Toughest one yet

Toughest what Mahe?
Month? League in general? Opponent?
Nope. None of the above. It struck me during the week after we overcame the Jambo’s that choosing this season’s Player of the Year is almost impossible, and as such could easily be called the toughest one yet.


I freely admit this season reminds me of Midas Martin’s first, and I know I’m not alone in that train of thought. His opening season also witnessed many fine candidates for POTY, our Bulgarian midfielder scooped the young POTY while golden boot Henrik scooped the main accolade ahead of big Chris, Joos, and Didi who all turned out impressive debut seasons.


Usually ‘hard to pick’ is code for not many decent options available, but under our Greek Australian leadermany have flourished, a lot have impressed, and some have been a revelation.
For the first time in twenty years I can honestly state there are potential winners all over the park, almost everywhere you look.


I count 9 genuine contenders, more could enter the list by finding great form from now unto seasons end.


The outsiders include Tony Ralston who had one foot out the door, but now has a new one year deal and almost cult hero status. His early season form should not be forgotten, his contribution not overlooked. This season he emerged as a true first team player, what great timing.


The player who often keeps Anthony on the bench is another outsider. Our Croatian right back is a Rolls Royce of a player, supposedly catching Brendan’s eye recently, and has proven one hell of a find. At a mere 2.5 million Euros he could be filed under bargain, at 25 hes entering his prime and could feasibly take up his berth long term. He bossed the recent derby clash, and should he repeat that he might move from outsider to contender, but even to be in the mix in his debut year is some feat.


Hatate is another outsider, with the potential to push hard for the award. After a dream start to his Celtic career he has earned many plaudits, if he keeps his current trajectory he shall become a legendary midfielder. If he drags this team over the line a few times through his goals and craft, he shall be in the conversation come season’s end. After a half season only, that really would be something.


Big Joe Hart getting the nod isn’t far-fetched at all. If titles are truly won by the defense, then our lynchpin deserves mega plaudits. He’s probably an outsider at this stage, but a few vital penalty saves could propel his claim. He deserves something for the way he has galvanized our rearguard, and brought a lot of professionalism to the table.


Cameron Carter Vickers initially filled me with dread, that lasted about 45 minutes into his debut. I then realized this wasn’t another hypejob who earned the loan by being an EPL player in name, but actually a very competent central defender who needed only a solid chance. He got that chance, he’s taken that chance. A rock at the back, like Big Joe he deserves a lot of credit for the way he had gone about his business. He’s certainly in the mix to scoop the POTY award.


Should the gong not go Calmacs direction, many including myself shall feel slightly aggrieved. He picked up the armband almost through necessity but boy has he grown into that role. His team talks are much more animated than his predecessors, his ‘shitebag’ now a piece of Celtic gallus folklore, and with three trophies still to play for it could be an absolute dream beginning to his ‘reign’.
He’s probably the favourite at this point.


Reason being, Furushi Kyogos injury. I suspect he would be favourite instead should he not have succumbed. It’s not unreasonable to think he would have notched up many more goals and put those in blue to the sword along the way, which would have propelled him to an almost certainty for the gong. It’s sad he got crocked, but other heroes stepped up in that absence, silver linings and all that.
He shall probably finish the campaign strongly, but I feel this spell on the sidelines hampers his chances.


Jota and Abada are making strong claims, very strong. Our young wingers have been sensational full stop. I freely admit I wanted more experience, two kids didn’t fill me with confidence. They do now. I’m delighted to see both their names on the team sheet, usually means one on the scoresheet. They clearly have instructions to come inside and go for goal, but both can cross the ball also. They look like team players, good characters in the dressing room, they look happy and who can blame them. Ange-ball is a joy to behold, its probably a joy to execute.
Liel keeps on scoring at this rate, he shall be in the conversation come season’s end.
I think he has a slight edge on his Portuguese counterpart, at the minute.


That’s almost an entire team, Greg Taylor and Tom Rogics renaissance must be overlooked, David Turnbull also even though he played a big part in our team settling after a wobble and was first choice until injured.


Yep, its a very high bar this year, it’s the toughest one yet.
By Mahe

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A thing of beauty
February 12, 2022 7:43 pm

What a wummin your mum must have been. You are truly blessed.

February 12, 2022 8:09 pm

Packy, do you think they will be dancing in the streets of Raith tomorrow night? 🙂

February 12, 2022 8:15 pm

I was going to post that earlier as Mike in Toronto would of found 1 of them right up his street 😀

February 12, 2022 8:25 pm

Craig Aye MiT was a big Spandau Ballet fan 😜

February 12, 2022 8:25 pm

We stopped at Annan on the way to the Rapid Vienna game. Last stop before the border,no beer after that.

Quick bet in the bookies paid for the trip,though I’d rather my horse had lost and my team had won.

February 12, 2022 8:28 pm


Congratulations on a milestone,and congratulations on having a Mum considerate enough to do that.

February 12, 2022 8:28 pm

Bmcuwp Is Annan not famous for its Coffee ☕ I’ll get my coat 😜

February 12, 2022 8:29 pm


Only in New York…

February 12, 2022 8:35 pm


That big fella weighs as much in kilos as I do in pounds,scary thought.

Which goes back to my article yesterday. Imagine him or Jonah Lumu hitting you. Blinkin’ flip.

February 12, 2022 8:42 pm

Bmcuwp We thought big Bobo was a giant of a mhan @ 6’5″ and a mere 13 stone 🤔

Colour Blind Bhoy
February 12, 2022 8:52 pm

Prestonpans Bhoys, just catching up as today was travel day to the sun. That is just a lovely story, God bless your Mum, a wonderful gesture indeed. 🥃

February 12, 2022 8:54 pm


Bobo,one scary guy. I swear he used to lose the ball in midfield just so he could chase a player down,the thud behind him filling his pants.

February 12, 2022 9:05 pm

Hi bhoys n ghirls
Here in the isle of cumbrae
Standing outside pub wearing a green shirt and white t shirt underneath outside having a puff(vape) when this obnoxious hun walks up to me and asks is the rangers game on mate
I said no they’re deid it’s the ireland game on
You should have seen his face🤣🤣🇮🇪🇮🇪
Walked straight by…his Mrs f in and c ing..
They know they are fkd again..

A thing of beauty
February 12, 2022 9:12 pm

Chalmers boy

February 12, 2022 9:32 pm

Name the place and time mate

February 12, 2022 9:35 pm

Whose the pussy ? 🐱

February 12, 2022 9:35 pm

February 12, 2022 9:37 pm

Honor Blackman!!!!

February 12, 2022 9:42 pm

CB Aye Pussy Bigbore HH 😜

February 12, 2022 9:43 pm

Did u get tickets for the Springsteen sessions
Have you heard when the wakes are playing?

February 12, 2022 9:49 pm

Here is a wee bit of sauce

February 12, 2022 9:55 pm

CB Don’t think we’re going to make the Springsteen Sessions in EK mate but ill keep you posted. Rearranged Wakes date still to be announced HH

February 12, 2022 9:57 pm

I think its wise more scrutiny should go on The Foundation.its officers,fees etc due,its accounts explained.You and I are Celtic,we do the chippin in,we do the drives,the fundraising,we the Celtic fans get the thanks,it just appears a wee bit foundation this,foundation that,it seems to go under that banner.
My mistrust comes wi the admin costs associated with a charity,being a company ‘charidee’arm.just sometimes I feel ownership is being claimed,am sure it could be explained.

February 12, 2022 10:01 pm

Rutherglen Vogue CSC St Patricks night hooley in the Glencairn Club on March 18th. Tickets £10 🍀

February 12, 2022 10:02 pm

No probs..Will catch you at the wakes gig…in bar 67

February 12, 2022 10:07 pm

2 tickets
Will pop in vogue next week to pay…

February 12, 2022 10:10 pm Bohemian FC/Bob Marley Away Jersey 2022 🇯🇲

February 12, 2022 10:24 pm

February 12, 2022 10:35 pm

The Verve – Sonnet (Official Video) / TheVerveVEVO

February 12, 2022 10:45 pm

Ocean Colour Scene – The Riverboat Song / OceanColourSceneVEVO

February 12, 2022 10:49 pm

Space – Neighbourhood (Official Music Video) / Phoenix Music International Ltd

February 12, 2022 10:50 pm

Listened to that link Chalmersbhoy put up, The Cranberries, Zombie. Got me curious what they were up to, I haven’t heard of them for ages. Was very sad to read that Dolores O’Riordan died in 2018. I never knew! RIP Dolores.

February 12, 2022 10:52 pm

No Irish need apply

February 12, 2022 10:55 pm

Portishead – Numb (Official Video) / PortisheadVEVO

February 12, 2022 10:56 pm

Unfortunately she passed away in 2018 but her voice will live of Garrys favourites..
And mine ..

February 12, 2022 11:00 pm

Gerry Cinnamon – Ghost (Official Lyric Video) / GERRY CINNAMON

February 12, 2022 11:04 pm

One out of left field…

February 12, 2022 11:05 pm

Cast – Fine Time / CastVEVO

February 12, 2022 11:11 pm

The Shires – State Lines / TheShiresVEVO

February 12, 2022 11:13 pm

February 12, 2022 11:13 pm
February 12, 2022 11:18 pm

February 13, 2022 9:23 am

Wakey wakey!
Morning all & Packy. It’s a matchday 🙂

Jobo Baldie
February 13, 2022 9:34 am

Good morning, friends and Happy Matchday.

The Gombeen Man
February 13, 2022 9:55 am

Morning All,

I’ve emailed Tony Hamilton asking for a bit of clarity about the funding of the Foundation.
I’ll keep you posted.

Hi Tony,

There’s been a bit of disquiet on the internet about the Staff Costs figures in the Foundation’s Annual Accounts (attached).

Looking back at the last few years, there’s a lack of clarity in relation to what the Staff Costs figures actually relate to.

On an initial reading and without clarify, the figures look high.

To put this issue to bed could you,

1) Provide a breakdown of what these Costs figures actually relate to?

For example :

In 2020,

Could you provide specific details in relation to the Staff Costs highlighted in points, 7/8/9/10.

A) Expenditure on Raising Funds, £586,386

B) Expenditure on Charitable Activities,

– Comprising of Project Delivery,
£1,169, 793.

– In Kind Goods & Services :

Support Costs, £119,012.

Other Costs, £305,549

Staff Costs. £ 457,555

Overhead & Other Costs, £17,109.

C) Staff Costs, £837,475.

– Wages and Pensions.

D) Support Costs, In Kind Support & Governance Costs, £129,770.

2) Would it be possible to provide more detail in relation to these? Who exactly gets what?

I’m assuming that the above figures include money paid to assist with the running of charitable events and services.

Can I ask for clarity especially about things like ‘In Kind Goods & Services in Point B?

What exactly does this mean?

Is it money going back to Celtic FC?

For example what is percentage of every £1 raised that goes to charitable causes?

This figure should take into account, Grants, Gifts and contributions from the Club.

3) Could you provide a broad picture of how the financing of the Foundation actually works?

– How much do Celtic FC contribute on a net basis?

– Do the Foundation receive discounts from the Club?

4) Expenses?

– Who receives expenses or other benefits?



– Supporters’ Committee Members?

Where are the records of any payments/benefits held?

A comprehensive breakdown of all expenses and benefits?

5) How do the level and percentage of Costs at the Foundation compare with other charities operating in Scotland?

– What’s the industry norm?

Given Celtic’s Charitable origins, it’s important to have clarity in relation to the management of funds at the Foundation.

All Supporters want to know is how the Foundation actually operates.

Thanks Tony. It’s likely that I’ll communicate your response to Celtic Supporters via the Celtic Blog, Sentinel Celts.

I’ll also copy this mail to a couple of staff members at the Foundation.

It’s not my intention to identify any staff member in any Blog.

Thanks for your assistance,

February 13, 2022 10:06 am


Well done,mate. Have a look too at the cash held in the bank,which seems rather high if based on annual expenditure

The Gombeen Man
February 13, 2022 10:33 am


Will do.

Thanks for the heads up.

It was primarily all of these non-specific costs, particularly the In-Kind ones, that caught my eye.

I know from the Auditors’ Comments that this relates to Celtic.
Just a bit of clarity required.

I’d like to know if Celtic outperform the industry norm in respect of the percentage of contributions actually going to the charities?

Are we getting bang for our buck, when we take account of the Costs?

What do Celtic contribute net of Grants, Gifts and supporters’ contributions?

I know from a family member just what valuable work the staff at the Foundation do.
It’s just a matter of some transparency on how the finances operate.

Enjoy your Sunday.


That was a lovely Post yesterday.

February 13, 2022 10:52 am


Thanks for reminding me of that post yesterday,which shamefully I forgot to comment on. As you and others have said,it was a fine tribute to clearly a wonderful woman.


Prestonpans bhoy

Think I’ll share this with you bhoys. Because of relatives having covid haven’t been able to share a drink with my brother for my 60th which was early January.

He arrived today and presents were given, now my mother died over three years ago from cancer. I’m presented a card and present, I open it up, Happy 60th birthday son it says and a bottle of brandy too.

So before my mother died she signed a card and bought a gift, for my 60th, proactive thinking!

Takes a lot to make me cry but that did the lot😵