Kick Boxing-The New National Sport


Saturday saw us subjected to an unofficially sanctioned bout of kick boxing. I’ve only once in my life came up against a kick boxer,about thirty years ago in Stafford. Fortunately I was boxed in against a fruit machine and a wall,so I covered up and waited for him to miss. That put him off balance,and my left foot right hand came in handy. 

Not a tale of heroism and valour,more an explanation of how you need to be lucky,everything in your favour,when you are up against someone who only has the intention to seriously hurt you.

Alloa did that to us on Saturday. They had no intention of going out to win,they knew the chances were minimal. Their idea of making their mark was obvious from the start. In Don Robertson,the “referee”,they had a more than willing accomplice. Three of our players were lost to injury,including our captain. 

He might have a broken jaw,and I suspect he has a depressed fracture of the cheekbone. Ask Kenny Dalglish about that,it was the only injury he ever got,and put him out of the game for about four months. 

A similar timeframe sees us without our captain,our most consistent player in the last half dozen or so years,for the rest of the season. I continually refer to the comment from Willie Wallace,who said that while he was at Hearts,everyone knew that you could get away with that bit more against Celtic,and that it wasn’t until he became a Celtic player,subjected to that thuggery,that he realised just how much more the opposition could get away with. 

That was then,this is now. Scotland is no longer a backwater,subject to its own parochial ways. The laws of the game govern the game worldwide,and almost every game is available on TV and the internet,one way or another. The likes of Robertson should not be allowed to accommodate and encourage the assaults we saw on Saturday-yet it happens all too often. Who can forget,for instance,Kieran Tierney having his jaw broken,blood everywhere,in the cup final in 2017? 

Remind me of the sanction for that player? Oh,that’s right. None. Not even a free kick. Despite the linesman being five yards from it,and the referee only a little further. No wonder the lad demanded a move,before he was put in a wheelchair. 

So what am I saying here? Well,anyone who remembers me from my decade or so on CQN may recall my arguments about health and safety,particularly the duty of care owed to an employee by his/her employer. CANAMALAR was also vociferous about this,as was KITALBA. I’m bad enough,but you really don’t want either of them on your case,never mind both!

Yet Celtic Plc and the SFA just carried on regardless,shrugged their shoulders. Nothing to see here,Timmy. I could ask the obvious question-do we need a career ending injury for something to be done? But we have seen plenty,Brian McLaughlin from Willie McVie of Clyde and Stevie Murray from Jamie Dornan of Motherwell spring immediately to mind. And nothing was done then or since. 

Football is really the only global sport. But as such,that shrinks it into a village,one where everyone knows everyone else’s business. Word gets about. Would you be surprised to hear that some of our signing targets have politely declined the offer to join up with a famous club like our own? 

Well,based on that village gossip,I certainly wouldn’t be. So,effectively we are double penalised. Our players are kicked the bejaysus out of,nothing done. And because everyone knows about it,our scouting is thwarted by the knowledge of it. 

And Celtic Plc sit quietly by,supine,soup-taking,saying the square root of sod all. 

Of course,the players could take the matter to their union,which is another matter altogether. If I was in a union which saw my mistreatment on live TV twice a week,and they still did eff aw,suggested I was asking for it or brought it on myself,I’d bloody sue them. 

When CalMac was on loan at Notts County,he would have had to join the PFA,or whatever its called. Costs peanuts. Covers everything. Had he kept up his membership-as he is entitled to do-he could use them instead of the Scottish version. I recommend every Celtic player to go on loan to England as a kid,even for a month,and get that protection for the rest of their career. Cos they won’t get it here. 

In fact,that everyone would know that they have that protection might lead to the change we have all wanted all of our lives. Not to be treated as better than everyone,just treated the same. Who knows-it might just be that long awaited game changer. 


Above article by BMCUWP

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FergusHUN basically saying he told them to injure our players, and you just know he told them to do a lot more it’s in his blood

Robbo (@DavidRobson20) Tweeted: Thick bastard says he didn’t send his players out to hurt Celtic players, then tells you he sent his players out to hurt Celtic players 🤪

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.
The focus if our atttention should be on the referee. At all levels, in all countries there will be games where the teams tactics are to go in hard. They know the consequences though – possible yellow or red cards. It’s different in Scotland where referees instead (àhem) “just let the game flow”. If we were to consider legal action against anyone I don’t think itd be the opposition player. Itd be the referee or his superiors for failing to protect our employees.
By the way I do think that Callums injury wasn’t an obvious foul. But he will be sorely missed (literally!)

Prestonpans bhoys

Well it shouldn’t be left to the Greek bhoy to speak out. Perhaps our new CEO is too afraid as the last person on the board to do so, Reid, disappeared from the hemisphere😕



This is what we are up against,and always have been.



The refs would say that they didn’t have a good game,but that happens sometimes. Celtic,or whoever the plaintiff is,would have a record of said referee ” not having a good game” on other occasions involving our club. Thus establishing a pattern.

It’s past time this was done. John Reid tried,and was out the door before you could say dossier.



Correct. Coincidence? I think not.

bada bing1

Hopefully AP is more vocal re referees in today’s presser,well done to G Mak for calling it out,tgey all should, when it’s called for………which is regularly…


Losing £4bn despite being warned by HMRC. Might interest one or two posters on here.

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Hearts have over 1,000 unsold tickets, after cutting our allocation


Hell mend the Badabing.


Hell mend them.meant to say Bada Bing

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Lee O’ Connor signs permanent deal with Tranmere

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A typo some will agree with…😁☝️

Prestonpans bhoys

Hearts have over 1,000 unsold tickets, after cutting our allocation.

Well suppose it’s up to them how this all adds up. More of them in the ground but at a cost of 1000 unsold tickets, say £28 is a whopping £28k👏👏👏👏

Wonder how they get their own fans into that side of the stand, not aware of turnstiles at the other end. I must be wrong.

Feyenoord have tweeted that Wim Janssen has passed away.


bada bing1

RIP Wim Jansen.

The Fenian Whaler



‘Bedankt’ for Henke and for stopping their 10.

Son Of Gabriel

RIP to Wim Jansen



Little bit of info for those lucky enough to get ticket for mini hun game

Celtic FC SLO (@CelticFCSLO) Tweeted: Info for fans with tickets for Tynecastle (there must be some..) Advice is to get in as early as possible, as soon as the section reaches capacity it will close and will not reopen, so advice is don’t hang around get yourself in early to roar on the Celts 🍀


RIP Wim Jansen 🙏🙏🙏

The man that stopped the Huns getting 10.

YNWA 💚💚💚

bada bing1

RIP Wim,gave is a day never to be forgotten. Win the League Cup, and the League…….but Manager of the Year went to Jim Jefferies……aye ……..

Colour Blind Bhoy

Adding my condolences to a wonderful man who gave us all a memorable season and the best footballer many of us have ever seen play.

RIP Wim. 🙏


The Long Wait 🍀 (1997/98) / Henrik 7


Poor Wim! I met him outside CP a couple of years ago – was he over for the 20th Anniversary of stopping the Ten? – it was obvious then his illness had taken hold and he just seemed lost. He did pose for photos with fans and my wee fella, who had no idea who he was, got a pic with him.
A Legend for Netherlands, a Legend for Feyenoord and a Legend for Celtic. There’s not much more to say other than Rest in Peace Wim…we could never repay what you gave us!


RIP Wim the tim Jansen who will always have a special place in our history 🙏🍀


May eternal rest grant shine on you Wim.a sad day for Celtic,Rest in Peace.

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Alloa’s Mouhamed Niang facing retrospective red card for Yosuke Ideguchi cruncher…….joke

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Hagi out rest of the season for the huns…..Compliance Officer has issued a retrospective Electric Chair for the Stirling Albion defender involved…


Terrible news to wake up to.
Rest in Peace Wim the Tim.

Meatloafs passing opened the week,
Wim passed away midweek,
As things always happen in threes, I just hope it’s not one of us, touch wood.

Hail Hail

R.I.P Wim The Tim. Never had the pleasure to meet the legend. He always came over as a true gentleman. Thoughts and prayers are with his family.



RIP Wim the Tim.

A thing of beauty

RIP Wim,
A special place in the Celtic history books. I didn’t see many games that season but was up for the game against Dunfermline when we had a chance to win it. I was devastated along with plenty of others we let that chance slip. Had to travel back down to London on the day of the St Johnstone game. I was 5 months pregnant at the time and I’m sure the stress I imparted on my daughter must have had a lasting effect somehow. Sitting on the train with only a Huns face to let me know how it was panning out was awful. I’m sure he thought I knew nothing about football but by the time the train got to Euston, he knew I knew plenty about football. Thanks Wim.

Just got sent a Text reminder of Wim’s Press Conference before his first Huns game.

Hun Hack “So, Wim, this must be the biggest game of your life?”

Wim “I played in two World Cup Finals, you tell me?”

RIP Wim 🙏



I was driving down to London that day and once out of Scottish Radio range spent much of the journey trying to find updates from English stations ..

The relief when the second went in that I heard of closer to full time was palpable.

Sweaty journey.

The Star Above The Crest

Thanks for everything Wim

Rest In Peace


RiP Wim.

You came, you saw, you conquered .

RIP Wim……… was a great ride.

Brilliant quote.


Just a wee reminder that Superbru starts back tonight with more matches tomorrow- get your forecasts in soon


Still waiting for Superbru picks from Angel Gabriel, BGFC and wee BGFC, knoxy, Mahe, Marspapa, Scaniel, The Lurkin Tim, Wee McCaff, Bateen Bhoy and BRTH ( though the last 2 have done tonight’s fixture at least)


Saddened to hear of the death of Wim Jansen. He gave us a season to remember,and some terrific legendary signings forever cherished.

bada bing1

The Gonk’s time could be up tomorrow

Colour Blind Bhoy

Good evening everyone, I’ve had a number of really nice conversations with friends today reminiscing about Wim’s season with us and it really was the rollercoaster of all rollercoasters with such a wonderful ending.

Much more so than now, both Glasgow teams were prone to draw and lose against other teams with our record being 22 Wins, 8 Draws and 6 Defeats from the 36 games played in the pre split era of a 10 team league where we played everyone 4 times.

Amongst the many twists and turns, 2 days in particular stand out for me, one a massive low, the other a massive high.

Firstly, 16th August 1997, a 1-2 reverse at home to Dunfermline following the defeat to Hibs in the first game of the season left us in 10th place out of 10 teams in the league and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who that night feared the dreaded 10 was going to happen across the city.

And of course, 9th May 1998, an early strike from Henrik before a very welcome second goal from Harold made us all breath a little more easily and set up some amazing celebrations that evening which rumbled on throughout Sunday resulting in a late holiday request going in for the Monday.

You were only with us for that one season Wim but what a season, thank you so much and you will never walk alone.



Aye,rollercoaster just about does it justice!



He’s toast. Even a greased piglet can’t get out of this mess.



Good evening all,

Been a long time. Anyway would it not just be as simple as getting the figures for retrospective action against certain teams.

The numbers don’t lie, and this is from their own actions.

RIP Wim, just a pity you didn’t hang around friend.