s a wee retrospective from November 7th 2019…Lazio v The Hoops…….frae ma living room
It was about 73 or so minutes on the clock when Chris Sutton informed the viewers across the Celtiverse that “You can feel the tension in the stadium”.

I smiled a little as I realised that he had just confused ‘the stadium’ with ‘my underpants’.

I shifted in the couch to relieve the pressure and for some strange reason I thought of Celtic By Numbers; I knew that he would be gathering facts, figures and stats to graphically demonstrate how the game had flowed, ebbed, peaked and troughed. But my little smile in response big Chris’s knowledge of my y-fronts expanded into a huge grin as I knew that ‘good as CBN’ actually is, there were even more key measures that dictated the outcome of the match….measures that even the most assiduous student of the game would be regretfully unaware….for they took place off the park, far from Rome, and under the gaze of me two pigeons on my window sill and her across the road with the zoom telescope trained permanently on ma couch.

So when it comes to analysing the game, here’s what transpired in the heady atmosphere of couch, cooker and cludgie….and all by me!

Shots on target…224.

Shots off target…0.

Coffee tables kicked….1

Passes made….182

Saves made….67

Pieces’n’cheese made….4

Spicy chicken wings cooked….24

Spicy chicken wings eaten….23

Cups of tea drank….8

Goal-line clearances….7

Bowel Clearances….2

Bladder Clearances…4

Corners headered…7

Ceilings headered….7

Commentary ridiculed….95.

Without a shadow of doubt it is such unseen effort as this that culminated in keeping alive the wee Gdansk gleam.
But just to round up….
1. Who were the clowns who predicted 1-1? How far aff the mark was that?…you really need to up yer game. 😊

2. If anyone….ANY EFFIN ONE…even thinks of deleting my recording of that game, they will be hung, electrocuted, beheaded, poisoned and forced to watch the huns for effin eternity…..and think themselves lucky cos I’m in such a good mood.😁
Here’s some pictures from Rome……

Anyway that’s me done till I sober up. See youse in December.

Happy new year and hail hail



I’ve put a bet on for Aberdeen to win tonight. It came to me in a dream! 🙂


Surprised no one has posted this yet.


What was the score and who scored, we could clean up at the bookies 💷💷💷💷


Craig, if only! LOL 🙂


Bet on a Rangers win the night.

….never won a bet.

big packy

MATT ,.ESTADIO ,our paths might have crossed at coatbridge town hall, remember watching a band there 69/70 called teargas ,wonder what ever happened to them, another true story,👍


Craig, to be honest I put a Canadian on all the 5 games tonight. 26 x 10p bets (£2.60)
Aberdeen,St. M., Hearts, Livi all to win. Ross C. v M/well to draw.
I think it’s £87 if I win.


Big Packy…Coatbridge town hall….Burnt down in 1969….just after my debut there as a boy (bhoy) soprano where I sang ‘hanniball crossed the alps”…..I don’t think there was a connection between my inaugural rendition and the subsequent arson….but who knows?

Hail Hail



That’s a nice return for only a £2.60 🤞for you


Packy, we’ve got another musician in our midst! Matt. 🙂

big packy


big packy

JIM, sorry who are the other musicians apart from me, dont mention solkitts his bagpipe playing is horrendous, and your flugelhorn playing is not far off,😎 😎 😎


Funny you mention that, I played flugel horn when I was in the school band. It’s got a lovely mellow sound. Or maybe that was just me! 🙂

big packy

yes, that was just you jim 😎 😎

big packy

JIM as ive told you many times, i had johnny jones on tenor sax on my left ear, and freddie jones, no relation, on alto sax on my right ear, no wonder im feckin deaf as a post😎


I had a close friend who played tenor sax. i could listen to him playing all day long. funnily enough you were talking about Coatbridge earlier, the pal i’m talking about, we played at his father’s funeral in the Catholic Church in Coatbridge. was it the main st.?


Still waiting on Superbru predictions from Gscbhoy, Scaniel, wee BGFC and one from BGFC himself

big packy

JIM yes, st patricks, went to mass there on many occasions 👍


I’m still in Ruglen getting practice in for meeting Leggy tomorrow. On the Leffe beer today. Probably end up in the Liffey. Done that before, Dublin 2007.😳

bada bing1

Clancy always books Broonie


Highlights without commentary

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