On a Wim FC

I honestly had this article and title in mind before the news of our Dutch legends passing. I’m happy about that fact.


He brought a smile to my face and millions more, how he pulled off that never to be forgotten season I’ll never know.
Somewhere in the archives is an article asking which manager was the best manager to have graced the field of play,,I opined John Barnes (one hell of a footballer who scored a most Brazilian goal against Brazil), most claimed Kenny, but with his two World Cup Finals perhaps we underrated the legend.
He’s gotta be in the conversation, that in itself speaks volumes.
Rest in Peace Wim the Tim.


Speaking of wims, it struck me that we are very much a club run on a whim.
That’s not good.
Yes things are exciting right now, but an analytical eye can tell we as a football club shall follow the course set by the man in charge at the time.
That’s not good at all.


Michael has surprised many, though after Peter that wasn’t going to take much doing,,cautious and frugal doesn’t excite fans. Spending smartly on exciting first team ready talents is much more the current trend. But yet this brings big questions.


I’ve mentioned before that our current model has really shown us how poor the previous one was. Michael was there, no idea if his footballing opinion was asked or aired but he was on the board.
He clearly would have done things differently than Peter, with all indications pointing to a much higher success rate when entering the market, and a high level of supporter excitement.
He was on the board when Peter told us a major rebuild wasn’t needed, not that much later he spearheaded the much needed rebuild.
Under his watch supporter relations are being rebuilt, we ourselves got an invite to the next. That’s at odds with the previous ‘regime’.
Bankier stayed the same throughout which is very telling.


It’s clear we don’t follow a model, we follow a man. And sometimes we take instructions from the majority shareholder.
It can be exciting, it can come together and work, but as a modern professional organization we are dysfunctional to the point it has harmed the core business (top tiers closed during Ronny’s last season) and still haven’t taken the adequate steps to rectify the situation.


This current rollercoaster is fun but with the correct appointments it needn’t end. A DoF could be looking for the next Ange, a new scouting network not reliant on the managers personal experience could be finding the next Kyogo, but there’s no signs yet we are thinking long-term.


Dermot is clearly hands-off, with a ‘run within budget-don’t bother me’ attitude.
That stance suits a rental property landlord, not the shot caller of a world famous football club.
What needs to be recognized is that nonchalance can actually damage the club, a clear path or direction is needed, not whichever face fits getting carte blanche.
The accountant got boring,
The lawyer currently exciting,
How will the doctor fare?


We need to move away from being run on a whim to being run according to a plan, but first that takes an order from above.
If ‘above’ has any actual vision for the club rather than tick over and don’t call we’ve yet to see them, while the boardrooms grows stale with folk who would run the club differently than each other so that rules them out.


Wim the Tim delivered us a dream title.
‘On a Whim’ FC don’t have an actual plan to deliver. Always the reactionary club. here and now is predominant in the boardroom’s thinking.
One of these days they might start laying down long term foundations but chances are one man shall again call the shots, and we are all at his mercy for better or worse.


Is the ‘you never know’ factor part of the sales pitch, and well laid plans would only get in the way of the drama so no thanks?
Wouldn’t surprise me.

By Mahe

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12.30 for the first Superbru predictor match today. Get them in!

Hi Mahe,
I don’t have an email address for you and can only contact you this way.
I think the word you are meaning is ‘whim’.




I think MAHE got one or two of his Wim/whim puns mixed up. You can contact him on


Meanwhile,I will correct it in admin.

St tams

Excellent article Mahe.
Not a lot has changed at the club other than the manager.
Not convinced that Nicholson is any different to his predecessor.
We still have no head of recruitment and too many academy players leaving.


Just restored a couple of comments from CRAIG76 while I was in admin. No idea why they were blocked,apologies.



Excellent article you linked last night. My own opinion is that it is down to strict liability re handball penalties.



Good lead off article, Mahe, to start a debate.
I think the 1st question to ask is, what is the long term goal for our club? Mags has been saying for years that our board has viewed everything through the OF prism. Keep abreast of, and beat the club playing out of Ibrox, but not all the time. Most of us on here want no ties at all to the bigot pound but I’m not sure that view is shared by most of the Celtic support. We are disgusted by our board’s complicity in keeping der Hun alive, but again most don’t seem too bothered by it, even when stalwarts like Auldheid have worked hard to present clear evidence of active collusion and then cover up. Shit, even the Celtic Trust don’t seem to want the board held to account.
So whatever Ange may achieve with the team on the park in the short to medium term, the goal of merely keeping pace with a version of Rangers will be a severe inhibitor to many of us.
Do we want to some day join the English Premiership? Is that our goal? We have the massive worldwide fan base, we would soon get in amongst the top six and be a really big club, signing the best players and challenging the best in Europe most years. So that narrative goes. How many of us see that as our goal? Our majority shareholder has hinted that is his aim and he would make another fortune if it came to pass. It seems that being part of the OF will help him get there. How many of us share this vision for Celtic?
I’ve made my position clear on this. I dont want Celtic paying £x000,000 per week to overpriced prima donnas. In any event, our money people have shown they’re not that good on the moneyball thing , although they’ve had a few successes. How much have they squandered on duds?
Success for me would be playing European football, CL or EL, after Christmas most seasons. The Club could state that this is our aim and plan accordingly.
This year, we have struck really lucky with Ange. He’s a top class coach and must be persuasive to get the board to trust him. I really think that he’s been lucky in his timing. The board may have been able to get rid of what promised to be a progressive CEO, but to be seen to not back a really good coach following last year’s debacle would have been too much for many. Mr Nicholson has landed lucky. A guy that can tap into the hitherto untapped Asia/Oceania market and secure brilliant players for relative peanuts. He can afford to sit back and enjoy the ride after signing pretty small cheques.
Ange may well achieve success as I’ve described. We could win the league this year and see Eoropean football next Spring, but it won’t be the result of any plan or forward thinking. It will be totally down to luck. Thank you, Eddie Howe.


Good Morning all,

Certainly blowing a gale here in EK !!!!!!

Need to wrap up well for Celtic Park today.

Need to blitz Dundee Utd in first half, score a few, and then rest players for The Glasgow Derby on Wednesday.

HH and be careful out there. 🍀🍀🍀

Colour Blind Bhoy

Good morning everyone, it’s going to be a wild day for football in Glasgow and I’m hoping it’s even worse in Dingwall leading to a shock result.

As the son of a school teacher I grew up in an environment where my spelling and grammar errors were constantly corrected so I’ve enjoyed the ‘grammar police’ chat over the past few days.

My biggest gripe is the incorrect use of did/done and saw/seen. It drives me crazy and when I was working was amazed at how many people in relatively senior positions regularly misused these words.

Anyway, we’ve more to worry about today, 3 more points will be just perfect.

Enjoy the game in whatever capacity you see it. ☘️

St tams

Wind due die down just after lunchtime, but temperature is also set to drop


Just waiting on Scaniel and Jmccormick for Superbru


Mind yourself going to the game today folks its a blustery and showery day.

bada bing1

I posted last night, first tackle on him was a card,absolute joke


Aw poor Greegsy!!! 🤣🤣🤣


Aw poor Goldson and Barasic!! 🤣🤣🤣


2-1 to Ross County

Billy Bhoy

I’m actually more nervous now that Sevco are behind!

On another note, I see that both Hibs and Hearts are playing at home today at 3pm. Is that not very unusual?


Afternoon all from the Market Inn Ayr (lovely pub )
Hun game on telly (sevco tv) and the pain in the commentary teams voices is a joy to listen to 🤣


You can relax noo, Billy Bhoy!! 2-2 FFS


Nick Walsh all in for the second half!

Billy Bhoy


You’re a naughty boy!

What a howler by the goalie. Pish!


Celtic Football Club (@CelticFC) Tweeted: 🟢 #CelticFC 𝗧𝗲𝗮𝗺 𝗡𝗲𝘄𝘀! ⚪

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Prestonpans bhoys

Teams up

CELTIC: Hart, Starfelt, Scales, Bitton, Giakoumakis, Abada, Carter-Vickers, O’Riley, Hatate, Forrest, Ralston.

Subs: Bain, Jullien, Taylor, Soro, McCarthy, Jota, Welsh, Doak, Juranovic

Prestonpans bhoys

Sorry Craig didn’t notice you had done it👍


No probs Prestonpans bhoys at least you took the time to type out the Team I was being lazy and just posted a link 😀


Not only typed out Craig but also included all appropriately placed commas. My only issue was the final commas before Ralston and Juranovich, I may have been tempted to use ‘and’ in there!


Would it of been and or & 🤔


Definitely ‘and’. Jim would have been annoyed with ‘&’!


Ooooft!!! 3-3! Poor Greegsy again 😱🤣🤣🤣🤣



Billy Bhoy

Aw Naw!

3-3 and I huvny a dug to take a walk!


Oh dear ha ha ha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Big Audio Dynamite



Billy Bhoy
Big Packy will lend you 1 of his 😀

Puff Puff



Oh dear how sad 😉

Andy Pandy 2

Wonder if McKay will complain about the added on time today 🤔 Hehehe😁


Full points from the next two games puts us top of the league!!


I’m going Giakoumakis to get a hatrick today ⚽️⚽️⚽️



Hunbelievable score up at the ross county game, That mob conceded THREE goals to a team that could not string together TWO passes, Bring them on i for one cannot wait for wednesday night, get a result against the arabs today and i know we will be top of the league on wednesday night.JG.

The Fenian Whaler

96th min equalizer for Ross County🤔 That’s the refs career over 🤣🤣😂😂 ‘Oh my days’

The Fenian Whaler

BR in the crowd – who is he up having a look at – Jota perhaps? Or is he at Celtic park as a fan🤔

Dominating possession but poor so far.

Utd look more dangerous when breaking.

As usual weird reffing.

Tony Watt’s a diving prick.


The Fenian Whaler

Celtic majority of possession, unfortunately, 90% of it square or backward passes so far, 27th min for our 1st attempt on goal. Come on bhoys


That looked a pen from Section 404…what’s the chat in the studio?

The Fenian Whaler


hee haw – never a Pen (imo) no mention from the studio


Booo!! TFW…are you Rangers in Disguise!?? 🤣

O’Riley misses a sitter, harder to miss 🤬

The Fenian Whaler


Like RFC 1872 am liquidating but in my case, it involves drinking copious amounts of alcohol.

How did ‘The O’Riley’ miss that😯

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