If you know your history – 19th January

130 years ago …On this day (Monday) our Bhoys are resting having completed a triumvirate of friendlies since the turn of the New Year.

It is still unclear why the club aren’t playing any of the League Championship games ‘in hand’. At this point we can probably conclude that early January is a Winter Break, and teams are keeping up fitness (and revenues) by playing friendlies and challenge matches….. recovering from hangovers…

The League is going to have to wait a little while longer as next up at Paradise are Cowlairs on Scottish Cup duty.

Celts appear to be at full strength and it seems that Cullen has returned to the club from Benburb to replace our erstwhile goalkeeper Tom Duff.

1892-01-23: Celtic 4-1 Cowlairs, Scottish Cup

The Scotsman – Monday, 25th January 1892, page 5

Celtic v Cowlairs – At Parkhead, before 5000 spectators ( note: The Referee’ report indicates 4,000…), in dull weather. Cowlairs played Lambie, late of Clyde. The Celtic started towards the south goal, and play ruled in their favour in the opening passages. In five minutes the Celtic scored with a beauty from Madden’s foot. Cowlairs afterwards took a little more share in forcing, and almost equalised, Cullen getting away luckily under the bar. Both ends in turn sustained attacks, and chances were missed. Each back division was in turn tried and replied grandly. The heavy ground brought out the stamina of both teams, and the pace was wonderful in the circumstances. Cowlairs were forcing the play, their breaks away on the right being difficult to negotiate. Seven minutes from the interval McMahon scored somewhat easily. Cowlairs narrowly missed several corners in succession. Celtic replied with a third. Half-time score:- Celtic, three goals; Cowlairs, nil. After a brief interval the Celtic took up the running and in the first few minutes almost beat the Cowlairs custodian. The Cowlairs left repeatedly engaged the home stronghold. After a slight siege Brady got through a fourth. The Celtic were now taking a leading share in the play, but their [word unclear] attacks was brilliantly saved again and again by the Cowlairs custodian. At the other end Cullen equalled him by gallantly repulsing a fine effort by Bishop. McMahon scored again, but for some fault it was disallowed. McCallum, the Celtic right, left the field. The Cowlairs were evidently resigned to the result, as they perceptibly tired off, and the Celtic were well content with what they had for they eased. McCallum did not come out again, and the Celtic finished short. There was little fight in the closing minutes. Lambie scored for Cowlairs on time.

Result :- Celtic, four goals; Cowlairs, one goal.

Celtic Team:- Cullen, Reynolds, Doyle, Maley, Kelly, Douds, McCallum, Brady, Madden, Campbell, McMahon.


Brady 2, Madden, McMahon

Cowlairs team is not recorded but we know Lambie who had been a Burnley and Clyde player in his heyday, scored their late consolation goal.

Attendance:- 4,000/5,000?

In other news…

Ólafur Thors, Icelandic Prime Minister (5 times between 1942-63), born in Borgarnes, Iceland (d. 1964)

60 years ago … on this day in 1862 (Friday) Celts are preparing for the visit of Falkirk on league business.

1962-01-20: Celtic 3-0 Falkirk, League Division

Celts are awarded their first penalty of the season..and interestingly, Celtic’s left half Billy Price (b. Tarbolton) is one of a rare number of Scottish footballers (and even footballers across the world) that have scored three penalties in one match; he achieved this feat in a game for Falkirk against Hamilton. We can be certain that Tav (pen) has joined this illustrious group.


Celtic: Haffey; Mackay, Kennedy; Crerand, McNeill, Price; Chalmers, Jackson, Hughes, Divers, Carroll.

Scorers: Divers (21), Jackson (29), Crerand pen (43)

Whigham; Lambie, McIntosh; Thomson, Milne, Pierson; Reid, Harrower, Duchart, Innes, Oliver.

Referee: A Crossman (Edinburgh)
Attendance: 27,000

Billy ‘3 penalties’ Price signed from Falkirk for £1000 in 1961

In other news….

Harry “Snub” Pollard, Australian actor (Don’t Shove, Arizona Days), dies of cancer at 72

Harry ‘Snub’ Pollard in ‘It’s a Gift’ (1923)

20 years ago …. 2002 and on this day Celts welcome St Johnstone to Paradise on league duty.

Henke Larson silences his critics and Paul Lambert turns in another ‘Man of the Match’ performance.

2002-01-19: Celtic 2-1 St Johnstone, SPL


Celtic:- Douglas, Mjallby, Tebily, Valgaeren, McNamara, Lambert, Moravcik (Petta 67) Thompson, Larson,

Subs not used:- Gould, Sylla, Maloney, Smith.
Goals:- Larsson 8, Thompson 10.

St Johnstone:-
Miller, Dods, McCluskey, Falconer, Murray, Lynch, Kane (Jones 81),Hartley, McCulloch (McClune 62), Djebaili, Russell (Connolly 76).
Subs not used:- Cuthbert, Macdonald.
Booked:- Kane, Djebaili.

Att:- 58,547
Ref:- K Toner*

Celtic 2-1 St Johnstone

Henrik Larsson went some way to silencing his critics as he helped Celtic plunge St Johnstone deeper into relegation trouble.

The Swedish international’s bottle was questioned last week after he passed the penalty-taking duties to John Hartson.

But Larsson produced the kind of finishing he showed during last season’s record-breaking season to bring the Scottish Premier League leaders back into the game at Celtic Park.

Darren Dods had given the side languishing at the bottom a surprise early lead before Larsson pounced quickly to re-establish equalibrium.

Two goals in two minutes, the second from Alan Thompson, were enough to end thoughts of a shock result.

Celtic had made two changes from the side that beat Kilmarnock 2-0 at Rugby Park last week.

Lubo Moravcik and Olivier Tebily were in for the injured Neil Lennon and Bobo Balde.

There were 51 points separating the sides as the game kicked off at Celtic Park.

The home side sought to confirm that gulf in class as they laid early seige to the Saints defence.

A low drive from Petrov was pushed away by on-loan Blackburn Rovers goalkeeper Alan Miller and Dods had to head over his own bar.

But St Johnstone scored after five minutes in their first foray forward.

Paul Hartley crossed to the back post and Dods rose above Tebily and sent a looping header into the far corner of the net.

The home fans packing Celtic Park had only four minutes of worry before Larsson equalised.

Paul Lambert was allowed to advance towards the edge of the area and, when he played the ball into the Swede’s path, the striker had evaded his marker sufficiently to blast the ball into the roof of the net from 16 yards.

Another two minutes and another goal, Miller allowing Thompson’s curling but hardly powerful free kick to bounce over his body.

Celtic could afford the luxury of another example of Larsson’s fragile form when the Swede was clear six yards out but ended up missing his volley and backsiding the ball to safety.

Hartson had the ball in the net straight from the restart with a superb half-volley only to be pulled up for offside.

The Welsh striker then sent a drive into the side netting from the edge of the box.

But Celtic largely strolled to victory for the remainder of the second half.

19/01/02 SPLCELTIC v ST JOHNSTONECeltic’s Olivier Tebily skips past Grant Murray (right)

Oliver Tebily …about to be halved…

*In other news…. The match referee in above game is the son of ex-Celtic and Kilmarnock ‘great’ Willie Toner (b. Shettleston 1829 d. 1999). Willie played only 2 league games for Celtic before moving on to Sheffield United and then had a successful career at Kilmarnock, winning 2 Scotland caps.

Willie Toner 1929-1999

General stuff…

379 Theodosius installed as co-emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire

973 Pope Benedictus VI elected

1419 French city of Rouen surrenders to Henry V in Hundred Years’ War

1607 San Agustin Church in Manila is officially completed; the oldest church in the Philippines

1746 Prince Charles Edward Stuart’s troops occupy Stirling, Scotland

1810 Cold Friday: temperature at Portsmouth, New Hampshire drops from 54°F to minus 12°F in one day with many frozen to death

1883 The first electric lighting system employing overhead wires, built by Thomas Edison, begins service at Roselle, New Jersey

1903 New bicycle race “Tour de France” announced

Le Premiere Tour de France 1903

1955 “Scrabble” debuts on board game market – (what is the highest value word?)

1963 Australian Championships Men’s Tennis: Roy Emerson wins 1st of 5 straight Australian titles; beats countryman Ken Fletcher 6-3, 6-3, 6-1

Roy Emerson won 12 Grand Slam singles titles and 16 doubles titles.

1971 The Beatles’ “Helter Skelter” is played at Charles Manson trial

1997 Yasser Arafat returns to Hebron after more than 30 years and joins celebrations over the handover of the last Israeli-controlled West Bank city.

Note: The excellent Celtic Wiki site is the font of all knowledge on things Celtic. Most of the Celtic stuff above is from that site. The guys who set it up and painstakingly keep it updated, deserve no end of credit, praise and thanks. A treasure trove for Celtic fans young and old – and new- and free to view.

Respect Bhoys!


Guest article by Saltires en Sevilla.

Change the record by sending an article to sentinelcelts@gmail.com

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Sol Kitts
January 19, 2022 7:16 am
January 19, 2022 8:34 am


Broony enjoyed that,I think. Happy Hooooopy First Podium,btw!

January 19, 2022 8:40 am


I really enjoy these articles,and I know the effort involved in putting them together. So again,our grateful thanks!

But did ye really have to mention Tebily? Really? Oh,man…

Shortly before her moving back home,ATHINGOFBEAUTY and I went to Rugby Park. I gave Tebily pelters early on-and she gave me pelters back! No way to support our players,ya halfwit!!!

Between us,halfwit wasn’t the word she used. Can’t remember what she said but there were a lot of ‘f’s in it.

Didn’t take her long to realise I was right,she was apoplectic before long…

January 19, 2022 8:53 am

So,has last night’s result moved the goalposts? It is undeniable that our task is now less difficult,but that depends much on the run of games coming up,correctly called the other day by MAHE.

And there is a six-pointer in a fortnight,which will be crucial whatever the result.

If we win that,along with all the others-can every game be a Cup Final? Oh,yes!-then there will be some real pressure applied,the likes of which the huns haven’t been under for a while.

Let’s be honest,we began this season with low expectations. I know I did,and for obvious reasons. Namely,that the sheer scale of the task was too much to be completed in one season. The huns? They began it thinking that they had a pot of gold tied up already,and were only waiting for the pages of the calendar to turn over so that they could pick it up.

I don’t know how much truth there is in the rumour of a £10m bonus pool for winning the league,bringing the trophy back to Celtic Park. But if it is true,if it comes off?

It will be our best investment for some considerable time,and proof positive that certain people have accepted the proof of what I and many others have said for years about speculation and success.

At this rate,I’ll be turning into a happyclapper before long. And you know what? I would love to be just that,with the justifiable reasons for being so.

Canny wait!!!

Jobo Baldie
January 19, 2022 9:09 am

Good morning, friends. Thanks for another informative article SES.
As can be evidenced from last night, there are 2 things we can do to help our chances of winning the league- (1) improve our playing squad and (2):improve 10 other teams playing squads: Broonie and Hayes were both great last night 😉

January 19, 2022 9:44 am


Just clearing the stables,mate.

January 19, 2022 9:46 am


It might be unfair on some of our younger players to loan them to some of the SPL clubs. Few return with improvement. But if the player and the clubs think it will work,I’m all for it!

Colour Blind Bhoy
January 19, 2022 9:47 am

Good morning everyone, a wee extra spring in our step this morning which is great.

SES, thanks for another nice trip down memory lane. I have no idea what the highest score in Scrabble is but I do remember regularly losing heavily to my Gran and my Dad when I was a smart Alec teenager who thought I knew everything. We’d sit at the table with the scrabble board, 3 cups of tea and the Oxford dictionary and every time I challenged one of their words they would just point at the dictionary and look at each other with disdain. Those games increased my vocabulary more than school did and I attribute my subsequent A in Higher English to those tough lessons learned at the scrabble table, good times indeed.

BMCUW, one game at a time Bobby, slow and steady wins the race. 🙂

January 19, 2022 10:39 am


About thirty years ago,my sister came down to that London,and she joined the house share I had with two great fellas,Aussie Tony and Brummie Tony. Great times,and they tolerated us dominating the TV when Celtic were on.

“You can watch what you want. But NOT if Celtic are playing”

Got to lay the ground rules…

Anyway,us two tended to be first home,so we would record and watch Countdown. My kid sis and I aren’t competitive with each other,that would be horrible. Just simply competitive all the time!

Fortunately,Brummie Tony had a bliddy big dictionary to overcome the frequent shouts of

“That’s no’ a f…..g word,ye made that up!”

We also weren’t allowed to write down the workings for the numbers games. Had to recall it on the spot. Surprised we’re still talking to each other,to be honest.

Canny cheat at Countdown with a big dictionary to hand. My sister packs a good aim.

January 19, 2022 11:55 am

Having watched the entire 90 plus v Hibs and last night’s highlights, my take is Celtic are in a great position to make up ground on an average Huns side. On last nights showing a well organised Hibs will fancy their chances v a very one dimensional team.
They don’t have the movement we possess to trouble other teams and Van B has them playing a less adventurous style with their full backs less involved offensively.

We have our own obstacles to overcome, particularly Hearts away next Wednesday.
A real test for us.

But it is very much game on for this Title.

January 19, 2022 12:18 pm
Angel Gabriel
January 19, 2022 12:47 pm

Saltires.E S.
Thanks again for another top article, and education .

I will forward on the article to Billy Price’s stepson in Canada, who is a good pal .
Nice one . HH

January 19, 2022 1:05 pm


I was thinking on your lines after Hibs game.

Last night Aberdeen had a fair amount of ball too and that is different from the games v lesser teams Rangers have played.

The competitive tide could be turning with no more strolls to the title.

January 19, 2022 1:13 pm

“The heavy ground brought out the stamina of both teams”
I can just imagine it in 1892, a mud park just like I remember the winter grounds back in the 60s.
I was just thinking about that at the start of the match on Monday night, Celtic’s pitch was like a bowling green!

big packy
January 19, 2022 2:54 pm

for its a grand old team to play, for for its a grand old team to see, and if you know the history, its enough to make your heart go oh oh oh ,we dont care what the animals say, what the hell do we care now, for all we know there is going to be a show, and the glasgow celtic will be there👍👍👍 and the glasgow celtic will be there👍

January 19, 2022 2:58 pm

SeS thanks as usual Sir.

I must admit Tebily was unexpected. We can’t call him a Peter punt but he bears all the hallmarks of that expensive habit we thankfully broke.

I do like reading about Yasser, he had an interesting life, and that would have been some party that night.

However I’m seriously in the dark about why a Beatles song would be played at a high profile trial, perhaps some kind soul could educate me.

Todays clash is a cracker, really looking forward to it.
Leggy vs ‘The Liver’ shall take place across various establishments throughout Glasgow, with a draw last time out the bookmakers see the same happening.

BigRailRoadBlues was out practicing for the occasion yesterday with several heavy wheat beers while Leggy opted for the fresh approach, a few dry days to help the amber nectars already strong appeal.

One glance at BRB tells you he’s a formidable opponent, but Leggys easy going style has already netted Jobos sisters hand, and leads many to overlook the plucky imbiber.

The north of Ireland was awash with rumours the famous clash may take place in it’s largest city this summer during the scheduled first weekend of June Hootenanny, but tickets have not gone on sale to witness the spectacle, it’s thought only a chosen select crowd shall be allowed to gather for this once in a lifetime overseas battle. It’s rare there’s no home team, with both playing away at a neutral venue it shall be very difficult to predict.
Many bar managers are said to be drawing up interesting offers to host the clash, with the lure of the famous black and white liquid ever present.
It may just boil down to which participant can handle a session without their beloved square on a well fired roll that day,,the Ulster fry an adequate substitute.

I cannot confirm nor deny rumours of a special trophy being minted for the winner.
I can confirm my desire for a front row seat and one of those fry’s that day.

Hail Hail on this day of Woden

January 19, 2022 3:02 pm

If we sign this other player, then Ange tells porkies about transfers.

January 19, 2022 3:07 pm


Once again, you have produced a spiffing lead article. Most entertaining.

I must say that I agree with CCB. One game at a time. I honestly cannot see the Huns signing anyone of note in this window. They may in fact be forced into selling another few players. By the end of the window, I would expect us to have the much stronger squad. In midfield and upfront, there is now healthy competition between individual players. This can only be good for the team as a whole. Two things that I would like to see from now on, is for us to keep the high press on, for the full 90 minutes. The rotation of fresh legs into the team in the 2nd half should help this come to pass. As we all know, the amount of corners we get in any given game is ridiculous. We should be making better use of these opportunities. Flood the opposition box with our bigger players, and allow the little guys to take the actual corners.

As for Broony and Hayes last night… absolutely brilliant. They got stuck right into the Huns, never giving them a minutes peace. That’s the way to win against the Ibrox mob. More importantly though, keep the ball on the deck and pass them off the park. McGregor these days looks suseptibe to the long range speculative punt. If Broony had his shooting boots on last night, the Huns would have been on the wrong end of a damn good thrashing.

Hail Hail.

Bada Bing
January 19, 2022 3:43 pm

O’Riley said he knew he would lose a load of money, moving from Fulham to MK Dons,but he wanted to get games,become a better player, and said if he done well, the big move would happen, said he was confident enough in his own ability to achieve this…….impressive

January 19, 2022 3:57 pm

Cheers Craig, shall read later after work.
Hail Hail

Sol Kitts
January 19, 2022 3:59 pm

Big Packy 254
I’ll name that tune in 1.😎

January 19, 2022 4:21 pm

BRRB and Leggy, Hootenanny pub Glasgow https://linksharing.samsungcloud.com/hVG2RObAaWt5

big packy
January 19, 2022 4:49 pm


January 19, 2022 4:53 pm

The Celtic Song and Hail, Hail the Celts are Here… / The Celtic Star

A thing of beauty
January 19, 2022 5:30 pm

Enjoyed the article as ever. What stood out for me was the first Tour de France. Call me a cynic but I don’t believe anyone is doing that race without some form of medicinal help.
I read about the player we have been linked with. Ange is clearly looking for someone to fill in for big tam when he’s unavailable. I will not be saying anything else about it until I see him in a Celtic top. We’ve been burned too often and in my opinion often used by agents to trump up interest.
Ange did not tell any porkies about transfers. He said if something interesting came up he’d look it it if I recall correctly.
I hope you are right and the Huns need to sell a couple of players. Their midfield was light last night without Aribo though I must add I did not see the game. Also fat Alfie ain’t staying around for much longer without an incredible sulk coming on. I may be wrong but he’s been told since he arrived that it’s only a matter of time till he gets his big move. He’s still waiting. I realise he’s on good wages now but I think he’ll be getting itchy feet again.

January 19, 2022 6:12 pm


The word on the street is, that every time a new figure of Alfie’s worth appears in one of the rags, his agent pops up at Ibrox demanding a wage hike for his client…and himself of course. Nice work if ye can get it.


Yet another brilliant article by Liam Kelly. During my mid-teens-and that wisnae yesterday-I was bequeathed a whole box full of singles, in mint condition and in their original sleeves. Oh man, were talking such artists as The Beatles, The Kinks, Dean Martin etc. Two particular records stood out for me. One was an original 1961 recording of ‘The Celtic Song’ by Glen Daly. The B-side being ‘The John Thomson Song.’ The other being Glen Daly’s rather unique interpretation of ‘Sean South of Garryowen.’ The B-side was the never to be forgotten ‘Slattery’s Mounted Futt.’ Now what the feck a mounted futt is, I shudder to think. I’m scared to Google it, in case I get redirected to some, ahem, specialist website.

Oh aye, Craig-and Saltires too-I have a wee book recommendation for ye.

“Celtic and Ireland in song and story” by Raymond Daly and Derek Warfield (He of Wolfe Tones fame). It’s a smashing read and is available from Amazon in either Kindle or real book form.

Big Packy

Hope you and Joan are well pal.

big packy
January 19, 2022 6:37 pm

MAGUA , thanks for your concern, there are other people a lot worse off than us, we take every day as it comes ,will not been on the blog much now ,the poster, bored to death made me realize ,take care pal

Bada Bing
January 19, 2022 6:41 pm

Fat Charlie called up by Columbia, out of the Derby game

January 19, 2022 6:45 pm


Perhaps you’ll feel differently after a wee break. At least I hope so. Your stories always make me laugh. 😀😀

Hail Hail.

Sol Kitts
January 19, 2022 6:53 pm

Big Packy
Get back on here. If you don’t, I’ll be talking rubbish to myself (Mrs Kitts says that’s my default setting)……

January 19, 2022 7:19 pm


Thank you for another informative and entertaining article.Cant get enough of the trips down memory lane and provoking thoughts of hoops teams of years gone by.

Bada Bing

Morelos being called up by Columbia and Aribo and Balogun away n the African nations,do you think Van Bronkhurst has been a bit previous in saying the Glasgow derby must go ahead?

I know it depends on how far Nigeria go in the tournament but he was quite vocal quite early in his shout for the Celtic game to be played.

We know Tom Rogic has been called up and we await news on our Japanese contingent but it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Thought Kent’s apathy at being sent off last night sent out a message there may be a bit of malaise setting in the Sevco team.Do you think a Slippy G managed team would have got a pen against them and a sending off?

big packy
January 19, 2022 7:24 pm

MAGUA and SOL, ill be back 👍

Sol Kitts
January 19, 2022 7:32 pm

Big Packy
Don’t be away too long, and make sure you have a good true story to tell when you return. 😎😎

January 19, 2022 7:38 pm

Big Packy

Good to hear, Arnie. 😀


I honestly don’t know how this whole situation will pan out. As things stand, it now looks as if it will be The Huns desperate to have the game or games called off. I guess we will know for sure at the weekend, at the latest.

Hail Hail.

January 19, 2022 7:54 pm

I hope we sign Baba from MK Dons.

January 19, 2022 7:55 pm

Big Packy

As you know I only post as and when I can but when I do it’s good to see you are on here.An ever present so to speak and a bloody good Celtic man.I know you have not had your troubles to seek in recent times and my heart goes out to you but if posting on sentinel celts helps take your mind off things then that at the very least is something.I have always felt this site is an outlet or a forum to put my views out there if people disagree that’s what makes the world go round but the hoops will always be the hoops.💚

January 19, 2022 7:56 pm

Really good article again 👍
I looked up cowlairs on wiki, in their short history (20 years) they were not that squeaky clean and were beset with financial and administrative problems, remind us of anyone 😀

Slattery’s mounted futt that was definitely different 🤣
Couldn’t find the Glen daly version though

Slattery’s Mounted Fut / Brendan O’Dowda – Topic

A thing of beauty
January 19, 2022 7:58 pm

Danny Mac 23,
Well said, hear hear.
Well if he’s happy he’s got a funny way of showing it. That scowl is a permanent fixture.

January 19, 2022 8:06 pm


And here’s me thinking that Latin American folk were all happy, smiling people. It’s the Blue jersey that has done for him, and no mistake. Dour-faced, miserable feckers even at the best of times. I echo your sentiments to DannyMac23.

Hail Hail.

January 19, 2022 8:36 pm

Evening all,

SeS, cracking leader as expected from your good self.

Question for MAGUA, I am aware that you feel that we need a bit of steel in the middle of the park (Tony the Terminator} was a suggestion from you.

After our recent signings, do you still have the same concerns, or do you think it’s still required?


PS, any other agree or disagree?

January 19, 2022 8:39 pm

Packy, I wouldn’t be bothered with what that poster said. It speaks more of him than thee. If he was bored to death because of chit chat on a blog then there are plenty other inlets and outlets for his high IQ. Joke 🙂 I can just imagine the sorry sod in his wee quiet dim lit room chuckling away and rubbing his leathery hands at getting a reaction to his mischief!
You stick around mate.

January 19, 2022 9:14 pm


I have always thought that we have lacked something in midfield, since the departure of big Armstrong. Hatate seems hard as nails, and frightened of nothing. FFS, you would have to be to contemplate facing sides likes of Hearts, Livi, and our old friends from across the river. I think that Ange signed him, as he can operate as a No.8 or No.10. He can also sit deep, as a holding midfielder, spraying passes around, alla Bobby Murdoch. With Jota and Kyogo in the mix, I reckon that we have the personnel for the battle ahead…and with Sevco, it’s sure to be a battle. That’s to say nothing of our other signings.

Incidentally, Mr Belmont, I am not accustomed to engaging the grey matter at this time of this time of night. I am more accustomed to pondering the great philosophical questions of the age, such as:

What book to read next or

What the feck is on PrimeVideo.

What’s your game, young fella, me lad? 😀

Hail Hail.

January 19, 2022 9:15 pm

Hope this works. Radio Clyde earlier….



Bada Bing
January 19, 2022 9:21 pm

Danny Mac- Balloongun didn’t get selected,but if Rogic and a couple of the Japanese Bhoys are away,CCV might be picked by the US,i would want it called off,absolutely no point in playing a weakened team,rather than wait a couple of weeks

January 19, 2022 9:22 pm


In terms of our team lacking an enforcer type of midfielder I think Ange is more of a mind to have technically gifted players with the ability to go forward and exploit defensive weaknesses.That said every team needs balance and in players like Bitton and McCarthy we have a more defensive side to our approach as circumstances dictate.Hatate and Guchi may add another dimension to our play as they settle in.My concern which I have highlighted previously is our lack of height and defensive capability to deal with free kicks and corners.We have the least amount of goals against in the league and I am not saying it’s more by luck than design but it’s very much the one aspect of our set up that I feel is our Achilles heel that if the opposition focus on may be our undoing.As the guys have emphasised we are so much forward than any of us could have possibly anticipated and have a trophy in the cabinet already.Lets enjoy what our manager is trying to put out there,keep improving keep progressing and the rewards will hopefully come.Think back to this time last year.

January 19, 2022 9:29 pm

Bada Bing

Stand corrected mate,Balongun or Ballongun😀was in the provisional 28 man squad then cut.