The Heat Is On!


I was down the pub on Saturday with a few friends,watching the game from Dingwall. There were one or two other Celtic supporters and even a Hibs fan-aye,really!-but no sign of any Rangers fans. Not too many of them in Swindon anyway,in my experience,and sadly one less following the untimely death of a good friend,Graham.

Anyway,suffice to say that when Ross County went in front we raised a loud cheer. Got asked to keep it down a bit,as a matter of fact. But that was NOTHING compared to the raucous roar heard when County equalised!

I’m surprised they didn’t hear it in Dingwall!!!

Anyway,that was enough for me for the day,fresh off a nightshift. Off home to watch us scud Dundee Utd. Of course,I expected a difficult game as United are no pushovers. International call-ups,injuries and playing previously injured players back into the side,as well as possibly having an eye on Wednesday night,led to a very unfamiliar line-up. And with two of our attacking players having far from their best game,and a midfield that struggled to find any creativity,we really struggled.

To be fair,Jamesie has not been at his best since his long injury lay off while G-Mak has struggled with injury,etc,and is still playing himself into contention for a place in the team. Reo suffered perhaps from the failure of those around him,while Bitton was as expected. Scales and Forrest on the left struggled together as to a lesser extent did Ralston and Abada on the right.

In short,nothing was going right. And just as I’m trying to figure out where I can find a cat to kick,Jota burst explosively down the right and hit an inch-perfect cross into the box. Abada took a great first touch and fairly hammered it into the net-and my roar on its own was louder than the one in the pub about two and a half hours earlier!

From going six points behind on Boxing Day,which really hurt our title ambitions,we are now only two points behind. That is a terrific turnaround in a month,and in trying circumstances. And while we have the momentum and the form going into Wednesday night,a wiser man than I once said that “Only a fool would forecast the outcome of an O** F*** game”

So I won’t! If for no other reason than that ATHINGOFBEAUTY would pulverise me…

But-what if we DO win? Top of the league for the first time this season,and against all the odds,given the mess that AP inherited? Aye,it would only be by a point,a very slender lead indeed. But Hearts visit Ibrox at the weekend while we are away to Motherwell. I’m never one for taking things for granted,but those two fixtures could be every bit as key to the title race as Wednesday night is.

The first thing we have to do is to win on Wednesday. To make sure that the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune pass idly by,fired as they might be by someone or other with an insolence of office. We can’t allow any decisions by Madden to upset our momentum,inhibit our game plan or neuter our confidence. We can’t get put off our game by getting involved in a kicking match,we have to go out there to play our own game and to hell with the opposition-all fourteen of them!

There will be other big games ahead this season though,and to use an unavoidable cliché,we need to treat every one of them like a cup final-but without the luxury of extra time or a replay. We need to treat every game with the same urgency as we will tomorrow night. Because it isn’t only the league table which is currently against us,or the officials,or teams raising their game. We have another problem with the schedule. As the table stands at the minute,our third round of matches against EVERYONE in the top six will be away from home,while TRIFCo will be at home to each of them. Which means that they will play at least two of them three times at home while we will play at least two of them three times away!

Now,I doubt that this is deliberate. It would take some doing for someone at the SPFL to accurately forecast the top six,although mine would only be out by the inclusion of Dundee Utd for Motherwell. But the fact that it has happened absolutely stinks! And I might do an article soon on a way to avoid it,or at least to be consistent and stick to a formula.

Meanwhile,I’ll hit you all with another cliché. That we will take it one game at a time.

Starting tomorrow.

Above article by BMCUWP

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Win on Wednesday and the momentum shifts to us.
Lose and the Huns go 5 ahead buoyed by the Second Coming in the shape of Ramsey.
A draw can be seen in positive light by both camps. They are seen to stabilise, we keep in touch with a weakened team selection.

Whatever happens this league will still be in our hands to win. Ok, we’d in all probability have to win at Ibrox in April but by then we’d hopefully have Kyogo , Calmac, Tam, Daizen , Guchi even DT available.
A formidable line up of talent.

As the Huns have shown a couple of draws is more damaging than a defeat. There are ( Tommy)
Twists n Turns to come.

To quote a man on Second Comings:

“Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity”

Noel Skytrot

Does anyone think that Ange might spring a wee suprise for the hun game by including some of those that were out injured ? I wouldn’t be suprised.



Great comment from you last night at 722.

Mind you,there were a few belters. I had a wee chuckle at the covid one from VP too.

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends and thanks for the article Bobby.
Here’s my simple solution to the annual post split fixture dilemma –
1. Expand the top division to 14.
2. Play everyone home and away, 2 rounds of fixtures, 26 games and THEN split into Top 6 and Bottom 8.
3. Play 2 more rounds of home and away fixtures – 10 games for the top teams, 14 for the bottom 8.
4. So the top teams then have a 36 game season, the bottom teams have 40 – but as those at the top are likely to have played more cup games plus European fixtures then fair all round?



That’s certainly an option,and I’ll include it-credited,of course!-in the Friday article I have planned on the subject. Thanks.


Re your comment sticking at the top of the page until refreshed,mine always have done! Laptop,iphone or ipad,all the same. I just thought that was how WordPress worked.

A worldwide brand is 150 years old this year. This is an astonishing achievement and I would like to add my own congratulations to this renowned brand for all their achievements over the years. They are the most successful brand in the world in their sphere of operation.
Happy 150th year anniversary to Pirelli.
Well, you didn’t think it was the huns, they’re only 10. 😁😁😎

Big Packy
If you’re awake, did I tell you that I used to be addicted to the hokey cokey, but I turned myself around and that’s what it’s all about…….

The Gombeen Man

Japan are playing Saudi Arabia at 10.14(?) this morning, our time. That’s just about 7.30pm in Japan.
Will Maeda be involved?
It’s a 12 to 14 hour flight from Tokyo to Glasgow.
I wonder if Dermo’s jet is free?
Would Ange consider trying to get Daizen Maeda back?

Who knows?


Sevco will be hoping that Ramsey can re-capture his form for Wales.

He played twice for them in November.

70 minutes against Belarus on 13th November. Scoring 2 goals (one a penalty) and 90 minutes against Belgium on 16th November.

That’s only three days between the games.

Ramsey then reported back to Juventus with muscular problems and was out for 44 days -between November 19th and January the 2nd…

44 days.

He then tested positive for Covid (pre-Ibrox) on January 10th and was missing for another 11 days.

They’ll think he can make the difference in tight games, if he doesn’t over-train and rests between games.

Two high intensity games in November had him out for 44 days ??

Ross Wilson is a bit of an unknown there. He had a ropey time at Southampton. Plenty of money spent and a marked decline in performances.

The feedback from Saints supporters isn’t great.

Let’s hope there’s some grumbling about Ramsey’s salary in the dressing room.

(If I was a Sevco player, having made History last Season, I’d want a few bob in recognition.)

Maestro Fan

I fear we will struggle to win on Wednesday. Madden could be the difference maker. I don’t think the huns will fear G-Mac and our midfield has barely any minutes together or even between them. Soro as the only back up is worrying, and even he was nearly away last night.

So much will rest on Jota and Abada doing the biz and O’Riley and Hatate staying fit. I hope the bonus rise to the occasion, but I’m gutted so many key players are unavailable.

Big Audio Dynamite

I’m glad the press haven’t gone overboard in their praise of Sevco’s latest ‘All in’ move. :))) And where the f@ck is the money coming from? Ach, what’s the point!?

Just crush their souls, Celts!



Games are coming thick n fast in February.
With his injury history he’s likely to miss more than he plays.
Us , Hearts, Hibs in first week alone.

He could be a big hit or expensive misfit.

Big Audio Dynamite

Penny for the thoughts of Tav, Goldson & Kamara etc.

“He’s getting HOW MUCH?!?! “



Well,I know that I’d rather have a Pirelli calendar than a hun one…


Ooops,dunno how that happened! Corrected now,I hope.

The Gombeen Man


I know they’re lucky he made it up those Marble Stairs.

He looked a wee bit sheepish on the Twitter link I saw.

Till Later



That lot seem to be able to work wonders with “the magic sponge”



CALTONTONGUES made a suggestion for the source of their cash,one which has long been my suspicion too.

Big Audio Dynamite

Sol, I certainly never tyre of laughing at the claims the Huns make.

Big Audio Dynamite

Bobby, was that last thread? I saw CT was on last night, but I was only on for a min

Big Audio Dynamite
Noel Skytrot

BMCUWP, they work wonders with magical bank accounts never mind sponges. They’re some mob.



Yes,mate. Knows his stuff,that man.

Big Audio Dynamite

Bobby, 👍


Midweek game v Thems.
Back in 1971 I think it was, and Jim Baxter had signed amid great acclaim. The prodigal son would ensure that Ranjurrrs would restore the natural order atop the Scottish game. They had beaten us in a League Cup match two weeks previously, so the pressure was on. Up steps the bold Jim Brogan to score the winner very late on.
The hype surrounding Ramsey reminds me of that time. Baxter’s second coming didn’t amount to much then and I’m pretty sure that Ramsey won’t be all he’s cracked up to be.
It’s years since I’ve seen us beat them under the lights ( 1979 and ten men, perhaps?), and I’m looking forward to this one.

The Gombeen Man


Yes the fabled Ibrox sponge that gives the gift of Eternal Youth.

Good chance too that Aaron was working his ticket in the last couple of months at Juventus. He’d of been hoping for a January move with a view to playing and getting a new contract somewhere.

No doubt soon after he gets a deal he’ll bow a gasket.

At an alleged 400k a week you wouldn’t think he’d be bothered about a new deal.

I hope the job’s going well.

Till later.

Big Audio Dynamite

Ahh, so mr Ramsay WAS offered to any interested parties in Engerland?? Seems only Sevco didn’t scoff at the astronomical wages.
Have I woke up back in 90s??




Good one…



We beat them under the lights in the league cup semi,early 2001. Lubo and two huns got reds,each team got a penalty,we won 3-1.

Going on six,IIRC. But I can’t recall us even playing them at Celtic Park in midweek since 1979.

Big Audio Dynamite

Happy birthday Harald Brattbakk.

When you think of Harald, what’s the first thing that pops in yer head? 😉



Aye,it’s going great so far. Thanks for asking. But as it is initially via an agency,I’ll only really know in three months!

Although the vehicles are near full loads,we only take the products off in stages at each drop. But we have to load the whole bloody lot at the start of the shift!

Glad to get into the driving seat for a rest after that,as the first drop is about 80 minutes away.

Jobo Baldie

Could any or all of the following be possible true?
1. In early January Sevco see us strengthening big time but know themselves that they don’t even have enough money for January’s wages and light bulbs.
2. The sell Patterson, a player with decent potential but who’s not getting a start so team, theoretically isn’t weakened. But that money (pick a figure between £4M and £12M) is already spent in terms of wages and other debts so nothing much left to strengthen the squad.
3. Sevco know there’s a pot of gold for this season’s league champions.
4. They get Ramsay on loan for a relatively nominal loan fee but Juventus want Sevco to commit to buying the player in the summer in exchange for Juventus continuing to pay the player’s wages until then.
5. The deal is that Sevco commit to buy him for £6M but only if they win the league (cos that’s the only way they’ll then be able to afford to pay that fee, using next season’s Champions League money). Lose the league and Ramsay returns to Juventus.
6. So essentially, Sevco are gambling £6M of NEXT SEASON’S money to try to win this season’s league title.
7. There are definitely similarities to the infamous Ticketus approach here and we all know how that ended up.
Something stinks.

Jobo Baldie

I remember a midweek home league game, probably mid nineties where Malky McKay got us a last minute winner (or equaliser) with a towering header from a corner, unusually into the Sevco end. Me and Leggy shared a season ticket back then – 1 of us got to the game, the other one watched our combined weans! Our seat was behind that goal, just to the left and was in fact the last Celtic seat before the 10-row no man’s land gap.




But then,that would mean Juventus being styoooopit enough to believe anything promised by the huns. My word is my bond certainly doesn’t apply to them,and neither do cast-iron written contracts.

Ramsey knows he won’t get anywhere near his £400k pw now,but he is unlikely to be willing to accept,in summer,a permanent move on hun wages. After all,he still has a year-or £20m!-left on his contract at that stage!!!

IMO,of course.



How could I forget that one? Awright,I was maybe down in that London at the time. Also,the Stubbsie header for a 1-1 draw in the game postponed,I think,because of the death of Princess Diane.

That one was funny. My Dad and I watched it in The Cosy Corner,not exactly a Celtic pub but friendly enough. Maybe not the three guys,about my age,who called us a pair of Fenian Basterts when Stubbsie did the business. My Dad isn’t a fan of the term while I usually just tell them to eff off,etc.

But I turned round,recognised them from 25 years earlier,and reminded them they used to play up the Corsehill park then wearing The Hoops! Should have seen their faces when I rhymed off their names then told them mine!!!

Good wee time after that,catching up…

St tams

The Scottish Cup tie in 1997, when Malky Mckay scored , was a great night.
Especially as I had £5 on him @ 20s to score the first goal

Ayrshire Bhoy


I could be wrong about some of these:

Big Jan winner was certainly midweek in 2008 before the 2nd game being a Sunday afternoon
League cup Maloney screamer
League Joe Ledley
Cup Mark Wilson

im sure they were all midweek games

bada bing1

Japan coasting, on New Zealand Sky Channel 7,if you have the right app

bada bing1

Maeda coming on,23 minutes to go


The so-called ‘Shame Game’ in 20.. was a midweek game under lights, we won 1-0 iirc. I was there, with my Bhoy and his pal fae Glasgow Uni.


Morning all! It is inevitable that Ramsay should grab all the headlines. It is a real coup for TRFC to get him to Scotland, make no mistake. We’ll never know how the details of the finances as it would be as embarrassing for Juve to publicly write off the amounts being talked about as it would be churlish to expect TRFC to be honest about…well anything, really!! The bottom line is they’ve brought in a quality player who could’ve been World Class if not for injuries. Will he make a difference? If he plays he probably will. Will he give the fans a lift? If he plays he probably will. Is he capable of changing games? Yip, if he plays. Will he sort out Goldson, Tav and Bassey’s amateur defending? Nope! Will he expect Greegsy to do better than he did on Saturday? Yip. Will Showpony Kent improve as a result of Ramsay’s signing? Doubtful. Will Moreorless feed off him and Diallo or continue to play for himself for a Gazillion Bucks move to the Land of Fried Rice and Prawn Crackers? The latter, probably! Will the UDR/UDAPR man now have to pay for his own Finger Lickin’ Good Family Bucket if his father in law has replaced Arthur Daley as the Banker and gone all in on Ramsay? Maybe not yet but one thing is certain…the KFC Gravy Train needs results. Ramsay’s signing is a PR success in the short-term, only time will tell if it’s gonna work. In the meantime consider Roy Keane, Freddie Lungberg, Graveson, Juninho, Wright…we know only too well a name guarantees nowt!!

Big Audio Dynamite

Aaron Ramsey – “I know they (Sevco) have had a very successful period over the last few seasons” ☺

Does everyone get handed a script on arrival @ The Big Hoose?

Big Audio Dynamite

Remember Gerrard’s claim that Sevco had been getting cheated by the officials for years?? A claim he made after his first fucking league game @Pittodrie!

bada bing1

Ange Postecoglou says Daizen Maeda will arrive back from international duty tomorrow morning and could make the squad against Rangers

The Celtic boss will speak to Maeda and make a decision after he played 20 mins for Japan today. Rogic won’t make it.

bada bing1

McGregor trained with first team today

Big Audio Dynamite

Bada, good news! 👍

The Gombeen Man

Jimthetim 53,

Thanks for the song last night. OMD aren’t a crowd I know much about. It was an education to find out they have two songs about Joan of Arc.
It’s humbling sometimes to read lyrics written by folk that I’d written off as pop groups.


I also noticed that you mentioned Oliver Cromwell last night.

I’m in a part of Dublin that was known as the Barony of Nethercross or Lowercross. There is a Celtic Cross, known as the Nethercross in Finglas, on the Northside of Dublin.

It was carved from an image of a cross carried by St Canice between the 7th and 9th centuries.
St Canice’s is known in Scotland as St Kenneth.
Canice was a contemporary of St Columba and also travelled as to Scotland as a Missionary.

When word arrived that Cromwell had landed in Dublin in 1641.The locals dismantled the Nethercross and buried it in a mock grave in the cemetery.

It lay hidden for 160 years until the local Church of Ireland Minister heard about the buried cross in1806. Through a descendant of one of the guys who originally buried it. The Cross was located and successfully excavated.

The Nethercross was repaired and mounted in it’s current location in St Canice’s Graveyard, Finglas.

The Church of Ireland Minister was called, Robert Walsh. He studied at Trinity with Robert Emmet. The Reverend Walsh was an ardent opponent of the Slave Trade and at one stage forcibly boarded a ship laden with slaves from Africa.

Finglas is now very built up but the remnants of the old Monastery remain.

On the the south of the Liffey, there was a Monastery in Tallaght, in the Barony of Uppercross.

No sign of the Celtic Cross there.

The Baronies of Uppercross and Nethercross were known as The Eyes of Ireland.

Today, Finglas is probably best known as the setting for Brendan O’Carroll’s, Mrs Brown.

St Canice to Cromwell to Mrs Brown.

Infact the way things can be in Finglas today. I wouldn’t rate Cromwell’s chances.

Lunchtime ramblings for you…

Thanks again for the introduction to OMD.

(Simplified view should give images of numerous Celtic Crosses).

Robert Walsh, wiki.
An interesting life.

The Gombeen Man


Thanks for the reply. Hopefully the nights are getting shorter and you’ve found your feet.

I didn’t realise that AR’s contract was until the end of next season. Just shows there’s a sting in the tail with these Bosman deals. If you’re committed to an extortionate salary.

There’s so much financial chicanery in European football, who knows what trouble Sevco will walk into?

Given that the Scotland’s two most senior Freemasons are ex- top Policemen. There isn’t much to worry about on the home front.

Another thing I didn’t realise was that the Kilwinning Masonic Lodge is known as ‘The Mother Lodge.’ Apparently where the whole ‘religion’ of Freemasonry started in Scotland.

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