Wheres our mojo gone?

‘Has something happened?’ is the question that keeps crossing my mind.
It’s just not supposed to be going like this, not at all, which just makes me wonder the above.
We were told Ange aims to have his teams peak for the run in, that is patently not happening.
We witnessed momentum shifts towards the Bhoys in the title race, which usually spurs a team onwards and upwards.
That patently hasn’t happened.
The bulking out of the squad with five in January was supposed to provide the bodies and impetus to set the pace as league leaders, again that hasn’t happened.
Somehow and for some reason Celtic have hit bump number two this season, the first being a dodgy beginning to the campaign. I didn’t expect a second bump after closing the gap then taking the lead, but no one can deny the team isn’t firing on all cylinders.
Tired, ponderous, unadventurous, average. Not good at all for the league leaders.
Last weekend after watching his midfield fail to shine I expected him to learn the lesson and shuffle things about. It looks like he did learn the lesson as for the following two games he changed it up, but was still unable to get a proper tune from his chosen ones.
In that event there’s naturally calls for in game substitutes and players dropped from the starting eleven, yet only one sub was used with the defensive midfielders available looking on and needing as many minutes as possible in those legs before actually starting one of the ten cup finals remaining. That wasn’t clever from the gaffer, who should be looking ahead.
The Japanese trio had played an entire season prior to joining and rightfully should have their feet up looking forward to next season. It was a lot to ask of them, becoming instant starters and lynchpins of the side. They are burnt out, and need to be switched from starter to possible impact sub until those bodies are raring to go again.
Which of course means more tinkering but what’s the alternative? Run Hatate into the ground and have him injured for next season’s beginning? Keep hoping for draws from elsewhere while not finding our own form?
No, experimentation must continue until some positive signs are witnessed.
With only ten games to go, form is in danger of becoming less important than the win, three points are the be all and end all for the majority. Sure we could stumble to the title, but then what? Another summer of rebuilding because the majority aren’t performing well enough?
Simply becoming Champions won’t make us click, so what will?
What game plan and momentum would we bring into the top tier of European football, we would be more exposed than usual.
Most of all what would that say about Ange and his vision? There’s only so many times the manager can buy before he must make the most of what hes got. And as the old saying goes it’s easier to replace the manager than change all the players.
He’s in danger of finding himself in a no win situation,,he fails to get the team playing for the run in and comes second he’s the man who had it in his hands but couldn’t finish the job.
The team scrapes over the line without finding form he’s called lucky, and has little to build on or look forward to, bar big humpings.
A Wim the Tim hit and run job then, and questions forever about what went wrong, he looked so happy and was a man with a plan.
The club finds itself searching for a hero again having no real direction, scouting system, vision in general.
I recall early warnings that leaving everything upon one single pair of shoulders would lead to burn-out, that’s one fear. The public blast at the players didn’t go down well is another, they might feel they’ve done well to become league leaders.
My biggest fear would be zero rhythm and nerves galore in the remaining top of the table clashes, the earlier confidence that swept them aside gone, a rabbit in the headlight standing in its stead.
I read Ange is a lucky general earlier, and I posit the opposite. He’s unlucky his team have lost their form late in the season. Unlucky, or something has actually happened.
Whichever is true, he’s running out of time and get out of jail free cards.
The remaining ten games are now about more than this year’s title.
We need to know what type of team we are, and fast.
We need our mojo back.

By Mahe

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Puff puff

It’s been a fantastic weekend for us …
Hehehehe onwards to the midweek game
Forever and ever ❤️ .


So much hand wringing and soul searching.

We are miles ahead of where we were one year ago. Take the positives from that.
One cup in the trophy room and the possibility of a treble! Something to aspire to- no other team can.

Yet, We are an unbalanced team – there are at least 4/5 positions where we need to improve to become a half decent side. We are not Half decent at the moment, but in Scotland that appears to be good enough.

Left centre back, left back, defensive mid, and find a balance in the two other mid positions.

As it stands this much maligned squad has us three points ahead of a bang average Huns team.
I’ve been saying for long enough this league is ours for the taking.

As for our bench, two forward options – JF, I suspect will be gone in the summer, and an unproven KD do not inspire confidence.

Kyogo, GG, and AA , our three main up front options all unavailable. Where is Kenny the young Irish striker we brought in?
We are a patchwork squad just now.

We will be even more threadbare if CCV and Jota decide to move elsewhere.
That discussion is for the seasons end.

10 to go.
The Huns struggling worse than us at home after a Euro game.
They have at least two more.


“With just 13 points gained from a possible 24 on offer in 2022, Van Bronckhorst has to quickly address the mentality issue that is festering in the squad.”

And we think we are bad.


Perhaps they are just running out of Puff, puff.

CFC – You would be naive to think that there was no kind of collusion before Murray. The ‘Firm Handshake’ variety. Being the “Institutional club” there was not much need to cheat and of course Robert Kelly would have rebutted any attempt to cheat our club. During Big Jock’s time, he would have filleted anyone trying to cheat Celtic. Murray’s was wholescale corruption off the Richter Scale, they knew what they were doing, it is well known that HMRC contacted them with an offer of pay up £!2 million pounds to settle their tax debt, they never took that offer and carried on racking up debt. A new resurgent Celtic put Murray under extreme pressure, the corruption became embedded into the whole of Scottish football, the SFA (Regan) SPL (Doncaster) and he spoke for EVERY Scottish club, only one voice spoke up against it, Turnbull Hutton RIP, Raith Rovers, ironic. Its the treating the Celtic support as fools that makes my blood boil, the “Rory Bremner” while being party to wholescale corruption. I often wonder ‘what if’ the City of London police hadn’t investigated the EBTs, I think of DCI Robertson of Police Scotland and his *Rangers-ness would they and the Scottish Judiciary, the Scottish MSM have investigated, not a hope in hell. The lies and the cover – up continue, do we welcome being vic – Tims, is that in our DNA? No – Chance. Yours in Celtic Frank N. Stein.
Ta fur the welcome.



Are you replying to this comment of mine?

Thanks for the reply.
The whole notion of collusion in Scottish football was around well before EBT’s , 5 way stitch up etc.
The “Old Firm” was coined ( pun intended) a century ago.
It transpires Celtic were either happy to be or unaware of being the subordinate party in the duopoly.
So, in my view, you have always been watching a corrupt game.
We live in modern times where awareness is greater.
Your issue with morality in the sport isn’t misplaced but you have unwittingly or otherwise always been a part of it.

If so, what’s your point?
We know what they are- it’s just a matter of scale.
And we know our club’s part in the charade.

“Ta the welcome”? Is that addressed to me?
You’ll note above I said thanks for the reply.
You want a red carpet too😀?

Colour Blind Bhoy

Good morning everyone after an emotional rollercoaster of a weekend at the top of the SPFL.

18 games of football now remain to decide the destination of the title.

8 for us against other teams, 8 for them against other teams and 2 against each other.

We go in to this scenario with a 3 point advantage and a superior goal difference.

I am a ‘one game at a time’ person ordinarily but if our management and players cannot confidently sit down this morning at training and look at this scenario and believe they can win the league, I’d be very concerned.

I’ve always believed we need to take more points than them from the derby games so 4 or 6 points from those 2 games would surely be a punch that they could not recover from?

Over to you Ange, Calmac et al, it’s not been pretty but you have it in your hands to become legends this season



Ours to throw away.
4 points in our two games v them and we are in a fantastic position- all things being equal.

Particularly if our home game v them after the split leaves them no leverage to catch up!

Cosy Corner Bhoy

The problem with expectation is it has a low and a high level! At the season’s beginning ours were low or even non-existent. Hence the great run and play we came into led us to the high expectation. Our recent ‘ stumbling ‘ have made us forget we even had low expectation and that where we are , positionally , was not on the cards for us early season and before.
I am gutted we have lost our shape, style and mojo, but, we are ahead and I know which one I prefer.
Would still like to watch a game fully relaxed😁


Two headlines this morning caught my eye.

1-(Expert Pundit Hits Out at Maeda Criticism)
Had me thinking is there really such a thing?
In Scotland we have some decent pundits in Stewart,Sutton,Miller and Hartson but i would not call them experts though most others are barely literate.
We live in an age where the word expert is regularly attached to any idiot willing to further the media’s want.

2-(German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has announced a dramatic hike in the country’s military spending)
This should but won’t worry Europeans in present climate.
History has shown that laws created in times of crisis are rarely if ever removed after event subsides.
So increasing the military spending of Western Europe’s wealthiest nation should give pause for thought particularly as Germany has been a protagonist in previous two World Wars.
Have we now allowed this crisis to remove the checks that were put in place after the second World War to help prevent same thing happening in the future?
History does have a habit of repeating itself and though the Germans have been especially contrite after WW2 fascism and right wing politicians have had a resurgence in recent elections.
As we know there is a perfectly rational reason for such now but politicians are opportunists and who can say what will happen in future with no checks on military spending in Western Europe’s de facto leader and wealthiest country.


We need our Kyogo back…..

The Gombeen Man

All this talk of the big run in against Sevco is putting the bold Dermot aff his golf game.

He cannae swing his clubs straight without bursting oot laughing at the gullibility of the Celtic support.

Without young Kyogo in the team, Celtic have all the bite of a gummy geriatric. We dropped five points earlier in the season when Furahashi was out with a knee injury.

Kyogo’s deft chip at Hampden won the League Cup, before he was benched suffering from a recurrence of that hamstring injury.

On December 22nd Celtic played out a turgid goaless draw at Love Street. St Mirren were ravaged by Covid. Injury woes depleted the Celtic side.

No Kyogo and no Joe Hart. I’ve a faint recollection of talk of Joe ‘over celebrating’ after securing the Cup?? Didn’t Ange say that Hart and JJ had poured drink over him?


From Paisley to Perth and a 1-3 win over the other Saints on the Feast of St Stephen.

No Hart in goal again, Kyogo starts.

Kyogo’s hamstring finally pings and he hasn’t been seen since.

December 26th to March? Was that run out in Perth worth it? There again, we needed three points.

Joe Hart returned after the Winter Break and our form has stuttered. No shape. Cries of drop McGregor. New recruits finding or not finding their feet.

Ange losing the rag from the touchline against Raith. Mikey Johnson limping off just after HT. Gucci took a ‘Welcome to Scotland’ boot against Alloa?? And has barely been seen since.

A feeling of disharmony in the camp.

Perplexed pundits going from tipping Celtic for glory in Albania to reaching for the rosaries before a home game against St Mirren.

Did big GG catch a dose of the cold when he took off his jersey after scoring the Hat Trick last weekend?

Who knows?

The treatment room at Lennoxtown, this morning will be busier than the Casualty Department on the 12th of July.

Dermot will be trying to control his sniggers on the tee box. His only sporting concern at the weekend was obviously, ‘how did Shane Lowry let it slip.’

I’m afraid watching Celtic is a forlorn affair. It’s of very little interest beyond the sectarian swamp of the Central Belt.

At kick-off time yesterday I was walking in the grounds of the hugely impressive Maynooth Seminary.

It’s a much quieter place now. Even the Arch- Bishop of Dublin sends his Curates to Rome for training, due to concerns about the place

At kick-off time, I left the phone in the pocket and looked at the remains of what was once the seat of the FitzGerarld’s power.

The oldest tree in Ireland is there. Growing magnificently.

It’s known as – Silken Thomas’ Yew Tree. And dates from the 13th Century.

Silken Thomas FitzGerald, sat beneath the old Yew Tree, the night before he surrendered to Henry the VIII’s forces. He’d been promised a pardon.

The English took him to Tyburn and executed him and five of his uncle’s. The remaining defenders of Maynooth Castle met with summary execution too.
The Yew Tree survived the carnage.

It didn’t seem that bothered by the ditherings in Leith yesterday.

Neither was I.

Surely they can fashion a goal against St Mirren this time?

Speaking of fashion, Silken Thomas FitzGerald, got his name from the bright coloured plumes his men wore from their caps.

He’d been stiched up. He was 21 years old, when he was wrongly told Henry had executed his father. Thomas didn’t doubt the information. He mounted a Rebellion and lost his life.

Henry became King of Ireland and things got much worse

Vladimir could learn a thing or two from the brutality of the English occupation of Ireland.


CFC – Thanks for your reply 😉 Yes, my comment was addressed in answer to your previous reply, and a fine comment it was too.

No red carpet required, my ‘Ta fur the welcome’, was addressed to those that stuck out their hands in welcome, yours included. My point was “less we forget”. I sometimes like to go back trying to detect anything that was missed and that only re-surfaced after the event that for me killed off Scottish football, trying to find explanations for all that went on. It does throw up some little snippets, like Desmond’s meeting with Murray and Keith Harris at Dunbarney and how news of that meeting was leaked, the Celtic share price rose 6.5% and the regulator investigated the reasons why. Desmond it was written had just bought 2 million Celtic shares at 50p. and solidified his stake in Celtic. Makes you think mmm.

The Gombeen Man

Incidentally, at 12 o’clock yesterday I couldn’t find a church open in the massive complex at Maynooth.

Locked doors to every church in the place.

Changed times.

Till Later.

The Gombeen Man

Think of Dermot as a flamboyant Gaelic Lord, fighting and making deals with the English for the right to charge penniless Irish peasants exorbitant rents.

That’s all you need to know.

Have a Happy Monday.

A thing of beauty

If you are so disinterested in Celtic that you don’t even switch your phone on, why are you so hellbent on coming on here to denigrate the people who do support Celtic. It’s been said before but I’ll say it again. I support Celtic and all the highs and lows that goes with that. Would I prefer our board set our bar a bit higher than what’s happening at ibrox – yes of course I do. Meantime we have a league to win and I’ll be shouting at the top of my lungs and biting every finger nail to see if we can do it. If we do it’ll rank amongst the best in my lifetime and I’ll enjoy it in a way that reflects that. God forbid I’d be hoping we don’t win so I can say that the board are a bunch of conniving bandits. It’s never really been any other way.
If you don’t enjoy Celtic anymore that’s fine but please try not to denigrate those that do.


Morning all…I’ve got to agree with you, ATOB. Sometimes it’s got to be okay just to love the fitba and hope your team wins.
Keep the history commentary coming, though TGM!

Saltires en Sevilla


Aye… it really does make ye wonder.

We rested players in a European tie that wasn’t out of reach ( 2 goals behind and bottled the task,more likely) to protect players for the more crucial ( really?) 3 pointer against Hibs.

Why the fuck are we not having a right go at Bodo… at least gaining experience in the group for next season’ challenge?

He could have played and withdrawn his top Bhoys if the second leg was moving out of reach …they travelled to Norway how restful was that? So why not play them and then introduce subs if it’s going the wrong way.

Maybe he’s worried about copping more injuries because he knows his conditioning and medical crew ain’t up to the task?!

Kinda understand some Celtic fans thinking League victories are more important than Europe, because of the big bucks involved and £zillions that we can win and reinvest and deprive the Sevvies and finish them off … finally … aye!

… no actually I don’t understand that thinking… not one bit.

mainly because we won’t get much of that money spent on players, the Sevvies will always be there in one form or another, and we certainly ain’t learning anything valuable about how to play fitba in bog-standard European games.

Far less about playing Group Champions League games.

At least the rested players blew Hibees away with all that Potential Energy saved… and scraped… a brutal draw.

One sub used – 3 holding mids on the bench!

What chance this is just a wee mid-season blip?

In the last 4 games, including one where we were intentionally at half-cock, we scored the sum total of four goals.

Average of a goal a game , then we consider 3 of those goals were against low-flying Dundee…

That scoring trend is not going to win us a league Anytime soon.

The visit by Buddies on Wednesday will be fraught..then we travel to Livi where at least we can open up and skip the Angeba’ off the lush surface and totally blow them away…


Something is fundamentally screwed up.

Ange is a very likeable guy but it feels like he’s being left to do too much on his own … nothing to really back that up ….but is our club really geared up to compete against Champions of Norway and similar?

That is not a ding at Norway and far less to Bodo .. as I have huge respect and admiration for what that country and team has achieved.

How do they achieve that?

Ange has to hold his hand up as he failed miserably against Bodo – not because he got beat by a better team.

It’s Because he failed to put his best team out, and to at least try and win that 2nd leg.

It’s difficult to say this after what he already achieved here, but Ange bottled it … he really did.

Saving players to play Hibs!!!!

He better learn that’s not on here, and in jig time…

Prestonpans bhoys

Well if Ange was saving players to play hibs then that back fired. The opening 30 minutes was ole lennyball, side to side pish.

Of course we might all be wrong and he didn’t fancy the plastic carpet on Thursday😱

The Gombeen Man


You really don’t need to know anything about History.

The same thing just repeats over and over.


Thanks for the response.

Hopefully I can point out how I read it, from time to time.

Look at the mess they’ve created.

An utter shambles.

To me, being a supporter, doesn’t have to mean dumping your common sense and discernment.

Nothing has my unqualified support.

No Club, Cause, Party, Religion, Philosophy, Nation.

If they deserve my support, they get it. It has to be earned.

– I do get your annoyance and hear you.

I guess, I just can’t listen to the lies – know I’m being conned and pretend to be behind it.

The difference is I just don’t buy their b……t

Enjoy your day.

Till Later.

St tams

There were a few worrying things for me yesterday.
Firstly the selection of Rogic, after his nightmare 45 on Thursday.
Secondly, not removing him at halftime.
Thirdly, only one sub. I know the bench was poor in an attacking sense, but he could have taken Maeda off for Forrest and put Abada through the middle.
Lastly, his interview. We controlled the game and he was happy with the performance. WTF , was he watching.


Good comment SES, perhaps the most pertinent being the backroom staff not up to the task! It’s been said for a while now that the fitness is an issue so what exactly goes on behind the scenes? Of course, all is speculation as we are not privy to the internal machinations but something is definitely not right. Although, in mitigation there have been a couple of agricultural challenges, Ideguchi against Alloa springs to mind, that have caused players to miss games. I was always perplexed by the fact that Ange arrived without backup and despite our mid-season success, which was productive as well as entertaining, and the concerns about it are creeping back in. Rodger’s full team left and haven’t been replaced. We still rely on Strachan and Kennedy as Ange’s corner men. Our support staff do not appear to pursue any active roles in the dugout on matchday, other than handing a trackie top to a sub.
In the close season these issues need to be addressed as the requirements to be a top Club are more than just a past reputation.


Morning all and Packy.

Bawheid, WELCOME! 🙂


A bit of respect for the opposition would not be out of place.

Bodo scored 3 goals at CP so it was stretching the imagination to think that could be overcome on their home ground.

Managers get paid to make balanced judgements.

As to controlling the game v Hibs , which was only true after Nisbet was injured, that control reduces the chances of losing with the players selected whose form has dipped enough for it to be observable even to Ange.

Just hope GG is fit for Wed to increase chance of scoring in a crowded box.


I think the demands on the players have been excessive, mentally and physically. this season. After last year’s debacle, the premature departure of Dominic McKay, the purchase of almost half a squad, the late appointment of Ange, the poor start to the season and the subsequent turnaround in playing success. From being no-hopers in a transitional season to top of the league playing a high press, fast movement game has taken its toll…but as I’ve said before our expectations rise with the positive results.
Maybe we need to be a bit more understanding!

Saltires en Sevilla


Aye buddy – the quality around him is suspect .. for reasons you explain. Difficult to accept, when we should be able to attract some top ..or potentially top/good ( we like that..😀) Technical experts.

It absolutely reeks of short-termism ( if that’s a word )



Given our current form I’m glad we have no European games coming up. Never thought I would say that a few weeks ago! 🙁

Saltires en Sevilla


Jeezo Not you inaw.. help!! 😀😀

TBH – can see where that thinking is coming from…. and you qualify it as most here have.

Just canny get it … the day my expectations are we must go into European games at half-cock we really have disappeared doon a stank.

We need to play in Europe and learn from Europe – it must never be seen as an inconvenience

To be clear I know you don’t think like that from your many, quality posts and love of Europe etc.

Are we being conditioned as a support to just expect and accept less on that platform

Hibs … we will end up like Hibs 🤣


Auldheid…in this case, or in the last few games at least, I think Celtic’s mid-season levels have dropped. The performances have not been as intense as they were so as much as Bodo were a decent side Celtic didn’t paly to the levels they’d previously shown us they could. Versus Hibs yesterday the same criticism can be levelled, Hibs played tight but our movement was not good enough to play round and through them. There are undoubtedly reasons for this and our expectations have risen as the season has progressed but fitba supporters being fitba supporters our impatience levels are questionable!

Saltires en Sevilla



Saltires en Sevilla


Good point on “patience” …

This time next week then Rodney 😀


Should have been ‘patience levels are questionable’ rather than impatience, as they are clearly not questionable! 🤔



This time next week then Dave. !!!!!!!

There, fixed it for you 👍

Trigger CSC 🍀🍀🍀


SeS, a few weeks ago I got all over-excited at the thought of us possibly being the first club to win the Conference League. Oh the History! I think I mentioned I would rather win that than the domestic league! I was brought down to size by a couple of other posters 🙂 As it turned out, my head was in the clouds! LOL 🙂
Now I’m just hoping and praying we can manage the league!



As I always say ” Infinite patience produces immediate results” although to be fair the Well result was more immediate than I hoped for.

I’m not arguing performance levels have dropped, that is pretty obvious but results dont always reflect the performance levels in football.

With the benefit of ” Had he kent then what he kens noo ” would Ange have left GG out of the Bodo game where I saw him pick up an injury?

Had he done so with same result but GG played yesterday to provide a goal threat, would Ange be a genius?

Who would be a football manager eh? Apart from the money. 🙂

bada bing1

The balance in midfield wasn’t there yesterday, he has to find it and stick to it, too many changes doesn’t help IMO

bada bing1

Spartak Moscow papped oot the Europa League

Angel Gabriel

Big GG tested positive for Covid . He isn’t injured. Very decent source . HH

Son Of Gabriel



Angel Gabriel
Big Ange said he’s ill – didn’t specify Covid. If so, lets hope he’s vaxxed


So Bielsa has gone! I suspect it was inevitable, as it is for 90%+ of managers/coaches. Three to four years appears to be a grim norm for the duration of a manager. I never warmed to Bielsa, to be honest, but he is/was a breath of fresh air in an increasingly corporate football world. He swam against the tide.

How you view his career depends on how you measure success. Bielsa’s successes include transforming under performing teams and players plus sticking to a playing style that often has underdogs triumphing against the odds. It all sounds very Celtic to me.

His failures almost seem inevitable…..lack of flexibility, lack of pragmatism, lack of self awareness.

Eventually all managers fail, or get out before they face failure. It is a truism. Even the managers of richly resourced clubs like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern, Chelsea etc fail because their yardstick of success is so high. Finishing second is failure! But why did Bielsa fail? After transforming Leeds from a backwater club back to a premier league top half team, Bielsa also failed. Why?

Firstly, Leeds cannot spend as they did in the Don Revie era, so building a sizeable squad was not possible. Inevitably injuries will take a toll on performance. The loss of their main striker, Bamford, a player Celtic once tried to get, was a disaster for a team founded on scoring more than the opposition. Kyogo, anyone?

I always played in poor teams but, sometimes, we could cause an upset. Usually that would happen because we were underestimated, or, occasionally fired up by some event. Sometimes we would cause an upset because we ran the other team off the park. We were fitter than them on the day.

Bielsa emphasised fitness and inspired his teams to constantly press the opposition. It works, no doubt. However, here is the rub. It cannot work for long. High levels of fitness require high levels of careful training to sustain it. Pushing players too much and too quickly results in strains such as hamstring injuries. The high fitness approach also has a fatal psychological flaw. How do you think you would feel after giving it your all, and your team was soundly beaten? Would you look at Joe Boots who did not exert himself as much as you? Would you start to think, it does not matter how hard I ran and tackle, we still get stuffed 4-0 and 6-0? Eventually, your performance shades off at least a little. When that happens to a few in the team, the system collapses. What makes it worse is that the intense training has weakened the squad through injuries.

Bielsa’s system and any other coaches that follow it, are doomed to fail. When failure happens , it is a failure that is both rapid and catastrophic. Check Leeds.

I seem to recall Ange telling a story that Sir Alex brought his MU team to Australia to play Ange’s team. Ange lost but Sir Alex said I wish I had the nerve to let my team play that way! The punchline, surely, is that he did not have his team play that way.



The Gombeen Man, Visited Maynooth twice in 1981, brilliant place to see. At the time (40 years ago!) there were hundreds of seminarians. I remember walking down a long corridor in an old Puginist building and there were hundreds of photos on the wall of ordainees.
According to Wiki, recently there was only 6 priests ordained in a whole year. How times change!
It’s time they allowed priests to get married. That was allowed for more than half of the Church’s history. Compulsary celibacy was brought about for £££. Couldn’t have wives inheriting a dead priest’s wealth and property at the time!!!
Women should at least be allowed to become deacons. That was allowed in the early church! Could perform marriages, funerals, babtisms, be chaplains etc.


Did you know……In 1980 there were just over 1,000,000 – one million! – nuns in the world. 300,000 ordained priests! Despite Martin Luther, Henry the 8th, Hitler – all ex Tims and King Billy, Oliver Cromwell, Stalin etc.
i wonder what the figures are now? I think theres been a wee dip. 🙂

Prestonpans bhoys


How did that enter your heed, were you thinking of going to mass😂😂😂



Yip, logical stuff.
Unsustainable for the reasons you provide.
And without the quality players required the glass ceiling is likely to be reached sooner rather than later.


Jim, did you know this? 😉


Great post.
Perhaps Ferguson thought you need too much luck and perfection in personnel over a season to play like that


Dermott Desmond will be keeping a close eye on the turbulent stock markets at the moment – the Ukraine invasion and sanctions against Russia. However the Celtic share price has remained steady so all you posters can breathe a sigh of relief! I love bringing good news on here 🙂


A strong, single minded Sir Alex had world class players, luck didn’t really figure. Even at Aberdeen he had a number of exceptional ones.

Maybe he was just paying Ange platitudes

The Gombeen Man


Yes Jim.

When John Paul II visited Maynooth in 1979. There was over 1,000 Seminarians, I can still remember those jubilant scenes.

The Library there is named after John Paul. There’s a bronze statue of him too and a Heritage Wall, mostly inscribed by Irish American families. One I noted was to victims of 9/11, the O’Neills in particular.

Forty odd years down the line and Maynooth’s closed on a Sunday (there might have been something somewhere, but not apparent.)

Who knows what’ll happen?

Fortunately, I found my spiritual connection in Silken Thomas’ Yew Tree. The yew is related to Eternal Life, that’s why it’s often seen in cemeteries.

Chieftains and important folk would often be buried with branches of the Yew to assist on their journey to the other side.

Ireland and Scotland have seen rough times for religion in the past. Despite all of the concern about falling numbers, something tells me this isn’t the worse crisis religion has faced.

Come to think of it. It’s always been in crisis.

Folk are surprising.

Ireland’s youth still pray more than their European contemporaries.

Many have a need for some kind of a deeper meaning to life, a meaning that objects and accomplishments can’t supply.

Material things have an uncanny knack of leaving an emptiness.

To superficiality skate through life and not question who you are, is a tragedy. Life supplies seemingly endless trials, without support, it’s not easy.

Most folk here, still seem to have a faith.

Spirituality sections in bookshops and online are booming. Globally it’s a multimillion dollar business. Maybe it’s a wider phenomenon?

It’s a blessing to live in Ireland and embrace the spiritual connection with the language, history landscape, rivers even the trees have a connection with the Spirit.

It’s like being in a living Church. Whether you’re conscious of that or not.

Most conversations used to open with,

“God be with you.”

“God and Mary with you.”

It’s not as vocal nowadays but the Saints and common folk of the past, left an indelible impression on the place.

Despite our best efforts to do our own thing and break with the past.There’s something eternal about that connection. A Presence that’s always there, almost like Thomas FitzGeralds’ Yew tree.

As the saying goes,

The Greeks made Christianity into a Philosophy.
The Romans made it into an Empire.
The Americans made it into a Business…

But at it’s core, there’s something precious that’s also irreplaceable.

Kind of a like Celtic.

There’s much to despair about, but there’s also something hard to give up, about it.

There’s still plenty of great Priests and Nuns (and Pastors) who would do anything for anyone at the drop of a hat.

Maybe they’ll look to older Priests? Dermot had an uncle who was ordained in his 70s.

You might still get that Calling…

Who knows?


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