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As this is my final article before the close of the transfer window,and I very much doubt that we will be adding any more players to the squad this month,I thought I’d start today’s article by having a look at how our five signings have shaped up. Of course,it is far too early to pass a final judgement on them,but even with only a game or two under their belts,it is a fairly straightforward task to assess their potential. 

I’ll start with Johnny Kenny. We have yet to see him play for us,but then,he wasn’t bought with an immediate plan for the first team. At the tender age of seventeen,last season he scored twelve goals for Sligo Rovers. That hints at the enormous potential of the young lad. As he continues to grow and strengthen,I suspect he will be knocking on the door of the first team in around a year’s time. On the other hand,don’t be surprised if we loan him out in order to get first team experience,and I’m actually looking forward to seeing the young fella. 

Our Japanese trio have certainly caught the eye in their combined total of around 400 minutes! In Daizen Maeda, Yosuke Ideguchi, and Reo Hatate,I feel as though we have nicked a Japanese tourist’s wallet while he was asking for directions to Edinburgh Castle! There is clearly a developing game in that country,well-funded and organised,and we are certainly no strangers to watching their national team perform well. Their co-host role with South Korea twenty years ago was,for me,the best tournament since Italia 90,and the team have carried that momentum through to the present day. 

Maeda scored four minutes into his debut and is now away on international duty,while Reo has been Man of the Match in both of his games to date-although Matt O’Reilly shared the honours in that second match. Ideguchi was heading that way on Saturday until he got a right sore yin,aided and abetted by the ridiculous yet typical blind eye when it comes refereeing Celtic approach by the MIB. On first impressions,we have three winners who will hopefully continue for some time to impress us-just like Kyogo,in fact!

The fifth signing was the last one through the door,and his joint Man of the Match award,plus the assist for the goal and his all-round game on Wednesday tell me that Matt O’Reilly didn’t come up here for an easy life. Anyone who knocks back a three year deal from an EPL side at the age of 19 despite not having a club to go to strikes me as ambitious to progress-which he clearly felt wasn’t going to happen at Fulham. A year ago,he joined Franchise FC and played a whopping 54 games for them,scoring ten goals from midfield. Wednesday showed that schedule hasn’t blunted his stamina,and I think he will be a regular in the absence of the likes of CalMac,DT and Big Tam. 

He will need that stamina in the next fifty days as we are scheduled for at least a dozen games in that period-more than that,depending on our progress in the cup. It’s a punishing schedule for anyone,but it has been that way all season. I know we all dread the international breaks,but it can be a real boon for the players as it gives them a break from the treadmill. International football has its own challenges of course. In my case,it is the challenge of drumming up an interest!

Our first game in February,less than a week away,is against the huns. I’ll be honest,I think we will need to take seven points from the three league matches left against them if we are to regain our trophy. The refs have clearly been watching FFM’s videos of the honest mistakes from over a decade ago,and they reckon that a repeat is just what is needed. We have all been complaining for years about them offering a licence for thuggery to players lining up against us,and to be honest,the standard of brutality is no worse than,say,five or ten years ago. No,it is the sheer frequency of the assaults,of a type which have no place whatsoever in football,that is appalling. 

As of course is the response by the club to what even our board can see with their own eyes. Celtic are in the unfortunate position of seeing more opposition players retrospectively punished than any other club,and I refuse to believe that is simple coincidence. And for a team who spend so much time being kicked all over the shop by hammer-throwers,we get remarkably few penalties. Again,coincidence my arse. Yet who has been named as the referee for Wednesday night? Bobby Madden. Bloody hell…

This referee must by now be on first name terms with our team,and not just because he takes their name so often! No,it’s because he has been the ref in about a third of our domestic games so far this season already. I mean,come on. That is unhealthy,however you look at it. And particularly so when his record in games involving us does us no favours. I won’t go into the rumours about whether or not he is involved in placing bets on matches-which is against the rules even if the game is in another country!-as I think his appointment to so many games speaks for itself. Once again,this would not be tolerated in any other country. It should not be tolerated in ours. 

Above article by BMCUWP

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Probably correct.

Prestonpans bhoys

Yip we thought the big Tony (take it on the chin) Mowbray season was bad, this is just off the radar.

TBH even if they get CL money, I don’t think it will save them. That financial basket case will end up in the same place as the 2012 mob, only a matter of time.

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How can the Met interfere with an ‘independent ‘ report? Saying they want ‘minimal reference ‘ to the parties? WTF….

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Went to the post office to do a Amazon return. Reading my phone while waiting, after 10 minutes I started to pay attention to the woman holding up the queue.

She was returning stuff to Ireland, they are all in the UK, I hear her say. Can’t get a UK post code for this one, till lady says. I hear the word Cork, Cork is not in the UK said I ! Are you sure ? they say, I said yes my family is bloody Irish😵 Anyway think she was getting charged extra and thankfully another till person turns up for me😱


Bada Bing, question marks have been hovering over Cressida Dick’s future as the Met. Commissioner after all the scandals in her organisation. Could this be her attempt at survival? Get the top of the tree onside?

Son Of Gabriel

Prestonpans bhoy

I had thought the same thing before listening to Robertson’s recent interview. That gives me the impression they may begin to balance the books with a CL windfall.
Emphasis on may… Words are wind & actions speak louder regardless.

No doubt about it though all their chips are in the middle of the table (and not the kind covered in salt & vinegar) – if this season doesn’t go to plan for them there is a rebuild that could rival our own recent one incoming at a very, very fast pace & their players contracts are ever dwindling in span.

Speaking of which, more recommended reading for those with subscriptions;

If others would prefer me to paste the article, let me know, not a problem



The CQN lead article is about an organisation called Taxwatch pursuing a Mr Red who gave testimony to the FTT in 2010 on Rangers use of ebts.

I’ve commented on it at
to show how much the claim of 55 titles was legitimised by the LNS Decision in 2013.

If that claim annoys you or you want to correct those making it then tell them LNS Commission was a sham that shames Scottish football.

Prestonpans bhoys


When I read that CQN article I immediately thought someone knowledgeable needs to explain the ramifications.

Up you popped, not once but twice, well done 👍👏👏👏👏


For those that find CQN difficult to navigate.

AULDHEID on 28TH JANUARY 2022 12:51 PM

The significance of the lead article is that it again totally undermines one of LNS reasons for justifying no sporting advantage from their use of ebts.

Justifying his decision LNS , in relegating the use of ebts from cheating to gain on field advantage to a 10 year administration error for which a fine was imposed said:

” There is no question of dishonesty individual or corporate” which given his Decision in Feb 2013 came after the FTT report in Oct 2010 is astonishing.

Now had the FTT findings been taken into account LNS could not have concluded as he did. In fact his ToRs should have been different. Acting in bad faith should have been the charge, not misregistrations.

In doing so he legitimised the 5 titles won by Rangers from 2002/03 to 2010/11 using players fuelled by ebt tax payer subsidy.

This has allowed their claim to have won 55 titles. Going for 51 is less of a boast and admitting cheating is too shameful for them, but even if the titles are not rescinded the lead article is proof LNS Commission was a sham that shames Scottish football.

To end on a negative note, Celtic’s man on the SPL Board Eric Riley was provided in 2014 with evidence of dishonesty .

The info was passed by SPL to SFA who did nothing until the Supreme Court ruled in 2017.

They then they got a QC to supply reasons not to revisit the LNS Decision.

What is not clear is if the FTT findings were ever considered by him or the other evidence of dishonesty the SFA sat on from 2014 was disclosed to him.

There is what looks like an oblique reference to it in his case that justified no action by SFA.

That is the truth.



Re how other clubs have supporter input. It’s not an area I’ve delved into altho I recall John Paul Taylor did so before setting up The Fans Forum.

I think Liverpool got a mention but that was in 2013.

Can you give me a link to the podcast after it is voiced?


Howdy y’all.
Much too busy these days, no time to watch 44 legs chasing a piece of leather.
Did see Hatates goal and it reminded me of Murdos late stunner in the 4-2 game.

Did I miss news of Kev Jungle or am I confused?

Up the Hoops!

Hail Hail

bada bing1

Riley and Lawwell are entrenched in the 5WA.I was a guest in the Presidential Suite at CP for a game v Hearts, it’s where clubs directors and invited guests mingle,and have prawn sandwiches. I turned round and caught Riley and the Hearts CEo at the time Scot Gardiner,sharing a handshake that would make an SFA referee blush,he was absolutely mortified as he turned and seen the look on my face,BTW Gardiner got pinged for forgetting to order seats for their new stand,he previously worked for the huns, and currently at Inverness Caley….

You should repeat that story on SC , the reaction would be wonderful


The Truth Will Out.
Look how long it took with Bloody Sunday. Not that the truth wasn’t out there from the very beginning. Known by millions. But it took until 2010 for the British Prime Minister to publicly admit to the atrocious events.

Likewise with all stuff around Rangers liquidation. Before and after. Countless people know the truth. But the establishment have not been outed yet. That includes Peter Lawwell, Eric Riley and Dermot Desmond. The three of them are of an age when they should be sitting comfortably retired or about to, feeling satisfied looking back at their efforts in things career related. But you know what? They are hated by many. Thought of as the lowest of the low. And guess what? At some point in the future their reputation will be officially sullied in history for all time. Because the truth will out, just like Bloody Sunday.

i wonder if they ever stop to think what their descendants will think of them. They could of course remedy all of this by speaking out now. Admit the truth, ask for forgiveness. History might be kinder to them.

i wont hold my breath.


Here is history. Everything you ever wanted to know about the Rangers saga.

bada bing1

It’s a return to league action for the Celts this weekend as they welcome Dundee United to Celtic Park on Saturday, January 29 (KO 3pm).

It’s a sold-out game, but you can still catch every kick of the ball and enjoy all the live match action from the comfort of home, with StreamDigital’s pay-per-view service available to buy online now, priced £12.99.

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Hedges to Blackburn from Aberdeen, for 200k……i think he could have been a decent addition

Prestonpans bhoys


Surprised at the low fee, they are currently second in the championship. Watched them last week, they were absolutely rubbish even though they won😱


Afternoon all, site updated, please let us know if you experience any hiccups.


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Been posting/lurking by phone only.
Got a tablet from Santa 🎅.
Can now see your wonderful backgrounds 👍🏻
Thank You 🙏🏻.
Hopefully no hiccups 🤞
Cure for hiccups— HERE 👇

Cosy Corner Bhoy

The Real McCoy: Any idea why so many of those ugly b….s are pointing? Is it to show the rest of them who scored the goal!
ASWGL: A great background as always.
Roll on tomorrow.


G64, leggy.
The springsteen sessions are playing in the village theatre ek on the 4th march(Friday).



GARRY told us often of Riley’s masonic links. And that he wasn’t the only one in our boardroom.

Sell-out bastert.





Great stuff! Brightens me up,heading out to work…




I think he might have missed a few there.


‘Worshipfull Brother” Bobby Madden should be nowhere near this game. His conduct in previous games involving Celtic and Newco has been nothing short of a disgrace. The only positive thing that I can say about Madden, is that he is nowhere near as bad as John Beaton. FFS, me giving a ref a compliment. Will wonders never cease? 😀

Bada Bing

It does not greatly surprise me that Eric Riley is a Mason. Just another fecker who used our club to enrich himself, while adopting a positive attitude towards the second Ibrox franchise. A Hun pure and simple. Given their craven and cowardly behaviour since 2012, it would also not surprise me if the current-or should that be currant?-PLC board are full of funny-handshake types. This much is obvious, given their cosy relationship with Sevco boardrooms. A complete and utter shower, whose treachery will not be easily forgiven.


I cannot believe that Lawwell & Co. will ever ask for forgiveness from the Celtic support. This would require them to be humble, and truly sorry for their cowardly, collaborating and deceitful ways. Not one of them would have it in them, to lower themselves in such a fashion…too busy counting all the money that they have stolen from Celtic over the years, I expect.

So what’s the feelings about tomorrow’s game. Will Utd. attempt to make a game of it, as they did at Tannadice? Or will they revert to the same tactics that they employed at Celtic Park earlier in the season? Up front tomorrow, I’d go with a Jota, G-Mak and Abada combo. No harm to JF, but I believe him to be more of an impact man these days. He always puts in a good shift, but perhaps his best days are behind him. The same midfield and defence as Wednesday will do just dandy.


Fantastic background, my good man.

Hail Hail



50th Anniversary of Bloody Sunday on Sunday.

bada bing1

First tackle on huns loan player from Man Ure will be a booking at least



Even as I was writing the article,I was thinking-Aye,but there’s worse than him. Which will remain the case while the club says eff all.

A thing of beauty

Any content from the cynic needs to be paid for apart from a Tuesday. I don’t have a subscription but thought I’d let you know on the off chance you did.
All being well I shall return to my seat in paradise tomorrow. I cannot wait. I thought James Forrest was poor on Wednesday and has struggled for some time obviously. He has never played well against the Huns in my opinion so would have no complaints if Ange agreed with Magua went with Abada. I must add though that he has been poor for a long time now and the accuracy of his passing and crossing is terrible. The difference is he’s more likely to get a goal than James


If our players continue to be assaulted, on a weekly basis for simply doing their jobs, it is only a matter of time, before the players as a collective, speak out publicly. Any such action, would hopefully ‘encourage’ the PLC board to act on behalf of their employees. The board will not do this of their own accord. They are going to have be forced into taking action. Sound-bites from the execrable Banker simply will not do.

Hail Hail.


Good evening all from Ruglen. Hope you are all hale and hearty and ready to thrash those pesky Dundee Arabs. Unfortunately I’m playing left back and Leggy is playing centre forward. Lack of fit players due to stinking hun bastards and their ref pals.


Agreed, on Abada. Here’s the thing though. I am now expecting great things from him, now that we have Jota back. I always felt that Abada played better, when our Portuguese talisman was on the other wing.

I read recently on one of the blogs-can’t remember which-that John Kenny has been isolating for a period, after being in close contact with someone testing positive Covid. Unbelievably, he is also carrying an injury, apparently.


Enjoy your evening. 😀

Hail Hail.


Magua, I will kiddo. 😜🇮🇪

The Real McCoy

Finger Pointers ?
Had one a couple of weeks ago remonstrating about 7 minutes added time when Big Tony scored up at Dingwall.
Cant nearly pulled ma dentures oot trying tae free his finger 🦷🦷😂
Aye there’s a few ‘ beauties’ missing.
Although there’s a fetching family photo of
Big Rab , his sister Nancy and their son Derek 😱



Cheers for that. Great night in Rutherglen 👍

Will check it out for EK.


Scored A few in my heyday 😜😜😜😜

TonyCascarinoCSC 🍀🍀🍀

Prestonpans bhoys

Bobby says:
50th Anniversary of Bloody Sunday on Sunday

Well that will mean wall to wall reb songs from the GB all day on Saturday.


Hearing that Big Packy and Sol Kitts are coming up for the game tomorrow. it being a 3pm ko gives them time to travel up. That’s cycling too! Enjoy yourselves bhoys! 🙂


Lots of people believe that this was a Sade song, I know BMCUW prefers the Sade version (his guilty pleasure) but it was actually Ministers son, Timmy Thomas who wrote and performed it firstly, it was his only solo hit.

Thomas was sitting in his study, where he was at the time a teacher, getting ready to teach higher education, and heard on the radio that, over 35,000 Viet Cong had died that day, and 15,000 Americans. He thought with that many mothers children dying, in a war that we can’t come to the table and sit down and talk about, without so many families losing their loved ones? and thought, “Why can’t we live together?”

And he started to write it then. “No more wars, we want peace in this world, and no matter what color, you’re still my brother.”

Later he went to a local radio station with his song, as they played local artists music. They played it, and the phones lit up. They said “Man, who is that?”

So there you have it. That is how this incredibly unique hit song with a wonderful soulful inspiring beat with lyrics that are still so very true and so very relevant today came about, thanks to the genius of Timmy Thomas.

Another true story Copyright – © Big Packy


Haven’t looked in CQN for a long time, someone mentioned today that they have a piece on Mr Red being in trouble, for the angers EBT case. It was believed at the time that he was actually the head Tax Consultant at Murray International Ian McMillan, I’ve no reason to this day to disbelieve that.


Over 20 folk still to get their Superbru predictions in


Storm Malik to hit Scotland tomorrow. Let’s hope none of the Arab’s legs and feet get caught in a strong gust of wind close to any Celtic players’ legs.

Sol Kitts

I offered to collect Big Packy on my tandem, but he insisted on the front seat and I only had a back seat available for him so he wouldn’t come.

Gordon64 Bloody Sunday – 50 Years On – Domhnach na Fola


He’s so fussy Sol. !!! 🙂

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For the people of Doire.

14 civilians were murdered by the British army of occupation on the streets of their hometown ‘Derry’ on 30th Jan 1972.
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