Fixture Fix?


I mentioned on Tuesday the fiasco that the rounds of fixtures has thrown up,that as the league stands,Celtic will have played the entirety of the rest of the top six away twice and once at home,while TRIFCo will have done the opposite. I said at the time that I didn’t think that this was deliberate,as surely no-one could predict the top six prior to the fixtures being revealed.

Mind you,apart from Dundee United for Motherwell,I could have done so.

No,this is an anomaly which our current league structure throws up on occasion-like,far too often!-and which needs to be fixed. There are two ways,in my opinion,to do so. One is to remove the possibility of such a situation recurring,and the other is to ensure that there is a formula in place where,if it does happen,everyone knows that it was just the way it goes,that some teams form had improved while others fell away. Allow me to explain…

JOBOBALDIE came up with a suggestion which removes the possibility of such an event occurring at all. His idea is to expand the league to 14 teams. Everyone plays each other home and away over 26 games prior to a slightly later winter break. Then the league splits into a bottom eight and a top six,with teams in both halves playing their respective opponents again home and away.

This means,of course,that the bottom teams play 40 games each season,while the top half play 36. But so what? It still works,the two extra home games in the bottom half will be balanced out in cash terms by the two extra home games that the top half get against the O** F***. Home and away integrity is protected,which it clearly is not at the moment.

As it stands,Celtic will play at least two of their opponents three times away,while TRIFCo will play at least two of their opponents three times at home. How can that possibly be right?

Well,my own suggestion doesn’t actually prevent this from happening again! Aye,it sure takes a level of genius to offer a solution without a guarantee-which JOBO’s has. But if the fixture list is made from the finishing positions of the teams the previous season-the promoted club is Team 12,obviously-then there can be no suggestion of jiggery-pokery or dirty work at the crossroads.

That is,teams which finish in an even position play the teams which finished in an odd position in the first round of fixtures,repeated in round three and reversed in round two. It is far from perfect-who could have foreseen Motherwell being “well” placed for a top six finish this season,or that Aberdeen might not even make that list? It happens-just ask any Kilmarnock fan since the arrival and departure of Stevie Clarke!

At the moment,most but not all of the fixtures are based on year about first at home. It’s traditional that the O** F*** take turns in playing the first clash at home,as do Hibs and Hearts,for example. That was fine when teams played each other twice a season-before the old First Division was scrapped in 1975-or even in those years when we played the other eleven teams four times over a 44-game season. Traditions everywhere are being scrapped in favour of progress-we no longer send kids up chimneys,for instance-and this is one tradition which doesn’t fit the current model.

Of course,that raises another question altogether. Does the current model fit any definition of progress? Well,I rather like it. But far too often the same situation arises,as is likely this season. That many of us commented on the likelihood of it happening again this season as soon as we saw the fixture list makes it even more annoying,leaves it open to conspiracy theories and paranoia. My suggestion removes any possibility of conspiracy theory or suggestion of fixing the fixture list in advance.

But it doesn’t guarantee the required result. JOBO’s suggestion does. And the income balance for the lower teams with those extra two home games is a clincher for me,it provides the likelihood of those lower teams being better able to challenge the following season.

Plus,it might even allow EK Thistle back into the expanded leagues of 44 teams! Good man,sir. Great idea.

Above article by BMCUWP

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I’d be interested in any alternatives suggested by the great and inventive types amongst you,thanks!


My preferred option is a 16 club league, 30 game season.
We then have the old style League Cup with sections, where Div 3 can get two games v say Celtic.
League Cup winners qualify for Europe. Better prize money.
Spreads some cash around the smaller clubs.
Critics will say too many one sided games. Have play offs for promotion/relegation. Competitive games till the end. Maybe some seasons only two games v huns.


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The minimum 4 games a season economic model, us v The Huns is the only show in town.
Whichever way it is dressed up.

Anything else is wishful thinking.

Prestonpans bhoys

We have been here before about a top 14 league, problem is the rest of the leagues couldn’t agree a format

This was the opening gambit, after which they couldn’t agree

Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends and a Big Happy Friday to all who post or lurk on here.


Good morning all,

Wee joke to start your day ,

One day,Seamus,who had been stranded on a deserted island for over 10 years, saw a speck on the horizon.

He thought to himself, “It’s certainly not a ship”
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“And how long has it been since you’ve had a drop of good Bushmill’s Irish Whiskey?” asked the blonde.
Trembling, Seamus replied, “at least ten years.”
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With tears in his eyes,Seamus fell to his knees and sobbed, “Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Don’t tell me that you’ve got golf clubs in there too!😄😄😂😂

St tams

Although I agree that it’s not right that they play the same team 3 times at home and we are the opposite.
I can’t say that I have a major issue with this,
as they are under more pressure at home and tend to drop more points there.


Ange talking to Aussie media


Leggy 🤣🤣

There is a simple solution to this. The current system is set up so that after the split, each team plays either 2 home and 3 away, or vice versa. This should be scrapped. If a team has played an opponent twice at home and once away before the split, the final game should be away. The reverse applies so at the end of the season no one gets an advantage by playing any other team 3 times at home. If you end up playing all 5 post split games away, that’s because you’ve already played all 5 opponents twice at home. Suck it up, would be my response.
You’ll notice that neither us or Sevco ends up with 3 home league games against the other. If it works for us and them, it should work for everyone.

Colour Blind Bhoy

Good morning everyone, great article BMCUW and has got me thinking about other potential solutions. When solving problems, I always like to start with some obvious options and quickly came up with these two which I will throw in to the mix. No reinventing the wheel because when we try to do that we invariably end up with another wheel.

(1): Scrap the split (12 team league):
Each team plays each other team twice at home and twice away, 44 league games, 22 home and 22 away.
Pros: avoids the issue of a team having more or less home games than another team and maintains the 4 Glasgow derby condition that appears to be vital for a TV deal. I would also do away with the play offs and moves to straight promotion and relegation which I think is a fairer way to end a season.
Cons: does the calendar allow for an additional 8 league games?

(2): Revert to a 10 team league:
Each team plays each other team twice at home and twice away from home, 36 league games, 18 home and 18 away.
Pros: as above.
Cons: each team would play 2 league games less in a season, 1 at home and 1 away from home.

People often talk about meaningless games between top and bottom of league teams. Where were Dunfermline in the league when they drew 1-1 with us to stop us winning the title in 1998 and where were Ross County in the league last weekend when McGregor forgot goalkeepers were allowed to use their hands to save the ball?


I like Sol’s idea.


Leggy, LOL 🙂


On CQN this was part of a post by Tim Malone
(But if we had scooshed it to the 10, Neil Lennon would probably still be in the managers seat and Ange, Kyogo, Hatate, Maede and Idegughi would have remained anonymous to all of us.)

Had me wondering if the ten was preferable to where the club are going now?
For me last season had a silver lining.
How does everyone else feel?


Good morning all from a rain soaked Govanhill.

Colour Blind Bhoy

fan, that’s a great question, not doing the 10 was a sore one but the positive way we have rebounded is fantastic and I believe Ange can lead us to some amazing new highs.


Fan and CCB
We are so lucky Eddie Howe turned us down and Ange was keen and available.
The lord works in mysterious ways, right enough.
The atmosphere we generated was beamed around the world. Did our PR no harm at all.


Fan, I’ve came to terms with us failing to get 10 in a row. I hold 3 people responsible for that, but we move on. I think that’s the point of your post. Moving on. Upwards. If we can manage to keep hold of Ange, at least in the medium term, then I reckon we could aim higher than domestic records.
Of course a forward looking Board is crucial too. Get rid of their fixation with the Old (liquidated) Firm.

Billy Bhoy

I’ve got to say that so far I think Jobo’s solution is the simplest and most practical. I can’t see how any club could oppose that – which of course means that it would go through on an 11-1 majority. 🙂

Sol’s idea is OK in principle – but then you lose the league by one point having played 4 or 5 more away games. I’m not sure too many would get a good nights sleep after that!

I was absolutely incensed when I saw the fixtures. In Q1 and Q3 we have all the top teams away and this of course means that we’ll be disadvantaged after the split. However, anyone who is in the CQN predictor will be well aware of the uncertainty of results on a weekly basis. Sevco have drawn at home to Hearts, Aberdeen and Motherwell and would actually have lost the last two if Madden and Beaton hadn’t cheated. They’ve drawn 3 away too.

The point I’m making is that there are no guarantees in this league. There are very few occasions that you can confidently predict 3 points – although I managed it on Wednesday! 🙂


Fan and CCB
We are so lucky Eddie Howe turned us down and Ange was keen and available

GER I have been thinking that for a long time. I reckon we caught a break for once.

I also think we caught a second big break when the Australian guy, can’t remember his name, decided Middlesbrough was the place to develop as a top class footballer.

Blimely O’Riley didn’t Matt O’Riley just happen to be available. I think he is going to be a major player for us.


O’Riley is a find.
He is going to be a star.

bada bing1
Billy Bhoy

Bada Bing

What a shameful comment to make but are we really surprised? An absolute scumbag.

Its nice to think that he’s also raging that the Celtic players decided to test Alan McGregors gloves and for the second time in four days they proved three times to be defective!

Andy Pandy 2

Just had this sent by Junior, bit of along read, but hope it brings a smile to everyones face.

Incidentally, poor lad watched the game in a pub in Hull on Wednesday, the only hoops supporter in his Uni team, had to be asked to keep the noise down at least 3 times as the locals couldn’t hear themselves think!!
Like father like son 😁

It was the night of the Derby
And excited wee bears
Lined up at the team bus
With fireworks and flares

Bring us three points
And show them they’re shite
So off the bus went
Into the cold glasgow night

Both teams emerged
And kick off drew near
The blue jerseys grew smaller
Faces of doubt and of fear

The game started quickly
Celtic were absolutely immense
Giovanni van Bankrupt
Had forgotten to bring his defence

Big Ange had a gameplan
The team started to play
We broke their hearts and minds
With the style of our play

Brother Madden was helpless
To help the blue and red flops
I mean, how can he give a penalty
If they can’t get into the box

Orange Bobby recieved orders
The ball boys were to blame
Let’s admonish some children
Really? Have they no shame

So the headline reads 3.0
But really should have been more
And the future looks bright
For the team I adore

So Sevco have much to ponder
The bus back was quiet alright
The Radio was off
No Tina Turner tonight

Saltires en Sevilla


Sol has a good solution that works equitably -provided every team has the same number of home and away ties

If the H&A proviso doesn’t work in every permutation, then I’d opt for either of Jobo’ or your options.

Not sure teams would be willing to add another 2 mouths to the top trough, mainly because they are all greedy, guzzling bassas.

If we are voting for change, I’d also require grass pitches in every SPFL ground and set a proportion of all gates to pay for that – if we pay the biggest chunk to the grass fund … good investment, as it suits our footballing aspirations.

I’d also allow a percentage of ‘gates’ to go to away teams.

When this happened in the past the general standard of football, and achievements in Europe & Internationally, was better.

Plus! Other teams won leagues in Scotland, and that wasn’t a bad thing.

Almost a generation ( player career cycle 15 years) after ‘shared’ gates was stopped ( 1975?) we saw an end to decent European result and hung on a wee bit longer to International performances … ’90 with a wee Swansong buzz in ’98

Fixing the surfaces, spreading the proceeds around, fixing the refs and clogging … would see an overall improvement in fitba.

While I’m on one…😅

We have seen lots of examples. This sevvie planned diving in their own box to nullify the impacts of set plays … Hertz spotted it when they left McGregor to spill the ball unchallenged … and grabbed a draw at Ibrox. It was last throw of dice for an equaliser and a brave disciplined decision by Hertz players not to challenge the area they were hitting the ball into, but they were relying on a total fumble by sevvie keeper who can’t follow the line of a longer ball at pace and height into his 6 yard box.

When the fumble happened there wasn’t anyone the ref could point to for ‘foul’


Watch them hitting the deck if the set play ball is delivered into a dangerous area, if it happens to be just outside the 6 yard box and a Blu shirt doesn’t get a clean head on it …one of those Blu shirts will hit the deck …

On Wednesday nite ask yersel’ why was one of their players running towards
his own goal ….and jumping into a challenge just outside his own 6 yard line facing his own keeper/goals ??

They totally messed that one up and Celtic players had all deliberately avoided that area ( it seemed to me) and the sevvies paid for it.

But that is part of their shitty wee plan ….and it works ….a lot…

Another example ??

As recently as last weekend in Dingwall, just before the equalising 3rd goal there was a phase of play when an RC player had a good header and could have scored… watch the nearest sevvie push the attacking player off balance .. just enough to thwart a goal. The fact that the foul on attacking player wasn’t called by ref. Was bad enough because that was a penalty.

However, not satisfied with just pushing the attacker the sevvie player then immediately hit the deck and curled up in a foetal position at the back post …holding his head.

Had the shove not worked and attacker had managed to score … the option was there for ref to blow for a foul.

At that point the game would have closed out …

Unfortunately for the cheating bassas the resulting corner into box created another chance for RC and McGregor was all over the ship … allowing an RC player to slot home

Watch McGregor as this happened, he looked over his shoulder to check who was behind him … a Blu shirt … had it been an opponent he would have hit the deck and claimed a foul.

He would have got it too.

I’ll say it again … launch high, spinning, pacey, balls right on top of him from set pieces or wide …and don’t challenge any of them

Give ’em enough rope….

Pick up the loose scraps

Or, just get Hatate to pepper the useless bassas


Howdy folks and a big happy Friday to one and all.
The construction project that has taken every waking minute of spare time is on track on be completed this weekend touch wood.
Hoping to christen the new man cave on Saturday evening. I’ve learnt a ton building it, she’s far from perfect but she’s mine, from conception to sweat and toil. Laying the floor was a real test that’s for sure.

Anyways Up The Hoops!

Saltires en Sevilla


Well done buddy … what time do you want us to arrive …. is there hot food or just nibbles n stuff??



My experience of life is that the fears that loss generates not only never materialise but that what does comes from the tender hand of the unseen .

Gibran must have lived, lost and loved.

I think it has been well established by now that Celtic under Lawwell were dishonest.

In the grand scheme of things dishonesty and lies bear bitter fruit. I could not see inside Celtic being a happy place under that mind set. It is one reason I persisted on Res12 I object to being lied to and was concerned about our direction of travel.

I dont know what has happened and who is responsible. The Unseen Fenian hand? But Ange strikes me as an honest human being who recruits people not players.

The chances that The Board had a metanoia moment during close season are slim, although I have to say I did detect moments of unease in meetings with Michael Nicholson. He knows.

Whatever took place in the recruiting of Ange it now looks like even the bad times are good.

All we need is patience and results are immediate.

Can’t say i’m surprised at Boyds comment a cretin of the first order.


SES, the mancave is yours anytime partner.
I tend not to mix food and drink, that’s a very Yankee thing. One or the other.
Have a great weekend Sir.
Hail Hail



I’m all for some redistribution of income for the good of the game.

The mechanism for doing so already exists. The Solidarity Payments the UEFA give to the SFA is for the good of the game to help the development of football under national associations.

My oft repeated suggestion for Scotland anyway is that the percentage to the SFA goes up and that to competing clubs is reduced.

A £5m reduction say in Celtic’s UEFA income is not going to impact on European success, not when we get players we would yen to sign.

It also reduces the moral hazard in that the prize money for financial gambling is less.

How the money is spent has to be transparently managed and supporters at large (SFSA?) should have input.

Och here is my favourite video on benefits of sharing.



Thanks for another thought provoking article.The Glasgow derby sells and as such tv calls the shots so I do not anticipate change any time soon.

Fan 11.57

Ange has captured the imagination of the majority of Celtic fans with a cavalier attitude towards the football we play and where we are going in that regard.One trophy already won and the opportunity to add more playing the type of football we love to see and and are whole heartedly invested in.

Would I have preferred 10 in a row – In a heartbeat.I shall never see that achievement which was within our gift and we know how that played out and why.

Why could we not have had Ange going for the ten?Our board loved the blue pound more and denied a generation of lifelong Celts the opportunity to see history made that would have been unsurpassed.I feel cheated on many levels but I still love the hoops.

Always have,always will and that’s a generation thing handed down.We move on and invest our hearts our time and our money in Celtic football club.

Down the years I have seen a few not so good Celtic teams and that’s life you still get behind the team.

Anges team which as he acknowledges is still a work in progress is exciting and the expectation is hitting new heights and watching the games unfold will hopefully be as joyous as Wednesday night but not getting the ten and the reasons behind it still hurts and I wont deny that.

Kris Boyd should never be allowed into Celtic Park again due to that crass comment and insinuation therein,disgraceful.

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, just reading back, any reconstruction of the league will have to include us playing the infamous glesga rainjurs 4 times a season, the cheats at the sfa need the money, plus mr desmond who thinks the rainjurs are one of the great football teams, needs the dough as well, another true story,😍👍

big packy

BOBBY, unfortunately yes😎 another true story😎

Colour Blind Bhoy

Reflecting a wee bit on the question posed by fan earlier and this really is shaping up to be potentially a very special season for Celtic, all down to our new manager and the exciting players he has brought to Celtic.

Top of the league with 14 league with 14 games to go and boring as it sounds, my philosophy is always to take 1 game at a time.

It’s good though to look back on our journey and recognise the progress we have made so far this season and in doing so it does give me a lot of confidence for the games that lie ahead.

Our first 7 league games:

We won 3, lost 3 and had 1 draw in these first 7 games. Our 3 defeats were all away from home and the draw was at home to Dundee United. Our 3 victories were all at home, 2 excellent 6-0 victories versus Dundee and St Mirren and 3-0 versus Ross County.

At the end of that we had gained only 10 points out of a possible 21 and only those with the highest level of belief would have thought we had a strong chance of winning the league title this season.

Our next 17 league games:

This is an incredible story, yes we had 2 draws in games we could justifiably have expected to win. In mitigation, we were a fluffed last second penalty away from beating Livingston at home and had a significantly weakened team at Paisley when we drew 0-0 with St Mirren just before Christmas.

Other than those 2 games though we have amassed 15 victories, often having to display real grit and determination to seal the 3 points.

Worth mentioning we also strung together 4 other domestic victories during that time to win the League Cup.

Our final 14 league games:

14 games to go and on to Fir Park on Sunday to build on this amazing progress.

Ange says he likes to prepare his teams to peak at the end of a season, so far the evidence is there that he is being very successful.

big packy

JIM, that teabag joke you told solkitts was as old as the hills, and solkitts jokes are even older, how about this one, guy standing at the bus stop, bus comes along, return to queen st the guy says, bus driver says this bus does not go to queen st, the guy says well its got queen on the front, bus driver says yes but its got ladbrokes on the side, but we dont take bets, another true story.😎


Celtic Football Club (@CelticFC) Tweeted: With regards to comments made by former professional footballer Kris Boyd concerning Callum McGregor’s injury, we can confirm that the matter is currently being addressed by the club.

The Fenian Whaler

No insightful suggestions as to league reconstruction and a fairer distribution of wealth🤔 But let us stare reality in the face and admit it will not happen when a huge percentage of the SPFL income is derived from a minimum of 4 x Celtic v Sevco league games being televised live each season. Can’t see Sky or any other broadcaster contemplating paying to cover a league with only 2 ‘Old Firm’ league games a season.


Big Packy
I don’t think the SFA make any money from our league games it’s the SPFL that do, I may be wrong though 😃


Today’s media conference

big packy

CRAIG76, who knows,😎👍



I always believe that we are lucky to support Celtic,for so many reasons. There’s the history,the heritage,the tradition. The knowledge that the guys next to you in the bar or in the stands may lead different lives,but for those few hours of matchday,everyone is of but one kind. The trophies of course,those highs which come with the territory when you support a top side. Etc.

Against that,of course,is the crushing low we experience when we DON’T bliddy win! And let’s be honest,we didn’t just lose last season-we were humiliated and divided in a way that I can’t remember.

I have often mentioned the respect I have for supporters of “diddy” teams,fans whose idea of a successful season is to beat their local rivals. Swindon Town fans have this down to a fine art-they can include about eight teams in the M4 corridor from Wycombe to Swansea as well as the likes of Cheltenham,Oxford United,Forest Green Rovers and even Exeter and Plymouth in that regard! Then I remember a fan of Wimbledon,a fella I worked with in the mid-90s who had a bet every year with his Chelsea-supporting friends about who finished highest in the table that season. And he won,more often than not!

Fast forward only a few years and Chelsea are the richest club in the world and his no longer exists!!!

For once perhaps,we went into this season without our usual expectations of success,so therefore certainly not something that we are used to. And while I don’t want either to become used to that,I’m actually enjoying this season all the more for it! I dunno if we will win the league,or even the Treble. For me,the season so far has been way beyond my expectations already. And while I can’t accurately express that in words,two very loud and happy roars last Saturday-one just before 230pm and the other just before 5pm-is evidence enough.

The quality of the football,the hunger and desire on display,that is simply a welcome icing on the cake.




Those comments were disgraceful. It is good to see the club being proactive for once. Pity they said so little about the incident which caused the original injury,and about other incidents in the same game.

Of course,that goes for so many games over the years,where the board are happy to see our players being used as crash test dummies,not a word said.

Billy Bhoy

Kris Boyd: A permanent embarrassment and an occasional disgrace.



And from a long line of them.


Evening all. Boyd has become a caricature of a Fat Hun! He has somehow managed to place himself in a unique position with SkySports where he appears to be the Go To Guy for Scottish Fitba. His blokey style and laddish jokes fit with the image Sky are happy to promote – and it does work. But when Boydy becomes the story it’s a warning to Sky, and the Hun newspaper, that it’s time to reign him in or get him to feck! His comments a couple of years ago about Griffiths were childish, unwarranted and spiteful. His comments today about Calmac whilst not as personal as those about Griffiths are incredible. I’m not suggesting Boyd is sacked for his comments, and he’d unlikely be anyway but The Hun and Sky have duties in which the are failing at the moment. That Celtic have reacted suggests to me they’ve had a few calls and emails rather than acting proactively but nevertheless the least they should expect is a public apology to Calmac with an undertaking that the fool will be reined in.
As is pointed out on here week after week he really is the Prick’s Prick!!


We can go some way to altering the stat about the teams in the top six.

We play two of them in our next games!


Packy, that wasn’t an old joke, I just made it up yesterday. A true story! 🙂


‘Duty of Care’ has been mentioned on here for a while now, specifically with the PLC’s non-reaction when witnessing assaults on players week in, week out.

The PLC have a clear duty of care to our captain, following the publication of Kris Boyd’s latest column in The Sun.

Let’s be clear hear. Boyd was questioning the commitment of Hun players because they did not target Calmac for assault…a man who was wearing a face mask in the first place, due to a previous assault. Boyd has now crossed the line from class clown to dangerous idiot. The fact that Boyd was expecting fellow professionals to assault Calmac on Wednesday, speaks volumes for the man’s innate loathing of Celtic, and by extension, all who play for or support Celtic.

This is no time for pathetic soundbites from the loathsome Bankier or anyone else on the PLC board. This is war.

The club should make it clear to both Sky Sports and the Sun ‘newspaper’, that neither organisation is welcome at Celtic Park whilst Kris Boyd is in their employment. It should also be made clear, that any media organisation that employs Kris Boyd in the future, will be similarly treated.

Hopefully, the club’s lawyers will already be on this. Kris Boyd personally, and both the editor and publisher of the Sun, should be dragged through the courts. Boyd and his bosses must not be allowed to get away with this absolute disgrace.

Technically, Boyd’s comment could also be a matter for the police. Calmac was targeted in Boyd’s column simply on the basis of which club he plays for…and nothing else. This is a classic case of ‘conduct liable to provoke a breach of the peace.’

Now is the time to get personal Celtic. Make it clear to Boyd and others, that such behaviour will not be tolerated.

Hail. Hail.

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