2nd February – If you know your history

A wee departure from the usual….

Rearranged Ne’erday Derby Fixtures

…are thin on the ground, especially against Sevco, (seeing as we’ve only been in the same league as the new team for about 5 seasons.)

Also. Consider Introduction of Undersoil heating and milder Winters etc., etc.

We have to go back in time to the original version of Rangers FC to find some examples.

The Tradition of playing local Derby games involving Celtic and Rangers, on or near Ne’rday, started in 1894. Interestingly, both teams ‘lost’ their first ‘home’ Ne’erday game with Celts losing (2-3) in 1894 but won (2-3) the following year at Ibrox in 1895. Both of these were fixtures were ‘friendlies’.

The first fully competitive game scheduled for Ne’erday fixture was in 1896 and it was rearranged with the teams playing out a 2-2 draw at Ibrox.

1896-04-11: Rangers 2-2 Celtic, Glasgow League

Unfortunately, there isn’t any match report available.

Some more random examples….

60 years ago in 1962 Celtic fans had to wait until Spring to play the fixture.

1962-04-09: Celtic 1-1 Rangers, League Division 1

This was the postponed Ne’erday game which had been unplayed due to weather and fixture congestion meaning that this was the first chance the two teams had to make the game. The game was an all-ticket affair with an 18:30 kick off.

Newspapers report that Rangers pay their players £30 per week with a £5 bonus and Celtic play £26 per week with a £10 bonus.

The first mention of Jimmy Johnstone in the papers. Jinky had already provisionally signed for Celtic and was playing for Blantyre Celtic. He stole the show at the Central League Select v Ireland B played at Firhill on the 7th April.

Pat Crerand was out with a side strain picked up against Hibs. In came John Donnelly at right back with Duncan MacKay moving up to right half. Up front, Alec Byrne dropped out with Frank Brogan moved across to left wing and Bobby Carroll coming in at inside right.

A muddy and slippery pitch made more treacherous by a downpour pre-kick off


Celtic were dominant throughout the game but failed to put the ball away despite having many chances. Hughes scored an individual goal which would have been worthy of winning the tie beating McKinnon out wide before cutting in and shooting from a tight angle past Ritchie. The dominance continued in the second half without adding to the score. Rangers equaliser came from a long punt upfield from the goalkeeper which then saw a race between Haffey and Wilson. The Rangers player got there just before Haffey and trundled the ball into the net. Haffey sat dejected.

With Dundee winning 2-1 in the Dundee derby the league was set to go all the way with both Rangers and Dundee even on 50 points each. Celtic were third in the league with 44 points

Celtic: Haffey; Donnelly, Kennedy; MacKay, McNeill, Clark; Chalmers, Carroll, Hughes, Divers, Brogan
Scorers: Hughes (43)

Rangers: Ritchie; Shearer, Caldow; Davis, McKinnon, Baxter; Henderson, Greig, Millar, Brand, Wilson.
Scorer: Wilson (78)

Referee: T Wharton (Clarkston)
Attendance: 50,000

Here’s a picture from a clash between old Glasgow rivals Celtic and Rangers in April 1962, with ‘civilian’ stewards and policemen on hand to keep an eye on supporters as they enter through the Celtic Park turnstiles. A crowd of nearly 50,000 watched a 1-1 draw. These were the days when the Scottish title was often won by clubs other than the Glasgow pair, with Dundee finishing top of the pile in the 1961-62 season. Rangers were second, with Celtic third with 44 points.

The next cancelled Ne’erday Game was in 1967 and Celts went on to win the league in the rearranged fixture….

1967-05-06: Rangers 2-2 Celtic, League Division 1

Celtic are proclaimed league champions at Ibrox Park.

This game was a postponed fixture from 3rd January.

Celtic seal the domestic treble!The draw and the single point were enough to give them the title at Ibrox.

Helenio Herrera, the Inter Milan coach had hurriedly flown to Glasgow to watch the game and spy on Celtic before the European Cup Final.Jock Stein accompanied him on the return journey in order to watch Inter Milan play Juventus on the Sunda

Celtic fans stand soaked on the uncovered Ibrox terraces and roar their approval for Jock Stein and his players.

Heavy rain makes pitch a glue pot and cuts attendance to 78,000. 90,000 had been expected.

The game was held up for two minutes after Johnstone scored his second goal as angry Rangers fans threw bottles and caused a pitch invasion.

A special boat sailed into Lancefield Quay from Belfast with 150 Rangers and Celtic fans on board.

Heavy rain caused electrical failure in the city for fans travelling to the game. The underground broke down and all traffic lights in the city were out of commission for several hours.

Rangers are now in the final of the ECWC after beating Slavia Sofia at Ibrox three days previously. Glasgow now boasts the marvellous record of having two sides in the finals Europe’s top two competitions, and Scotland three sides in the latter stages of the European competitions with Kilmarnock in the semi final of the Fairs Cup.

The Reserves played Aberdeen in the first leg of the Reserve League Cup Final with a team of Fallon, Young, Brogan, Cattanach, Cushley, McCarron, Connelly, Henderson, Quinn, Hay, Macari. They led 2-0 at half time and eventually won 3-1.

Martin Johannsen Provan Jardine McKinnon Greig Henderson A Smith Hynd D Smith Johnston Sub: Wilson
Scorers: Jardine (41), Hynd (81)

Celtic Simpson, Craig, Gemmell, Murdoch, McNeill, Clark, Johnstone, Wallace, Chalmers, Auld, Lennox Substitute: O’Neill
Scorer: Johnstone 2 (42, 74)

Referee: WM Syme, Glasgow
Attendance: 78,000

Above includes Jinky’s 2 league winning goals at Ibrox on 6th May 1967.

In late 60’s and throughout the 70’s the Celtic V Rangers Ne’erday tie was moved to a slightly later date to avoid crowd trouble. Clyde being Celtic’s main opponent around 1st January. The Rangers games were played around 2 or 3 days later.

The next Rearranged Ne’erday Fixture was in 1979, and Celts go on to win yet another title on the day of the Rearranged tie…. a wee pattern emerging here?

1979-05-21: Celtic 4-2 Rangers, Premier Division

Match has been dubbed: “Ten men won the league”
The legendary game where Celtic had a man sent off after a few minutes into the second half, and were one down only to come back fighting and win the game.
Celtic dramatically won the league title in their last game of the season.
Billy McNeill’s first league title as Celtic manager in his first season (Jock Stein had “left” at the end of the prior season)
Low attendance of 52,000 is disputed by some, but there was a bus and rail strike in Glasgow that evening and some people found it difficult to travel thus keeping the gate down from the 60,000 expected.
This game was actually a postponed fixture from January 6th
Celtic team: Latchford, McGrain, Lynch, Aitken, McAdam, Edvaldsson, Provan, Conroy (Lennox), McCluskey, MacLeod, Doyle Sub: Davidson

Celtic scorers : Aitken (66), McCluskey (74), Jackson og (85), MacLeod (90)

Sent Off: Doyle 51 mins.

Rangers team McCloy, Jardine, Dawson, Johnstone, Jackson, A MacDonald, McLean (Miller), Russell, Parlane, Smith, Cooper Sub: J MacDonald
Rangers scorers : MacDonald (9), Russell (76)

Att : 52,000

1984-04-02: Celtic 3-0 Rangers, Premier

Game postponed from 3 January 1984.

Paul and Willie McStay make history by being the first brothers to score for Celtic against Rangers in the same game.

Ex Celts, Lou Macari, Kenny Dalglish and Charlie Nicholas were all at this game supporting Celtic.

21 year old English Celtic fan, Alan Preston, was killed in Partick train station after a scuffle involving Celtic and Rangers fans when he was pushed under a train.

Celtic: Bonner McGrain Reid Aitken McAdam W McStay McClair P McStay Melrose (McGarvey) MacLeod Burns (Provan)

Scorers: P McStay 31 W McStay 69 Provan 84

Rangers: McCloy Nicholl Dawson McClelland Paterson McPherson Russell (Redford) McCoist Clark Williamson Cooper (Burns)

Attendance: 53,229

The match scheduled for 2nd January 2008 was rescheduled due to the death of Phil O’Donnell RIP Celts went in to win the rearranged fixture, and that result provided the impetus needed to rescue the league flag on a memorable evening at Dundee United.

Traditionally, it seems teams out of Ibrox don’t fare particularly well in Rearranged Ne’erday fixtures.

Ye will all be glad to know…

Enjoy the game and Stay safe everyone!

Note: The excellent Celtic Wiki site is the font of all knowledge on things Celtic. Most of the Celtic stuff above is from that site. The guys who set it up and painstakingly keep it updated, deserve no end of credit, praise and thanks. A treasure trove for Celtic fans young and old – and new- and free to view.

Respect Bhoys!


Guest article by Saltires en Sevilla.

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Excellent as always Saltires 👌 👏

The Real McCoy
That would of been a nice return
I hope you sent St Johnstone a suitably worded email explaining your annoyance at their result.


Morning all,

SeS, Top article as usual.👏👏👏

Well tonight is The Night !!!!!!

Let’s hope for a Celtic victory and memorable night for all.

Everyone enjoy the game and stay safe.

COYBIG 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀



Brilliant work,sir!

Any huns reading those stats must be hoping it isn’t Groundhog Day. (Spoiler alert-it is!) So here’s a song to prove it…


Look at the number of cops at the turnstiles. Fans taking cairry oots into the game.
Compare with the stewards who’ll be “keeping us safe and secure” tonight.

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends and Happy Glasgow Derby Day. With no away fans and therefore no segregation required could tonight’s attendance be a record for the new stadium?

Prestonpans bhoys

I’m stealing this from a CQN comment, if true dear god😱

Bobby Madden has refereed 17 Glasgow derbies. So far he’s given:

Penalties- thems 5 Celtic 0

Red cards- thems 0 Celtic 4

Yellow cards- thems 14 Celtic 43

Ignore the above, complete shite😵


Good Morning all from a glorious silvery Tay. Hoping it will be an equally glorious evening in Glasgow. SeS thank you once again for a great read. COYBIG HH

St tams

Thanks SeS, as always.
10 men won the league. What a night that was.
Went back to the Lincoln Inn and we were trying to get Donald Dewar to join in signing, with no joy.

Jobo Baldie

Our team the last time we played Sevco on 29 August 2021 –
Ralston, Starfelt, Welsh, Juranovic
McGregor, Christie, Turnbull (Rogic 67′)
Furuhashi, Abada (Montgomery 86′), Edouard (Soro 68′)

Of the 14 players that took part that day I expect to see only 5 of them tonight – and that’s assuming McGregor plays!
So Hart, Starfelt, Juranovic, McGregor and Abada are likely to start with an outside chance for Ralston if Jura gets put in as the left back?
Quite a turnaround in players.


Let’s spank them tonight, they deserve a good spanking. As does their team.


Jobo Baldie
Plus the fact that Christie and Edouard in saving themselves for next employer and any chance of injury decided to just watch the game from the field of play leaving us with 9 men v 12.
Both were a disgrace to the jersey that day.

Colour Blind Bhoy

Good morning everyone and thanks to SeS for a great warm up article ahead of tonight’s showdown.

We’ve had a few players who excelled as Hunskelpers over the years, Lubo, Thommo, Sutton, Hartson, Henrik, JVH, Moussa and for a while Eduoard.

The above is not an exhaustive list of course (feel free to add) and I’m hoping at least one of our newer players starts their own Hunskelper journey tonight.



A continuation of their form and attitude from the previous season. Disgraceful and unprofessional. Yes,I get that Edouard scored 22 goals. As the lone striker for Celtic,does anyone think that is acceptable,especially in such an important season?

Saltires en Sevilla

Cheers folks … good to see so many smiling faces.

Absolutely delighted at the work done by our Executive Function in January – credit where it’s due Celtic and setting a standard that’s forcing others to respond …

Sensing one lot are strategic and the other tactical …

A lot of answers will reveal this evening.

The good news is, we are having a go!!!

Saltires en Sevilla

A proper fitba song … no ‘add-ons’ or menaces …


Saltires en Sevilla


Alrite buddy? hope that stat is a fiction? Although it’s probably very close to truth.

some stat … no wonder some folk saying he’s ref in thirty percent of our games.

The Madden Stats….

Absolute nonsense as he awarded us two penalties in a semi final and sent off a hun that day.

Crap like this we can do without.


Billy Bhoy

Great article SES. Nice wee warmer-upper for tonight.

I’m in two minds about tonight. On the one hand I’m very confident that as a superior football team, and as the team in form, I can’t see past a win tonight. On the other hand I just wish that we were going into it with a fuller squad than we have available. As we are very light in midfield I would put Ralston in there to bulk us up a bit. I don’t think the likes of Aribo and Kamara would fancy a 50/50 with Anto!

Saltires en Sevilla

Calton Tongues

Thanks for update buddy – accuracy in these matters vital.


bada bing1

AP is going to be smarter using subs IMO, he delayed at Tynecastle last midweek, and it nearly caught us,O’Riley and Hetate were done after about 65 minutes, we can put 5 subs on,use them when required.


Afternoon all! Nerves are kicking in!!


Wish this guy was playing tonight….




Bada Bing
The Dundee utd game was first time i thought Ange used subs well.
Tactical change was effective whereas normally it’s just like for like.
Against the huns last time he should have taken the non trier Ed off and shifted Kyogo through the middle much earlier.
Tonight we won’t be allowed to win the physical battle with Madden as ref so we need movement and speed.


From CQN article
Daizen Maeda played for Japan in Tokyo yesterday, I doubt we have had a player play on successive days in 80 years, and never at opposite ends of the globe, but he is likely to feature tonight.

Is no one worried that we could be heading for a repeat of Efe Ambrose Juventus.


Different circumstance.
Error prone Efe played in an unforgiving defensive role while Maeda plays in forward area where errors are less likely to be punished.
Efe had major concentration issues without the aded burden of a long haul flight.
Situation with Maeda is not ideal but would be more worried if he was a defender.


SES, a belter as usual but those polis and stewards look dodgy.

Enjoy your day and the game everyone. Stay safe though.

Two nil to the good guys.

Hail Hail

Prestonpans bhoys


I updated that comment after a ten minute google, see last line 👍 total bull shit


I agree with your analysis but I still worry about us not learning from past mistakes. We played CalMac at left back, 3 times I think, and lost all 3 games.

I just hope we take a few of the many chances that our recent play suggests we will make. If so Daizen can catch up on some sleep on the bench and wake up refreshed to join in the celebrations. COYBIG

Prestonpans bhoys

Enjoying a early dinner of mince and tatties with a good few glasses of shiraz of course🍷🍷

big packy

AFTERNOON all and JIM and SOL, saltires lovely article,H,H, well to be honest in my nearly 69 years on this planet, ive seen us beat thems more than they have beat us, lets hope it continues tonight, COYBIG,

Saltires en Sevilla


Hi buddy … yeah I see that now … tbh just wanted it to be true … which is really sad on my part.

Saltires en Sevilla


Hope all is weel with you in your Cheshire Mansion … with soundproof walls 🎼


Talking of history…..

For anyone going to the game tonight – Not The View have published Res12. A Story of Duplicity from Cradle to Grave to reach those who don’t use social media and enjoy turning pages rather than scrolling.

The narrative is a depressing one but ends with a suggestion for the way forward.

Essential reading of a part of Celtic’s history many wish to avoid with new information that supports the title given.

big packy

SALTIRES, ok here buddy, hope all is well with you and yours,H,H,

Son Of Gabriel

Preaching to the choir re: Efe. Agree that its different circumstances though, shorter travel, more rest, less game time & a more forgiving position. I expect Maeda to be on the bench though

Thanks for the heads up. Have not grabbed a NTV in some time, used to be a collector piggybacking on the faither’s purchases as well.


Afternoon Packy.
I was on the Celtic fc website there, I didn’t realise we have thirteen players out on loan!

big packy

AFTERNOON JIM, wow nor did I , thats a full team plus subs, but I remember the late garry delaneys words, ange posteglou is the real deal,H;H.


Just do them Celts,hh


Feeling very confident about tonight, if they can’t contain Ross County I think we will be good for a victory.3..1


big packy

CHALMERSBHOY, hope you are right, luv to you and yours,H.H.



Colour Blind Bhoy

We should know the team in just over an hour from now, here’s my best guess assuming Ange doesn’t play his Joker and produce a fully fit Kyogo.


Leaving now with hope in my heart and hoping for a great Celtic performance and result.

Gallowgate pubs stowed already 🍸



Enjoy yourself C.T. 🙂

Jobo Baldie

OK, here’s Jobo’s hoping-for starting 11
Juranovic, Carter-Vickers, Welsh*, Scales*
Hatate, McGregor, O’Riley
Abada, Giokoumakis, Jota
* – but I’ve a feeling it’ll be Startfelt and Taylor unless Big Ange sticks Josep at left back and plays Ralston at right back

Jobo Baldie

McGregor starts…

Jobo Baldie

Official team –
Juranovic, Carter-Vickers, Starfelt, Taylor
Hatate, McGregor, O’Riley
Abada, Giokoumakis, Jota

Maeda on the bench


I got this
Hart, Taylor, Starfelt, Giakoumakis, Abada, Jota, Carter-Vickers, O’Riley, Hatate, McGregor, Juranovic.
Subs: Bain, Scales, Soro, McCarthy, Maeda, Forrest, Ralston, Welsh, Doak

Jobo Baldie

Frodshambhoy – apologies for earlier post, edited now 😉

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