Greek Statue comes down from plinth to win crucial game! May the Gods be praised!

The above title was courtesy of our esteemed poster Rebus, printed just after final whistle, hope you don’t mind Sir.
But it sums up our current predicament in a nutshell.
A striker won the match for the famous Glasgow Celtic, isn’t the first time and certainly wont be the last either. Some would tell you that’s what they are there for and to a certain extent that’s correct.
Goals win games. Right now, it’s only our goals that are winning games, and that’s the problem.
I wanted the manager to be brave in his selection, with the Captain on the bench please. Didn’t happen, and that’s a couple times that particular starting trio failed to shine. In Scotland the middle of the park can win you games and leagues, it’s the main battle area. We haven’t fixed that problem area yet. It needs to be prioritized.
Now, today.
Bringing on Nir to steady the ship gives some palpitations. There’s a mistake in there as we all know, he’s been tried and benched as we all know, what does Ange see in him none of us know?
‘4 GOALS CONCEDED FROM SET PIECES IN LAST TWO LEAGUE GAMES IS DAMNING’ screamed Fan-A-Tic after the third, and it’s so very true. Our Achilles heel is not to be denied.
It’s galling because we expect a defense, nay a team, to grow together and understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses more and more as the season goes on. Goals against should become fewer, that’s not happening at the moment.
With every point vital, that’s a huge concern.
As Rebus mentioned G-Mak saved the day, and that in itself is a hat tip to this team’s character, they push until the final whistle which is admirable.
But all is not rosey, despite the victory.
The earlier draw failed to stimulate the troops, the recent Ange rockets haven’t spurred the team to a new level, and we were minutes away from our current form costing us two huge points.
With blood in the water and just over ten games to go, I expected renewed vigour from every department.
Certainly not signs of weakness.
We are in danger of giving the current Champions belief they could beat us and claw their way back to the summit. This is the very last thing I expected our leader and our Captain to ‘allow’, but it’s reality.
Leadership is called for. Shaun Maloney will be out to impress, he shall try his best to fire his charges up for Sunday’s domestic clash.
There. Must. Not. Be. Sunshine. On. Leith.
Ange, it’s truly time to work whatever magic you’ve got. It’s time to dig down deep.
As for the match winner, I note he’s scored a few of late. He’s in danger of justifying his price tag and becoming a bit of a cult hero just like another Greek striker from yesteryear.
I don’t like last gasp winners, but given the alternative shall gladly accept them.
G-Mak keeps scoring important goals, and everyone will accept him, and his presence in the side.
At least he’s giving the manager positive selection headaches, all we need now is the rest to do the same.
We live and learn, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. The leather belts still sit top of the league in the driving seat.
We live to fight another day, but when this team starts blowing the opposition away once again instead of emerging victorious in tough battles, many shall rest a lot easier.

By Mahe.

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11 league games left, 3 points clear better goal difference, but I’m not getting to carried away just yet, a long way to go especially when the assistants are as bent as the referee.

Tim Trivia (@TriviaTim) Tweeted: The greatest offside call of all time



11 cup finals to be played. Well 14 if one includes the Scottish Cup.

Give Guchi game time in the position he was bought for against Bodo. Warm him up for the much more important game at Easter Road.
Either drop Calmac or play him alongside Matt.

Reo, Tam as impact subs. With Bitton as truly the last resort.

Time to get this midfield sorted.

Saltires en Sevilla


Aye, pesky Those last gasp winners …had to go paint my ceiling at 70 minutes to calm myself doon.

GG showing up, just in time and we could all see he would click at some point…now he must keep that up week in and week out.

The results still with us, but we look fragile.

Not powerful.

It’s already mentioned by folk that are better placed to see the technical issues, but we get away with too much slack play in SPFL … and only just!

That yawning gap in front of our last line of defence will continue to bite us in the arse in really big games… against well drilled, well coached teams.

Giving the ball away far too often, compounds this.

The biggest issue remains why we can pump ball after ball into opponents box and convert a relatively low proportion. Yet our opponents drop one or two in and immediately see a higher conversion rate.

Lots to do.

Having said all of that, the team does have guts and continually press for a winner when other teams settle for a draw.

It’s a welcome quality.

If someone told me last August that we would be Top in 6 months …

Happy, but sad – no pleasing some folk 🌗

Glad I’m not a fitba manager…

Saltires en Sevilla


Alrite buddy?

Aye. Slowly building up a narrative that refs are costing Sevco the title… and all the cups and Eurovision and Stictly…

The perceived ‘levelling up’ decisions stored away for a rainy day.

What’s your thought on VAR, when it’s finally introduced? Will (sic) the decision makers be any more reliable than refs and assistants?


The VAR overseers will probably be paid up Huns, but their decisions will be in public and subject to ridicule.if too biased too often. Most borderline decisions will go to the Huns; VAR will stop the blatant dives and the obvious honest mistakes. I hope.


Morning all,

Regarding the VAR debate.

If they brought it in, could the SPFL not use Stockley Park facilities and English refs which would;

1. Save them money !!!!

2. Avoid the bias referees up here !!!!!

Naw, sounds too simple.

Colour Blind Bhoy

Good morning everyone.

Leggy, you know that kind of sensible thinking will never catch on. 😂

Excellent idea, would produce great synergies and reduce the cost challenge significantly.

Prestonpans bhoys


That is the most sensible solution to VAR I have heard, take a bow👏👍


Morning all. We are in transition, all have agreed on that. Collecting points, no matter how, is the only game in town. It’s clear to everyone AngeBall is a project still to reach it’s peak. Some of the stuff we’ve seen so far has us scratching our heads in either excitement or bewilderment but this morning we sit Top of the Pile with daylight between us and them. Despite the huge turnover in playing staff, despite the early breakup of the Dream Team of Ange and Dom, despite the bias clearly shown by officials, despite there being no VAR in the game which Fat Boydy so desires now as his heroes are constantly slipping up away from Ibrox…yet we still find space to moan! Cheer up Bhoys it could definitely be worse!! 😁

Son Of Gabriel

Still don’t understand why Ange would drop Cal Mac.
Sorry Mahe, agree to disagree on that one.

Son Of Gabriel


There is no chance of it happening but I completely agree

Colour Blind Bhoy

McCaff, that’s a great post and mirrors my sentiments exactly. Yes I sat scratching my head in frustration at times yesterday but equally, I am surprised and delighted with where we are at this stage.

I think the only despite you missed out was ‘despite them buying a world class midfielder, the greatest young winger in the world and the most exciting prospect in America in January.’

If we don’t see these guys soon one of us should file a missing person’s report for each of them!

Saltires en Sevilla:

“The biggest issue remains why we can pump ball after ball into opponents box and convert a relatively low proportion. Yet our opponents drop one or two in and immediately see a higher conversion rate.”

That’s what I have been thinking for months. When I think of the dozens of players we used to have who would have run riot scoring goals in those circumstances! Our goal difference would be approaching 3 figures! LOL 🙂

Awe Naw

Because Joe Hart doesn’t command the six yard box never mind the penalty area. Far poorer in the air than Starfeldt or Carter Vickers and with two midgets at full back and two midgets in midfield and one up front. He has too. It’s a must.


Our off the ball movement is slowing down.
Tiredness starting to play a part as seasons end nears.
Need to find second wind.
Also defensive adjustments causing uncertainty.
That’s why i honestly think going out of Europa conference with a good performance would be for the better.
Interesting that the rotund Charlie Adam was not selected for Dundee yesterday.
He is usually poor against us but his portly figure would have compacted the space for Dundee’s defensive system.

Billy Bhoy


I’m bemused at your comments above.

Admittedly, I was watching it on a small TV (with no sound) in a pub in Portugal surrounded by Leeds and Man Utd fans screaming at the big screen. However, I thought we were playing at 100mph – even when we got into their box. The ball seemed to be pinging about like a bagatelle!

This resulted in us losing our composure and led to numerous stray passes and moves continuously breaking down. Thank God our big Greek chose yesterday to turn into our very own Pinball Wizard!

I thought when we cuffed the Huns recently we would simply pull away from them, but that disjointed performance tells me that there’s probably going to be several twists and turns before the finishing line.

I tend to agree with you Billy Bhoy. I thought the pace of the game was quite high for most of the match. What surprised me was that Dundee did not tire as I expected them to in the last 20/30 minutes. I thought we were trying to burn them out. Their players were doing a huge amount of running about off the ball. But in the tiredness stakes I would say it was 50-50.


I didn’t see any of the game yesterday, opting for a catch up with the boys at the pub instead. My understanding of Fan’s comments would tie in with my opinion of our movement on Thursday’s game against Bodo and that is that the options open to the man in possession are limited due to poor movement ahead of him. This movement was one of the features of AngeBall when we got going earlier in the season but has been less obvious in some recent games. Funnily enough, I feel as if this season has flown in and find myself surprised players should be tired but when you consider the number of games we’ve played and at the tempo demanded by Ange it’s really no surprise they’re knackered. Another reason, I suppose we should be happy where we are right now!

Is there any stats which compare the energy used by proffesional tennis players in 90 mins and proffesional footballers?


Playing Calmac in his best position is the answer.
That means getting Guchi up to speed to play in the holding role he was bought for.

Or golfers v snooker players? LOL 🙂


Billy Bhoy
As McCaff says .
We are running around erratically and our off ball movement is declining in effect.
Running around aimlessly is an issue.
Too many blind alley runs.


Fan…or too many static players offering little movement at all, which was my biggest gripe on Thursday!

bada bing1

Jack must get done for this,Porteous was getting threats from the Gang,and he never even caught anyone…..


BadaBingBadaBoom!…I said yesterday it was a straight red! Jack has a nasty habit of these reckless, straight-leg, knee high challenges and will seriously hurt someone. I doubt he’ll be called out for it though!


There have been studies on such matters in the past but the results are split into categories. Tennis was considered more demanding of upper body strength than football, but football was considered to be more physical. In respect of energy burned it depended on variables. The length of the tennis match for example, plus the standard of competition.

In respect of who is fittest, Squash, Skiing and boxing were regarded as most demanding.

It’s very subjective. Covered all sorts, physical, stamina, flexibility etc.

Not sure this answers your question though.

Son Of Gabriel


There are thousands of studies on energy consumption across various sports and how they relate but at the end of the day we have to accept that association football is decades behind other sports in training & conditioning.

While we have witnessed a bounce in the sports science over the past decade plus the sport is still a long way off catching up and that is by teams who have fingers in the pies of other sports to help compensate for the knowledge gap.

We, Celtic, are farther behind still.

Son Of Gabriel


You also have to consider the individual aspect. You don’t want to compare energy expenditure in solo sports to team sports.

You should compare teams to teams.
Charles Poliquin was the world best strength coach (no hyperbole)

Short version of the article posted:
Ice Hockey, Basketball & Gridiron football all spank footy like they are the runt of the litter on their cousins side twice removed.

Saltires en Sevilla

JTT53 -yeah agree- I’d say at least half a goal a game on average

aw naw -aye the height factor and a bit of a mystery why?! as there must be an ideal size/fit to role metric – shurely?

Ger57 – even 2 or 3 obvious ones in our favour in key moments would make it worthwhile

Leggy – far, far, far, far too sensible for a Monday buddy – but seriously, the savings on cost alone make that the best idea in ages!

Son of Gabriel, yes the individual factor has to be taken into account. Even with back room staff giving expert advice to all the squad in terms of fitness, diet, lifestyle etc. they are human beings and are all different. Genes, metabolic rates, preferences. That’s why in a team, all things being equal, ie not coming back from injury etc, some players tier earlier than others.
As long as it’s not like in the past when some pro. footballers had a lifestyle like a pop star!


Think in one of the Olympics in USA soccer players tested as some of the fittest athletes.

S.of G., very interesting article linked btw! 🙂

Regarding teams tiring after 70 minutes against us. I would like to see the stats that they ‘Bra’s’ the players wear under their shirts show. I would think Celtic players, especially mid to front, would run further than the opposition who just shuffle about ten yards across the pitch depending on which way we are faffing about!

This being tired chasing the ball is utter nonsense.



C.T. don’t quote me but I heard a rumour that those Bras which Celtic players wear, were bought out the Barras by Peter Lawwell and are only for show!
Although the club said they cost £5k each!

Just thought about something, where was the Greek God GG’s bra on Sunday? when he took his shirt off he was bra-less!


They’re still building the Big Greek’s one. 😁


Does that mean that tit Lawells bought a bunch of Chinese knock offs for last season’s bunch of tits to wear?

No wonder team looked so off balance.

Fan, very witty, LOL 🙂
I’ll stop there before I get all poetic.

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL and JIM, jim what do you know about celtic the last time you went to parkhead was on a trolley bus😎 remember them, you left from larkhall and changed at shettleston,i know because i was the trolley bus driver ,number 67,ach memories😎

Packy I remember the trams in Glasgow when I was a boy. We were rarely in Glasgow so it was an eye opener for me. I was shit scared of them and facinated in equal measure. They made some racket! I don’t think I was ever on one 🙁


I think that the Bodo game has brought all of us back down to earth. Many of us, myself included, were getting a wee bit carried away after skelping the Huns. The main thing is that we are winning league games despite being off the boil. Thank feck the wake-up call came midweek, and not yesterday.

The defence were doing relatively well there for a few months. Whilst always liable to lose a goal, we did look more settled with the Taylor-Starfelt-CCV-Juranovic combo. The problem recently is that Ange has started tinkering with the defence. Yesterday was a perfect example of this. The Juranovic/Ralston combo did not work earlier in the season. It did not work yesterday. Straight from the off, the defence looked decidedly unsteady. The whole team were out of sorts, in fact. This is what becomes of not fielding players in their proper positions. If we played the same starting lineup that skelped the Huns recently, we would have most likely have games tied up by halftime. This would certainly be a lot easier on our nerves.

I, like JTT, cannot understand why we cannot make better use of the corners that we earn. WTF are these guys doing in training? Surely practice makes perfect.

As for the Calmsc debate, Ange will never drop his captain. I would like to see Gucci in the holding midfield role. A bit of steel in there would help. Calmac in my view, is more suited to the No.10 role. Further forward there would be less pressure on our captain. There would be no lack of passing options either, with Jota, Abada, GMak and Maeda all in the mix.

As for the Huns, that is something like 4 away games on the bounce that the Huns have spilled points in. Long may it continue. Perhaps a wee away game hoodoo is coming into play here?

Puff Puff

You are quite correct. Days like yesterday are indeed to be treasured. Hopefully lessons have been learned, and that from now on, we will all cease to be gibbering wrecks, while the team chases a goal in the final minutes of a game. 😀

Catch ye all later. I’m away to look at what else is going on across Timdom blogs.

Hail Hail.

big packy

JIM, tramcars now your talking sol kitts used to drive one😎

big packy

getting back to celtic, im prepared to be shot down in flames here, I agree with awenaw dont think joe hart commands his six yard box the way he should, would fraser forster have let in those goals last night, dont know, but ive only been watching celtic since 1964 so what does that count, another true story,😎

Colour Blind Bhoy

big packy, not sure if Fraser would have saved the goals yesterday but he wasn’t renowned for coming off his line. I remember Kevin Bridges cracking a joke at the player of the year dance a few years ago about that.

Ottawa getting back to normal.

A thing of beauty

I agree with Magua and others that the juranovic at leftback nonsense has to stop. It unbalances the full team. Also the constant chopping and changing, whilst probably necessary to preserve fitness is not allowing us to build partnerships on the park. Juranovic, O’Riley and Abada destroyed the Huns as did Taylor, Hatate and Jota on the other side. Don’t think they’ve all played together since.
I agree with McCaff that the reason that a lot of the midlfield play is ponderous is a lack of runs from the front players. Again disjointed. Jota is right one week, left the next, Maeda is in the middle then out wide. I get fan’s frustrated with McGregor but he keeps the ball moving in the number six role. He can’t tackle, completely agree but he does often provide good coverage for the wandering full backs. Ideguchi may be better but at the moment the only alternative is Bitton. Now in praise of nir, he did well when he came on yesterday. Totally dominated the ball and the opposition with a great tackle at one point as they broke away. But then he had a brain fart and ran across the park like a crab on coke before running the ball out the park. And that is Nir in a nutshell. No matter how well he is doing, how in control he appears, you just know it’s coming!!

Disgraceful call.

bada bing1
big packy

CBB yes 👍

Prestonpans bhoys

Watching sportscene for a laugh, they noted the huns only had three shots on target. Some guy called Marvin says if DUFC had lost 4:1 or 5:1 they couldn’t complain.

Eh they would need to have more shots on target to achieve that😵😱 Anyway we are on next , lets see what they are greeting about

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