Eyes On The Prize.


Only a fortnight ago,I said this about G-Mak in the article. 

“When he starts scoring as well,this lad will be a sensation for us.”

Mind you,I also said that Joe Hart might be looking at Fraser Forster’s clean sheet record of 24 in one season for us! Still,nobody’s perfect,eh?

On Sunday,we had quite a few imperfections. Not least that we once again failed to deal with set pieces,an old failing from way back that we seemed to have eradicated. But when you have a keeper who isn’t organising his defence,and defenders who are playing statues or blind man’s buff,that’s the kind of thing that can happen. 

Thursday just gone had Glimt putting three past us from open play-and when I say open,I mean carving us wide open!-while Sunday was just criminal. Aided and abetted once again by a misfiring midfield,despite a shake up in personnel in both areas. 

The one shining light from the last week was actually the perfect balance to these imperfections,and that is the perfect hat trick from G-Mak. I’m struggling to remember the last time a Celtic player achieved such a thing,though I recall Charlie Mulgrew having two inside about half an hour at Kilmarnock almost ten years ago. He only needed a chance with his favoured left foot to achieve it,which isn’t bad for a full back. Sadly it wasn’t to be. I think we were too busy scoring goals that day to provide him with the chance he needed!

So back to those imperfections,those failings of the past week-which were really only a matter of time,given the drop in performances lately. Sure,we are still getting the results domestically,and yes,the saying goes that such is the mark of champions. My concern is that it is a mark of something else. Whether that is that other teams have figured out to play against our system-as Glimt definitely did!-or that the system isn’t working,or that the players just aren’t up to it,I don’t know. 

I’m pretty sure that AP will stick to his system though,perhaps with a few minor tweaks according to availability or form of personnel,so perhaps we just have to work through it and hope that the form of the previous four months will make a return. We are still well ahead of where all but the wildest of dreaming Celts thought we would be at this stage,and we can be grateful for that. We have still to see the best of Jota since his return from injury,and that will come-form is temporary but class is permanent.

We still have Kyogo to return from his own run of injuries,and this time we don’t need to rush him and risk losing him after ten minutes. We have the top scorer from last season in The Netherlands looking like he has found his confidence and his form,and believes that the Celtic jersey is indeed a fit for him.

All in all,I’m fairly content,while being fully aware of our shortcomings. The good thing is that we have a manager who is aware of these things too,doesn’t try to ignore them and will certainly be working in training to sort the whole shebang out. The league is very much in our own hands,and he will want it on his CV. In fact,he will want to win everything,get that Treble on it too.

He isn’t a man to rest on his laurels or sit in his office watching the telly while the players are out training. 
G-Mak scored his perfect hat trick on Sunday,but AP demands perfection from every player,every time. That is maybe unrealistic,but it is as it should be. It’s been a difficult trip at times this season,but it’s been an uplifting one overall. The winning post is not yet in sight,but it is getting tantalisingly closer.

Eyes on the prize,then. 
Above article by BMCUWP

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Jobo Baldie

Good morning, friends.
On Sunday I was only really disappointed at the first goal we lost where all of our defenders were like statues. Dundee’s 2nd goal? I actually think that McGinns cross into the box was inch perfect with loads of pace just needing that touch from their attacker. A foot either way and our defenders would have cleared it. Anyway, I’d always rather wact a 3-2 win than a 1-0!
Oh and it’s a quadruple that Ange is still aiming for 😁


I think Moussa was the last person to grab a perfect hat trick. It was indeed the most perfect given the opposition!

St tams

Bobby, you are correct re Joe Hart . He needs to organise defence better. Defensive line for second goal was too high.
He also needs to come off his line.
We’ve lost 4 goals in our last 2 league games and I can only remember him making one save in those 2 games.



And against the huns too. How could I forget that one?!!!



After my article last Thursday,that particular trophy is off limits to me!


Celtic TV (@CelticTV) Tweeted: 🚨 𝒰𝒩𝐼𝒬𝒰𝐸 𝒜𝒩𝒢𝐿𝐸

1️⃣, 2️⃣ and 3️⃣

A perfect hat-trick for 𝐆𝐢𝐨𝐫𝐠𝐨𝐬 𝐆𝐢𝐚𝐤𝐨𝐮𝐦𝐚𝐤𝐢𝐬 on a perfect day for the Hoops! 🇬🇷🍀

#CELDUN | #COYBIG | #cinchPrem https://t.co/U9SLQN4Utt https://twitter.com/CelticTV/status/1495684978965106688?s=20&t=BN6wSy9M_fBvnRdSRUHYtA


Reposting this from end of last article

Midnight To Six Man (@MTSMFTFTFJ) Tweeted: Whoever made this…👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 https://t.co/8X9CaX6jpi https://twitter.com/MTSMFTFTFJ/status/1495843312451915782?s=20&t=xusNFPOJo374QgJgoHsQSA

Prestonpans bhoys

On the last thread someone mentioned Maurice Ross, I had a quick glance through two paragraphs and stopped. As was struggling to recall him in the hun side, so gave it up, totally irrelevant.



Those are the answers Charlie wanted to give!


Morning all,

Bobby, you mention that Kyogo has still to return ?

And that is the 64 Thousand Dollar question ??

Am I the one one thinking, there’s only 11 league games left, and no sign of him anywhere ????

We’ve heard Turnbull will be back before him, and it looks like he’s still a few weeks away from full training.

Even when he returns to training and then full training, how and when will Kyogo get up to full speed !!!!

When this Season ???

Perhaps, I’m being the prophet of Doom and it’s a” It’s all in your head Melman” moment. Time will tell !!!

MadagascarCSC 🍀🍀🍀



I’m quite relaxed about the return of Kyogo. Simply because we don’t need to rush him. Same with DT.

While I think they will be a welcome addition to the squad when they return,their absence is no longer the disaster it was at the time. We’ve adapted fairly well,the squad has improved and settled,by and large. When we lost them though,I thought we were in real trouble.

Colour Blind Bhoy

BMCUW, eyes are indeed on the prize (or prize) and what a good feeling it is especially as you say when we’ve had a season peppered with imperfections.

I’m delighted with where we are but am 100% committed to taking 1 game at a time. So much can change in a short period of time as we’ve witnessed in the last 5 weeks with a 9 point swing in our favour.

At the start of the season I believed we needed a minimum of 9 points in our 4 games against Sevco to have any chance of winning the league as I reckoned they wouldn’t drop too many points elsewhere.

That was based on their performances in the previous season but they are struggling to maintain that consistency. Look how many league goals they’ve conceded this season so far (22) versus last (13). Now we have the luxury of not being dependent on anyone else taking points from them.

Ange has instilled belief in our squad that the league is a marathon and not a sprint and if we focus on winning each game as they come along we will win the big prize at the end of the season.

I’ll be happy with Kyogo bring fit for the 5 post split league games and any cup games we still have to play at that time, he did ok in the league cup final on 19th December.

Prestonpans bhoys

Are we convinced DT fits into Angeball??

Colour Blind Bhoy

Prestonpans bhoys, I like David but he takes too many touches on the ball to fit in fully with how Ange wants us to play. I’m hoping as he recovers from injury he will be getting schooled in what he needs to do differently.


Prestonpans bhoys,

I just hope that David Turnbull, during the period of his injury, has looked at what Ange has brought to the club, and thought “ When I’m fit again, I will need to think quicker and move the ball quicker “ if I’m to get back into this team.

For me, it’s a challenge I hope he takes, and is successful !!!!!

HH 🍀🍀

bada bing1

ANOTHER four million shares have been issued in Rangers’ holding company – at a cost of £1m.

The latest transaction in the shares of Rangers International Football Club PLC went through yesterday and was communicated on Companies House today.

Another week, another share issue

Billy Bhoy


I just this minute discovered what its like to be a hun.

I sat down with a coffee to do the daily wordle. I then clicked on the wee icon to see my status – and all my history was gone! I was heading for 55 successes and its now showing as two!

I don’t know what the cause of this is. I’m pretty certain I haven’t gone into administration while I’ve been over here in Portugal. I’ll need to give Duff & Phelps a phone when I get home tomorrow.

Son Of Gabriel


Well said on the second goal. Yes, we can criticise the fact we conceded, but its worth considering the other team are getting paid as well

Son Of Gabriel

Prestonpans Re: David Turnbull

He definitely started slowly but IMO he came on into the position. Lets assume there is room for growth with further coaching

My main criticism’s of DT so far as colourblind bhoy said…too many touches and the lack of a “natural engine” – he is only 22 though and played a lot of minutes in an unfamiliar role; so hopefully there is room to grow there also.

I actually think he’s a player who would play better abroad or down south when afforded more time. Hopefully he continues to improve and bags us a decent sell on in a year or two.

St tams

Son of Gabriel
The defensive line at second goal was too high.
Thus leaving the free kick taker a bigger area to aim for. Joe Hart should be taking ownership of that and organising defence better.

bada bing1

Covid Passports end next Monday, facemasks will be guidance advice, and not mandatory also from Monday 28th February,in Scotland

bada bing1

Sorry, facemask rules change on 21st March


Good leader.

“…fairly content, while being fully aware of our shortcomings.”

That would, pretty much perfectly sum up the present situation for most of us.

Hail Hail.


I think our set piece issue at both end’s of field is we are simply too passive!
Combined with the absence of an on field leader it leaves us being reactionary rather than proactive.
It’s all to easy to point to individual mistakes but when the same situations keep having similar outcomes someone on the field and coaches off have to step up and effect change.
Our players often get boxed out because opponent is active while we stand waiting.
Change the instructions and mindset Celtic!


£1m of new shares in TRFC issued today. Safe to assume cash flow problems persist. Now I know they continue to trade regardless of the many ongoing concern notes that have been evident but it’s a safe assumption this latest trade is to smooth cash flow, though that would probably burn up within two months.

The automatic CL qualification is critical to them. If we prevent them achieving it, the close season will be interesting.


Our goals on Sunday came from 3 of the crosses which managed to get past the first defender. All were from open play where me managed to create a bit of space to deliver the cross. None of the crosses were high lobs into the box.

Why then do we continue to hit high lobs into the box from pretty much every corner kick. We seem to get hundreds of corners every game but I struggle to remember us scoring directly from a corner. I think Shane Duffy scored one, maybe two, last season. Can’t recall many more.
As I said a few times on Sunday about conceding goals from dead balls, what do our coaches do.

Afternoon all & Packy.
2 sleeps to go! (sorry Jobo) 🙂

Twisty, I take it they haven’t got an overdraft facilty? LOL 🙂


I think both you and I would get a bigger overdraft facility!

I wonder if they’ve tried payday loans?

big packy

for JIM and MAGUA and anyone else this was my dads village and im so proud of him. https://youtu.be/3qu_Bc9uxCs


apropos of nothing…

Twisty, this is where they miss Wonga Loans I’m sure they would have helped them out, like they did with Hearts! But they went bust!

Puff puff

Hehehehe that brings back memories McCaff.

Lovely stuff Packy, I remember watching it before. It would put you in mind of many countries in the world where they take to the streets to celebtrate Corpus Christie, Marian and Saints feast days. Perish the thought it would ever catch on in Scotland. We know who takes to the streets here. And it’s not about love, joy and celebration.

Saltires en Sevilla


That was a wonderful trip back in time and evoking some fond memories … recall we had a similar procession back in the 70’s, but it was nothing like that in terms of scale and organisation

A fitting tribute to the wonderful folk of Croy, and of course, your beloved dad.

Didn’t know they had a Silver Band since 1875…and still going strong …

That made my day buddy – thank you 🌞

big packy

JIM and saltires had a lump in my throat there, my dad took me there every may procession ,saltires would you believe my dad played in the croy silver band, and he used to sit me up beside the drummer,, and I watched every beat he played, the rest is history, another true story.

Big Packy

Many thanks for posting that wonderful show of devotion by the people of Croy.

big packy

MAGUA, no thanks needed, my late father would have loved you and JIM, KTF.👍

Saltires en Sevilla

Packy we had a wee moment and tear here too… watching that together took us ( Elle SeS) both back to our childhood and a string of half-remembered events.

It surprises me not one bit that your dad was in the band … and you would be paying close attention.

Wonderful stuff.

big packy

SALTIRES, I said to magua a few days ago, i used to post on another site where you probably posted also, and when i liked someones post id say luv ya to bits, and now im saying on here, luv ya to bits. another true story,👍😎😎

Saltires en Sevilla

Hoi Murdoch !!

Still 3 trophies to play for ….and don’t you forget it … 😅

Totally agree With the right service GG can bring us something we have been missing

Tbf – keeping my betting dosh safe in my pocket on Thursday 😉

Saltires en Sevilla

Big Packy

We love your chat here at Chez SeS … brightens many a dull day bud!

big packy

SALTIRES, luv ya to bits😎😎


Happy 19th Birthday to young Karamoko 🎂
Sign a long term contract, you know it makes sense 😀

Craig 76
big packy

CRAIG76, that us, thanks pal.😎😎

Craig, 😆👍⚽👍

Sol Kitts

Sorry for not replying to your question yesterday. I was in Saltcoats for my sister in law’s funeral and watched no football all weekend, and wasn’t on the blog until now. Could I ask those of you of whatever faith to say a wee prayer for her departed soul? She was a lovely person, who leaves behind my brother and their 3 children. God bless them all.
As for your question, every player has a right to be anywhere on the pitch. It’s only a foul if movement is made to deliberately impede an opponent (it’s not called obstruction anymore), so standing still is not a reason for a free kick. If, for example, a player running with the ball is blocked by an opponent it’s only a foul if the opponent deliberately moves to block him. If he was already there and the player with the ball runs into him, no foul. It’s very subjective, though, and is entirely in the judgment of the officials.



I’ve been complaining about defending those type of free kicks from to high a starting point for bliddy ages. So what if the opposition are lining up outside our box? For us to get a clearing header in AWAY from goal,it is damn near impossible to do so if we are facing our own goal. The result is usually a goal or a corner to them.

It simply doesn’t work. The first game against the huns last season,for example.

And as for ATHINGOFBEAUTY’s suggestion about leaving a couple of men up at an opposition corner? We’ve been discussing that for nigh on 20 years now! One man wide,halfway on same side as the corner. Another wide,halfway in our own half on the far side,with another around the centre spot.

They need a minimum of four to cover. Add the keeper and the corner taker,they can only get five into our box. Against eight. And we are well placed to break from a clearing header as well. Given I’m no expert,those ideas might not work.

But neither are our current methods.



I hope yesterday went as well as circumstances would permit. Such a sad blow,especially for A and the kids.